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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the site this morning, the search for four people still missing. >> legendary television news broadcaster charlie rose now suspended after several women accuse him of sexual misconduct. what he and cbs news are saying about the allegations. >> and get ready for a terrific tuesday, with temperatures in the 60s, but the warm up will be brief. >> like one day hot, one day coal. today is tuesday, november 21. i'm very confused. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha getting us red think morning you. >> better not be complaining about those sixers, actually, kind of accident-heavy for this early in the morning. 4:30 a.m., bumper to bumper conditions on the boulevard, now heavy. so it will be a busy morning. >> interesting. at least the weather won't have any impact on you here today. generally just quiet. and you mentioned the warmth, too, which we will get to, but quickly take a peak at storm scan, also empty, always nice to see it like that, when you are trying to hit the road in the morning. the light of day starting to show on the horizon, see the sun come up, in about a half hour or so, from now, and as
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it does, it will create some pretty blinding sun glare, so we generally have nice clear sky out there to enjoy throughout the day. but looking at the area temperatures, some changing right before your very eyes, at the top of the hour here, at 42 in philadelphia. we are are at 33 in trenton. quite the difference, depending on which neighborhood you find yourself in this morning. soap, it is still cold enough that i would suggest heavier winter coat. but may feel little colder to you obviously in reading oral end town specially where you bottom out in the 20's courtesy of the nice clear sky but here is the thing. we rebound pretty efficiently here from the 30's, the 20's, and even some spots again in the 40's, we climb all the way , at least in the city, to the low 60s today. so, there is a chance of some of you aren't going to actually hit those levels, since, you know, you're in the outer lying suburbs, but regardless much milder day. minus the win. and plus full sunshine. it really looks like nice one for us out there. so, it is looking good, meisha still again, just a winter coat. but this is nice day all-in-all. >> yes. we cannot complain on a day
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like this especially during a week we have a hole day. exactly what we want to see. thank you, katie. looking outside, yes, mystro roadways, however it is pretty busy today specially if we compare today with yesterday. headlights southbound direction at allegheny. certainly starting to build levels there. maybe even tap little less than posted speed at this point. 422, pa turnpike, taillights moving in the eastbound direction. looking okay, here, but 4221 of those areas that even deeper into the 6:00 we're still looking pretty good. already, you can see, just volumes that we're dealing with on 422, then the boulevard, want to pull your attention quickly because number to number conditions, even since the 4:00 hour because of overnight construction blocking the off ramp from boulevard southbound jumping on to the schuylkill westbound. now, the crews have since moved out of the way. so we're still left with this residual effect, probably not going to see that remedy. so if i were you, i would head out earlier to avoid this maybe 20, 30 minute early still. accident to come up in the
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next ten minutes, jim, over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. nearly week after the inferno at west chester senior living facility we now know four people unaccounted for. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live in west chester where atf agent will return to look for clues. good morning, trang. >> good morning, rahel, and jim. yes, as soon as daylight hits, the atf agents will be right back out here at this massive scenement take a look, they'll be use this heavy equipment to sift through all of the damage , so looking for any sign of the four people who remain missing. heart strong surveillance video shows firefighters rushing people out of the bar lay friends senior living community. under heavy plumes of smoke thursday night. 137 residents, and 14 employees, were inside when the fire started, and engulfed the complex just before 11:00 p.m. then raged on for hours. five days later, four residents are still unaccounted for. >> say a prayer for them and their families.
