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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  December 15, 2017 3:07am-4:00am EST

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flames of conflict in the middle east. jeff. >> david martin. thank you. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
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are affected by mental illness. together we can help them with three simple words. my name is chris noth and i will listen.
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the only thing better than playing a hero in the movies, is being a hero in real life. like the 50,000 veterans who returned from iraq and afghanistan with devastating injuries. they are true heroes. and they're why i'm proud to support paralyzed veterans of america. they make sure veterans with spinal cord injuries get the care and support they need at no cost to them. to learn more, visit that's p-v-a dot org. far too many young women around the globe lack crucial medical care, access to education, and a safe place to call home. they need to be empowered and supported.
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learn how you can help at russian president vladamir putin held a record breaking four-hour and 20 minute news conference today. his annual address included 1600 journalists vying for the chance to ask a question. elizabeth palmer was one of them. and she joins us from moscow tonight. liz, president putin seemed to have warm word for just one man. >> that's right, jeff it may surprise you to know it was president donald trump. president putin spoke almost nonstop with his usual kind of swaggering confidence. he actually had praise for president trump. he said, that he should be credited for significant achievements. he pointed to the booming
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financial markets. that he restored the confidence of investors. as for the allegations of, russian meddling in the american election, those were -- said president putin to be blamed on people who oppose donald trump and trying to undermine his legitimacy which as you know is an argument we have heard in the past from president trump himself. >> and liz, besides president trump. president putin didn't have a whole lot of good things to say about the u.s. did he? >> he had nothing good to say about the u.s. he blamed a lot of what's wrong in the world, at the moment, on the united states. specifically rising tensions and put the blame for the standoff on north korean peninsula squarely at the door of the united states saying it really was caused by, failed di -- di policemen see by america in the past. this has the more than a whiff of cold war paranoia about it. he said the russian widespread doping at the sochi winter olympics was america's fault. the main whistle blower, in that story, did take refuge in america. president putin pointed out, darkly, he was now under the protection of the fbi and hinted the fbi may have given him, substances for that, to
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manipulate what he said in public. >> quite a news conference. liz palmer in moscow. liz, thank you so much. the white house did say late this afternoon that putin and president trump spoke by phone today. they talked about the crisis over north korea's nuclear program. >> republican congressman, of texas, said today he will not seek re-election. but resisting calls to stop down over sexual misconduct allegations. in 2014 used $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment suit. cbs news confirmed new york city police opened preliminary investigation into russell simmons. number of women accused the music mogul of sexual misconduct. in recent week we heard from women abut the me too movement. alex wagner talks to men who are also speaking up. >> you watch these stories unfold, every day, there is a new story. where are you guys as this all
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unfolds? >> it certainly is a tidal wave that its happening. but i look at it like -- isn't it amazing that, that, so many people have felt the need to be silent for so long. how terrible must the environment be, that right now, as a result of the internet and as a result of just, confluence of events people feel safe speaking up. >> men are kind of grouped together from a very young age. there becomes a -- vernacular that its negative towards women. and there becomes an expectation of other men to place ideology on conquering women. >> leland, that brings to the fore, the question of masculinity and how young men are indoctrinated at an early age? you have written about this. >> i was 5 years old. and, you know, i talk about this in my book because it is like -- how can i help other kids get over this. because so many kids that are, that are abused they, end up, abusers themselves or alcoholics or just whatever happens. >> one reason we want mend to talk about this. really men are part of the solution right? >> i don't think men are the solution. i think a man's role becomes a lot about listening. let me listen to, to women. not just white women, women of color. transwomen, all women across, i think the too often. >> men, especially when they're around women what they're really concerned about is being hue
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humiliated in front of women. where this starts. trying to teach them that a girl in your class is, is strong, and, smart, and that's okay. that shouldn't humiliate you. you don't have to be better than everybody. >> all right men we spoke to were passionate about the subject. and the work ahead. as tom callicio put it this is a struggle not going to end in one generation. jeff. >> so interesting. thank you, alex. >> thank you. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. look at the stories we are in your class is, is strong, and, smart, and that's okay. that shouldn't humiliate you. you don't have to be better than everybody.
