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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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a pregnant woman shot. why police say her neighbor pulled the trigger. >> we're wondering if we can speak with judge brinkley j. >> the controversy gross, what happens after "eyewitness news" tries to talk to the judge in the meek mill case? first, >> please hug your families a little tighter because you can. >> remembering a husband, a father, team mate and friend. hundreds gathered to celebrate the life of phillies pitcher roy ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> it was an emotional ceremony in clearwater as so many shared their story, don bell was there, he joins us from clearwater with more on the tributes to roy doc halladay. don? >> yes, it was the final farewell for roy halladay. this field behind me, spectrum to field is where it all went down. there were lots of friends and family here gathered to talk
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about his life and celebrate exactly what he meant to them and to this community here both in clearwater florida and in philadelphia. but doc was the kind of guy who lived his life to the fullest both on and off the field. >> when you become the best, what do you do? roy showed everybody what to do. >> his work ethic was top of the line. you could tell by the career he had, but he really -- he helped me become a better player. >> reporter: during the ceremony in front of family, friends, fans and former team mates, halladay was celebrated for much more than his success on the mound. >> throughout the conversations that i had with him -- he was more proud of what you guys have accomplished than what he ever accomplished on the field.
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>> after gave five in 2011 he texted me. i was still on the bus and he was still sitting in his locker after pitching his heart out. >> reporter: a total of nine speakers glowingly remembered doc but not one exhibited more strength and love than his wife brandy. >> he was awe striking, beautiful inside and out. without saying a word. seems always have just the right thing to say. when he did speak, people listened. >> i love my son dearly. i'm going to miss him dearly. i'm so thankful that he got to spend the time with all of you folks here as well as in my home. >> reporter: once again, it was exactly a week ago that doc halladay lost his life in a
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plane crash at the age of 40. you heard from hits wife there in the piece. brandy now has two children to raise, two boys, and she said she'll do it not with the village to support her but with an army. that is the story here in clearwater, florida, i'm don bell for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you so much. you can take a look back on our website and if you missed a memorial or would like to see it again, you can watch it on the cbsphilly facebook page. a dispute erupts in gunfire, a woman nine months pregnant due to give birth tomorrow was shot in the leg by her next door neighbor in the 1500 block of rosily street. the woman who was 21 years old is hospitalized in stable condition. the neighbor is under arrest. there are new developments surrounding meek mill. the rapper sent to prison by a philadelphia judge for violating probation. we now learned the judge, who
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handed down that sentence, is under fbi review. and meek mill's attorneys want her off the case. david spunt is live in center city tonight with more. david? >> reporter: we don't know the specifics of this review we just know the fbi is involved. when we're talking about meek mill and this judge, it began in 2009 when he was convicted on a drug and gun charge. busses glowing with the words stand with meek mill passed through center city philadelphia tuesday night. just hours after the rapper's attorney filed a 157 page motion for judge genece brinkley to recuse herself in his case. >> there is no good reason for him to be sitting in prison today. none. >> brian mcmonagle said judge brinkley inappropriately used her position over his client. mcmonigal alleges one time brinkley told the rapper he needed to sing a boys to men song and include her name in the version.
