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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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fired legendary news anchor charlie rose on tuesday, following a bomb shell report, detailing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. the cbs this morning co host addressed the accusations on air. >> let me be very clear, there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. >> this is not the manny know but i'm also clearly on the side of the women hoff been very hurt and very damaged by this. >> reporter: in a statement cbs news president david roads said despite charlie's journal stick contributions to our news division there is absolutely nothing more important in this or in any other organization, than insuring a safe professional work place. >> this is charlie rose. >> reporter: washington post published claims from eight women who all worked or wanted to work for the veteran news man, long running pbs program. one said he groped her breast, two women said he walk naked in front of them and one said he reached down her pants.
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>> i think that you cannot under state the level of influence and power that a man like charlie rose has. >> reporter: in a statement rose says i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i'm greatly embarrassed. i have behaved insensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that. though do i not believe that all of these allegations are accurate. he added i always felt i was pursuing shared feelings, even though i now realize i was mistaken. meg oliver for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs this morning anchor gayle king will be a guest on the late show with stephen colbert you can see it at 11 credit 35 right here after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. president trump weighed in on the sexual misconduct allegations against alabama senate candidate roy moore, the president is standing by the embattled republican in his special election race against democrat doug jones. >> he told me he denies it. he said it didn't happen, and, you know, you have to listen
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to him also. you are talking about he said 40 years ago this does not happen. i can tell you one thing for sure, we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat jones. i have looked at his record. it is terrible. >> the president left today to spend thanksgiving in florida. today michigan congressman john conyers vehemently denied any wrongdoing in his sexual misconduct case. former female staffer says conyers fired her for not accepting a sexual advances. the 88 year-old admits to settling those allegations for $27,000, but he says he did it to avoid a long legal battle. the house ethics committee is now investigating the claims. a inform drexel neurologist has accepted a plea agreement related to the alleged sexual abuse of several of his female patients our joe holden was the only television reporter in the courtroom and he spoke exclusively a victim in this case and joins us now from center city, joe, good evening >> ukee, good evening.
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this doctor will never, ever see a patient, that after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct related charges. now, he will have seven years on probation, no jail time at all, and about a dozen victims in this case, some showed up at court to see him, and, as well as we did. sir, you expected to up hold your profession, hippocratic oath you have nothing to say? that was doctor ricardo of wynnewood kept quiet his plea deal sparing him jail time. now, the frustrated victims who claim ex-drexel neurologist would be overly friendly and then, shift to inappropriate touching and groping. sarah hicks spoke publicly about her abuse by cruciani and how she says it could have been avoided. >> he was the chaperone that they offered a lot of places offer it, i guess i really let my guard again in believing
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that he wasn't harm full. >> reporter: another victim told the court i quote he took my soul and he took to it a dark spot, continuing i am stuck trying to figure out the pain, how not to kill myself. well, doctor cruciani has left the country. you heard it right. philadelphia court judge granted him bail for a special family occasion, the bail amount is staggering, i'll have that part of the story and more from the victim's in this case on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. see new an hour. live outside cjc, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". suspect is in custody after opening fire on police in delaware and then holding them at bay. that incident on lawrence avenue in newark prompted a massive response by law enforcement and our alycia nieves is live in newark with what led to that gunfire, alycia. >> reporter: well, jessica authorities said a man living on franklin street in newark had made concerning remarks about his welfare to the point where police were asked to go
