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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> right now at 11:00 wildfires moving dangerously fast and tonight new details about the scope of destruction in southern california. >> and philadelphia police unveil winter reminder to residents and it has everybody talking. >> and first south jersey pastor accused of unthinkable and tonight the serious charges he faces and why his alleged crimes are receiving nationality attention. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. police say the pastor sexually assaulted four children for more tan a decade.
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hof hof is live outside the church in medford with more on these troubling accusations, alex. >> police here in medford township are asking anyone who may have experienced inappropriate contact at the hands of pastor harry thomas to contact their local authorities. according to the prosecutor's office these allegations span from 1999 to 2015. sex crimes involving four minors over the course of 16 years what pastor harry thomas has been charged with and with that he was us is spened indefinitely from his position within the comma live new testament church in medford. >> while the the allegations are unrelated to his roles in these ministries leadership determined this could be the proper course of action at this time until there's a full investigation. >> little children are helpless. this is just something has to be done. >> the 74-year-old pastor is charged with one count of
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aggravated assault, three counts of sexual assault and four counts of endangering welfare of child. >> it's an outrage. >> shockwaves were not only sent through the local community and hit nationally as well. pastor tom sas a cofounder of creation music festival largest by annual four day christian musikfest snral country. >> it's regeted all pray for the parties involved and refrain from speculation regarding circumstance. >> too toil go to jail authorities say thomas was type undisclosed medical facility to await a first court appearance scheduled for december 12. >> now here's a side note. pastor thomas became more widely known in the area in maybe when he spoke out in support of foster parents in collingswood accused of starving their four foster children. and reporting live in medford township, alexandria hof, cbs
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cbs3, eyewitness news. >> a barricade situation that went on for hours in bristol comes to an end tonight with a man and woman taken into custody this afternoon at door answer and pond streets. police brought things to conclusion by breaching front door and going inside the home. the male suspect is a person of interest in deadly hit-and-run in croyden that happened monday. >> weather -- the cold weather stick around and snow may stick to the ground this weekend. more with this blast of winte winter, kate. >> temperatures dropping a little each day. when you pair the cold with moisture, you get the threat for snow. and that's what we'll talk about as we head into the weekend. temperatures on the cold side, 34 allentown and 35 reading and 36 in wilmington and it's 31 down in millville sitting at 42 in philadelphia. a lot of moisture headed our way. a few light snow showers fizzleded.
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look what's happening down south. snow is falling over portions of south texas now moisture coupled with the cold all headed to the eastern seaboar seaboard. headed to saturday wha watch what happens snow moves in and lifts north and west bringing a high risk for an accumulating snow down the shore and moderate in the city and lower risk north and west. coming up, we'll time it out and i'll tell you preliminary accumulation estimate for the areas over the weekend. for now, jessica, back over to you. >> kate, thank you. firefighters are fighting flames and fatigue as they work to protect lives and homes throughout southern california. strong winds are fueling the wildfires spanning several large country anticipates they destroyed 439 houses and buildings. and hundreds of people are have been -- hundreds of thousands of people were forced to evacuate. the the latest wildfire broke
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out in san diego area. it injured two people. >> and going up and down the roads making everybody leave. >> 2500 fire personnel from many different states, fire is burning vigorously back country of ohi county burning to sant barbara county. >> and they're been struggling to get a handle on it since monday night. hi winds are expected through saturday. >> minnesota senator al franken said he will resign in coming weeks as he faces allegations of sexual misconduct. the democrat stopped short of apologizing. >> there's irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who is bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office, and the man that repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the senate with a full support of his party.
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>> senator franken was referring to president trump and alabama senate cap date roy moore. >> also, today, arizona congressman trent franks announced his resignation after house ethics committee said he would be investigated. there's complaints he asked two staff members to be sure got carry his child. he said he and his wife struggled with fertility. >> and the house was asked to funneled a will and lawmakers will try to agree on long term budget bill. current bill goes to the white house where president trump is expected to sign it. >> we have amazing video of a brilliant fireball in the sky over new jersey. >> according to franklin institute it was meteorite entering the the earth atmosphere it was captured december 2. sergeant michael verga was working overnight shift and saw it firsthand.
