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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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flight. the new challenge to make personal flight a reality. >> road rage during the evening commute. where police say this car was hit by gunfire. but first. >> rallying for a well-known philly rapper. hundreds fill the streets demanding justice for meek mills. good evening everyone. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. that rally took place just days after meek mill was sentenced to prison for probation violation. alexandria hoff is live in center city with why supporters want his sentence overturned. alex? >> reporter: you know, ukee, jessica, i was in the courtroom last year with meek mill and judge brinkly for a previous 2015 parole violation hearing and at that time she essentially said to him she wasn't going to be giving him any more second chances after that and he better shape up. last week she made true on that
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promise but some say the sentence was too harsh and some very big names agree. famous faces funneled into center city. joining with hundreds of fans in a show of support for south philly native robert williams, better known as rapper meek mill. mill has been behind bars since judge janice brinkley sentenced him in 2-4 years in prison last week. >> we rally today because we believe in him and that the punishment bestowed upon him is excessive, and is motivated by unsavory circumstances. >> reporter: the judge has overseen the rapper's legal troubles for years following a 2008 drug and weapons case. his probation was previously
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violated in 2015 at that time mill was ordered to house arrest. >> we're not going to act like meek mill is an angel, he's perfect. he's a man. a man that made some mistakes and has paid for those mistakes. >> we support meek. justice and stand up against a system that is flawed broken. >> reporter: along with the freeing of mill, the crowd demanded the judge be recused from the case. as the rally concluded a portion of the crowd made their message mobile and marched on mill's behalf. mill's attorney tells eyewitness news that he will be filing paperwork tomorrow morning asking that the judge is recused from the case on the grounds of bias. reporting live in center city, alexandria hoff.
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>> bucks county authorities are investigating a road rage incident. police are searching for a driver who shot at another vehicle. this happened around 5:00 tonight on the off-ramp from 95 to route 413. police say the suspect fired twice. one shot hit the top of the passenger door the other hit the right rear quarter panel. no one was injured. police say the driver who started shooting was behind the wheel of a 2003 buick rendezvous just like this one. if you have information contact police. >> a family in upper darby is lucky to be alive after a carbon monoxide leak nearly killed three people. a clogged chimney pipe on the family heater is likely to blame for extreme levels of the odorless gas throughout the home. when paramedics got there, three adults were found unresponsive and taken to area hospitals for treatment. the home did not have a carbon monoxide detector. new charges have been filed
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against members of a now shuttered penn state fraternity in the death of timothy piazza. it followed recovery of a basement security camera. david spunt has what that video reveals. >> reporter: never give up the words used by the family of timothy piazza just a few months ago. tonight that video is now part of evidence, a video the fbi was able to bring back to life. >> we need parents to be talking to their kids about this. we need parents to put their foot down and say you must not do this. >> reporter: bold words from the father of the late timothy piazza. surveillance video thought to be deleted, recovered by the fbi. 19-year-old penn state beta pledge piazza died last february following a night fueled by alcohol. his fraternity brothers didn't call help for 12 hours.
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piazza died two days later. authorities say new evidence shows piazza was forced to have 18 drinks in an hour and 22 minutes. >> no one would do it voluntarily because it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: tom klein is the piazza family attorney. in all 26 fraternity members are now facing charges. the most serious involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault. authorities charged braks ton becker with deleting the video. >> just pushing the delete button on your iphone or your computer doesn't mean it's good forever and the fbi certainly proved that. >> reporter: some of those charged are from philadelphia. joseph ems faces charges of hazing around furnishing alcohol to a minor. >> flabbergasted. i really am. the smart move is always act like you're not surprised. these charges came out of the blue. >> reporter: philadelphia attorney represents ems. >> we're not happy about this.