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they're going for some of the toughest times you could possibly imagine. >> at news conference, authorities identified the missing as 89 year old woman, her 92 year old husband, and two women, ages 85 and 93. atf agent in charge, don robinson, discussed his own connection to the devestation. >> i actually have thant lives in the complex, so she was able to be evacuated and get out, she is with family now. so we're all kind of piece of this. >> that aunt, betty smith, shared her storm which " eyewitness news" the day after the fire. >> we are standing there couple of minutes, next thing you know, burst through the door, couple every guys with blackjack et cetera and stuff on their back and they said you got to get out, you got to get out. >> in all 27 people were hurt. now the focus remains on bringing the four missing people home to their families. bar layman andment released statement monday which roads in part members of the bashly team have met personally with
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the three families most affected by this horrific lost we will provide as much support as possible for these families and they deal with this unimaginable tragedy. now, at this time, authority are choosing not to release the names of these four missing people. but for now, live in west chester, trang do, cbs-3 " eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> trang, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia firefighters rush to put out flames in the city's cobbs creek section, the fire started inside vacant building on sixo and spruce streets, around 12:30 a.m. crews quickly placed the fire under control. no word yet on what sparked those flames. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> authority in plymouth township have a murder mystery on their hands. police are investigating after a man was found dead outside strip mall. the gruesome discovery made on the 400 block of ridge pike, police have not released identity or details on how he died. >> authorities have charged 21 year old woman with murder in the stabbing death of her grandfather in philadelphia's port richmond section. yesterday police arrested
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patricia dieoxin. found her grandfather father robert girard dead in his home , identification lehigh avenue. investigators are still working on a mother disbelief man who allegedly shot a pennsylvania state trooper due in court this afternoon. authorities say daniel clary opened fire on two state troopers on november 7th, wounding corporal set kelly. >> this happened after a traffic stop on route 33 in northampton county. police saidel i applied a tourniquet to his leg, likely saving his life. >> charlie rose apologizing after allegations of sexual harrassment have, and the washington post reporting eight women have stepped forwards. they say rose made unwanted sexual advances toward them. and including groping, making leud phonecalls and walking around naked. says the incident allegedly happened between the 90s and 2011, and involving working on the char i rose shows on pbs.
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he's also a co-host on c. bs this morning. >> he has a statement. it is essential these women hear them i a deeply apologize for my inapropriate behavior. i am greatly embarrased i have behaved inapropriate at time, and i except responsible although i do not believe all of these accusations are accurate. also, cbs: charlie rose is released immediately until we investigate these that the ers these allegations are extremely disturbing and we take them very seriously. henry rosoff has more in our next half hour. >> power on the islands of puerto rico now only at about 50%, but as john loyer ends shows us, white fish energy, a company that was hired to help restore the power, is halting its efforts. >> white fish energy, pulls the plug on it puerto rico project. >> we took a huge leap of faith in coming here when other were very doubtful. of course bought of the
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bankruptcy issues with the island. >> the contract montana based company has with puerto rico ends december 1st, but financial issues have caused white fish to stop prematurely >> we were never getting paid on a weekly basis, and what we were spending. so at some point we will to stop. >> white fish ceo says the puerto rico electric power authority owes 83 million. >> we came here to try to do something positive for the people of puerto rico. and help get back on it feet. >> many people in puerto rico aren't back on their feet. there are problems with food and supply distribution, and even the capitol, san juan, still occasionally loses power >> the barber shop where i used to work lost power and water. and i have four children to feed, he says, that's why i'm trying to make money here on the street. >> and although puerto rico is trying to rebuild, maria destroyed many lives. the government says the official death toll is 55
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hurricane related deaths. >> based on the factual information that we received, yes. >> but many have questioned the government's way of counting. >> it appears that for whatever reason that the death toll is much higher than what has been reported. >> part of the reason for the discrepancy, there is no concensus as to what should count as official hurricane death. john loyer ends, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> will, coming up: local school district dealing with chronic absenteeism. >> plus, if you're traveling for thanksgiving, your area not alone. this holiday week will be the busiest in 12 years. what you need to know to get to your destination on time, pat? >> who is hungry? i am. i'm always hungry f you're a high level athlete like me what you put in your body crucial. coming up meet the man responsible for fueling the 76ers push to championship, and the amazing story of how he got to do it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ beautiful day ♪
