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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> tonight at 11 a thanksgiving homecoming eyewitness news is there as a local army sergeant reunites with family and friends and a meal to remember. taste with torrey gives back this holiday and surprises a local family with a special thanksgiving feast. >> it's thursday night and bargain shopping is underway. the fist to take advantage of the big sales. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington, jessica is off tonight. the thanksgiving leftovers are packed awe and focus shifts to
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shopping. eyewitness news reporter david spunt is at the premium outlets were they're getting a start. >> good evening, happy thanksgiving to you and everyone black friday is becoming plaque thursday we did king of prussia. cherry hill. deptford over the years we decided to change it up and come outside and experience the outlets. a lot of people here tonight. an though it's chilly out it is not dampening the spirit. >> it's officially the holiday shopping season and energy is just getting started at the fwlosster premium outlets. >> thaten thuz yam will continue tonight into tomorrow as employees will do what they can to get people inside. bargain sthoper faith girth came with stiingt erin daughter and waited in a long michael kohrs line. >> it's crazy and there's a lot of bumping and not many
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excuse mes or anything like that. >> a common tale among black friday shoppers and some had encouragement from dad. >> mom stayed at home for the night he was like the fresh air would do you good after eating all the food. >> others are trying to figure out black friday thursday. >> this actually is my first one. but you know, it is no big - --fy missed it i would not -- >> for many it's a chance to walk off thanksgiving food and spend time with family an have fun and who could forget save a little money. >> i wind up spending more than i wanted to but probably regret it and come back tomorrow and fight them again all tomorrow morning. >> all righty. and the stores close 2 a.m. in just about three hours from now and then they open back tomorrow morning 6 a.m. just a four hour break and then the stores are expected to be packed tomorrow. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news ukee.
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>> thank you. >> whether you head out now or early in the morning distress in layers. it's a cold night. meteorologist chelsea ingram has a look at the shopping forecast. >> there was a lot of people bundled up in jackets. here's why. we're in the 20s in some spots. the lehigh valley up to the poconos actually 26 there. we're 35 philadelphia, 20 millville and 28 wilmington and 28 dover. by tomorrow morning chilly once again. you need to bundle up if you head outweigh, way bright and early to go shopping. we warm up into the 50s. even warmer compared to what we dealt with through the day today. beyond there we'll have a rain chance in forecast. details coming up in a bit. for now, ukee, accepteding it back to you. >> chelsea, see you then. >> some folks took a break from the football and food of today's holiday to celebrate in a different way. alexandria hof is in center
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city with that store yes, i h hi, alex. >> it's a unique place in the city of philadelphia. streets were empty and even pats and gene owes was closed today. it doesn't mean the only option people had was to either go shopping or watch football. certainly not. >> sure. nap sounds great. for some folks in town visi visiting family there's so much to taken in. >> we live in a small town and find there's so much activity there it's easy to take advantage of it. >> chill in the air put skaters in the holiday spirit dill worth park an extra helping of holiday pie meant extra energy in the range. >> i travel to see family for thanksgiving. >> a desolate 30th street station. thanks giving is a day away whose schedules did not allow them to be with family on tim
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time. >> one holiday at a time. this month thanksgiving and next month christmas. there we go. >> others shared joy that comes with unconventional thanksgiving evening. >> our kids are gone and it's like what will we do. >> bring it back here and go to philly. >> these two friends spent eight years celebrating american style thanks giving in germany. >> we had the great experience when he was living in germany. american way of celebrating thanksgiving but this year it's completely different. >> ironically now back in the u.s. this year involved no feast, no shopping and no football. >> as far as football i got out of the room on football. >> most important thing is to stay with friends here and we do it in a different way. it's cool. >> nice. nice. >> i love it. >> is it goes to show no matter the day or reason it's always a holiday if you can spend it with friend even family. reporting live in center city, hof hof, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> out of the rhythmp football we have room on the eagle train tell them to comma
