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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a few snowflakes, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now . it is 6:00 o'clock. here's is what happening, deciding whether to dissolve, a vote is expected any moment to see if the school reform commission will hand control of the school's back to the city of philadelphia. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean this vote comes two weeks after mayor kenney called on src to disban "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live inside the meeting at cool district headquarters, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee this is expect to be a long meeting, we are only about 10 speakers in, there are 50 some speakers on the list, each given three minutes, so there could be another two hours of listening, to members of the public, right now they are hammering the school reform commission, on allegations of more than 16 years of miss
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management. >> dance party on north broad teachers and parents called this the start of the happier day. >> sixteen years of this reign of terror. >> reporter: perhaps that is dramatic but there is a wave of relief at school district headquarters as school reform commission is expected to vote to dissolve, paving way for locally appointed nine member school board. >> this is what we wanted for a number of years, 17 years in fact, i believe that the take over of the school district of philadelphia was a wrong initially. >> reporter: meeting to actually bring about demise of the commission is moving along slowly, the hearing roomies at capacity. >> it is, a shot. >> reporter: some come out to relish in the moment or misery as they put it. >> when i heard they were dis banding i was like i have to be here. >> reporter: brian, said equipment the district to take up bartending. >> the last straw i remember was not getting a raise for five years and then breaking
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new contractual agreements and everything. i was just like, it is almost like were you backed in the corner. >> reporter: at this point members of the public, again are talking to the school reform commission. basically backing up the cities position that they go away. that they take a vote to dissolve themselves. time line for all this would set up the dissolve vote comes tonight and then, in june there would be appointment to a local school board. that that would then take reigns of the philadelphia school district. my collogue david spunt is here monitoring tonight's developments and he will have latest starting on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. for now live inside school district headquarters in the spring garden section of the philadelphia, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you for that. new jersey senator bob menendez says he is looking forward to getting back to work in washington after his bribery trial ended in a hung jury. jury deliberated over six muscle days but could not come
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to a unanimous decision. judge called mistrial leaving opened the opportunity for federal prosecutors to retry the case. menendez was accused of accepting gifts from a wealthy friend in exchange for political influence. he spoke earlier today. >> the way this case started, was wrong, the way it was investigated was wrong. the way it was prosecuted was wrong. the way it was tried was wrong as well. >> menendez could face an ethics investigation when he returns to the senate. "eyewitness news" is live in washington d.c. tonight where house of representatives passed major tax reform legislation, the senate will now consider measure that simplifies tax code, doubles standard deductions and slash es corporate tax rate. our natasha brown joins us now from the white house with more on how this legislation could impact local small businesses, natasha.
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>> reporter: well, we can tell you there is a lot of excitement here at the white house in its first step toward major tax reform especially as it relate toss small businesses throughout our area >> it is a great day on capitol hill. >> reporter: linda mcmahon administrators of the small business administration is celebrating on the heels of house republicans passing a monumental tax reform bill. she sees it as first step toward boosting small businesses throughout the country. >> tax cuts means more money in their pockets to do more with their business. two, a business i sought to they will reinvest, these tax cuts back in their business. >> reporter: mcmahon addressed it at this briefing near the white house. >> business owners are feeling optimistic. >> reporter: she spoke with us one on one shortly after the house tax reform bill passed and tells its importance to growing small businesses throughout the tri-state area that lower taxes and simplifying tax code. >> local small businesses are the backbone of the community. they are the glue of the
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communities. >> reporter: mcmahon took time promote small business saturday on november 25th as a way to show perfect show your support. >> we have the opportunity in our communities around the sun troy really support our small businesses, go in, visit, maybe go to one you have not been to before. >> reporter: well, again this is just the first hurdle in the tax reform process, senate republicans still have to vote on their own bill, and they are hoping to do that after the thanksgiving holiday. we're live at the white house tonight natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. former pennsylvania governor tom ridge is in critical condition tonight after under going an emergency heart procedure. a spokesmen says that the seven two-year old was attending the republican governor's association conference in austin when he called for help at his hotel this morning. ridge served as pennsylvania's governor from 1995 through 2001. he was first home land security secretary, serving under george w. bush until 2005.