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>> bravo to the dj today. michael buble it's a beautiful day. >> you know, he has all of the holiday music, and not really feeling like the holidays today. it will be mild. katie has the details on he can actually how mild it will be, when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back everyone, thinking about leaving town for turkey day? well, you're not alone. >> triple a says tomorrow through sunday will be the busiest thanksgiving travel week in 12 years, says more than 50 million people will hit the road, nearly 4 million will fly because of cheap ticket prices, more than 45 million will drive despite gas prices. and you want to head out early , of course. >> oh, boy. travelers could see some areas with severe wet they are week including chicago, officials are blaming black ice for several accidents including roll zero-over crash caught on camera. fortunately no serious injuries, and that crash overnight lows in chicago have dropped to below freezing several nights recently. >> oh, boy. i went to grad school in chicago, just so happens to be the mildest winter on record. >> lucky you. >> yes. >> here's to you brought the mild weather back with you here today. that's the thing about black ice it, looks like it is just
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a wet road. you think you can handle it, so by far one of the most dangerous driving hazards, whether it comes to weather, impact, that we'll face out there into the upcoming winter months. but for now, do you not have to worry about wet weather all day today. obvious justly see the light of day popping over the horizon, virtually no clue cover, looks like getting their act together, getting moving for the morning, but they had to warm up those buses because it is chilly up this way, just 25 degrees, cold start to the morning, still. but it is not as harsh, because the wind has eased up, because in many locations, at least, save foreplays like the neighborhood network, just showed you, the temperature tour has gunned to rebounds. looking at very wide zoom on the map, area of low pressure starting to show time to develop in the deep south. cold front crossing through, these two pieces eventually join up, but not over our area that will take place after it is already cleared our region. so i'm not specking much more than maybe a shower in southeastern pennsylvania, and then down through south jersey and delaware, probably get
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clipped by the area of low pressure bypassing you to the southeast. so this looks like the best chance to see anything significant. in the way of rainfall, with rainfall amount, maybe even to up half inch in spots. further north and west you travel, this is not going to be a major issue. now, looking forward, tomorrow , all-in-all, once those showers get out of here, rest of the day looks quite nice for travel plans that you do have, thursday, "black friday," a-okay, just little on the cool side for the holiday itself and we may see few showers roll through this weekend, meisha. >> sounds good. all right, katie, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you. keeping our eye on the boulevard, slow all morning long, still slow, bumper to bumper conditions. boulevard southbound once you jump on the schuylkill westbound at city avenue, see if i can get that camera. might need to help me out. there you go. take a look at this. beautiful sky. yes, once you jump on the schuylkill westbound right around city avenue take the boulevard now bumper to bumper conditions at only quarter past 6:00 or so. so, this is letting us know as we inch toward our main hour of the rush, 7:00 hour, certainly give yourselves
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extra time every ten minutes, i would add on another ten minute or so. then, we've got water main break. now, this is by 30th street station, by the area where they become up, drove off. jfk closed between market and 30th. use an alternate. market street will be your best bet. and it will get very slow around this area. so just factor that into your travel plans as well around 30th street station and if you are taking the this, as well. then still looking at this accident investigation from earlier accident. the good news is crews now, have just moved out of your way. so no longer need to take those alternate. but just a heads up. i would still give yourselves couple of extra minute in that area, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. sixers a tracking a loft excitement this season. last night they rocked a sell-out crowd here at home. >> pat is here to tell us about their latest exploits. >> sixers did something last night they'd not done in 30 years, that's sweep the season series with utah, we pick it up in the fourth quarter. ben simmons with two of his career high 27 last night
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against the jazz. speaking of soft, donovan mitchell, i love when katie laughs at me, donovan mitchell rejected by embiid. jo-jo talks trashment then mitchell shoved him. that will get awe technical foul. and that will fire up the home crowd. embiid had 15 points, 11 boards, the sixers win, 107-86 they take on portland, tomorrow night, in south philly. >> a lot of time and effort, and one man comes to the rescue for the 76ers. but it is the story about how he got here that is most fascinating. i went behind the scenes with a man responsible for feeding the process. >> rising stars, joel embiid, and ben simmons have, fueled the sixers climb from the depth of the nba. but what is fueling them? more importantly, it is who is doing, sixers executive chef is responsible for what goes into the bodies of the world's most incredible athletes. after coming to the united