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>> i didn't hear any noise which i probably would associate with it striking the ground. i've never seen anything like that that before in my entire life. >> despite appearing large it was likely thousands of miles away and fully sgint graded before it hit earth. >> and the counts down to sunday show down between eagles and rams is on. >> sports director don sbel live in new portugal call and happening out with the birds as they get ready, don. >> guys, it will be interesting situation when the eagles hookup with rams at la colosseum. for a couple players they'll run into familiar foes. >> you focus on the now. you are in the moment and be where your feet are and that's why i'm with the eagles and proud to be an eagle and glad i'm here. >> now to the rams nine yard line. rocky mccloud brought down lesean mccoy. >> and he began with the the
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ranz while in st. louis. after the 2015 season said see ya. he signed a five year deal with eagles and at the time left a loser. this is the rams first winning season since maybe. >> i was there for four years. obviously i would have loved for that to happen when i was there. but, know i'm happy for where i am and i have a lot of guys i know there. happy for them they're playing well and we'll have to bring our a game sunday. >> while rodney left on own terms chris rodney was cut. he holds no grudge. >> if i was not cut i would not hold a super bowl ring. i'm not up sext i love those dudes that i played with. there's a lot of people i still talk to on regular basis there. you know,fy didn't play like crap i wouldn't get cutfy didn't get hurt i wouldn't get kuxt i had eight great years there and have respect for the organization. >> rodney and chris are not the only guys that will see
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former teammates, nick foles played for the rams in 2015. if we see nick on the field early in this game, then we know that we have some issues. coming up later on in sports, we have an injury update on zach ertz and also the sixers have traded big john, khalil okafor on the move. coming live from new port bee beef, don bell, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thanks, done. >> and a teenage boy wish comes true all thanks to sixers star. >> straight ahead tonight eyewitness news was there for an unforgettable on court surprise. what happened after the team met his favorite player ben sim is mondz. >> and no phaseyes philadelphia police department has warnings to residents this winter season and why the message taken over social media. >> and tori heads to a chestnut hill sweet shot shop
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and the owner shows tori her secret him the holiday sensation when eyewitness news secret him the holiday sensation when eyewitness news continues ♪
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snv the police have you covered with a creative new video. every year philly police get creative♪ >> from hot line playing music video to game of kopz and this year take an stranger things. >> that is crazy. >> it's funny. >> part spoof and pfa philly message is clear no phasey. >> phasey is when you save a parking spot. >> when you come back and you're ready you can have that spot. >> our street they do it. >> it plays off popular opening credits that involve stranger things involving sav saving spots from old cones and lawn chairs to recycle
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bins. >> and trash bags. >> a whole bunch of trash in the parking spot. >> let's not forget grammatically terrible sign that threatens violence. >> oh, my gosh that's insane. >> that's pretty good one. >> our brave men and fwhem blue give executive producer credit to the people trying to legally park their vehicles. >> i see why people do it from my perspective first come first serve. >> and other citizens that hate seeing the junk line the sfwleets with first chance of snow will philly heed the warnings. >> you get there first you should get the parking spot. >> sometimes, yes, all the time no. >> if i'm shoveling snow in the wintertime i would do it. >> you're sailing savvies in the winter only. >> winter only that's it. >> and there is no specific law against using chairs, cones or anything else to hold a parking spot. but the department will issue sigh takings under other infractions one of which is
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equivalent of throwing trash into the street f you see an object used to save a the spot you're asked to call police. surprisingly they said to dial 911 coming straight from philly police. taking it seriously. >> a young fan received a special surprise before tonight's sixer's game. >> marjuan gram young was court side to see the sixers warm up at the wells faring he owe center and got to meet his favorite play. gram young was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2010 an he got to fulfill his dream of meeting simmonds from mack a wish. this is his first time atten attending a sixers game. >> holiday is all about traditions including food with loved ones. >> taste with tori our vittoria woodill takes us to a chestnut hill bakery is that the known for cookies and so much more. >> the holidays are all about
