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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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chopper three, it is a live look at what is left, of the barclay friends senior living community. we have team three coverage at the west chester inferno and we will begin with "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves live at the scene with the very latest information, alycia? >> reporter: ukee and jessica authorities updated us a little while ago but mostly on the magnitude of this fire. it was one that required the help of more than 400 emergency responders, some of which were still out here on the scene, right now, we're talking 18 hours after this fire started, they are still putting out hot spots. this is happening, as invest gators are still trying to understand and trying to figure out if everyone made it out alive. terror at a nursing home in west chester as a massive fire ripped through it, flames, 50 feet high, was well over 100 people inside, some elderly and disabled. >> seeing how disoriented they were, it was just frightening. >> reporter: roughly 400 emergency responders raced to the scene those who were
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already near, residents close to the barclay friends nursing home sprung into action. >> i asked if i could help and there was just so much going on, that instead of waiting i just went in. >> reporter: some ran in the burning building to help those helpless inside. >> we wrapped this gentlemen in the blanket and made a stretcher out of it and carried him away from the fire as far as we could. >> reporter: others ran from their homes with blankets to comfort, and to keep warm, elderly and disabled now out in the cold. >> everybody reacted so quickly. >> i was extremely proud of my neighborhood. >> reporter: fear now is that all of this effort may not have been enough, 18 hours after the fire, authorities are still trying to figure out if everyone made it out. >> that is number one priority is to make sure that we can account for everybody and the scene and how it happened, will follow on. >> reporter: at lee 25 investigators with the atf will be figuring out what caused this fire and try to figure out if everyone made it out alive. coming up at 6:00 i'll explain
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why it is so difficult for investigators to account for everyone that was inside these buildings. for now, reporting live, from west chester alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". many of the people's vac waited from the facility are now, without a home, relying on friends or loved won to help them. cleve bryan has that part of the story live from west chester university, where dozens took shelter this morning, cleve. >> reporter: well, just as alycia mentioned so many people sprang into action whether it was west chester university, opening its doors, neighbors running outside with blankets, i spoke to one person so grateful that there were people that would help her mother. >> it is a quilt, of some sort >> reporter: peggy conna was hold this is blanket dear reminder of the unbelievable effort that people made to help displaced residents of the barclay friends nursing home like their mother. >> we had a whole bunch of blankets object and then a neighbor came and put this, comforter over her.
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>> reporter: for people with loved won at barclay friends news sent them scrambling thursday night. what was it like when you got there. >> chaos, literal chaos. huge flames, lots of smoke. >> reporter: her mother beatrice stevenson was one week away from her 101st birthday and suffers from alzheimer's. >> it took a little while to find her so i panicked you but she's fine, scared. >> reporter: with so many elderly residents in wheelchairs suffering from serious medical conditions the red cross says getting evacuee s to shelters took a lot of teamwork. >> we had hundreds of personnel on the scene between community partners, red cross and folks from the university. >> reporter: west chester university provided shuttles and converted gym in the shelter for more than 40 evacuees. >> university is a resource for community and what berth place for people to be then in the gym when something like this happened. >> everyone was bending over backward to help. >> reporter: conna way says from the staff to emergency responders to neighbors who handed out blankets and pushed wheelchairs it was a true
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community effort to help elderly residents of barclay friends. what would you say to the people. >> thank you, thank you so much. it was crazy. >> reporter: grand mom will be able to spend her 101st birthday with them, she has been placed at a local hospice facility. red cross says all evacuees by noon were at local facilities, health care facilities or with their families n1 in the shelters right now. live from west chester university, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 the five alarm fire gutted facilitate but how dit happen? our greg argos investigates facilitate's building inspection reports as he searches for possible clues. that is ahead tonight at 6:00. senator al franken has apologized and avoided the press since los angeles talk radio news anchor publicly accused him of sexual misconduct in 2006. on capitol hill we're learning more about what could be next for the minnesota democrat.