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checkup on him. two officers went to the home around 1:00 this afternoon and what happened just second later is what sent every available police officer fleeing the scene and these who lived near franklin street race ago way fleeing from their homes evacuating trying to get out of the area. intense police presence in newark, new castle county delaware this response after authorities were called to the house on franklin street for a welfare check. >> as office's arrived on the scene gunshots could be heard inside residents. >> reporter: authorities are unclear at this time whether the shots were directed at police, but the initial officers backed away out of an abundance of caution and called for backup. within minutes more than 50 officers whereby their side, chopper three was over the scene for about an hour as a standoff ensued between police and shooter, eventually that suspected shooter surrendered, he was taken from the house, in handcuffs, and on the stretcher. >> subject was transported to an area hospital for evaluation, i believe he was,
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being evaluated there was a self-inflicted wound. >> reporter: gunshot wound. >> i believe a knife wound. >> reporter: authorities at this time are not releasing the name of the suspect shooter only saying he has not been charged with anything at this time, this is an ongoing investigation, and at a news conference just a few minutes ago police wanted to stress how grateful and thankfully they are that in one was seriously hurt no civilians and no officer. reporting live from new castle county delaware, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are charging a 21 year-old woman with the murder of her grandfather in the cities port richmond section. authorities arrested patricia dotson yesterday, officers found her grandfather 80 year-old robert girard, dead inside of the home that they shared on the 2500 block of east lehigh avenue on wednesday night. officials say she stabbed her grandfather multiple times. police are still trying to determine a motive. a judge has ordered man accused of shooting a
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pennsylvania state trooper to be held for trial, investigators say daniel clary shot at two state troopers on november 7th wounding corporal seth kelly. it happened after a traffic stop in route 33 in northampton county. corporal kelly is still hospitalized. triple a says nearly 51 million people are expected to get out of town over the thanksgiving holiday making it busiest since 2005. drivers who make up majority of the all holiday travelers will pay highest gas price necessary three years. those flying will be the paying the cheapest airfare since 2013. they will also be busier on the rails. amtrak officials at 30th street station in philadelphia say they will be ready. >> we have added some extra trains to our fleet and extra cars to make sure we have enough room for added capacity for extra travelers but make sure you do have your ticket before you get here. >> reporter: amtrak officials say travelers can also expect an increased security presence with all of the interaction when you travel health experts say there are some things you can do to
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avoid getting sick. coming up on "eyewitness news" we will tell you four ways to avoid germs while you travel including what you should not drink on an airplane that is coming up at 5:45. today more than 400 philadelphia police officers blanketed the entire city with one special mission. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows you this project is meant to bring smiles to everyone involved. >> unaudible. >> reporter: it is an important police operation, and it only happens once per year. hundreds of philly police officers fanned out throughout the city, delivering these unmarked cardboard boxes. >> hi. >> hello. >> reporter: inside ingredients fit for a feast. >> this is our annual turkey give away. >> turkey, turkey. >> reporter: operation thank giving 2017 is underway. frozen turkies, stuffing, green bean and potatoes packed up and moved out.
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>> wagons lined up from every district because it is all about giving back. >> reporter: officers laurie jackson and peachy on the turkey patrol, door to door deliveries. >> here is your turkey. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: for those who need the help, the most. >> around september we start asking the officers to scour their police service area for any families that they may need help on holidays. >> hi there. >> help, all right. >> oh, yeah, in a big way. >> to to have off set or have your whole meal given that is one less worry. >> reporter: that means more time to focus on is what most important. that special thanksgiving dish >> i have to make a couple sweet potato pies, definitely, turkey, stuffing, but everybody loves it. >> reporter: in the sixth district greg argos. >> have a happy holiday. >> reporter: cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right back at you. all this talk of turkey
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and thanksgiving holiday makes us wonder about the weather, is what up, kate. >> we are tracking some rain moving toward the area as early as tonight, i'll tell you how long it will stick around and whether it will impact your thanksgiving travel and we will look at your turkey day forecast, as well. knitting is in the just a hobby see how a group of local woman stay healthy, body and mind and they are getting paid to. tori? i'm covered in cocoa coming up we will go behind the beans of the chocolate factory, right here in eddystone, it is producing more chocolate then
