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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 18, 2017 2:07am-2:38am EST

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>> it's friday night 5911 the key to hem my lifestyle and an answer could be in front of you on your living room floor. >> will winter be wild or time. kate bilo has the exclusive winter forecast and this year there's a twist. see who is helping her us out. >> you have to get out. you have to get out. >> we're hearing from a woman that escaped a five alarm
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inferno and the fierce fire consumed a living facility in west chester and many families are being reunited and they are beinging for everyone inside. 27 people are known injured. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> aim jessica dean. >> at the hight of the fire thursday night flames consumed the senior living community barkley friends and as the light emerged we could see how much was left behind. >> alexandria hoff is in west chester with the latest. alex. >> fire crews remained here on scene since initial blaze dealing with remaining hot spots and they're ups and investigators are working to accounts for everybody that may have been inside of that building at the time of the fire. but this afternoon officials said they have no specific is reports of anybody missing.
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>> it was like pandemonium but not panic. everybody was running around trying to help wherever they could. >> after a very long day 88-year-old betty smith rest easy beneath a blank net daughter's warm west chester home. she was woken up before 11:30 p.m. that the barclay friends assisted living center where she resided was on fire. >> next thing you know burst through the door couple guys with blackjacket on saying you have to get out. you have to get out. >> as they struggled to make it downstairs first responders called here he owes were coming in. >> i saw all of the flames. >> one of our firefighters went as far as he could until he started feeling his helmet start to melt. >> 160 residents and staff members inside this facility were carefully evacuated from five alarm inferno and into 40 degree night. >> i saw a lot of blanks et
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cetera and kids blankets that came off their beds and fancy once and stuff like that. >> 27 people were usherd to area hospital as frantic family members began showing up to the scene. >> we knew she was safe. we didn't know where she was. >> treacy soon found out that her mother was transported from the cold to a shelter set up at west chester university. >> fortunately my girls game and said, we're taking you home. so that was very nice in the nice but worked out well. >> yeah, certainly could have been worse and betty had a great spirit throughout her entire ordeal. atf has become involved and they said they'll have crew members on scene foam and as soon as the budding is safe enough for them to enter inside they'll begin the investigation to what caused the massive fire. alexandria hoff, cbs3 eyewitness news.
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>> that facility is regulated by the department of health and department of human svrs an we checked recent report from both me early october and november and they showed the building in compliance of code despite four minor infraction infractions. the facility has been insecond 39 times and there's been 1 inspecs request safety violations all of these issues were fixed and as of last night, state officials say that building was up to code. >> new tonight police are investigating three attempted lauerings of young woyz in philadelphia. detepingt activities believe the suspect is driving this car captured on surveillance. first incident happened may 9 when a man lured two brother into his car as they were trying to earn money p.m. p ing gas on 3 300 local of ridge avenue near stenton and haines tuesday and again on thursday. >> 14-year-old complaintant waiting for bus and approached
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by offender in a gray, silver vehicle and asked if he wanted to earn money performing a sex act. >> they range in age 11 to 14 and anyone with information is asked to call police. >> as we head to the week clouds moving in and wind will bhip up. meteorologist katie fehlinger katie fehlinger bilo is watching the warm. >> possibly a few speak to flakes. as you mentioned clouds are moving in it you can see them here on storm scan 3. it was a clear, sunny, beautiful day and change is coming as it aprochdz the are area. here's the system that will impack the weekend. gathering moisture and heavy rainfall across portions of michigan and notice north of that we have speak to. this saul moving towards us for saturday. fist a warm front and then the cold front saturday and help in the wind pick up sunday that's when you really feel those wicked wind gusts. chilly wind mixs in snowflakes
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norm and west and when the rain will fall tomorrow i'll help you plan your indoor plans and wind gust of 40. next week for travel and of course winter forecast is m coming up. you don't want to miss it. stay tuned to that, jessica. >> kate, thanks, authority in gloucester county have -- physical evidence lenk the 19-year-old brandon wilson to killing of shawnique carter they found the body in the house in hopkins street. will season is in cape may country jail for an unrelated. >> there were three attacks in ten days at temple within a few blocks of each other on fox ford street most recent 16 and oxford a group of teenagers aattacked a opportunity student and knocked him to the ground. they think the same teenagers are responsible for the
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attacks. >> white house is weighing in on sexual assault allegations against minnesota senator al franken. he as avoid ised press since he said he groped and touched her during a tour in 2006. in a tweet storm president trump criticized franken. this forced them to ask the press house suspect of baeld simple assault. >> i think this was covered extensivety during the campaign and american people spoke lawsuit and cleared. >> how is this different. >> specifically senator franken who admitted wrong doing and president has not. i think it's a clear disfivrption. >> fraping lynn is con tucking a senate ethics investigation. >> a massive fire at bronxly friends in west chester and as
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soon as the flames broke out neighbors troon the scene. tonight we give three years to two neighbors that stroopd everything to help. >> when the smoke began to hear we hear the stories of those that went to record fai fairy legalth to help neighborhoods. >> not only fist responders but citizens in sure on youing area were heroics. >> i always -- he puts safety and well-being before their own and they make that choice in an instant. larry king'slet was different. >> i know the people that lived there. >> gina chickrone's ing stikts came in. >> it's the most important part. >> when kingland wept to the building he nev wasted time. >> we were going in the
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building and getting people sglout chickrone was out getting children -- they're just blankets and able to walk they will up the hill to safety? it's easy to drive home. shut garage door and forget about your neighbors and forget you're part of a community. but on thursday night, this smunty showed us all the fewer of showing up and caring for those around you. >> we know the residents. we -- we're neighbors. they're the best neighbors. >> you could say the same about and for that, we give them three cheers. and ukee, when we were talking with them they said you know we were trick or treating with the seniors and you know in the winter our kids sled down the hill. it as i community there and it remoney you that we're all in
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this together. >> i say it all the time. family. that's what it was. that's what it was. >> yes. >> straight ahead tonight holiday tradition in eyewitness news was there. >> traps formation of buck county destination and in case you need another reason top spoil your dog or get a dog why man's best friend may be the best thing for your health and who benefits nroingt having a dog. >> love it or hate it winter is around the corn erin weaver been waiting for it and this year this little twist see who is helping kate with the winter forecast. will it be coal and snowy or mild. >> good things must come to end. final "football frenzy" of the season. lesley van arsdall has playoff season. lesley van arsdall has playoff action all around the region.
