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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 19, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EST

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is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, tonight at 11 o'clock a look at storm scan3 shows the rain that's moving through the region. we are tracking rain and wind ahead of tomorrow's philadelphia marathon. will the weather impact the course? good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. it is philadelphia marathon weekend and while today's runners stayed mostly dry, tomorrow may be a different story. "eyewitness news" here on the ben franklin parkway tonight where everything race related got soaked earlier. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking the storm from the weather center for us. hey, lauren. >> hey, natasha. dealing with rain throughout the day and we'll be contending with wind and a lot of it for the full marathon tomorrow. storm scan3 showing us seeing light rain beginning to return up towards the city right now and portions of the i-95 corridor corridor. more moderate rain across portions of berks county spreading eastbound. we have much more moisture upwind in association with a cold front moving through during the overnight. all of this shower activity
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will continue to move off to the east so showers continuing especially west of i-95, heavier rain after midnight. even a few rumbles of thunder possible as we push towards day break. wind speeds starting to pick up across the delaware valley. national weather service issued a wind advisory. kicks in at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, runs until 4:00 p.m. wind gusts possible to 50 miles per hour. so, yes, the runners going to be running kind of slow into that wind at times. temperatures pretty steady throughout the race, around 50 degrees. we'll see increasing sunshine and likely by race, full sunshine where we'll contend with those strong winds all throughout the race potentially to 40, maybe even 45 miles per hour during the time frame so we'll talk more about this windy day in store a-chilly start to the work week and your turkey day forecast. all that's coming up in just a few, natasha. >> lauren thank you so much. earlier today thousands of people hit the streets for the half marathon event. the 13-mile run took runners past some of the city's best known landmarks.
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others chose to run the 8k which was also held today. to find out how to get through philly and around the marathon route head to our web site the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed the driver of a minivan in west philadelphia. police say the victim was driving near 52nd and girard about 6:00 p.m. when he was shot in the chest. the 29-year-old then crashed his minivan into the side of a building. so far there's no arrest and no possible motive behind this. and the effort does continue tonight to account for those still unaccounted for following a five alarm fire at a senior living facility in west chester. more than a day now after the flames were doused investigators are still dealing with smoldering debris. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan returned to that community today. >> i had rollers in my hair. >> reporter: linda barns says what matters most is her 90-year-old mother beatrice is alive but finding her the night of the fire at barclay
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friends senior community was chaotic. >> i said my mother was a resident there. someone has to help me. >> reporter: they were finally reunited at a nearby ambulance center. >> we got to my mother she was in her pajamas bathrobe old slippers and a big blanket wrapped around her and god love one of the nurses that loves my mother at the home. she was sitting with my mother and i just hugged her and said you're such an angel, thank you. >> reporter: unfortunately some families haven't had that same sweet moment. officials say while there are no confirmed deaths, there are still a handful of people unaccounted for after the fire >> we make every effort to make sure that everybody is accounted for and contact the families. >> reporter: saturday morning chester county officials met with the national response team from the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives while hot spots at the scene obstructed their ability to physically inspect the site for a cause and orrin of the fires authorities say off-site they've conducted well over a hundred interviews. >> all of the families need to
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be contacted. >> reporter: not only does atf national response bring with it chemists and other fire investigating experts they also have heavy equipment in will help sift through the collapsed floors ceilings and walls looking for clues and any possible buried victims, something they have not been able to rule out. in west chester, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> atf national response teams say their heavy equipment will be arriving at that scene tomorrow. the team will likely start digging on monday and continue at that site for at least three to four days. also tonight a-70-year-old man was seriously burned in a row house fire in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. firefighter rushed to the scene near ninth and eerie about 4 o'clock this morning. authorities say the flames spread to two neighboring houses. the cause is still under investigation. the sixers are hosting the warriors at the wells fargo center. the team is honoring a six-year-old as their strong kid of the game. "eyewitness news" reporter
