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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> searching for a cause of the inferno that destroyed a west chester senior living community. coming up a resident tells " eyewitness news" about the chaotic he is escape to safety >> also ahead this morning, a disturbing crime. the driver of this car is wanted by police. we'll tell you why. >> and dry outside right now. but have that umbrella ready today. rain is on the way. we could be in store for a messy weekend. >> today is saturday, november . good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get right to the forecast, here is meteorologist, chelsey ingram with, good saturday morning, chelsey, how are you today? >> good, dry right now, dry morning, dry start to the day.
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but jan that will be changing as we head into the afternoon. let's take you right now to live look at center city. you can see the dry conditions over those building tops, but that's going to be changing very soon. specially by perhaps the noon hour maybe shortly thereafter. pictures right now, they're on the chilly side of things, chilly start out there. we have temperatures in the 20 's, also the 30's, and it is 36 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're in the upper 20s allentown and trenton as well as reading. 28 degrees in atlantic city, and it is currently 27 degrees in millville. we are colder compared to 24 hours ago, those spots anywhere from one to 16 degrees coal nerve some spots, and actually, 17 degrees colder now in millville area, it is 9 degrees colder in philadelphia. here's a look at storm scan3, you can totally dry, clouds will be on the increase, throughout the first part of the day. then out west, you see the rain moving into portions every western pennsylvania, that's headed our way
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throughout the day, not only will it bring us rain, also going to be bringing us wind, as we head into sunday. so the rain moving in this afternoon, heaviest rain tonight, then we could be talking about gusts upward of 45 miles per hour as we head into sunday morning. throughout the day today, temperatures rise, into the 50's, flab the umbrella, it is an umbrella alert today. more coming up in your full forecast for now, back to you, jan. >> chelsey, thank youment. >> investigators are returning to what is left of the barclay friends senior living community, they are still looking for clues to help finds out what happened in the fire, and still in the process of accounting for everyone who was inside. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff picks up the story. >> well, it is like pandemonium, but it wasn't panic. we were all, you know, everybody was running around, trying to help where over they could. >> after a very long day, 88 year old betty smith now rests easy, beneath the blanket in her daughter's warm west
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chester home. she was woken up just before 11:00 p.m. thursday, to announcement that the barclay friends assisted living center where she was living was on fire. >> next thing you know burst through the door, couple of guys with blackjack et cetera and put me on their back, you got to get out, you got to get out. >> she and other struggled outside to get outside first responders called hearing ers were going in. >> i turned around and look and all saw all of the flames. >> one of the firefighters went as far as he could, and until he started feeling his helmet actually start to melt. >> the 160 resident and staff members inside of the facility were carefully evacuated from the five alarm inferno, and into the 40 degrees night. >> a lot of blankets, like kids blankets came off their beds, and fancy ones, and stuff like that. >> twenty-seven people were ushered to area hospitals, as frantic family members began showing up to the scene. >> so we new she was safe. just didn't know where she was >> betty's daughter tracey soon found out her mother had
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been transported from the cold to a shelter set up at west chester university. >> girls came, they said they're taking me home. so it was very nice. not nice, but it worked out very well. >> as is routine in large scale situation like this, the atf will be assisting in this investigation. they say they will be coming out here and as soon as that bill something safe enough for them to go inside they're going to begin to try to determine what caused this fire. reporting in west chester, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." now, the pennsylvania department of health and department of human services regulates the senior living facility. "eyewitness news" checked most recent reports from both departments in october and early november. they show the building in compliance with code despair four minor infractions, over the past 11 years, the facility has been inspected 39 times, there have been 14 inspections with safety
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violations, all of the issues, how much, were fixed, and as of thursday night, state officials say the building was up to code. investigators in western pennsylvania continue their manhunt today for the person who killed a police officer. investigators say new kensington police officer brian shaw was making a traffic stop last night. a foot pursuit ends in the gunfire. officer shaw died at the hospital short time later. new kensington's police chief is making an urgent plea now for tips that will help them finds officer shaw's killer. i'm asking anybody, anybody, with any information, as who they might think it might be, please, please give us a call. we need to find the person that did this. >> now, police found a jeep cherokee wanted in connection with that shooting. officer shaw has been on the new kensington police force for less than a year. philadelphia police are looking for the person behind a series every attempted
