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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 17, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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as you can imagine, it has been chaotic i can during the evacuation, some folks were evacuated to west chester university, some folks, to family they went home with family. we are still trying to account for everybody. >> at 6:00 here's is what happening, still working to account for residents, and investigators say hot spots are keeping them from looking through the charred remains, of the now destroyed senior living community in west chester. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight plenty of questions remain unanswered, this inferno broke out late last night at barclay friend senior living facility on north franklin street in west chester. right now, smoldering ruble is all that is remaining of the building. >> we have team three coverage tonight. lets begin with "eyewitness news" reporter alycia knee he have necessary west chester with the very latest on this investigation, alycia?
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>> reporter: well, ukee and jessica a big focus for investigators right now is trying to figure out if everyone made it out of this fire alive. investigators are still trying trying to locate less than a dozen people inside the burning building and they are hoping in the chaos of things last night maybe a family or friend came and picked up someone or that their person may not have been in the building. exact record has not been announced by the senior living facility. eighteen hours after this massive fire at a senior living center in west chester, the center is still smoldering investigators are still trying to account for everyone who was inside. there may have been more than 100 people in the building last night when the massive fire spark. >> that is number one priority is making sure we can account for everybody, the scene and how it happened will follow on >> reporter: there were reports of an explosion just before flames began shooting out the center. special teams of agents with the federal alcohol tobacco and firearms agency are headed
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to the scene to investigate those claims. >> the team is made up of specialist, agents with advanced training and fire and aron investigation and explosive investigation. >> reporter: theme won't be able to get in the building until tomorrow because fire fighters are still working on hot spots. the local authorities are trying to stay positive that everyone will be accounted for and praising the community for its response during this terrifying time. >> the actions of not only emergency responders but also citizens and surrounding area, they were, they were absolutely heroic. >> reporter: some residents in the area actually ran in the burning building with fire fighters to rescue the elderly and disable. >> we wrapped this gentlemen in the blanket and we made a stretcher out of it and carried him away from the fire as far as we could. >> reporter: report chopper three now above the center showing emergency responders inside still putting out hot spots. on top of the people in this
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community who stepped up last night we are told emergency responders were relentless in trying to rescue people. we're told that the first two police officers who were on the scene they rescued 15 people from the burning building. we are told a fire fighter also ran in the building and as many times as he could until he felt his helmet burning f there is any good that came out of this terrifying time last night it is how this community came together. reporting live from west chester alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alycia, thank you. what was lost is only part of the story tonight. investigators are still trying to determine how the facility went up in flames so quickly. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us now from our satellite center tonight with more on what we found out about the facility, greg. >> reporter: ukee and jessica we saw incredible destruction shooting flames leaving the facility. like everyone we wanted to necessity how a devastating fire could happen. we looked into all 11 years of the facility's building inspection reports.