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board. >> tradition for the past 98 years thanksgiving day parade came alive in center city. floats, marchesing bands and musical acts this is the oldest parade in the kupty. volunteers worked overnight to ensure 22 balloons would float smoothly. performers of 140 musical acts arrived early to rehearse their routine. >> we are super excited to be here. we're not just honored we're blessed. because it's thanksgiving. >> and the crowds cheered for favorite bands and fleets long with favorite football teams. lots of eagles fans are out today and security was tight around the route. philadelphia police secured entrances with large trunks and the route was lined with plenty of police officers. we thank you. >> security was also tight at the famed thanksgiving day parade in new york city. many lined the parade route to take in all the excitele. authorities say preparations for securing the event start
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no in advance. city officials say there were no specific credible threats against the city or parade. >> u.s. troops serving overseas enjoyed eye taste of home this thanksgiving. troops enjoyed turkey and all the fixings. >> as we give thanks for the holiday we speak to all americans and say we totally support you in fact we love you. this is a thanksgiving you will not forget. you're at a different part of the world than we're used to and boy you're doing a job there and thank god for you. thank god for you. >> and while froopz overas wereen joying thanksgiving meals one local service member was arriving home for the holidays. harmy reserve sergeant jais son stock returned today after a nine month deployment in
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kuwait. eyewitness reporter henne -- has this story for a special homecoming. >> what is normally sleepily thanksgiving sees complete company polishing trucks ahead of very important mission. >> we're one large family and we support each other. >> for more than nine months fire lieutenant scott was missing in action. >> while away we kept the gear ready to be used. >> he's been serve as sergeant reserve and firefighters deployed to his home this morning to setp up a 30 foot high hero welcome. >> these are volunteers. >> right now everything is set. flag is in place. any moment from now lieutenant scott will roll down the street into his neighborhood. >> dad, they're coming now. >> [ sirens ].
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>> detail. >> suddenly scott he mothers boots on the ground. >> he hugs and warmly welcomes each and every he familiar hometown face. >> so glad you're home. >> scott then turns attention to firefighter family. though perhaps no one is more excited to welcome him home than bo. >> daddy. >> and scott's most recent deployment came immediately after he married susan. >> i cried the six first months he left app i did not think he would make it home for thanks giving. >> but now this community can give thanks for a picture perfect moment. >> so to be standing here today is surreal. >> fire lieutenant and army sergeant joy son stott is home for the holidays. cbs3, eyewitness news. >> lieu ten ebt sergeant welcome home.
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>> as we give thanks many find ways to give back that includes vittoria woodill. straight ahead as a thanksgiving addition of taste with tori she gets help from friends to surprise a family with amazing meal. >> and holiday wonder lant straight out of europe. philadelphia christmas village returns to love park whxt shoppers can expect this year. >> not thanksgiving without football. lots of high school match-ups. highlights from across the region coming up in sports. >> and a live look outside. chelsea ingram has the forecast. holiday forecast and shopping forecast. you're watching eyewitness news. you're watching eyewitness news. glad you're with us, fam.
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german marketplace showcases goods for 80 vendors. christmas village is back at love park. the park itself remains under construction. it's expected to be finished by the spring. christmas village is open every day through christmas eve. >> catchers bakery was the
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hat place to be. they use ovens to cook turkeys for customers. it started decades ago with a small gathering and this morning more than 100 people lined up at 4 a.m. to make their turkeys. >> and our vittoria woodill takes you to a restaurant in our area certaining up delicious food and specialities. tonight, torrey teams up with friends to give back to a family in need. it's a special thanksgiving edition of taste with tori. >> a long my eating add develop tours of taste with torrey i met so many wonderful people that opened doors to me like family and this thanksgiving i called upon them to help me help a family in need. by piling high helpings of their homemade fivrts give them a thanksgiving feast. >> i've been looking forward to this all yearlong. this is is when taste with tori gives back. we're making pit stops to pick
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up thanksgiving turkies, pies, our first stop, ambler. >> at the pie and plate cafe owners kurt and kristin packed buys for our family with love. >> they'll love this. >> nothing more homey at thanksgiving than an apple pie. >> jordan, tom and lynn went straight to the smoker. >> oh, yes. >> and handed off a black cherry glazed ham and turkey. >> something about turkey that gets hair going. >> and con tuned in the kitchen in new jersey. >> the whole family is here. >> for sides of mac and cheese and greens. >> it was a joy for us to be able to bless somebody else. >> and then back in bristol at the golden eagle diner. they deposit forget the mashed potatoes and graev favey or signature rolls. >> this is still hot. thank you for everything. feels good to. >> it does, doesn't it? >> i'm t ori.