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kevin hart new addition, beyonce big year and inspiration at moment as part of the hot minute. >> here's bex from today's 96.5 with more. >> thanks, ukee and jessica we are two days from thanksgiving and this year kevin hart has an additional bundle of joy to be thankful for, philadelphia native and his wife, nico welcomed kenzo cash hart his third and couple's first child together. kevin shared news on social media with this tweet writing that his sonnies healthy, and
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all ready smiling. with a dad like kevin we are not surprised. and another celebrity who has a lot to smile about is beyonce who tops forbes list of highest paid women in music pulling in, are you ready for this, $105 million pretax, queen b solidified her place with her album lemonade and world tour replacing taylor swift who held the spot last year. taylor fell back to third with adele, claiming second but don't worry, taylor is doing just fine rake nothing 44 million-dollar. and, finally, we're not moving too far from the family tree, chatting about beyonce's hubby jay-z who shared inspirational word with a nine year-old fan. rap mogul stopped his show in cleveland after spotting the young fan, going in for a very incredible moment. >> the excitement in her face is so infectious, i love it, that is your hot minute i'm be
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x from today's 96.5. >> with the colder weather moving in parents are looking for fun place toss take their kid that are inside. >> one of those places is garden state discovery museum. that is where meteorologist lauren casey got a firsthand look at high flying fun. >> aim here at garden state discovery museum and in the kid fit gym where kid are working out getting their sweat on. working out that energy. i'm here with the founder of kid fit brian hurley so tell us what this is all about. >> it is south jersey's latest , greatest kid fitness center. specializes in ninja warrior, gymnastics, birthday parties, field trips, camp events. we want to provide a place to come while they are here. >> who doesn't want to be a ninja warrior. >> i have no idea. we try to foster those goals and make sure kid have a positive outlet for that energy. >> tell butts activities going on here in the gym what they can do absolutely. ninja warrior, we set up
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different obstacle courses, working on gross motor skills, mine motor skills, and sip line a crowd pleaser. >> now i will try my hand at this i don't know how i will do i'm scared. more scared then kid. willie be all right. >> you will do well. big strong muscles. >> all right. >> we will get it together. >> okay, all right. here i go, i will step up here >> i am actually really any of us. >> okay. i'm going to hand my mike off to allen, right here. >> i'm brave >> that is pretty cool into that foam. >> that is good. >> foam good thing. >> kate has your forecast this
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weekend my four year-old said dad, can we buy a ninja warrior course and set it up in the garage. he thought we could buy it in the store. i think a trip there would be good. >> that is not what i want in my garage. >> let's talk about the weather. like you said, pretty nice day today. we have some rain, that is moving in the area lets look outside to start things off here. you can see we have decent conditions, we took this video just a little bit earlier, this is a shot of the beautiful sunset colors that we spotted on our parkway central library camera earlier tonight. i stepped outside and just gasped when i saw this because pastel colors, blue, pink, orange, it was such a gorgeous sunset we had to show it to you even though it is dark. can't show you sunset live anymore because these days are shorter and shorter but beautiful sunset in center city. here's a live look at rehoboth beach. not a lot of color in the sky. we have lights on the boardwalk for those taking a
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walk but it is dark outside and temperatures on their way down just a bit, not cold enough that it will produce anything in the way of frozen precipitation but here it comes this line of showers moving across great lakes from toronto into indiana. that will come through mainly overnight tonight into tomorrow morning so you may wake up tomorrow to rain. this is only problem time frame for travelers, tomorrow morning is if you are planning to get on the road it could slow you down but after nine or 10:00 o'clock things do look better. temperature wise looking pretty good much better then yesterday. yesterday we were stuck in the 40's. today we got to the upper 50's we are still at 55. fifty in allentown. forty-three in mount pocono. fifty-four in atlantic city. wind not as strong as they have been pennsylvania few days, winds out of the south at 10 miles an hour depending on where you are, and nice, warm air in that we have been feeling all day long. your overnight low tonight is comfortable.
