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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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he was beautiful, inside and out. without saying a word, he seems to always have the right thing to say. >> a celebration of life. a mourning family fondly remembering the person in the just the pitcher, roy doc holiday, man who received perfection on the field and garnered respect off of it. >> roy halladay the third, man he is mad at me for calling him. that he hates when i called him that. >> but still fighting back tears, teammates and family and friends honor life and legacy of doc. >> good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. day to remember halladay's dazzling achievements on the diamond but also as a husband, a father, and a friend. sports director don bellies live at spectrum field. don, certainly a day full of emotion in clearwater.
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>> yeah, emotion is flowing here, at spectrum field here, in clearwater, florida. the ceremony just wrapping up, just moments ago. it started at 4:30. most heart wrenching moment came from roy's wife brandy, she stepped to the mike and she talk for several minutes about their childhood relationship, they met when they were nine and 12 years old. they went on their first date years later. their first date was over a game of pool, and their second one was, over a game of ping-pong, but, she went home and she told her mom, that she met the man that she would eventually marry. they had that kind of a relationship and she talked about that moments ago. >> everything i still want to be is all because of him. i'm not sure how to be me, without him.
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>> i loved my son dearly. i am going to miss him dearly. i'm so thankful that he got to spend the time with all you folks here, as well as in my home. >> look at the fields right now at the ballpark you are watching the ceremony as they are wrapping it up here, and you see a lot of players on the field there, a lot of former teammates, guys you know, guys like chooch, jimmy rollins, ryan howard, chase utley, on that field right now as well as they are wrapping up here the celebration of life for roy doc halladay. it has been four years in philadelphia it was a great four years. he had a massive impact on not only his teammates but philadelphia community as large. that is store friday clearwater, florida i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> so true he touched so many on and off the feel.
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take a look back at life and career of the roy doc halladay on our web site at cbs new tonight at 6:00 a betrayal of the trust, a delaware county doctor is now under arrest, accused of assaulting his patients. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves, is live in upper darby, alycia. >> reporter: jessica, police say two women went running from the doctor's office here and called 911 when his physicals got too physical for them. doctor is accuse of fondling the women. authorities believe that more patients may have had similar encounters with the doctor and they are hoping that those patients come forward. this 89 year-old delaware county doctor, doctor breeze, is facing charges for indecent assault, accused of fondling female patients during routine physical examinations. the first patient, came forward in july. >> he takes her into a room by himself, and according to the complaintant he puts his hands
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up under her blouse and then starts rubbing her breast and then tries to take his hand and stick it up under the bra. >> reporter: police say at that moment in the up are darby long lane medical certainty would the man feared this wasn't a normal physical examination. she pushed the doctor off of her, ran out and called 911. authorities didn't have enough to arrest the doctor until november 1st when a second patient, came forward. >> same type of thing she goes in a examining room. >> the doctor also fondled the second woman's breast but this time. >> whispers into her ear, i like this. >> oh, my god, i am shocked. >> reporter: this woman is also a patient of the accused doctor and was upset outside his office today after finding out what he is accused of. suddenly her uncomfortable feeling during his exams makes sense. >> every time i came back i was like why do you always rub my leg. >> reporter: he is a doctor, she thought she could trust him. >> i was uncomfortable but i
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didn't want to make a big deal out of it. >> reporter: and back out here live this doctor's office is closed and has been all day but the doctor is out on bail, and free, to continue practicing. because these are only charges at this point. he has not been convicted of anything. we do know he has privileges at other hospitals in the area and we reached out to those hospitals, and at lee one of them, returned back home saying it was just learning of these charges through us. reporting live from upper darby, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search is on for gunman who fatally shot a customer in the applebee's, in mercer county, and, and, while and and and, the shooter got away, in a dark colored suv. the quakerbridge small left over customers very uneasy. >> just so upset, nothing is safe anymore, and that is just so sad. >> i can't even imagine people
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in there that is pretty scary. >> hopefully they figure out who did it. >> reporter: police say they are following up on lead and hope to make an arrest and very soon. authorities are investigating the death of a pedestrian on roosevelt boulevard, a 70 year-old woman was hit by a vehicle in the southbound inner lanes near tyson avenue this afternoon. driver who hit would the man stopped at the scene, there is no word tonight on the victim 's identity. new jersey man charged in the death of his two-year old son will stay behind bars until his trial, next month. christopher kuhn appeared before a judge today. police say he what's spraying officers after a theft at a wal-mart last month, when he crashed his car in tulleytown bucks county. his son was eject from the car and then died at a hospital. his trial will take place on the 15th of december. police remain on the look out for i driver accused of opening fire on another car during a road rage incident in bristol township, bucks county police say suspect fired two shots at this hyundai on the
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off ramp from 95 to route 413 yesterday afternoon. vehicle was hit in the side and the top of the passenger door. neither the driver or passenger were hurt and investigators say driver who opened fire was driving a 2003 buick rendezvous that looked just like this one, if you have any information you are asked to call the police. lawyers for rapper meek mill filed an appeal of his sentence and they are hoping to get him out of prison. lawyers for rap tore day asked judge jeanice brinkly to step down from the case, she sentenced meek mill to two to four years in prison for violating probation. meek mill's attorney says the judge crossed the line by cozy ing up to the rapper, inviting him into her chambers and asking him to sing boys two men and admitting she was personally monitoring him during community service. >> last weeks hearing was a farce, it was a have extraty of justice. there wasn't even an appearance of fairness or
