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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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300 feet underground and that's not, knit exploring our area's hidden history. dramatic new video shows the her oakic actions of firefighters as they rescue residents from a burning senior residence community. we begin tonight with breaking news, a gruesome discovery outside a strip mall in plymouth township, montgomery county, authorities say a man was found dead and emergency crews rushed to the 400 block of ridge pike earlier this evening. right now, the only thing authorities will say that this is a homicide investigation. we will continue to stay some top of this breaking story and report any new information as we get it. you can also find the latest developments at cbs philly,.com. the search for four missing residents of a senior living community devastated by fire. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington than a i'm jessica dean. they're working tirelessly to
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find any sign of those the missing. what sparked the fire in the first place >> tomorrow marks day number five. it is 11:00 tonight. still an active scene behind me, a horrible trank did i that happened here, as i said five days tomorrow. tonight i did speak to a man who has two reel division that are unaccounted for. they are a married couple. authorities say in total four residents are missing. this newly release surveillance video shows hero firefighters rushing into bark clay friends senior living community late thursday night as flames incinerated the billing. 137 residents were inside with 14 employees. 133 residents made it out, four are still unaccounted for. say a prayer for them and their familyies. they are going through some of the toughest times you could possibly imagine. officials held a news conference monday to give an update that ripped through the building in just minutes, but raged on for
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hours. smoke still billowed the following day. atf special agent in h charge don robinson. i actually have an aunt that lives in this h complex so she was able to be evacuated and get out and shows ' with family now. we're all -- we've all got a piece of this. that aunt is betty smith and she spoke to eye witness news friday night after being rescued from the build. we were standing there a couple of minutes and the next thing you know is guys with black jackets with stuff written on the back saying you got to get out. not everyone was so fortunate, an 85 year old woman and a 93 year old woman. in a statement just release a few hours ago, bark include friends said, bark clay friends is devastated that four residents, one couple and two single residents remain missing and have presumed that perished in the fire that ravaged bark include friends the evening of
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november 16. members of the barclay friends team have met permanently with the three families most affected by this however, loss. we will provide as much support as possible for these families as they deal with this unimaginable tragedy. and tonight authorities are not releasing the names of those four people that are missing that. man that i spoke to, he said that his relatives, that married couple, his family is too devastated to talk on camera. understandably at this time. atf official will be back out tomorrow when the sun is up hoping to bring some kind of closure to these families, but it is a difficult situation out here. reporting live tonight in westchester, david spun, cbs3 eye witness news. a 21 year old woman is charged with murder in the stabbing death of her grandfather. police arrested patricia dike son. she stacked her grandfather, 80 year old robert gerard 80 times. he was found dead in the home the two shared on east lehigh.
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today the nts release the preliminary. holiday was flying 11 feet above the golf of mexico and made a steep turn in the minutes before the crash near tampa. it was retrieved from his holiday sports plane data recorder. the full investigation could take up to two years >> cbs news has suspended television news man charley rose and pbs has halted vision of his show following allegations of sexual harassment, groping and lewd conduct. the washington post reports ate women have come forward making rose made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including phone calls and walking around naked. the incidents happened in the 1990s and 2011 and involved work for the charley rose today. he release a statement on twitter reading in part, it is
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essentially that these women know i hear them and that i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behaviorment i'm greatly embarrassed i have behaved intense sensitively at times and i apologize for that a although i do not think all of these allegations are accurate. charley rose is suspended immediately while we look into this matter. these are disturk and we look take them very seriously. another woman has come forward accusing al facten of harassment he groped her at a state fair after he joined the senate. this comes days after a broadcaster accused facten of forcibly concussion her during a 2006 tour. mitchell mcconnell is calling for the commit toe to investigate the. president trump will designate north korea as a state sponsor
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of terrorism amid tightened nuclear tensions on the pence instance large audience. it is the next step on ratchet ing up pressure. it was removed from that list while a potential deal was worked onto halt its nuclear development. today pennsylvania's honor genre lease his findings into a $10 million state grant that was made for the democratic national convention in philadelphia. honor general eugene depaschal says bonuses paid by the dnc did not violate the terms of the grant. he also found the grant agreement did not have a so-called claw back provision requiring the democrats use up the privatelylkñmnçkñ-- before spending the state money. he says the $10 million in state money went to venue rental, event production and construction.