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>> most dog owners know why dogs are go for your health. >> a million reasons to lover dogs. >> company, companionship. >> love you unconditionally. >> puppy smile at all times. >> did you know he could extend your life. >> really. >> i didn't foe that. >> a new research suddeny said dog ownership is associated with reduced cardiovascular disease and death. if you live alone they can reduce death by 3% and over
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20% more than those who share fur babies reason? >> they're getting exercise and love to themselves. >> in a nutshell, yes. >> every morning every night we go for a 45 minute walk. >> according to researchers social well-being and immunity play a role of improving health. >> why is that. >> the tolerance we build in our dogs tracking in dirt or bacteria with sloppy kisz, which breed is most likely to benefit the owner. >> i would have to say a golden retriever i'm biased. >> retrievers are on the list and high energy hunting breeds terriers and scent hounds. still the authors confirm what many dog owners already know all pups improve our lives and the best dogs are the ones we call our own. >> it's innate. oar a better person because of a dog. >> now the reserve was carried out in sweden and stud ci authors believe it applies to other countries including u.s. since our approach to dog
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care is similar across the board. >> i love those pups. >> how sweet were the face. >> real quick one totally took me out in the dark park and i went to see that to be a big dog, this big. but it's okay. we're still friends. >> you can smile. >> thanks, nicole. >> all right. guys. >> big congratulations to a member of cbs3 eyewitness news family. >> video editing supervisor charleen horn was inducted to the philadelphia pieers in hall of fame tonight. family friends and colleagues celebrated at a special dinner on city avenue. emmy aaward winner has been with cbs, 40 years. >> i'm humble nobody your company and part a long list of talented broadcaster that were essential to the life of our city. >> charleen came
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congratulations to everyone. >> indeed. >> sunday night back in the day, all right. present day. kate has the forecast. >> yes. >> got a lot on the forecast. >> a lot to talk about. let's start with something fun what we did earlier tonight. take a look at this. we were out at fed letters village earlier today for grand illumination kickoff to holiday fest celebration. >> three, two, one. >> i was thrilled to help throw the switch on holiday light at peddlers village in bucks county and eighth year of doing it grand illumination is annual tradition and while think sgloynd with the babdz playing more ak as to help get everyone in the holiday spirit and they had the opportunity to film that for pupsayre i
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made. >> is any winter weather on the way? let's start what is happening now. temperature-wise feels like winter. beautiful day, wind died down in time for grand illuminatio illumination. temperatures at or below freezing in trenton, allentown, reading, millville and mount pocono. need the coat and we dropped to the 30s as well. a crisp and clear night if you walk the boardwalk in rehob embeach no problems yet and tomorrow that changes. here comes the next system that storm making its way over the the great lakes now and got a accident slug of moisture with it let's time it out. best time to get out and do stuff. tomorrow morning until 11 a.m. drive and midday, few showers roll in it won't pour all day. stayedest rain is through the evening upper time and another break in the action an actual front comes through overnight with stayed quhi downpours 1 a.m., 3 a.m. and into early sunday morning before that then clears the coast and sunday the winds continue to
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be strong and we may see a few flurries, snowflakes or snow showers mainly norm and west and some could drift into our ream don't as well. winds physician up gusts tomorrow night to sunday morning could top 40 miles an hour an that continues to the first part of surprised. gradually decaesing through the day. overnight winds dim inshing from where they were. tomorrow cloudy, afternoon rains, winds picking up in the afternoon. your philadelphia marathon forecast is going to be windy. little scary out there for head wind for run irz. it will be very, very windy surprised and hopefully rain clears out for time of start of marathon and next week fantastic news for travelers for the holiday. we have sunshine and dry conditions through thank giving. let's talk about snow. love it, hate it, when winter roll around it seems to be the one thing many of you look for when you see the 7 day forecast.