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>> all right men we spoke to were passionate about the subject. and the work ahead. as tom callicio put it this is a struggle not going to end in one generation. jeff. >> so interesting. thank you, alex. >> thank you. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
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and that's not a tissue protection. lysol kills over 100 illness-causing germs and viruses, even those that may cause runny noses. lysol. what it takes to protect. look at the stories we are following. a fire fighter from san diego killed battling the fourth largest wildfire in california's modern history. the thomas fire is burning along the coast in ventura and santa barbara counties. started 11 day as go. and burned nearly 4,000 acres and destroyed homes and buildings. firefighters, cost $75 million. >> disney and 21st century fox struck a media deal. disney buying fox, movie and television production studios for $52 billion. rupert murdoch will hold on to fox broadcast and cable, and fox news channel.
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the white house says president trump phoned to congratulate him on the deal. ntsb blamed a drone operator for the first midair collision with manned aircraft. over new york in september. the drone hit an army blackhawk helicopter, at a time when drone flights were banned. the chopper did land safely. the drone was destroyed. there is much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news". >> he was 7 when he was killed. i wonder what would he be like now? >> do you feel the pain is receding at all? >> it is still very raw. >> there may be another solar system. just look ours. just like ours. >> and what is all the excitement about? stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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mission. here is jim axelrod. >> let's get on stone right there. >> greg gibson will never forget where he was five years ago. where he has been every december 14 for the last 25 years. >> we were in the graveyard. putting up a tree over our son's grave. >> galen gibson, a sweet empathic 18-year-old killed in a school shooting in massachusetts on december 14, 1992. >> we were walking home from the graveyard. my daughter looks at her phone and says, you won't believe what just happened. >> i think there is somebody shooting in here. >> 200 miles away the horror at sandy hook was becoming the deadliest school shooting in u.s. history. >> he was on his way to being remarkable person. >> mark barden's son was murdered that day. >> a gregarious, affectnate
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happy soul. >> outside of our tragedy in newtown. greg was the first person that i had the opportunity to speak to who, who had suffered a similar tragedy. >> they soon realized another connection both sons shared a birthday as well. september 27th. >> what continues to anger me is people seem to be more interested in the, the coincidences these awful coincidences. than in how did these things happen? >> both men channelled their grief and rage. gibson pressures law makers with the group every town for gun safety. >> i think we as a people have a right to reclaim that second amendment. on our terms. nothing to do with taking your guns away. what we can change is -- how we behave, how we think about this? >> mark barden gave of on congress focusing instead on
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sandy hook promise. training 2.5 million students in 4,000 schools to prevent other shootings. >> before somebody does something like this, they give off signs, warning signs. if we can train people to recognize the signs and take next step. we can prevent this from happening. >> on this december 14th, these two fathers don't want tears, they want action. >> this was a kid that pick up worms up off the sidewalk wanted to spare them from the sun. i have made conscious effort to try to keer that forward and share that with the world. it work for me. >> that's amazing. >> reporter: that they say is the best way to honor their sons and more than 300 others killed in school shootings since december 14th, 1992. jim axelrod, cbs news, newtown. >> we'll be right back.
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our solar system may have a twin. a sun with eight planets orbiting like ours. searching for distant planets used to be a needle in a haystack, this discovery made by google artificial intelligence. trained to notice subtle clues from the telescope that alluded astronomers. the first american woman in space honored next year with a postage stamp. shuttle astronaut sally ride is featured in the postal services 2018 collection along with former beatle john lennon, entertainer, lena horn, and children's tv pioneer, fred rogers. >> they're calling it code moo in philadelphia. a cow escaped from a live nativity scene and wandered on
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to i-95 ralphp before being to i-95 ramp, before being hours later it got out and was tracked down in a parking garage. the cow, stormy, is back in the manger, unclear for how long. up next, two brothers, with a special reason to celebrate.
