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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 14, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> we continue to follow breaking news in new jersey, detective at a scene at apple bees restaurant, all night long, we have a live report just ahead. >> hundreds turn out for rally for meek mill. and the latest on the judge who presided his case. >> embiid throwing it down. >> yep, joel embiid range down dunks in l.a., highlights from the west coast game that went down to the final seconds. well, today is tuesday, november 14th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this tuesday morning. >> did i say we have no accidents, one popped up, a
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four, but -- >> i know, i know. >> a lot of construction. >> over and done with. >> that's right. all right, so, at least for the most part things are very much, very quiet. pretty tranquil day in the weather department. >> it may still be a little iced over, and the reason i say that is, you had the rain from yesterday. and, we didn't have a lot of winds, to help dry out the roadways, so, it looked like there may be a sheen on the road it, could be a little slick. so, expect that with the temperatures continuing their decline here this morning, you may encounter that, you may also encounter few patches of fog there is isn't really widespread major foghorn kind of issue, however
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>> as well as dover, as well as millville, kinds of the magic number in that regards in those spots, 36. as we take a look at the eyewitness day planner through the rest of the day, if there is any fog in your area, should be cleared out of here, you are going to see some sunshine in the day, and a mix with some cloud cover, also, a little less harsh for us up to about 50 this afternoon. >> not bad. ooh sounds good. thank you so much for. that will very good morning, happy tuesday, guys. >> see what happens 5:30, n anticipate it will pick up. interstate 95 looking good. now, we were talking about some construction crews out here on the schuylkill, and the schuylkill we know consideration start to heat up very quickly what we're seeing right now, tail light, or headlights, moving westbound,
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they keep flipping the camera. between vine and south street right lane blocked, that's where the construction crews were out there that's now cleared, also, the off ramp to 30th street, that was closed, that's now opened as well. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road, take this to 295, all of your friends and neighbors there looking great. construction crews in delaware still out there, between edgemore road, claymont, two left lanes, 295 north closed at 95 until around 5:00. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. following breaking news this morning, police crime tape surrounds an apple bee restaurant in lawrenceville, new jersey. >> "eyewitness news" reporter henry rosoff live at the scene right now, henry, good morning , what can you tell us? >> i'll tell but what they told me as i gave you a live look at the apple bee. >> different from half hour ago, police beginning to scale down in their investigation, but this area still surrounded with crime tape. most of what they're having something happening on the other side, and we can show
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you some video that far with detectives coming and going. >> it was my friend, i said did he make it? he said i don't know, he was taken to the hospital. then the guy took off in his car. so, we still don't know what the nature of this violent crime investigation is. we do know, they're investigating some sort of violent crime, some sort of attack that landed a man in the hospital at the applebees, we still haven't confirmed the nature of the attack. police on the scene and over at police headquarters not saying much. as you look live again, at this side of the apple bees, might be little tough to make out, quite far in the distance but you can see police moving around inside still doing a little bit of their investigative work. we've seen some movement out here on the scene recently, with eyewitnesses being released and taking off presumably to go check on their friend who was landed in the hospital from the violent crime that's being investigated here. live in lawrenceville, henry rosoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> thank you, henry, for that
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update. >> so far police have not commented on motive or any suspect. >> the attorney for rapper meek mill plans to head back to court today to file papers claiming that the judge who sent the rapper to prison has shown bias. meanwhile, the new york post page six is reporting that the f.b.i. is investigating that judge. the report says undercover agents have been in the courtroom monitoring judge denise brinkly back as far as april of 2016. >> demonstrators upset over mills sentencing rallied outside the criminal justice center yesterday. they say mills sentence every two, four years, behind bars for probation violation is unfair.
