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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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and their odds of winning it all have jumped to about 19%. only new england has better odds right now and coming up in sports lesley has more what the coach is saying about their next game in seattle. >> this is fun. >> the speculation is over after months of reports about prince harry and american actress meghan markle, the pair announced their engagement. >> straight ahead tonight the couple sits down for a candid interview. how he proposed and the story behind the die mont engagement ring. >> what bruce reveals about his future on the great white way. >> we are in store for a november warm up. not a whole lot happening out here a sunny stretch ahead but i'll tell you which day we'll see temperatures climbing into the 60s. >> and on high alert, the
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popular tourist destination where a volcano is forcing evacuation and stranding travelers when eyewitness news comes right back.
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a rumbling volcano forces intd niecian authorities forces authorities to close the airport for a second day. it has been hurling clouds of dark gray ash into the air since saturday. thousands have people have been forced to leave their villages fearing the volcano might erupt at any time. >> it's finally official. >> prince harry announces his engagement to american actress
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meghan markle. in their first interview together they spoke about the proposal and the thoughtfulness behind the ring which includes two diamonds that belonged to harry's mother, princess diana. >> the inclusion of that and obviously not being able to meet his mom, it's so important to know that she's a part of this with us. >> there's days like today when i really miss having her around and being able to share the happy news. with the ring and everything else that's going on, i'm sure she's with us. >> she plans on stepping aside from acting to focus on royal duties. >> bruce springs steen is proving he's the boss of broadway. his show will extend its run through the end of june. it will take a break before
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reopening february 28th. >> running out of time to snag deals. it will likely be the biggest online shopping day in u.s. history. it's expected to generate $6.6 billion in sales and for the first time ever experts think more people will shop on mobile devices instead of computers. >> the holiday with us and the philly pops helped us kick off the joe of sharing toy fest. >> fa la la la. toy fest has provided toys for more than 100,000 children over the years and we are very proud to keep the annual tradition going strong. and if you would like to take part in toy fest, it's very easy. just drop off a new unwrapped
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toy here at our studios or at any of our partner locations. you can also visit cbs for a complete list of details. >> and another way for you to donate is to head out to the tree lighting. kate is going to be there helping to light the tree tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and we hope you can join us and bring a toy for a child in need. you can bring a toy, see kate. >> sounds like fun. >> there's a lot to love. >> brass is usually there they set the tone as well. it's a great, great program and the weather looks amazing. today was a pretty nice day. tomorrow looks even better. wednesday looks even better that's if you're not hoping for snow or cold. not really feeling like the holiday season.
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let's take a look at how things are shaping up. we'll take you out to our library camera looking towards center city, you can see the fountain at logan circle. not a lot of traffic outside. not a lot of wind either. you need a jacket tonight for sure, but you don't need the heavy coat and the full winter artillery, at least for tonight. it was another beautiful sunset. we've been having a lot of those lately watch how the skylights up after the sun sets. we had this gorgeous shade of pink. this is looking from a natural park where it is currently 40 degrees. temperatures are their comba down, the skies are relatively clear. a couple of showers north of the great lakes a warm front across the region and that means with high pressure in control we'll be seeing a southwest wind pick up tomorrow into bed and that's what's going to bring us a nice
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little warm-up. temperatures right now on the chilly side. seasonably so. 35 in allentown, it's 26 in mount pocono, 38 in reading and we've got 34 degrees in philadelphia. there's that urban heat island effect we talk about that a lot. because of the concrete on a sunny day it absorbs heat and it's slower to release the heat into the atmosphere. that's why you see the airport much warmer. our high today was 54, 2 degrees above average. same with the morning low of 38. today's high 54, tomorrow's high gets a little better, and we're looking to hit 60 in dover. so the pattern is as follows with high pressure in control, that's going to keep us warm for the next few days. on wednesday we'll have a weak front move through. it will knock the temperatures back a little bit into thursday and a stronger front thursday night into friday will have the chance for showers. temperatures on the rise, highs
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near 60 tomorrow. we're into the 60s wednesday and it looks like we'll stay dry until those showers role through on thursday night. a warm-up into your wednesday, about 10 degrees above the norm. weak front wednesday, thursday into friday there could be a round of spotty showers into friday morning. overnight clear and calm, 37 degrees. your tuesday looks beautiful, sunny and milder. when we light the tree it will likely still be in the 50s. last year it was really chilly if i remember correctly. not cold tomorrow. wednesday looks great 62. thursday a shower at night and friday morning there could be a shower then we clear it out and it's the first weekend of december and it's going to feel a little crisp and chilly with temperatures near 50. but it looks quiet. >> wow. thanks kate. >> lesley is up next with
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sports. >> after that huge win yesterday, the road getting a little rough for the eagles. and the flyers cannot catch a break. lebron james showed the sixers why he's still the best player in the league. sports is next.
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the sixers taking on the 3-time eastern conference champion cavaliers tonight. the cavs seven-game winning streak. over joel embiid. 8-point lead at intermission. jo jo drives baseline, makes a layup, sixers down by 11, ben
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joe eltried to guard the king, lebron james with 30 points. the calfs cruise to a 113-91 victory. now to the flyers looking to end their losing streak and just couldn't have a tougher opponent, the defending stanley cup champion penguins. the backhander went in, the flyers take a 4-3 lead. under 2 minutes left. extra attacker, into the net. then in overtight the flyers down a man right there. the flyers lose their eighth in a row, 5-4 the final. now to the eagles, they continued their role yesterday with a 31-3 win over the bears. the third game they've won by 28
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or more points which is a franchise records. sunday they're a four point favorite over seattle. this is the first time the seahawks will be a home underdog with russell wilson as quarterback. >> going against this week coming up an opponent that's being to the super bowl, they've been in the post season. it's a talented football team despite the injury situation. >> we've got to work together as a d line and we going to have a good plan for them. we're going to go out there and do our job and play together and try to bottle them up. >> i hear you dg. let's go! >> it's a hard place to play. >> bring it on. i'm ready. >> up next the white house is all decorated for christmas. we'll show what
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the white house is ready for christmas. >> first lady melania trump has opted for more traditional decorrespond. at the end of the walkway is a tree decorated with the trump family's official christmas
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ornament. an 18-foot fir tree and a 250 pound ginger bread. >> the first lady greeted the students. the boys and girls were very eager to exchange hugs with mrs. trump who one child noted was dressed like an angel. kate? >> we're just coming off a long holiday weekend. now we're headed toward another weekend. the first weekend of december and it will be cooling down just in time for the weekend after a brief return to above average temperatures during the workweek. but we're looking at sunshine both days and temperatures will actually be seasonable for the start of the new month.
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coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert. our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00. for everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbs >> good night family and sleep well.
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