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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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one. three other times he made it to the championship game. things are looking good for a trip to minnesota come february. bird took care of the bears in quick fashion yesterday 31- three the final, carson wentz with three more touchdown passes, eagles won their last four games by a combined score of 152-45, both side of the ball, are rolling, and it has been a while since they that had a close game so, doug pieder son want to see the play in competitive game. >> it is what it is. our guys, credit our team for, getting after people, and it is great that our players do that. the execution is there. are there things we have to fix and tighten up? sure. yeah, would you like to. i think this, this stretch of the games coming up is going to challenge our team that way that is why i embrace these next couple of weeks, and, no greater time then the present. >> coming up we will talk more about those crazy celebrations , out there. >> they had a little fun.
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>> yes, oh, yeah. >> thanks, leslie, appreciate it. >> we have seen play, celebration and how this team just seems to just make it happen. >> we are talking about the numbers now, the odd, it is winning nine in a row enough to get eagles to the um, um, you know. our greg argos has been tracking stats for several weeks and you have got an update. it is monday. here you are. >> yes, i have my calculate or and, and, we are crunching the numbers. making it to and winning the big game for past month and last night's win made those odd even better. i know diehard fans don't like to use the s word talking to you pat, our 6:00 p.m. producer but i won't. lets give you latest on numbers. beat down begins chicago bears last night raised eagles odd of going to the championship game by five percentage points a few weeks ago that was at about 20 percent chance, last week it was 30. right now it is tops at 35 percent. as for taking home vince lombardi trophy after win
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which puts them seven-one it was 10 percent, predictive markets show it doubled but 19 . the only team that has i a better chance of taking home trophy, not going down broad street but there in boston new england patriots, closely followed by the steelers, 14 percent. >> oh, yeah. >> we can imagine a steelers/ eagles. >> wow. >> big game like this, we don't say s word we don't want to jinks them. >> that is right. >> we don't say s word. >> i say it. >> yes. support for our philadelphia eagles support grows so does the demand for gear. >> as anita oh shows us cyber monies helping everything fly off the shelves. she joins us live from lincoln financial field. what was the hottest items,. >> reporter: hottest items you will see in just a moment but walking around city, i can tell you that the feeling is electric, thanks to this team 's 10-one record, fans are wondering whether the sky is really the limit for the bird.
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>> go bird. >> reporter: eagles fans are flying high. >> thinks our year. >> reporter: eagles gear is flying off the shelf. >> it is insane. never really seen anything like it since we have been here. >> reporter: bob, the manager of the philly team store in center city estimates sales are up more than 30 percent since this time last year. >> being cyber monday our sales are pretty crazy right now, for eagles stuff. it is all eagles all day. >> reporter: he says demand is high for gear specific to one player. >> anything that we do have is just kind of flying off the shelf right now, anything with his name on it. we can print, carson wentz, you know, like this and it would sell. >> reporter: quarterback has another fan as well in lebron james. >> my favorite player right now is carson wentz. very smart player. >> reporter: life long fans no longer live in the city of brotherly love snag new gear on monday. >> i live in washington d.c. i have friend that is redskins fan. i'm here to get eagles equipment to represent other
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team and city. >> reporter: team ready to see its team in the super bowl. >> completely new game, transcended and caught city by surprise and everyone is in love with them. so it is fun to watch. >> reporter: hopefully in other fun and better record ahead. eagles face seahawks on sunday night. live from the linc i'm anita o h for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" thank you. have you ever noticed that carson wentz has arable done he will ganger, bird are having fun with todays headlines tweeting prince harry's picture with the quote from the eagles quarterback. when asked about yesterday's win wentz says it is one of those things wherever week we just come in ready to work. if you cannot get enough of the eagles we have you covered, head to our web site cbs for everything that you may have missed on and off the field. homeless man is recovering after he had to be rescued friday a trash truck in philadelphia's juniata park neighborhood. authorities say that the victim was sleeping in a dumpster overnight when workers lifted him in the truck. fire fighters carried, out a
