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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> carter: this is play 87 for missouri. this defense which doesn't have a lot of depth much oh the field a long time. wow. better buckle it. >> carter: second time we've seen coley go down. meanwhile for missouri, four straight carries, 23 yards. missouri ready to go with coley headed to the sideline. now the arkansas defense out there for first down. >> aaron: give coley credit, came up, bringing it there. he throws his body around. good to see him get up off the field. you hope he's okay so that he can come back n he's been a warrior out there today. >> carter: look how wide the steps are. they just do not allow you to be
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half a player. fifth straight carry. only gets a yard. >> aaron: running that counter scheme, they're pulling guys frying to get to the right side using the gap seams. again, double teams on the play side frying to get the movement. creating creases in the defense. arkansas doing a nice job. >> carter: picks it, tosses to the end zone, no, no, yes, touchdown missouri! jmon moore, remarkable, 4-yard touchdown. >> rick: this is a pitch and go, kol i ver read it. >> aaron: the push-off, rick for tolliver.
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pushed in the back by j'mon moore who got away, could have been an offensive pass interference call. bielema is upset. >> carter: there was contact, no question about it. unbelievable throw to the back shoulder, based on the reaction by the corner. >> aaron: and moore's body control to make that catch with all of the drops he has had. >> carter: the p.a.t., j'mon moore hauls it in on the fifth touch touchdown pass of the day. give him 43 on the year. the s.e.c. single season record, and j'mon moore to help out his qb, with nifty work with the hands. and the feet. for the mizzou touchdown. at outback, big australia is back. our biggest sirloin. our biggest bloom. our biggest entrees ever. and if you're ready to go outback big at home, order right now. outback steakhouse. aussie rules.
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( ♪ ) ( ♪ ) here's to the beer you can always count on. brewed to be america's favorite light lager. >> carter: take a look at dr. pepper s.e.c. standings. i know where i will be tomorrow during the iron bowl, smoking a turkey, watching ball.
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that will be a heck of a ball game between number 1 alabama and number 6 auburn. jtses iron sharpens iron? we'll be in it tomorrow. >> carter: old testament right there. short kick. arkansas has it near the 30 yard line. looks like that was a late hit. a little look of a makeup call does it not? >> rick: glad you said it. >> referee: after the play was over, personal foul, late hit out of bounds, kicking team, number 18. 15 yards, automatic first down. >> carter: that's bledsoe. everybody is playing chippy and hard. >> carter: enough said on that one. >> rick: yeah. >> carter: enough said. how many times have we said big
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drive today. amazing it's still 8:12. rolling on past 5:00 local time. action-packed. still 8:12 to go. what ily on the right side. what ily falls forward to the 49. we saw the s.e.c. standings in the west. here it is in the east. georgia awaits the winner between alabama and auburn. georgia has a big contest against georgia tech in the triple option. interesting what kind of taxing effect a triple option has on a team knowing they have to play a week from now. >> aaron: a different animal, looking at auburn or alabama who they face after they play a scrappy georgia tech team. >> carter: nice throw to the outside. slipping away, brandon martin takes it inside the 40. >> aaron: what i thought we'd see today in the pass game from austin allen. the short to intermediate
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throws, out breaking route. nice generous push by missouri. maybe too generous. razorbacks move the chains. >> rick: i couldn't agree more. i would think we'd see a lot more of that. but never too late. >> carter: we've gone over 1,000 yards combined offense, 87 points so far, nearing 150 snaps in the game. third on the edge. martin may have paid the price. coming with a banged-up shoulder. >> doesn't get his hands on the football but he was tloegs. right here on the end, coming upfield. almost gets that right hand. beautiful block. this is a play they've tried to run two other times. you see why they want to run it, really effective play for them.
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>> carter: austin allen, grew up a razorback, fayetteville, dad bobby on the staff. he's going to have to use a time-out. and the last game of the arkansas razorback, us a fin allen trying to rally the razorbacks on another touchdown drive. when kids get really excited that's the best reaction. i know things about great white sharks! what's great about paint 3d, it's exciting to see a shark come to life and come off the page. with the windows 10 pc, to be able to draw right on the screen and create something three dimensional, is amazing. it's exciting to turn it and light it and have these different effects. with my mac, i can't do that. when you see that the work creates a feeling in a kid, feels great. and it's addictive, you want to keep doing it, you know?
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>> carter: missouri by three, but we got a whole lot more football left. sundays, no judges, noers could, no police, and no crime. how does it all work? 60 minutes, enchanting island, sunday, only cbs. >> aaron: jordan jones, first touchdown pass since october 7 against south carolina. >> aaron: brandon allen, he's there. >> carter: brandon did it, he's an l.a. ram.
