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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 17, 2017 2:07am-2:38am EST

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>> right now at 11 'path of construction caught on camera and how a driver smashed into parked cars. >> and philadelphia school reform commission strots disbands itself. what's next for the district. >> and first, a storm of criticism sure sounds a city u.s. senator. democratal franken faces agos of sexual misconduct and he's the latest high profile figure embroiled in scandal.
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>> president trump weighed in on twitter. >> i'm ukee washington. >> age jessica dean. >> the minnesota senator and former comedian is accused of improper conduct against a radio anchor more than a decade ago when they were entertaining troops overseas. >> the allegations stemsz from a 2006 uso tour involvin involvingal franken prior to being elected senator of minnesota. >> frank ep kissed her against her will during a rehearsal for a exit. >> i said if you ever do that to me again i won't be so nice about it the second time and i walked out and wanted to find a bathroom and rinse my mouth out. >> she posted a photo in which he grinz at the camera with his happened on her breasts as she slept. senator frank den not remember the exit in the same way and apologized to her. as for the photo he released a
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second statement saying there's no excuse i look tat now and feel disgusted with m myself it is not funny and is completely inappropriate. he agreed to coop rate with ethics committee review and colleagues on both sides of the aisle called his behavior troubling. >> there's no excuse and no way to defend is it. >> unacceptable behavior. >> tweeten was inspired to speak out. both chambers of congress passed mandatory sexual harassment hearing for lawmakers and staff. >> a short time ago president trump tweeted about the fran franken scandal. he said it is really bad and speaks 1,000 words and where does it go in pictures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 while he sleeps and last week he lec toured fwhoyp would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women. >> al franken allegations are
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latest to be making headlines. can it bring about change in culture. what one expert says needs to happen fist. that story in ten minutes. >> new tonight disturbing video police are asking for the public's help to find a hit-and-run driver whose path of destruction was captured on camera. alexandria hof is at police headquarters. alex. >> ukee, with any car crash there's a moral and legal obligation to stick around. what this video shows goes beyond the typical hit-and-ru hit-and-run. this was not app action movie get away by any means. >> you see him pushing the caraway or attempting to push the caraway and never puts it in park and the carol most hits him and it's very strang strange. >> very strange and activating for michael who woke to find three cars including his own sideswiped and mashed near the corner of 19 and tasker street in the
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point breeze section of city and nearby business realized this week that they caught the crash which occurred around 3 a.m. saturday on their surveillance camera. >> you can see him slam into my friend's car and my car simultaneously. >> the driver pulls up and gets out to assess the damage. at which point the car begins to roll back. the driver gets back in the car and but it won't budge. that's when this apparent hit-and-run becomes a push and run. until twhoopz rolls back again. few seconds later it's back to pushing and damaged carrolls off. >> at first it looked like cosmetic damage but by the time i looked at t. it was not even drivable. >> this is voice of another dispointed neighbor whose car was struck. >> there's too many cameras on this for this individual to feel like they'll get away with it. >> one thing the driver didn't gate way with side mirror and likely pride. >> if you recognize that person in the video or the
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damaged vehicle please contact police. reporting live this evening, alexandria hof, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> cruz battled fire at old barn on the campus of delaware state university tonight. firefighters were called to the scene around 11:30. it does not appear anything was stored in the barn. there was no injuries and the cause of the fire sake looked into. >> now in south jersey a woman is rescued after falling into an ban donned septic tank. this is video from mocha township police. tammy camp fell ten feet through the rotted cover of the tank and took 30 minutes before her son heard her cries for help and another two hours to rescue here. camp is expected to be okay. >> after 16 years of state oversight a big change is in store for philadelphia public schools. and the school reform commission voted tonight to dissolve itself and return the district to local control. and david spunt live in spring garden and david this is something the mayor kawmd for
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several weeks ago. >> and mayor kenny will be in charge of forming new local school poord and it will benign member local school board and they will be seated in just a few months. miss richmond. >> yes. >> chair wilkerson. >> yes. >> and after 16 years of state oversight, the school district of philadelphia will once again be all locals. and the school reform commission voted to dissolve itself with majority vote of three. >> let us begin today to rebuild our community. >> the src took control to get the district finances and other assets under control. one by one concerned philadelphia yaps stood up to praise the end of src. >> so it's over for scc. >> just before the meeting. >> we all waimed together. >> more than 100 held a rally outside district headquarters.