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two hour long rescue on the 300 block of erie avenue, we're told alert neighbors first sounded the alarm something was wrong. >> some neighbors actually heard, yelling, from inside of a municipal waist truck and apparently an individual who was homeless was asleep in the dumpster and got transferred from the dumpster into the truck. >> the victim was taken to temple hospital in critical condition for stomach, hip, leg injuries, at last check he was in stable condition. a three-year old from southwest philadelphia is in stable condition, at children 's hospital tonight, after shooting herself in the leg, yesterday. the girl's father terence williams and her grandmother barbara mcgill are in police custody. toddler shot herself with her father's handgun that she found in the bedroom of their home on south wilton street. williams and mcgill are facing several charges including endangering welfare of the child, reckless endangerment and tampering wefts. to i days cyber monday and it could be the biggest ever
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on line shopping day in u.s. history. cyber monies expect to generate $6.6 billion in sales , and nearly 17 percent increase over last year. increasing popularity of the on line shopping has put pressure on traditional retailers. >> i would suspect that the number of jobs that are created as a result of, you know, growth in companies like amazon is, surpassed by the number of jobs that are lost in traditional brick and mortar types of establishments >> as for how to make most of your cyber monday, experts say that be on the look out for discounted gift card, also don't forget to check your social media or e-mail for additional promotion code and coupons. it is a very busy day at amazon's fulfillment center in robbinsville mercer county. our pat gallen was there on "eyewitness news" this morning robbinsville location is just one of the many fulfillment centers for the on line retail giant all around the country.
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robbinsville center employs 4,000 people and that center is as big as 28 football field s and it has 14 miles of conveyor belts. spirit of the season many people save up money to make donations during the last few weeks of the year, in fact, tomorrow is commonly referred to as, giving tuesday, and a national day of giving back. unfortunately scammers can pray on that generosity so it is worth a few reminders. our jim donovan has advice before you donate to any charitable organizations. >> reporter: mapping out a strategy for holiday giving and setting a budget can help awe void high pressure pitch that he is could amount to scams. >> i think people to be careful that they are making sure their contributions gives most to the charity. >> reporter: harry friedman is and you are fund raising consultant and author and says make sure you know hoe you are giving it too. >> you have to be care fall because may see an organization that has a name very familiar but they have added a word, it could be somebody that isn't a legitimate charity.
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>> reporter: dowry search. >> look how much it raises and what they spend. sometimes can see 50 percent of your dollar goes to pay for administration, where only 50 percent actually to supply programs. >> reporter: check out a authority's financial health, transparency and its track record through websites like better business bureau's wise giving alliance, or charity navigate or. avoid giving money to charities that send you gifts that you didn't ask for like calendars or return address labels. same goes for charities that randomly call you, chances are there is a telemarketer on the other even of the phone getting paid to convince to you give. >> don't ever feel pressure. your decision toys make decision where something is really touches you in your heart so to check out a charity before you donate i have posted a lincoln cbs, click news, consumer or follow me on facebook and twitter. i will powe them there as well report fog are three on your side aim jim donovan. be sure to start your day with rahel, katie, meisha and me at 4:30 a.m. right here on cbs-3. coming up on "eyewitness
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news" a royal announcement. >> everything was just perfect , it was just beautiful , just, fell into my life and i fell into her life. >> newly engaged couple speak together for first time how she described the proposal and what he thought the first time he saw her, kate? and we're in for a stretch of sunshine as we finish out november and start december and i'll tell you when temperatures will hit 60's. and we're kicking off our annual joy of sharing toy fest and philly pops are here, how you can help make holidays brighter for families in need when we come right back. >> ♪ my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every
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big day at cbs-3 we are kick off our 2017 joy of sharing toy fest campaign, toy fest benefits children in need served by salvation army, liberty uso and boys an girls club of camden county. ukee's in the great hall joined by one of the families, ukee. >> thanks, jessica. i'm here with the rugg family thinks mom, and her beautiful children. introduce everybody please. let's start down low. >> thinks eugene.