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47 degrees. areas have rain will develop. mainly early tomorrow morning, certainly after midnight we will see rain develop and that will continue into the first part of your wednesday morning , morning rain but that does turn breeze which sunshine, quick clear tomorrow 55 degrees is the high. here's what that looks like. for tonight things are quiet by 11:00 we will track cloud, but showers just off to the west and then overnight a few showers creep in at 3:00 a.m. not a big deal but does intensify at 6:00 a.m. from the city on east and wake up at 7:00 to decent rain coming through. watch how that moves out. that clears the coast. the sunni merges and it will be a nice wednesday afternoon. your travel forecast tomorrow rain in the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon. afternoon better for travelers thanksgiving day traveling thursday looks good, chill which sunshine at 47. for your friday black friday shoppers or anyone traveling home from their thanksgiving destination looking good as well, 51 with sun. so despite rain testimony
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morning, tomorrow will turnout nice, thursday and friday looking good warming up gannon saturday, to near 60 with a chance for late day shower and then will turn breezy, cold around sunday, some football weather for eagles game sunday monday and tuesday looking nice as well. overall it is a great forecast for the holiday weekend. tomorrow morning is iffy. >> high schools play on thanksgiving. >> that looks good too. >> it will be nice but cold. >> thanks, appreciate it. parts of the delaware county some smells of chocolate you know it is true if you live there we sent vittoria woodill to investigate the source. here's an interesting gift idea kfc escape pod, what are you escaping? well, we will find out, don. i need to know more. feeding sixers drive for success up next meet man who puts food on the team's table, fascinating story after
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well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story.
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and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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tis the season but planning to buy a fresh cut christmas tree you better act fast. coming up at 6:00 decade old decision leading to a christmas tree shortage and driving up the price of the trees still out there, tune in for that at 6:00. in the meantime don bell's here to kind of take us, on a sports tangent if you will. >> my favorite topic: food. >> yeah. >> that was my challenge. >> yes. >> let's talk about food. cliches are more believable then others, in pro sports, most athletes truly believe you are what you eat. that is why the sixers are bringing their a game in the kitchen. pat gallen has more. >> reporter: sixers executive chef jay cho is what goes in the bodies of the world's most incredible athletes. after coming to the u.s. at seven, he quickly fell in love with the nba but how he got the job with the sixers was through a chance encounter at his old restaurant parc in rittenhouse square.
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>> as a jokey told a food runners tell jerry colangelo i'm wearing a phoenix suns hat he said they work for sixers. he didn't believe it. he got up from his seat and said where is the kitchen i want to meet this chef. >> reporter: colangelo's decided to hire the chef after a few conversation about his true love, food and hoops. for cho, this new reality is figuring out what works for each of the players. >> it is hard to measure exactly how nutrition i think translates to performance on the court. there is definitely a correlation but we're finding that out together which is exciting. >> reporter: as sixers continue to a send in the standings, chef cho is looking for new innovative ways to expand their pallet in a healthy way. >> it is all about eating something and observing, like how did that make you feel? do you feel like you have more energy now. did you enjoy eating that? so are you at a better mental state. >> reporter: he showed me sixers kitchen that the players love, essentially a
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sushi burrito. >> little bit of rice, veggie, everything you need, we will do this one like a little mini burrito. >> cheers. >> yeah, cheers. >> so after eating that do you think i can become an nba player. >> eating this will make you an nba player. >> no. >> no. >> in camden, pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> he tried he is like, no. >> not even a little bit. >> if our bosses are watching is there anyway we can hire chef cho. >> i will give the look, just like this, no, no, not happening. >> i will try. >> thanks, buddy, good stuff. coming up next, four ways to avoid germs when you travel this holiday season. recalled piece of furniture is being recalled again heart breaking reason ikea says to return those dressers, right now. can you spot a fake? before you go holiday shopping we will show you how to spot knock off brand name products.
