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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking news here's whate know about an earthquake that rocked the tri-state area magnitude 4.1 quake, struck a little over an hour ago about 6 milese/northeast of dover delaware. >> we are getting reports that the earthquake was felt here in philadelphia, as far north as new york, and as far south as baltimore. there had been no immediate reports of any damage, or any injuries. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean is off. kate bilo has more on the quake that has shaken people up this evening, kate. >> that is right, nicole and ukee this quake was felt to the north east of dover, delaware but even though that is where epicenter was impact were felt in a very wide ranging area latest i saw on the united states geological survey websites had reports as far north east as connecticut southern new england people were feeling earthquake and much of maryland as well.
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it was located just north east of dover, in the shallow low lying areas along the delaware bay, and some folks on line, very rare location for epi sent their low lying area northeast of dover. 4.1 quake. that has been fluid. it has been changing. started out as magnitude 5.1. 4.4. they have settled on 4.1. if that stand it could still change but if it stand it would tie record for strongest earthquake ever felt in the state of delaware back in 1871 necessity had 4.1 quake there as well. this was a depth of 5 miles. it is generally considered a shallow quake and shallow earthquake tends to be felt in a more wide ranging location, because it shakes surface rock and that is why it was felt so far, felt near the city within second. moderately intense, for this region. not a incredibly light one but , not anything that would cause major structural damage.
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we have had in reports of that thank goodness. they are uncommon but they do happen. right here we have is what called a stage five per received shake, it is maryland are moderate to strong perceived shake but very little in the way of damage. we have category four up in the sit of fail which is moderate and light to no damage. we will bring you more fur we get more updates from the u.s.g.s. for now, ukee and nicole back to you. right now we do want to get you more information about the earthquake's aftermath, in delaware. >> joining us on the phone right now is aj, child director of delaware emergency management agency, aj are you with us. >> yes, i am good evening to you. >> first of all, tell us what did you feel and we will get into your research. >> i was up in newark. i was at a funeral for a troop tore day. i felt a little shake. didn't think anything of it until me phone got text messages. so, quite an eventful afternoon for us here. >> when something like this
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happens, how do you you and your collogues spring into action what should everyone know. >> first thing, we do is 911 sent's cross the state of delaware specifically kent county, new castle count write receiving calls. people were calling they didn't know what it was. they want to know was there an earthquake. we were trying to get as much information verified as possible from the geological service a lot of this stuff just reported out a minute ago , get that out as quickly as possible once it was validated. we wanted to get, you know, take care have rumors of damage, make sure people know to look out for any damage that might happen in buildings , chimneys, trees, down power lines. luckily we have not received any reports of damage or injury so we are very lucky. we will be monitoring with our counties throughout the night, early tomorrow morning as people get a good look at what happened. >> is there a certain system in place, aj, talk to us about emergency response. i know would you tend to 911 calls and specific things but is there a certain system in
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place for an earthquake. >> so, you know, we were in a hurricane prone region here, so we were coming up on the end of the hurricane season, today. my collogues on the west coast kid around and say every day is earthquake day because they have a possibility of happening every day. earthquakes, there is, in way to predict them in way to necessity when they will hit. it is just, really making sure people necessity what to do once something does hit. delaware had a lot of people that just participated in great shake out which was ready dot gov initiative six or seven weeks ago. so they know what to do when something like this happened. >> director of delaware, emergency management, aj, thanks so much for joining thus evening. >> thank you guys. >> be well. of course this is not first time we have felt a earthquake in our area back in august 2011 a magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook most of the east coast including here in philadelphia. that earthquake was centered
