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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ women rule the american music awards. ♪ >> how pink pulled off the 34-story stunt. and the drama you didn't see on stage. >> my daughter, the whole time, kept looking at me going, i'm hungry. i was like, we all are. then -- ♪ i think i love you >> david cassidy clinging to life. the vick kroer ya's secret fashion show this china. then, jen and ben come together for thanksgiving. >> sit heaven for me. just before the final season of "fixer upper" begins, are chip and joanna gaines expanding their family? >> she buys these pregnancy
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tests in huge packs. >> number five. there's a chance. it was a night for fierce and fabulous women. and cameron and celt t keltie w there for every thrilling moment. >> my feet are so sore from dancing. the incredible star power and duets. and soaring tributes. >> tif you want to talk soaring pink stole the show with the most incredible performance ever. ♪ my love >> reporter: taking her jaw-dropping aerial routines to new heights. 34 stories to be exact. she one-upped herself. performing "beautiful trauma" the performance was pretaped on friday. it took the 38-year-old three months of rehearsals, which
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included practicing on the sides of buildings to nail the routine. pink says it was ultimately the scariest thing she has ever done. with our "e.t." source adding that pink had been nervous and sweating how it would turn out. pink's going to be flying in from all over the place. >> me, too. i was like, #hell no. >> reporter: she did open the show with pink for a powerful duet honoring the victims of america's recent tragedies ♪ >> reporter: a proud mama moment for kelly, her two daughters were her companions for the night. >> my 16-year-old savannah and my 3-year-old river. my daughter kept looking at me going, i'm hungry. i was like, we all are. >> the theme of the night for the amas, a celebration of girl prower. >> i hope i did you proud, whitney?
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mwah. ♪ >> christina aguilera belted out the emotion gnat tribute to whitney for the 25th anniversary of "the bodyguard." ♪ i'm every woman >> pink say there is was absolutely no shadiness tweeting, i'm in awe of christina also talent. show the clip where i'm in tears, you negative nancys. >> this is a whit any celebration. >> thank you, guys. we did it. ♪ it took so much >> selena gomez delivered a haunting rendition of "wolves." it was the first time taking the stage since recovering from her kidney transplant. our "e.t." source say she rehearsed like crazy. she was dancing with drops of fake blood mere her hairline. >> it's amazing what she's done, what she's gone through. we were all in supporting her.
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>> reporter: when it comes to icons at the amas, everyone bowed down to diana ross. ♪ i'm coming out >> reporter: she brought her zbrandchildren on stage. >> these are my grandchildren. my grand babies. this is all about love. >> reporter: on the red carpet, diana posed with her daughter, ama host, tracee ellis ross. and her youngest daughter, jagger. the daughter of evan ross and ashlee simpson. >> everyone napped. >> when day see her on stage, jagger is like, stop. >> reporter: cameras captured jamie foxx and his daughter jamming in the audience. ♪ ease on down ease on down the road ♪ >> google her if you don't know. find out about someone who is incredible. >> now, listen, to jamie's point, at least one young
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performer on the red carpet who will go nameless, who didn't know diana ross. so listen to mr. foxx and google him. >> another thing that really blew us away last night. the fashion. oh, it was so good. the stars gave us their best style tips and one secret about spanx that wiyou have got to he. sad news about david cassidy. the latest "the partridge family" icon fights for his life. >> playing live for my fans has been the thing that has been motivating me to continue to work and do what i love to do. >> reporter: a spokesperson for david cassie tells "e.t." the legendary pop star has been in critical condition for five days. the rep says, quote, his organs are failing. he's conscious and surrounded by fam lip the back in february, the 67-year-old revealed he was battling dementia for over two
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years. he came to fame on "the partridge family." ♪ i think i love you >> reporter: but the spot light turned harsh. he struggled with a substance abuse problem. >> i was a closet alcoholic. i would go home and sit alone and drink. >> reporter: in the years that fold, he was arrested for driving under the influence on three separate occasions. he told us that one problem was losing the limelight. >> suddenly, the world that i knew was gone. and, um -- i sat in my room for nine months and went, i don't know what to do. i'm just going to sit here until something comes to me. ♪ >> reporter: despite his troubles, david loved singing and connecting with the fans. in february, he announced he would stop touring. we visited at his florida home last year, he said he was sober and hard at work. >> i still have a job to do that make me want to continue to inspire people. and -- and share who i am with them.