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president trump tweeted about this picture showing democratic senator al franken 's hands over a women's chest during a u.s. o tour in 2006. he wrote al frankenstein picture is really bad speaks a thousand word. >> should roy more more resign , plant. >> reporter: president has not said a word about allegations against republican senate candidate roy moore accused of sexual misconduct with a minor talk show news anchor lee ann tweeden said franken aggressively kissed her. franken apologized in the statement and lawmakers referred the incident to the senate ethics committee to investigate. but some are now questioning, whether senator franken should keep his job. the minneapolis star tribune wrote an editorial saying incident cannot be excused, and they added that the scandal quote damages his built to be an effect i have moral voice perhaps too much for him to continue in the senate. cbs news has spoken with 13 former female staffers who all
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say they have never experienced or seen any inappropriate behavior from mr. franken. some said the senator quote was a champion for women both in the legislation he supported and in promote would go man to leader ship rolls in our offices. senator franken was scheduled to be in the book fair on sunday in florida but has cancelled that appearance. former first lady of pennsylvania says her husband is in the early stages of recovery. pennsylvania's former governor tom ridge underwent an emergency heart procedure yesterday, and michelle ridge released a statement saying tom's now in the early stages of recovery from a heart attack he suffer at his hotel last week. ridge was in texas attending the republican governor's association conference. he served as pennsylvania's governor from 1995 to 2001. civil rights act wrist jesse jackson announce today he has parkinson's disease n a letter to supporters jackson says he has been seeking outpatient care for two years and plans to dedicate himself to physical therapy. jackson says the diagnosis is
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not a sign to stop working but instead a signal to make lifestyle changes to slow down the disease. well, novice national adoption month. >> and in camden county families celebrated the 14th annual national adoption day to day. the camden county surrogate's office celebrated with families who were able to take home their adopted children. thirty-four children now have forever homes, one woman says it has been a long process but she's happy to finally have her family. >> almost four years ago we got four kid and now today they will be ours. they are really excited about the got you day, they have their shirts on and we are able to become complete. >> event organizers say 6,000 children in new jersey do not have a home, but camden is one of the cities that finalizes the highest number of adoption s every year. well, tonight we are kicking off our holiday fest,
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every friday through the end of the year we will be live in communities all around the area showcasing their holiday spirit. >> tonight we will begin in peddler's village meteorologist kate bilo is there with the mobile weather watcher and kate, this is a wonderful night every year. it looks so festive. >> reporter: my gosh, you guys , this is one of my favorite nights of the year and last night i realized i counted wrong. this is my eighth year here in peddler's village in bucks county in lahaska lighting up the village. we brought the mobile weather watcher up to bucks county. beautiful night. wind died down. chilly but you want it to be chilly. lets look at current conditions right now on our mobile weather watcher right now where we are standing in peddler's village it is 47 degrees. chilly but could be worse, and , certainly no snow or rain out here so things feeling fantastic. temperatures across the region right now are in the 40's. chilly just about every where. cold enough you need scarves, gloves but not cold enough thaw will want to stand outside for a long time
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watching santa, and myself and mckenna light up the village here at peddler's village. lets look at your evening planner, temperatures dropping rapidly now that the sun has gone down we will see temperatures drop from the lower 40's at 6:00 in the 30's quickly but good thing is here they have hot chocolate, they have chestnuts roasting, cinnamon doughnuts which are right next to me very, very tempt i. we come back here live and i have to introduce you or reintroduce you to my friend maria, michael, sarah from hillsboro new jersey and you may remember they were here last year. you guys have grown up so nicely. will you excited to be here tonight. >> definitely excited, we come here every year and i can't wait to see the tree lighting. >> reporter: it will be awesome what do you think of the weather tonight. >> it is pretty cool but pretty nice. >> it wouldn't be, right if it was warm, to light christmas village. what do you think are you having fun. >> fun. >> fantastic. such a great festive environment, great spot to kick off, your holiday if he
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very first one this year and we will do this through month of december. stay here we will head inside, right and light up village at 6:00. now back over to you. we're not going anywhere we will be right here, thanks, kate and gang. coming up, some say it is worse than chronic pain how doctors are targeting chronic itching. >> reporter: several people attacked near temple university campus police are anxious to make an arrest, i'm david spunt with the bizarre m o of the attacker. may sound like a good idea but amazon drop your order inside your house is billed as a way to prevent robberies after all but security experts say it leaves you open to danger, what amazon is doing bit coming up 59:30, tori. it is friday football frenzy game of the week and we are at land down catholic and conwell egan willing head to head, a championship game and guess what earlier today i spent date at conwell egan and lets just say those students
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are innovative with ideas that are incredible and they are making dreams come true, i'll tell but that program coming up.