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we'll go out there and fight it again. >> reporter: all of those charged will be in court for an arraignment. that is scheduled tentatively for november 28th. david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> a fifth woman came forward accusing alabama republican senate candidate roy moore of sexual misconduct when she was a minor. >> mr. moore reached over and began groping me and putting his hands on my breast. >> today beverly nelson young faced reporters and she said moore assaulted her when she was 16 after offering her a ride home from the restaurant where she worked. she says the regular customer even left a note in her high school yearbook calling her a sweet, beautiful girl. >> at some point he gave up. and he then looked at me and he told me, he said you're just a
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child. and he said i am the district attorney. and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. >> nelson voted for trump so she says this not about politics for her. moore remains defiant calling the allegations against him a witchhunt. republicans in the senate are calling for him to step aside. >> tonight donald trump junior released a copy of his messages is wikileaks. it came to light that he exchanged messages in 2016. the messages have been turned over to congressional investigators as part of their investigation into russian meddling in the election. most of the messages were initiated by wikileaks and were mostly but not always ignored by trump junior. president trump flies home tomorrow after a 12-day trip to asia. he met with the president of the philippines at the summit titled the association of southeast asian nations. human rights groups accuse the
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philippine president of overseeing a bloody drug war killing thousands of drug dealers and drug users. outside the summit protesters burned signs depicting the president at times clashing with police. >> will he or won't he, former vice president joe biden has a lot of people asking if he's running for president in 2020. you can bet that question will be asked when he stops by the late show with stephen colbert. he also talks about his cross country tour and the current state of affairs in washington. you can watch the interview tonight at 11:35 right after eyewitness news. and still ahead tonight, joe biden told oprah winfrey he regrets not being the president. so can regrets ever be a good thing and what biden's decision not to run could teach you about your own life. nicole brewer has that story coming up. >> residents want an afr hours nightclub shut down.
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an argument outside the "a" lounge and social club turned deadly over the weekend when one man was shot. residents say they are fed up with gun violence. but philadelphia's license and inspections department cautions it may take time for real change to happen. >> need to have, have a degree of certainty about what we're doing when we say that a business is operating in a way that's actually contributing to gun violence. >> the lounge responded to the violence on their twitter page tweeting it is not about the "a" lounge. you can point the finger at no one but the people committing these crimes. >> a suspect accused of shooting a pennsylvania state trooper is out of the hospital and in prison. authorities released this new picture of daniel cleary who was also shot in a gun fight with troopers. he's being held on $1 million bail. investigators say he opened fire on two troopers last week during a traffic stop on the side of a
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northamton county highway. the corporal was shot multiple times and remains hospitalized in stable condition. a second trooper was not shot but suffered a minor arm injury. >> it was a cool, damp and dreary way to start the week. >> will we be seeing sunshine any time soon. >> a drizzly gray monday outside and still a little damp. you can see down the boards are still wet. we're waiting for the sun to return. i'll tell you when it comes back and when temperatures head back to a little closer to where they should be for mid november. >> also still ahead at 11:00, soar to new heights. the competition aimed at making the concept of personal flight a reality. >> if it were easy, it wouldn't be worth a challenge. >> how this contest could revolutionize the way we travel
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and the local college student who's already taking a shot at flying. >> also sounding the alarm, what new blood pressure guidelines could mean for your health. when eyewitnes
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>> as we told you earlier, form are president joe biden returns to late night. >> he regrets not being in the oval office but wouldn't change his decision not to run. so what can relearn from this experience. our nicole breweroi us with that part of the story. >> the former vice president has made the media rounds lately. he would neither confirm nor deny plans to pursue the office of the president, but he did make one thing clear, he has regrets just like the rest of us. >> reporter: if you're human, chances are you regret something. >> there's always things you wish you could have done when you had the chance. >> there's definitely things i regret, opportunities i didn't take. >> reporter: or perhaps someone. >> i wish i never met him. >> reporter: from the average person to the not so affirming joe, former vice president joe biden made headlines when he told oprah he regrets not being in the white house but for his family's sake stands by his situation not to pursue the
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presidency. >> sometimes when people go back they look they realize they did the best they could in the situation with the circumstances that they had. >> reporter: a clinical psychologist at the university of pennsylvania supports biden's willingness to confront his regrets while maintaining what she calls a gross mind set. >> to be able to look back, accept the feelings that go along the decisions and have them verbalize how would i do things differently in the future. >> it's always better to confront those things. >> be brave and deal with it because it's not going to go away. >> reporter: for biden that could mean a presidential bid in 2020. >> i'm all about joe 2020. >> reporter: or perhaps a supporting role in washington. the important thing according to dr. gallon gar is to avoid hindsight bias. >> when you get stuck on one of them you're not taking into context the rest of all the other decisions that have happened in your life. >> so many what ifs. got to let go of those but not easy to do.