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state at age seven, he quickly fell in love with the nba. but how he got the job with the sixers was through chance encounter at his old restaurant harp in rittenhouse square. >> as a joke i told one of our food runners, hey, tell jerry co-angela low i'm wearing a phoenix suns. they work for the sixers, he didn't believe it. he got up from his seat and said where is the kitchen. i want to meet the chef. >> coangelo decided to hire the chef after few conversations about his true love: food and hoops. for cho, new reality is figuring out what works for each of the players. >> hard to measure exactly how nutrition, i think, translates , to performing on the court. there is definitely some sort of correlation, but we're find that out together, which is real exciting. >> as the sixer ers continue to in the standings, chef cho is looking for new innovative ways to expand their planate healthy way. >> all about eating something, and then observing, like how did that make you feel? do you feel like you have more
6:20 am
information now? like did you enjoy eat that? and so now are you at a better mental state? >> he showed me staple the kitchen the players love. essentially sushi burito. >> it get the players like real excited and infinitely customizeable. >> i wonder if little veggie medically here, so everything you need. so we will do this like little mini burito. cheers. >> so after eating that, do you think i can become an nba player as well? >> eating this, yes. >> no. >> no? >> well, at least chef cho was honest, his food outstanding will not help me become an nba player, but for the athlete, he feeds off of honesty, part of the sports wing, constantly adapting come up with new ways the sixers are properly fueled
6:21 am
for what they hope is a new era. >> food is fuel. >> no doubt about it. >> i know you've got a lot of hair, jim. you don't have as much hair as joel embiid. you need a lot of fuel for a guy 7 feet 2 inches tall. >> i love the story, you never know where you will get your big break, harp, and for the sixers, awesome. >> chance encounter. >> thanks, pat. get a load of this. game show like no other. watch these contestant try to climb a flight of slippery stairs. see more of the crazy video coming up. >> i want to do it. >> i want to do it, too. >> coming up a little later, thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to be a display of shear glut any, although some us like that. doctor rob will be here to tell us how to make your favorites a little more health >> i oh, come on. >> stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> from the trentonian, drive by at hancock avenue left three people injured, 19 year old woman hit in the ankle, 14 year old shot and a 19 year old shot in the stomach. >> burlington county times, new report 129,000 new jersey student were listed as chronically absent during the 2015-16 school year, that means, they missed more than 10% of school days. advocacy research group found willing bo owe had the highest number folds by pemberton shun ship. >> state grants will help pay to improve recreational opportunities, in pottstown, roars forwards, the funds willing help pay for adding to exists trails as well as providing landscaping, benches , fresh co-tape err -- containers and signs. >> japanese game show is a tracking attention stateside, and it is crazy. >> the show combines danger, competition and the
6:26 am
contestants trying to go over the steep steps, covered with lube, that makes it almost impossible to get foot hold or any traction, pour rangers tumbled backward zero or get pulled down by other, but the prizes better be worth it, i don't know that looks like fun does that look like fun? >> you may be covered in something other than, that maybe bailey oil or anything else? >> with enough padding it could be fun. >> if that's concrete then that isn't fun. >> like up the art museum steps. >> could you even put vaseline >> all right, yep. >> well, on that note, coming up in the next half hour of " eyewitness news," the best " black friday" strategist, and you can get the best deals. >> also, public spat with president trump, he's up. what he is saying about the president's criticism of his son. plus this: washington post
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reports eight women accusing charlie rose of sexual harrass : i'm henry rosoff, more next. >> slow downs on the boulevard , water main break near 30th street station, and an accidents, all of the updates coming up of the first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back. - hi, i'm joan lunden. diabetes can be a serious health challenge, but fortunately you can be in the driver's seat when it comes to managing it by watching what you eat, setting aside time to get moving physically, and keeping a close eye on your blood sugar. you can take just a few steps right now to ensure a healthier future. so, joining me today, is dr. ann albright, director of the cdc's division of diabetes translation, and maria rodriguez, a certified diabetes educator. and welcome. - thank you. - thanks. - so, as a certified diabetes educator,
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how do you work with patients? - so, a diabetes educator is a provider of the team that helps the patient with diabetes learn how to best manage their disease, which is a 24-hour disease, and it requires a lot of work. - so, you kind of teach them how to do all the things that maybe they don't want to take time asking the doctor, like, "how do i actually do the injection?" "how do i actually check my blood sugar?" - exactly, and we also teach them about the myths that they may have behind the disease, what they're scared about, and that's where i come in, and i give them some clarification to all the questions that were not answered previously, such as how to use a potometer, or what are the goals for their blood sugar, so how to better manage their diet, and their weight as well. - but how do you avoid some of these terrible complications like vision loss and amputation? - well, it's certainly, as maria said, it is really about getting that diabetes self-management education and support, and it's also about seeing those other members of your healthcare team, and you really need