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we end in louisiana. 16-year-old was surround by classmates and camera was recording the moment he learned he was accepted to harvard. [ cheers and applause ] big celebrations like this apparently run in the little family. [ cheers and applause ] that was older brother alex's explosion of joy last week when he got into stanford. the brainy bros of brobridge, proud new members of the class of 22. that's the "overnight news" for this friday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor. >> announcer: this is the cbs "overnight news." >> hi, welcome to the "overnight news."
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>> hi, welcome to the "overnight news." i'm demarco morgan. republican leaders in congress scrambling to keep members in line as they push ahead to overhaul the u.s. tax code. the bill will be unveiled. president trump wants to sign it into law before christmas. but two gop senators are wavering, two others are hospitalized. and lawmakers won't find out until later today, what it all will cost. nancy cordes has the the story. >> it's not perfect. but damn good. >> republicans say the hardest part is behind them now that they crafted compromise between the house and senate tax bills. the time plan preserves deduction for student loans and medical expenses targeted in
3:31 am
previous bills and doubles the standard deduction which says republicans will enable millions of taxpayers to stop itemizing. >> this gives a simpler system and fair tax code. >> residents of high tax states could get squeezed. the plan caps the deduction for state and local income tax plus property tax at $10,000 a year. and, it lowers the mortgage deduction cap. from new loans worth $1 million to $750,000. >> it is a monumental con job. >> republicans say they make up for the changes by lowering the marginal tax rate at every income level. and, by preventing the dreaded alternative minimum tax from hitting everyone but the highest earners. >> the tax bill -- >> today a pair of gop senators balked because the bill only hikes the child tax credit by $100. a big backtrack from the senate's previous bill. >> unless they can figure out a
3:32 am
way to add to $1,100 figure, i won't support the bill. >> i think that senator rubio will be there. for sure. >> president trump called the plan a christmas present. but democrats argue it is mostly a gift to big business. permanently slashing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% without cutting many corporate loopholes. other hand are temporary. and obama's care individual mandate eliminated which could boost the number of uninsured americans. >> premium tax credit. senator mccain is hospitalized recovering from side effects of his cancer treatment. whether mccain makes it to capitol hill next week to vote on the tax bill remains an open question. jan crawford has the story. >> reporter: senator mccain's office said he is suffering from normal side effects looking forward to getting back to work soon as possible. wednesday his daughter megan was comforted by former vice son to the devastating disease.
3:33 am
>> your son bo had the same cancer that my father was diagnosed with, six months ago. and i'm sorry. >> there is a lot of hope. >> i think about bo almost every day. >> of if anybody can make it, your dad, her dad is one of my best friends. >> drawing on personal experience, former vice president joe biden offered words of encouragement for megan mccain whose father is suffering from the same cancer that killed biden's son bo in 2015. >> the thing that i found was and bo insisted on your dad is going to insist on is you have got to maintain hope. >> uh-huh. >> there is hope. hope you have to have hope. >> i swear, guys we are going to beat this damn disease. we really are. >> senator john mccain tweeted his appreciation. calling biden a source of strength for my own family. >> the department has the been unable or unwilling to change. >> the one week ago mccain was
3:34 am
in place as the chairman of the senate armed services committee. but the 81-year-old has not voted this week, as missed five roll calls. he is battling cancer, the time of cancer that killed former senator ted kennedy in 2009. in september, senator mccain told 60 minutes about the diagnosis now being treated with chemotherapy and radiation. >> it is a very poor prognosis. so i just said i understand. and now, we are going to do what we can. get the best doctors we can find. and do the best we can. >> now, biden said that he is encouraged by new treatment as the bad as the it gets. injecting virus to the cancer getting closer to figuring out how to crush the tumors. >> the federal communications commission vote add long party lines to repeal the online rule about net neutrality. internet providers can now slow or block web sites and apps and charge more for faster speetd. >> reporter: thing of net neutrality and today's vet to repeal it, like the lines at airport security. there is the main line which is
3:35 am
free, but typically long. there its the tsa preline which comes with a fee, but is shorter and more convenient. and then there is the even more expensive option at some airports called clear where there is no line, and an agent walks you through be screened right away. the fcc argues that net neutrality created an internet with one long security line. internet service providers, comcast, verizon and att will gain the most, charge more and offer less. those hurt could be smaller internet companies, startups and consumers. especially those who live in rural areas, with fewer internet service providers. >> with us, when does awful this start? the government of iran denied accusations that it supplied missiles, in yemen, fired into saudi arabia. david martin has the story.
