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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 20, 2017 3:05am-4:01am EST

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he kicked -- first kickoff fwheent the end zone and second kickoff returner didn't try to bring it out. it was deep enough. that's incredible to me. not only are guys rolling in there and stepping up and not worrying about you know, not being quite right they're getting it done across the board, offense and defense. an indication that this team is special and this is special season. >> they are special and one of the things that makes them great is is they believe. they believe even when they're down or when adverse things happen able to go clutch down 9-7 on road after two week la layoff came back and played well. >> panic. >> and offense looks particularly sghad dallas cowboys were holding baltimore than eagles were which is something eagles are normally
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so adept at controlling that sort of things. they were missing as you see, there was pressure on carson carson was hitting the path here. looking for calls instead of going out there and making plays. that was a thrown ball by carson wentz. that's not something we're accustomed to seeing. >> another low ball here he was off in the first half. no doubt about it. but when you have a chance we ran 60 plays offensively. 33 of those were run plays so. when you have a chance to even things out with run game that starts clicking, >> dallas is that the beautiful. every week doug and frank than staff offensively they change things just enough to keep a defense on their toes, we didn't do a whole ton of different runs today.
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we always run inside stone and always do actually today we did very little outside zone. but we ran trap and ran a power and power o and today we were pulling tackles and which was crazy it's unusual. normally you poll the guard today poll pulling lane johnson and leading in point of asa tack inside backer. it worked it was something teams had. i want to talk to you about started slow owe fep servicely and the reason they were able toll stay in the game is because defensively they got after it. defense allowed off fence and rhythm and one of the things was first round rookie.
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derrek mar are ba are net was man possessed. >> that was impress toyv bring dak prescott to the ground with one harm that was sperm. he was in on more plays defensively just the sheer number derrek barnett was in the game. of course, brandon graham will always make big plays in run game. >> bg does that. >> derrek barnett has four and a half for the season. >> yes. >> that's something special. and level of intensity that he brings to the game luke i think havey curry is a good player. he's solid with the run and heavy hands and plays off blocks well. but early in this game vice vice presidenty curry bit hard on ride and decide. inside zone and democratic national convention prescott one to the edge and got big first down. >> 11 yard. >> first one or two drives for dallas. >> then next series derrek
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barnett replaced vinny. it was almost like hey vinny you're the guy setting against the edge of the run and you didn't do your job we'll give barnett a chance. and as a result he was the guy that ended up with most sacks on team. we'll see more of derrek barnett i hope we see more. >> when the quarterback threats go defensive line they skipd of stop he keeps moving not just towards quarterback which the ball leaves his hand he khaess the ball his motor never stops. fun to watch him the rest of the way. taking a quick timeout. when we come back john moneyed all the schemes they ran offensively in terms of offensive lien and running rock. we'll talk about that in fact, we'll show you some of those we'll talk about that in fact, we'll show you some of those plays when we come back.
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sgrvr welcome back to jeep sports zone. when you're preparing for eagles i imagine as defensive coordinator you don't know who will run the ball. it's a cast of character all very good. so they ran for 215 yards today and that als alsoen includes six carry from carson wentz. you can take that out if you like. we saw them very effective 6 1/2 per and scheme up front was all over the place. >> it was different this is a team that bases everything off the inside zone. entire offensive line if it's to the left they're stepping with left foot and blocking an area as one guy works his way to the next level. that's the staple of this offense and that's what the ride and decide is and today running track and as you see there and power and cory clemens wonderful game.
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big gim start. jay ajay running power and running power up. they're two different sort of schools of thought for running ball. the man in the zone. today we did both. we mixed them both so well. we love to get the ball to legarrette on trap and on the inside zone where you whammy a deep tackle andsome them ear hole them. we are mitching and matching and always varying things just enough and keeping defense on toes. they can never be right because our offensive line is dominant. they love to fire out. if euro ten receive lineman you don't want to be retrea retreating all game. if you're pass blocking you're kick stepping and you're retreating and we did a little too much of that in the first half. second half. >> lolt of passes if the first half.