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>> alicia. >> nice meet you. >> i have a bunch of stuff in the car. >> you need help. >> i might need help do you mind help meg. >> through this active effort from all here's what i learne learned. >> food can be ingredient to bind us together. >> i never had pum kichb pie before but i can taste it. >> you can have as much as you want. >> to share with those that may have their strength tested more around the holidays. >> sometimes i have not be able to afford to buy anything with them and all i have was christmas gift. >> to feel thankful we can help. help a single mine like alicia and her three children. >> she raised three kids on her own and coming where she started to now it took a lot for her. we should be thankful for everything every single day not only on thanksgiving. >> it's not what we say about blessings but how we use them
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that is true measure of thanksgiving. >> good looking out. that's what it's about right there, right there. >> giving back. >> chelsea has the forecast for you. i thought it was nice day. temperature was perfect. >> it's supposed to be. >> a little chill in the air. however, the chill kinds of took some people by surprise this thanksgiving. had you to throw on extra layer and heavier coat and the gloves, scarf, hat, you needed that throughout the day today. it was beautiful day. blue skies. let's look live where you have the beautiful night setting up and it's a little bit of chilly one as well. we're looking at city illuminated there in the background across the river. beautiful night setting up and dry. as we head to overnight hours we'll tap into those mostly clear skies out tlxts our official high temperature today 42. notice our normal for this time of year. it's 53. so, it was chilly. and we're about 11 degrees
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average for this time of year and a lot of people said to me, this is what it is supposed to feel like. we're talking thanksgiving here. temperatures now in the and 30s on the map. we're already down to the in allentown and poconos and 26 degrees and we're in the wilmington now. 28 degrees. 20 millville. in the city we're checking in 35. currently around 30 in dover. so we have mostly clear skies and we're also dealing with calm winds in most locations or on the light side if you will. when you have the combination of of those two things that allows temperatures to drop quite a bit. so we'll be bottoming out around freezing in philadelphia as we head into the overnight hours. tonight the winds as we move into tomorrow will shift a little more south and southwest. that means tomorrow will be warmer compared to what we dealt with throughout the day today. high pressure is firmly in control ais cot region. you can see really there's not
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much going onen mid-atlantic and north east. we have quiet travel weather if you will be traveling back home as you head into tomorrow and even sunday, saturday and sunday really not looking bad either. high pressure remains in control. we have a cold front going to move through on saturday. the only thing that will do well is bring a chance for a couple showers we'll call them late-day showers and saturday night it gets out of here quickly. after we move into sundays we have sunday returning and breedsy on the backside and overall the forecast is in great shape. milder on saturday with risk or late day shower and chilly and breezy behind the front. temperatures-wise will feel a lot like today and maybe feel colder than thatd that when you factor in the wind. for shopping tomorrow, a cold start but by the afternoon as i told you with that shift in wind direction we warm up into the 50s by 3:00. layers will be the name of the game as we head into tomorrow and speaking of games, here's a sneak peek at sunday
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football forecast. kickoff through fourth quart to postgame and breezy conditions will make it feel cool out. there here's your forecast for tonight. mostly clear and chilly. overnight temperature 30. mostly sunny and seasonable. you can look for high temperature of 53. eyewitness weather 7 day forecast looks like this, milder on saturday and then back down to the cool 40s on sunday. 53 monday, 58 tuesday. really you guys quite a bit of sunshine in the 7 day forecast and travel weather through the weekend not bad at all. >> not bad. chelsea, thank you so much. >> lesley joins us with sports now and there's a lot of student athletes that worked app up an appetite for sure. >> and we'll tell what you the eagles are thankful for this year an how about those cowboys lending helping hand this year an how about those cowboys lending helping hand to the eagles, sports is next.