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lurings. two of which happened this week. investigators hope you can help them track down the vehicles used in the incident. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has the details. >> sad, hurt, scared. >> as a parent, she is feeling all of those emotions after hearing a man has been trying to lure young boys into his car. >> we recognize the pattern. >> the lurings began may ninth e trying to earn money pumping gas in the 3300 block every ridge avenue. suspect coaxed them one at a time into his vehicle, telling the first boy he wanted to look for cheaper gas. >> he got in the vehicle and left with him, while riding to the other gas station or offender indecently assaulted him, showing him porn movies on his cell fangle manage toed get out of the car and get away, and returned to ridge avenue and took his other brother to his brother but he ends up being indecently assault the, as well. police released video of the
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gray car the he is thought to be driving, just tuesday in stenton avenue, police believe that same suspect in the same car approached another teenage boy and on thursday a few blocks away at stenton and haines a similar scene played out. >> fourteen year old complainant waiting for the bus, approached by the offender, approached by a gray vehicle, then asked if he wanted to earn some money by performing a sex act. >> the suspect didn't stop there. >> then reach out the window with his cell phone and showed him some pornographic movies. >> surprising, i never even heard about it, now i'll really look out. >> it the victims reigning in age 11 to 14 years old, the suspect thought to be black must tack, in his 20's, mustache, possibly a beard, biggest lead police have so far is the police video of the car that gray car the suspect is driving. at the special victims unit, natasha brown, cbs-3, "
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eyewitness news." >> gloucester county authorities have a suspect in a murder of a house sitter. investigators say, physical evidence has linked 19 year old brandon wilson to the killing of shawnee carter. officers found the young mother's body in a house on hopkins street in woodbury back in september. wilson is in the cape may county jail on an unrelated case. a series of random attacks near the temple university campus is now under investigation. the most recent was thursday night, at 16th and oxford. a group of teens attacked a student there and according to police, he's still in the hospital, the other two attacked also on oxford street , happened on november 7th, and the 14th. police think the very same teens are all responsible for these three attacks, in each case, the teens didn't feel a thing. to washington now, the white house is weighing in on the sexual assault allegations against minnesota senator al franken. president trump went on twitter, and went on attack,
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against franken, but that action has turned the mirror on the president's own past ment weijia jiang reports on washington. >> how is this different? >> report he is asked the white house friday about president trump past alleged misconduct after he took to twitter to comment on the sexual misconduct allegation against minnesota democrat senator al franken. he wrote: the al frankenstein picture is really bad. referring to this photograph showing franken with his hands over a woman's breasts during a 2006uso tour. franken apologized but the president wondered where do his hands go in pictures two, three, four, five and six while she sleeps? mr. trump was caught talking about groping women on an access hollywood tape from 2005. >> and when you're a star they let you do this. >> during the 2016 campaign more than dozen women came forward to accuse then candidate trump of misconduct, including jessica lee, who
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said he groped her in the 1980s. >> it was a real shock when all the sudden his hands were all over me. >> the trump campaign categorically denied all claims, white house spokeswoman, sarah huckabee sanders, said friday, there is a big difference between senator franken and president trump. >> senator franken has admitted wrong-doing and the president hasn't. i think there is a very clear distinction. >> do you believe? >> the president has not personally comment dollars on alabama's republican senate candidate, roy moore. accused of sexual misconduct against minors. the white house says officially stated that moore should drop out of the race if the allegations are true. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news". >> coming up next on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this saturday morning. >> lehigh valley, a president product, what they've been providing to the white house for nearly 60 years.
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>> plus, imagine never getting relief from an itch. now, researchers have found an itch molecule. coming up how that is helping patient finds relief. we will be right back.
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with the only friend you have left in the entire world. no! or you could just trust duracell. ♪ >> five days away from thanksgiving, people busy picking out the perfect turkey "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, takes you to the lehigh county farm, that has been putting turkeys on the table at the white house for
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decades. >> on this 12,000-acre farm in the lehigh valley where the american flag waves above, many are already flocking to their thanksgiving turkey. >> but on this farm there is also a presidential product. >> we've gotten correspondence with both bush's, reagan sent us a letter, photos of bill clinton cutting our turkey for his thanksgiving dinner. >> it is a family tradition, for nearly zero six years, the farms has been providing the white house with the thanksgiving turk. >> i years 1995, we have 92, 1990 -- >> they're just two of about 840,000 turkeys the farm will process this year. the farm manager luke, fourth generation name sake. >> our name is on the bag it, means a lot, the legatary, my father, grand fate, great grandfather has created everything means everything.