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in another case, mcmonagle said judge brinkley personally put monitored his community service, an unusual move for a judge according to legal experts >> you can't be both a judge and a probation officer, be one or the other. keep it clean. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" can confirm the fbi began watching the judge about a year ago but we don't know the specific scope of the review. after getting nowhere with interview requests to talk to judge brinkley at work, we stopped by her philadelphia home. she spotted our news truck and camera and walked inside. a few seconds later. >> reporter: my name is david spunt at cbs3, we were wondering if we could speak with judge brinkley >> thousands showed up to call for meek mill's release and tuesday we spotted bill boards financed by close friend and sixers co owner michael ruben who called mill in a letter to the judge, a good son, father and loyal friend >> we believe that this is such a wrong that the only way that it can be righted is to bring
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him home. >> reporter: meek mill is behind bars in camp hill at a state prison. we did reach out to the judge. numerous times, we have not heard back from judge brinkley. reporting live at the criminal justice center, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." the search son for the gunman who fatally shot a customer inside an applebee's in mercer county in route one in lawrenceville around 12 7b this morning, 23-year-old devon smith of lawrence township was gunned down sitting at the restaurant's bar. no one else was hurt. that shooter got away in a dark colored suv. a delaware county doctor entrusted with the care of his patients is facing criminal charges. two women say dr. breeze shreeve touched them inappropriately during physical exams. he practiced on the 400 block in upper darby. police want anyone else who feels they were victimized to come forward. >> each time any came back, why
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do he always rub my leg? i was uncomfortable but i didn't want to make a big deal out of it. >> the doctor is charged with two counts of indecent assault. police shooting kill a gunman who went on a rampage in northern california. four people dead and at least two children are mentioning the wounded. police responding to multiple crime scenes north of sacramento including a school. the target appeared to have been chosen at random. a woman and her child were shot in their vehicle when they encountered the gunman. authorities say the gunman was unable to get into classrooms because the school was on lockdown. today, u.s. attorney general jeff sessions denied lying to congress about the trump campaign's ties to russia. sessions testified before the house judiciary committee. in january, he said he never communicated with russian operative during the 2016 election, but sessions has since acknowledge meeting with a russian ambassador and it was also revealed sessions was in this campaign meeting in which advisor george pop dopulous
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offered to go to russia on behalf of the trump campaign >> there are reports that you shut him down when he propose that day meeting with putin? is this correct? yes or no. >> yes, i pushed back >> republicans pressed sessions to investigate hillary clinton over a deal involving a russian company and her handling of e-mails. sessions said doj officials will decide if a special counsel is needed. also on capitol hill, a house committee heard testimony about sexual harassment in congress. one lawmaker recalled an alleged incident involving a congressional aid. following that hearing, house speaker paul ryan issued a statement saying the house will adopt a policy of mandatory anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training for all memberses and staff. a local golf club way story history will play host to two major championships, one of them just three years away, the bell male and female golfers will soon take to the golf club.
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they will host the 2020 women's championship and the 2027 championship. most recently the club hosted the 2010 and 2011 at&t nationals. the golf club joe fabriz io said it offered the championships due to the long relationship >> we always kept a ongoing dialogue and discussion >> we're excited about the opportunity to host. without question it will be an economic boost to the area >> businesses we talked with near the course are excited about the potential economic benefits of both tournaments. dian warwick is the recipient. this year's marian anderson award. she's being recognized for her leadership and humanitarian causes, the honor is named for pioneering philadelphia singer marryian anderson >> i'm truly overwhelmed.
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to be thought of in the same breath as marian anderson. that is enough to be overwhelmed by. >> i was thrilled to be among those in the crowd early other than when i was very young my mom and dad took me to the latin casino in cherry hill, new jersey, to see dion warwick, jerry blavit and all the gang there. the growing trend of side hustling, what it is and why people are jumping on the band wagon >> looking to cut the cost of cable or trim other bills? now you can have someone else haggle for you. >> it's clear outside for now, clouds clearing and temperatures dropping, i'll tell you when some could be seeing a few flakes fly this weekend.
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signs of progress at philadelphia's love park. will the holiday tradition be making
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. there could be an easy way to save >> jim donovan explains how some companies are doing the leg work now, delivering savings on cable and more >> you might like your cable service but you probably don't like haggling for a better rate. >> i don't like to haggle but if i have to i will. >> reporter: you don't like haggling >> no >> the folks at trim say they can help you avoid the hassle by cutting your cable costs for you. they need information about your account. >> we call comcast on behalf of you and we lower your bill for you. >> reporter: they negotiate with other cable companies too. you can keep the aim plan while cashing in on savings. >> we save most people on average 100 bucks over the course of a year >> anyone who is going to talk to the cable company is fantastic, i hate calling them >> co founder said trim can help you avoid wasting money on monthly subscriptions >> let's say there's a video streaming service that you signed up for awhile back or books on pay service.