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to go in on a regular basis. don't wait until you're feeling symptoms of something, because a number of these complications don't have symptoms until it's really, you're far down the road. so, get in there early, and continue to really pay close attention. - but those in the know, like the docctor, and the diabetes educators, they might pick up on these things earlier. - absolutely, those important tests and exams are a big part of it. - alright, well, thank you both. and if you want more information on living well with diabetes, log on to i'm joan lunden, see you next time. - [narrator] sponsored by nacdd, with support from the centers for disease control and prevention. visit
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>> good morning, aim jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> what you need to know this november 21st, 2017. >> surveillance video shows firefighters heroic efforts. >> at this time authorities are choosing not to release the names of these four missing people. >> charlie rose suspended. >> welcome to cbs this morning
6:31 am
>> eight women accusing him of sex sexual harrassment. >> something he is already apologizing for. >> massive flames erupting in michigan after gas main explodes. controversial elect company white fish energy is suspending operations in puerto rico. >> we were never getting paid on a weekly basis whatever we were expecting. >> sixers against the jazz, in south philly. >> back against the backboard, look at this. >> today's morning minute, by abramson cancer center number one cancer center in the region. >> embiid has drama on the court with mitchell. >> he knows how to work the crowd, sixers go onto win it,
6:32 am
and turning to the forecast, katie, no drama out of you today. we have real nice day ahead of us all things considered. >> yes, not a mary jay blige song, we do not need any drama >> there she goes. i knew i would get a response out of you on that one. what we do find out lots of winds, humidity is also nice and low, so should be pretty good hair day for you, still chill in the air. that will said, i would walk out the door with a heavier coat, once more. it is just not going to be as harsh feeling once you get out there. so storm scan, basically empty we've seen couple of stray clouds rolling on through, very far and few, because every generally clear sky still has been quite cold this morning, through the north and west most suburbs, when you take a look at allentown specially, eyes get immediately drawn to that, colder there than it is in mount pocono. just down i95 in philadelphia, so do you have quite a variety going on here generally
6:33 am
speaking little milder closer you get to the immediate open ocean water now looking ahead to the next couple every days, tomorrow and justly very busy travel day. i think generally speaking it will be cooperative. in that regard. a chilly thanksgiving holiday coming up. dow expect the sun to continue to shine on "black friday," however, up until tomorrow, there is already a new cold front, scheduled to cross. so, we're going to talk more about the timing on that, and some of you may end one nor from the frontal passage. we take a look what we've got up our sleeve beyond the weekend, what we can expect as we're all headed back to work. guys? >> all right, katie, thank you so much. very good morning to all of you, happy tuesday. and very good morning. so we've been looking outside all morning long, it has been looking pretty busy. so first, i want to talk about this accident. not a big deal. just heads up. pulled off 422 eastbound at the turnpike pulled to the shoulder, having brake lights
6:34 am
go off, volume levels, how much, there are actually looking okay. one of the better spots of the morning. everywhere else, factor in extra time. then also, this water main break, this is probably going to slow you down as well, jfk boulevard closed between market street and 30th street. so this is near 30th street station. by the area where they pick up , drop off, you will have to use alternate. market street is your best bet heads up on this. how you're traveling, especially make sure to check schedules on line in all of that. then looking at this accident investigation from earlier fatal accident. in washington township, new jersey, the good news, no need to take those alternates. that accident has now moved out of the way. we do still have an accident throughout in chestnut hill, stenton avenue, at christian valley road. also, germantown there is accident south therefore little bit. still out there. germantown avenue at walnut lane. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. now apology from charlie rose after accusations of sexual harrassment. >> eight women have come forward, leading cbs to suspends him and cbs to bring his interview show to a halt. "eyewitness news" reporter
6:35 am
henry rostenkowski off, to bring us to up date. good morning, henry. >> good morning, jim, rahel. rose will not be appearing on cbs this morning about a half hour from now, as you mentioned, the network has suspended the host as has cbs and bloomberg following accusations he sexually harassed eight women. also as you mentioned, it is already apologizing for these accusations. >> from hollywood to washington, to now network tv. the washington post is reporting claims of sexual harrassment against rose, by women a ross ated when his pbs program to late 90s to recent as 2011. in the washington postal, five women say rose put his hand on their legs to test their reaction. two say he came out of the shower and walk in front of them un closed or nearly naked while they were working for him at his home or while traveling on business. one woman says she was groped. a long time executive producer for the charlie rose show told the post she should have stood up more for the young woman he is accused of hariri as g over the years. row reese leased a statement
6:36 am
reading in part it is essential that weighs women know i hear them and that i deeply apologize for my inapropriate behavior. i am greatly embarrased. i have behaved insensitively at times and i except responsible for that. though i do not believe all these allegations are accurate >> all the women making the accusations work for charlie rose incorporated not at cbs nor pbs with distributes his show nor bloomberg where the show is taped, and then rebroadcast. representatives from the three news organizations told the washington post, they have no record of sexual harrassment complaints about charlie rose. cbs released a statement saying charlie rose is suspended immediately, while we look into this matter. these allegations are extremely disturbing and we take them very seriously. >> several women say they came forward because they were empowered by other high profile cases, one woman said she thought this was quote fierce moment of cultural reckoning, in the cbs-3 news