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eagles nation is still flying high tonight. fans can't stop talking about just a giant win and all around great night last night. done bell joins us, ate straight wins, best record in the league. one game at a time. but they are thinking playoffs and it's been a fun 24 hours. we missed them over the two-week layoff. sure did. the eagles defense hasn't quite earned a famous nickname like one of though, it's only been ten games, but he could be on their way. the birds harassing and bullying the cowboys. the numbers, they were ridiculous. a career high three picks. first[rák round rookie derrick barnett recorded his first career spot and the eagles didn't allow a single touchdown. i can't say he enough about the defense to hold that team to nine points, you know, shut out in the second half. it's as good a defense as i've
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seen in a long time. going to somebody else's house and taking it. that's what we did today. we went out and got the fight. take with us what we're claiming this year. we were about to wrestle that conference. take what they're claiming. an nfc crown. they can clench that thing sooner than you think. we'll have that later for you in sports. appreciate it. a weeks ago the eagles had less than a 10 percent chance of win ning it all. after last night's win over the cowboys they now have a 16 to 1g the trophy to philadelphia. they're thrilled with the win, but they know it's still a long road. if you don't have a good quarterback, you're not nothing in the nfl. i'm not going to get ahead of myself here, but i know we have a l that evented team. take it one game at a time. hello. you can follow the eagles play
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off push and more at south of philadelphia many years ago it was a site of a dinner party 300 feet underground. but that's not where this story ends. greg area goes has more on the hidden history. for decades the marcus hook industrial complex on the banks of the delaware river refined crude oil helping power the automobile, even fueling the war effort to send fuel over cease. like the times this spiraling facility has transitioned it's now used primarily to store natural gas and its by products, but what makes this spiraling 800-acre facility unique isn't the to your storage tanks, but what sits blow. it's a propane where we store
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roughly. they digging began and five calf rans were built, the floors of each between 300 and 500 feet blow ground r. these pictures show their immense size. before they were filled with natural gas more than five decades ago, a banquet dinner for dozens held on the calf ran 's floor. it's a workout. how high up are we now? >> i'm tanning on top of 500,000 barrels of propane, enough to power 4.2 million barbeque grills. this structure right here just half the size of what's bury underneath. 43-foot thick granite pillars maintain the stability. they're even able to stand an attack. security is tight and the entrances to the calf rans are unmarked. we work very closely with the coast guard and the department of homeland security to provide
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a secure site. fortunately there hasn't been any and the facility has a re birth of sorts from a crude oil supply in a war time effort even at the cost of losing lives to a national gas supply where tankers, trains and tractor-trailer fill up and move out. this site has been an important part of energy used in production and distribution in the northeast since the turn of the century. this site again has taken a prominent role in being of that renaissance. in marcus hook, greg argos. i go by that all the time. little did you know, right? little did i know, so true. you heard about a mid-life crisis, what about a quarter life crisis. more younger adults are becoming dissatisfied with their lives. nicole brewer tells you what is causing the quarter life crisis, and what can be done to ease
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this. no, you're not seeing things. this massive 110 car at ring is on display. we have a warmup on the way at least for one day. that day is tomorrow. i'll tell you how the weather will impact your holiday travel plans. how long the warmup will last and what to expect for your thanksgiving holiday as well. and a local nurse is credited with saving this baby girl's life. the unusual sound that led to the discovery of a condition that's often missed.
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>> a nurse at lourdes hospital may be the reason a newborn baby girl is alive. she caught a dangerous condition that many often miss. helene pat fellow says she was on her regular grounds working with newborns when she noticed a strange sound coming from little lillian a correspond issue's heart. after being checked by a pediatrician and receiving an ek g the girl was cleared to go home, but he lien was adamant and pushed for more tests.
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it was like a clicking noise, like trains going over a railroad tracks. the baby had a heart mal formation and needed immediate open heart surgery. baby lillian a was transferred to chop and now she is expected to be okay >> we often hear someone having a middle life crisis, but a growing number of people say they're having a quarter year life. you can't afford thread convertible in your 20s. it comes out in different ways, right, guys? all joking aside, if you're a millenial like me it's a widespread problem experts say we need to look into you've heard of a mid-life crisis. i think my dad did that. he bought a new car, the mustang did you know what's happening to some a lot sooner >> no, i didn't. new linkedin research suggests three out of four millenials are experiencing quarter life crisis
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i would think maybe the pressure that maybe feels like you're having a crisis because you feel like you should be constantly progressing or be promoted every couple of years. they've just started their lives the majority of millenials question their career path at about age 27 for about a year. from the pressure to buy a home to maintaining a successful career and finding your life partner. a lot of the clients that come into my office sort of feel like they've sold a dean is that un containable. she dean, a therapist has worked with a wide range of millenial clients. they're experiencing a different landscape, a lot of debt and. there's an interesting way in which we've raised this millenial culture. we were the first group that were told we could do anything or be anything.