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>> jeff on, janea, jaylen and soniia. >> so nice to see you. first of all, toy fest program , joy of sharing what does that mean to you first of all and your family. >> it means a lot to me because, it actually helps me out this year being that toys are so expensive and it also is a blessing because, it is an opportunity that people can give, to people like me who need help who are struggling during holiday season. i'm very gate full for it you are also involved with the soup's on culinary arts program with the salvation army. tell me about that. >> it is a 12 week program culinary arts program within the salvation army and they prepare you to be a chef, and you get your certification and you are served. >> fantastic. all of the best to you. blessings to you all. have a great holiday season. thanks for joining, okay, all right. we have other special guest is here we have major philip and susan ferrari from the
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salvation armored. how are you both. so nice to see you. happy holidays. you saw one of the families here. we help families all year longest specially this time of the year. how does it warm your hearts. >> it does. nothing helps me more to be in the spirit of christmas then to give children joy. they need to be children in this world. it is hard, to give them, ability, just to have a little joy that they otherwise wouldn't have is just fabulous >> reporter: major, your thoughts as well. >> my thoughts are it is great to be able to help the children to have a joyous christmas morning, parents cannot afford it necessarily because of their ongoing expenses, and it makes me happy to be able to have them avoid taking money for like rent, utilities, things like that and spend it on toys rather then they can get toys because of the generosity of people in philadelphia. >> thanks, very much. >> thanks for coming by, have a great holiday season. >> frank giordano from the philly pops is here good to sigh good to see you, ukee. i brought you a gift this year
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>> a ukeelee. >> yes. >> oh, my, can i play a few tunes. >> no, i don't think so. >> probably do better. >> remember that from last year, thank you, sir. you were just given a major honor from the white house. tell everybody about that. >> i was appointed to the advisory board of the kennedy center this coming weekend we have kennedy honors at john kennedy center. >> now, this was given to people hoffa lot of knowledge and into the arts like in one else, this has to have a special, special place in your heart i'm sure. >> special for me but i think it is because of the pops and it is a great honor for philly pops. >> what special programs will they have over holiday season. >> well, we have 11 christmas shows starting december 1st, the first show we will give 2,000 tickets away to the military and first responders. and then we have 10 other shows from december 2nd, to december 19th, at the kimmel center. >> frank, always, always, a pleasure to see you.
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thanks very much. if you haven't heard, philly pops, we will hear a little bit right now, do you mind? do we have brass get in to it. >> i think so, yes. >> l anymore toys to give? >> we have other toys here, we have your special toy there. >> my special toy. >> ladies and gentlemen, the philly pops. >> ♪
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>> beautiful. wouldn't you like to deck the halls of the family in need. you can. very easy. jessica has that information for you right now. >> ukee, thanks very much. if you want to take part in toy fest it is so easy just drop off a new unwrapped toy at our studios at 1555 hamilton street, there are several other partner locations, and you can go to cbs fest for a complete list of all of those drop off locations and also details on our toy fest events in the meantime meteorologist kate bilo will be at one of those tomorrow. >> i will indeed. i'm very excited. this is my fourth year taking
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part in this event. >> of course. >> we have another way to donate us. join us at rittenhouse square tree lighting. i will there been to light the tree tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. we hope you join us and bring a toy for a child in need. bring that new toy drop it off and enjoy tree lighting, philly pops brass there as well as singers and other performances, it will be great and beautiful weather, for that event. speaking of beautiful weather, lets look at what is going on outside right now. it has been a nice day and just a beautiful sunset tonight as we look live, toward the western sky, the sunnies down but still a lot of color, little more colorful about 15 minutes ago but still seeing those cloud, you're also seeing traffic there on the vine street expressway so waiting for anyone to come home it looks like slow go right there but pretty seasonal, standard this time of the day, and we have some pretty seasonal weather tonight, for this time of the year. log on to the neighborhood network at boardwalk plaza, it is dark lights are on for