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well, lots of sunshine, today but we're in for a wet, windy weekend it looks like and some spots could see a few snowflakes. >> it that is time of the year for winter weather and holidays just around the corner. meteorologist kate bilo is live in peddler's village in bucks county for first stop of our holiday fest, kate. >> ♪ >> jessica and ukee, you can hear holiday music behind me. it is not even thanksgiving yet but traditionally they do this every year friday before thanksgiving, it is such a great kick off to the holiday season. we are live in lahaska bucks county at peddler's village and on the stage behind me right here in just about an hour santa and myself, and my
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essay contest winner mckenna will pull that giant golden switch and light up peddler's village. it is dark now but they have thousands of lights just waiting to go on and it will be quite a scene. we have got snow machines, we have got these giant walls that the kid will throw around , they are lit from within, beautiful and people have had their blankets out since 3:00 this afternoon trying to get a front row spot at peddler's village. it has been a beautiful weather day, nice right now, lets look at the temperature from mobile weather watcher, current temperature 47 degrees , in the 40's, just dropped to 46 degrees but good news is winds are light, winds have certainly back off from those strong wind we had earlier today. so, no problems outside right now, and, lets go ahead and take a look what is going on across the region, temperature wise in the 40's. forty-nine in philadelphia. thirty-three mount pocono. forty-four in atlantic city. as we take a peak at wind speed they are nicer then they were yesterday and this
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morning. winds about 10 miles an hour in the city right now, 13 miles an hour in mount pocono. here's a look at the very tail end of this beautiful friday, down the shore we will take to you margate on our live neighborhood network camera looking dark, sun has set but last drips of daylight out there looking nice, tonight, so storm scan three shows no problems outside, we have got clear skies, all across the region, beautiful looking nice , a star lit sky, here at peddler's village as we widen out to see our next storm moving through great lakes, it has snow across canada and some rain across much of the wisconsin, and into michigan. that is going to gather even more moisture approaching our area tomorrow, that means some rain, on and off for your saturday. lets track our next system watching weekend it looks like a mild, rainy saturday that front then sweep through and sunday there is a threat for snowflakes north and west, mostly over new york state and extreme northern tears of pennsylvania but it will be
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chilly and that chilly wind rushes in just in time for philadelphia marathon with temperatures only in the 40's to start things off, climbing to around 50 by noon and it looks like best chance for a shower on sunday will be in the morning but it will be windy all day. overnight partly cloudy, cold, wind diminishing, 36 degrees is our overnight low. healing night for us. for your saturday mainly cloudy, rain arriving in the afternoon mostly and will continue into saturday night. if you have outdoor plans for weekend best time to do it would be in the morning, saturday's high of 54 degrees is relatively seasonal. you're witness weather seven day forecast we are looking at 54 degrees tomorrow for the temple game, rain mainly coming in after the game but do want to plan if you are heading for the game. sunday, breezy, 55, temperatures drop again monday but good news for holiday travelers we have very good weather tuesday and wednesday and thanksgiving although cool it will be sunny, great weather to fire up oven, get turning any and hang out with
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the family, temperatures in the 40's. now, coming up tonight we have been telling everybody, everybody coming up at peddler 's village is it going to snow this winter? tonight is night to find out, our winter forecast airs tonight on cbs-3 at 11:00. it is not just me i had some help this year, the seventh graders chipped in. make sure you tune in for that at 11:00. in an hour from now we will light up the stage, lighting up the village here and 5:45 i will interview our essay contest winner. she's adorable. you don't want to miss that. >> i think i'm officially in the mood. >> yes, doing the classics, i love it. thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a preview of the most anticipated movies of the season justice league, tori. >> inspiration, innovation and initiative that is conwell egan catholic high school. coming up i'll take you inside where students work to make their dreams come