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this five alarm fire gutted barclay friends senior living community. investigators are not sure if everyone is accounted for and now federal are involved. >> we have certified fire investigators, certified explosive specialist, chemist, fire engineer, electrical engineers. >> reporter: atf sending a specialized team to west chester to determine what caused the blaze. facility is regulated by both pennsylvania department of health and department of human services. investigators from both must conduct inspections at least annually to ensure the building is up to dayton safety and fire prevention regulations known as the life safety code the most recent reports from both departments are from october and early november. they showed that the building is in compliance, even though there are four minor infractions, including a smoke detector too close to an hvac unit. over past 11 years facility has been inspect 39 times. there have been 14 inspection was safety violations, including the facility's
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failure to maintain fire safety doors, failing to secure medical oxygen containers, not properly marking emergency exits and faulty sprinkler system components. all of these issues have been fixed and as of last night state officials say building was up to coat, even so, it is unclear whether the facility sprinkler system worked. >> it is still under investigation. it is too early to tell because we have not been able to get in the building too un safe. >> reporter: once again it is unclear what caused the fire and why building sprinkler system did not stop it. the next update from the atf is scheduled for early next week. live from the sat center, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" we will continue to follow fire investigation on air and on line, remember when we are not on television you can always get latest breaking information at cbs delaware county main charged with sexually assaulting a teenager, mike appeared before a district court judge in newtown square
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today. marple township police say he pick up a 14 year-old boy at the boy's house in havertown last night, drove him to his house in marple township and assaulted him. investigators say he met victim on the app grinder. runners are descending on philadelphia this weekend for 24th annual marathon, this year philadelphia marathon benefits the american association for cancer research and other charities. in addition to the full 26.2- mile run on sunday there is also a half marathon and a 8k run tomorrow. today mayor jim kenney offered up an early congratulations to everyone who is participating. >> completing a marathon or half marathon is a great accomplishment that requires months of training, dedication and discipline. we are proud of our runners. i congratulate you all and wish you the best of luck. >> race organizers also introduced their new marathon mascot for 2017, that is the running revolutionary, he will be present on the course this weekend. marathon takes runners through
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fairmount park, schuylkill and through university city and manayunk. here we go. we have been talking bit all week and new we are just two days away from a divisional showdown in big d. carson wentz and the eagles make the trip to dallas to battle dak prescott and cowboys. bird fans can already smell a four game lead in the nfce. >> oh, stop it. >> one game at a time. >> one game at a time. >> our leslie van arsdal joins us now. this is massive. huge game. >> dallas is balanceling a injury bug. these are never easy games. >> they are never easy. eagles are battling injuries as well. some good news, alshon jeffery was a full participant at practice yesterday. he was limited with a ankle sprain but he does expect to play sunday night. once again eagles will be in the national spotlight when they take on the cowboys. bird have won 2347 a row. they have the best record in football, everyone in philadelphia is singing teams
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praises but doug pederson just wants the team to focus on dallas. >> i understand that we cannot look past this week, we cannot look past this game, it is a division game on the road national spotlight again. we have been in this situation this season. it is two teams that are un defeated in our, in the fc east. aid like to say that every game is important but you know , none more important then the one we're faced with sunday night. >> okay. sunday night game starts a tough stretch for the eagles four out of the next five will be on the road, we can hear doug's thoughts on that coming up later in sports. >> huge game. >> yes, looking out for us too >> that is for sure. >> that is right. >> we will see new a bit leslie, thanks. we don't to have wait until sunday for a little football, tori, it is friday and that means frenzy time. >> that is right, it is friday football frenzy, lansdale catholic and conwell egan are
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going head to head and guess what coaches from each team has a long history and there is a tip in the parking lot. this is big. we aring out with a bang. stay with us. >> shocked that she found that we are moments away from the grand illumination at peddler's village and kate bilo is helping flip the switch. don't miss holiday if he spot when
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casual fridays at buckingham palace? alright, off you go. surprising. what's not surprising?
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we are about to kick off our cbs-3 holiday fest with the grand illumination. we are moments way from ligate the tree in bucks county and we will bring it to you live in a few minutes. >> great crowd out there. >> a holiday favorite is back. >> "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff takes us to the ginger bread house competition . >> ♪ >> reporter: amid excitement of the peddler's village this holiday season run, run as fast as you can, into this
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gazebo. >> amazing. >> reporter: if you had are a ginger bread fan. >> so cute. >> reporter: welcome to the 33rd annual ginger bread house competition and display and this year there is a new creative category. >> right behind me is re product of the movie or tv set and let me tell you, they did a great job. >> reporter: i mean because is it really christmas until hans gruber falls off the plaza and someone makes it out of ginger bread. >> diehard, look at that. >> reporter: plus holiday season cannot be complete until you create a scene from the best christmas comedy of all time. >> national lamb boone's christmas vacation is personal favorite of me. >> reporter: there traditional categories. >> i made a stem church. >> reporter: lisa viola won. >> 100 percent edible and everything you see. they use coconut on top for snow. >> reporter: there year competition inspired joe and who owns lucky cup cake company to host ginger bread house decorating company. >> it is a great way to bring all of the ginger bread, and
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events in, to play. >> reporter: first party is tonight. >> gum drops, lights, like a christmas house. >> reporter: hosted by one year-old girl scout emma, doing a fund raise tore get books and other supplies for children in need this year. she's always been a fan of the ginger bread competition. >> that kind of inspired me and it is like, something that we do near christmastime. >> reporter: run, run, as fast as you can, you have until january 6th, if you are a ginger bread fan. >> memberry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, done, henry. it is time to flip the switch, from the holiday season and our cbs-3 holiday fest. >> give you a live look at our kate bilo is, ready to help, santa, and mrs. claws, mckenna up there somewhere. there is kate. waving to you. here you go, tree and peddler 's village. you saw the crowd. start your count down in a matter of moments. i believe there should be le than, 36, santa sees somebody he knows.