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alycia nieves will tell us why. >> reporter: that six-year-old is one that has had to battle cancer and built a unique relationship with one of the sixers players. hanging court side at the 76ers game a special guest of sixers forward robert covington. >> was that the little man? how you? >> good. >> he is such a strong kid. his mom kind of told me what all they experienced with him and, you know, it touched me very much. >> reporter: for 18 months six-year-old giovanni from west chester new york battled large cell lymphoma. he just went into ream mission. before his birthday covington nominated his fan to be the sixers strong kid of the day. >> thank you rob. >> i got to know geo a lot over the past year. to go through all that and
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have such high praise and such -- a high spirit like it's amazing. >> reporter: last year he had this chance encounter with robert after a game. >> it's one of those like kind of bonds you felt something, light, you can feel that type of vibe. >> reporter: the two have built a special relationship. >> i face time him. >> they talk twice a week to encourage each other. >> i look at him as such a strong person. it keeps me going. >> robert wanted to make sure geo got the vip treatment and a little boost top continue staying strong, staying cancer free. >> it means a lot. geo is like super into sports. he loves rob more than anything. and they have a very special relationship so to be able to do this for his birthday this year is really special to him. >> and it took about a month of planning for this whole thing to get coordinated between geo's mom and robert covington. they wanted to make sure that he got to this particular game. the sixers are his favorite team and covington is obviously his favorite player
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but his next favorite player is steph curry with the warriors. the warriors obviously played the sixers today so he got to see steph play and this kid had such a good time. reporting live outside the wells fargo center in philadelphia, alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> so heartwarming. thank you alycia. the governor of alabama meantime says that she is solidly behind roy moore's u.s. senate candidacy despite allegations of sexual misconduct. governor kate ivy told reporters she will vote for the embattled former judge even though she's bothered by the allegations. the republican is accused of making sexual advances towards teenaged girls when he was a deputy district attorney in his 30's. meantime several church leaders called on moore to step aside today. >> he is an extremist christian whose hateful rhetoric harmful policies and abuses of power are per versions of christianity.
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>> the gathering came after other religious leaders pledged support for moore. he's facing doug jones to fill attorney general jeff sessions seat on december 12th. a leak in the keystone pipeline has been stopped after spilling 210,000 gallons of oil. the controversial pipeline operated by transcanada started leaking outside of the town of amherst south dakota on thursday. officials say it will take some time to see how this underground leak has affected ground water though they claim there's no threat to public safety right now. the wok world saying goodbye to a beloved guitarist today. malcolm young of ac/dc passed away. he was the rhythm guitarist and guiding force behind the australian rock band. the band announced his passing on their facebook page and web site. young was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. a statement said he died peacefully with his family by
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his side. malcolm young was 64 years old. former actor and singer david cassidy is in critical condition tonight suffering from organ failure at a florida hospital. cassidy was that rushed to the hospital about three days ago and so far it is still unclear as to why his organs are failing. cassidy revealed in february that he was diagnosed with dementia. the former actor and singer is best known for his role as keith partridge on the 1970s sitcom the partridge family. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, nasa successfully sends a weather satellite into space. plus, protecting elephants. president trump puts a temporary stop on a controversial plan some say would have amounted to a death sentence for african elephants but is it enough. also. >> giving thanks and giving back. the food bank of south jersey is making sure every family who needs a meal for thanksgiving gets one. i'm anita oh in pennsauken. the community effort behind the cause. >> and coming up later, a
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washington state trooper is meeting a baby girl for the very first time. how his actions on the freeway helped her family make it to >> and liftoff of delta two and. >> blastoff. the system is designed to help predict extreme weather forecasts like drought and forest fires. today's launch was the third
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attempt this week at vandenberg air force base in california. a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit a city in southwest china's tibet region today. so far no reports of any casualties. emergency responders say many of their newer buildings were not impacted by this quake. and many are praising president trump's decision to delay a new policy and allow trophies of african elephants shot for sport to be brought into company. some lawmakers say more needs to be done to protect the animals from extinction. on thursday the fish and wildlife service said it would lift a ban from elephant trophies from sambia and zimbabwe to raise money for conservation efforts. the humane society says the ban should be permanent. >> why would we add more death and suffering to elephant communities when they're already besieged by poachers.
