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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 30, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EST

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ations that work together, so you can play together. (whispering dad) trust me, we are going to work? (kids laughing) (whispering mom) lets send in max. (kids) max! max! now this, is internet gold! going viral? get scrubbing bubbles clean and disinfect. what? 20,000 views! sc johnson. ( ♪ ) ♪ with imagination, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ with imagination ( ♪ ) sc johnson. . holiday travel up in the air, the glitch at american
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airlines that could put thousands of flights in jeopardy over the christmas season allegations surface in the matt lauer scandal, what the host is accused of doing to coworkers >> would you like to own a piece of papal visit history one of the fiats is on the auction block. we begin with american airlines that >> i'm jessica dean. >> alexandria hoff is live at philadelphia international airport to explain the problem. >> reporter: well, ukee, jessica, if holiday traveler are planning to take off by airplane, they should know that pilots plan to take avenue too from work, that is? a scheduling glitch allowed for a large number of pilots to receive time off despite the company not having enough to fill in.
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according to the allied pilots association this puts more than 15,000 flights at risk from being cancelled from december 17th to the 31st. >> i'd be very upset. >> it's bad. holiday coming. you got new year, christmas, a lot of people highly upset >> we don't want the story the grinch that stole christmas >> he's the spokesman for the association >> we'll have to get creative, it will require a partnership in finishing out how we get those over 15,000 flights manned. it's a heavy lift >> according to at a statement from american airlines, they will be utilizing reserve pilots as well as offering overtime pay to pilots willing to change plans, the company added quote we're working diligent told address the issue and expect to avoid cancelations >> they added tonight they believe they will be able to fill many of the vacant pilot
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seats over the next couple of days but again the union representing those pilots not so sure. reporting live from philadelphia international airport alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. new tonight, we're learning details about more allegations of sexual misconduct against matt lauer. nbc announced the firing this morning, amid claims of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. >> welcome to christmas in rocker feller center >> they hosted nbc annual tree lighting special wednesday >> we're heart broken >> hours after news broke of matt lauer's firing. >> how do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation they have behaved badly >> andy made the stunning decision after an hour's long meeting with a staffer and her attorney, during which she reportedly detailed egregious
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acts of sexual misconduct dating back to 2014 >> we're excited to be celebrating you >> both the "new york times" and variety magazine reported additional cases of inappropriate sexual behavior by lauer including an incident where he gave a colleague a sex toy and included a note >> if you think about what it means someone in a position in power to be taking advantage of others. if you can understand why the women felt like they couldn't come forward without facing repercussion >> he's the latest to be hit with sexual misconduct allegations. minnesota public radio cut ties with garrison keillor every allegations of improper behavior. in a statement. the 75-year-old claims he put his hand on a woman's bear back trying to console her. he retired as host last year of.
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lauer has yet to comment. research continues for the driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run in bucks county. the incident happened monday around 8:15 along street near fill mon. police say the driver hit 19-year-old jessica and 18-year-old will van arsdall. she later died. police say the driver briefly stopped to move her out of the road. police think the vehicle involved was a late 90's f-150 pickup truck. authorities say it's missing a side mirror and has a ladder rack. we note the identity of the suspect facing charges in the murder of a woman in west philadelphia. the victim was found yesterday in a pile of leaves behind a building in the 200 block of south 49th. she had been stabbed more than 50 times and her body burned. the suspect is 23-year-old cole hiring of south 49th. the victim met the suspect through social media. charges have been filed in a
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deadly shooting on drexel's campus last night. 21-year-old manager lows mukage and his girlfriend were arguing on lancaster avenue when another man intervened. officers say he fired three shots killing him. howanski is in custody charged with murder and later offenses >> a vigil was held for a homeless man beaten to death in mayfair. neighbors gathered that's where investigators say kevin cullen died hours after attacked and robbed sunday. police are searching for five teenage suspects one of whom left a cell phone. surveillance cameras captured the group dozens gathered to remember the woman hit and killed while riding her bike in center city. emily fredericks when she was hit and killed by garbage truck.
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this morning, protesters gathered at the site of the to form a human bike lane, they say they wanted to honor her and help protect other cyclists. >> president trump goes on the road for the tax reform plan, in st. charles missouri, the president said tax cuts are close to becoming law >> under the plan, middle class families will not only see the tax bill go down, they will see their incomes go up by an average of around $4,000. that's because we're going to cut taxes on american businesses so they will compete for workers, they will raise salaries they began debating the bill today, they could vote on it as early as tomorrow. the united nations met to discuss north korea's latest and most daring long range test.