3:36 am
>> rebels in yemen fired into saudi arabia last month landed a mile and a half from the main terminal of riyadh international airport. the wreckage of the missile is aircraft hangar where it provided backdrop for a declaration by u.n. ambassador nikki haley. of a new hard line against iran. >> we do not often declassify equipment recovered from at takes. we did this for a single urgent purpose. because the iranian regime can not be allowed to engage in its lawless behavior, any longer. >> according to the pentagon, the missile was made in iran and shipped to yemen in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. the guidance system bears the initials of the iranian firm which manufactured it and the main body has nine fueling valves. a trademark of iranian made missiles. >> the missles intended target was the civilian airport in riyadh. through which tens of thousands of passengers travel each day. >> iran rejected the allegations as baseless, but the evidence on
3:37 am
display was convincing. parts of the suicide vote identical to the one used in this attack on a saudi boat, included electronics bearing the stamp of an iranian come of pan and a camera, memory including photos at the factory showing iranian revolutionary guard hat in the background. ambassador haley did not say what the u.s. plans to do about it. beyond exposing iran is what she called, an arsonist fanning the flames of conflict in the middle east. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. the problem of sexual
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the problem of sexual misconduct and abuse has been brought into the spotlight. mainly by women. but some men also have strong views on this. alex wagner brought together five successful men for a conversation on sexual intimidation. >> the group of included writer, director, producer, judd appetow, fashion designer, and former astronaut sexual assault survivor, leland melvin, new york giant, mark hirslich whose wife is survivor of sex abuse, and restaurant our, tom caliccio talked about moving the me too movement forward and its effect on themt. >> as you watch the stories unfold. every day there is a new story. new "washington post" story. "the new york times" story. story on the internet.
3:41 am
sure for a lot of men there is fear, right. where are you guys as this all unfolds? judd? >> it certainly -- a title wave. that its happening. but of i look at it like, isn't it amazing that, that, so many people have felt the need to be silent so long. how terrible must the environment be, that right now, as a result of the internet and as a result of just, just, you know, the confluence of events, people feel safe, speaking up. >> just this week, ken friedman, mario batali, high profile rust restaurant owners. kitchens are places where the behavior has gone unchecked for decades. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> what's the answer, tom? >> you are right. going on for decades. i think the answer is, we are seeing the answer. there is a cultural shift before our eyes right now. that's where the struggle is. until we take it a step further what can we do to make sure the
3:42 am
women are safe, economically there, there are structures in place that can see them thrive. >> men are kind of grouped together, from a very young age. and, whether it is, you know athletic teams, or, or in locker rooms, fraternities, where you are amongst a collective group of men. there becomes a, a, vernacular that is negative towards women. and there becomes an expectation of other men, to place ideology on conquering women. >> leland, that brings to the foesh, the question of sort of masculinity. and young men are indoctrinated at an early age. >> i am a me too. i was 5 years old. and these, older kids, decided to hey, we will have fun with this young little boy. and you know, i talk about this in my book. it's like, how could i help other kids get over this.
3:43 am
so many kids that are abused, they, end up, some are abusers whatever happens. especially if they've don't get help. >> did you ask yourself those questions though about, how could i, how could i the have let this happen to me. >> i did. i blame myself. i shouldn't have gone over there. i should have fought. should have done something differently. part of the shame that build in us that causes cancer in you. if you don't get it out or have a vehicle to have someone to talk to. >> we talk about a lot of aggression in context of the victims. one of the reasons we wanted to have men talk about this, really, men are part of the solution. right? and yet, so much of this conversation is among and for women. what its that about? i really don't think so. i think there need to be shift in thinking, treating women as a weaker sex. that they need to be protected somehow. i'm very fortunate enough to be surrounded by exfreemly strong women in my life.