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northwest of richmond, virginia. it forced buildings in center city to be evacuated and shattered some windows on high rise buildings. for the very latest on this quake, check out our web site at cbs >> never forgot that one. as we continue tonight we now know, the identity of the 15 year-old, girl murdered in west philadelphia that victim was stabbed more than 50 times and her body was set on fire. >> alexandria movies at police headquarters, with more on the investigation, alex. well, ukee and nicole it was originally thought that the victim was in her early 20 's but it turns out that sab ria maclean of new castle county delaware had just recently turned 15. it was an interaction through social media, according to police. it drove her to an apartment in the 4900 block of spruce street, to meet 24 year-old coal harring. inside that apartment for an unknown reason harring stabbed
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the 15 year-old over 50 times and dragged her body to an alley outside, set her on fire and attempted to, conceal her bod which leaves. >> i have been told that there was a fire alarm that had gone off monday evening. >> that is targeted. >> reporter: fire officials arrived to the scene monday evening maclean's body was not discovered until alley until next day. authorities say harring told his parents live in the complex about the murder and that they assisted in turning him in. police say mcclaire did have ties to philadelphia but it is unclear how she got here from new castle county. she had been reported missing by her parents. >> to all of the young people that want to run streets with strangers and stuff through social mediate is a very dangerous world. you don't know who you will meet. it is not safe for yourself. it is certainly not recommended. sometimes you have tragic consequences. >> reporter: harring has been charged with this crime. we are told did he have prior
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encounters with police but again, the motive for this killing is still unknown. reporting live from police headquarters, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. detectives in bucks county say they are searching for a person of interest, in the hit and run death of the jessica curtz in trevose. late today police found the truck involved in the crash, chopper three over lower southampton police station where it was processed nor evidence but the driver still at large. on monday night authorities say that the truck hit curtz and friend on street road as they crossed the street near philmont avenue. neighbor say night of the temple graduate student's murder was worse then a horror movie. >> we are learning new details in the brutal dealt of jena burleigh. she was killed in north philadelphia. her body later found in the poconos. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos walks you through prosecution's time line of the case. >> reporter: 2:15 in the morning august 31st here on the 1700 block of north 16th
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street a temple university grad student living in this second floor apartment says that she hears noise below, possible burglary, and calls temple police directly. two office's arrived to speak with the caller and leave 15 minutes later. and then around 4:00 in the morning the same grad student calls temple police a second time and she says that she hears blood kurdeling screams that goes silent after three miss. two office's arrived, zoo with her and leave again a loan in the apartment, prosecutors say jena burleigh is dead, beaten, strangled by the man lives here 29 year-old joshua hupperterz. since 10:00 this morning we have reached out to temple university with specific questions about their police response, policy we only received this statement. quote safety and well-being of temple students is the university's top priority and it goes on quote we remain focus on supporting the criminal process to ensure justice is served for jena burleigh. despite our questions the
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statement failed to mention what policy if any temple police have when responding to possible domestic disturbance calls, policies other departments make public. fail police example are required to wait for a supervisor when they arrive and arrive to the quiet scene. >> it results in the decision to take forcible entry. >> break the door, oh, yeah. >> reporter: that did not happen in either call to this north philadelphia apartment building. late their day surveillance building shows hupperterz removing a large tote from the home, inside, prosecutors say is jena burleigh's body. now, i also asked temple university officials why philadelphia police officers were not called to that oust than those two occasions. after all this was off campus housing, not a university building an win 22nd police district but that question also not responded. i'm live from temple campus greg argos, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks very much. with the holiday shopping season well underway local
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residents are taking steps to protect their holiday packages >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is in the fairmount section of the city with how some residents are banding together against so-called porch pirates, anita. >> reporter: ukee and nicole some people are getting those packages delivered to work or placing them in the locker but sometimes demand out weighs supply. one mail book store in the city says it has a three month waiting list for mail book lockser because they are all currently leased. who will take packages are on the move so are criminals. >> unfortunately everything taken at holiday time increases. >> reporter: surveillance video, caught two separate incidents in recent months, thorazine opening up screen door and walking away with the box left inside. >> i heard there is a crew, that actually follows delivery trucks to the post office or ups offer fedex. >> reporter: these are packag ing from a victim's
