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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 18, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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bring in the reserves. right there, finding dirt. six touchdown passes, program working, back in 1950. >> adam: and 'bama opened the defense, get the starters back for next week against auburn. christian, stidham throwing those off the screen. >> christian: adjusting to the ball, it was 14-7 at halftime. pulled away, stidham to cam martin, nice job, 41 yards, pull away for the pin. for the win. >> adam: the s.e.c. on cbs, matching alabama and auburn in the 82nd iron bowl. a trip to atlanta and date with georgia on the line. our coverage begins at 2:30 eastern. now, in the first game of the doubleheader, arkansas hosting michigan state. b.j., late in the tie game, wow. >> brian: why, why, why. bounce pass here, austin allen, pass incomplete. back comes fitzgerald and the bulldogs, six yards.
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thomas, they had to review this, upheld y go for it here in this situation. two time-outs, three minutes on the block. >> adam: south carolina over 9-1 word, they're now 9-2, 31-10. and florida, well, they're going to end the five-game losing streak, 36-7 over uab. see arkansas host missouri friday, thanksgiving friday, bring your leftovers, 2:30 eastern on cbs. we'll be back with much more when the college football post-game show powered by ram continues. we were born this way. forged in the same fire. blood may be thicker than water. ( ♪ ) but we've got oil in our veins. ( ♪ ) welcome to the brotherhood of muscle. ( ♪ )
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>> adam: join us tuesday at 11:00 eastern on cbs sports net kwoshg. b.j., me, the rest of our hilarious crew for "inside college football". we debate the playoff rankings, which include number 3 miami, who is down by 14 twice against virginia. noon start, scored the final 30 points of the game, three interceptions -- three turnovers by them after four games. clemson, they got to go to south carolina next week, 61-3, over citadel. wisconsin trailed briefly against michigan, but the badgers still perfect, 11-0. and they go to minnesota to finish the regular season. oklahoma is up 41-3, shenanigans
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involving baker mayfield, after he was done for the day. weren't going to show it anyway. kansas state, just held off oklahoma state, wildcats were up 42-13 in this game. and this muddies the big 12 championship game picture a bit potentially. notre dame and navy, tight, fighting irish, 90 seconds left, 24-17 as they bounce back. and ohio state, big 10 east champ as seenior day. j.t. barrett, over 100 career touchdown passes, done ins over 1,000 yards on the year already. take-away, b.j.? >> brian: i'm sorry, wisconsin, you are for real. i didn't think they were for real but i saw, that michigan would play better. ohio state, still in ths thing. >> christian: i have to tag along with michigan. -- with wisconsin. quarterback is suspect, every time you think he's going to break your heart he saves it.
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the defense makes you earn every last thing. if that's the dump i'll take wisconsin. >> adam: setting up for the next couple of weeks. thanks for watching the college football post-game show. here's what's coming up tonight on cbs. reminder, nfl coverage on cbs, tips off tomorrow at noon eastern, with the "nfl today," in its 50th season. then it's doubleheader action, many see the chiefs and giants, then most will see the patriots and raiders in mexico city. for all of us, have a good evening, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight on "eyewitness news," more than a day after a five alarm fire devastated part of a senior living facility in west chester, investigators are getting to work trying to determine what happened while the debris continues to smolder. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. the effort does continue at this hour to try to account for those still unaccounted for following the five alarm blaze. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan returned to the senior living community today and talked to survivors and investigators. >> i had rollers in my hair. >> reporter: linda barns says what matters most is her 90-year-old mother beatrice is alive but finding her the night of the fire at barclay
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friends senior living community was chaotic. >> i said my mother is a resident there. i refused to leave. someone has to help me. >> reporter: they were finally reunited at a nearby ambulances center. >> we got to my mother. she was in her pajamas a bathrobe, old slippers and a big blanket wrapped around her and god love one of the nurses that loves my mother at the home. she was sitting with my mother and i just hugged her and said you're such an angel, thank you. >> reporter: unfortunately some families haven't had that same sweet moment. officials say while there are no confirmed deaths, there are still a handful of people unaccounted for after the fire. >> we still are making every effort to make sure everybody is accounted for. >> reporter: saturday morning chester county officials met with the national response team from the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives. while hot spots obstructed their ability to physically inexpect the site for a cause and origin authorities say off site they've been conducting well over a hundred