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how much snow will fall this winter. there were a lot of numbers to crunch. i decided to get help and i went back to school for next snol analysis. >> this is mr. mccall 7 grade class at carusy middle school when i went in to shar the forecast they all wanted to talk about snow. >> why do you like snow storms. >> we goat miss school and build snowmen and snowball flights. >> we go sleeding. >> there's more to a winter forecast than talking about snow it starts with water temperatures off coast of south american and it's a la nina this year. >> we look at other years with same kind of pattern and look what happened in those winters and draw conclusions and say if it happened in those years it will happen there year. >> this year looks tib weak la mean yap which moon the water is cooler than arm and this affect the jet stream a
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fast knifing ribbon of air that separates cold air north and warm air south. >> it's cold up here. it's warm down here. and let's say a big storm decides to ride oaf your school. where would the snowfall, up here, right. >> and where would the rainfall and in the middle you get lushy slick icy stuff. >> the students were such good listeners i asked them for help. >> we now present kate for the forecast. >> temperatures will be above average a limb. >> january will be coldest month. >> snol snowfall in philadelphia will be arm or below. >> and far northwest areas may see slightly above average and we will seen more rain and mixed events. >> leading to lower snowfall amounts there. >> 17 to 23" in philadelphia.
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>> temperatures will be milder than normal overall this winter. but january looks to be the coldest month. as for precipitation we'll got awe few decent snow event and also some rain, slush and mixed events and even the chance for ice storm. looks like a little bit of everything for our 2017, 2018, winter forecast. >> kids did such a great job. thank to you the middle school are got help. arm is 22.4 in philadelphia and february is typically slowest no. it's about timing. will the cold air be in place when a storm moves into recommendon. it takes one major more nor east to throw off those predictions. couple years going they have one storm that gave us -- in one storm. if that happens pileder that normal. >> straight a's for everybody. >> lesley is up next. >> we have college hoops.
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villanova with lafayette and temple against auburn an it's final football frpz question confusion ♪ musguys, i'm good. say goodbye to distractions. now you can last longer with new k-y duration spray.
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>> eagles wide receiveral shown jeffery was a full participant and limbed with an ankle injury and expected to play sunday night against cowboys. to college hoops and fifth ranked villanova taking on
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lafayette still in the first. michael bridges. almost the same spot. scored 24 point and catch up 6% from behind the three point line. and later quintin wros three pointer right there. scored 19 points and 14 to advance for the the champio championship game go eagles. >> thanks, guys, all good things must come to end. true in life and sports. this season on frenzy we covered the entire reej yn and
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tonight was no different. 138 schools have made appearance so far. let's start off with tonight's final frenzy in the city. cardinal o'hara visiting imknow tech and breaks away from the crowd. runs into touchdown and astroons quarter finals upper dublin facing spring is field. moving ball and going into the end zone. and touchdown. springfield wins 17-6. to new jersey. murray takes it off to left side and finds end zone. ham mondayton wins in over time and delsey, timber creek, devon leery, creek at west deptford. t. j. young with run up middle. seals the game.
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west deptford wins 8-20. let's head back to finance. bethlehem catholic pottsgrove. looking deep. find rose. rose she gop. check him out. this is 65 yard touch down pass and you have seen this guy a lot. this is pottsgrove. this run will go 79 yards for score. he had such a great season. bethlehem catholic wins the game now 49-14. >> stay right there we have one game left for you the game you voted to see lansdale catholic on the game of the week coming up
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lansdale catholic against come well egan. we head to the locker room for the final time this season. >> no team has won two state playoffs in history. there is a way you have your shot lets go take it, let's g go. >> conwell egans is so is lansdale catholic. earlier in the season they came away we awin. short kick by catholic. just the right distance for jerome mitchell. takes this 78 yards with a touchdown. great return by mitchell right there. >> up next we have conwell egan drive a little trick ration and mitchell -- put it
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up again. mitchell belong to come well egan. alec golds by decides to do it all himself. 44-20. good luck to them as they move on and thank you
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>> our morning team is back
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tomorrow from 5 to 7. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching have a great weekend. be safe, good night family and great weekend. be safe, good night family and sleep well >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation forlowing is a star shower slideshow, brought to you by bulbhead. if you love lighting up your house for the holidays but hate the hours of decorating work, don't short-circuit. stay tuned for the most exciting breakthrough in holiday decorating. it's the brand-new star shower slideshow, the magical christmas light show designed to dazzle your family and friends. you'll be amazed at how easy it is to transform your home. water-resistant, low-energy led lights are simply amazing. just plug it in, and wow! press the button to rotate slowly, press again to rotate quickly, or freeze in place. the choice is yours. each slide is filled with christmas visions of holiday cheer, sure to please family and friends. >> it's just beautiful. >> i think our house is now the best on the block because t


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