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traditions and for many, getting their piece of tradition from bread and bec beck's bakery in chestnut hill is a muingt. >> i picked up the phone and it was a woman who forgot pounds of cookies and it was their tradition to have the cookies for sapt a we're a tradition. we work with santa and work with the families and yeah. >> don't worry santa got cookies owner karen boyd road made sure of it she's granddaughter of german pastery chef and daughter of pager whose family took over bread and becks years ago at a time she had to beg to learn the family ways. >> so i nagged and nagged and nagged until my dad put me on frying donuts for six months and i quit. >> but the donuts didn't stop her. she took over the bakery in 1 198 and brought it to chestnut hill all year round in every room sweets are worked on like it's santa's workshop. >> does that look like joy or yoy. >> there's one sweet extra
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special to karen along the holidays. spinningly cookie. >> my mom used to have to hide the springly by dad would sell out and she would hide them underneath the bed on christmas morning we could have springly. >> it's annis german nraivrt biscuit cook cookie that take two days to make. >> they're marinated overnight. >> my dad and papa said it was the secret. >> and pressed with pictures from a steel mold. >> this press came from any grand father and was passed down to my dad and me and then the next generation. >> i wish my dad and grand father were around so we could show him. >> leaving all who hopen the back a welcomed whiff of christmas past and delicious taste of a continued traditio tradition. >> it's a wheat annis flavor and it he's a little chew in the middle and crust on the outside and it's lovely. thank you so much. >> glad you're enjoying it. >> oh, my why is the milk.
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>> yum. >> wonderful time of the year and cbs3 is celebrating with holiday fest join tori and kate tomorrow as we celebrate holidays in chestnut hill on eyewitness news 5:00 and don't forget you can take a new unwrapped toy to chestnut hill for joy of sharing toy fest campaign and drop them off at the studios 1555 hamilton street and find more drop-off locations an cbs philly >> starting to feel look the holiday season and this weekend could look like christmas. >> it could. there could be a little snow coming down during the day saturday. this system we've been watching all week is trending closer. even to the city now. not just the coast. we'll talk about that and definitely for folks maybe doing holiday shopping it will be nice little winter look to the the sky. hopefully this is mainly gras grassy accumulations for most of us and not going to stake to the roads we'll keep you post as we get to tomorrow.
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how it feels outside to start things off tonight. we've been talking about the cold. it's getting cold every erin colder each day. tonight, we're dropping into the 30s. very quickly. 34 allentown and 35 reading and it's 4 here in philadelphia and subfreezing in millville. so, what's headed our way? well, let's start with a look at right now on storm scan 3 a few flurries and snow showers tried to get going north. those are moving along way and as we zoom down south look at all the moisture streaming in and take a peek snow forming over portions of mississippi, louisiana, texas tonight, cold air pushing in. and as that moisture reaches cold you see the rain change to snow. let's take you to saturday. this is european model and pretty reliable model we depend on a lot in the winter season and start it snoon on day. starts down the shore saturday morning and then by the noon hour look what's happening, chance for mitch ago long the coast and enough cold air pushing in if the moisture gets thrown back into
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the city this would be all snow. of course it's during the day and it's been relatively warm. so soil temperatures are still warm and most of this at least the first few hours worth of snow could melt on contact. i think we could see grassy accumulations that's comes through and notice this particular model has precipitation all the way back towards the lehigh valley and the poconos. at least lightly saturday evening could mix with rain in the evening and pushes out on saturday night. so what we know is that the system will be working its way up the coast. that's where moisture will be. there's mrentstive cold air pushing in and it's middle of the day and soil and roads are very warm. so there ill westbound a lot of melting and compacting accumulation is likely from this and we have to watch the track. the track will dictate our inland impact. and so it definitely looks like the coast could stand to see heaviest accumulations from this. and the further north and west you go the more touch and go it will be. as of now we think the lehigh valley and poconos likely not to see much in the way of accumulation from this and flurries, snow showers, i