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news continues after
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ikea relaunched its recalled of certain dressers and chests now blamed and linked to the death of eight children. >> company is recalling 17.3 million pieces of mal furniture, dressers can tip over if not fastened to a wall that is how a two-year old california boy died in may. ikea first recalled 29 million of the style dressers and chestness 2016, and an attorney representing the families of four children crushed by the furniture, including a two-year old chester county boy says ikea continued to make furniture that the company knew was dangerous. >> ikea should devote same energy, same money and same time to the recall of this product that they devoted to
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settling the product. >> ikea says it e mailed 13 million people about the recall 13 months ago and company is asking them to secure dressers to the wall or return them for a full refund. you can get more information on the recall and how you can get a free wall mounting kit at cbs new booster seats have been added to the insurance institute for highway safety's yearly best bet list this years safety list includes 16 new models, 13 of those models received the highest rating of best bet, the finally, and the backless chico go fit are among those awarded the top rating. >> what we are looking for is shoulder belt to be positioned in the center of the shoulder so it is not falling off the shoulder and the neck and lap belts we are looking for it to be low on the hips. >> the iihs recommends children use booster seats until safety belts fit presently regardless of their age. americans will be opening up their wallets quite a bit this friday and on cyber monday but customs officials are urging americans to watch
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out for counterfeit items, they are flooding in to the country and on to the internet this time of the year. from electronic to the designer handbags to shoes, these look alike some of the hottest items that holiday season but u.s. customs and board patrol say they are all fake. >> when you look at a buffalo bills jersey and you see fabric, bleeding so that the lines cut across, that is pretty obvious to our officers >> reporter: nationally the number of seizures has listen every year since 2007 and jumped 25 percent in 2015. last year officers seized $1.38 billion in counterfeit goods and made 451 arrests, federal investigators say most of the knock offs have been coming from china and hong kong but recently distributors have been changing the countr ies they are shipping from to try to fool inspectors home land security investigation agents say it is not a victim less crime. sales often benefit terrorist
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groups. >> we have organizations such as hezbollah that are utilizing congress to be able to source their efforts abroad >> reporter: here in the u.s. victims include co and their employees, that sell the real products. and, consume hours might buy something they think is safe including electronic, prescription drugs, cosmetic costumes officials say avoid buying from non-reputable retailers and always notice the price. fit seems too good to be true it probably is. >> federal officials often believe entities that try to bring in counterfeit goods are also bringing in opioids contributing to the nation's drug epidemic. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 dangerous toys, just in time for holiday gift giving, we will tell you which toys to avoid, won that could put your child's safety in jeopardy tonight at 6:00. fbi is investigating circumstances that led to the death of the border patrol agent and an injury of his partner. agent martinez died sunday,
5:34 pm
authorities say martinez and his partner suffered head injury and broken bones while on patrol in west texas near mexican border. investigators are not sure how they were hurt but are not ruling out that they may have been attack. >> we are investigating this matter as a potential assault on a federal officer and we are trying to gather facts and if the facts support that then we will pursue it. >> a $25,000 reward is being offered, for information leading to an arrest and conviction. today the white house un veiled new economic sanction as begins north korea over its nuclear program. move comes day after president trump designated the country a state sponsor of terrorism. these latest sanctions punish companies and transport systems that support north korea. it has been more than 60 days since kim junk u.n. regime conducted any missle test or launches. president trump and russian president vladamire putin spoke about north korea on the phone today. they also discussed future of
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war torn syria, iran, and ukraine. >> white house says the call lasted for more than an hour, president trump and president putin spoke informally several times when they attend asia pacific, summit in vietnam last week. congratulations are in order for temple university graduate who is the school's first over rheds scholar. cherri gregg has more on the student's journal friday north philadelphia to oxford university. >> my story is one of looking at what opportunities have presented itself. >> reporter: at 23 years old h azim hardman's life change forever this weekend when he was named one of the 32rhod escolars. what was your reaction when they say you were going to be a rhod escolar. >> i went through entire range of emotion. >> reporter: it what's motion al because road to oxford began here at 23rd and diamond with the tough decision about mom, gwenn, to falsify their address to get
5:36 pm