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>> don't dwell on it. let it go. >> reporter: if regret stems from an unmet goal, dr. gallagher encourages people to look for alternate paths to achieve it. if that's not possible create a new goal altogether. >> if you can learn a lesson from something. >> we'll see what's in story for vice president joe biden. >> thanks nicole. >> new medical guidelines have lowered the threshold for high blood pressure. meaning nearly half of all american adults now have it. it has long meant 140 over 90. the american heart association and the american college of cardiology are now defining of 130 over 80 or more as high blood pressure. the changes mean an estimated 30 million more americans now have hypertension. human flight like it's never been imagined. go fly is a contest that wants ideas on how to fly.
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>> organizers are looking to plug innovative imagination that can soar. and one day it might just revolutionize how we get around. >> reporter: for generations there's been an obsession with taking flight. superman and other heros helped planted idea and they had a little help. from shows like the jetsons and their space flying cars. we know driving in philadelphia can be dicey. traffic maps in red for miles, the schuykill expressway. but what if your commute kicked the car to the curb and involved flight. >> a million prize is on the table for a contest fueled by the imagination. boeing is sponsoring "go fly." to develop a personal, quiet, ultra compact, near vertical take off and landing flying machine. >> what does that mean?
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>> personal flight. >> they have no idea what a flying device might look like. >> intentionally there's no image or icon. go fly has been very clear that we don't know what the solution is. we don't know means. we don't know the power source. we just have a set of objectives that they have to meet. >> reporter: whatever it is, it has to be quiet. it can't exceed 8.35 feet in die a.m. ter. die signers envision a jet-pack-type device. >> i think it's been said that technology is indistinguishable from magic. if it were easy it wouldn't be worth the challenge. >> reporter: nicholas is full throttle about the idea. >> it can be done. we've come very far from the wright brothers now to boeing actually having the 747. >> reporter: this sophomore from long island is inspired by
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superheros. >> you kind of think what would i use in an imaginary world. for me it's more creativity rather than the technical stuff right away. >> reporter: the folks with go fly have no intention of ever marketing what may come in the contest. >> there's no interest of boeing in the deliverable. >> the competition runs two years with prizes at various levels. florio is in the process of assembling a team. >> do you want to fly? >> i do. i think it's cool. one of those childhood dreams, what if we had a super power, flying would be on the top of the list. >> boeing has offered a support team for those participating. the grand prize will be announced in 2019. >> even if if i could fly i would stay home today. >> today, yes. >> can you imagine flying to work? by everyone on the schuykill. >> today maybe not the best day
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for that. visibilities are fog, mist, dri. now the mist and drizzle has pushed out but still some pockets of dense fog forming out there, as skies clear the fog is developing from west to east tonight. it's not everywhere but it can come up on you quickly. got some sun coming back to the forecast, some good news right now. the fog has started to dissipate or at least the mist and drizzle has. but you can see it is still a little cloudy. i don't know if you can tell that a little bit of gray tint to the sky there. clouds still in place through the overnight hours but nothing really to talk about as we head into tomorrow. storm scan 3 shows the system that produced the rain today and the snow has shifted up towards nova scotia. we've got clearing skies, north and west of the city and where the skies are clearing the temperatures are dropping rapidly as we head northwest. we're looking at temps in the mid 30s in allentown, reading and lancaster.