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>> we're not going to act like meek mill is an angel, he's the man, a man who made some mistakes, for two years has paid for those mistakes. >> to support meek, justice, and to stands up a system flawed and broken. >> now, the demonstrators want why the to be recused from the case. >> other news, friends and family members of the late roy halladay will gather today in clearwater, florida. for a sell break of the former phillies life. halladay won cy young award for the phillies in 2010, and one for the toronto blue jays back in 2003. last week, halladay was killed when a plane he was piloting went down in the gulf of mexico. he was just 40 years old. today's celebration of life will take place at the spring training home of the phillies in clearwater, florida. >> we will stream the 4:00 ceremony live, from clearwater, on our website and on facebook page, our tv
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coverage begins on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. sport director don bell will be spectrum fields as we celebrate the life of roy halladay. >> the man who fired sniper style to two people in the spring garden gentleman's club face as judge this morning. twenty-nine year old laurence mitch he will accuse the of shooting at the two victims in the parking lot of delila's last march. mitchell took the snot nearby high-rise. missed two people about but did damage a lot. authorities were forced to close, mitchell cracked to new jersey and arrested. also, facing a judge today , mercer county father accused in the death of his two year old son. police say christopher coon was evading officers at a wal-mart last month, when he crashed his car in tullytown, his son ejected from the car and died at a hospital. >> gap, jr. confirms he corresponded with wikileaks in the 2016 presidential campaign the president oldest son, copy of twitter messages with
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wikileaks, messages have been turned over to congressional investigators, as part of their investigation, into russian meddling, in the election. >> capitol hill this morning, the house judiciary committee likely to question limb about his denial of knowing about meetings between trump campaign, aids, and russians. earlier, sessions left open the possibility that special council could be appointed to look into clinton foundation dealings, and an obama era uranium deal. >> newly discovered evidence leads to new charges into the hazing death of penn state fraternity pledge. >> recovered previously deleted surveillance video, from the beta theta pi house. authorities say the footage shows that 19 year old timothy piazza was given at least 18 drinks, in about 90 minute suffered fractured skull, shattered sleep, other injuries. >> they know that the videotape of the basement will
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now reveal the truth. >> flabergasted. yes, really am. you know, the smart move is always act like you're not surprised. these charges came out of the blue. >> charges ranking from involuntary manslaughter aggravated assault, and the arraignment date set for november 28th. correspondent anna werner speaks with the piazza family about the new charges, you can see her report from state college coming up on cbs this morning, at 7:00. immediately following " eyewitness news" this morning , right here on cbs-3 president trump on his way home, what he is planning to do when he comes back to the white house, plus this. >> mr. moore raised over and began groping me. >> another woman comes forward with allegations against roy more, the man running for senate in alabama, the latest just ahead. >> the weather forecast will soon be even clearer, we'll tell but brand new satellite picture to help meteorologists
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and keep the public safe. that's when we come back. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay.
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>> nearly 200,000 customer still without power. >> clearer view of the weather promises more accurate forecast. >> the launch of joint power, system one, scrubbed for today , long name, before lift off from the air force base in california, and they'll try again tomorrow morning, part of network of satellites sending faster more detailed information. the satelite, which is on fuller orbit, storms over the ocean, will also help in tracking hurricanes, and spot small wild fires, before they become big ones. >> going to provide data to models, twice as fast as older generation satellites, will also have six times the vertical resolutions. >> will launch and will hopefully make our katie fehlinger's job much east years. >> more choices for kate. >> i the faster the information can come in, the better the resolution that that information can come, in
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the better we can be. >> of course it isn't an exact science, but what's happening via these tools, really makes a huge difference for us. so, very excited for. that will hopefully they'll get that up. meanwhile, we are experiencing pretty quiet weather right now , and with time, temperatures has the opportunity to rebounds at least a little bit. live look for you, nice clearview, no less, overlooking center city philadelphia. this is actually from our very own station headquarters, taking a look south, everything is basically dried out at this point. we don't expect any wet weather today. but there are some minor side issues, that will discuss in a second here. we talk temperature. where do we normally hit? what are we expecting today? high should reach 50 degrees. shy of what's average little warmer than yesterday. only ended in the mid 40's yesterday after all, now there is just goes to so these records, what kind of expands or dream you can end up with. now, again, these are records,
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the extreme teams, back in 1955 we hit 76 degrees on november 14th. back in 1986 we bottom out at 19 degrees. so the kind of temperatures we're seen as every late whether warm or cold, it is really not that out of character just typical for what's average, one of the transitional months for the seasons, by the time we hit winter we cool off little more , in terms of the trends. as we look outside in the boards walk plaza, at rehoboth , things are pretty quiet. all clear here locally, dry on the board as well. storm scan, quiet, it stays that way all day today. high pressure on our side for a day and a half here at least before the next cold front gets in here. this will be moving in as early as late day wednesday but specially thursday morning , we hear the next round every showers come through. probably be pretty scattered. the side issues i was mentioning, the fog out there, it is very patchy, could get more dense before the sun comes up. may be the isolated slick
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spots, we had the rain yesterday morning, wasn't a ton every rain but enough if it hasn't had the chance to completely dry out may encounter refreezing out there this morning, so mainly side streets, major arteries, meisha will a test to this, they are leaking pretty good. 50 degrees the expected high today. it is cooler than average up see some sun, not bad. staying clear, chilly, down to 37 degrees, nice rebound. back up to where we should be thursday, thursday bottom out again to 50 degrees, so despite the return of sun, another potent front comes bringing rain initially saturday, meisha? >> loving those 50's and loving seeing that sun. thanks, katie. and yes, roadways are actually looking pretty good this morning. starting to heat up levels just little bit now that we push toward 5:30. vine, what you are looking at westbound, eastbound, looking just as it should. boulevard held light southbound direction, activity pulled off to the far right shoulder. this is going to be an area that start to get a little busy. you can see the volume already starting to pick up here.