6:37 am
center, henry rosoff, cbs-3 " eyewitness news". >> sexual accusations against franken while he was in offers , says the minnesota democrat inapropriately touched her in 2010 while posing for a photo at the minnesota state fair. franken says he doesn't recall taking the photo with men, but that he feels badly she felt disrespecting. last week, frank end apologize today los angeles radio personality who accused him of forceably kissing her during a 2006uso tour. >> president trump expecting a call today from russian president vladmeere putin, it follows his surprise meeting today with dictator. butte end expressed hope that a final full stop will be put in the fight against terrorism in syria in the near future. >> well the outspoken father of one of the ucla basketball players, arrested in china once again questioning what president trump did to free the balls, ball and two others arrested on stealing designer sunglasses, last week trump
6:38 am
questioned on twitter whether he would receive any thanks for his role in the players release. ball responded minimizing president trump's involvement in the matter sunday, and then trump tweeted: he should have left him in jail. >> i would say thank you if he would have put him on his plane and took him home. then i would have said thank you mr. trump, for taking my boy out every china and bringing him back to the u.s. that is lot of room on that plane. >> ball denied being in a feud with president trump but said if there was anyone he would thank, it would be china's president. the three players did express gratitude to president trump, at a news conference. >> well, there is just few days to go before the retail kick off to the holiday shopping season. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger, joins us live from new york on tips how to score the best deals. good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> jill, what should folks do now if they plan to shop this coming weekend? >> all right, don't feel compelled to get everything done this weekend. but let's try to ida few ideas right now. then you check the prices in the next couple of days, and then multiple outlets.
6:39 am
add those items to wish list or your shopping cart. that way you can see how much the prices change, between now and cyber monday. a little work will help reveal exactly how big a discount that sale price really is. now, remember, retailers usually offer cheap discount on electronics, you may want to czechoslovakia cnet holiday guide if you need inspiration, and where to find some of the best deals on phones, tv's and other much south off devices. >> do your research before friday. hey, jill, what are the most must have money savings apps this season. >> well, i had fun with this, because i got to play with these. there is one called snip snap. they claim that they've got the biggest collection of in- store coupons of any apps. now, you snap a picture after printed sale. snip snap convert it into a mobile friendly offer, and you redeem and use your screen at the store. that's cool. now, there is one called shop kick. it rewards you with free cards to the shop you already do that makes it great for
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holiday shopping. flip create digital versions of circulars from retailers. and combines local fires and stack recall savings. okay, one last one. once you order your gift on line, you may want to use the ups mobile app, designed to avoid missing a delivery. leave instructions, kind of good stuff there. happy thanksgiving, i'm so thankful for all of you at kyw i love this market. and happy shopping. >> oh, we appreciate you, too, jill. and i've used flip. i do like flip. >> i haven't used that, no. i will now, though, thanks, jill. take care, happy holidays. >> coming up: the pennsylvania inn that many people believe is haunted and now the picture that may proof there is suspicions. >> plus how to enjoy thanksgiving dinner while making healthier choices, doctor rob is here with a list of things you can do to cut out calories. >> now rain on my parade. tradition for thousands of people on the day before thanksgiving. the balloon inflation for macy's parade. but his year there will be a lot of extra security, find
6:41 am
out how it could impact getting you there. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, the sun's up. tuesday morning. but jim connor, over producer there is song makes me want to go back to sleep. what are we doing? we will see in you about three minutes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> wealth come bang everyone, if you're into ghost stories this one is for you. >> folks in pennsylvania, after signing what they thought was ghost inside an in n. >> take a look at the photos. do you see anything there? >> some are saying that's a spirit in the window of the in
6:45 am
n. volunteer helping clean you have after a fire destroyed, and things kind of seemed a bit off, when one of them saw the figure. >> they were taking pictures of the front of the building. and when he went back to look at his house, you know, he was kind of freaking out about the picture, because he looked in one of the windows like there was someone standing there. >> the more i like at it, the harder it was to believe, you know, something at all like that. >> i don't know. the inh owner said it has made him bit more superstitious. what do you think, katie? >> i'm trying to picture like make out? >> looks like a head, man's head looking. >> i don't see it. >> looks like figure after man what am i missing? looking as closely as i can at the camera. >> casino every like look likes a neck. >> ugh. >> katie very quickly, do you believe in ghosts in. >> yes, i had one in my house growing up. >> oh,. >> they're fine. they just leave you alone.
