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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 28, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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it's tuesday, november 28th th, 2017. this is the cbs morning news. showdown in washington. two people are fighting for control of the nation's top financial watchdog agency leaving a judge to decide who is in charge. a ceremony to americans who served in world war ii is overshadowed by a remark by the president. >> we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas.
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>> an amazing surprise. it was so sweet and natural and very romantic. he got on one knee. >> good morning from the studio 57 use room at cbs news head quarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, the battle for control of the consumer protection bureau is in the hands of a judge. the legal battle kicked off as two acting directors fought for control of the agency. dueling memos, e-mails and sweet treats were part of a power struggle that's proving unusual even in washington. we have the report. >> nick mulvaney, president trump's acting director of the bureau brought donuts. he encouraged them to say hello
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and grab one and disregard any instructions from the other acting director, lee anna english who sent around her own staff e-mail. english met with the massachusetts senator who spearheaded the creation of the cfpb in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. she was appointed to head it. >> the law says i shall appoint a deputy director. i did that. it says they should act as deputy director. >> english is suing to try to keep him from appointing mulvaney. >> it turns up being a joke. that's what the cfpb has been in a sick sad kind of way. >> my opinion of the commission hasn't changed. it's an awful example of
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bureaucracy that has gone president trump. >> president trump criticized the bureau. since is inception, it has been a punching bag to republicans. it oversees financial institutions and has refunded nearly $12 billion to tens and millions of consumers. the bureau has been aggressive in the enforcement. the highest profile case was last year against wells fargo. the cfpb fined the bank $100 million for opening unforced bank accounts and credit cards. jewel anna goldman cbs news. president trump meets with the gop senate caucus this afternoon as senate republicans engage in last minute maneuvering to try to get a tax overall bill. they could vote on a plan as early as today. two republicans say they oppose the bill in its current form because it does not do enough for so-called pass through businesses. those are businesses where
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owners are taxed on their individual tax returns. >> think of a manufacturer in your small town. pl employs a good chunk of your people. >> republicans have two votes to spare in the senate which could vote as early as this week. and this morning another allegation of sexual misconduct by john conyers. a former deputy chief of staff told the detroit news donniecon touched her inappropriately twice in the late 90s. he wanted to share a hotel room and have sex. his lawyer says he denies any wrong doing. he's underinvestigation by the house ethics committee. he has accepted aside as the top democrat on the house judiciary committee. senator al franken says that it will take a long time for him to regain the trust of his constituents and his colleagues.
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he apologized for incidents in which he allegedly initiated improper sexual misconduct. it was his first capital public appearance since the accusations emerged. four women have come forward. franken said he doesn't remember three of the alleged incidents. the white house says president trump will not be campaigning in alabama for roy moore. meanwhile moore released a new tv ad to push back against allegations of sexual misconduct. >> five state campaigns. >> he contends the allegations are a scheme by liberal elites to sink his candidacy. two women accused moore of sexually assaulting him decades ago. last night he said they were dirty politics. >> these allegations are completely false. they're malicious. specifically i do not know any of these women for have i ever engaged in sexual misconduct
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with any woman. >> moore faces doug jones in a special election december 12th. "the washington post" reports it was a target of a sting by conservative group which uses false stories to expose what it claims is social media ya bbias. the post reports it was approached by a woman who said moore impregnated her as a teen. she works now for a group that targets media outlets and left leaning grouping using hidden groups and false stories to embarrass the targets. president trump is facing criticism for language at a white house ceremony meant to honor native american heros. we have the details on that. >> good morning. when president trump referred to a senator as