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doorstep in northern liberties , three times and neighbors started to band together. >> we see each other packages we will drop them off and stop people from leaving it in inappropriate places. >> now she pays to have her packages sent to the northern liberties mailbox store. >> they they can do with the mailbox for three or six months or 12 or if it is, package here and there i can it here three, dollars per package. good mourn, may i help you. >> reporter: the owner says his business is receiving nearly three times packages per day as it typically would, partly due to the holiday rush but also because customers are trying to keep their packages safe. >> between black friday and cyber monday, the last couple days have been quite a few. we have had 250 incoming packages yesterday. >> ups alone expects to ship 750 million packages this holiday season, police departments are posting tips for neighbors and also warning
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thieves that stealing meal is a felony. live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" a little dog gets a second chance at life thanks to the kindness of strangers in philadelphia. we have trains around here , fire works and anything can happen run across the street, so when we seen he was hurt that night we were just trying to get a cage and catch him. >> how septa workers teamed up with locals to rescue this stray dog from the track when we come
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there are no reports of damage or injuries from the magnitude 4.1 earthquake centered near dover delaware. the quake was reportedly felt as far north as new york and as far south as baltimore. our kate bilo will very latest on the quake aftermath and, forecast coming up in just a few minutes. a small dog in danger is now safe thanks to septa workers. >> this is germane, named after one of the work hours
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helped rescue him. the stray was recently found roaming tracks near 69th street terminal. septa workers feared he could get hurt or killed so they set up a trap to get him out of harms way. >> he was running from milbourne station, to back here, cross the street, going to different places. he is a lucky dog. >> nicely done. >> germane is in recovery at keystone vet in havertown, veterinarians say he has a partially amputated leg likely due to electrocution or being hit by something and other injuries, a go fund me page has been set up to raise money for this surgery, he need, for that information, go to cbs sweet little face on him though. >> indeed. >> lets hope he is okay. south philadelphia community is decking halls tonight. >> three, two, one. >> wow. >> there you go, "eyewitness news" in east passyunk where christmas tree and
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neighborhood was lit a short time ago. santa and meteorologist chelsea ingram led celebration near east passyunk and tasker. christmas tree is 17 feet tall >> wow. >> absolutely beautiful by the way. >> look at those lights. >> beautiful crowd, lots of folks, mrs. clause rate there. >> directing traffic. >> there she goes, there she goes. >> she's really running the show. >> yes. >> we all know. >> big guy busy but she's running showy can see her being a flight attendant back in the day, she did that very well. >> controller on the ground. >> very true. >> kate joins us with the forecast. a lot going on between forecast, earthquake. >> forecast luckily quiet but we do have some showers to track in a moment but you may remember last night international space station was visible right over philadelphia, and lets take a look and that is it right there we have highlighted the bright white dot on your screen, the iss visible over city for about five minutes at
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5:30 last night but that wasn't coolest part of the fly over. astronauts were sailing over the city, crew members randy, captured this picture of the city of brotherly love tweet ing out image asking users to spot the station. they had a better view then we did. look at philadelphia from above from the iss. pretty cool. i'm sure you have new followers from philadelphia when he tweeted that out. lets look at weather-wise we have a front heading our way. starting to weaken, produce robust showers, over western pennsylvania, and just a little earlier this evening. now as it crosses mountains of central pennsylvania losing its moisture but we will expect some showers to get here probably within the next three to four hours and not a big deal, not a whole lot of cold air behind it either. showers moving through central pennsylvania right around state college right now and heading toward the state capitol, behind that, some quiet conditions as high pressure will build back in for the end of the week and