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boardwalk for anyone taking a lightening stroll. not too bad. temperatures in the 50's today close to where we should be this time of the year and look at storm scan three shows us, we will see any precipitation is locked up over great lakes allowing warmer air to flood in here, for the next couple of days. we have got a sunny stretch as well. we're talking about high pressure in control and sunshine just been day with temperatures peeking by mid week. so right now not too bad, 53 degrees in the city. fifty in trenton. chill any millville at 45. forty's in allentown and reading as well. mount pocono at 38. warmer then it was yesterday. temperatures five to 10 degrees warmer now then they were just 24 hours ago, and it will get warmer each and every day through wednesday, at least, as high pressure centers itself overhead. we will await arrival of the cold front. that front will come through thursday night, early friday when temperatures really will rise as we get into return flow. around the western flange of an area of high pressure winds
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coming from the south and west they will start to accelerate as front approaches and tend to get a push of warmth out ahead of the cold front and then temperatures drop below the front. as we await the arrival of the front late thursday temperatures will approach 60 tomorrow. 10 degrees above average wednesday and does stay dry until those showers thursday night and speaking of dry we have had three and a half inches of rain here in october , so far in november only 1.28 inches and not much in the forecast ahead. overnight mainly clear, calm, 37 degrees. for tomorrow sunny, milder, the high 5 degrees warmer then today. we will get up to 58 for daytime high. wednesday when the warmth will peak at 62 degrees. just a beautiful spring-like wednesday. thursday, mixture of sun and cloud. front comes through thursday night into friday and then we can end does look cooler, the first week end in december it is still seasonal, and we have got sunshine through the weekend, so pretty nice forecast for this time of the year. >> thanks, kate. >> sure. >> if you have trouble getting
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to the gym every day we have tiny inspiration for you and you have to see this. also ahead tonight gwyneth paltrow is famous for her conscious uncoupling from her ex-husband chris martin. now she's showing us her modern family in the hot minute, leslie. it was one big party yesterday as bird took care of the bears. eagles broke into dance. do you remember electric slide eagles talking bit next in
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we have done a lot of celebrating yesterday a lot of creativity out there. >> yes, yes. >> aloft throughout initial to those. when nfl relaxed celebration rules fans and players rejoyc ed no fun league had gonna way and players are just having too much fun witt especially eagles. yes, getting quite creative. yesterday after zach ertz made a 17-yard touchdown catch to give eagles the lead he and several teammates struck a pose, and looking good out there anal shawn jeffery got revenge against his former team after scoring a touchdown he bold a strike with his new
5:25 pm
teammates helping out. bird defense they don't want to be left out of the fun , after corry graham's interception they did the electric slide. so is doug pederson cool with these celebrations on the field. >> some of the things that we have done, the picture taking, the baseball, the bowling, the electric slide, i don't think they affect the other team one way or the other. as long as they keep it clean that way, and, you know, it is fine. >> i wish you know, something we have been saving up for a couple of weeks now, but it worked out. >> obviously being the veteran in the group i don't know new dances out there so for me to partake it is something that everybody could participate in between me and rodney being that coordinated was fun. >> it is cool to see everybody having fun and you see everybody jumping in and joining them, that is the brotherhood that we have right now and it is a blast. >> i'm going to say, doug pederson will join in. >> he may.
5:26 pm
>> he might. >> it is very hard to score a touchdown and turn over and when you do you got to celebrate. >> thanks, leslie. >> appreciate it. >> it is announcement royal watchers have been waiting for prince harry's getting married we will hear from the couple in the first interview what megan markle says about the proposal up next. also this... >> this has been a shock and it has been exceedingly hum blink. >> senator al franken talks to reporters as he returns to capitol hill following allegations of sexual misconduct. he is speaking out but is he stepping down?