6:46 am
>> not my mom. my mom has so many stories of this ghost. >> oh, boy. >> seriously. i could go on. i had a speech class and i even did a speech about this in college. >> oh,. >> because there was a lot of content. that's for another conversation. we do have eyewitness weather watchers reporting this morning, and we've got quite a variety going on. i'm not sold 67 degrees is actually what we're reading, that may be anomaly, but what we do have elsewhere is 20's, 30's, we did even have couple of spots in the 40's, so looks like kenneth naught willingboro has since dropped out of here but there is variety and obviously chill in the air. but, it is not as harsh as it had been. yesterday and the day before specially with the win whipping as it had been, you could not go by these values. you had to subtract something for a windchill. now you don't have to. what you see is actually what you get. blue bell, 38 degrees, that's different out in gilbertsville , reporting 34. so really is quite the variety
6:47 am
going on here. levittown, william at 36. out in downingtown, for example, dawn at 36 degrees. a lot of variety to report here. nice clear sky. looking at storm scan, courtesy of high pressure eventually gives way to the next frontal boundery crossing through, here it is, this will roll east, and later on tonight bring in few spotty showers. all the while, area of low pressure developing in the deep south. that moves north. so the question s. will they connect? and eventually they do. but not over our area. that's a good thing. while you are look likely to ends one steadier rain in southeast new jersey and delaware, over night tonight, for the most part, the rest of you, southeast pa, don't worry about much more than spotty shower. again, this moves in with timing f we have to deal with it at all it is overnight when many of you are already sleeping, and then moving out of here early tomorrow morning so i'll probably have something to track for you tomorrow morning. but it, clears out nicely for the rest of the day. today is the warm day. all the way up to 61 degrees,
6:48 am
sunshine, nice looking weather thursday, the chill doesn't catch up to us, but the sun is back, "black friday," meisha? >> katie thank you so muchment looking outside, we have traffic lights out in norristown main street at markley street, just heads up. i'll pass right on by the camera. i pull your attention to where we have vehicle fire, route 13 past route 273. you will have to use an alternate around here. route nine, going to be your best bet. again, vehicle fire, southbound, past 273, your alternate, route nine. all lanes blocked. there in delaware, more on that, i'll tweeting that information out for you. plus water main break, jfk boulevard closed between market street and 30th street. you will have to use alternate here as well. market street going to be your best bet. by the way, 30th street station, bolt and mega buses where they pick you up, drop you off, check schedules on line. plus an accident in roxborough henry avenue at cinnaminson street. and an accident in chestnut hill that's still out there. stenton avenue at kresham valley road. plus an accident we've been
6:49 am
looking at quite some time in germantown, germantown avenue at walnut lane. very busy morning, give yourselves extra time, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. here is something new at philadelphia city hall. looking at the debut of the new deck the hall holiday slight show on the side of the building check out the dazzling display every night through the rest of the year. >> and a little farther south, president trump will continue a thanksgiving tradition at the white house today. the pardon on of the turkeys. right now drum stick and wish bone are getting the very much. p treatment at hotel in washington, did dc. after the ceremony they'll join tater and tot at the virginia tech. >> and if you like to see the new york version of the thanksgiving day parade, there are changes you may want to know b most of them security upgrades. for many the fun starts with the inflating of the parade floats. this year that activity will wrap up two hours earlier. central park will close at noon tomorrow. no back packs are allowed on parade day. there will be an increase police presence, for those changes, aren't stopping fans.