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it's prime fooder for security and instability. which it's important to stop keeping score on social media. i think a lot of millenials will be surprised how many other people are feeling unsure or insecure about where they are in their june number. now francis says that community of support will give us greater access to information and ultimately help us move through this face of life and onto more successful chappies t. i really think she did offer a unique perspective because so often millenials are thought of as lazy and entitled and really they're up against a different set of challenges when you really think it through. interesting perspective. thank you, nicole >> jewelry always a popular gift for the holidays and this is a series piece of it. 110 car at diamond being offered besought brings auction house. it's the largest round diamond ever to be presented at auction. it's expected to sell between 4
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to $6 million. it's currently on display at los angeles but it hits the auction block in new york next month. >> look. it doesn't look practical. >> it doesn't. i wouldn't turn it down. let's put it that way. wear that around, you know. kate has your forecast as we start heading toward the holiday s. >> holiday week is here and we've got some pretty nice weather. this time of the year can by if i as fart as the weather is concerned. we've had cold thanksgiving, rainy thanksgiving, very warm thanksgiving. h this one will be par for the course. we're going to start you off with a live look at a the traffic not really looking too backed up just yet. i'm sure the next couple of days these roads are really going to see a swell of traffic as people head to their destination. this is broad street and looking pretty quiet outside tonight. this is spring garden street
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right at the intersection with broad there. not looking too bad. it's a quiet night, chilly outside. a quick time lapse from earlier today. 40-degrees right now, we had lots of sunshine, blue sky, no problems out there today. a beautiful sunset tonight as well. we've got a really nice looking waxing crescent moon in place. a fingernail clipping moon as i like to call it. we've got a storm system heading our way. it's what you see right here. look at this line of clouds. that is the cold front that will come through late tomorrow night in this quadrant of the advancing storm it's known as the warm sector. we get into a southwest flow. that's going to allow temperatures to ramp up for one day, that day being tomorrow. it's a little chilly north and west. 34 mount pocono, we're at 41 in philly and 40 down in atlantic city. winds have really died down. it was blustery earlier today. winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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some spots reporting calm winds. so that's good news for to. the front coming through mainly tomorrow night. a high pressure system is going to billion dollar in for thanksgiving day. sunny, milder tomorrow. a shower east to start your wednesday and then sunshine for thanksgiving day. timing out the showers on wednesday, overnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning. here is 4:00 a.m. mainly down the shore and by wednesday morning we see that clear the coast and our big travel wednesday looking fine whether you're travelling by road or by air the weather should not be a problem. overnight 37, mainly clear with less wind than last night. tomorrow is mostly sunnier and milder as we make a run toward of 0. it will be l cooler for thanksgiving. our average high 52. we fall about five degrees blow the norm. our most recent 60-degree, was back in 2007. we hit 7 #. the warmest record thanksgiving in philly 75 back in 1941.
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no records being set this year, but it's not raised tonight bad day. a couple of showers saturday and then it does turn cold again by sunday. not bad at all. i'll take it. don is back with more sports. doug pederson's post game speech hear what he had to say to the birds. ben simmons, how the rookie continues to role.
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team gave him court side seats, a jersey, plus a meet and greet with mar california foles. he's going to the sixers game in atlanta in march and he will get a tour of the chick-fil-a sports center. thanksgiving could come a few days late this year. .8& the nfe east with a win over the bears and a dallas loss to the charges. as to the here and now, the birds are flying high after the 28 point win over the cowboys. here's doug pederson in the locker room after the win. listen, the first half, defense, you kind of kept us in there, offense, we got on track, we road the big offense like like we do, you guys kicked oh beep beep. defense scored in the second half. that's a great job much that's what we talked about. like i said before, stay in the
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the moment. we're building something special , man. stay focus on the daily times. we're getting better every week. family on three, one, two, three the mow beeps, the mow better. let's be honest. family. up next, holiday spirit comes to
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>> the white house christmas tree has arrived in washington, 19-foot balance sam fur earlier this evening. it will be displayed in the blue room the white house. first lady milan yeah trump and her son barron greeted the tree of silent night evergreen. we can't deck the hauls until of after thanksgiving dinner. these birds won't end up on anybody's plate. wish bone entered. the turkeys were given a reel vi p. after the they will join take it er and to the. are you okay? >> that's funny. here's kate. well, we're watching a weekend which should be a long weekend for many of us with thanksgiving on thursday, but as we fast forward to saturday and sunday maybe travel plans heading home
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from your thanksgiving destination. things look pretty quiet, seasonably cold. maybe a few showers on saturday. it will clear out sunday. temperatures right around
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♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. phew, am i late?! nah, just in time. nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. things just got very merry. keep on scratchin'!
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>> coming up next, it's the late show with teach could he bear followed by the late late show. our morning crew is back. 4:30 to 7. i'm ukee washington, i'm jessica we're always on cbs have a good night, everyone. sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> a special election three weeks from tuesday could change the balance of the u.s. senate. today the top three newspapers in alabama ran a front-page editorial rejecting republican candidate roy moore. he is fighting off multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. >> here are some other alabama newspaper headlines. ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ♪ ♪


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