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>> the presidential bird began with his grandfather. for many years when the national turkey federation competition with the grand champion breed. >> started in 196 off the president suggested we present our turkey to the president of the united states. >> have been doing so ever since. >> at the end of the day, every turk that i we have here is raised the same way. so the turk that i you'll get this thanksgiving is the same exact birds as the president will get. but it means a lot. we're happy to do so. >> after all for many, it isn't as important as those who are seated around it. >> to be together. >> in or field, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and if you're going to get your turkey today you might want to get out earlier than later. >> right. you're going to need the umbrella, especially during the afternoon hours today and then also tonight if if you are getting a head start on travel for thanksgiving this weekend, just keep in mind, we will have some rain around today. but thanksgiving travel next
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week actually not looking too bad, jan, and of course i'll show you that in the seven day coming up. let me start you off here. live look from across the river at the city and we're looking at dry conditions right now. now, this is going to be changing, as well, as we head into the afternoon hours today thirty-six, right now in philadelphia, it is a chilly start out there. here in the 20's, in allentown , 29 in trenton, also , in the 20's and 30's, down the shore. twenty-eight in atlantic city, it is 39 now in wildwood. thirty in millville right around 33 degrees currently in dover. notice the winds. they're on the calm side, some locations light, variable, we will see the winds picking up later on today. and then really picking up and ramp up as we head into the overnight hours tonight. we will talk about. that will your eyewitness weather daily planner, 42 degrees around 9:00 a.m. 50 degrees by noontime. we could see a shower around the noon hour, but better
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chances specially as you head afternoon around 3:00 p.m., breezy, damp, 54 degrees, could even see more steady rain, as we head into the overnight hours tonight. and i'll show that you on our future weather coming up. here is a look at storm scan3, notice, we're dry, already starting to see that cloud deck on the increase across the city, then also into south jersey. as i zoom out, you can see the leading edge of the rain that we're going to be dealing with as we head into the latter part of the day today. already starting to make it way into portions of western p a at this hour. so here is the rain time line. rain showers moving in saturday afternoon, more rain as we led into saturday night, in fact, some of the steadiest rainy think will be moving in, overnight, and into the we hours of tomorrow morning. the winds picking up and then turning very windy headed into sunday morning, could still have lingering shower around. the first part of the day today completely dry. if you are running the philadelphia half marathon, it looks like you're good to go with dry conditions. but during the afternoon,
5:18 am
especially around the 4:00 hour, notice how we see couple of showers moving through it, won't be complete wash out of the day. but then it will be heading into the overnight hours, tonight, as that cold front comes on through, that's where we could have some more widespread rainfall, steadier rain at times, rain could actually help to bring the winds that are higher up in the atmosphere down to the surface, and we could see winds gusting over 40 miles per hour in some locations. so, a wind advisory might even need to be issued. let me show you what i am talking about here, our future wind gust by 4:00 see gusts easily over 20 miles per hour, across the delaware vale. but look what happens, as we move into the overnight hours, into tomorrow morning. that's when we could see winds gusting over 40 in some locations. if you are headed to the temple game, it looks like we have better chance for some showers, especially during the second half of the game. forecast kick off temperature right around 50 degrees. here's your forecast for today 54 degrees increasing clouds, risk of afternoon showers, as
5:19 am
we head into tonight, cloudy, rain at times, 49 degrees for that overnight low temperature the philadelphia marathon, we could still see a shower as we kick things off at 7:00. but the rest of the race is looking rather dry. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast shows travel conditions as we head into next week for the thanksgiving holiday, looking great. jan? >> pretty good. thank you, chelsey. 5:19 now. civil rights leader jesse jackson announced he's battling parkinson's disease. in a letter to supporters, jackson says he's been seeking outpatient care for two years, and plans to dedicate himself to physical therapy. jackson says the diagnosis isn't assigned to stop working but signal to make lifestyle changes to slow down the disease. on the health watch now, doctors say that constant need to scratch can be as debilitating as chronic pain. health reporter stephanie stahl report he is scientists working on potential new
5:20 am