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>> you know what we'll do we'll stick to what you big guys up front like to do the most we'll run the end zone and run the power scheme to pull our tackle where they can lead right at the point of attack and so back can gets behind lane johnson leading to hole. back can get behind leading to hole. it works so well with the way these guys are arely getting after people. >> they're getting it done up front. things are happening at at&t stadium we have post game for you taken starts with brandon graham. >> i feel good going to somebody's else's house and taking it. ares what we did today we went out and fought and took what we claim this year nfc east first and go out there and. >> to the fans that travel thank you. they brought energy. we didn't let them down.
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they're going back with a smile on their face and something to faulk about positive. >> math up if sproles was here. if the numbers call they can go answer and execute and man, just jay running down second half got us going momentum and legarrette had big runs and man. >> great to come back. l. a lot of family came to this game. that's how we dominated and played well. great feeling you. >> think you made them quit. >> definitely. mind set and you felt it chose to end of third and we had our way. >> jay aj ayi born in london his family when i think he was 7, 8, 9 years old moved to northeast texas and they were cowboys fans. at least his dad was and his mom was eagles fan. they're all eagles' fans now. you wanted to make a point
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about carson wentz and the fact he stayed clean i know you're plague on turf. >> ran 3 times and threw 22 times and carson went was sdakd zero times. when you can balance out offense like that. -- one of my biggest worries davis you -- demarcus was leading and had none today. >> you need to balance run and pass in order to achieve this. todays with a great lesson. >> my favorite quote of all the stuff we just listened to there brandon graham saying we came to take what we're claiming this year. that's the meant tallty. john richie in the house. they play chicago them week at home and he'll join us here next sunday night to break that down. it's been fun. >> love it, don, loved watching the game with you. >> that's right we're sitting yelling in the conference roo
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rool. while eating a chimichanga out of a vipding machine. top three plays of the week of a vipding machine. top three plays of the week and top three on three.
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snv update on suxers markelle fultz. the team said he's being evaluate and soreness is dissipating and muscle imbalance is improving. he'll start to progress towards full activities and be reevaluated in two to three weeks. time for temple football update owls taking on ranked central florida on senior day. south korea quarter down 1 14-10. ucf mckenzie milton so
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answering us r us. now 31-3 in third. milton to wide open smith for a 22 yard touchdown at central florida taking down temple owl on senior day 45-19. >> today at center flyers holding annual wives carnival chance for a fans to meet and greet the players. so far they raesed over 27 million in 41 years. it's official, flyers will be without defensive end dis for ten games. got game misconduct during the game against winnipeg on thursday for the clash and he said it was accidentsal. since he's repeat offender long suspension was inevitabl inevitable. with that penalty he for gits 408,000 in salary. >> good news for players though. nhl announced fly guys will play at lincoln fchbl feel as
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part of stadium series in february 20 19. they'll take on pengs. it's that time of the week. here now the ram top three on three. off the hand, off the helmet. in the arms -- catch. a long pass. what a pass. butler. butler up against shoulder.
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and he scores. one play. touchdown, 67 yards for a eye state is. what a play. this is one of the great catches of college football. step up and gop deep corner and deep near corner of end zone. did he debt it did he get it? yes, yes, touch down. oh, my god. on the new korp of the end zone. zimmerman, it's another touchdown. hail mary on the last play. we hope you enjoyed time in the zone for producers andy saul and tall i'm don bell thanks for watching have a saul and tall i'm don bell thanks for watching have a great night.
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>> had i known that that device, that nutri bullet could hurt me high wouldn't hatch used it. that's what why want people to know. those can hurt you. >> mireya villarreal, cbs news,
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los angeles. >> when we return, we first met them six years ago. my, how they and their charity have grown.