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interviews. >> there were well over 140 residents so all families need to be contacted. >> reporter: not only does atf bring along professionals they have heavy equipment looking for clues and any possible buried victims, something they have not been able to rule out. in west chester, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, also tonight it is philadelphia marathon weekend and thousands of runners hit the streets for the half marathon event. the 13-mile run took runners past some of the city's best known landmarks even though it's a half marathon it's still quite the challenge. now, tomorrow is the full 26-mile philadelphia marathon. to find out how to get through philly around the marathon route just go to our web site while the weather was a major concern for runners of the half marathon, it wasn't today, it may very well be a factor tomorrow. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking rain and cold the
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night before marathon runners hit the streets. i'm sure they are peeled to the tv trying to figure out what they're going to face tomorrow morning. >> yeah, unfortunately the forecast is not looking so bright. likely we'll have did i conditions for the marathon runners but we'll be contending with strong winds at times. of course you'll have to face into them so maybe slowing your run. dealing with rainfall, patchy light rain in and around the city stretching up into our northwestern suburbs. bands moving into lancaster county that continue to move eastbound into chester county as we head into the next hour but we're not done with this weather system yet. looking upwind towards western pennsylvania and the lower tennessee valley, seeing the stretched outline of showers and embedded thunderstorms in association with a cold front that's going to drop in overnight tonight. so, what to expect, kind of patchy light to moderate rain, this evening and over the next several hours and then we'll see some of that heavier rain moving through especially late overnight after midnight with even thunder possible and then turning very windy overnight
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tonight. we have a wind advisory that has been issued for the entire area. gusts potentially to 50 miles per hour through the night tonight and through the day tomorrow, so we'll talk more about the winds for the runners and what's in store for your thanksgiving forecast. i'll have a preview in just a few. >> lauren thanks so much. a 70-year-old man meantime was seriously burned in a row house fire in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. firefighters rushed to the scene near ninth and erie about 4 o'clock this morning. authorities say the flames spread to two neighboring houses. now, the cause is still under investigation. also in montgomery county, a small fire forced the evacuation of guests at the sheraton valley forge hotel in king of prussia. firefighters were called to the scene on north gulph road at about 11:30 last night. investigators blame the fire on a drier in the laundry room. luckily no one was injured and all of the guests were allowed to return to their rooms. a manhunt under way just
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outside of pittsburgh for a suspect who shot and killed a pennsylvania police officer during a traffic stop. this shooting happened just after 8 o'clock last night in new kensington. police say officer brian shaw was shot while tasing a suspect that he had pulled over. shaw had been with the police department for less than a year and he was just 25 years old. >> i just got to be an ancillary part hearing the wonderful glowing story about how awesome this individual was an the kensington police department and the officers the bond they had with this young man, it's impressive to hear and listen to. >> a $40,000 reward is now being offered for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. detectives are working around the clock trying to track down officer shaw's killer. the governor of alabama says she is solidly behind roy moore's u.s. senate candidacy despite allegations of sexual misconduct that continue to grow. governor kay ivy told reporters she'll vote for the embattled former judge even though she's bothered by the
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allegations. the republican is accused of making sexual advances towards teenaged girls when he was a deputy district attorney in his 30's. meantime several church leaders called on moore to step aside today. >> he is an extremist christian whose hateful rhetoric harmful policies and abuses of power are per versions of christianity. >> the gathering came days after a separate group of religious leaders pledged their support for moore. he's facing democrat doug jones to fill attorney general jeff sessions' seat december 12. a leak in the pipeline operated by transcanada started leading outside of amherst south dakota. officials say it will take some time to see how this