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it's a disfavored activity. >> president trump says he is delaying the new policy until he can review "all conservation facts." you know, it is not cheap to put together a festive holiday meal and that is why the food bank of south jersey lends a helping hand this time of the year. folks dropped off traditional thanksgiving food today to ensure that everyone in south jersey gets to feast on thursday. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh was there. >> look at this. >> all the bags. >> okay. >> reporter: giving thanks. >> i woke up this morning. [laughter] >> reporter: and giving back. >> i remembered the gravy, the cranberry, the stuffing. >> reporter: that's how some in the south jersey community spent their saturday. >> people out there are less fortunate than me and they need a meal and we're out here to make it happen. >> reporter: all day the food bank of south jersey collected turkeys and canned goods top distribute to those
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who need a little extra help. >> the need is that prominent. we work with 250 pantries run by churches, civic groups and soup kitchens as well. >> reporter: organizers say because of natural disasters like hurricane maria locate local donations have declined. they can use your help in collecting food for about 200,000 people across south jersey. tasha says she showed up because it's a highly personal cause. >> you never forget where you come from. as a child, i grew up needing food, so when you see those needs, you connect with it instantly. >> reporter: she and her husband, john, of power of life international will be distributing items through their food pantry. >> we're always looking for some meat, you know, folks need some meat. we also need canned items. vegetables are always good. >> reporter: they hope by giving a meal they can also give hope. >> besides having a decent meal, i'm hoping a better life for them and their children.
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that's important. >> reporter: in pennsauken, anita oh. >> happy thanksgiving and go birds. >> reporter: cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> also the mummers are giving away hundreds of turkeys this weekend as well and they delivered the turkeys and other thanksgiving dinner trimmings to the philadelphia veterans comfort house today. "eyewitness news" on baltimore avenue in west philly. mummers from 36 different clubs collected these donations at the mummers museum. this is all going to help to feed 150 veterans on the night before thanksgiving. >> they did it last year at the same time, right before thanksgiving and we're just overwhelmed how generous the community can be in their support of the veterans themselves. >> the donations also included clothing and toiletry items. and a very especially holiday surprise just ahead of the opening of christmas village on thanksgiving. the made in philadelphia holiday market opened today. dillworth park has been
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transformed now into a holiday shopping wonderland. it operated by the organizers of christmas village. the made in philadelphia holiday market will be opened through christmas eve. now we're really in holiday spirits. >> yes, so fun. >> i know, can't wait. and these runners i'm sure they can't wait to hear your forecast for the marathon tomorrow. >> maybe they can wait. >> they can wait? that doesn't sound good, you guys. >> yeah, strong winds they'll have to contend with as they're running. like it's not tough enough to run 26 miles. >> 2 miles for me. >> right. >> thanks a lot mother nature but what can you do. right in you we're dealing with rain and the wind speeds starting to pick up including in the city winds starting to whip out of the south at about 20 miles per hour right now. check out our temperature, though. we're at 60 degrees right now. we've warmed significantly over the last several hours thanks to the passage of a warm front that didn't generate that light rain we saw throughout the day. we did see some heavier rain especially west of the city picking up over a half inch in pottstown today, same case in reading, pick up about .3 in
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allentown and just .04 of an inch in philadelphia despite the persistence of the rain it was rather light in intensity and seeing light shower activity from wilmington into philadelphia and the rain continues across portions of berks county, the lehigh valley and poconos. pockets of more moderate to heavy rainfall and that's going to be the trend over the next couple hours. we'll see the intensity start to pick up. right now just seeing the light intensity showers making their way back into the city and trying to stretch out into south jersey as well but we have all this moisture that's going to traverse the area throughout the overnight period so we'll see kind of a swath of rainfall moving in overnight tonight with the passage of a cold front in association with this system and, yes, there is some cold air on the backside of it. you can see some snow breaking out on the western edge of the low. temperatures right now north of the warm front we're still in the 40's. 45 trees degrees in allentown, 61 in wilmington, 60 in a.c., 61 in dover. and hold onto these temperatures, they're the most mild we're going to feel for really a couple of days as