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we end with a remarkable group of girls we first met in 2011, from long island, helping families more than 8700 miles away in cambodia. we recently paid the girls a visit to see how they and their charity have grown. >> the little kids just kind of live like on the street. >> reporter: back when emmy spect was 8, a family trip to cambodia opened her eyes to a nation's need. to see it as a kid how did that change you when you saw the poverty? >> when we noticed how much we all have, that we kind of take for granted every day. just something as small as clean water. that other people need. and we use it every day. we don't even notice it. >> so emmy, her sister rae and friend took notice. starting the charity, four girls for families. their first project was funding and delivering 600 water filtration systems to cambodia. >> i thought that it was really
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a great cause. >> mandy at age 12. >> in cambodia you would see all the dirty walter there. >> and we have delivered almost 3,000 of these water filters. >> improving a country's water supply helps prevent death and disease and impacts so much more says 17-year-old rae spect. >> a lot of young women in the villages because they did not have clean drinking water it would affect their whole lives, like have to walk for miles each day to get clean drinking water. it would prevent them from going to school. >> so you're from doing water filters to building wells. and a lot of the wells were built at schools so that kids could bring walter back to their family. >> while we are on the topping of schools. >> we have also just finished a
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new project we are happy about. the pet school, for 500 kids. >> pretty good accomplishment. >> yeah, pretty daunting to start. >> high school junior, eloise casay. >> visiting the school was probably one of the highlights of the trip. you know talking to the students. really making a personal connection. and seeing firsthand, what we have done. >> do you think about them when you are here? >> i do. some times when i just, get a glass of water, i think, you know, i wonder what that girl at that school i talked to, i wonder if she is doing now, and i wonder if she has clean water because of us. >> i love it. >> they sell cambodian crafts to raise fund. their new goal, a second school. and a second generation of siblings and volunteers for the project. >> you think you will keep working with four girls for families. >> sam spect its 11. >> it is the right thing to do if someone is in need. you should make a difference. >> that's the "overnight news"
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for monday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm elaine quijano. welcome to the "overnight news," i'm elaine quijanoai special election could alter the balance of power in the u.s. senate. the top three newspapers in bamt alabama ran front page editorials rejection candidate roy moore. fighting off allegations of sexual misconduct. the newspapers call the election point a turning point for women in a state that has the silenced them for too long. dean reynolds is there. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> doug jones is the democrat in the race. and often overlooked candidate, who is hoping a new day is dawning in alabama. you can accomplish great things. >> reporter: as of today, jones is on the right side of the most
3:31 am
influential newspaper in the state. winning the endorsement of the birmingham news, which simultaneously, and pointedly attacked his republican opponent, roy moore. every day, said the editorial, new allegations arise. so far, nine women one as young as 14 at the time have come forward with allegations against moore, ranging from undesired advances to molestation. when he was a man in his 30s. now 70 moore and his team attacked the women and "the washington post" which first published their stories. >> scurilous, false, charges not charges, allegations. which i have emphatically denied. time and time again.
3:32 am
>> today's birmingham news editorial assailed moore's rigid religious conservatism. if we vote for roy moore, alabama will also show that we don't care about you, if you are gay or muslim or catholic if you are an atheist or an immigrant it said. michelle holmes is on the editorial board. >> this was a clear cut case. we have opposed moore before. we will oppose moore in the future. roy moore is bad for alabama. >> reporter: turnout will mean everything in the race. the deadline to register to vote is november 27th. elaine. >> dean reynolds, thank you. the political horse trading is heating up on capitol hill where senate republicans plan to hold a volt on the tax overall bill right after the thanksgiving recess. gop leaders can only afford to lose two votes. and wisconsin senator ron johnson has already said he can't vote for the bill the way
3:33 am
it stands. nancy cordes has more. >> this bull crap that you guys throw out here really gets old after a while. do it right at the end of this. >> reporter: tension had been building in the senate finance committee for four days. >> when republicans are in power, the first thing they want to do is give tax cuts to the rich. just what, in their dna. >> i really resent anybody saying i am just doing this for the rich. give me a break. >> committee chairman, orrin hatch, and ohio democrat, sherrod brown decided to have it out. >> with all due respect i get sick and tired of the richest people in the country getting richer and richer. >> regular order. order. listen, i've honored you by alug you to spout off here. and what you said was not right. that's all i'm saying. i come from the lower middle-class, originally, we didn't have anything. so spew that stuff on me. >> at the heart of the debate was new analysis by the joint committee on taxation, a bipartisan congressional operation. it says the republican senate
3:34 am
plan would initially lead to tax cuts at all income levels. but, low income americans would start seeing their taxes go up in 2021. and by 2027, all individuals making $75,000 or less would pay more than under current law. partly because many of the plans tax breaks are temporary. kevin hassette is the president's chief economist. >> the hope for everybody is that, when the time comes for these things to expire they get extended. >> there is no guarantee. democrats argue that businesses and the wealthy reap permanent benefits from the tax plan. republicans believe they can pass the bill without democratic support. so there is little incentive. >> days after a massive oil like in the keystone pipeline, a vote tomorrow for the expansion. here is roxana saberi. >> what appears to be a small spot staining the farmland, 210,000 gallons of oil from a leak in the keystone pipeline.