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underground leak has affected ground water. they claim there's no threat to public safety. the rock world saying goodbye to malcolm young of ac/dc. he was the rhythm get -- guitarist. young was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. a statement says he died peacefully with his family at his side. malcolm young was 64. form former actor and singer david cassidy is in a hospital suffering from organ failure. cassidy was rushed to the hospital about three days ago and so far it's unclear why his organs are failing. cassidy revealed in february that he was diagnosed with dementia. the former actor and singer is best known for his role as keith partridge on the 1970's sitcom the partridge family. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight an enormous earthquake shakes parts of
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southwest china. plus, blast off. nasa sends another satellite into space. why this launch could impact how we forecast extreme weather. also,. >> giving thanks and giving back. the food bank of south jersey is making sure that every family who needs a meal for thanksgiving gets one. i'm anita oh in pennsauken. the community effort behind the cause. >> and coming up a bit later, a washington state trooper is meeting a baby girl for the very first time. how his actions on the freeway helped her family make it to
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>> ♪ >> one and liftoff satellite
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system one. >> blast off nasa's joint polar satellite system is headed to space. the system system designed to help predict extreme weather forecasts like drought and forest fires. today's launch was the third attempt this week at vandenburg air force base in california. a 6.9 earthquake hit a city in southwest china today. so far no reports of any casualties. emergency responders say many of their newer buildings were not impacted by this quake. it's not cheap to put together a festive holiday meal these days. that's why the food bank of south jersey lends a helping hand this time of the year. folks dropped off traditional thanksgiving foods today to make sure everyone in south jersey gets a feast on thursday. anita oh was there. >> look at all this. >> all the bags.
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>> okay. >> reporter: giving thanks. >> i woke up this morning. [laughter] >> reporter: and giving back. >> i remember the gravy, the cranberry, the stuffing. >> reporter: that's how some in this south jersey community spent their day. >> people out there are less fortunate than me and they need a meal and we're out here in the gap. >> reporter: all day the food bank of south jersey collected turkeys and canned goods to distribute to these who need a little extra help putting a thanksgiving meal on the table. >> the need is that prominent so we work with 250 food pantries throughout the area. they're run by churches, by civic groups and they're also soup kitchens as well. >> reporter: organizers say because of some natural disasters like hurricane maria, local donations have declined. they can use your help in collecting food for about 200,000 people across south jersey. tasha says she showed up because it's a highly personal cause. >> you never forget where you come from. as a child, i grew up needing
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food, so when you see those needs, you connect with it instantly. >> reporter: she and her husband, john of power of life international will be distributing items through their food pantry. >> we're always looking for some meat, you know, folks need some meat. we also need canned items. vegetables are always good. >> reporter: they hope by giving a meal they can also give hope. >> besides having a decent meal i'm hoping a better life for them and their children. that's important. >> reporter: in pennsauken, anita oh. >> happy thanksgiving and go birds. >> reporter: cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. and the mummers are also giving away hundreds of turkeys this weekend as well. they delivered the turkeys and other thanksgiving dinner trimmings to the philadelphia veterans comfort house today. "eyewitness news" on baltimore avenue in west philly. mummers from 36 different clubs collected the donations at the mummers museum. now, this will go a long way in helping to feed 150 veterans on the night before
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thanksgiving. >> it's awesome just to know they did it last year at the same time right before thanksgiving and we're just overwhelmed how generous the community can be in their support of the veterans themselves. >> donations also included clothing and toiletry items as well. very nice. turkey day is almost here, lauren. right now though we're just going to have to dodge some showers in the meantime. >> yeah, i would recommend if you're heading out and about on the town tonight, you pick the rain slicker over the umbrella was the winds are really going to be whipping we know. inside out umbrellas. >> i've had a million of those. all are broken. >> doesn't make for a good night. yeah, we've been dealing with the rain throughout the afternoon. we'll see some heavier rain moving in in association way cold front that's going to traverse the delaware valley and bring us much chillier conditions for the last half of the weekend but right now we're sitting 51 degrees, getting a live look at kind of a soggy center city