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we kick off friday football frenzy bright and early this morning. >> that others pat gallen with the cheerleaders and students at conwell egan high school in fair legals hills on "eyewitness news" this morning they are pumped up for tonight 's big game against lansdale catholic, it is our friday football frenzy, game of the week. >> and leslie, this is it. >> this is it, guys. go out big. >> all right. >> all good things come to an end, our final football frenzy game of the week. thanks to everyone that voted this season. our final game takes to us bucks county where lansdale catholic is taking on conwell egan. our vittoria woodill is live in bucks count which more on the game and a very special program that conwell egan, hi there, tori. >> how is it going, leslie. hi everyone. earlier when i was just kind of telling you briefly what this story was about before i went to break earlier i said
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lansdale catholic and conwell egan were playing tonight in the state championship. i was getting a head of myself let me apologize, and say this game will get one of those teams to the state championship. so a huge game on the line tonight and both teams will be bringing it, i'm sure, we are at harry struman high school, that is conwell egan's field where the game will be taking place tonight. earlier we were hanging out at conwell egan high school and let me tell thaw place is like a little silicone valley and you will see what i mean in this piece, lets take a look. >> reporter: at conwell egan catholic high school east is where ideas come to be explored. >> i tell my kiddy will not reward you doing things you already know how to do, i want to you do things you don't necessity thousand do. >> reporter: it is a technology based class where only assignment students are given are the won that the students assign to themselves. the goal, to create solutions for what matters to them at the moment. >> you are always being told what to do. you are given an assignment. you are given the steps to find that assignment but in
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here you are really, taking it on your own, you have to have that determination, that will to get something out of what you are doing. >> reporter: they are provided with advanced technology that crosses various categories of creative construction. project spanning from fidget spinners to desks for the physically disable. >> the task that tommy set for himself, we had a student who was on crutches, he broke his leg in a football game. what he is in the wheelchair. tommy and another student are working on a folding hinge desk design. >> i'm a nerd. i study a little bit more than others do. he doesn't have a desk, he can't study. >> reporter: like this portable foldable desk come alive, students pitch their solutions to the communities, in hopes of securing a partnership that will bring their ideas, out of their head and into the world. >> if it is not real what is point of designing it. we design to make it come true
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>> reporter: my gosh, it was so cool, to be in that classroom, and all of these kid, guys, this is what was the best. they had intention, intention toss help people, intention toss make our world better, and then you have incredible teachers encouraging them to do so. all of the ideas and all of the things that are created in that class, all come from those students to make our world a better place. that is pretty sweet. >> really sweet. >> very. >> right. >> all right. so cool, coming up at 6:00 o'clock hour i will talk to the head coach of lansdale cats lick and talking to him about strategy but really i'm so impressed and i'm hoping that maybe someone in the community was watching to help , tommy lee out because i mean, a portable, foldable desk for someone who has a little trouble maneuvering with the regular desk? is anybody out there, can you hear me. >> oh, yeah. they're listening. that is right. >> all right, good job, thanks leslie, thanks, appreciate it. coming up next half an
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hour random attacks off a busy university campus. cleve. >> those attacks have police concerned because of the suspects's mo, i'm david spunt with that story next. the president meets with student athletes today, we will show you more. and we will go back live to peddler's village it is one of the true signs the holiday season is underway, we will have the grand illumination live. be right back.