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police are investigating the death of the port richmond man as a homicide, police say man was discovered with multiple stab wounds on the 2500 block of east lehigh avenue just before 10:00 p.m. last night. officers say the man lived in the home with his family and neighbors say he was a beloved member of their community. so far no word on why someone may have attack the man, no arrests have been made. key murder suspect escaped from the juvenile detention facility in south jersey is captured. take a look at this video from the press of atlantic city, 18 year-old michael huggins of bridgeton was taken in custody in atlantic city. a tip led to his arrest. >> it is my understanding that the apartment that he was located in that the individual s that opened up the door were in fact cooperative with law enforcement. at this time there are no pending charges against those individual. >> just after midnight yesterday, huggins and three others broke out of the harbor fields youth detention center in egg harbor sit.
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they overpowered a guard, stole a car and crashed in the jeep less than a mile from the jail, three others who escaped were captured yesterday. we now know identity of the passenger killed in this crash on route 130 in cinnaminson yesterday. authorities say that the victim is 15 year-old palmyra high school isn't cassidy bush , the car that she was riding in crashed in the back of the tractor trailer. we are told the driver also a juvenile remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition. police say he sped away from the traffic stop while behind the wheel of the stolen car. it is a movie getting a lot of attention, wonder, it is coming out tomorrow, it business a little boy who looks different. he has a condition that is often treated at children's hospital of philadelphia health reporter stephanie stahl has more from a local boy at bucks county being treated at chop for same issues. >> reporter: wait until you meet this little guy. children with this condition have under developed facial benz that often requires years of reconstructive surgery. chop does these operations and
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helps children and their families cope with some difficulty situations. >> put split. >> reporter: five-year old logan colleen spend as lot of time at chop where they call him mayor, he has collins syndrome, same thing as little boy in the movie, wonder. >> my name is oscar. i am it not an ordinary 10 year-old kid. >> reporter: children like this have facial differences caused by genetic defect. >> it was rough when he was born when they say something is wrong, last thing you want to hear as a parent. >> reporter: children with collins often have no ears, down turned eyes and under developed cheeks and jaws. >> to have a normal parents is a big deal to these children. >> reporter: chop plastic surgeon scott bartlett says most children with the syndrome usually need several reconstructive surgeries. logan most recently had surgery to create a new ear. >> we judge people whether we say it or not we judge people by their outward appearance. >> reporter: in the movie after 27 surgeries, he goes to
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school for the first time. but they are not, augie like many children different gets bullied. it is something logan's parent s worry about. >> kid come up and ask why does lee different or he looks funny. >> reporter: in the movie lessons about judgment and acceptance, augie becomes a hero. >> after plastic surgery. >> it takes a lot of work. >> reporter: logan has had six surgeries and many more planned is speech delayed and needy vices he wears on a head band to hear but his brain is just fine and like many little boys his age he is fascinated with trains, trucks. >> fire trucks are number two report report logan's parents are thrilled about the movie wonder hoping it helps people better understand their son and others like him. >> i hepp people will look past outside and look at inside and see these kid they may look different or anybody may look different but doesn't mean they are different.
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they are same person. >> reporter: logan is such a bright, happy little boy and he is making progress with each surgery and speech therapy. his parents think some day he will also be a hero, just like augie in that movie. such an important message here , about acceptance, and seeing, inner beauty, so many things here. >> i saw it a couple weeks ago , heart warming, inspirational and you will love it. everyone well. >> thanks, stephanie very much still to come on "eyewitness news" it is a philadelphia pastime. >> local museum is taking steps to she case some stoops where you can see more historic pieces, next, kate. we are seeing lake effect snow showers north and west of our shower tonight but another northwestern storm this weekend could mean flakes for parts of the area. i will tell you which spot could see know snowflakes. >> he routed for eagles the, a player who group in the house
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divided. plus we will revisit joel embiid's historic night with the lakers later in sports.