hardman in a better school. >> it was a matter of life and death and that was at temple. >> reporter: that decision was a game changer which sent this eagles fan on a path to becoming a intellectual like his role model cornell west and mark lemont hill. >> through her choice i was able to develop, certain things, that have been informative for me and serves me well in each step of the journey i have been on. >> reporter: after a rough time in high school hardman landed at community college of philadelphia where he excelled , and later here at temple where he graduated mag in a couple laud and applied for the scholarship with a distant hope. >> it just doesn't happen for people that look like me. >> reporter: hardman is one of the 10 african-american scholars, largest number in any class and the first ever from temple university thanks to family, his mother, brother , and mentors. >> they have always supported me in everything that i have done. >> reporter: and they will support him, as he leaves the
5:37 pm
country for the first time to head to oxford to get his masters next october and what this future professor of education calls, a major win. >> big win for my whole family big win for north philadelphia >> reporter: cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sure is. >> awesome. >> isn't it though. >> yeah. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" four ways to avoid germs this holiday season. >> local seniors have a new way to be thankful this thanksgiving how their knitting group is helping their help, physically and mentally and also making some cash on the side, stephanie stahl shows news less than 10 minutes, kate? your weekend watch we are starting off on a nice warm note, this is second half of the holiday four day weekend, saturday near 60 degrees, could be a isolated shower especially late in the day as yet another cold front comes through and it will be breezy, colder but we should see sunshine bet days this weekend all and all great weather for the upcoming holiday weekend,
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have a great
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christmastime phenomenon continues to gain popularity, 11 million copies of the book, the elf on the shelf have been sold, book lawn inched 2005 and elf doll comes with the purchase of the book. accord together tradition elf 's job toys keep an eye on the children on the house and report back to santa each night about their behavior. >> um-hmm. >> those eyes, those eyes, they are watching. >> they are here, they are every where. >> yes. >> well, in an effort to help keep people and relief stress of the holiday season fast food chain known for its buckets of the fried chicken, has developed something unique >> kentucky fried chicken has come up with a internet escape pod meant to escape quiet time
5:42 pm
it will be for sale, on cyber monday, for real you can buy it. kfc was thinking of selling it for over $96,000, but they say in the spirit of the cyber monday they should shave the price to an even 10,000. >> 10,000. >> yes for the colonel to be, you know, on top of your tent there. >> i will just take a regular pop up. >> a regular tents. >> right, exactly. two turkies get a presidential pardon in time for thanksgiving. >> but took a detour on the [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans.
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following a thanksgiving tradition president trump took part in the annual white house turkey pardon go to day. one of the turkies went to the white house press briefing room to meet with some reporters before the pardon. every year two turkies are selected by white house to be saved, after the detour, in the white house, the turkey then joined the president, the first lady and their son baron for rose garden ceremony. this occasion marks first turkey pardoning of the trump 's presidency. >> are you ready drumstick. drum stick you are here by
5:46 pm
pardoned. >> the white house says drum stick and his fellow pardon turkey, their days at virginia tech gobbler rest exhibit. if you are planning on flying for thanksgiving holiday, health experts have a few tips on how to avoid bringing germs along with you. first, sit in the front of the plane. experts say air flow is better in the front. skip the complimentary coffee or tea, data from the uca says water in airplanes are not always clean. be sure to exercise hand hygiene if you use rest room wash your hands, and if you touches lators, rails or use an atm. elderly group in northeast philadelphia is feeling especially thankful this thanksgiving. they have a special mission hoping to keep them healthy and youthful. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us about the program. >> reporter: doctors say keeping elderly people engage
5:47 pm
improves their lives and overall health, at kline life center in northeast philadelphia a group of tonighters is also giving back >> they are gorgeous. >> reporter: their hands and minds are busy knitting not scarves and sweaters, this group is make special knitting panels used in high fashion handbags. >> this one is just a multi color from italy. >> reporter: toby came up with the idea for, handbags as a way to empower elderly knitting at the kline life center. >> i'm helping those feel involved, important, to feel value, sense of purpose. >> reporter: this time of the holiday many seniors can feel isolated and lonely but here knitting provides social interaction, friendship and a critical part of healthy aging >> talk to each other, exchange ideas, and feel useful. for all of the people feeling useful is a big deal. >> you see other people being vital, and makes you feel more
5:48 pm
alive. >> reporter: karen moses an judy herman says knitting helps keep their brain active and sharp. >> it keeps me focused. you have to think. >> yes, get through the stitch again and bring it off. >> reporter: there is a lot offhanded/eye coordination with knitting. >> i think i need more practice. >> reporter: knitting together isn't just keeping this group healthy but they get paid too and proceed from the bag sales help fund more programs at kline life. >> i feel as though i'm giving back, as well as it is benefiting me. so when you are carrying your mim and ray bag you feel so good because of the knitting and you know that a senior knitted that piece of wool, and that is the whole mission is to knitting with love and style with the purpose. >> reporter: those bags are available on line and at special events, price ranges from hundred dollars to thousands and programs at kline life provide services to thousands of people.