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>> we've been fighting for their quite a long time. 16 years of this reign of terror what's khai call it. >> the district is in financial trouble and going rackp a deficit of 700 mill yop over five years. mayor jim kenney will have a nine member board. since it will be appoint today will not have direct taxing authority and the city could increase property taxes and member bill green voted to keep the src alive. >> we're a year away frk able to do that and i want the city to put up the resources they say they will put up. >> and the src ill will be done and out of business on june 0. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> thank you, david. >> a teenage murder us is sbhokt escaped from a juvenile decision facility in south jerszy was captured today in atlantic city. and this is video from the press of atlantic city showing 18-year-old michael hug ins nine custody. hug ins and three other teenagers broke out of the
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harbor fields youth detention center in egg harbor city yesterday: and the three others were captured the same day they escaped. >> and the senate ethics committee said it will resume investigation of new jersey senator bob mendez now that his corruption stril ended in a mistrial. and the judge declared a mistrial leaving open the possibility for federal prosecutor to retry the case and menendez was aus cod of accepting gifts from a wellin wellingy friend in exchange for political favors. >> and i've made my share of mistakes and my mistakes were never a crime. >> to those digging my political grave so they could jump into my seat i know who you are and i won't forget yo you. >> and senator menendez's term surprise next year and tonigh tonight's senate president steve sweeney and governor elect phil murphy will support him if he runs for reelection. >> former pennsylvania governor tom vij in critical
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condition after undergoing emergency heart procedure. the 72-year-old became ill at republican governor's association conference in us tib. he served as pennsylvania govern from 1995 to 2001 fist homeland security secretary serving under president george w. bush until 2005. >> republican plan to make the most dramatic changes to the tax code in more than three decades cheered the first big hurdle. house pass the job cuts act today and senate will consider the measure. it is double the standard deduction and slashes corporate tax rate. our natasha brown was in washington today and talked to sba administrator linda mcmahon about the impact on small businesses. >> tax cuts means more money in their pock tote do more with their business and too a business they talked to they will reinvest the tax cuts in the business.
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>> every democrat voted no on the taxry form bill as handful of republicans opposed to erasing deductions for state and local taxes. >> straight ahead tonight once again another high profile man is being is accused of sexual misconduct. >> steams like every day we're hearing about allegations. daily headlines had, will they lead to a shift in culture. what one expert says needs to happen to bring about change, kate. >> cold air has returned we have cold air moving over the great lakes and snow showers to the northwest. a better chance to see a few flakes close to our area as even more cold spills into our region this weekend and i'll timeout rain to impact the weekend plans. >> and with cold air, too, the season for tasty ease me tonight's taste with torey. our vittoria woodill the is taking you to a place at holiday shoppers are sure to put on their list and check it out, multiple times.