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we'll show you, hey, you're paying for this, 10 bucks, 12, whatever it is, if you want to cancel it, we'll go ahead and do that. >> reporter: amazon customers can save big with trim. as long as you shop with a credit card offering price protection. >> we figure out what are all the things that you bought at amazon? every day, we check to see if prices have decreased. if they have, we file the paperwork and you know, in 20, 30 days, you get a check in the mail. >> reporter: several other companies promise to help cut costs too, bill cutters, bill shark and bill fixers also negotiate lower phone and cable rates as well as security system and satellite radio bills, claiming to save you hundreds of dollars a year >> fees for the bill negotiation services run from about 25% to 50% of what they save you. if they don't find savings you're not charged, reporting for 3 on your side, jim donovan, be sure to start your day with rahel, katie, amnesia and me,
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starting at 4:00 a.m. philadelphia christmas village is returning to love park, it will open to shoppers on thanksgiving. opening ceremony will be held the sunday after thanksgiving. the market now in its 10th year will feature local merchants and artists selling handy works, last year the market was at city hall while love park was under renovation. there's a growinged trend in an effort to earn extra money, the side hustle >> it's really popular among millennials but they're not the only ones doing it. nicole brewer joins us to explain. >> i just like the phrase side hustle. >> i know a lot of people >> you're absolutely right. you'll find a whole slew of things from, to side hustle school, there's a school for it. it's definitely a buzz word with a very big following. you probably heard of odd jobs moonlighting in mad money. what about a side hustle >> is that a part-time job? something you do in your free time >> it to can be a talent or
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something that you make or sell >> probably gravitating towards it >> research shows half of millennials have a sideline that brings in cash apart from their main job. >> that's surprising to me. >> millennials typically have a heavier debt load >> compare that to one in four baby boomers. the survey conducted by go found groups followed by opportunity to pursue passion. only selling is considered the number one hustle which may explain why the younger set make slightly more money while working less hours >> they new trendy thing that's happening >> maybe you make in between 200 to maybe $400 >> maybe like 1,000. >> $2500 a month. >> 250 extra dollars. >> that's impressive >> more than half still hope it becomes their main gig, so what does that say? >> i think it says they don't want to work the average 9:00 to
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5:00 >> nowadays you can do almost anything you want and there's a way of making money. >> i spoke to economyist. not only does it show a generational snapshot of evolving economy, it serves a warning to employers to start addressing the needs of workers before it leads to a decrease in productivity and profit ability. but kate said it as well. makes me want to side sell. what can i sell? i shouldn't be saying that on air >> too late. >> too late. >> thanks, nicole after searching month, the talk ads a new co host and bringing philly flavor to the show >> we're exciteded to tell you that the newest host of the talk is eve. >> that's right. philly native eve cooper made her official debut on the show today. the gram me winning rapper and actress takes over for asha
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tyler who left over the summer. we spoke to her about what she's looking forward to most >> such an exciting platform, i'm a fan of the show, i watch the show. to be a part and you know, to be brought in by these ladies, is such a great thing and i can't wait to show people a different side of myself. >> you can watch eve and rest of the ladies of the talk every weekday at 2:00 p.m. here on cbs3. kate joins us with a look at the forecast. as we continue on on this work week. >> you know? when the night of day in your seven-day is like 53 with sun and clouds, you know it's kind of getting to that time of the year. and there will be a time when 53 sounds nice. >> that's true. >> end of winter. it's amazing how your perceptions change. for now, things are feeling a little on the chilly side, we'll have a few shower chances here and there through the end over the week but it's the weekend that a strong system will impact us bringing rain and perhaps the chance to see snowflakes. let's start off way look outside.
