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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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philadelphia and officers say teenagers were responsible. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight a vigil being held for kevin cullen, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has been following this story and he is live tonight in mayfair where the vigil just got underway, jessica? >> reporter: jessica and ukee, police sources say they are closing in on that group of teens responsible, right now, about three to four dozen people are here, for this vigil, remembering, kevin cullen as you said a senseless crime, one though where our sources are questioning right now the progress of the investigation. sources tell cbs-3 homicide detectives are making progress in identifying as many as five teenagers behind the savage beating of kevin cullen, mayfair man whom many say was homeless was brutalized sunday night at corner of luring and he died 12 hours later at the hospital. neighborhood, fond of kevin, is anxious for police to make
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an arrest. >> it is always like that. but to say somebody to die for people to start speaking up and saying things. >> reporter: but philadelphia police have had challenges, largely internal won with the district attorney's office, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the case, after detectives recovered a dropped cell phone licking one teenager to the crime scene, sources say detectives were ready to file charges. the teen had been brought in for questioning, but a staff member at d.a.'s office halted their efforts, telling detectives that they didn't have an interview with the victim and at this point no such interview was possible, police say, kevin cullen was on life support, the teen was released. cbs-3 spoke to jennifer wall who found it on the ground and handed it over continue on investigators. she and others are curious about the hold up, on filing charges. >> hopefully as videos here will prove otherwise, because the video cameras that everyone has and there is a loft video cameras around here
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so hopefully those are going to show him dropping the phone , show them leaving the scene. >> reporter: sources say police are evaluating any possible connection, to another beating a week ago, near saint hubert's high school, in that case, a group of teens assaulted a man who, like kevin cullen was alone but he survived. there have been no arrestness that first assault, that again happened about 10 days ago, and, as per policy philadelphia district attorney 's office tell us they do not comment on active, ongoing investigations. as for the scene out here right now philadelphia police are out here, they have now shut down this street, the fire department is also here, perhaps, to provide some light , crowd though continues to grow remembering kevin cullen. that is story live tonight in mayfair i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also tonight people are remembering woman struck and killed while ride herring bike in center city yesterday. people with their bike filled
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the streets and sidewalk within the hour at 11th and spruce, that is where 24 year-old emily fredrick was riding her bike yesterday morning when she was killed after a collision with a bar beige truck. >> we're you the here to tell our council people that they need to take this seriously, they need to work through the political hiccups that can get in the way of making our streets safer. >> this morning protesters gathered at the site of the accident, to form a human bike lane and they say they wanted to honor fredrick and help protect other cyclist. authorities in bucks county of stepped up search for driver responsible in the deadly hit and run monday night, a 19 year-old was killed an 18 year-old was injury. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brownies live in trevose tonight with the very latest on the investigation, natasha. >> reporter: we can tell thaw earlier this afternoon we spoke with karen, the mother of 19 year-old jessica, who was killed in this accident on monday night, and we spoke with her by phone and she
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sounded very strong, very composed and she amazingly told thaws she's not mad but she has a very clear message for driver in this case: turn yourself in. >> you are a coward. so wrong. >> reporter: folks in lower southampton township bucks county are in the minuting word when it comes to the driver that hit two teens along street road and then kept going. >> i don't understand that. you have to be responsible for your action. >> reporter: accident happened monday night around 8:15 along street road and philmont avenue. police say driver hit 19 year-old jessica, and 18 year-old lil van arsdal. jessica later died from her injuries. police say the driver did stop briefly to move victim out of the road. >> person responsible for this is watching, they should come talk to us. >> there nor sidewalks, so you know, it is just really hard, you know, i see people walking on the side of the road and it is not first person that has been hit, so you know it is a shame. >> reporter: those who know street road and travel it