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>> our thoughts and prayers are with the entire cassidy family. let's switch gears to kevin frazier. in china. he has the oh, so tough assignment of covering the victoria's secret fashion show. hi, kev. >> than circumstances welcome signed the mercedes-benz arena in shanghai. we count down to the victoria's secret fashion show. let's start with this one. alessandra ambroglio is walking in her last show. she broke the news to "e.t." sflit was very emotional. i love everyone. victoria's secret is my family. 17 times, i'm like, mama's tired. and, just to see my whole family there, cheering for me. she's like almost jumping out of her seat. >> she blew her daughter a kiss from the runway. before the show, the 36-year-old
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mom of two told us hi she decided to bow out? >> motherhood is the number one priority in my life. i want to be more with my kids. i did the movie, "daddy's home 2." which is doing very well. i have my line. it's a lot. >> lily, how was it? >> it was amazing. oh, my god, it feels so good to be on the runway. >> only our cameras were backstage at the show that mostly wept off without a hitch. model gigi hadid and katy perry not there. >> lots of reports of all kinds of problems. >> challenges or changes? we did have a couple we had talked to katy. thought she might be able to come in. she wasn't able to. rerespected that decision. ♪ it's getting crazy >> harry styles rocked the the runway. after he spotted him backstage listening to shania twain's "man
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i feel like a woman." >> what do you make of this? >> it was my first fashion show. it was different. it was great. >> this is a teaser for the real victoria's secret fashion show which airs november 28th on cbs. nancy? >> poor kevin. >> a party of one. coming up, new details and insides serena williams wedding. the surprising star who sat with beyonce. and dancing through the pain. we're with the final four. will anyone's injury keep them from the
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the palm springs international film festival announced lit
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♪ that is your first look at serena williams gorgeous in her
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alexander mcqueen wedding gown. we have uncovered new details about her i dos with alexis ohanian. kelly rowland and kim kardashian west sat at the same table. the couple wrote their own vows. the baby started crying during the vows. but, clearly fairytale wedding. >> i'm sure we'll see some tears tonight. hopefully happy tears, because, tonight is part of the "dancing with the stars," it's part one of the two-day finale. the final four had to learn four dances. by the way, that has never been done before. ♪ another first for the season 25 finale. tomorrow night, viewers get the chance to vote online and weigh in before the win sir announced. ♪ and where the mirrorball in sight, each pair is still dancing through injuries. for lindsey stirling, it's a bruised rib. >> i've been working through it.
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it continues to get better. i refuse to let it slow us down. >> reporter: jordan fisher scratched his cornea. and partner lindsey hurt her knee. >> hi he can open his eye. i have my brace on. we're pushing through and fighting through. we want this. >> reporter: for property brother drew scott -- >> my bob body is mush. all my muscles are tight or bruised. i'm so excited. there is nothing stopping us the from beginning out and showing our best. >> frankie's partner has a tear in her thigh muscle. >> it's painful. but danceable. >> i get to dance more with her. but -- >> come on, you want to win. who doesn't want to win. i would love to win. but let's be realistic. jordan's really good. >> stay positive, frankie. you're down to the final four. way to go. i'll be there tonight. one couple will be eliminated. we'll have that for you tomorrow. >> better not be my friend, the
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property brother drew. coming up, amas best dressed. >> this is amazing. you win the ama for best boots. >> kelly's two dresses. demi we're three. who changed 12 times? jennifer garner on her big thanksgiving. why she's crying foul? >> we have chickens. just before the premier of "fixer upper's" final season, can we convince them to stay on tv. >> you're the number one show on the net work. >> and we're leaving? what, are we stupid? closed captioning provided by --
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it's just my eczema again,t. but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. ♪ boom, boom, boom, boom! yes! yes! >> yes is right. tracee ellis ross slaying the
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amas from the get go last night. not just her hosting. 12 looks. including that over the top iridescent orange gown. she owned it. >> i want to borrow that for thanksgiving dinner. what do you think? >> perfect. >> just casual. all the ladies rocked the ama red carpet. oscar winner nicole kidman literally stepped on to the night's best dressed list. ♪ oh i'm a rebel just for kicks now ♪ >> can i mention this. this is amazing the. you win the ama for best boots. >> i'll take it. >> reporter: she said those $2200 boot were made for dancing. but they were not made for walking. especially when keith won his three awards. >> i was going drag her up there. she didn't have the boots that were going to come up the stairs fast enough. >> good husband here. >> comes in many roles. ♪ baby i'm sorry >> but let's say ama fashion was
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a case of, when one dress just wasn't enough. demi went from sheer and strapless to '70s throwback. selena wore a coach leather moto jacket as a minidress and then changed into a white sillk neglige. kelly tweeted, i was a a game of thrones with a side of diva. >> what's one tip? >> hire a team of people. i have three harry potters. that just come in and just, change everything. ♪ ling night and the thunder >> tell me something we wouldn't know about this. >> about this dress? >> we have to dye my spanx to match the color of the dress. >> because you can see through? >> yes. >> i'm obsessed with the minibun. of all of tracee's 12 looks, our favorite was this one.
