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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 16, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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bridgeton where michael huggins has many ties. >> i i mean so is what safe? >> he was leaving class last week at night when somebody hit him in the head, with a pipe. >> a temple spokesmen calls the attack serious. >> happening today, congressional action on tax reform. >> we are cutting taxes for middle and low income families >> this tax proposal is i am moral. >> sold. >> rarely owe nard owe da vinchi shatters a record for any work of art sold in auction. >> out there with the kid just having fun, that is in my comfort zone when i'm on the field.
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tough to tell who was having more phone zach ertz or kid, he was helping coach at northeast high get ready for one of the biggest games of the year against st. joes prep >> i'm getting ready to put my eagles suit back on monday and i know you cannot wait for that. >> this is a bitter sweet thing for me because it is very sweet when eagles win but really weird taste in my mouth when i see you wear that thing >> a twitch in your eye. >> it is a beautiful work of art. >> exactly. >> yes, weird, i don't know what that is all about. a work of heart, wait, hold up , you are not a da vinchi painting. >> i know. >> let's talk about the weather. i'm not needing the umbrella but is there dampness here not just on the sky deck but every where in the wake of what has been just a scattered variety of only rain showers, and it is simply too warm, cool, but in the cold enough for any icing to have taken place, no snowflakes, so this is really
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more of the minor nuisance issues and when we look at storm scan at localized zoom you'll fine just tri-state sweep is that the bulk of the rain is either out toward new york city and points beyond that to the northeast and out to sea. so yeah, still damp and things are really starting to progressively get berth as morning goes on. i would say at this point you will be dealing with spray from other vehicles, in major issues on the roadway otherwise with any active current rainfall, there may be a few slick spots. it is wise to give yourself extra minor two to slow things down. we are from the lower 40's to the 50's at the shore and do i expect with time we will eventually warm up to 60 degrees but notice wind by that point too. meisha. >> katie, thank you so much. >> wet roadways are posing a problem and we have a live shot that we have been talking about this morning involving a tractor trailer. we are looking at a tow truck as part of the clean up process that is not actual tractor trailer involved but
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carrying potted plants that spilled all over the roadway there. the tractor trailer ran in the overpass around 1:00 a.m. this morning near the radnor station. king of prussia road is closed still between radnor chester road and matsonford, so it might cause some problems taking back way to king of prussia mall just fyi, your alternate county line road is your best bet around this as these crews are out here trying to get this cleaned out as soon as possible. if i were you stay clear of that area quick peak, these wet roadways 95 south at cottman. this will pose some issues for us, we have been talking bit all morning long so far even though it is not rain necessarily coming down because these slick roadways causing problems. accident in tinicum township this one is involving injuries , route 291, governor prince boulevard at scott way i would just avoid the area when we have injuries involved and especially activity around that area plus disabled vehicle on the commodore barry bridge that will start to slow
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you down dropping less than posted speed but that right lane being closed and another accident that hit a guardrail pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at route 29 that right lane compromised there. back to you. philadelphia police find a man dead inside his port richmond home and they are trying to figure out if his death was an accident or murder. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live outside medical examiner's office with the very latest on the investigation good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. medical examiner will conduct, an autopsy to figure out how this 80 year-old man died. he was found dead late last night, there was a lot of blood there but at this point police say it is too early to tell if this was an accident or a homicide, lets look at the video, the scene last night on the 2500 block of east lehigh avenue, "eyewitness news" was there as homicide detectives interviewed family, neighbors and friends who saw the eight year-old victim earlier in the day. police say family last saw him around 1:00 in the afternoon, then they found him injured
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around 9:00 p.m. when they called police. medics arrived just before 9:30 and pronounced that had man dead. they fund him on the kitchen floor with the cut on his head and surrounded by blood, crime scene unit and homicide detectives did remain there on the scene until late last night trying to figure out how this all happened. >> at this point we just don't know if there was any foul play involved or if the victim fell and hit his head, and that is how he cut his head and that is how he, died. we're in the sure if this is a homicide at this time or an accidental death. >> reporter: that job now falls on the medical examiner, police do continue to investigate, they tell us that this eight year-old man lived at his home with his family but it is unclear how the 80 year-old died. they say there was no sign of force entry and house did not appear to be ransacked. police have also found private surveillance in the area, they hope those can help, they also