5:49 pm
i have to tell you, knitting is a lot harder then i thought >> i bet. >> reporter: i totally need practice. >> you have to get it all down just right. >> that is right. >> thanks, stephanie. kate joins us now. >> really nice day today. >> we got to the upper 50's, lower 60's in spots. felt really good. cold air coming in as we head toward the holiday but even though it is chilliest thanksgiving in three years it will be a sunny thanksgiving and we have that to be thankful for. nice weather for travelers as well but heading out early tomorrow morning thinking oh, yeah lets get up early, beat the rush, tomorrow morning is only time you may encounter ugly weather outside. rain's moving in. we will talk about that in a moment. we will start off with is what happening right now and take you outside to roof cam here at cbs broadcast center looking live toward center city, beautiful sunset tonight tapping off what was a gorgeous day and feels good out there right now not all that cold, leave heaviest coats in the closet for
5:50 pm
tonight at least but bring them back out for thanksgiving day. speaking of the sunset i want to show you weather watcher photo that came in of this beautiful sky every where. you can almost see here on the map on this photo map all of the colors popped up. this fridays peter, in new jersey, planesboro sent that 1 n lets try to get this to pull up, phil smoke pretty sunset at beginning of the sunset time at 4:25. wayne sent this one, color conn trails on the jet thanks to it moving through sunset cloud, beautiful shot there and which one did i not click on, knoll pits, cotton candy sunset and just a beautiful one with pastel colors across the region. here's a time lapse from today , at palmyra cove nature park. good looking day. lots have blue skies, few cloud and hopefully caught beautiful bright sunset on this camera as well. it was a fantastic finish to the day. there we go purples and pinks
5:51 pm
over the city earlier this evening. now it is dark and we have got a front marching toward the area doesn't have moisture with it but it will drop moisture from the atlantic ocean progressing overnight and into tomorrow morning. so for now things are quiet. this front will get in overnight after midnight so rest of today is dry but a few cloud starting to lift from the south, our high today a mild 61 degrees, thanks in part to that southerly flow that got us more than 5 degrees, seven full degrees above average. or morning low was where it should this be time of the year. so we will see that front clear the area tomorrow and then sun returns tomorrow afternoon. thursday, and friday, for end of the thanksgiving week we are under influence of the chilly canadian high and that will keep it relatively quiet. tomorrow morning if you have a flight out or planning on traveling that is one time you may have to watch for slow downs, otherwise, sunny, chilly thanksgiving day and black friday shoppers planning to hit bunch of different stores here pleasant with some
5:52 pm
sunshine. shopping on line take yourself outdoors for a few minutes to enjoy the sun. overnight areas of rain, 47 degrees, tomorrow morning rain turning to breezy day with sunshine. 55 degrees. not too bad. it will start to feel cooler in the afternoon once this northwest wind kicks up. fast forward past thanksgiving to your eagles game day forecast, breezy, chilly on sunday, 47 degrees at kick off , 45 post game. your seven day forecast, pretty nice thanksgiving, chilly, 46 degrees, chilliest in a couple years here but friday looks good. saturday mild with a late day shower, sunday, windy, colder, chilly to start next week as well but rain tomorrow morning , for travel plans things looking quiet. ukee and jessica. >> kate, thank you. i'm told in parts of the delaware county the air smells like check late. >> that is true. >> we had to send vittoria wood tolly investigate to see what she discovered, when we
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
did you know that one of the most sweet pots on earth is in delaware valley. >> a place so sweet that the air is filled with the delicious chocolate smell, our vittoria woodill takes us inside the cocoa plant in eddystone. >> it smells delicious. >> love the smell. >> it makes you hungry. tough when you are diabetic. >> reporter: what they are talking about is wonderful smell of chocolate. >> i'm walking out my front door i'll smell it. >> reporter: we went in search and it took us here. >> ♪ >> reporter: no, not that chocolate factory but this one , this factory in eddystone >> it is a place where most of the cocoa in the u.s. gets imported so many big co in the chocolate business import their beans here in philadelphia. >> reporter: making eddystone and all of pennsylvania the sweetest place on earth.