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everybody was just perfect she fell into my life and she fell into my life. >> a royal engagement kept
5:30 pm
under wraps for weeks and now we know reading bells will ring this spring for britain's prince harry. his pride to be is megan markle. >> the couple's first interview together today in that interview markle says press's early focus on her mixed race background was disheartening, cbs news correspondent terry okita has more on the engage from london >> reporter: prince hard and his bride to be megan markle walked haines and hand in their first appearance. three three-year old prince is thrilled to be marrying the u.s. star. markle says his proposal was very roman romantic. >> i could barely let him finish. i said can i say yes now. >> she didn't let me finish. then i had fink inning on my finger. >> oh, yes, the ring. >> prince said he knew markle was one when they first met in the summer of last year. each, friends made the match. >> i never heard of megan before. and i was, surprised when i
5:31 pm
walked into that room and saw her. >> reporter: markle's used to the camera, 36 year-old was born and raised in los angeles and was married once before she shot to fame in her role as rachel on the hit drama series, suits. the couple recently moved in together at london's kensington palace and there are already making wedding plans for next spring. the ring is full of bling and prince harry designed it himself using two diamond that is belonged to his late mother at center is a diamond for botswana an african country where the couple has spent time together. >> it is incredibly special and you know to be able to have this which sort of lincs, where you come from and botswana which is important to us. >> reporter: 2018 will be a big year for britain's royals, prince william and kate are expecting their third child around this same time, prince harry will tie the knot. terry okita for cbs news, london. so who will be in the next royal wednesdaying ? a list of the some of markle's protects
5:32 pm
brides made in today's hot minute in about 25 minutes. minnesota senator al franken returned to capitol hill today for first time since four women accused him of sexual misconduct. franken briefly made himself available to reporters outside his senate office. he spoke about his apology to talk radio hoe lee ann tweeden she accused him of forcibly kissing and groping her in 2006. three other women come forward accusing franken of groping them, while posing for photos. >> some women and one is too many who feel that i have done something disrespectful, and hurt them and for that i am tremendously sorry. >> franken will not resign but says he will cooperate with a ethics committee investigation today senator corry booker spoke about the misconduct allegations facing his senate collogue and democratic congressman john conyors.
5:33 pm
>> anyone who has engaged in that behavior should be held in full account. i'm happy to see a process and light being shined on follow thanks have done that. >> congressman conyors has stepped down from his position as ranking democrat on the house judiciary committee, amid accusations of misconduct house ethics committee is investigating a claim he paid a former staffer more than $27,000 to settle a complaint. a senate vote on tax reform could come as soon as this week but not all lawmakers are on board with the plane. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in the sat center she spoke with new jersey senator corry booker at a special event in camden county, alycia. >> reporter: senator was in camden for an event that is near and dear to his heart but there to talk about this topic near and dear to the pockets of millions of taxpayers. senator book erin termtation of this taxis it may benefit some states, but he is adamant it will hurt millions in new jersey, in fact, he called it an assault on the state.
5:34 pm
at rutgers university a dedication and unveiling of the first historical marker that recognizing slave trade in the city of camden. u.s. senator corry booker, the democrat from new jersey, attended unveiling speaking passionately about this moment >> so what we do here now is a sacred occasion because ethel straights the voices of our history. >> reporter: outside event the senator weighed in more passionately on another important issue right now. tax reform. >> top economist in this country overwhelmingly condemned this tax proposal from the government. >> reporter: senator saying that the tax reform plan passed by house and coming up for a vote in the senate will hurt his state. >> there should be an anger in new jersey, this is not partisan. when they are talking about taking away, our state and local tax deductions, this is not a fair across the board, tax plan. certain states will come up big losers and new jersey will be the biggest of them all. >> reporter: but republicans in d.c. have a very different interpretation of the proposed tax plan, speaker paul ryan
5:35 pm
tweeting several times today saying g.o.p. tax plan will boost the country's gdp by three to 4 percent and create a million jobs. but the president today backing him up. >> it will be the biggest tax reductions in the history of our country. >> they are not telling the truth in how this is going to impact people. >> reporter: pushed which side taxpayers should believe the senator from new jersey advised. >> don't listen to what the politicians say go to non- partisan organizations like the center of tax policy. >> senator booker is back on his latest, d.c. trip and he has no idea how vote will go on this plan. as you mentioned jessica the vote is expected to happen later this week. republicans can only afford to lose two votes from their side only one republican senator has said publicly they will not vote for the plan. reporting live from the sat center, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". eighty-eight new u.s. citizens were natural iced in delaware county. upper darby township welcomed new citizens at upper darby performing arts certainty.