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impartiality. >> meek mill whose real name is robert williams is currently in state prison in camp hill near harrisburg. in the upcoming days he will get a permanent prison assignment. burlington county prosecutor's office is holding an on line auction of sports memorabilia. "eyewitness news" was in west hampton for a look at some of the items up for grabs. many of the items are signed and most are philadelphia teams but there is also some chicago bears memorabilia. they were seized from i suspect sent to prison for stealing nearly $200,000. >> we seized these items from him and now they are sold to the public at auction and proceed from what we gain from the sale will be used for law enforcement purposes. >> one of the more unusual items is a signed picture of the white ford broncho carrying o.j. simpson signed by the driver ac cowlings, on line offer end on monday. one of the great singers of our time is receiving mere yan anderson award during gala and concert right here in
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philadelphia dion warwick arrived at the kimmel center a short time ago. grammy award winner is being around for make world berth for her leadership and humanitarian causes like battle against aid and world hunger. >> it is named for pioneering philadelphia singer marion anderson. two women have been honored for their contributions to medicine in science, this afternoon, annual marion award was presented to doctor melissa simon at a ceremony in philadelphia simon is a professor, physician at northwestern university fine berg school of medicine, also here, vivian penn was given a lifetime achievement award. she is internationally known for transforming understanding and treatment of women's health. still to come on "eyewitness news" a major announcement a local golf course will play host to an event it has not seen since 1950's where pro golfers will be ting off for a championship event, and when it will happen , kate?
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we have got milder weather over next couple days but strong system to track as we head in the weekend and could we even see our first flakes in a few spots? i'll tell you chances of that happening and when we normally see our first snow
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biggest names are coming back to our area for not one but two major championships. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos explains aronimink golf club will play host, the first only three years way. >> reporter: aronimink golf club near new town square has a storied history. most recently hosting 2010/11 at&t national tournaments. >> that was a miss read. >> reporter: for more than half century since 1962, it has not hosted the pga championship. that all changed tuesday. >> we are very excited about the opportunity to host both
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the 2020k p.m. good with men's championship and also, 2027 pga championship. >> reporter: a wrong minute golf club president joe says pga offered club the championship due to their long relationship. >> we have always kept on going dialogue and discussion. >> reporter: imagine, it is a beautiful day, thousands of spectators all here on the course, everyone watching the tournament, and afterward they all have to go somewhere. >> without question, it is going to be a big economic buy to the area for both years. >> so proud of them. >> reporter: those working at local business as gree. >> anytime is there a big golf tournament we get different customers, some have never been here, some that are regulars. >> reporter: waitress taylor garland says business as cross the board will boom not just in the hospitality sector. >> there is millions of golf course is all over so the fact they are choose something where local is just fun,
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exciting. >> reporter: drone watch three shows a quiet course this cool , november afternoon, expect a lot more traffic and chatter during these two major tournaments, in just a few years. >> upward of probably a quarter million or more. >> reporter: in newtown square , greg argos for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. beautiful. >> get ready. >> i bet you are. >> well, yesterday's rain has moved out of the area and circus has moved in. >> we took cbs-3 mobile weather watch tore fairmount park where is there high flying fun to see. >> meteorologist lauren casey joins us live with a preview of the action, hey there, lauren. >> reporter: got some friends behind me, amy and larry, i'm here at universal circumstance news fairmount park. they have talented human performers but also some talented animal performers. to tell us about those we have ring master, lucky here and tell us about our friends behind us. >> you know, this is amy and
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larry. these are, something fun to do for kid while you wait during and when the show starts. they are one of our stars in the show. they also perform. they have got great acts, they have some zebras. they do synchronized running around. so beautiful. the kid love them. it is something, it is fun for everybody. >> awesome. is there cam he wills, zebras, any other animals. >> we have he will fans as well. through go, yeah. we have everything for everybody. just to name a few we have extreme motorcycle guys. they are flying through the air doing incredible stuff on motorcycles. we have african dream team. we have the bone breakers. you know, me and my man, zeke has been here since day within and my side kick, everybody loves zeke. >> thanks, lucky. something for everyone here at universal circus. show gets underway at 7:00 and runs until. >> it runs until november 26th >> awesome. come check them out. i will take a spin on amy or
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larry, whatever one looks slower, and take you back to you guys. >> i know that is right. >> good luck with that one. >> i don't think any of them will take off sprinting. >> i want to see. that we should have stayed with that shot. >> yes. >> all right. we will get lucky with the forecast anytime soon. >> it is not too bad over next couple days. thursday looks like milder day of the week but it will turn windy. we have one day that looks extra nice, tomorrow doesn't look too bad but as we head in the weekend that is when things go downhill unfortunately. it will be a half and half weekend temperature wise with you we are talking rain and flurries. lets start off with is what happening right now take you out to center city from the broadcast center looking nice outside, and some cloud overhead but, not seek much in the way of wet weather today. cloud did win battle for many spots, a little break have blue sky here or there. the sun tried to peak out. we will have more sun through first half of the day.