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this cold air positioned right behind the frontal boundary is going to come storming in on the backside of the passage as we head throughout the overnight period. so, for tonight, 49 degrees, wind driven rain, even a few rumbles of thunder possible as we push towards day break. for our sunday we'll see an early morning shower then quickly turning mostly sunny, temperatures gradually cooling throughout the day so plan for 40's in the afternoon despite that high of 54 and also of course dealing with the windy conditions, wind speeds to 15 to 25 miles per hour with higher gusts. future weather showing us throughout the overnight period seeing that secondary swath of precipitation moving in after midnight. spreading into south jersey and the shore as we head into the early morning hours. i think we could see some rumble of thunder with maybe an isolated thundershower moving through towards the early morning hours and then kind of quickly clearing on out as we head into the morning hours, sunshine for the afternoon but that's not going to help us feel any better where we contend with those winds and cooling temperatures and breeze starting to pick up right now as we get a live look at rehoboth beach.
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wind speeds around 20 miles per hour along the jersey coast but 24 miles an hour wind speeds in dover. winds gusting to 36 in dover and those stronger winds will overspread the area from south to north as we head throughout the overnight period so future wind gusts showing you 40 even potentially near 50 miles per hour wind gusts throughout the overnight. this is race start time tomorrow morning. wind gusts in the mid 30's to potentially 40 miles per hour in philadelphia. still pretty breezy for brunch time tomorrow and then as we head into the second half of the day, wind starts to relax a bit but still winds gust up around 25 to 30 miles per hour for tomorrow evening. things quiet down as we head into thanksgiving week wednesday. your travel day maybe an isolated morning shower, otherwise clouds around. thanksgiving at this point looking pretty good but chilly 48 degrees. that will be below average for us and dry conditions for black friday high temperature at 50 degrees but chilly start to the work week on monday. 47 for the high temperature and with breezy conditions persisting, those wind chills will likely be in the 30's and low 40's really all throughout
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our monday. then big improvement by tuesday. that looks like the nicest day of the upcoming week with sunshine and a high temperature at 57. >> not too bad. >> yes. >> thank you so much lauren. appreciate that. lesley's got sports highlights. >> right and we're hoping that the flyers can end a three game slide. it was senior day at penn state and at temple and eagles looking for a little pay back against the cowboys. sixers back at home. a tough test facing the world champs and the sixers got out
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. >> sixers coming off a three and two west coast trip starting a six game home stand tonight starting with the defending champs golden state. second quarter sixers up by 20. dario saric dishes it to joel embiid for the tip in. sixers with a 22-point halftime lead but the warriors they're one of the best teams in the third quarter. steph curry with the three and sixers 22-point lead cut down to one and steph was not finished. he'll drop another triple. he scored 20 of
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half points. the orange and black on a three game slide where they've only scored two goals. first period the flyers with a one goal lead. ivan provorov shoot through traffic past smith. then in the second period the orange and black up four to three flames on the power play. sean monaghan scores his third goal of the game. this game goes into overtime. flames on the attack. the flyers drop their fourth straight game five-four the final. >> we got to figure out a way to grind out winds no matter what it takes, whether we're up a goal, we have to come back from behind, whatever it is. we just got to figure it out. >> difficult when you're putting your team in that situation. hard when you're down a man, they're likely to score a goal so i think obviously it comes down to discipline for our team and that's the biggest
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thing. >> the wait is almost over. we've been talking about this game for almost two weeks now. tomorrow the eight and one eagles take on a desperate dallas cowboys team who will be missing three of their best players due to injury or suspension. the last time the birds traveled to big d they let a 10th quarter lead slip away. zach prescott finds jason whitman for the win. a lot has changed. >> we let it get away but at the same time that was last year. we're a different team. they're a different team. so, really just focused on this one but i think that's just really the thing from this year to last year is just winning ball games at the end of games, winning close ball games and finding a way to do that. >> we'll get you ready for the prime time nfc east matchup starting at 11:30 on sunday kickoff john don bell and yours truly at 11:30 right here on cbs3. to college football the final home game of the season for the nittany lions.