treatment. >> reporter: don hodge's battled war and an about with cancer then came a chronic itch, all over his body. >> i went through so many dermatologists, they just give up. >> creams, ointments, medication didn't help. don's among 15% of people who suffer from unexplained chronic itch. >> comparable, my patient tell me often worse. >> this is the world's first center for the study of itch, after discovering an itch molecule, scientists expanded their work from testing treatment on itchy lab mice, to finding a relief for desperate patient. >> a lot of people didn't believe that not only was it not a real problem, that it is a problem that we really couldn't solve at the scientific level. >> doctors finally found way to help don, after several failed treatments, and arthritis drug is giving him relief. >> within a week, i get probably from the day i took it, and it went away, and hasn't come back. >> now, scientists hope to
5:21 am
expand their research. >> it doesn't have to stop here. that's just one drug, one pathway, but we think there is a lot more. >> and doctors say people who suffer with the condition often experience depression, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. currently, there is no fda approved treatment for chronic itch. i'm stephanie stahl. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". still ahead, we take you behind the scenes what's new in theatres this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up: win after lack, wonder woman, together they're leading the justice league into theatres this
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>> batman and wonder women, here is entertainment tonight with kevin frazier with just justice league. >> in theatres this weekends ben after lack batman is back, wander woman is new found ally , together they're fighting a new enemy in justice league. >> i had a dream. i think it is something more, something darker. >> what is your favorite moment in this movie? >> just being able to work together. >> awe. >> i think the first time everyone was together and in their costume. that was pretty cool. we got to see how everyone else look, and that was fun. >> joining batman and wonder woman in this epic fight of good against evil, and as superman it, the flash, and jason as aqua man. >> my first experience day one shooting, big studio, and it
5:25 am
was maybe march when we started and doused in water. >> i remember that. in england, outside on location, and it was like literally they praise you -- >> blast you with water. >> looks amazing. >> if you guys could tweak one thing about your costume? >> i would cool it down a little bit. >> getsly little hot? >> yes, they were. miserable. make the corset more comfortable and lose the wedges. >> for entertainment tonight i am kevin frazier. >> and check this out. a big congratulations to a member of the cbs-3 " eyewitness news" family. video editing supervisor, charlene horn, was inducted into the broadcast pioneer of philadelphia hall of fame last night. family, friends, colleagues, all celebrated when charlene at special dinner on city
5:26 am
avenue. the emmy award winner has been with cbs-3 forget this, 40 years. >> i'm humbled to be in your company. and now part of a long list of talented and respected broadcasters, who have been zoe send shale to the likes of our sit. >> i how wonderful, big congrats to charlene. >> dick standish, and karen fee old i, for portraying stella on saturday night dead on cbs-3 in the 1980sment congratulations to everyone. >> there is still so much more to come right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," in our next half hour, this saturday morning. >> a massive fire at a senior living facility in west chester puts 20 people in the hospital. the big question now is whether everyone made it out alive. >> plus: just in case you need another reason to spoil your dog, why man's best friend can also be the best thing for our health. and who benefits the most from having a dog? we explain, we're back in a
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>> searching for answers after inferno destroys a west chester senior living community, while the focus continues on accounting for all of the residents evacuated in the middle of the night. and, looking live outside now, in just a few hours,
5:30 am
thousands will set a course through parts of the city for today's half more than and 8k. they're keeping their eye on the weather, so is meteorologist, chelsey ingram, she tracking rain on the way. anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan , thanksgiving less than a week away, and the food bank of south jersey helping those who need it get the meal on the table. i'm anita oh, here in pennsauken, next how you can help coming up. >> if you're about to start that half marathon, just no, we're talking temperatures in the 30's, as we start out your morning, it is 36 degrees in philadelphia. we have 32 in wilmington. we're in the 20's in some locations, like reading at 29, 28 degrees in allentown, 30
5:31 am