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towed away a light van found near that scene, it is unclear if that has anything to do with this death. we're reporting live from university city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and jim back to you. all out manhunt continues for teenage murder suspect michael huggins he and three others escaped harborfields youth detention center just after midnight yesterday. police arrested three in bridgeton and news of the huggins escape now opening up a wound for family who says he shot and killed their loved one. >> when i found out that it is him that had escaped and they have not found him just yet it was devastating news because we all knew he was somewhere that he could not get out. >> if you see huggins do not approach him but do call 911. 5:36. in business news problems persist for some at&t wireless customers. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us live with the details and more, good morning
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, dianne. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. stocks slumped yesterday dow jones tumbled 138 points, nasdaq lost 31, at&t is working on fixing a wireless network failure some customers are unable to make or receive calls, users, excuse me, cross the country report problems but this total number of customers affected is unclear. at&t says customers should restart their device and that should resolve their problem. amazon prime member the company is lowering thanksgiving prices at whole food, amazon is e-mailing prime members for organic or antibiotic free turkey for 50 cents a pound cheaper then other customers pay. other staples like canned pumpkin, organic broccoli and potatoes will be on sale. and, treasury secretary stephen mnuchin wife triggers a fire storm once again, mnuchin and his wife, posed in front of the freshly minted money. bills are first to feature new
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treasury secretary signature. she was criticized when she posted a photo of her deplan ing government jet, launching her designer dud with hash tags. rahel and jim. >> i have seen that picture floating around and i will say , the person behind steve mnuchin and his wife who appears to be overlooking like really, what? >> yeah, yeah. >> i will say at&t glitch i had it yesterday on my phone and after five attempts of calling someone i turn the phone off and it went way. part of your story there, dianne. >> there you have it. >> thanks, dianne. we will see you tomorrow. lets rescuers trying to track down $300,000. >> money missing from the upper darby tax collector's office. workers in the office noticed money was missing six months ago, upper darby police referred case to the delaware county district attorney's office. sources tell "eyewitness news" that a woman at center of the
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investigation, no longer works for the township, but so far no charges have been filed. it is honor for former philadelphia mayor michael nutter as insurance society of philadelphia's independence gala. nutter was given industry's distinguished leadership award our very own ukee washington hosted the event. gallery's $5,000 to provide smoke detectors for homeowners in need. fire commissioner adam tiehl was also in attendance. can you believe, it has been 20 years since titanic ruled the box office. >> two decade. >> coming up next where you can see it on the big screen again. >> again. also ahead wait until you hear who cameo in the latest star wars film, wow, katie. congratulations on being one of the top 10 all purpose yardage leaders in history does being on this list mean more than other record.
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i got to tell you actress
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rose mcgowan is expect to be arraigned in the virginia courtroom on a felony drug charge. prosecutors say cocaine was found among personal items she left behind on a flight last january, to washington d.c. mcgowan is one of the hollywood producers harvey weinstein most vocal accusers of sexual assault. weinstein denied those allegations. she said she will not plead guilty to the charge. classic film titanic now sailing back into theaters for its 20th anniversary, can you believe that? 1997 james cameron blockbuster is getting a revamp, yes, re mastered version will be shown in select theaters for one week this december. movie famously starring leonardo decap prehe and kate wins less grossed more than $2 billion in the box office and won 11 academy award. it looks like british royals are also hitting the big screen, hollywood reporter say prince william and harry filmed scene for upcoming film star wars last jedi, the two princes joined tom hardy and
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gary barlow and storm troopers did either of you watch star wars, any of you. >> i'm in the a big star wars fan. >> i always get them confused. >> i feel like if you are a star wars fan you are a star trek fan as well. >> same ge nre. >> essentially, yeah but very different. do not mix them up. >> i admit things i do in the know star wars and star trek i have not seen but i would watch it. >> definitely they are classic movies for sure. i have seen one of them in, full. i haven't seen the rest of them. i think some of them are. we're all just in the sure i necessity people on twitter will tell us what we don't know. >> that is why i'm keeping my mouth shut. >> yes. >> too early for twitter universe. >> yes. >> we dent necessity is weather, we count on you, katie. >> exactly it keeps me in business ever changing pattern that we continue to find, ups and downs, still expect a couple fronts reason for that.