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acts of aggression by kim jong-un are bringing the companies closer to war. he's pushing for new sanctions and called on nations to cut off ties were i north korea you can be next owner of one of the papal fiats during his visit to philadelphia >> bidding began and as david spunt shows us it's expected to bring in big money >> it's a piece of papal visit history philadelphia history. >> reporter: and that piece of history with only 458 miles has been sitting in this underground philadelphia garage for two years. the fiat used by pope francis in philadelphia could be yours if you're ready to bid. >> it's something that everyone in the region can look at and say it's an iconic time for >> he says this fiat is one of
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two used >> this is where pope francis sat. >> reporter: the other was auctioned in january, 2016 for $82,000, one used by pope francis in new york sold for $300,000. >> really ladder to put a price tag on something that pope francis actually sat in. >> reporter: the money went to charity. same story for the 215 fiat 500 l, all of the proceeds will go to catholic charities appeals. it's expected at least $75,000 >> it enables us to funnel more funding to help the homeless, folks struggling with addiction, poverty >> the auction is open until december 20th. happy bidding. david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> if you'd like to bid go to >> the last was $17500.
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the holidays are time for giving but let's be honest. we got a gift we really didn't want. >> straight ahead, a new survey reveals the presents no one likes. and who people consider the worst gift givers. >> the bright light seen above the philadelphia skyline why you will be able to see it again >> it certainly was an unseasonably warm day, temperatures on a dry cold front that came through last night. we'll talk about where temperatures will settle in as we head to overnight as we have a taste of winter for the start of december. coming up in the full eyewitness forecast. amazon just done something it's never done before.
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. don't miss the late show with steven colbert at 11:35 right after eyewitness news.
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. amazon is celebrating not only best cyber upon but best shopping day in company history. the giant said today, it sold more than 140 million products
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monday. the best seller was the echo dot. beyond amazon more than $6 billion was spent becoming the largest online shopping day in history. a lot has been bought. how about the received >> survey ranked not only the worst presents but whose is guilty of giving them >> most people will tell you what's on their wish list. but wouldn't it be nice to know what's not on wish list? new research gives us insight on what to avoid >> everyone wrap a gift and wish you hadn't >> random sweaters like an aunt gets you >> my husband an appliance? a new survey reveals the top 50 gifts no wants, any romance
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novel >> better than a bad romance. >> can't even get in the bathtub >> and soap on a string >> that's a good gift. >> smell good >> hang it up when you get finished >> in-laws buy the worst gifts which can upset, offend or with r bee wilder the rest of the family >> my son-in-law bought me a big screen tv >> one in three were gracious despite receiving a less than stiller >> you get a bad gift, you suck it up. put the in the closet. never see it again, before you know in tin experience add falling out. >> quarter said they would regift >> absolutely. goes to good will, and most responded eight out of ten said no matter what. it's the thought that counts. >> especially when money is tight, i appreciate it. on the flip side, clothing, music and personalized items were among the most coveted
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gifts and the best gift givers children and partners. >> that makes sense. >> give the sentimental gift >> go for the heart >> fruit cakes >> not to us. a neat sight in the sky >> earlier this evening as it passed over, the bright white dot you see on the screen, it was visible over the city about five minutes about 5:30, it will also be visible for the next few days but it was the brightest tonight. lauren joins it now. >> gorgeous night but a big shock to the system. prepare, it was warm when we got here, it's no longer warm anymore. >> the windchill is 40.