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comment was met with silence. it was supposed to honor native american code talkers. it quickly shifted from those who use their tribal language to language president trump used while recognizing them. you were here long before any of us were here, although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago, they call her pocahontas. he was referring to senator elizabeth warren. she's claimed she's part cherokee. after the event the navajo nation called the president's words culturally insensitive and the natural commerce of american indians described it as a slur that overshadowed the heros he was there to honor. >> it is so disturbing that at an event like that a celebration
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of heros, that donald trump has to turn once again to a racial slur. >> the white house press secretary when asked about it insisted the president did not intend to sound offensive or use a slur. >> i think what most people find offensive is senator warrener lying about her heritage to advance her career. >> mr. trump's comment was made under a portrait of andrew jackson, the president who signed into law the indian removal act. >> that act paved the way for a series of forced removals of native americans in the 1800s. the difficult and often deadly journey became known as the trail of tears. >> thank you so much, rocxanna. no one was injured when two airliners touched wings. one was moving on a taxiway when it clipped the wings of a virgin
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atlantic airbus. the planes were departing. one returned to the terminal on its own. the virgin air jet had to be towed. the faa is investigating. in myanmar the pope meets with a nobel mare yat. he has met with the military leaders who ordered the crack down on the country's muslim rohingya minority. the u.s. and the u.n. describe the action as ethnic cleansing. more than 620,000 rohingya have fled the country. and we now know that the latest royal romance in britain started on a blind date that quickly blossomed into a full on love story. prince harry proposed over a roast chicken dinner 18 months after their first date. we report on the royal engagement. >> prince harry and his bride to be walked hand a hand in their first appearance since harry popped the question. the 33-year-old prince says he's
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thrilled to be marying the u.s. actress. markle said his proposal was very romantic. >> i could barely let you finish proposing. i was like can i say yes now? >> and then there was hugs and i had the ring on my finger. i was like can i give you the ring. she was like oh yes, the ring. >> the prince said he knew she was the one from the moment they mote in the summer of last year. mutual friends made the match. >> i'd never heard of her before. i was beautifully surprised when i walked into that room and saw her. >> markle is used to the camera. the 36-year-old was born and raised in los angeles and was married once before. she shot to fame in "suits". the couple recently moved in together here at london's kensington palace and they're already making wedding plans for next spring. the ring is full of bring and prince harry designed it using two diamonds that belonged to
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his late mother. at the center is a stone from botswana. >> it's special to have this which links where you come from and botswana which is important to us. >> 2018 will be a big year for them. prince william and kate are expecting their third child around the same time prince harry will tie the knot. coming up on the morning news now, serious new charges against harvey weinstein. what one actress is alleging he did at a film festival. and a volcano in bali is set to explode. this is the cbs morning news. oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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an analyst says they are losing $5 million in revenues each day the airport is closed. the keystone pipeline is set to reopen and new lawsuits against harvey weinstein. those are some of the headlines or not morning newsstand. harvey weinstein resigned from the director guild of america as there's new allegations. one of the lawsuits accuses him of luring someone to a festival on the pretext of business and sexually assaulted her in his hotel room. his representatives have denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex. two weeks ago a pipeline leaked oil and was shut down. the company behind the pipeline
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says it will operate at reduced pressure. and california's east bay times profiles a ten-year-old girl who is already in high school. she's a freshman in san francisco. she has an i.q. of 147 and is a member of mensa. her elementary school principal persuaded school officials to let her skip middle school. she skipped her first quarter in high school with straight as. >> ahead, the newly unveiled decorations at the white house. with diamond crystals. removes rough, hard skin... effortlessly... for touchably smooth feet. salon quality results you can see... and feel immediately. amope pedi perfect, the diamond among electronic foot files. the perfect gift... for that special someone on your list. amope. love every step.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. joined by ball lenas dancing, melania trump unveil third down year's white house christmas decorations. there are thousands of lights and dozens of trees and wreaths on display. and the theme this year is time honored traditions. it pays tribute to 200 years of holiday celebrations at the white house. on the money watch there was plenty of holiday shopping on