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we will start off by getting you outside, showing you what is going on, live view in bethlehem, if you look closely in the left-hand corner of the screen flags waving a little bit there outside hotel bethlehem. so wind is starting to pick up ever so slightly, pretty, un noticeable right now, i'll be honest that wind does pick up, and we will get to that as morning progresses around this particular weather hit but it is damp outside. that is story every where. we will start off, really mild location, down near the shore points, greg in ocean view and he has more cloud then anything, however he did say he just sent this within a half an hour ago he had a rain shower that came in just a few minutes ago and that was sent over last half an hour plus but that was in upper township , new jersey. there are some signs have life out there on the radar and we will get to that just in the second. let me take you in toward, where do we wanting to? 48 degrees this morning from allen. he is at 48 again.
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little warmer. we will not find icing but he did say it is milder in his location. he put up his christmas decorations yesterday? depend on how soon or late it is appropriate to start doing that. as we switch gears and get out to storm scan three, two disturbances are flanging the continental u.s. first is front crossing through right now and this guy causing pretty big headaches especially in the hundred tane passes toward washington and oregon state but that becomes our next big thing, it will show more organization in the days ahead, looking locally though the showers are spotty, they are starting to clear out , still encounter damp road but this is less of an issue as morning progresses. then we will jump to 9:00 a.m. they are not terrible. they will not damage anything or send your path ohio furniture flying if you have it out there but, it is going to be a noticeable breeze. not the best hair afternoon when we have gusts peak nothing some spots up in the 30's. generally up to about 25 miles an hour, plus, is the spec
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tation and that wind will continue into tomorrow. then it is quieting down for friday night. our seven day, all over the place temperature wise, see ups and downs, next round of rain to come in by saturday afternoon, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. very good morning. we saw this live shot here of the accident involving a tractor trailer carrying potted plants by the way that spills all over the roadway, this is in the tractor trailer that was involved tow truck part of the clean up process here. accident happened around 1:00 a.m. near radnor station, king of prussia road is closed between radnor chester road and matsonford. those using radnor station use matsonford road right now to get there. you will to have use an alternate around this, county line road is going to be your best bet while crews are as you can see out there working hard trying to get this remed ied for you. take a look at potted plants. we have very wet roadways. we will get on other places and show you what is going on, 42 freeway northbound at creek
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road but it is glare on the roadway i want to call your attention to because wet roadways have been posing problems all morning long. we did have an accident wissonoming robbins street was closed between jackson and ditman that has been since cleared, however, we do have another accident out there where a vehicle hit a guardrail pennsylvania turnpike eastbound at route 29 good news this has been moved to the shoulder. we have another accident out there in tinicum township, this one involving injuries route 291 governor prince boulevard at scott way showing lots of green on here looking beyond that at 95 but we will say 95, pushing in the southbound direction toward center city, you are getting busy. disabled vehicle here commodore barry bridge west bun that right lane compromis ed but you are dropping to bumper to bumper conditions, jim and rahel, back to you. some coffee connoisseurs are getting more than just a jolt with the java. and, and, marijuana because comes legal in more and more
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states. >> you can't find these pod at the grocery store, filling the pod was all done by hand brew budds makes k cups filled with coffee, cocoa and tea infused with cannabis oil at this factory in las vegas. >> they can bring them together in a very discrete way to consume cannabis. >> reporter: recreational and medal mar juan ace legal in more than two dozen states and district of columbia, that led to a billion dollar market including edibles, a variety of co offering cannabis coffee or tea that fits into your keurig or traditional coffee maker. >> will you get high drinking the tea or the coffee. >> yes, you will. we have got is a 10-milligram, very light dose. >> reporter: orange county, california, it makes cannabis linked coffee filters, k cups and cold coffee and tea drinks >> this would make one pot un