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philadelphia. winds right now out of the south at around 8 miles per hour. we'll see that wind shift out of the northwest as we head into the day tomorrow on the backside that of front and that's going to usher in some colder air. right now storm scan3 showing us dealing with patchy areas of mainly light rain. seeing more moderate rain out towards lancaster county western berks county right now but heavier rain where that cold front is positioned right now off to our west moving pretty rapidly eastbound. you see heavier bands of rainfall and a few embedded thunderstorms that on the backside of this system, there's some snow. not to worry about that but that is just indicative of the colder air that's going to be dropping in in association with this system and even right now chillier to the north and west of the city, 46 degrees in allentown, we're 40 in mount pocono, still 57 degrees in atlantic city and there is that colder air on the backside of the frontal boundary. 40 degrees right now in chicago, 20's in minneapolis but 60 degrees in lexington, kentucky ahead of that front. so, overnight tonight the winds are really going to be
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whipping. wind driven rain, even a few rumbles of thunder possible, a low temperature at 39 degrees. our temperature tomorrow is a little bit deceiving. we'll be cooling throughout the afternoon hours. plan for really 40's and then we'll have to deal with that wind component. windy conditions with winds around 15 to 25 miles per hour with gusts potentially as high as 40 to 45 miles per hour in the city but we're going to see some of the highest gusts tonight and tomorrow along the coast but right now conditions are pretty quiet as we get a live look at rehoboth beach. breezy conditions but not yet windy. winds out of the south, wind speeds in the teens right now, 16 miles per hour in wildwood. not reporting many gusts yet but as we enter the overnight period winds will kick up. our model imagery showing you as we head throughout the late overnight period possibly 40 to even 50 miles per hour wind gusts along the immediate coastline and even for portions of south jersey. looking ahead towards tomorrow morning marathon runners will
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have to deal with strong gusty winds as we head into the afternoon hours, still gusty conditions and we'll still maintain those strong gusts especially along the coast as we head into late day tomorrow and even into monday morning. so, yeah, the runners tomorrow might see a shower for race start but otherwise we'll see sunshine breaking out, so that's the good news. temperatures fairly steady to cooling, 49 by the end of the race but we are going to be dealing with those windy conditions all throughout the day. future weather showing us as we head into the overnight period there's some of that heavier rain moving in spreading itself out across the delaware valley from west to east so 2 o'clock in the morning, 3 o'clock in the morning rain stretching down into south jersey and along the coast. 4 o'clock in the morning dealing with heavier pockets of rain and then eventually by about -- this model might be quick, we might see a lingering shower around race time around 7 o'clock but then mostly sunny conditions taking over for the rest of the day and maybe an isolated snow shower up towards the poconos. but fast forward to thanksgiving, looking not too
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bad. 48 degrees, sunshine, pretty quiet. on black friday some clouds around but at this point that forecast is looking dry and really a dry forecast once we get through the rain overnight tonight, maybe an isolated morning shower on wednesday. otherwise, pretty typical kind of pattern there. mild on tuesday, 57 degrees and little turkey -- >> i know, i see the little turkey shaking a little tail feather there getting in the groove. thank you so much lauren. lesley's got sports highlights. eagles. >> big game, yes. >> yeah. >> birds have arrived in dallas. tomorrow they'll take on the cowboys missing three of their best players due to injury or suspension. dallas needs this victory have any chance of winning the division. the last time the birds traveled to big d they let a a 10th quarter lead slip away. a lot has changed since that game. >> it was a good football game. we let it get away but at the same time that was last year. we're a different team,
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they're a different team so we're really just focused on this one but i think that's just really the thing from this year to last year is just winning ball games at the end of games, winning close ball games and find agway to do that. >> at the center the flyers played the flames in a matinee. orange and black on a three game slide where they just scored two goals. flyers with a one goal lead. provorov's goal gets through traffic and second period orange and black up four-three. flames on the power play. sean monaghan scores his third goal of the game. we're tied. game goes into overtime. flames on the attack. michael foley beats brian elliott. flyers drop their fourth straight five-four the final. >> we got to figure out a way top grind out wins no matter what it takes, whether we're up a goal or to have to come back from behind, whatever it is. we just got to figure it out. >> difficult when you're putting your team in that situation.
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