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cyber monday. diane has more. >> reporter: good morning. president trump's nominee be the next chairman of the federal reserve says he expects the central bank to continue raising interest rates gradually. that as they prepare testimony he'll deliver today at the start of his hearing before the senate banking committee. he also said the fed would consider ways to ease regulatory burdens on banks but prevent another financial crisis like the one in 2008. wall street will be paying close attention to his testimony today. meantime, a slide in oil prices yesterday. retail shares posted solid gains. in the end the dow gained 22 points. the nasdaq ended the day 10 points lower. cyber monday looks to have been the biggest online shopping day in the u.s. ever. expectations are consumers spent
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just over $6.5 billion according to an analytics computer. small electronics and clothing were the top sellers and more of us are using our phones to shop. web traffic from mobile devices including tablets is expected to top desk top computers when all is done. >> all right. thank you so much. still to come, robots are flexing powerful new muscles that are inspired by delicate designs. makes it unforgettable. like these fabulous necklaces perfect for layering. at kay... the #1 memory maker in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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yes. touchdown. >> we can all use a little help from our friend from time to time, and that's what a running back got last night from his entire offensive line. when it looked like he was stopped short of the goal line they pushed him into the end zone in the team's win over the houston texans. and the japanese art of or guammy is being used to give robots super strength and a delicate touch. scientists have developed the artificial muscles that are lift up to 1,000 times their own weight but can also maneuver well enough to grip and raise a flower. the devices give robots the strength and dexterity to be used in outer space and inside our bodies. coming up only on cbs this morning, singer sandra day will announce the singers for the grammy awards. this is the cbs morning news.
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our top story this morning, a federal judge has yet to rule on who is the actual interim director of the consumer financial protection bureau. a suit was filed by lee sandra english he was elevated by the outgoing director. president trump appointed nick mulvaney. both showed up for work yesterday issuing conflicting orders to employees. big tobacco is advertising on tv again, this time by court order. we have the details. >> outstanding, and they are mild. >> tobacco companies once claimed their smokes not only tasted great but were actually
4:26 am
good for you. it said it right there. against irritation, against cough. everybody seemed to agree. >> what cigarette do you smoke, doctor? once again the brand named most was camel. even santa shiled for the industry. industry executives swore they weren't trying to hook anyone. >> i don't believe nicotine for our products is addictive. >> a 1999 federal lawsuit finally made big tobacco cough up the truth. for the next year you'll be seeing this. >> smoking kills on arch 12 -- average 1200 americans every day. >> or this. >> they are among many corrective statements a federal judge ordered the tobacco companies to make for years of deceptive advertising. the order was issued in 2006 and
4:27 am
the industry fought it all the way. >> did they ever see mea culpa? >> no. >> sherry is a research scientist who worries that relying on newspapers or tv to carry the message will miss the next generation of potential smokers. >> there's not many young people who read a newspaper or watch prime time television. the tobacco industry knows that. consid >> reporter: it will cost the industry about $30 million. it's inconsequential for a company that spends $8 billion an yully to market their products snmplt coming up, some crickevictims question wha red cross is doing with the aid money for hurricane harvey. they defend how they're spending the money as some victims
4:28 am
recover without red cross help. >> we'll go to california where a church was told to stop feeding homeless because it was attracting too many homeless. the not so hidden secret about jack daniels is this cave spring and the waters infused to make every drop of the whisky. there's another secret being revealed about the iconic brand and its roots. that story is coming up on cbs this morning. that's the cbs morning news for this tuesday. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. a car hits two people in bucks county and keeps ongoing , now police try to track down the vehicle and the person behind the wheel. an act of crew at this, who would leave a dog for dead philadelphia police are on the case. >> president trump is facing criticism after what he calls a us senator while honoring nail i have americans, we'll tell you how the senator and the white house are responding today is tuesday, november 28th. good morning, i am the gang's all here, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. a check on today's forecast with meisha and kate and the roads with meisha. >> katie? >> i didn't eat enough. >> did not eat enough. looking outside right


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