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news continues with another attach near temple university campus, the latest one happened last night, a teen, who was walking, was knocked to the ground. there have been three attacks in the past 10 days and police say it is same group of teens behind all of them. >> earlier david spunt told
5:30 pm
you story of the temple student who was hit with the pipe all three attacks happened on oxford street. most recent at 16th and oxford david is on the temple campus tonight with more on the investigation, david? >> reporter: authorities in temple university and philadelphia police are taking this investigation extremely seriously. two of these three attacks deal with the temple student, the other a 15 year-old, as you mention budd big concern that is so puzzling is mo of these attackers. thursday evening, rush hour, a 15 year-old was walking near 16th and oxford just a few blocks from temple campus when police say a group of teens attacked and knocked him to the ground. >> he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. we are very concerned about that. >> reporter: the captain with the philadelphia police say almost 24 hours later, and 15 year-old is still in the hospital, recovering from the vicious attack. this attack marks third similar one in 10 days, earlier last week temple
5:31 pm
student eli curtz was hit in the head with the pipe three times. he spoke to "eyewitness news" earlier this week. >> probably just ask why, you know, they didn't take anything from me. they just beat me. so would i just say why. >> reporter: he was walking to his car near 12th and oxford when he was attacked, a security guard called 911 and he was rush to the hospital. >> who knows what would have happened if no within was there. >> reporter: on tuesday, another temple student was walking near 17th and oxford when he too was attacked by a group of teens who then ran off. authorities say that all of the attacks have a few things in common, suspects are young teens, the attacks happened near oxford street and the teens, did not steel a thing. an eye opener to detectives. >> we can await and makes me more dangerous and speaks to more of the mind set where thrill is committing the assault where they not a means to anything else but a means
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to themselves. >> reporter: detectives are looking for surveillance videos, they are looking for witnesses. if you have any fur call temple or philadelphia police. you can remain anonymous they just want the information, in these cases. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. philadelphia police need public's help identifying this group of young people. authorities say they were captured on surveillance video vandal icing the loves in south philadelphia on september 27th. they are seen climbing over the safety railing and then throwing rocks at neighboring buildings. after breaking several solar panels the suspects ran away. if you recognize anyone in the video you are asked to contact the police. authorities in gloucester county say they have a suspect in the murders of the house sit inner woodbury. investigators say physical evidence linked 19 year-old brand son wilson to the killing of the 26 year-old shawn carter. officers found the body in this home on the hopkins street on september 23rd. today victim's father thanked
5:33 pm
authorities for bringing his family some closure. >> every sunday i take flowers to her grave site, you know, first time was hard, but this sunday i get to go tell her some good news. >> authorities say there were two children in the home at the time of the murder, wilson is currently in cape may county jail for an unrelated case. he faces several charges in gloucester county including murder and burglary. house intelligence committee could issue more subpoenas as it investigate russian meddling in the presidential election. lawmakers want to review twit ter exchanges between donald trump junior and wick leaks this week trump junior released screen shots which date back to september of 2016 , trump junior's lawyer has down played their significance. >> the president's son with the direct communication with the vehicle that was used by russia in order to seek to influence our election is really striking. >> delaware senator chris coons says on the senate judiciary committee and they
5:34 pm
are seeking documents from the president's son in law jared kushner about his contacts with wick leaks. a shouting match erupted in the senate over the republican tax overhaul, democrat cherod brown and orin hatch argues over who benefits >> when republicans are in power the first thing they want to do is give tax cuts to the rich. >> i resent anybody saying i'm doing this for the rich. give me a break. >> over and over again, how many times do we do this. >> what you said was in the right, that is all i'm saying. i come from the lower middle class originally. >> thursday night's heated exchange came after republicans successfully voted to move the bill to the senate floor. white house requested $44 billion in new disaster relief funding from congress, and for hurricane ravage communities in texas, florida, lou san, puerto rico and u.s. virgin island. they are complaining that it falls short of what their areas need, puerto rico