degrees in mount pocono, most areas are colder, in fact , compared to about 24 hours ago. a look at storm scan3, shows this: we're dry for now. we have clouds that have been on the increase, and they'll continue to do that throughout the morning hours. we zoom out. notice out to the west, we have rain starting to make its way into portions every win western pennsylvania associated with a system that's going to be impacting us, as we head into the rest of the day today. and also, on sunday, so, expect to see some showers developing as we head into the afternoon. some of the steadiest and heaviest rain, if you will, that arrives tonight, and also during the overnight hours. behind the rain, you're talking gusts of 45-mile per hour as possibility, as we head into sunday. so here's your forecast across the region. 54 degrees today in philadelphia, 60 for the high temperature down the shore, 44 in the poconos, an umbrella alert, for the entire delaware and lehigh valley. more coming up in your full forecast, for now, sending it
5:32 am
back to you. >> fire destroyed a senior living complex in chester country. barclay family assisted living facility, tells us, authorities are still trying to determine if everyone got out alive. >> massive fire rips through, flames 50 feet high with well over 100 people inside. some, elderly, and disable. >> it was just frozen? roughly 400 emergency responders race to the scene, those who were already near, resident close to the barclay friends nursing home, sprung into action. >> i asked if i could help, and it was just so much going on that instead every waiting i just went in. >> some ran into the burning build to go help those helpless inside. >> we wrapped this gentleman in a blanket, and made a stretcher out of it, and actually carried him away from
5:33 am
the fire, as far as it could. >> other ran from their homes with blanket to comfort and keep warm. the elderly and disable, that were now out in the cold. >> everybody reacted so quickly. >> i was actually extremely proud of my neighborhood. >> but the fear now all of this effort may not have been enough. authorities are still trying to figure out if everyone made it out. >> that's the number one priority, making sure we can account for everybody, and the scene, and how it happened, will follow on. >> alicia newest. >> many evacuated from the seen joining center are depending on the kindness of family and friends, our coverage now continues with " eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, with more from those seeking shelter after the fire. >> it is a quilt of some sort. >> peggy conway holds this blanket, dear, reminder of the unbelievable effort she says people made to help displaced resident of the bark clay friends nursing home like her mother. >> they had a whole bunch of blanket on, and then a neighbor evidently neighbor
5:34 am
came and put this comforter over her. >> she said her people with loved ones at barclay friends the fire sent them scrambling. >> what was it like when you got there? >> chaos, literal chaos, huge flames, lots of smoke. >> her mother, beatrice stevenson; one week away from her 101st birthday, and suffers from altzheimer's. >> took little while to find her, so i was panicked. but she is fine. to, scared. >> with so many elderly residents in wheelchairs who are suffering from serious medical conditions, the red cross is getting evacuees to shelters, and it took a lot of teamwork. >> hundreds of personnel on the scene between community partners, red cross. >> west chester university provided shuttles and converted the gym into shelter for than 40 evacuees. >> the university is a resource for the community, what better place than people to be but in the gym whether something like this happens. >> everyone was bending over backwards to help. >> says when the barclay staff
5:35 am
, to neighbors who helped hand out blanket and push wheat keel, two community effort to help the elderly resident of barclay friends. >> what would you say to those people if you had a chance? >> thank you, thank you so much. , it was crazy. >> family hopes to spends glam mast's bea happy birthday at a local hospice community. and all have been placed either in local healthcare facilities or with their families. from west chester university, cleve bryan, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". in other news today, five alarm fire tore through six story building in new york city. more than 200 firefighters battled the flames on the top floor of the building, in the hamilton heights section of manhattan. seven firefighters, police officer, and another person, suffered minor injuries. the building has stores on the first floor and amounts above. meantime back here at home
5:36 am
now small fire was rude awakening at guests at a hotel in montgomery county. firefighters rushed to the very dan, valley forge hotel on move gulph road in king of prussia just after 11:30 p.m. last night. investigators blame the fire on dryer in a laundry room. no one was hurt. well, thousands of runners are setting a course this weekend for the philadelphia marathon. the half marathon and 8k run are this morning, crews setting up roadblocks and water stops all along the ben franklin parkway, portions every kelly drive, market street, and other roads, are off hint for part of today and tomorrow, when the 24th annual marathon begins. to find out how to get around philly find all of those road closures on >> while many are getting ready to give thanks for all that they have, other are getting ready for thanksgiving by giving. today the food bank every south jersey's holding its annual turkey drop. "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, liver in pennsauken this morning, to tell us more about it, they always do great work there, anita, good