5:36 pm
new citizens hail from 38 different countries including albania, haiti and iraq. the new citizens were honored by the upper darby mayor, congressman and u.s. district judges. are. >> naturalization ceremonies, are among the most pleasant and important and uplifting duties that we perform as judges and i want to congratulate you on this very happy day for you and for your families. >> last year pennsylvania welcomed more than 18,000, new citizens with the goal of natural icing more citizens, each and every year. a local arts program helping incarcerated individual get back on their feet is getting a big financial boost today philadelphia's mayor jim kenney joined members of the mural arts philadelphia to announce it is restoring justice program has received a $200,000 grant. that grant is part of the nationwide initiative by the art for justice fund.
5:37 pm
the money will allow mural arts philadelphia to rehabilitate those returning to our community, through art. and still to come on "eyewitness news", dictionary .com's word of the year. >> and a sneak peak inside the white house all decorated for the holidays, first lady's touch that he is sent this year display apart from previous years, kate. well, we are just coming off a long holiday weekend and now we are heading toward another weekend first weekend of december and it will be cooling down in time for the week end after a brief return to above average temperatures during workweek but we are looking at sunshine both days and temperatures will be seasonal for the start of the new
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you can eat it wherever you want, even if you are in someone else's house... santa. enter promo code, freepie, on your next order at well, 2017 is nearing its end that means the list of the
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best and war things is starting to come out. >> so we kick it off with word of the year. this year has chosen, explicit, it is official, definition choosing to be involved in illegal or questionable act especially with others. says searches of complicit increased nearly 300 percent from last year. the web site is attributing to the increase to numerous events involving politics, and even natural disasters. wow, 300 percent. more to come. >> it is season forgiving and we have the perfect way, you can help families in need. >> we are taking off our joy of tearing toy fest with help from the philly pops. as you can help to put toys under tree for kid in our region when we return. >> ♪
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or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ when can we do this again, grandpa? well, how about tomorrow? ask your doctor about entresto and help make tomorrow possible. very festive at our cbs-3 studios today our joy of sharing toy fess is under way. it hoist children in need served by salvation armored, liberty uso and boys and girls
5:45 pm
club of camden county. jessica is in the great hall with another deserving family, jessica. >> that is right, kick off to toy fest, we love this time of the year. we see cool toys, we get to meet families and we talk about the different organizations that this supports. one of those is the boys and girls club of camden county. we bernadette shanahan from there, you guys have so many kid that come through, tell us about what goes on every day at the boys and girls club. >> well, you have to come down one day and see it. it is a lot of fun. we have 150 kid come in after school every day for homework help and then lots of fun, so it could be basketball, tennis , swimming, we even have golf. >> we have a little bit of everything. >> yes. >> we have kid of all ages right. >> yes, we do age six to 18. they come in after school. it gets busy there. >> speaking of that we have one of these young ladies here that comes into the boys and girls club. this is xaria and her mother melissa.