5:35 pm
requested 94 billion including 18 billion to repair the island's power grid. president trump congratulated penn state's national championship teams at the white house today. president just didn't stand with the wrestling team while taking pictures but he play fully got in the wrestling pose with the athletes. president trump took pictures with the women's rugby team. they presented him with a number 45 jersey. and president trump gears up to pardon his very first turkey next week for thanksgiving. >> our anita oh shows us how a local farm has been providing presidential bird for decade. >> on this 12,000 acres farm in the lehigh valley where the american flag waves above, many are already flock to go their thanksgiving turkey. >> you cannot get a better turkey. >> reporter: but on this farm there is a presidential product. >> we have gotten correspondents with both
5:36 pm
bushes, reagan sent us a letter, photos of bill clinton cutting our turkey, for his thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: family tradition for nearly 60 years they have been providing white house with its thanksgiving turkey. >> some of the years 1995, 92, >> reporter: they are two of the about 840,000 turkies the farm will process this years since the farm manager luke, a fourth generation name sake. >> our baggies on the bag so it means a lot, legacy of the history of the family created for us, it means everything. >> reporter: they are providing presidential bird began with his grandfather who for many years won national turkey federation's competition with the grand champion breed. >> in 1960 the president, suggested we present our turkey to the president of the you had. >> reporter: they have been doing so ever since. >> it is a good feeling but at end of the day every turkey that we have here is raised the same way. the turning that i you'll get is the same exact bird that the president will get. it means a lot.
5:37 pm
we're happy to do so. >> reporter: after all for many what graces the table isn't as important as those who are seated around it. >> i think that being together >> reporter: in orfield, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" still to come on eyewitness news, ever have an itch that just won't go away, imagine, never getting relief, from an itch? wow. that will drive you nuts. researchers found an itch molecule how that has tortured patients find relief. sounds like a good idea let amazon delivery packages inside your home? well, security experts say this is a break in waiting to happen. what amazon's doing about it happen. what amazon's doing about it up happen. what amazon's doing about it how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing.
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yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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amazon's new service for at home delivery is already, experience something technical difficulties. the camera used to monitor the delivery driver can be easily manipulated. amazon key comes with a smart door lock and wireless camera aimed at the door. when the delivery driver arrives the company activates camera and unlocks the door but, researchers discovered hackers can get into the wifi system temporarily taking camera off line before the door cannery lock. >> this hacker will be able to walk in, they will be able to leave, and you won't be able to see anything and there won't be a record. >> amazon says that flaw isn't in its software it is a vulnerability all wifi servicer contain but they say they are making change toss their notification system to alert a customer if the camera goes off line. if you are thinking of getting a pet here's a good reason a dog should be on your short list. man's best friend may add years to your life. >> dog ownership is associated with reduced risk for
5:42 pm
cardiovascular disease and death according to a new study published in scientific reports and it is not only benefit. the study, discovered, dog owners have increased social well-being and immune system development because dogs help their owners get out and explore the world. i want another one and another one and another one. still ahead tonight true sign that the holiday season is here. >> peddler's village is decorated and readied for santa's arrival and grand illumination of the village. we will take through live to meet the girl who gets to help kate by low flip the switch when we come right back.