5:37 am
morning. >> reporter: they real dow, good morning, jan, the food bank of south jersey committed to helping those who need a little extra help get that meal on the table, and here you can see, whole box of some of the turkeys that they have collected so far, joining me now, tom development officer. thanks for joining us, tom. so explain what you needed to from people here in the community. >> right now, the day, the need of the day is turkeys. we do have been able to procure almost 13,000 turkeys. but the request that we get from our food pantry and because we serve the food pantry of south jersey are about 5,000 off of that. so we need about 5,000 to make up the difference, and so today, we have number of drop off site including here, and hopefully will bring us at least 500 turkeys or more, we're hoping, so more word we get out about it the better. >> absolutely. now, what's the mission here? and what is the need? >> so we believe in a south
5:38 am
jersey that is hunger-free, i would say, and the term is food and security, what we have are folks that are really working to put food on the table and pay the rent and pay for their healthcare and all of the other expense that is we all know exist out there in the world. and they're working sometimes two jobs, or three jobs, to do that will and they're still finding it hard to make ends meet. so we're thereto provide that little bit of help during the month so people can get what they need. >> even in areas where there are no pantries, there is actually a cool thing that you guys are doing out of the community which we can show our viewers here behind us, you guys are loading up. >> that's right. what we do, we call them hope mobiles, what happens when there is not a pantry readily available in a area where we know, food dessert, but great deal of need, we send a truck, we send all of the groceries that are needed that sort of farmers market, grocery style program, so that folks can come in, and they can can get what they need, as well. >> this has been your life work, something you've been passionate about for a long
5:39 am
time. and what sparked that? >> you know, one of my first jobs out of college. i went to anaheim california, happiest place on earth, and there were folks on the street , and i went to the hotel where we were having our conference, and i just saw such amazing waste. so sometimes i would collect up some of the extra, and take it out, and i just always had a passion for that sort of thing, especially when you see the out on the street, it is real it, casino every hits, you hits you hard. >> that's how you can help today. they're still looking for thousands of turkeys, which you can drop off here at the food bank of south jersey from 9:00 this morning, to 3:00. but now live in pennsauken, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news," back to you. >> anita, thank you. still ahead on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this saturday morning. dogs of course are known as man's best friends. now, new research shows how your four legged friends could add years to your life. >> plus: people with
5:40 am
allergies need to know what is in their food. now new technology could take the guess work how to figure out what's in a dish. and the device can fit in your pocket. we'll show it to you. >> an umbrella alert today, as wet weather heads into our region. chelsey ingram is timing out the rain coming up next.
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♪ ♪ hi ted, glad you could join us! ♪ ♪ give it a try. mmm. give that to me. ♪ ♪ (laughing) ted? ♪ ♪
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>> motion know the benefit of having affords legged friends, they show you unconditional
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love. one study says they can add years to your life. nicole brewer, why dogs are good for our health. >> there are a million reasons to love dogs. the company, the companionship >> they love you unconditional >> he has a puppy smile at all times. >> but did you know your four legged friends can extend your life? >> really? >> no, i didn't know that. >> new research stud fry sweden found dog ownership is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and death. >> well, yes, i can believe it >> if you live alone your dog can reduce your risk of death by 33%. >> that's real hi, yes. >> over 20% more than those who share their fur baby. the reason? >> they're getting all of the exercise and love to themselves. >> in a nutshell, yes. >> every morning, every night, we go for 45 minute walk. >> according to researchers social well-being, community, also play a role in improving our health. >> why is that? >> one factor may be the tolerance we build when our dogs track in dirt, or the
5:44 am
bacteria that comes with the sloppy kisses. so which breed is most likely to benefit its owner? >> i would have to say golden retriever but i'm bias. >> retrieve rest on the list along with high other energy hunting breeds. study authors confirm what many authors already know. all pups improve our lives, and the best dogs, are the ones we call our own. >> it is pretty inch ate. you just feel t you know you do. you're a better person because of a dog. >> now, the research was carried naught sweden but study authors believe it applies to other countries, including the us. our approach to dog hair is similar across the board. nicole brewer cbs-3 " eyewitness news". our next hour, where in our region you can go to see a lot of breeds compete to be the nation's top dog. i had the chance to check out preparations for this weekend 's national dog show. we will show you a lot more of