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now, it's austin whaley, driven back. leads the charge. give a fake sweep there. tigers weren't buying it. coming off the weak side here, making big play. beats brian wallace across his face. bad foot work, get your head across the body. he's so quick, getting upfield, makes it difficult. that's why the foot work is so important on the cutoff block. >> carter: two years to go in the game, football off. trying to help his q.b. out, coming back to the football. now in third and 11, you have hit them with a screen down here. they will be expecting that. this is an area of the field where barry odom, serves as a defensive coordinator, likes to
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pin his ears back. what do you think? >> rick: you're down three, in field goal range, probably 42 to 43 yarder. >> carter: good on third and long, third and 11. allen rolling, inside, caught, nothing there. wrisled down. we'll see if the field goal unit comes down. >> carter: the guy i'm not taking a sack. >> rick: no question. if it works it's great. if it doesn't, ball positioned in the middle of the field. came back and kicked the game winner. 42 yarder is easily good.
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and with five minutes to go in the fourth quarter, nothing determined yet. 445-all, missouri and arkansas. >> adam: in new york, south florida, undefeated ucf, darius ties, cuts it to six to go with the extra point to make it 1. and just got an interception.
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look out. >> carter: mike oresyo made big news complaining about the committee meeting, commissioner of the athletic conference, saying you aren't giving us enough credit. battle line troef trophy on the line. no flag. >> rick: hey! >> carter: talk about drew luck with 5td passes on the day. single season record. all hits. all over the top. as advertised, i dwes, call him the loch ness monster. >> rick: this root for receivers, three of their receivers in their top 10,
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they're long, athletic, young. >> carter: how long do they have to point at it? they lobbied hard. >> false start, 77 on the offense, five-yard penalty. >> aaron: on the road we made mention this isn't necessarily a full stadium. this has been a team that all game long has been hurt by penalties. >> carter: touchdown drive, 92 yards in the first half. the last one was 89 yards. to the outside. nate brown makes the grab, tackle. just a matter of how often he wants to take it. when they come up, he's taking it over the top with brilliant long distance touchdown throws. >> aaron: you talk about missouri with the big plays.
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>> carter: jackson, the senior, whose day begins with a successful marriage proposal. jackson. >> aaron: that big guy in the middle. the guard, trying to come down on it. left his feet behind him. third and long, because the penalty on first down, missouri trying to convert. >> carter: pressure coming off, does arkansas change. bring him off the weak side, do they do it again. >> aaron: looks like they're backing off. >> carter: hit as he throws, caught, lock delivers the strike to jonathan johnson to convert on third and long. a gain of 25. >> carter: swhmpblgts you have the speed that you have, the defensive guys give them a lot
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of room. takes advantage of the space. ish winter inside the 30. another razorback is down. >> carter: a gain of 22. how about ish winter. taking full advantage. crockett goes down. he and larry rountree, ish witter averaging over 100 yards in each of the last five games. career high in carries. >> rick: right. >> carter: unbelievable performer. >> carter: now a check on the injured razorback. sophomore middle linebacker, second leading tackler in the s.e.c.
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>> aaron: leg whipped by his own guy. >> carter: a big one for arkansas. the leader in the middle. the smof more, over 100 tackles on the year. >> aaron: one of the young players that could come back, coming back for arkansas. some players they have recruited. they have bigger fish to fry with 3:20 left to play. lineback e. >> carter: letting the clock roll, under three minutes.
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>> rick: you would love to have it end with you in possession. >> carter: first down, take it, toss it, complete. second and two. ball inbounds. bret bielema has to consider when do i use mine to ensure that i get it back. >> carter: they can take it down to almost two minutes. what bielema is rolling through. >> rick: if there is a complaint of the high tempo offense, is there a look to do what we're seeing, odom is on the page how to attack arkansas with this being the situation. >> aaron: second and two makes it quite a bit easier. >> carter: witter again. inside the 20. forward inside the 15.
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clock rolling, as soon as they have it set. >> rick: you'll see bielema use his time-out. you'll see him use this. he's telling the official i'm calling time-out when the play is down. >> carter: you can't take a sack and have a turnover. haven't had a fumble since kentucky. center running back and quarterback exchange. >> carter: witter takes it, stretching, flag down. now to be able to say, hey, make sure you don't take that time-out, the flag stopped it. >> rick: usually officials are good about that.
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>> carter: we'll sort it out and see if this saves arkansas's time-out. >> aaron: wow. >> carter: hubert owens gives the call. question whether arkansas takes it or not. >> aaron: helps with the conversion and the distance on the field goal. >> referee: holding, offense, number 54, penalty declined. second down. >> aaron: wow. >> carter: penalty, and still the time-out, one remaining for arkansas with 1:25. and coming up after our game,
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stay tuned for the college football post-game show, powered by ram. a lot to sort through on this thanksgiving weekend. >> rick: he doesn't need as many time-outs with the down beak second. 10 yards was meaningful to move him back and make it harder first down to attain. if you make the first down they hold all of the cards. >> carter: i don't understand why they would decline that. ten extra yards helps new all situations. >> carter: when missouri would love to run the ball and keep this clock and/or get rid of time-outs for the razorbacks. factor in the kicking game, the kansas sophomore, nine straight since missing two at kentucky. 37 earlier. you're already well within his range. now missouri trying to set it up, lead the clock, take the touchdown here.