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storm scan three shows cloud in place right now and you can see showers out to sea. a few dots trying to pop up nothing reaching the ground as you can see. most of the area quiet for tonight and most of tomorrow as well. our next front will come through here doesn't have a whole lot with it but by tomorrow night we will start to see that front approach overnight that we will see some showers moving through. our next strong storm for weekend is barely coming on shore along west coast and as we head into the weekend it will bring rain and noticeable cool down. temperatures right now 47 degrees in philadelphia. forty-four in trenton. forty-four in millville. backing off those daytime highs we have just barely hit 50. another below average day to day. mount pocono at 36 degrees right now, chilly, not as bad to the south you can see warmer air trying to lift up, from the southwest and in the mid 50's in nashville, atlanta , 61 in birmingham. in the bad in the northern plains we are seeing temperatures in the 50's.
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pretty comfortable. cold air lock up over canada will unleash that into sunday and monday. future weather shows tomorrow starts off with sunshine and through afternoon we will see cloud increase as this front approaches, most of the day wednesday is dry this front comes through after midnight so watch out for rain showers, early thursday morning, wake up thursday morning 9:00 a.m. showers lifting out and then by thursday afternoon sunshine cooler weather on friday as we tap into some cool canadian air friday and next system is a stronger one that comes in for weekend. friday we will see that cool down, bubble coming on through thursday into friday and then a brief warm up saturday before a stronger blast of cold air right here starts to dip in the region on sunday. for weekend we have got rain on saturday, there it advertise, and once that front moves off shore sunday we could see what you see there, some of those snow showers and snow squals. our average first snowfall is december 10th accumulating
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snow doesn't look like most will see accumulating snow with this but it is if anyone does it is a little bit earlier then average december 10th is when we see. that just a few flurries on sunday but notice how cold it gets sunday into monday, temperatures in the lower 40's and feeling like 30's again. >> okay. >> here it comes. >> we got her in the cam he will. >> kate, thank you. when we come back we will check with sports director don bell in clearwater as phillies remember doc halladay.
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remembering a baseball legend roy halladay. >> lets check back in with sports director don bell in clearwater, florida. don? >> good evening, guys. yeah, this was an emotional
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day here in clearwater, florida at spectrum field. we say many of the roy halladay's old teammates, we saw family members and friend is here really solute him, really solute the man that he was off the field. they also talked about what he did on the field and how he was such i great player. if you are i fan of the phillies you can never forget what happened in may 2010, his first season, wearing a phillies season. not three months after he join the team he tossed a perfect game against the florida marlins. one to nothing game. that is something that charlie manual, former manager will always remember and something he talk about here today. >> he presented six personalized watch, luxury watches to each person in the club house the lie score of the game, presentation box read, we did it together? thanks roy halladay.
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that told me everything i need to know about his generous spirit and his respect for his baseball team he saw his perfect game as our perfect game. >> one of the stories, one of the things that people pointed out here today really came through in the form of cole hamels. he said what do you do when you reach the pinnacle of your career? what happens when you truly become great? what do you do then do you take foot off pedal and you keep pushing. that is what roy halladay did year after year, eight time all-star and two time nl, mvp. emotional times here in clearwater, florida. that that is story from spending rum field, don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> thanks for that what a man. "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> anthony mason joins with us a look ahead now, anthony. >> hi ukee and guess contact tonight a deadly shooting in northern california, school
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eve cooper takes a seat at the table, grammy award winning musician and actress better known as just eve made her debut today as new co host of the talks. she takes a over for tyler who left after six seasons to pursue other endeavors. she told her new co host how honored she felt to be working with all of them. she said that she was so excited about the new role, it felt like the first day of school. catch eve and the rest of the ladies of the talk every weekday at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight first of its kind a digital pill that can track, your dosage and even if your sleep pattern and relay that information to you and your doctor, doctor john le puke shows you how it works and major privacy concerns it is raising right now. from new york here's anthony mason take care family thanks for joining us we will see you
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tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: deadly gun violence. a man shot in tampa may be the victim of a serial killer. >> whoever is doing this lives among us. >> mason: a gunman goes on a shooting spree in northern california. school children are among the targets. and newtown families fight to hold gun makers accountable. >> remington may never have known adam lanza, but they headquarter courting him for years. >> mason: also tonight, the attorney general denies, under oath, lying under oath. >> i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lied. that is a lie. >> mason: a new digital pill lets doctors know when it's been


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