5:45 am
what you can see at this prestigious competition, that's coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> chelsey, let's just keep watching the dog video. >> i know, i love that. >> doppler? >> doing good. all mine does is lay, i say sit, he lays. i give up. he gets a treat. the doppler, starting the day off on dry note. that will be changing as we head into the afternoon. here is a live look at center city, but it is chilly out there this morning. let's show you a lock at the current temperatures. 36 degrees right now in philadelphia. in a lot of spots we're still in the 20's. 28 degrees in allentown, upper 20's in trenton, upper 20s, also, atlantic city. thirty in milville and delaware, checking in in the 20's and 30's, 29 in wilmington, right around 33 degrees currently in dover. at least there is not much after windchill, right? winds mainly light, variable, some locations, are actually on the calm side. enjoy this morning, because that's really going to be changing as we head into the
5:46 am
afternoon, and specially as we move into the overnight hours tonight. by 9:00, talking 42 degrees. fifty by the noon hour. then mid 50's by 3:00. we will have the risk for showers, especially as we head into your afternoon. live look at storm scan3, shows that cloud deck on the increase across the region, though, whether i was out on the skydeck coy still see couple of stars out there. zooming out, we will show you the leading edge of rain, moving in of course western pa , that's what's going to be giving us some showers, bringing us some showers, later on today. saturday afternoon, rain showers moving in. tonight, when we could actually see the steadier, maybe even heavier rain, if you will, those winds picking up, as well, and then into sunday morning, we will see the rain tapering off. and things will become very, very windy and very, very quick. we we will talk all about that here is future weather. notice, some of the showers even holding off until about 11:00 a.m., or even the noon hour, but as we move into the latter part of the afternoon,
5:47 am
that's when we could see couple of more showers across the region, but here's what i am talking about with the bulk of the rain, steadier rain, moves in with cold front as it swings through during the overnight hours tonight. some of this rain actually into sunday morning, might be able to pull some of the stronger winds down with it, from the upper atmosphere, and that's what's going to bring us winds gusting over 40 miles per hour at times. so yes, we could even see wind advisory going into effect as we head into sunday. so let me show you what i am talking about here. winds on the increase, these are future wind gusts, we could see winds gusting over 20 miles per hour easily headed into this afternoon. but overnight, look what happens. those winds really ramp up. that cold front, swinging on through, could easily see winds gusting over 40 miles per hour, so if you are running that full marathon, as we head into tomorrow, keep in mind, those winds are going to be whipping across the region. here's your forecast for today 54 degrees, shrine he is g clouds, then afternoon showers
5:48 am
, headed into tonight. we will be cloudy, rain at times, overnight low temperatures right around 49 degrees. here's your marathon forecast, 52 degrees at race start could see shower around, remember the winds whipping out there. by 10:00, ooh degrees, 49, dry , as you are celebrating that grand finish and grand finale. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 53 degrees sunday, 49 monday, we cool down, but look, the weather looking dry, if you are going to be traveling this week for thanksgiving, jan? >> chelsey, thank you. 5:48. and new technology could help people with food allergies stay safer when eating out. health reporter, stephanie stahl, has the details in the einstein healthcare atlantic city center report. >> high school junior, claire maloney cullenberg excited to travel with her spanish pass but a bill nervous.
5:49 am
>> i'm allergic to ... >> can make dining out a bit dicey, but add un familiar foods, language barrier, ups the ads after reaction, something claire found out the hard way eating ice cream on trip to germany. >> i took a bite, all the sinned my throat start today tingle. >> that communication breakdown that scientists are trying to avoid by giving people the power to test their own food right at the table. >> we believe that down the line it, could really be life changing. >> using technology that was originally developed to detect cancer in blood samples, these scientist haves create a device that checks food. >> it turned out that it was extraordinarily sensitive in detecting many different types of allergies. >> when a bit of food is placed on a test strip, the biological information is transferred into electrical signals, that are red by the device. if it detect an allergen the it alerts a symbol indicating food unsafe to eat, more detailed information is sent to the user's smart phone.