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often say it is bus welling traffic. >> always a lot of traffic, traffic accidents. >> reporter: still nothing more heart breaking this this scene where a young girl who her life. >> i cannot imagine how you could do that. you know, breaks your heart. >> reporter: evidence is growing in the case with police searching for the driver, thought to be driving a late 90's model ford f150 truck red and white or red and gray, that is missing a side mirror and has a ladder rack on the roof. well, jessica's mother also told us during our phone conversation earl their she just can't imagine how this driver could have gotten out of his truck and moved her injured daughter out of the road and then still not stayed to try to help her. that is certainly the question that haunts her tonight. we can also tell thaw police tell us that they are very close do making an arrest in this case. live from lower southampton township natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a former temple university student has been ordered held for trial on murder charges. twenty-nine year-old joshua
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hupperterz said nothing in a center city courtroom today. he is charged with killing 22-year old jena burleigh in august in his north philadelphia apartment. today, video played in court showed burleigh leaving pub webb on temple's campus with hupperterz before she was killed. the police say hupperterz took a lyft car to the grandmother 's house in the poconos where he deposited burleigh's body. we are learning more about the murder of the woman in west philadelphia victim was found on south forty-ninth street. police say victim met her killer on social media police say male suspect stabbed would the man and then set her body on fire. he is in custody tonight. septa's warning the public about danger of the climbing on top of trains following the death of the west philadelphia teenager. fifteen year-old ray kwan jones was electric toothed on friday morning. his body was discovered on top of the regional rail train as it pulled into jefferson station, in center city. septa police chief tom nestle
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said it will never be men why the teen climbed on the roof on the train. >> we are able to track him entering the station. we are able to see him go on the platform. we see him walk down the end of the platform and then the video we're able to tell that something occurred on top of that train. >> chief also says safety review will be conducted to make sure something like this never happens again. police want to know what caused a man to make a fatal intervention in the couple's argument last night on the drexel campus. investigators say it happened on the 3500 block of lancaster avenue just after 11:30, a 24 year-old drexel student was having a dispute with her 24 year-old boyfriend when the suspect got involved. >> we have a male armed with the gun and permit to carry, for some reason intervenes into this situation and at some point pulls his gun and fires three shots in the victim. >> victim died at the hospital from his injuries. as for the shooter police say he is in custody. philadelphia police are
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looking for a man who robbed a dunk i odn't nuts by climbing through drive through window, and this surveillance video, from the 200 block of west hunting park avenue. suspect demanded cash from the register and then took off after an employee handed over money. anyone who recognizes the suspect should contact the police. philadelphia police department is honoring officers who are going above and beyond on the job, the department held a merit commendation ceremony today. eyewitness nice at hero's ballroom in the northeast. eighty-two were recognized for make outstanding arrests. commissioner ross thanked them for making the city safer every day. major improvements are coming soon to philadelphia's olney neighborhood. >> earlier today city and school district officials announced 42 million-dollar renovation and expansion project. school will be renovate todd alleviate overcrowding, and add more classroom for stem education. a new performing arts center will also be built on campus. >> i commend the school's
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alumni and supporter for their commitment to supporting the school mission and investing in change that is will serve many classes over the coming years. the ground breaking is slated for january 2019, project will be paid for using private and public funding. still to come on "eyewitness news" magic of the holiday season in bucks county , tori. >> that is right, and tis season for amazing trains, we have an amazing, polar express , here in new hope, where you can get a picture with santa, sanity, how good do we look. >> wonderful. >> thats right we will show you fun coming up on the train in a little bit. aim not sure how santa's feeling about these temperatures in the 60's, very mild evening all across the delaware veil, we will return to seasonal levels as we head in the next several days but are there more 60's in the forecast in the first week of december? i will have the answer in your full forecast coming up. and, the sixers taking
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their talents to wilmington monster new sports facility being built and how it will help young athletes in the area, don. seattle is no picnic, eagles explain why playing in the pacific northwest is a massive challenge, and if you are surprised by how good joel embiid is, you are not the only one, joe joe weighs in on his early career success, later in
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city officials unveiled renderings for 76ers field house today. it will be constructed on the nearly nine aches of london route 13 near cristina river. sixers developmental team delaware 87ers will call, the new facility, home. it could host more than 2,000 fans. >> this is an ambitious project we think reflects yes, we can attitude of our city and our state, governor, and i