3:35 am
transcanada, the canadian company running the pipeline says its crews shut it down after noticing the leak thursday morning. >> we have the right personnel here to do the job. and we are going to be here and aggressively do this. >> local landowner, ken mokely is worried about contamination. >> i don't want tight happen anywhere, but of course on us. >> reporter: the keystone pipeline delivers oil from can pa to illinois and texas. the leak in south dakota came four days before nebraska regulators are set to announce whether to let transcanada build another pipeline through their state. the proposal called keystone xl sparked criticism from nebraskans like art tanba. >> what gives a foreign corporation the right to come in and take land away nebraska farmers. >> reporter: in march president trump paved the way for the project reversing former president obama's rejection of it on environmental ground. and granting transcanada a
3:36 am
federal permit. >> transcanada will be allowed to complete the project. >> reporter: nebraska officials say the spill in south dakota won't affect their decision on whether the expansion can go ahead. but critics say, the leak is proof of the perils posed by pipelines. if regulators approve the keystone xl expansion monday, the new pipeline would carry about 830,000 barrels of oil a day from canada through three states. it would connect with the existing keystone pipeline that just leaked. the cause is under investigation. >> roxana, thank you. robert mugabe, long time dictator of zimbabwe was ousted by his political party today. his impeachment could be next. mugabe took control of the south african country months before president reagan was first elected. debora patta has more. on the political crisis. >> reporter: robert mugabe stand isolated. his once ironclad grip on power ebbing away.
3:37 am
but still he is digging in his heels. it was widely expect he would stand down in an address to the nation this evening. >> the congress in a few weeks from now. >> reporter: instead he gave a rambling speech with no hint of resignation and appeared to think he was still in charge. >> i will preside over its processes. >> reporter: today his party rejected him. the ruling party sacked him as their leader. in the jubilant meeting they also demand heed resign as president of the country by noon on monday, or face impeachment. his controversial wife, grace has been permanently expelled from the party. parliament reconvenes tuesday, if mugabe has not stepped down by then it is expected it will move to impeach him. elaine.
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scientists at nasa have a new toy or tool if you want to look at it that way. it compresses 20 years of the earth's weather history into a short movie shot from space. chip reid reports from nasa's goddard space center in greenbelt, maryland. >> scientists we talked to called this paradise for geeks and what they're geek out about now is that new toy for studying what's happening to the oceans and what it means for us. it is one of a kind. never ben done before. and so, being able to capture land, ocean, atmosphere, ice, over 20 years together. it's insanely cool. >> rings your bell. >> totally does. >> ignition.
3:41 am
>> nasa wants the first of three satellites in 1997 allowing them to track life on earth through 20 years of satellite imaging. >> bottom line, what are you seeing planet getting warmer over 20 years? >> absolutely. >> the doctor says the data helped show how our planet is changing. what are you seeing in terms of water levels, ocean levels? >> generally speaking, ocean levels are rising. now, they, they, rise slowly. it is like watching ice cubes melt in a glass of soda. >> what is causing changes in color are changes in gazillions of phytoplankten. >> we are geeks. sorry, i do. i do love the guys. they're useful to society, they give us oxygen. but they're so beautiful. >> the tiny ocean organisms the doctor studies along with plants on the ground pull carbon dioxide out of the air and help make human life possible. >> how many cells are in this
3:42 am
bottle would you guess? >> 20 million. >> these building blocks of life are the bottom of the food chain and, she says, as change so does the earth's eco system. >> really cool. the data is powerful. what happened now in the past and in the future. >> yes it is complicated. bun way to think about all this is scientists are keeping track of all of these phytoplankten so they have an early warning system on what is happening to the earth as the it heats up. to help them do their jobs better they're sending up another satellite. >> coffee lovers take know. the most expensive cup of joe in the world doesn't come from colombia, hawaii or jamaica, it comes from war torn yemen one reason it costs so much. john black stone and the story of the man who brought the beans to the world. >> coffee experts call it cupping. standardized ritual for evaluating coffee beans. the beans under scrutiny in san
3:43 am