3:44 am
who don't put up with any of this kind of stuff. you know, so i think a man's role becomes a lot about listening. let me listen to, to women. women of color. transwomen. all women across. >> judd, you are surrounded by women at home? >> uh-huh. >> what has it been like to be in your house at this moment? >> i have a lot of emotions. i feel sorrow for my daughters to face a world that is, that is often dangerous. and, and, for very long time. you know, we talked about. how do you stay safe? expecting young men, boys to be respectful. what do you want from, relationships? what do you want, from these interactions? you want to be treated well. if people don't treat you well they should not be in your world. in any way. >> i've thing that too often -- men, especially when they're
3:45 am
around women what they're concerned about is being hue -- humiliated in front of women. that's where a lot of this start. teach them that a girl in your class is strong and smart, and that's okay. that shouldn't humiliate you don't have to be better than everybody. >> when you talk woman's perspective, mark, your wife is a victim of sexual abuse and was see if lent a very long time. what did, she teach you about the issue? >> my wife had, you know, domestic violence in her house when she was, when she was younger. and she really didn't share it for, for many years. until she, she, you know felt comfortable around, a man. for the first time which was with me. it was interesting. at that time i was diagnosed with bone cancer. going through radiation and chemotherapy. my future was looking, pretty bad. and, when she -- felt
3:46 am
comfortable enough to, to, tell me about the violence that had occurred to her, it, it was interesting how, all of those things didn't matter anymore. didn't matter how i looked or felt. i felt more like a man in that moment because it was creating a safe environment for another human. >> what should happen to, to the men who have been, accused sexual harassment. shoud you be allowed to have your career back. >> i'm least interest in what is going to hamt pen to the men. what i am interested in how are we going to empower women and change the conversation. the louis c. kay's may not work again we know him. the idea of him going out and doing something. is going to be rejected by society. what about that, that, that, chef. who is working at some third rate hotel in nebraska some women. move it to another town. no one will know his face. he will get a job. >> this its a conversation who has fur and how power is wielded.
3:47 am
>> who has power that doesn't do anything. harvey weinstein is writing checks, bill cosby is writing checks, he makes a lot of money. the powerful people. saying this is too much of the pain for me to become the person to shut it down. culture change. movement. the is civil rights movement didn't end when we signed civil rights act. it still is continuing. i think this is culturally present right now. something we are focused on now. this gigs to take generations to fix. show my love. ta-da! all this devotion only calls for a little bit of dawn ultra. so concentrated, just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of three... ...bottles of this other liquid. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. try using dawn beyond the sink.
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a christmas carol is the story about skrooge and bob cratchet and tiny tim and message about the magic of the holiday season. lee cowen takes us behind the scenes of a heart warming stage adaptation of the charles dickens classic. ♪ it is ate most wonderful team of the year ♪ every year around this time, a chicago tradition comes to life. at a chicago landmark. the goodman theater decking the halls with its version of a christmas carol for the last 40 years. >> you will be haunted by three spirits. >> through out its long run, there have been eight skrooges, 13 bob cratchets and 29 tiny tims, but few have played that little character quite as big as this.
3:51 am
>> to play is such an inspiring role. it is just, really, really truly amazing. >> paris strickland, just 10 years old is the first girl to ever land the role of tiny tim at the goodman. >> merry christmas to us all, my dear. god bless us. >> god bless us. >> good bless us, everyone. >> this is like my first big production. >> sure nailed it tonight didn't you? >> yeah. >> ha-ha. >> good job. >> thank you. >> her proud parents. lauren and ralph strickland thought so too. >> thank you. >> of the secret as to why she seems so natural in the role of tiny tim, may me, because, she is lived. >> i get teary-eyed at some of the scenes. just thinking where she was and where she its now. >> when pair us was 9 days old she was diagnosed with stage three neural blastoma rare, deadly childhood cancer.