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weekend. just wanted to pull up one map from the u.s. geological survey showing where this earthquake was felt. here's epicenter. these are reports feeling shake ago this went up into long island, up to new york city and connecticut and portions of maryland and all over toward d.c. as well. you can see vast scope. i thought that was cool how widespread impact from his that quake were felt. temperatures right now 51 in philadelphia. forty's elsewhere. we have had a couple stragglers 50's hanging on but high was 56. another day above average, normal 50, normal low was seasonal. thirty-seven. look at that railroaded low eight back in 1875. i will take 37 any day of the week. here comes that front. falls apart before getting here. between nine and 11:00 a couple showers will cross the area. that will then clear out. skies clear tomorrow. tomorrow another sunny, beautiful day. nice weather in to the start of the weekend just a few cloud around saturday but otherwise a quiet week tone
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start moth of december. shower early tonight then mostly cloudy, 43 degrees. tomorrow mild with cloud in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon, nice day for holiday fest in cape may i will be down there five or 6:00 tomorrow and stop by and say hello. we have nice wet fur are that and weekend and next week and mild tuesday next chance have rain not until wednesday and it looks like next weekend might be colder, and then this weekend. >> old man winter down the street. >> old man winter down the street. >> stay down there. >> all right. >> thanks, kate. >> talk about the eagles. >> we will talk about the bird eagles can win nfc east without playing a single down. foul play ben simmons trying to fight through his issues at the free throw line,
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and this is after the nfl has agreed to pledge 89 million-dollar, to a project dealing with criminal justice reform law enforcement and education. meanwhile, malcolm and bird can win nfc east tonight without stepping on the field, on sunday they play seahawks in salt, but they can clinch the division, tonight if the cowboys lose, to the redskins, in dallas. >> it is just a game to watch. very g we always watch. we are going to dinner and watch the game. we go out every thursday as a defense and watch the game. >> rate night game i'm going to sleep. >> i'm exited to see, who get it, i mean, we can clinch, but at that same time, you know, we focus on seattle, and hopefully, hopefully after the game we can be wearing hats, shirts and stuff like that and that would be cool. >> as for sixers tonight they play in boston, and we will
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have highlights for you at is 11:00 but we have breaking news. >> more on the earthquake. we will get to that after a
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welcome back, chief astronomer of the franklin institute is with is now, our good friend derek pits. thanks for talking about this. it happened an hour and a half ago. >> thanks for being here. >> we were talking about the scope of this because all along my facebook page i see
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people all across area who felt something. it wasn't a substantial earthquake but large in scope. tell us why. >> well, it was felt across broad region because on the east coast we have bedrock that stretches up and down east coast and not over burden so that mass of bedrock is fairly close to the surface. if there is a chaka long east coast vibrations are transferred through this solid rock, this bedrock um and down coast so people can feel it widely. >> if there is a shock will there been after shocks. >> there could be but not likely, for this kind of earthquake, this earthquake, most likely, is a vertical displacement as opposed to a horizontal displacement as we might see in a west coast earthquake along plate lines or plate boundaries so in those kind you get a shift and then maybe more to compensate after it. there could be something but probably won't be anywhere near as intense as this one. this is a very low intensity
6:29 pm
earthquake. >> people were very concerned, little scared, rattled. >> sure, of course. >> you say don't panic. >> in the scale of earthquakes this is very low intensity and while we have earthquakes like this every few years on average they tend to be about the same magnitude, so, don't expect to see widespread damage or very much damage at all. if you were lucky you may have felt something. you might have seen a sway in a chandelier maybe on the top floor of the building but not a whole lot more than that. no need to than make. >> we appreciate it. derek pits thanks. >> thanks for having me. thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will return at 10 on our sister station cw philly an back here on cbs-3 at 11:00 up next, "cbs evening news" here from new york is anthony mason, take care family we will see you tonight
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> when the president loses confidence in somebody, he'll no longer be here. >> mason: will rex soon be ex? >> rex is here. >> mason: also tonight, britain's retweet rebuke. >> action is needed now. cancel the state visit. >> mason: pressure is growing. >> congressman conyers should resign. >> mason: but he's not going. >> nancy pelosi sure as hell won't be the with one to tell the congressman to leave. >> which is smarter, dog or cat? what a new study found. >> what's your name? >> gomer pyle. >> mason: remembering jim nabors. >> shazam! >> mason: and 60 years on the job in the air. >> it's the people. of course i l


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