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>> i feel like santa probably knows everybody in that crowd. >> he is going naughty, nice, naughty, nice. >> here we go. >> listen to the count down. >> seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> wow. >> there it is. >> ♪ >> great crowd. holiday season is upon us. >> wow. >> i love that music. we will go back to see kate, but take tonight for a moment and let you know that kate's pretty busy. >> very busy because she's working on your winter forecast and what everyone wants to know... will we get snow and how soon. coming up tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00
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kate will answer those questions and more but this years there is a little twist. >> hi everyone. >> hi. >> why do you like big snow storms. >> because we get no school and go sledding. >> there, there. >> kate goes back to school for some extra analysis with the seventh grade science students and, of course, they are hoping for a lot of snow. it works out well for them. will this winter be snowy, rainy, in between, find out tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 after blue blood it is only here on cbs-3 >> you know my theory on winter. >> do i. >> 30 degrees. >> yeah. >> heavy flurries, i'm cool. >> but right now kate's just wrapping up, helping to kick off the holiday season in bucks county. >> you just flipped the switch and you have a huge crowd. >> yes. we flipped the switch. huge crowd, and right now because perfect it is about 40 , with flurries. they may not be real flurries but it feels real out here.
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very, very festive. it is beautiful. there are a million lights, i know you saw it live, it is lit up every year it is bigger , better, santa, it was crazy, the kid were in the crowd, yelling santa. it was amazing. so, santa says, it is the biggest crowd he has seen here in the past eight years. we are packing them in the village. because the smell, of hot chocolate just a beautiful way to kick start holiday fest. i love every year. lets get through weather even though we have music blaring behind me. hopefully you can hear me. we have temperatures in the 40 's right now at peddler's village and across the rest of the region and it is feeling pretty great. it is not an issue tonight. sky is clear. perfect night for a tree lighting for a village lighting. we got lucky with the weather here, feeling great tonight. temperatures dropped, five to 10 degrees depending on your location.
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cooler air has moved in but it is just a crisp, and feeling like winter with these snow flakes drifting by me. live look at rehoboth beach, looks good, everything cleared there, storm scan three showing no problems, cloud off to the north but our next system as we zoom back to the west here it comes and that is the system that will bring us a wet saturday. we have rain on the way. we're tracking this weekend's system rain moves in saturday afternoon. it is not just steady, heavy rain all day long. it is on and off in the afternoon and evening and then chilly wind rushes in behind that rain on sunday, even those temperatures doesn't drop that much, there is a few snowflakes with a few lake effect snow showers. overnight partly cloudy, 36 degrees. tomorrow mainly cloud which that afternoon rain, and tomorrow's high 54 degrees and you're witness weather seven day forecast, well, tomorrow wet for temple day, but rain may hold off until after the game, sunday will be windy,
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chilly but great news for holiday week we have dry conditions, and chilly weather for thanksgiving day but lots of sunshine on the way for the next couple days but back here live you can see snowflakes, drifting by, the camera lens, we have our dance troop, we have the crowd, they are loving this weather. i'll tell what you santa is headed over to the giggle berry fair and he will there been every night here at peddler's village. the kid will go give them his christmas wish list. now i feel like holiday season is upon us, peddler's village is lit up, holiday if he kicked off we have our winter forecast tonight on cbs-3 at 11:00. the season can begin whether we're ready or not. right now i'm feeling ready for it. this is perfect way to kick start the holiday season. >> it looks like so much fun. >> thanks, kate. >> winter wonderland. >> leslie's back with more sports. >> yes, time to talk sixers. robert covington's hard work paying off in a big way we
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will tell you how. and last year eagles won one game away from the linc, this time three times and counting. they have a tough you very much coming up, can they be road
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eagles coaching staff putting a final touch on the game plan for big match up sunday with the cowboys. eagles have a three game lead with dallas over the division. with the win bird will pretty much wrap up the division and sunday starts a long stretch of road games forbidder, four out of the next five will be away from the linc. if you want to be a super bowl contender you will to have win on the road. >> it is a tough stretch but same time it is one that we welcome. if we want to separate, become a good football team and consistent winner in this league these are stretches you have to go through and find ways to win games. >> flyers have the night off. they are back at the center tomorrow afternoon to take on the flames.