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philadelphia his there i museum is preserving philly history. >> museum is opening an exhibit that features rescued suits from old philadelphia neighborhood. steps are part of the temporary exhibit with the mural arts of philadelphia's monument lab. philadelphia history museum executive director an ceo says museum wanted to build fake stairs in the museum but decided to get real stoops from real placeness philadelphia the exhibit opens up this spring. holiday season is nearly here and what would the winter season be without ice skating. >> how about that. >> yes, meteorologist chelsea ingram joins us from the rink in dilworth park and she's with the mobile weather watcher and she's still on skates, i cannot tell, maybe we will find out. >> no, thanks. but i can tell you we had a blast out here on the ice earlier today but, sometimes
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when you are out on the ice you need a little something maybe to warm yourself up. we have michelle cannon back here vice-president of marketing and communication for center city districts. maybe a little spiked hot chocolate to warm you up. >> absolutely. so aside from the wonderful skating that we have here at the rothman win licensesk we also have a wonderful place to warm up, inside of the rothman cabin. >> it vice warm in there. >> it is warm, cozy, it is a great date night place so we brought out some of the food that we have from, brulet catering who does our food here. so we have a wonderful, yummy, grilled cheese. >> um-hmm. >> also you can get it with the tomato soup, with croutons or loan and we also have some lentil chile, that is new this year. they are all quite yummy. >> all right. >> hot chocolate, spiked or
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not. >> spiked or not, you can get it spiked with the cooper, all good. >> so vicious. >> tonight is a fantastic night to come down here to dilworth park, of course, temperatures will be dropping in the 40's as those skies continue to clear but because we are surrounded by buildings the wind isn't all that much of a problem so great night to get down here just make sure that you bundle up. we will enjoy this wonderful food that they provided for us , tomatoes soup or chile. >> tomato soup. >> here's a spoon, you guys, it smells so good. >> thank you. >> we burn so many calories on the ice that right now, you know. >> cheers. >> cheers to you. >> time to have food. >> kate, new back inside to you. >> chelsea, that sound as nation perfect cold weather food, grilled cheese, tomato soup, chillye and hot chocolate. enjoy, stay warm outside. >> it is getting chill bye they are protect from the wind sometimes depending on which
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way wind wind up walking through city streets and speed up through buildings it can intensify. it depends what street and which area are in tonight protect at ice rink. nice night to head down there storm scan three shows lake effect snow just snow showers made their way across western new york state and pennsylvania, that time of the year, these not reaching us. same pattern on sunday could bring chance for snow showers especially to our northwestern suburbs and poconos. far northwestern suburbs. next storm you can see rain moving through pacific northwest, this is going to be moving east through weekend and will get here by saturday. in the meantime just chilly but dry tonight 52 right now in philadelphia. forty-seven in allentown. the wind kicked up strong this afternoon and wind are still gusting over 20 miles an hour. even over 30 miles an hour in a few spots reporting a 33- mile an hour wind gustness allentown gusting over 30 in trenton as well and wind gusts at 28 miles an hour in
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philadelphia if you are protect from the wind that is good if you are walking through buildings you can feel that wind hit you walking out through area tonight. winds will die down but still breezy overnight mainly clear, 37 is your overnight low and for your friday looks good mostly sunny, chilly breeze, below average by seven or 8 degrees. breeze will make it feel no better than lower 40's all day but not as windy as this afternoon has been. all and all chilly but not too bad for your friday. 11:00 a.m. we have full day of sunshine. out in the sun it will feel nice, and will get chilly. saturday, day starts off relatively quiet but by 11:00 a.m. is there a big batch have rain pulling in the western suburbs by noon, raining especially from the city on north, along a warm front but then cold front catches up. there will be breaks in the rain, not just pour all day but saturday night more rain expected as front moves through and then watch sunday cold winds around back edge of the storm. winds ramp up and we will see
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lines of snow squals to the northwest but could drip down in our region as well. running in the philadelphia marathon bundle up, it is cold , windy with temperatures only in the 40's from 7:00 a.m. to noon. then we will start about holiday travel and good news we are giving you green light tuesday, wednesday and thanksgiving day thursday, dry , pleasant, it will cool down for thanksgiving day good news as house tend to get hot with the turkey in the oven for hours upon hours. nice weather next week. rain on saturday. cold and windy sunday. next week looks quiet for thanksgiving travel. holiday season is here. we're talking about thanksgiving. join us thomas we kick off our celebration of the season holiday fest from peddler's village. i will be live there but for the seventh year in a row to get things started as we light up peddler's village. "eyewitness news" start agent 5:00. coming up tomorrow night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 something many of you have been waiting for my winter forecast this year.