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we had a cold front come through, you may not have noticed. it didn't generate shower activity or clouds but now is generating much cooler temperatures getting a live look at center city philadelphia. 46 northeasterly wind, feels like 40. we're in the 60's couple hours ago but conditions are quiet but you might have to break out couple of extra layers when we certainly didn't need them early in the day. high temperatures 64. into the too far from record territory. our normal high temperature nowhere near that. 51 and highs in the 60's most of our reporting sites across the delaware valley, 67 in dover. 67 in wilmington, 66 in atlantic city but returning our temperatures back to average so much cooler but again, we're just pushing temperatures back to near 50 which is our average, seasonal start to december as well temperatures pretty
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consistent. and the upcoming weekend, but for the first full week in december, we have another 60-degree day in store, we've said by to those 60's, we're now down in the 30's after highs in the 60's in allentown 37. 42 in trenton, 43 in atlantic city, 38 a in millville, thanks to the northerly wind that has developed on the back side of the frontal boundary. breezy but the within speeds 12 miles an hour in wilmington and 15 in philadelphia, and the cooler air filtering in throughout the overnight periods, passing clouds but on the chilly side, 39 and temperatures tomorrow tnot too chilly, right around average, but cooler 52 sunshine to start and then increasing clouds as we head to the second half of the day, stormscan 3 showing us the trend of the day today, that is a bunch of nothing but we'll have another weak front move as we head to overnight tomorrow that could generate a few spotty showers before high pressure once again builds in as we head
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to the upcoming weekend, spotty showers, mainly while we're sleeping and quick clearing friday, sunshine returns likely by mid morning and will keep the sunshine around into the upcoming weekend high temperatures near the 50 degrees with saturday being chillier and sunday being slightly milder >> it's the only super moon of 2017 but it will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than typical full moon, check that out starting sunday at 5:05 poconos partly sunny skies. quiet conditions. we need rain down about an inch and a half in philadelphia. higher deficits north and west but really chance of a spotty shower as we head into tomorrow night and then not until next
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tuesday will we see another chance of rain where we could again climb towards 60 >> unreal. >> ok. >> appreciate it. >> don is up next with sports. free flows ago lor. and the case for carson what wentz has to say about the nfl debate. sports coming up next.
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i. sixers and wizards combining for 101 free throws. 24 in the fourth quarter. down to the center, second quarter, joel embiid with the rejection now going the other way, simmons, 25 points and 14 boards to the fourth quarter. wizards s intentionnally found guilty him, 15 out of 29, finished with a career high 31
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points also career high 18 boards. coming right here, j ajayi reddic. dario saric picks up a technical for slamming the ball. he had 24 points the sixers win 118-113. >> he's going to have to navigate and i thought at the end, i think he made six out of the last eight. i think he he did great job of you know, dealing with that type of pressure. and i think that he will grow from this experience. >> career night for ben simmons >> it's the basketball version. the pavilion is being renovated. cats played from 1932 to 86. penn hanging with villanova early, then a jay led penn with 15 up by two, here comes nova.
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filling the goes up by five, jalen brunson. from distance. he had 17, nova goes up by 21 and they win big time 90's to 62. st. joe's off and running on the break, james demre. he followed you and the play, demreagain, finished with a game high 20 points, 83 to 70. drexel hosting wine r win less lafayette. bucket he had 19 team high then look down low den near, drexel wins 68-67. the nfl mvp discussion is heating up.
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the case for tom brady. 54 touchdowns five, since deflate gate. only has three picks. the case for carson wentz also nfl leads touchdown with 28. he was helping to prepare in seattle right now wentz is the best player on the best team. he was asked about being mentioned along with tom brady. >> i focus on our stuff, focus on seattle and what we have ahead of us, we got to take care of business on field. those things will come down the road. not really worried about those. the goal is to win >> most of the players say stuff like, whatever. bro. >> that young man is focused. >> up next an amazing christmas display and all
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the entire venture aquarium
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exhibit opens to public saturday. special guests helped bring smiles to the faces of young patients in philadelphia. >> elmo and the rest of the gang took part in children's hospital annually holiday sale. plenty of singing and dancing to get everyone in the holiday spirit. each child in the hospital received a toy an personal visit from a character. that's great. >> you can be part of the joy of sharing, bring a new unwrapped toy. you can visit fest for a complete list of drop-off locations and details on upcoming events around the area. one is tomorrow evening, head to the passyunk avenue tree lighting and bring a toy to donate. chelsea ingram will be there to light the tree starting at 5:00 p.m. we hope you can join in.
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also help a child and family in need. lauren? . halfway to the weekend and it's a first weekend of december and it will be a seasonal start with high temperatures around 50. and we'll be sunny with light winds altogether very pleasant weekend. little bit mild sunday high temperatures in the upper 40's to near 50 saturday. looks like we'll be in the low 50's,
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. morning team back from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm jessica dean, we're always on at cbsphilly.up next the late show. >> thanks for watching, have a great night family and sleep well. ú@úúúúúúúúúúú@úúú announcer: finally! there's a better way @@ to cook in the microwave! with cookware designed specifically for your microwave. so that you can grill, cook fast one-pot meals, bake, steam, and go from frozen to hot and crunchy in minutes! introducing range mate professional microwave grills and cookware. now you can perfectly grill steak in your microwave
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