3:52 am
>> they told us because she was so small. the tumor was so large that most likely she wasn't going to make it. they basically told us to prepare to not have her here. >> they watched. she went through every round of treatment imaginable including four surgeries and hundred of doses of chemotherapy. despite all of that, paris' cancer kept coming back. again and again. >> when i look in my scrapbooks, i see, wow, i want through air lot. >> reporter: a lot indeed for three long years. that's when paris' scans finally showed no more evidence of the disease. >> daddy will have to do this. these are sharp. >> still though, the cancer left its mark. she is smaller than most kids her age. she now walks with a limp. obviously you got this part. because the you are a good actress. not because you were a sick
3:53 am
little girl. >> uh-huh. >> yet, a lot of people are going to see the similarities between tiny tim being a sick little boy. you'll would be a six little girl. >> does it change the way you play the parred. it helps me that ike lieks i'm not the only one out there. that has gone through all of this. itch i look back to tiny time. he was tick. he got through all of it. i was sick. i got through all of it. and i like to put what happened in the past behind me and sometimes, use the tight move forward. in fact the whole family did. when cancer visited again. this time her mom got the diagnosis. >> we november the foundation is strong in our household. >> yeah.
3:54 am
>> we can overcome pretty much anything. >> i am going to go this way. >> lauren strickland, beat her cancer too. makes the holidays that much more merry. off to celebrate. every christmas, paris and london get a new ornament for the tree. >> where would you like it? >> there. >> oh, this year, it was tine yeef tim. >> that's a good one. >> a good one. tiny tim. >> to mr. skrooge! >> what do you want people when they leave the theater to night what do you want them to take home from watching this? >> i want them to think that -- if i can battle cancer they can truly do anything. and that -- they should love christmas and -- care for all those numbers. >> tiny tim! >> good bless us, everyone! ♪ ♪ >> charles dickens couldn't have said it better himself. ♪ ♪
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h,z/ it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together.
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♪ recent study out of great britain shows three to four cups of coffee a day can be good for you. bringing lower risk of heart disease and premature death. some of the finest coffee crops in the world are now threatened. mark phillips tells us in the climate diary. >> to men the other dark liquid that powers the world. coffee. but the damage being done to the planet by the primary dark liquid, oil, and fossil fuels, coffee is in trouble and so are the farmers who grow it. a good harvest year or not so good? >> it is not so good. >> up here in the mountains of eastern uganda, coffee is the most important thing they grow. anthony and vincent caballa's family growing it on their farm, 4,000 feet up the slopes of mount elgan for generations. lately the they have been having
3:58 am
problems they never had before. it turns out coffee is as fussy as the people who drink it. it likes the right altitude, the right temperature, and the right amounts of rain and sunshine, in the right order. it is the goldilocks of crops that likes things just right. not enough rain. too much sunshine. bad fruit. >> yes. too much and produces bad fruits. >> hmm. >> another farmer, another farm, another problem. this fine white powder is produced by the stem bore beetle which he says is one of the pelss and diseases which have come up from the valley as with warmed. >> ten years back it was not here. completely. totally. >> coffee yields dropping and prices up as much as 30% since 2015. more than just the consumer's
3:59 am
morning pick me up is threatened. the farmers are cav fee dependent for a reason. for picking the berries to processing them, to drawing and sortding the beans. and getting them to market. this is ate family business where every member of the family contributes. where the cast from selling the coffee provides the only income to pay for schools for the kids and foremedical care. there is actually an imbalance in the coffee word. the retail is controlled by the big brands. the big distributors. but the production comes from, little family, almost, vegetable sized patch. and if production fails the big boys can go some where else. these people can't go anymare. for the people who consume coffee, it is about a drink. for the people who visit, and depend on it, it is about life. mark phillips, cbs news, on mount elgan, to gain dachlt awe off the news for friday. from the cbs broadcast center in new york city. i'm demarco morgan.
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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, december 15th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." troubled bill. the republican tax overhaul measure runs into a snag that could put a gop victory in jeopardy. a massive california wildfire takes the life of a firefighter as strong winds pose a new threat. ♪ and "star wars" fans show up in full force to see the last jedi. good morning from the studio


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