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continue end of coffee. >> reporter: chris heys say business has grown 600 percent in the last year. >> when you put product into things that they are familiar with you remove smell, the visual representation of cannabis. it takes the fear out of using cannabis project. >> emma likes to drink the tea and it is become part of her newtly routine. >> it gives me focus at night if i'm going to sleep. it helps settle my mind and relax my body. >> reporter: enjoying the cup is not cheap. brew buddz k cups cost seven dollars a piece. danielle nottingham for cbs news, las vegas. >> federal government says mar juan ace illegal. >> yes. >> these products are only available in some states where , and, it is legal, and so makes money for state because they are taxed so heavily. if you buy it anyway, might as well get some money off of it. that is the deal. folks are living high life in the different way, we will
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show you a guy whose job it is to take care of luxury cars, coming up incomes. we told but this rare find yesterday, now find out record setting amount this da vinchi sold for at auction. we will have it when we come
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he is a fire marshall, but people in this town call him the pop start police. >> that is because he does his part to feed hungry children with pop starts, brad thomas lives in indian, northwest of indianapolis, and he visits bus stops in the morning and hands out pop tarts. it is a way to build relationships with young people. those around town have heard of his effort and donating to help him buy more pop tarts to keep project going. >> it shows how much people want to be part of something, positive and as something as simple as a pop tart could that be thing. >> recently word of the pop tart police made its way to kelloggs, company behind pop tarts and they send him several cases full of them for his stockpile. >> i love my pop tarts, great idea, building bridges in the community. >> who doesn't love pop tarts. luxury car owners are taking detailing business a step further in texas they hire car nannies, a hughes tan
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garage washes exotic, classic cars 24/7 and offers a long list of services. one of the services is privacy , they don't say whose cars they are they just take care of them. price tags on some of these cars more than a million-dollar. >> we're here to sort of preserve, manage the cars for them so when they are ready to enjoy their car it is ready for them. >> owner says they have three clients hoff at least 20 cars in the garage, and those cars are protected by surveillance video. >> speaking of high end luxury cars the pope got a lamborghini yesterday, company customized the sports car in white and gold and pontiff yesterday. don't expect to see pope francis cruising around st. peters square. he did bless the lamborghini and donated it for charity. he is all about modesty. >> yes. >> pope mobile is a little fi at. >> he is all about modesty. sold for a record 450 million-dollar. >> that is how much a rarely
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owe nard owe da vinchi fetched at auction last night. it is most expensive artwork ever sold called salvatore mun di, a portrayed of jesus, painting is one of the handful of da vinchi that still exist. previous record price for piece of artwork was 300 million-dollar. if you have had your eye on this pink diamond that went up for auction last night good news it is still on the market pink diamond failed to sell at auction in geneva, supposed to sell between 20 and 30 million-dollar but bidding rose just to about 14 million before stalling, it weighs 37 carat and mounted on a ring. >> little out of my price range. coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" taking farming into a new age of technology see how cows are being outfitted with so-called , fit bits. >> everybody need to watch their figure. and yard opening up a new brewery in philadelphia tonight but pat gallen giving us a sneak peak inside before it officially opens, see what
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is new, [burke] abstract accident. seen ♪ video-it. covered it.c we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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give yourself extra time, rain could add sometime tour commute and we are already seeing a few accidents, katie and meisha will help you get outside door. driver slams in a police van transporting several prisoners and that crash could lead to charges.
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developing right now in south jersey all out manhunt continues for teenage murder suspect who escaped a youth detention facility we are live with the update on the search. it is thursday november 16th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha getting us outside the door. >> i necessity we are close to the weekend but guys need to settle down out there. we have been, nothing but crazy bunkers in the traffic department ever since 4:30 and they just keep coming. it is very wet. maybe adding a little bit to it. >> it is only getting better from here, so just expect you will see damp red ways out there but this is a three hour loop. see how things are fist untiling delaware, del marva peninsula, western suburbs outside of philadelphia, it may still be damp but rain isn't technically falling in a lot of spots at this point. i would say, that new can probably getaway without an umbrella here this morning and afternoon things dry out


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