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moore down by himself. >> carter: ahead, inside the 5, touchdown, but a flag down! will likely wipe out the go-ahead t.d. run by drew lock. >> rick: holding on moore. >> referee: holding, offense, 10-yard penalty, spot of the foul, replay second down. >> aaron: coming right at us. bottom left corner. bring in his elbows, that hand right, there right in flonlt of the official. pulls the touchdown off the board. had they accepted, consider where this ball might end up.
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again, costly penalties for missouri in critical situations. >> carter: ish witter, time-out. t.j. smith, 1:14, there's the last time-out used by arkansas. if you're missouri are you setting up for field goal, one more shot or does that leave arkansas too much time. >> rick: they're going to give a zone read. drew lock will keep it or keep himself as a runner. don't want to give arkansas that much time to come back and tie or win the game. this is a position without any time-out left for the hub, you'd like 40 of the seconds. >> aaron: assuming that arkansas gets a stop here, you almost think from a clock management
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standpoint, you wish that missouri had a score to be able to save some time if that's what you're considering. needless to say, third down play of the game. >> carter: allen hoping to have a chance to close out his arkansas career. storybook fashion, at least a storybook ending. >> aaron: hold your water. >> carter: here's witter, moving the chains, first and goal, missouri. arkansas can't stop the clock. it starts rolling as soon as it's marked ready for play. down to a minute. >> rick: now you need to let 'em score. >> carter: witter takes it. 56. you think it's clear, let 'em take it in? >> rick: no question. this is an extra point in terms of the kick that will be left for missouri. you let them, in you give austin allen a chance to come down the
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field. i know there's a chance for a fumble, and it's the hardest thing in the world for the defensive coach, you know, to let somebody in. but to me, it's the percentage. >> carter: we'll see how both teams play it. blockers handoff, witter, driven back by ramirez. to gain their own stop. you got third and goal coming. it's just ticking down, now, for missouri. >> aaron: they want a score. >> carter: they do. >> aaron: they want the game. >> carter: hands off witter, shot back, let it run down to about three seconds. goal line stand for arkansas. that may be the last thing that the razorbacks need. >> rick: interesting. >> carter: mccann on fourth and goal. missouri takes a time-out. both head coaches out of time-outs. and mccann will presumably have a chance to chip it in for the game winner. >> rick: no reason to leave nine seconds on, fourth down.
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sometimes coaches are risk-averse. if the holder drops it we will have fourth down and kick. as fourth down, you want to take it down inside of four seconds so you don't to have kick off. we've all seen those miracle plays. we have. i lived exactly what you're talking about, rick, letting a team score in super bowl 3. we let denver score and we came up, cross midfield to try and preserve time, we ran out of time. we did a little too the too late. but that's the strategy that we fried once, came up short. nonetheless, here goes missouri trying to win this game. >> carter: to try and make it a six-game winning streak. mccann, the holder. with nine seconds. field goal easily good. missouri grabs the lead with five seconds showing. 48-45. lock leads them down, mccann
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finishes it off. making his tenth straight field goal kick. and it would ache take a minor miracle for arkansas to pull it off now. missouri five seconds away from six straight wins. >> rick: a great clock drive. exercising how to take time off the clock, utilizing the things they need to, do getting it right to the buzzer beater. only thing is they shouldn't be having a kickoff. >> aaron: and it's going to be a split kick to be sure. as much credit as you want to give to the missouri team. if you're an arkansas fan you're feeling it. that last series, sums up their entire season. >> rick: we've talked about bret bielema and the predicament. we wish him well, it will be what it will be. if this is in fact his last game at arkansas. how about the job of barry odom. 15-5, all kinds of things swirling around, with the new
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a.d., they were 1-5. >> carter: arkansas a lateral play to close out last week. they're going to -- they're going to save it for an offensive snap. four seconds. >> aaron: we've seen late game she began nan i begans with -- shenanigans. whef things in front of them. i remember hunter henry, bounced into the hands of alex collins and took it around, ended up making a heck of a play, thought he was down, try to turn and fumble. then chaos ensued, beat a good ole miss team. >> carter: hunter henry and 75 yards to pull this one off. >> rick: exactly. finishing the thought on barry odom, phenomenal job, wish him well in the bowl games. >> aaron: the conversation is there of him trusting who he is and getting back. >> carter: scramble, can't feed, allen, tosses it up, it's knocked down.
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they're going to call on it the back, a play -- we're waiting for a signal. incomplete. pass incomplete, missouri wins it. 48-45. six straight for the tigers. and more heartbreak for the arkansas razorbacks. ♪ >> carter: bret bielema said scores are a great thing. they represent the tough times you've been here. and what you persevered. a lot of star force the razorbacks. emotional locker room for arkansas. >> aaron: no question about it. >> carter: play of the game presented by napa auto parts. t.d. pass number 5 for luck, moore hauls it in, with a little shove, but a t.d. in the books that, ties it 45. and allowed for the game-winning field goal from tucker mccann.


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