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we'll take you out to actually a time laps from the junior senior school, 41 degrees you can see how cloudy it was. and it was chilly outside all day long. the clouds were in place all day, temperatures now have dropped into the low 40's, and upper 30's around the region, not quite as cold as last night. still chilly for the time of year. stormscan 3 show as few clouds and breaks in the cloud cover over philadelphia as we zoom back to the west. next two systems one is a front moving across the northern plains you can see this line of showers and clouds. the other the stronger storm is barely even come on shore but it will be impacting us saturday into sunday. we'll start with the near term right now temperatures in the low 40's, at this time last night, we were in the 30's in many spots. so not quite as cold. 40 in trenton. 42 in millville and 43 in philadelphia. take a look at your almanac 50 degrees, about 7 degrees shy of
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normal, 57 the low this morning, 34. the normal low about 40. temperatures about six or seven degrees below average, but we'll get closer tomorrow and closer thursday, then crashing down, 10:00 tomorrow morning, sun is shining nice start. by afternoon here's 5:00 p.m. notice the clouds are in place, from midnight to midnight, looks like tomorrow is dry, these showers don't really get in until after midnight. tomorrow at this time we'll be watching showers creeping in then as we head into thursday morning, we'll start the day with a few showers, those lift out quickly and we'll try to clear it out thursday afternoon, it's friday that colder air starts to push in. then on saturday, warms up slightly as our next system approaches, thanks to this warm front but it's rainy, rain will develop ahead of this front, front swings through saturday night and behind it, take a look at sunday, we've got winds directly out of the north and west as they move over the colder waters of the great lakes here we do see the threat for
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lake effects snow showers and squalls and a few may make it far enough to impact portions of our area, certainly flurries are possible but especially north and west there could be these fast moving burst of snow reduced visibility and gusty winds in any one of those snow squalls. we'll drop to the 30's overnight. tomorrow 53 with clouds and sunshine, thursday looks good but windy in the afternoon as the colder air moves s in, friday, chilly and brisk, saturday rain, sunday cold, monday cold. >> cold. thanks, kate. >> let's check in with lesley and sports >> a little good news here, villanova had a huge block party down at the center. what part of dak prescott scott's game worries defensive coordinator jim schwartz and the flyers, they're looking for a
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the orange and black looking for a little offense. the wild wasted no time putting the flyers in the hole. nino takes advantage. 12 seconds into the game. flyers just haven't found a way to get the puck past devon dubnek. he stops con next knee, and dubnik coming up. the eagles with a day off tomorrow, that coaches will start installing the final game plan for sunday's match-up in dallas, last sunday, dak prescott scott had a rough game. sacked eight times. after tyron smith left in the 20 point loss to atlanta.
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jim schwartz things he'll get better protection this week and worried about dak can beat you on the run >> i don't know if i ever seen a better thrower on the run than dak prescott scott, he can scramble to his left, right, they're not many quarterbacks that can do that. he can threaten the whole field on the run. he doesn't have to reset to throw. >> the sixers are still out west. tomorrow they will finish up their road trip against lakers last night. joel embiid playing a career high 36 minutes and help end the sixers two game slide against the clippers. to the game, the sixers down in the fourth quarter, ben simmons and dish to joel 32 points in 16 boards, then we have dario sarge pass to covington. sixers take a lead, covington way career high 31 points, sixers win 109-105. first time sixers had two men
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score 30 or more points on the road since 2006. college hoops. villanova hosting nichols state at the center, the cats never trailed in the game. first up, michael bridges left alone, three pointer. and set the tone defensively. he blocks peters right here. bridges with four rejections nova set up a team record with 13 blocks, rolling to a 113-77 victory. >> college hoops loving it. the chang
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blinking and led lighting, construction is expected to be completed by march. kate? . well, the weekend looks a bit interesting as the storm system arrives across the area, ahead of that storm it will warm up nicely saturday. back to the 50's but rain is likely especially in the afternoon. once that front clears, sunday cold, blustery and even the chance for flurries or perhaps a snow squall as they get brought
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down from the great lakes, it
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. coming up next it's the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon, our morning crew is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for everyone here, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. thanks for watching. have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> for weeks, the president has been ramping up the pressure, calling for the justice department to look into hillary clinton, and this morning as the attorney general heads to the hill the department is now weigh weighing a new investigation. >> all right, quiet down. quiet down. i want to put an end to the rumors that this inquiry is a witch hunt intended merely to please the president. that is absurd! we will only be investigating hard, legitimate issues, such as did the clintons collude with the russians? wouldn't that be a cool twist? second, is the clinton foundation operating an orphan toddler cage-fighting ring out of the back of a raymorand flanagans in roan


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