5:57 pm
>> why? cows. >> you've got imports, we have cows and milk to make milk chocolate. premium location. >> reporter: you may not have heard of them before but that is for a very good reason. >> you will never see something, on your plate on in your store but you will product that uses our product thaw do in the know it is in there report report plant in eddystone is enormous and just one of the over 50 barry factories worldwide. here there weren't any helpers but what difficult see was thousands of pounds of chocolate bean from all over the world. i watch them get sorted, roast ed and smell and then processed in to cocoa liquor. there is no alcohol it just means cocoa butter is still in it, until liquor is pressed to remove cocoa butter and then it becomes dry, heavy, of pure cocoa powder. nearly 1.2 million tons of the cocoa powder is processed for
5:58 pm
food you probably have in your pant try. i have waited long enough to eat. let's try unsweetened check late liquor. chocolate liquor. different. thankfully they had the sweet stuff i'm used to all made with barry's chocolates. >> love the stash. >> love it. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. toy trouble dangerous toys to keep off your shopping list including one that comes with serious privacy concerns, plus how could do you this to those women? report. >> only "eyewitness news" confronts a prominent doctor who pleaded guilty to groping his patients. the deal he cut with prosecutors to avoid jail time , kate? it is a little chilly tonight but some rain is on the way as we head toward your thanksgiving holiday i'll tell you whether it will impact your travel plans coming up. heading to the christmas tree lot is on your to do list this thanksgiving weekend we found one indoors and it has quite a variety, i'm cleve bryan, coming up some ways to
5:59 pm
make a bold statement with your decoration this is holiday season. and talking trash, inspiration for these colorful cans popping up all around town, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it is difficult. it is difficult. i was than the happy with that >> only on "eyewitness news" patients respond after their doctor avoids jail time despite admitting he groped them. what the doctor told his accusers today after pleading guilty. despite today's plea the doctor is not completely in the clear just yet, good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. doctor ricardo cruciani is free, on bail but still investigation for several misconduct claims in three states. >> our joe holden was only tv reporter in the courtroom and joins us in center city where he spoke exclusively with one of the victims, joe.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: good evening. some victims told the court about their near brushes with the attempted suicide. interesting, and very chilling contrast for a man in the industry of helping people, the judge told this doctor that you have sentenced your victims to a lifetime of pain. hes under investigation in new jersey, new york and pennsylvania, a quote monster neurologist who pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct on tuesday morning. man who just hailed a cabbies off to a family wednesday nothing argentina. philadelphia court judge allowed ricardo cruciani to leave the country on a eye popping 100 million-dollar bond. in court former drexel neurology chair apologized to his victims but outside he was silent. how could do you this to those women? how could do you this? >> reporter: prosecutors say he would be overly friendly with his female patients, many depend on painkillers, and then would grope or fond will them, sarah hicks wanted to show


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