6:50 am
>> i live on the block where they blow up the macy day balloons, i'm real excited p it, i've insight vaitai add lot of people, they're all coming. >> we have to all jest get up and go out. i mean, you can't hide under the bed. >> 3 million people are expected to watch the parade in person. they say they'll have police at every corner, plus k9's, undercover officers even helicopter keeping close watch during the parade. make sure that everybody's safe. >> well, for many of us counting calories is going to be out of the question on thanksgiving, but you can still eat healthy, jim is in the cafe with doctor rob and tips. hello. >> that's right, rahel. our thanksgiving meal just days away, and there are some things for thanksgiving that can be nutritious and good for you. so doctor rob danoff is here. our friend doctor rob, so, doctor rob, first of all what are the most nutritious parts of the meal? >> cranberries. but not the cranberry sauce with all of the sugar, but regular cranberries. they have vitamin c they have antioxidant in, and also they have these chemicals good for
6:51 am
our immune system and might fight off illness. also, pumpkin. okay, not as much of a pumpkin pie. >> no, not a pumpkin person. >> but if you get regular pumpkin, anything orange, vitamin a, bet a kerr teen, fiber, great you you put it in there, maybe drizzle little honey. brussels sprouts, related to cabbage, i not your favorite, however it has fiber, little bit of protein, vitamin c in there, awesome. and beans, fiber, vitamin b, vitamin c, these are great meals. and of course, sweet potatoes. you don't need the sweet potato pie with all of the sugar buy by themself wonderful and healthy and again anything yellow, orange, what vitamin does it have? vitamin a. >> what about the turkey the star of the show. >> turkey is one of the best lean sources of protein, awesome. and so you take off the skin, i know you eat the skin because that's where all of the fat is but darker white meat is good. take off the skin, white meet probably the best. >> doctor rob, trying to rain on apply parade here. so i like a beige plate, lot
6:52 am
of gravy, lot of potatoes, if people are looking to cut out, you know, or watch their salt intake, what are things they can do? >> couple of things, first of all turkey gravy instead of the cream and butter and all that, try little bit of chicken broth. most off can put it on the turkey or even apple cider. put on top, taste the turk which that, then it forms a great gravy. really good. mashed potatoes, anything with butter and i know you love mashed potatoes, use sweet potatoes instead. bake them, put little bit of honey and cinnamon, and it is awesome. you will save a lot of calories. instead of mashed potatoes, do you like mashed couliflower? probably not. okay. so jim likes anything with sugar. >> well, it is thanksgiving. >> i know. but you can still make it fun and still taste good. >> all right, if you say so. >> i guess you're not coming over? >> not coming to your house. you know, people get stuffed. i mean this, he just eat too much. i mean i know myself i eat the dinner then three, four hours later then making a sandwich
6:53 am
with the turkey and stuffing on ton. so i mean what can we do it get through the meal without being stuffed? >> don't use red plate. because red plates stimulate hunger. no kidding. but i'm not canned g. red, restaurant know, that they serve on red like this, we're hungry, but you want to just have one healthy, have about a half hour before meal an apple or clear soup, will hell fill us up. most of your plate should be green veggies, i know you're not the greatest fond of, but also have some turkey which is really good, and the sides have, a little stuffing, have a little sweet potatoes, don't make it your main, but jim only one serving. don't lie down within three hours of eating, take a walk, and if your stomach is still bothering you, cam meal tea with little ginger and loosen the tight belt. you can do it. >> i'm not coming to your house, doctor rob, look, this is the is the one day i can splurge and don't feel get i. >> enjoy it. >> i'll take pictures. >> and send it to me. >> thanks, doctor rob, we will be right back after this.
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>> here is three to go. >> atf agent return to west chester community what spark last week's fire and what happened to four people still unaccounted for. >> the suspect in the shooting every pennsylvania straight trooper has a preliminary hearing, investigators say the
6:58 am
shooting happened earlier this month after a traffic stop in northampton count. >> i cbs this morning will air shortly without charlie rose, the network suspended him after eight women accused him of sexual harrassment. and that's three to go. >> looks like very nice day, wind has straightened out nicely, 23 at kutztown, but clear sky, we're going to warm up efficiently all the way to 61 in the city today. later tonight, very early tomorrow morning, couple of spotty showers may be steadier rain in southeast new jersey and delaware, meisha. >> thank you so much. we have vehicle fire right now in delaware, route 13, southbound, past route 273. you will have to use an alternate. route nine will be your best bet. >> thank you shall meisha. do you love your pet so much you wish they could live for ker? >> well, thanks to science, they k sort of. tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 meet baxter, a cloned dog. pups like baxter are genetic twins, born at different time. >> this is star track to me, this is amazing, back in 2,000 i couldn't even imagine
6:59 am
treating animals with stem cells let along cloning happen mals from a practice, couldn't even imagine it, just talk about it, and here we are few years later and doing this routinely. >> and doctors are doing this right here in our area. so, how does it work? what does it cost? and is it something you should consider? jessica dean and her dog fin take a closer look tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> look, i don't know, would you do that? >> no, you feel like the dog doesn't have the same spirit or sole. >> no, i wouldn't. >> hey it is worth watching. i'm curious. next on cbs this morning, hear from the washington post reporter, who wrote the story about the allegations against charlie rose. >> and remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
it is tuesday, november 21st, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. cbs news and pbs take charlie rose off the air after at least eight women accuse him of sexual harassment. he apologizes saying he thought he was pursuing shared feelings. we'll hear from the reporter who broke the story. and a group of highly accomplished women discuss their own stories and the me too campaign to stop other harassers. >> the border patrol faces a mystery after one agent is killed and another is badly hurt. we're in west texas tracking that investigation. >> plus, an update on a cbs news investigation that found foreign worker


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