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could see a coating and maybe inch in philadelphia and norm west suburbs and me delaware and south jersey especially as you head closer to coast that is your best chance for as much as 2 to 3" of snow and it could mix with a little rain and of course could melt on contact that would cut down those accumulation totals. we'll keep you post odden that and it looks like our first snow is likely for much of the area on saturday. cold air comes in sunday and then a stronger blasts of cold look at this, next wednesday. so certainly feeling like winter. your eyewitness weather 7 day forecast again brush of snow on saturday. and add snow to army navy forecast surprised chance for flurry 41. monday quiet. another rain or snow shower tuesday and wednesday the coldest air of season so far. highs barely above freezing. >> all right. >> thanks, kate. >> let's check in with sports director don bell live in southern california with eagles don. >> that's right, guys, before we talk football sixers and
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lakers at the center and it comes down to "the buzz" er. and we talk about practice. why? because zach ertz took the field and we have an injury update on the tightened
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♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need. >> i'm don bell and welcome back to new port beach. eagles saferty malcolm jenkins nominated for walter payton man of the year. he's active in the community and recognized for his work in the fight for social justice. as for action on the field today, eagles night zach ertz was limited at practice. now the team's official twitter account today said he was cleared from concussion protocol that was not true and it looks like he is on track
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to play this sunday against the 9-3 la rams and as for the game itself it could come down do grit, drive and determination. >> this is the time to see which team really wants it you know? and we have a big challenge we have four games left and you know it's anybody can -- anything canp happen in this league and we try to take nothing for granted and that's what we do. we make sure we close it out the right way. >> and switching gears not nba we have update on overall pick markelle folts. manager said he does not have soreness in the shoulder any longer however there's no update on his status to return. we have not seen him in six weeks. now, let's talk about action down at the center. sixers hosting la lakers. interesting moment here. jared going diving into the stands having fun with the kids right there in the front row. not pictured is ben simmonds
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who had a triple double 15 asit and 13 boards under a second left ball kicks out for brandon graham who nails game winner, we were tide 104 and sixers going down to defeat to the la lakers. tough way toy go downment earlier today the sixers making some news. they traded jahlil okafor to brooklyn along with nick stou stouskiss and conditional second round pick in 20 19. and in return trevor book are a career backup player 30 plus averaging ten minutes stone go along with six boards. # free jaf, jahlil okafor on way to brookyln. >> flyers in action tonight. playing in vancouver. late game. fly guys looking to go 2-0. they're looking to make it two
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straight wins after losing ten straight. all right. on to college hoops now. drexel and lasalle put up three to beat the shot clock, 19 points and then check out the nice drive to the hole by kirk lee. he had 24 points. drexel wins 72-70. more eyewitness news after
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>> kids in philadelphia port richmond neighborhood celebrate the season. >> there was a whole lot of holiday fun at the pal rizzo center which held a holiday celebration tonight. kids got to meet with santa and enjoyed arts and crafts and food gifts. this is one of many holiday celebrations hosted by police annual letic league for kids across the city and ronald mcdonald's house in southern new jersey held annual tree lighting. the outdoor tree delighted those that braved the chill. they had christmas carols and performance by camden county emerald so seety pipes and drums. kate. >> reporter: with the weekend watch we're talking about a wintry chill really going to be reinforcing itself over the weekend. it's been cold through the end of week and over the weekend, we'll be hard pressed to get into the 40s. there will be a chance for snow or rain near the coast
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up next the late show with stephen colbert and followed by the late late show with james core bin and we're back 4:30 to 7, ukee is off and i'm jessica dean is. >> i'm nicole brewer. >> we're always on at >> from all of us here thanks so much for watching have a great night and we'll see you so much for watching have a great night and we'll see you tomorrow.
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