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>> this is the actual original shirt which i found in the garage, and you asked what was i doing in the garage, i was shopping/stealing. >> and speaking of diana. so she hired a big l.a. stylist to get her ready for the awards show. she ended up throwing out everything. efg she wore was from her closet. her own closet. i love that. back to keith and nicole. a friend in nashville said this morning, they were at school. to see their kids' school performance. they flew all the way across the country. >> they put families first. another couple. scarlett johansson kissing her man, weekend update host colin jost. also, ben affleck. he celebrated early with lindsey shookus. >> how was the show? >> it was great. >> he signed autographs. now, just a night before -- >> i can't believe that this is really happening.
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>> i was with ben's ex, jennifer garner for the premier of the tribes of palos verdes. she played a woman scorned. >> when someone offers you something like this you might as well just grab after it. >> jen is having ben and his mom over for thanksgiving. just one request. >> if they'll play with the kids and just let me cook, it is heaven. i'll make bread, turkey, gravy, sweet toe day tow pudding. just let me have the day in the kitchen. >> she love to talk turkey. what about her pet chickens? it's up is it a gram gold. >> i don't know. >> the newb i e posted this shot of her walk one of the birds, named after this mean girls villain. i was like, what, what? >> we have chickens. regina george is one of them. she happens to be our favorite.
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but her name is regina george. we're waiting for her to lay soon. maybe we'll have eggs this week. maybe next. >> not something you hear every day from a hollywood a-lister. >> my chicken's name would be heather duke. let's talk about, let's talk about favorite people. the folks from "fixer upper." tomorrow night, chip and joanna gaines are returning for the final season of the popular series. i'm not ready for this to be over. >> i know. it's going to be okay. >> will their focus be on gaining a new member of the family? >> she buys these prenancy tests in hundred backs. >> this is a true story. twice a day, for no reason, she takes a test. oh, shoot, it's negative. wow. that makes a lot of sense. you have forgotten about me a little lately. >> reporter: we know that chip loves to mess around. they if i fin i should shooting their final season earlier this
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month. since then, chip shaved his head for charity. now, the two are in the middle of a vacation in italy. a well deserved break after five sentence a row of doing their show. >> we had the dpras to get through season five. it felt perfect to us. >> isn't that odd. we only have tour children. yet the number five continues to resonate. >> he is determined. he is so determined. ♪ tonight's the night whoa i'm gonna make it right tonight ♪ >> spending time with their kids is a big reason they're ending their show. but you know, we love these two so much, we thought we would try to convince them to change their minds and keep their series on tv. >> you're the number one show on the network. >> are we number one? >> no one has told them that. >> what? >> and we're leaving? what are we stupid? >> i'm number one. >> not stupid. maybe a little premature. but not stupid. >> i think we convinced them. all right. well, coming up, remembering our
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time with tv legend dell la reese. that is next.
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we knew it was going to be game time call. my concern was the seven nights to follow. promo considerations provided by -- well, we can't say good-bye without remembering the wonderful and talented della reese who passed away last night at the age of 86. ♪ atlanta >> della was an acclaimed singer in the '50s and '60s. she scored her greatest fame and emmy nominations on "touched by an angel." >> i didn't want to do this show. i said so. i went home and prayed about it. the father said, do this for me. >> della's co-star and dear friend, roam ma downey said, i
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know heaven has a brand-new angel this day. della reese will be forever in our hearts. rest in peace, sweet angel. we love you. >> they were so, so close. della was such a woman of faith. >> an ordained minister. >> bye bye, everybody. >> she'll be missed. bye, everybody. ♪
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vanessa: hey. hey. so, my neighbor had this on his porch. it's supposed to be buzz lightyear, but tell me who this looks like. buzz lightyear. no! come on. it looks like you. me?! yes! i get -- i'm getting kyle. i don't get me. oh, stop it. yes! anyway, take it. i don't want pumpkin-kevin pointed at my window when i'm in the bathroom. believe me, pumpkin-kevin doesn't want that, either. all right. [ knock on door ] yo! come in! hey, neighbor! hey! hi! it's tuesday. you know what that means. lasagna! lasagna! oh, hey, did you remember to goose up the cheese a little bit and just pump the brakes on the garlic? of course i did, silly. i listen. the girls in my spin class say i never listen, and i talk too much, but i don't really think that's -- thank you! you're such an angel and so great. hello. hi. oh, i'm sorry. uh, wendy, this is vanessa. she's my business partner. this is wendy, best cook on seville lane.


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