5:50 am
>> we've take ten to some restaurants, tells dollars glued end free food, which were in effect not glued end free. >> claire lovers the idea not having to blindly trust the food service worker like the one in germany who didn't understanded her allergies. >> pretty scary. because you put your life in their hands. >> scientists cents are still working on making a prototype that simplifies the testing process, and makes the device small enough to fit on a key chain. they hope to have something on the market in the next two years. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 " eyewitness news". >> the cbs-3 science center sponsors by einstein healthcare network. more than medicine, einstein.e
5:51 am
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>> allophone jeffries, thursday limit wad ankle sprain, he does expect to play sunday night. >> once again, the eagles will be in the national spotlight whether they take on the cowboys, birds have won seven in a row, they have the best record in football, and everyone in philadelphia's singing the team's praises. but doug pederson wants his team to focus on dallas. >> understanded that, you know , we can't look past this week, we can't look past this game. and it is a division game on the road, national spotlight again. we've been in this situation this season. and, you know, it is two teams that are undefeated in our -- in the nfc east. so, you know, i would like to say that every game is important. but, you no, none, none more important than the one we're faced with sunday night. >> the flyers are back at the center taking on the flames, orange and black lost three in a row. defenseman will not be in the line up against calgary. he'll have disciplinary hearing on sunday for his
5:54 am
slash to the back every the head against matthew thursday. he had misconduct, and he was suspended six games last season for late hit. >> the sixers also home to start a six game home stand. starting with the defending champion warriors last week, the they handed a 21-point lost, but the process working to get this forward robert covington, he and the team agreed new for year deal worth $62 million, 50 million that far will come this season. covington has been one of the best 3d players in the league averaging 16.5. per game shooting just under 50%. >> to college hoops, villanova taking on lafayette in allentown, very well, first stop, knocks down the triple. the cats with a 12-point lead. he scored 22, still in the first, michael bridges, from the same spot. that's good. he scored 24 points. the cats caught 53% behind the line.
5:55 am
crews to a victory. >> it's time for the friday football frenzy. >> (cheers). >> you got to love the eagle. all good things must come to an end with life and sports. this week on the frenzy we covered the entire region, last night no different. 138 different schools have made appearance, we will start the final frenzy in the city. >> we have cardinal o'hara visiting charter, young taking the hand off. runs on in for the touchdown. and chance 47 the final. upper dublin, safety springfield, springfield moving the ball. going in for the end zone. but check out the touchdown. by mike, springfield wins, 17- six. >> to new jersey, highlands at hammonton. murray takes it off of the side, and finds the end zone, hammonton wins 27-21 in over
5:56 am
time. delsea at timber creek. devon leary finds jerome gibson on the screen pass, jerome, he'll do all the rest. delsea wins 41 to 30. >> cedar creek at west depford cj young with the run up the middle, to steel the game. west depford wins this game 21 to 20. let's head back over into pennsylvania, clemente with the deep, find rose. check him out. rose is gone. 65-yard touchdown pass. you've seen this gentleman a lot this season. this is had to show one more time before we're done. this one goes 79 yards for the score. great season for him. bethlehem catholic wins the game, though, 49-14. it is time for game of the week. we hit lansdale catholic facing off against conwell egan, head inside the lockerroom for the final time this season. >> no football team in the history of this school has won
5:57 am
two state playoffs. that's what you got tonight. but they're in our our way. you got your shot. let's go take it. >> conwell egan ready to go, so lansdale catholic. these teams spent earlier in the season and cat catholic came away with the win. short kick offer by catholic, just the right distance for jerome mitchell. junior will take this 78 yards for the touchdown, just a great return by mitchell. he's not finished. some conwell egan trickeration here. now, mitchell drops. >> this don't worry, he picked it up again, goes on in for the score. just having great game. lansdale catholic, will answer back, in the second half. matt case, cd run right there, but the night will belong to conwell egan. quarterback alex goldbe decides to go from 8 yards out conwell eagle with the big win , 44-20, the final. good luck to them as they move on, and thanks for the hospitality. that's all for sports, i'm
5:58 am
lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> in our next half hour, right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this saturday morning: they said you got to get out. you got to get out. >> we're hearing from a woman who saved a five alarm inferno , fierce fire destroyed a senior living community in west chester, though many families have now been reunited, investigators still working to account for everyone who may have been inside. we are right back at the top of the hour. stay with us. toasting dad: i'm not one for speeches. but here's to... to many more years of friendship. and feasts! crowd: [laughing, cheering] to presents! a mi familia que lo es todo. ♪ to being right here, right now, with you. sfx: dog bark. and you. toasting dad: i guess what i'm trying to say is, here's to family. we're proud to bring your family amazing value every day. t.j. maxx. marshalls. homegoods.
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