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they played nebraska on senior day. no score in the first, junior saquon barkley breaks loose, goes down the sidelines for a 65-yard touchdown. and the nitts take the lead. it's now 14-10 in the second quarter. trace mcsorely on the option. he just runs 9 yards for the score. penn state with a 56-44 victory. let's head down to the linc. temple took on 9 yards to the house. temple trailing by 11. it's 31-13 in the third miltonia wide opened smith for a 22-yard touchdown. central florida beat the owls 45 to 19. >> thank you so much, lesley. we appreciate that. we'll stay -- stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news" a man and his wife extremely grateful to a washington state trooper. >> the look on his face was just sheer terror.
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>> i'm pretty sure he would let us go. >> how the officer became a special part of t
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. a washington state trooper who pulled over a man and his pregnant wife as they sped to the hospital got to meet the baby. how it all started, it was more than 15 miles an hour over the speed limit in
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seattle as the father was rushing his wife to the family. by the time the trooper caught up to the family he noticed the wife struggling in the passenger seat. she was in active labor at the time. >> i got up to the car he rolls the window down and just looks totally distraught and says we're on our way to the hospital. she's in labor. the only thing i could think of was go. i don't want a baby come on the side of the road. >> well, fortunately baby thea wasn't born until hours later. her parents made a special trip to police h
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>> welcome back. well, you may never look at a yellow new york taxicab the same again. here's why. these are the men and drivers of the new york city taxi driver's pinup calendar. the tongue in cheek photos feature drivers posing provocatively. some of the proceeds will go to a charity that helps low income immigrants in that's going to do it for us today on that note. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren. we're always on (rock music) - [narrator] today on the american athlete, team usa captain maggie steffens reveals water polo is a full contact sport. - you have to be calm on top of the water, and then really, under this table,
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i am having a karate contest with three other people. - [narrator] and she's competing for more than just her country. - that's something that motivates me is the opportunity to represent your name. it gives me the chills thinking about it because i love it so much. i love training. i love wanting to be the best. - [narrator] then, villanova's jay wright opens up his playbook on winning a national title. - it's really the most important thing that we do is instill character into our guys. and i wanna be the guy that's bringin' the energy every day to everybody. as long as i feel i can do that then i wanna coach. (rock music) - [narrator] all this and more coming up on the american athlete. (rock music) (upbeat electronica music) - i'm maggie steffens, and this is the american athlete. (upbeat electronica music)
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- i'm maggie steffens. i'm on the usa women's water polo team. i'm a utility player, and we're in huntington beach at the usa water polo office. (upbeat electronica music) so many people have asked me about water polo simply because it's not the basketball team or the soccer team. and it's definitely a growing sport. i try to explain it as a combination of sports. if you can kind of connect the sport that you love to water polo, i guarantee you'll fall in love. so, similar to basketball where you have a group that play defense and offense, and then you're constantly moving up and down the court trying to score points. you know, it has a hockey factor where there's physical play. and then, it's similar to soccer where you got the net and the goalie, and you're trying to get it past them. but, while you're doing all that, you're swimming, you're treading water, you're playing a chess game mentally. so, i would say it's a very fun, fast, and competitive sport


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