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and, this being our little bit of an eyesore, tap your brakes as you travel on by there, probably going to get a little gaper delay, hopefully this gets moved out of the way. nevertheless heads up it is out there. 422 at route 29. kind of birdseye view shot here. you can see what you are working with, just lot of headlight out there. so we start to slow down little bit there, as well. and some construction crews are still out there, northeast extension, northbound at pa turnpike eastbound, e-zpass lanes now there open and pa turnpike before norristown, that right lane is compromised there. plus, delaware crews, still out here 495 northbound, between edgemore road and claymont, two left lanes are blocked there, rahel, jim, back to you. >> from the times herald, phoenixville police and friendship diving rescue unit searched along the schuylkill river yesterday morning, for missing 17 year old boy from swenksville. officers say they had information that the young man may be in the area, but a search of the shore line and water came up empty-handed. >> delaware county daily times
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, property owners in chester will soon have have to pay a fee to the storm water authority based on amount of developed grounds on their property. the next month those home own letters receive 15-dollar monthly bill, a 10,000 square foot property like business or search with large parking lot will be charged $136 a month or $1,600 a year. >> from the news journal, delaware stadium about to receive long awaited make over university of delaware says the 22,000 feet newark facility will get a $60 million facelift. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware vale. and up next, pat is here with your morning sports. good morning, pat. >> morning, friends. sixers on the west oh, if you miss it you want to come back to see the show they put on last night in l.a. that, plus we get you ready for the eagles and cowboys on sunday, we have got sport next
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone, we're glad you're waking up with us here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning >> mat is here with sport. >> real thriller on the west coast. >> did you stay up for it. >> no, we trust you. >> brett brown says embiid is not in top physical fitness after starting five on five basketball little over a month ago, but last night embiid took one step forward to being the super dominant player we all think he is. sixers-clip nerves la. joel show. ben simmons find him here for the doubling, sixers tie it at 100, and here is roco dropping daggers, robert cover inning ton will get paid and paid very handsomely. he nails the three to give the sixers a lead. he had career high 31, and
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embiid played career high 36 minutes. and put up 32-point and 16 rebounds. sixers win 109-105. it is the sixers and lakers tomorrow night. also, at the staple center. >> college hoops, game between lasalle and penn at the pallet he is interest. the double overtime at the cathedral of college basket death ball, nails it, putting lasalle up for good. he had 17 against the quakers. lasalle holds on 75 to 71, penn will take on navy tomorrow. lasalle is home with south alabama on thursday. >> the flyers open a two game road trip tonight against the wild in minnisota it is the back half of a home at home series. saturday night the wild shut- out the flyers in south philly, the fourth time the flyers have been shut out already this season, the puck will drop at 8:00 p.m. former flyer mark recchi now a member of the hockey hall of fame. he played ten seasons in a flyers uniform, holds the franchise record for most
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points in a season. he had 123 back in the 92-93 season. other inducted, include salani , paul korea, a dave. >> tightening up after last night's prime time, the carolina panthers rolled up a team record 548 yards last night against the miami dolphins. newton through for 245. then ran for another 95. panthers, easily beating miami , 45-21, rookie christian mccaffrey has two touchdowns, one rushing, one receiving, the panthers are now seven and three, they're halfway behind the saint in the nfc south. meanwhile after years of planning, the oakland raid verse finally broken grounds on their new stadium. 65,000 seat dome stadium being built in las vegas. the raiders hope it will be ready for kick off for the 2020 season. >> eagles football returns this sunday night as they travel to dallas for the first showdown of the season against
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the cowboys. and the birds will get starter back on defense. ronald darby practiced, he's expected to start. sunday the cowboys were destroyed by the falcons, of course physically, it was zach prescott feeling the pain. prescott seconds eight times, six of them by adrian claiborne. dallas was without left tackle smith and elliot is serving his suspension, malcolm jenkins isn't taking this game lightly. >> they look little different without zeik but they still got all of the talent that they need. i'm sure they'll fix it and figure things out, figure something out. but they're still a talented team that plays hard, they got a lot of veterans that know how to adjust and know how to prepare, so coming off that far i'm sure they'll be fired up. >> eagles are taking advantage of their extended time off by teaming one big brothers big sisters and designer nicole miller fourth annual fashion touchdown at the balance room at the ben. several eagles players and
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their significant other walked the runway. all proceeds from the event supports big brothers big sisters mentoring program. looking good. >> that was nice. >> tray burton, i have to find that. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," what's driving up gas prices cents ahead of the big holiday travel season. live report from wall street. also this. >> i'm steven in the philippines, where president trump wraps up longest overseas trip yet. >> also, we will tell you what makes this picture of president john f. kennedy so special, and how much it could be worth. we'll be right back.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just an employment. first what you need to know to start your day in our morning minute. today is tuesday, november 14th. police are on scene at a restaurant in mercer count. >> i police just released eyewitnesses questioned by police for hours.
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>> from athlete, to fellow rappers, the crowd rallies to demand justice for jailed philadelphia rapper meek mill. >> eighteen drinks and 82 minutes. >> no one would do it voluntarily. >> recovered surveillance video leads to new charges in timothe piazza death. fraternity members now charged >> roy halladay has thrown a no hitter. >> remembering a legend, a memorial for phillies pitcher roy halladay today in clearwater, florida. >> ♪ >> today's morning minute is sponsored by penn medicine abram some cancer center, the o


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