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think it reflects our as preparations for our city and this part of the town. >> indeed, yeah. when not being used by seven's it will be opened to children in the city to use. that looks fabulous. adventure aquarium is gearing up for biggest under water christmas display ever. >> impressive 18 feet tall the aquarium on the camden waterfront will feature world 's tallest under water christmas tree, scuba santa and helps elves dove into install the tree topper, sea star, and, some gifts for animals in the contribute. entire aquarium christmas exhibit will be opened to the public on saturday. all aboard for some holiday fess cheer. >> polar express is rolling in bucks county tonight. >> that is right, vittoria woodill is live in new hope with all of the magic and all of the excitement, tori. >> reporter: magic, excitement, that is exactly it , jessica, ukee, this is my first poll express in new hope
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and i have to tell you i'm out of my 20's. but i still feel like a kid, santa, you know how it is, you board the train, you walk around, you talk to everybody. >> yes, that is correct. >> young and old everybody must feel like a child. >> absolutely that is what we try to bring out, little kid, in everyone. >> reporter: so true. how do you not get excited by those bells do you hear those bells? >> yes. >> reporter: right, exactly. i want to talk to mike donovan , mike, the general manager of the new hope/ivy land railroad train here at north poll express, tell me, what people can expect when they climb a board. >> well, when you climb aboard you will be boarding here at beautiful new hepp station, built in 1891 and riding in century old equipment. you will get a true hollywood feel while you are on board, real wooden interior, real deal on board, in addition to hot chocolate, cookies and we have another excursion which is santa spectacular which
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features 1925 baldwin steam locomotive which will be back out this weekend. >> reporter: can i tell you i heard stories even on the train you have some people that have been doing this for more than 10 years that are work on the train. >> yes. >> is there a specialness bit, how it looks, feels, you have kid coming aboard in their pjs i mean you just taking a step back how does it make you feel >> it feels great. >> we even after adults that come in their pj's. >> yes. >> family making a tradition for 10 to 15 years not a single member of the family below 21, they still come as a group, still dress in their pj 's and you have experienced it. that is true magic right there >> and it is true spirit of the christmas. and we need to get your tickets to the north pole express, and is there something about ceiling this ticket in your hand, you guys where thinks spirit of christmas, a train, santa mike donovan, what else do we need,
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guys. >> merry christmas. >> kaine trade you anything for that ticket? can you trade you. >> reporter: no, this is my ticket. >> all right. >> get your own. >> got a get your own. >> all right, tori. >> get your own. >> absolutely put that on your list. >> thanks, family. reminder you can be part of the joy of sharing toy fest campaign bring a new unwrapped toy to our studios at 1555 hamilton street. visit cbs if he for a complete list of the toy drop off locations and details on upcoming toy fest events all around the region. and one of those events is happening tomorrow night. you can head to the passyunk avenue tree lighting ceremony and bring a toy with you to donate. meteorologist chelsea ingram will be there to light the tree at 5:00 p.m. join in on the fun and also help a child at the same time. >> very nice. >> will it be as warm do you think. >> will it be? >> do i have the answer to that? i believe do i. >> i know you do.
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>> yes. >> we have something very cool the international space station was visible just a short time ago as it passed over philadelphia area lets see if we can get it. >> split is. >> there it is. >> that bright white dot, iss was visible over the city for about five minutes about 5:30. it will be visible but brightest tonight and probably most clear. >> it looks pretty clear. >> yes. >> very clear, air is very dry , so good picture of the is s, it happened every day you have to catch it at the right time, really cool to see it moving. >> very smooth. >> smooth moving space station >> all right. >> but weather has been smoothing for us because we have been in the 60's last couple of days but we are going to return temperatures back to average as we head into tomorrow. we have had a cold front moving through today but didn't notice, came through without fanfare really without cloud cover but we will start to feel effects especially late overnight tonight with cooler air settling in but we are already getting cooler temperatures. they have dropped off 5
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degrees in the last hour, we were at 61 degrees. new at 56 as we look live at center city philadelphia winds shifted out of the northwest on the back side of the frontal boundary wind speed at 8 miles an hour so still a little bit of the breeze but temperatures today, crazy mild 64 degrees our high temperature in philadelphia, 63 allentown, topped out at 66 in wilmington. same case in dover. we weren't that too far away from record territory, record high temperature for today's date in philadelphia, 70 degrees, setback in the 1920's but we did have that frontal boundary that cork through and wind shifted north /northwest the back side that will usual inner some slightly cooler air throughout over the night per. temperatures now starting to fall off, in allentown warm highs. we are down to 47. forty-nine in reading. you can see cooler air up wind the back side of the cold front but it is not frigid air , just temperatures 46 degrees right now in pittsburgh. forty-six in state college.