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many of our northwest suburbs will touch the freezing mark overnight. we're sitting at 40 in philadelphia and you can see the areas that are having more cloud cover down the shore and in delaware. temperatures slightly warmer in the 40s and the 50s through the delaware beaches. visibilities dropping slightly. nothing all that egrajus out here. we're still 6 miles in the city, you see that right here that area of gray, that's an indication of some fog has formed right around northern chester county, upper bucks and montgomery counties. some fog will start to spread east over the overnight hours. we've ghot moderating temperatures the next few days. you can see how those thickness lines bubble up towards the north and that moves over us tomorrow so that's going to show moderating temperatures through thursday. and notice this little buckle. that shows that cooler air moving in. that will be on friday and over the weekend we get a little bit of both. we warm up saturday and then yet another bulge of cold air starts to come in for sunday.
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it's kind of an up and down week. we finally make it back toward normal by thursday. we cut back down friday and the weekend features another cold front passage that could bring snow showers to parts of the area by sunday. tomorrow we'll see some sunshine and on wednesday we watch this next front approaching, could bring a stray shower wednesday night into thursday morning. our next chance for rain comes with the next system and that comes through on saturday and will usher in a blast of colder air on sunday. overnight pockets of dense fog partly cloudy and cold, 36 in the city, tomorrow mainly sunny it's a cool day 52. about 5 degrees shy of normal. not bad, not as cold as it has been. we get back to the 50s thursday. friday is chilly but the rest of the workweek is quiet. rain tobl saturday and sunday, windy, colder and possibly a few lake effect snow showers. we can't say super bowl we can't say snow.
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duly noted. >> up next lesley with sports.
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(♪) (♪) it all starts with a wish. the lincoln wish list event is here.
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sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down and a complementary first months payment. >> some good news for the birds who were back at work today. ronald darby was a full participant and does expect to play against dallas on sunday. he dislocated his ankle week one against washington. yesterday you might have seen the cowboys got crushed by the falcons. no ezekiel elliot, the boys lost by 20 and the eagles are taking note. >> they look a little different without zeke but they still got all the talent that they need.
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i'm sure they'll fix it and figure something out. but they're still a talented team that plays hard, they've got a lot of veterans that know how to adjust, know how to prepare. coming off of that i'm sure they'll be fired up. >> he played parts of 10 seasons. 123 back in 1992-1993 season. congratulations to mark. the sixers out in l.a. taking on the clippers and someone's losing streak is going to come to an end. l.a. five in a row. to the game redick's first time back in l.a. he played four
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seasons for the clippers. the sixers had an early 5-point lead. the sixers leading in the second quarter. college hoops, penn taking on lasalle. this game went into double overtime. last week roy halladay died in a plane crash off the coast of florida. tomorrow there will be a memorial service in clearwater, florida. don bell will be at spectrum field as we celebrate his life. we will be streaming at 4:00 the ceremony on our website and also on our facebook page. our television coverage will begin at 5:00. >> it would be nice for everybody to come together.
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>> for sure. no doubt. >> up next we're going to tell you why some eagles players walked the r
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>> the philadelphia eagles continue to focus on community on the days they aren't winning and playing football games. >> and tonight they teamed up
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with big brothers big sisters and designer nicole miller for the fourth annual touchdown ballroom at the bend. they walked the runway and all of the proceeds go back to the organization to support mentoring. kate?
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our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00.
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>> i'm jessica dean captioning sponsored by cbs >> left and right. left and right. there was no collusion. >> there is no collusion, there is no collusion. believe me, there is no collusion. hi. my guy, huh? thank you for your help. appreciate it. you're okay. say it again? i love you, too, darling. hi, how you doing? there has been absolutely no collusion. no collusion. there is no collusion. zero. there is no collusion, okay? good. pass it along. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, too much more! plus stephen w welcomes vice president joe biden and elton john, fe


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