rafael, california have equator's co-founder, helen russell reaching for superlatives. >> this is a treat. this is passion. this is history. this is drama. this is the best coffee in the world. >> it comes from yemen. a country stow racked by war, its coffee has been largely out of reach for decades. until, a young man from america, decided to go and get it. >> if i knew that i was going to go through a war torn country, escape bullets air strikes stand leave on a bet across a giant ocean i would have never started this journey. >> reporter: the trip started when he saw a century old statue in san francisco. a yemenee monk with a cup of coffee to his lips. the logo for the hills brothers coffee company. >> i saw it. i started remembering stories,
3:44 am
grandparents, my mother, when i was younger, my family took me back to yemen quite a built. and so i remember picking coffee cherries with my grandmother. >> the connection he felt to coffee drew him back to ancient villages in yemen. a country his parents left before he was born. a place where for hundreds of years, coffee has been grown on steep mountain terraces. >> i went to, about, 32 different region as cross yemen. very interesting team for me. i dent realize how crazy a place it was going through instability. >> yemenee farmers, the first to cultivate coffee. >> the way it was picked processed was arbitrary. had to slow down work with them hands on. that looks like building system thousands, moisture analyzers, and giving them micro loans. in the first year we paid for
3:45 am
six weddings. they paid us back in coffee cherries. >> getting the coffee out of yemen with bombs falling, forced him to escapen a small bet across the red sea carrying with him coffee beans from the villages. >> actually when i escaped on the boat a big deal for them. one village had a meeting they realized how committed i was for them. and, if it wasn't for their hard work and their belief in my vision, i wouldn't be able to do this work. >> back in america, james freeman of blue bottle coffee, was among the first to taste the beans he had carried out of yemen. stunning, stunning coffee. >> blue bottle started selling it at a stunning price. $16 a cup. >> when you're offering this coffee at $16 a cup, is it an act of charity to biff it?
3:46 am
>> no. no. it is an act of sensory pleasure. it has to be an amazing transporting experience for us to be able to justify that price. people are willing to pay more for coffees if they know it has social impact. luckily, like these coffees also are just, pretty wonderful coffees. >> the price begins with farmers in yemen paid a fair price. rises with cost of transporting the coffee out of remote mountains and exported from a country in conflict. to a package, here, in america. >> if i want to help my farmers i have to make sure the coffees are great. when someone pays $16 for a cup of coffee it better be a good coffee. ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪ ♪if only harry used some... ♪...bounce, to dry. ♪yeah! ♪he would be a less wrinkly, and winning at life.♪
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country music star, blake shelton has an album climbing the charts. it is called texoma shore. and branching out into the restaurant business, and opened one south of oklahoma city hand has another one in the works in nashville. jan crawford is there. >> we are here in downtown nashville. behind me, this massive old bank building is undergoing renovation. when it opens in a few months the anchor of the new blake shelton brand old red. before shelton agreed to open a restaurant/bar here in the neon lights of nashville he first insisted opening one in a place most people have probably never heard of. a small town in rural oklahoma near where he grew up. an area he says, made him who he is today.
3:50 am
♪ there is a neon light ♪ at the end of the tunnel >> for a country music superstar. ♪ all that bright >> reporter: this is a small stage. >> y'all have any idea of songs you want to hear or anything lake that? all of them? >> reporter: it was friday night in oklahoma, and blake shelton was home. >> i'm just going to play as many songs as i can until, i have drank too much or my voice blows out. one of the two. the first concert in shelton's new bar and restaurant old red. ♪ taking care of old red >> ambitious project in a place with just over 3,000 people. >> for shelton hometown location was a must. >> never left this place? >> took a break from this place to go give nashville a shot. i don't know how to not be in oklahoma. you know, i don't know how to, to not go hunting and fishing every year. how god built me.
3:51 am
>> 25 years after he gave nashville a shot, shelton has dozens of country music awards and more than 20 chart topping singles. >> thank you, incredible. >> also taken on hollywood. >> you sing like a man. >> earning legions of new fans as judge on the voice. in a difficult time of his life he met the woman that gives him hope. >> talking to gwen stefani. >> i can't figure the two of you together until i saw it in person. it makes total sense. you know. ♪ i will be you >> it may seem hard to believe in downtown, shelton and rock star girlfriend have become a regular sight. >> she likes it here. a relief for her to be able to come some place that she doesn't have to look, around the corner at every building to see who is taking her picture and following her car, you know, this is an area where you do that, then, you're going to get some friend called on you. >> they're going to look out for her. off awe right.