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orange and black lost three in a row but last night they ended their series drought, two goals in the period with vortex and couturier but this game will go in the shoot-out and brian little, has your game winner. flyers will lose three-two. making it official robert covington signing a new four year deal worth 62 million-dollar. 15 million will come this season. covington has been one of the best, players in the league, averaging 16.5 points per game while shooting just under 50 percent from three. process has worked for robert, sixers, face warriors tomorrow night. to college hoops, temple and auburn in the finals of the classic in south carolina, second half, owls up by three, and he has the about ball in the low post right there owls up by five. he scored 19, grabbing 10. later with rose with the three he also scored 19 points and owls beat tigers by 14 and will advance to sunday's championship game.
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well, it is season finally of the friday football frenzy, playoff game between lansdale catholic and conwell egan. we will head up to bucks county and vittoria woodill just spoke to lansdale catholic head coach, hey there , tori. >> i wish i did you know, it is a guarantee that we both get our teams ready to play one another. we respect one another but we want to beat one another. just had a nice conversation with him now. i will have a nice conversation after the game. but between 7:00 and 9:00 we have to beat one another and that is how it should be. >> it is all about friendly competition here, our last friday football frenzy. >> wow, man, i wanted to hear what she had to say. >> rivalry is on, they are pulling plugs, don't talk about that. >> yes. >> we will have high lies at 11:00. >> yes. >> leslie, thanks. when we come back how about scrapple. >> but in the for breakfast.
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>> popular side dish is what being served up in a unique way.
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one of my all time favorite scrapple a breakfast favorite in philadelphia area but have you ever had it for dessert. >> franklin fountain served up scrapple ice cream and ice cream sandwiches today. the old fashion ice cream store in olde city is featured in the book about scrapple because of their unique
6:29 pm
creations, and ice cream has, scrapple in it, and, people there said they enjoyed the sweet and salty. >> sweet and salty. >> that is good stuffy like it thick like that. >> they make dreamy things. >> that looks good. >> i can almost smell it. >> yes. >> it wouldn't be first time. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly, and back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" , why did ohio state shutter its fraternities and sororities, earl barnett has that answer straight ahead. also meet pint sized archaeologist looking for treasures in a unlikely place. steve hartman takes you on the road for their journey. from new york here now is anthony mason take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: is the white house a glass house? the president blasts al franken's sexual misconduct, but what about his own past? >> senator franken has admitted wrongdoing, and the president hasn't. >> mason: also tonight, 37 shopping days. >> i am so ready to spend money. >> i want to go home with no regrets. >> mason: what they're cooking up at brick-and-mortar stores to get you in the door. >> this is great. they have awesome brownies. >> mason: jesse jackson reveals the health battle he's facing. and steve hartman-- >> hit paydirt, literally. >> mason: ...with a history-making show-and-tell. >> i found three pencils, an eraser stuck to play-doh. >> reporter: whoa! >> no, i


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