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>> no holiday break for eagles as they get ready to host eagles. kicker jake elliot participat participated in full practice and still in concussion prots owe call. status for subbed's game up in the air. birds have little fun talking about what they're thankful for this year. >> thank you 31 nfl teams for passing on me this year. >> thank you big v for going by big v so i don't have to try to say your name to big v. >> i love that. eagles fans are thankful for the cowboys. birds on the vernl of clinc clinching nfc east after getting help from dallas today. cowboys hosting chargers, finding tyrone williams for 7 yard touchdown and 16 hiv 0 chargers and rough day for dak prescott he threw two
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interceptions including 90 yard pick six. 28-6. >> and vikings trying to stay on the eagles heels on top of nfc standings. 1st quarter case shows kyle rudolf on back of end zone and next drive, he uses speech, scrambling in to the score and vikings celebrate with what else, a thanksgiving meal in the end zone. >> they're a half game behind the eagles. >> it's not just nfl on thanksgiving lots of great high school games from around the area central traveling to northeast continued their viralry and daniel spots throws 4 yards for his fist touchdown. northeast shuts down central. >> and jason jefferson find a no deep end. zooms into the end zone for
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raiders archbishop ryan takes this 14 3. >> getting fired up against judge. crusaders up 21-0. timothy weldon runs in for short score. father judge feekts on lincoln 44-14. >> rig le hosting the annual thanksgiving day slash. >> 2nd quarter of pain. 67 yards from the house. and 8-20 for the rivalry this year. >> chichester at sun valley. they come in and score. vanguard sun 32-7 thanks to jewels kelly such down. chichester furious 4th quarter come back and dan noory picking up andrew rodriguez. taking the turkey bowl trophy, 32-30 the final. >> heading to new jersey camden catholic hosting paul
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6. jam ear garland takes the handoff. it's nothing knowing he touched them. this is 76 yard touchdown and that's all the offense he could not muster can catholic controlled to 3-3 7 victory. >> woodrow wilson hosting camdenment 3rd quarter premiere wilson scramblinging for camden before finding damon rice who spripts down the sidelines. printed 85 yard touchdown. two point conversion and hold on for 8-6 win. >> and glouster, hosting gloucester catholic this morning. 1-yard line. kyle murphy pounded in for school and catholic shuts out goingster first time since 19 1960. 22-0. haddenfield at han done hight. haddonfield will come back and score five straight touchdown touchdowns. cruising to a 47-27 win.
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>> final game goes haddon township. shane snyder breaking a 6' 6" fy and added another touchdown the green wave once 20-6. >> the villanova basketball team is spending holiday in the bahamas this is not a vacation. they took over in the battle for at lap ta. little too much turkey trai trailing by 15 first half and then catch back in the second half. jaylen brunson scoring 18 of 25 after the break to leave. inova to 58-76 win and next up for wildcats northern iowa in championship game tomorrow. >> and st. joe's taking on washington state of the fist roud of wooden lingcy. hawks up now. the hawks had one last chance and shavar if he lose the ball st. joes loses a lead. they lose 75-7 1.
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it was a tough one. >> i can come one something. >> rocking tonight, up next, thanksgiving run for a g
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snrv coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert and our morning team is back tomorrow 4:0 to 7. for chelsey, leasely, i'm ukee washington thanks for being with us this thanksgiving night. good night family and sleep
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night. good night family and sleep well. captioning sponsored by cbs >> he's essentially challenging the secretary of state to an intelligence duel. >> welcome to another edition of thunderdome! ♪ ♪ >> we come here today to the i.q. thunderdome for the battle of the wits. tonight, the president of the united states, donald trump, versus the secretary of state, rex tillerson. the tenacious texan, versus its manhattan moron. two brains enter. one brain leaves. >> two brains enter! one brain leaves! two brains enter!


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