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people need to taw a long hard look to look at the culture that is happening since men and swrem wawkt the eric frankly. and radio newscast erlian tweeten she is accusing al franken of forcibly kiss anticipating groping her in 2006. tweeten says it's a culture that needs to be addressed. so with the ration allegations against a number of high profile men is it helping us have a conversation we may find difficult. >> nicole brewer is here and talked with an expert how this can bring about change. >> is that the certainly the hope here that some sort of positive change will occur. as we know it takes time and often times it's uncomfortabl uncomfortable. >> this time a united states senator. >> every day a different allegations. >> accused of sexual assault. >> for the last several weeks sex uyou'll ar hasment assault and rain claims dominating
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headlines. >> surprising but not shocking. >> hyper complicated. >> accusations that gave way to social media move. # metoo transforming unspeakable into trending topic. >> at least people are talking about it and at least challenging people to think differently. >> for individuals it's an opportunity for individuals to tell their story and will it change society at large. >> i think it gets the message ow it's a new problem. >> it's never too late to speak out. >> dr. leavitt of temle said the last few weeks shed light on a national problem. >> the ubi quu ity of sexual violence and sexual harassment is just a regular part of american culture. >> she believes there's been a meaningful shift for victims that realize they're not alon alone. >> i think a lot of young women are looking at this now and thinking you know what i should speak up. >> leavitt says the challenge exists at the structural level and confidentiality clauses
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and non disclosure settlements continue to protect those that blocked their power. >> and how to hear these stories we don't have a lot of practice and i think a lot of people are really awkward and uncomfortable. >> and i can certainly attest to that trying to get people to talk about this copic was a real struckle tonight and i think it's because a lot of us are not sure what to say or maybe how to say it and some would rather not discuss it at all. i can't tell you how many people say no don't want to go there. >> it's an interesting point she makes you have to practice having uncomfortable conversations because we don't really have a roadmap. >> we haven't had that space good it's all new. >> interesting. >> thanks nicole appreciate it. >> expect plenty of company if you head out of town for thanksgiving next week. aaa expect 600,000 people around the philadelphia region will travel for the holidays. that's a 3 1/2% increase from last year. and now if you host thanksgiving dinner the dinner won't cost you as much this year app the american farm bureau says the arrange
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thanksgiving meal for ten people will cost a little more than $49. that's lowest price since 201. turkey, milk rolls and sweet potatoes aall less expensive this year. >> well, tomorrow, cbs kicks off holiday fest in peddler peddlersville am an you cannot talk about the hospital days without talking about food. >> tonight taste with torey vittoria woodill checks out the restaurant that's a busy spots for shoppers to reenergize♪ the holiday spirit is swriling all around us. and in the small village of peddler's village earl's new american say place people put on their list and check twice. >> you can come in casual or desed up and have magnificent food and walk the village and christmas coming up is is spectacular time to try us. >> try not to feel in the spirit. >> everything feels comfy and
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cozy and warm. >> but if you really want to appreciate earl and food and amber and ambiance know that earls is dedicated to the farmer whose vision cultivated a charming community in alask alaska. earl hart jamison you. >> see earl everywhere through the visitage in now rz and designs everything is here. we're fwraits full that earl created this for all of us to enjoy. >> during the holidays enjoy earl's taste of tradition at their wine dinner in december. >> it's four courses. for pairing and it's a throw or design around the 7 fishes. for chef phil murphy will set you off with a fish like striped bass perfectly seerd and baiingted in brown butter surround bid cherry cream topped with crab meet and served over farrow with specs of scallion oil. >> you have to be salivating. >> you heard that.
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it will me you heard that. >> when you order a dish lish this it's almost a present to yourself. >> chef, that was a gift and therapy saw white chocolate going into that pot. >> send your taste buds to you falala with white chocolate. >> follow the long spoon because it's going to make a long accident. it's so creamy the blue berries are like pa, pa, pa i meal like this wants to make you slow down and take everything in happy holidays. ahh that's it's that time of year join us as he kickoff holiday fest from peddlers village. kate willing there live.