3:52 am
right. >> rural oklahoma wasn't part of the original plan when collin reid who heads the ryman hospitality group dreamed up a venue. >> way to think of this. 110 million country lifestyle consumers, blake communicates with these folks. >> they wanted to do it in nashville. duh, no brainer. i've went, back and forth. i said i will do the restaurant, partner with you guys, with one, one, one condition. we got to do one in oklahoma first. >> you know i love guy. i've didn't go no, you are crazy. i said let's think about it. talked to our management team. they said what are you crazy? >> but more than a year later, the management team, and seemingly everyone else, was in oklahoma for the grand opening. >> i think it is going to be a great thing for the community. and it is just going to be a crap load of fun. >> lines stretched down the block.
3:53 am
>> hung have you been standing in line? >> two hour. >> two hours! >> super fans from all over the country, got there early. >> who was here, what time? >> 4:30 a.m. >> shelton is hoping his latest venture keeps the crowds coming to the town, providing a much needed boost to the local economy. ♪ why don't you go ahead and break my heart ♪ >> he and stefani will continue splitting their time between the big stage and the small town. >> things never stop for me. they never stop. and i relate to, to gwen on that level by the way. trying to get better. she and i beth are, at just, just living in the moments that are hatch penning. >> reporter: in his latest single, shelton now 41 is looking forward. ♪
3:54 am
you name the babies and i name the dogs ♪ >> but some times he dreams of hanging it all up and heading home for good. >> what any the next chapter? >> well i would like to give you a really honest answer to that question. and i, i will. every year for probably the last five years, i say, you know what, guys, next year is, i'm out. after that. i'm going to go pick pecans ad going fishing for here on out. why not? why wouldn't i do that? >> why don't you? >> i think there is part of me that realizes, even though this is, you know it gets exhausting and feels like it never ends, that i would probably miss it. ♪ if you name something sweet i'll give you something steady ♪ >> shelton is balancing both worlds with his heart firmly planted in oklahoma. >> this is a string that you step out of, and when you realize you want back in it, it is dry. there is no water in that stream anymore. ♪ ♪ >> new, with live music two nights a week. chance to bump into blake shelton at the bar, they're hoping old red will become a tourist destination. and when this venue opens in a few months you can bet it is going to be a big draw on what's the hottest street in country music.
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3:57 am
tesla founder, elan musk took the wraps off his effort to up end the motor industry. an electric semitruck. musk claims 0 to 60 in five seconds and can travel 500 miles between charges. musk plans to have it on the road by 2019. and wal-mart has already put in an order. vladamir duthiers has more. >> reporter: the founder hasn't said what the truck will cost but says it will be cheaper to operate than diesel truck. the latest unveiling raises question as but whether tesla can keep up with its founder's ambition. with the pomp and circumstance of a big tech unveiling elan musk showed off tesla's electric semitrucks.
3:58 am
>> unlike any truck you have driven. >> the ceo says the semihas 500 mile range on a single charge and contains many of tesla's features including autopilot system. to meet demand, tesla is building a network of solar powered mega charging station that need to be ready when the truck becomes available in 2019. the announcement comes as the tesla faces challenges, lost $619 million last quarter. and struggled with production. >> we will not be able to buy a better car for $35 t. >> significantly behind on orders for low cost sedan, model three. some customers waiting 18 months or longer for delivery. tim stevens attended last night's event and said production is one of issues tesla needs to address. >> struggling to get those out the door and meet the preorders they have now. need to get those out and revenue flowing to pay for products like the semi. >> stephens says the auto maker
3:59 am
needs to shake the reputation that some of its vehicles aren't always reliable. >> when you are talking commercial truck that businesses will depend upon, need those things to be absolutely bulletproof. tesla will have to prove to industry that their trucks will be more reliable than the truck that are on the market today. >> tesla has said reliability concerns are out of step with reality as the company is constantly making improvements to the cars. at the end of the event. musk unveiled one other surprise for the audience. he showed off the tesla roadster. everybody here at the table its, mouth agape. electric vehicle. can reach 60 miles an hour in just 1.9 seconds. the car's base price though, $200,000. the tesla sports car will seat four. musk says it will 0 to 100 miles an hour in just 4.2 seconds. anthat's the "overnight news" for this monday. for some of you, the news continues. for others, check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center, in new york city, i'm elaine quijano.
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