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itching that won't go away it might sound funny but doctors say constant need to scratch can be as debilitating as chronic pain. scientists are working on a new treatment. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us more on
5:46 pm
the einstein health care science center report. >> this sounds frightening, certain medical conditions like eczema and sir rye cyst can cause, itching, but for some people there is no known cause. well, scientists at world's first center to study, chronic itch say they are getting closer to finding answers to patients who are desperate. don has bottled enemies with war and bought with cancer and then a chronic itch all over his body. >> i went through so much dermatologists and they just give up. >> reporter: creams, ointment and medication did not help. don ace monk 15 percent of people who suffer from un explain chronic itch. >> study after study shows it is worse than chronic pain, but my patients tell me it is often worse. >> reporter: report this is world's first center for study of itch, after discovering a itch molecule scientists expanded their work from testing treatments on itchy lab mice to finding relief for
5:47 pm
desperate patients a lot of people didn't believe that, it not only was not a real problem but a problem that we really could solve at scientific level. >> reporter: doctors found a way to help don, after several failed treatments, an arthritis drug is given him relief. >> within a week, i get probably from the day i took it, and it went away and hasn't come back. >> reporter: knew scientists hope to expand their research. >> it doesn't have to stop here. that is just one drug, one pathway but we thinktories a lot more. >> reporter: doctors say, constant scratching can cause skin problems, infections and can lead to depression. currently there is no f.d.a. approved treatment for chronic itch. if you think bit, though. >> it is awful. >> it can be torture to constantly need to go scratch. >> yes, it can. >> thanks, stephanie. the holiday season is here and tonight we are celebrating , with ginger bread
5:48 pm
look at those creations there. ginger bread competition is a big hit every year at peddler 's village and coming up tonight at 6:00 henry ross off will take us on a tour of the whimsical display, it is all part of our holiday fest celebration we are kicking off right now, tonight . >> kate bilo is live at peddler's village. >> pretty soon you will throw the switch on the holiday spectacle. >> that is exactly what we're counting down to they have announced 30 minutes from right now we will flip the switch, light up the village. we have a dance troop getting ready to see them coming behind me, they have balloons, ready to put on a show for the crowd here. we have a brazoban. i see people, that was part of the beautiful rendition of merry christmas which i ruined with my more raqqa playing maybe we will show thaw at 11:00 o'clock tonight. it it is festive here. santa's the other in the building or on his way which is very exciting for kid lining the village.
5:49 pm
it is also a gorgeous night. lets talk about the weather forecast. little bit on the chilly side, crisp but not cold enough to need winter gear. i'm okay with my gloves off but my fingers are chilly. it is currently 41 degrees at peddler's village and all across the region temperatures in the 40's and lower 50 easing. well, lower 50's have gone by the way side here now, we are seeing temperatures in the 30 's in the poconos. 33 degrees there. forty-seven in trenton. forty-four in atlantic city. rehoboth beach looking good. lights are on, not too bad if you are out walking on the boardwalk tonight. folks trying to get their walk in. at lee it is not raining. that will change though. we have got some changes headed our way and rain is moving n lets look at storm scan three not a whole lot happening right now. clear day. high pressure in control. there is a system over great lakes and that is heading our way for weekend. a front will move through tomorrow pull in moisture and deliver another blast of wind
5:50 pm
and possibly even a few snowflakes on the back end. that will be on sunday. so that cool wind does kick up , through the day sunday, sunday in the all that bad, temperature wise but temperatures will drop here through the course of the day and temperatures will only get to the 50's. for those participating in the philadelphia marathon it is definitely going to be breezy, cold outside with temperatures in the 40's and perhaps a sure to start the day. as far as tonight is concerned again not too bad, chilly but everyone is saying what a perfect night this is for peddler's village. temperatures dropping in the 30's overnight. we will get in the 50's tomorrow but the rain will move in especially by afternoon and you can expect a damp evening as well. as we head into your seven day forecast we have rain coming in late saturday, a wind picking up sunday but good news for thanksgiving travelers we have got some great weather next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday look dry, thursday for thanksgiving does look quieter and colder, and not too bad for those celebrating with friends and family.