5:46 pm
tell burst favorite thing. >> my favorite thing in the boys and girls club is, you know, i have to take tennis, because of the when we're playing tennis, we have to work as a group. >> yep. >> to learn and get to know more about playing sports and that can help us for when we grow up, when we want to play different sports. >> reporter: yes. >> you are a smart young lady. >> thank you. >> mom, what about you, obviously she has somewhere great to go after school. tell us about how boys and girls club fits into your family. >> it is her second home. she's even there on saturdays when they are opened. like she said they do tennis. she has learned dance there. she is cooking, they do all kinds of fun stuff there and she really loves it. >> so we have holidays coming up soon, and when you donate these unwrapped gifts, well, they just may show off some of them all wrapped up, all pretty at boys and girls club. so with that in mind what is
5:47 pm
at top of your list this year. >> is what at the top of my list. >> um-hmm. >> i would like to make slime a lot, and -- >> tell me about slime, what is that. >> it is when you have to get like elmer's glue, contact solutions, and food coloring to make up a slime to play with. >> cool. >> and i really like it. i asked my mom for all of the ingredient as lot. >> mixing it up in the kitchen maybe. >> yes. >> all right. well, that is great, so again we're kick off toy fest we have philly pops here helping to kick it off. guys, do you want to play a little number as we send it back to our friend, ukee. >> all right, ukee, we've got beautiful music. we will send it back to you. >> i'm in the mood, i love it. i will play a tune later too anyway, it is so easy, so easy to help children have a happy holiday. drop off a new unwrapped toy
5:48 pm
at our cbs-3 studios at 1555 ham ton street or any of our partner locations. and you can also visit cbs fest for a complete list of drop off locations and details, of our toy fest, yes. kate bilo, name this song. >> wow. >> okay. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> that sounds like silent night. >> come on now. >> nice work. >> thank you very much. >> worked on it all night. >> practicing that on the commercial break. >> frank giordano and philly, pops. >> doing stem activities, yes, instead of regular toys she takes it to the next level. >> smart young lady. >> yes, help them all by your donations so please help us out. >> we want to see those bins overflowing in our lobby. >> indeed. >> they are starting already. >> they are indeed. not too cold. you don't to have bundle up to walk to our studios or any location where we have got,
5:49 pm
drop off and donations come down to rittenhouse tomorrow. we will have more information on that coming up in our 6:00 o'clock broadcast. but lets start off with a look outside with a beautiful evening. not all that cold. we have warmer air, even still heading our way over the next couple of days. we are heading to the 60's, by wednesday. not really feeling like the holidays, just yet but i'll tell you what with the phillies pops, playing all day and we have trees, gifts in our lobby, it does feel like the holiday season here at cbs-3 and in bethlehem christmas city, you can see lights up, they are starting to pop up here and there, they will get in the christmas spirit and we will be there, coming up next month for one of hour holiday fest locations lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers and we will start with the photos. i mentioned that the sunset was gorgeous tonight. we have missed bulk of this to show you live but our weather watchers are always, you know, helping out picking up slack and showing us these photos. what a gorgeous, gorgeous sky tonight that the blue to the north, blue, off the top of
5:50 pm
the screen there and those fiery colors further down below, wayne hunter sent us this one. that was phil this is wayne. sunset tonight. looking fantastic. colors behind the trees, the trees, looking black against the sky, fantastic, ed connor sent this along. sunset just sun going down, beautiful shot there and moon from walter, walter says i don't know what was better the moon or sunset and i decided to show you both. quarter moon, can give you to it tonight and looks beautiful outside if you get a chance to peak at. that temperatures are in the lower 50's and upper 40's. here's is what going on, storm scan three, a whole lot of nothing, we have two front coming through this week, one comes through wednesday, the other, late thursday, and then thursday looks like our only chance to pick up, any wet weather. in the meantime warmer air starting to move in, a few cloud off to the west and that lifts north here tonight into tomorrow, and we will see the jet stream, bubble to the north. so all of the cold air locked up over canada, note thinks ridge in the jet stream allowing the mild air to surge
5:51 pm
in for tomorrow and then wednesday. then as we head into thursday and friday that is when our next front comes through, one comes through wednesday, a stronger one thursday into friday and then again we will see cooler air start to fall back into the region for end of the week and weekend and start of the december, by the end of the week. can you believe, december, already that is when the chilly air will come back. not cold but in other seasonal amounts we head into tomorrow everything dry, wednesday looks quiet. front coming through during date wednesday that front washes out not bringing us any wet weather, it will knock temperatures back from wednesday into thursday. our next front way back here even thursday morning but that will come through thursday night and that will deliver another blow, of some cooler air. lets talk about lack of rain. as you saw that front on wednesday washing out on thursday maybe a shower into friday morning and many spots are below average rainfall wise this month. we are one and a quarter inches below average in philadelphia one and a half inches below normal rainfall wise in allentown. not much on the way in the