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it starts at 5:00. kate you have a key role tomorrow. very important. >> kicking it all off. >> santa and i and mckenna essay of -- weaponer ofes okay contest will light up the village. >> live tomorrow. >> and i'll have to get one of those desserts. >> it looked good blueberries popping all over the place. >> weather looks nice tomorrow night. it's been my 7th year at peddler's village and we had a few cold, mild nights and i don't think ever rain the weather has been altogether good and tomorrow looks to continue that trend. chilly right now. outside to bethlehem where it's cool but dry. flags not flies as briskly as earlier. with had a few gusts over 0 miles an hour amade it feel chilly. feeling better as far as the whipped is concerned and brisk breeze for tomorrow. here's time collapse from today we started off on nice note the showers that came through overnight were largely cleared out this morning and
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lots of sunshine. blue okay. but full day out there and then, we did see a nice sunset as well. 44 degrows is the current temperature at palmyra cove. storm scan shows colder air moving overcome par actively great lakes causing few lake effect snow showers across new york state and pennsylvania and nothing around here. similar pattern sunday may help brings those snow showers closer in the wake of this next storm out to the west right now. not looking all that organized and this is going to bring i a decent amount of rain on is it a and then a blast of cold air surprised. kind of up and down forecast for the next five days. temperatures now, chilly, mid 40s. 43 reading and 35 mount pocono and 45 city and we hit 06 today though. felt nice out there normal 56. morning low also almost 10 above the average. and so overnight we drop down to a low more seasonable 37. mainly clear. tomorrow, mostly sunny, chilly
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breeze. not a bad fault day. 49 the daytime high. and tomorrow, full day of sunshine from start to finish here's 11 a.m. go through tomorrow night. everything quiet. saturday starts with clouds and then by mid-morning, rain will arrive and it will be on and off through the day. here's 1 . there will be breaks in the action as well and 6 p.m. possibly not all that much happening and then 11 p.m. another round of rain. once the rain clears we see cold winds come in along the back edge of low and we can pickp a snow shower or squall. quick fast forward to next week if you travel forever the holiday you try to plan travel and it looks okay, tuesday, wednesday, thanks giving day, if you ha ed to grandma's house for turkey dinner looks fine giving you the green light all three days. saturday is the one day you don't want to travel. that's when it will be rainy on and off much of the day and mildest day of the 7 day forecast. surprised, morning shower and it's colder and then we got sunshine returning monday. but, make sure you're here and same time, same place tomorrow
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night or eyewitness news at 11 and it's my winter forecast. >> will the upcoming being snow, cold, mild, there's a twist how i came up with the forecast and how i'll deliver with you helpers that will help me deliver the forecast see what i mean tomorrow night at 11:00. >> may i nut my request for mild. >> duelly noted. >> good luck with that. >> thanks. >> don sun next in sports. >> temple and lasalle on the court and mcnabb vrsz went and flyers because your carpet never stops working there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits
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>> you can't win if you don't score. captain obvious xhnt of the night. flyers have not scored a goal until two games. only one goal in last three. tonight they look to light the lamp in win peg. first period. mystical thing called a goal an they accomplished this. they do score. jake vorachek and flyers have
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a 1-0 lead. under a minute left in third flyers with 2-1 lead. not anymore, mark shisley we're tied at two the game would go to shootout and flier's bench know what that normally means. brian little with eventual winner and flyers lose tonigh tonight, even when they finally score 3-2. lasalle hosting south alabama explorers. that game face though. nice lid. >> and huge night for b.y. johnson skipped nba draft and came back senior season and had 11 points lean sal wins. temple and old dominion. austin jr. with train h five three pointers finished with 23. and then, quintin rose. >> i'm sorry, what i nont say was quintin. >> quintin.
2:32 am
>> has 20, temple with the last division one team to play a game and they winp it by 11. >> an a name worth watching popped up on the eagles injury report today. wide outal shown jeffery was limited at practice with ankle issue however he's most definitely playing. running back jay jayai was born in london and moved to texas. on sunday night the 8-1 birds will visit 5-4 cowboys and jay grew up in divided house. >> in texas it was split household my daddy on the cowboys side and my mom loved donovan mcnabb. that was her favorite player. she was always rooting for eagles. >> that would be room for the birds on sunday night. okay there's this the lasts time eagles were 8 live 1, tyrell owe wepz was on the team an they went on to play in the super bowl. naturally tnz sports caught
2:33 am
one teo and asked them to compare donovan mcnabb and carson wentz. >> they're two different quarterbacks i can't. obviously mcnabb is running quarterback and he can't make some things happen when his feet it may be but there's two different -- >> if you have the option of those who who would you go with. >> probably carson wentz. >> that's huge. >> whoa. >> think mcnabb will be upset about that? >> it is what it is. i can make it work. you could be the quarterback i would make it work. >> going at it. >> all these years. >> that cheapish duh. >> all right. thank you buddy, grand reopen eping for a
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>> well, tonight, yards brewery celebrated grand opening of new facility on spring garden street. philadelphia's oldest brewery on a tap room with ceremonial first tour pour and twooingt mayor kinney. it's 70,000 square feet much larger than tasting room on
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