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will this winter be snowy, rainy, cold, mild, a little bit in between? is there a twist this year with how i came up with my forecast. i had some helpers. little elves helped me here. see what i mean tomorrow night >> little break from making toys. >> they did, yes, yes. >> thanks, kate. >> don's up next with sports. >> pair of home comings one on the ice and one on the grid iron. plus donovan mcnabb or carson wentz, who would you rather have? terrell owens answers next in sports.
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joel embiid defies physics 7- foot two and listed at 260- pound but he has feet like a ballerina and skills of the guard. last night joe joe was the
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biggest star in l.a. there is nothing he cannot do and showed it all game long, joe joe in the third quarter how about the step for a seven footer. then in the fourth, shade of akeem owe lie want, dream shakedown low. fake, fake, another fake. forty-six points, 15 board, and then seven assists, seven blocks and huge hug from kevin hart, in one in the nba, not in history ever posted a stat line like that, sixers win 115 -109. of course, joel doing as he often does taking to twit tore troll, lakers rookie lonzo ball getting knocked over. what a night, #, the process, great night indeed. college hoops temple and old dominion in the austin junior with the three. he had five, three pointers in the game, finished with 23 points. and then, quenton road, hard hitting quenton. >> my man he had 20 points.
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>> yes. >> temple is last division one team to play a game, they win by 11. quenton. welcome back. speaking of welcome back, welcome back times two, noland patrick returns to the flyers line up tonight, after missing nine games with the concussion he also returned to his hometown of winnipeg. the fly guys are also desperate for some scoring, they have zero goals, in their last two games. and speaking of home comings eagles running back jay ajayi was born in london but his family moved to northeast texas when he was a kid. on sunday night the eight-one bird will visit five-four cowboys, jay grew up in a household divided. >> so in texas it was a split household, my daddy, who was on the cowboys side, my mom, she loved donovan mcnabb. that was her favorite player. so, you know, she always was rooting for eagles. >> i see it. >> so, last time eagles were
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eight-one terrell owens was on the team. that was back in 2004 when they went to the super bowl. so naturally tmz sports caught up with to and they asked him to compare donovan mcnabb and carson wentz. >> they are two different quarterbacks, obviously mcnabb was a running quarterback, wentz more pocket passer. he cannot make the things happen but two different systems. >> if you were playing right now and had option between either of those two who would you go with. >> probably carson wentz. >> really. >> wow. >> that is huge. >> wow. >> mcnabb going to be upset about that. >> it is what it is, i can make it work with anybody. you conn be could back and i can make it work. >> glad to see he has not changed. >> to, to. >> some things stay the same. >> and then there is
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". tonight are your cars bells and whistles distraction that is take your eyes off the road , findings of a new consumer report, from new york , here's anthony mason. take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> it happened so fast. he mashed his lips against my face. >> mason: the "he" this time, a united states senator, al franken accused of sexual assault. >> the bill is passed without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> mason: also tonight, the house passes a major tax overhaul. the cars with the most dangerously distracting dash boards. >> it's nuts to have drivers who can text, access social media, or the internet when they're driving. >> mason: and he rides the mountain trails of colorado peddling a secret. >> i found out the secret of growing old is just not to die. this is the "cbs evening news."


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