5:52 pm
seven day. overnight mainly clear, calm at 37 degrees. winds north/northeast, they are light. next two days looking fantastic. thursday just slightly cooler then wednesday after that first frontal passage. friday could start with the shower and then sun comes out but this cool, dry first weekend of the month of december. ukee and jessica, back to you. with thanksgiving not far behind us the white house is ready for christmas. >> first lady melania trump op ted for traditional decor. her added touches including wreaths on every windows and wintry branches lining and walkway. at the end of the walkway tree decorated with the trump family official christmas ornament. among returning decor are an 18-foot fur treat and 250- pound ginger bread white house. group of the children from minister land's joint base andrews was among first to see the decked out halls of the white house. first lady greeted students as they did various arts and crafts including holiday card for the troops. boys and girls were very eager
5:53 pm
to exchange hugs with mrs. trump whom one child noted was dressed like an angel. also the capitol christmas tree was put up on the west front lawn of the u.s. capitol this years tree traveled 3,000 . it will be lit on the evening of the december 6th. well, speculation has begun, everyone wants to guess details of the next royal wedding. >> so who is on the short list to be a brides made for megal markle when she maris prince harry. we will speculate ourselves in the hot
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ let the guessing begin.
5:57 pm
>> and he is a little help getting back to the gym post thanksgiving we have motivation for you, and bex from today's nine have .5 in the hot minute. >> thanks, the story that has been butting all day long prince harry and megan mark he will are engaged and now that the official announcement is out of the way speculation around the royal wedding, begins, where will it be held? what will she wear. of course, what about the bridal party? only a few hours after the news broke, the internet went to work and finally, a few bride made you might recognize like serena williams whom megan called a confident after meeting in 2014, at the charity football game, and also actress, bianca chaprow who shares the passion for charity work. both ambassadors for unicef and her soon to be sister in law duchess of cambridge kate middleton who i'm sure will be giving megan sound advice as she joins the family. ton gwyneth paltrow who gave
5:58 pm
us an inside look at her family, oscar winning actress, shared this photo with her ex- husband chris martin, sit ago long side her rumored fiance brad, with the caption quote sunday brunch, #modern family. proving that conscious un coupling, can work. and post thanksgiving you might be feeling need for a work out, and if so i got motivation for you from this four year-old cross fit queen, she has been training since she was a toddler and at four years oldies doing her pull up , back squats, and moves that i do not even know it is called and nailing her box jumps senting her dad into awe of course, he is always there supervising. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. >> i cannot do pull ups the correct way. >> wow. >> okay. good job. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> reporter: major allegations against a popular wellness chain massage envy.
5:59 pm
over the years women have come forward saying they were sexually assaulted during mass sages including this one right here in chester county. it is vicious disas tics, mean attack. >> reporter: beating in broad daylight, and victim is legally blind, where delaware county police say suspect struck and why they need public's help cracking the case. plus another week, another win, the bird keep, soaring, we will break down big victory over the bears and checking the temperatures, of eagles fever, this monday, kate? and the weather also warming up, it is just like eagles fever we have got temperatures heading in the 60 's but how long will it last i'll let you know right now at 6:00 o'clock. it is 6:00 o'clock. here's is what happening a popular spa chain under the microscope. more than 100 people accusing workers at some massage envy
6:00 pm
locations of sexual assault. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight we are learning one of those accusers is from our area "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has details and the response from the company. >> reporter: the nation's large peace sage and spa chain facing criminal allegations, 180 woman throughout u.s. have accused massage envy therapist of groping them and some cases accusations are coming forward oven more serious sexual assault. >> i was really in a state of shock, disbelief, fear. >> reporter: susan ingram lives in chester county she was a regular customer at this massage envy location at west goshen town centers in west chester, on her seventh vice tonight 2015 she says that therapist james, began rubbing his groin against her. >> he lifted up my body, groped both of my breasts roughly, aggressively, put his hands down to the lower part of my body. >> reporter: too


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