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cooler air will bring our temperatures back closer to average, as we head into the day tomorrow but storm scan three showing us very quiet conditions, high pressure mainly in control up and down eastern seaboard and in the a cloud to find. high pressure is opening and shift off to the east through the day tomorrow, brief another weak frontal boundary coming through giving us a chance of a shower late tomorrow night early friday morning and then we will return that sunshine, in the weekend with high pressure regained controlling and staying in place for saturday and sunday so high temperatures will be, very seasonal right around average near 50 degrees for both days, of the upcoming weekend and the first week end of december , but do have that spotty shower chance late tomorrow night but we need more than a spotty shower check out lack of november rainfall, departure there average, we are down over 3 inches in mount pocono. inch and a half in philadelphia down close to 2 inches in allentown as we head into tonight. we're going to see a few
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passing cloud, chilly conditions, 38 degrees overnight low and for our high tomorrow increasing cloud, cooler, 52 degrees the high temperature, great day for a hike tomorrow 44 degrees, partly sunny and cooler conditions and as we head in the next several days pretty quiet, seasonal and into next week more warm? in store back to thanks for the ride-along, captain! i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years?
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i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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since 2005 no home field produced more false starts, the century linc field in seattle hats been a loud, miserable place to play for opponents. on saturday night 10-one eagles visit seahawks this won't be first time for many bird. they have played there last november and they lost by 11. carson was a rookie and threw two picks. absolute beat down but this, this is a new year, and a new team preparing for the same
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old lion's den. >> i mean they have got great fans, atmosphere is awesome, and they have had a really good football team for a long time. certainly they have got a reputation that they have earned and it is a tough place to play. switching gears sixers host wizard tonight ben simmons will shake off a sprained right ankle and play, joel embiid in the line up tonight but has in the been cleared to play consecutive games which means he will miss tomorrow night's game in boston, celtics have the best record in the nba. speaking of the big man sometimes joe joe surprises, joe joe. how do we know that? he said so during teammates jj reddick's pod cast. take a listen. >> sometimes i did a move and i'm like difficult just do this dream shake, i don't know , sometimes i just do a moon shot. i don't know, because i know
6:26 pm
i'm just trying to focus on, some areas of my game but me doing it in the game i'm like, you do that and it just shows me i got so much, i got so much more i work on it and so much more to show. >> yes. >> so many skills i just don't necessity all the skills i have. >> joe joe and jj, i like the ring of that. >> yes. >> we will be right
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local sorority is helping north philadelphia elementary school,. >> the philadelphia chapter, of delta sigma sorority donated $2,500 to the elementary school today, the school had an assembly, where they got donations, sorority donated money to the school's close the belief gap program that program was created to inspire, kid, to attend college. >> fantastic. >> plant the seed early. >> that is right. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" at tennis on our sister station c wcw philly and we will be back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", big problems for american airlines customers traveling for the holidays, how a computer glitch is leaving planes without pilots. from new york here's anthony mason, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> this is a sad morning here at "today" and at nbc news. >> mason: tonight, the swul misconduct allegations that led nbc to fire matt lauer. >> and i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story. >> mason: also tonight, the president retweets anti-muslim videos. an arrest in a series of murders that terrorized tampa. >> no, he did not tell us why he was doing this. >> is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? >> mason: a computer scheduling glitch leaves thousands of holiday flights without pilots. and these guys have a plane to catch. can they do it? stay tuned.


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