5:51 pm
now i come back here live with a very, very special guest here my friend mckenna lynch, a fourth grader and she wrote winningest say to be read this year at peddler's village. tell us burr grade in your class, where do you go to school. >> i go buckingham elementary. >> who is your teacher. >> miss malcough. she's right over there she's here and your family and friends right. >> yes. >> is everybody excited for you. >> yeah. >> tell us a sneak peak what your essay will sound like is what your favorite memory of peddler's village. >> my favorite village is it is a great illumination. >> back when were you three or four you came for first time and just blown away by lights. >> yeah. >> how many lights are there here. >> over a milliony heard that you have been waiting to get to fourth grade because you wanted to write this essay. there is no way i will get picked. how did you feel when you got pick. >> i was so excited. >> you will do such a great job. the best parties, essay
5:52 pm
contest winner gets a direct line into santa. he will be up on stage with us is what your number one thing on your christmas list this year. >> a hatch mol. >> any specific color it doesn't really matter you are flexible. >> yes. >> they are awesome. i think probably the big guy will pull some strings for you so that would be great. mckenna and i are heading up to the stage, we will pull that gigantic lever it looks heavy and we will bring that to you live coming up at 6:00, how excited. >> really excited. me too. we will that have in a little bit. for now back to you. >> great work mckenna. >> dropping some holiday knowledge on us. >> thanks, both. late night and early mornings collide tonight on cbs. >> cbs this morning anchor nora o'donnell joins late show with stephen colbert. >> join me on the late show tonight i've got nora o'donnell you are not hallucinating it is not 7:00 a.m. i'm here. >> it is all about that friday feeling as she extend her
5:53 pm
workday to sit down with stephen, see it tonight. also see stephen colbert at is 11:35 right here after "eyewitness news" at 11c. still ahead much anticipated movie hits theaters to day. >> i'm kevin frazier coming up ben affleck, batman, wonder woman, together they are leading the justice league into theaters this weekend.
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it is one of the most anticipated movies of the season justice league hits theaters to day. >> batman, wand wore man recruit a epic team of super heroes to save the planet. entertainment tonight's kevin frazier has the preview. >> reporter: in theaters ben affleck batman and wonder woman is his new found alley, together, they are fighting a new enemy in justice league. >> i had a dream. >> you made him. >> i think it is something more, something darker. >> what is the favorite moment making this movie. >> just being able to work together. >> first time everyone was together and there is costume that was pretty cool, we saw how everyone else looked and how we looked together and that was fun. >> reporter: joining batman and wonder woman in this epic fight of good against evil, henry cavel of super man, ray fisher as cyborg and jason mom
5:58 pm
oa of aqua man. >> my first experience of day one of shooting was a big studio, and it was, maybe march, when we started and they doused me in water. it was freezing. >> i remember that in england, it was like literally they sprayed you with -- >> water. >> it looks good. >> looks amazing. >> thanks, guys. >> you guys can tweak one thing about your costume. >> i would cool it down a little bit. >> it is hot. >> yes, they were hot. >> yes. >> make the core sets more comfortable and i would lose the wedges. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier. >> no villain has a shot begins that group. >> no. >> they had to save the planet >> and they will. they get paid for tight. >> that is right. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00, only ruble
5:59 pm
remains, devastation in west chester as a senior living center is destroyed in a five alarm inferno, tonight as crew s investigate how this happened officials are still trying to account for some residents. and with investigators working to work out what went wrong we went into the history of the facility. our greg argos breaks down what he found in the inspection record of that building. plus ready for a prime time match up with the cowboys fans are fired up. we will show what you coach doug pederson is telling his team before the divisional she down in dallas, kate? it is our first night of holiday fest 2017 as we count down toward the christmas and holiday season and we are live in lahaska at peddler's village about some light house , i'm headed up to the stage, mrs. claws has just arrived, it is a beautiful night we will have your full forecast as well, coming upright now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00
6:00 pm
as you can imagine, it has been chaotic i can during the evacuation, some folks were evacuated to west chester university, some folks, to family they went home with family. we are still trying to account for everybody. >> at 6:00 here's is what happening, still working to account for residents, and investigators say hot spots are keeping them from looking through the charred remains, of the now destroyed senior living community in west chester. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight plenty of questions remain unanswered, this inferno broke out late last night at barclay friend senior living facility on north franklin street in west chester. right now, smoldering ruble is all that is remaining of the building. >> we have team three coverage tonight. lets begin with "eyewitness news" reporter alycia knee he have necessary west chester with the very latest on this investigation,


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