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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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minivan second before bursting into flames. >> just quickly pulled the gentlemen out of the car and pulled him to the side of the highway. >> he is now in stable condition. >> i opened the door and asked what is going on and they said fire. >> a devastating fire, in delaware county. >> ground freezing, water is freezing. >> family rescued from a third floor balcony. kay why the i can scene in cherry hill mall. several juveniles are placed in handcuffs on the day after christmas. christmas becomes a snow emergency. >> a lot of snow. >> i saw pile of snow out front. >> police officer helped out. >> i just took the shovel, and do this real quick. i shook my head, smiled, put the shovel down and went to my
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call. >> in today's morning minute sponsored by penn abramson cancer center the number one cancer center in the region. police officer, stopping what he was doing to help a store owner dig out of the snow. she was so moved to take a picture and share witt her friends on facebook. small gesture big impact. we have a chance of snow ourselves. >> it looks like we may wrapping up the year with a possibility of some snow, rahel. stay tuned for that possibility. we will talk about it later in the show. this is just to get you out the door and main overriding theme of our forecast is absolutely the cold. that is something that is continuous, it is persistent and it is pretty brutal as well, right through the next seven days, so here's where we currently stand looking at live neighborhood network cameras at pleasant valley, middle and high school. we don't have any wind but man is that 5 degrees it looks so harsh and there has been some snow, up that way and isn't warming up to allow that to
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melt away anytime soon. ski resorts are absolutely loving this but if you plan to go out to the slopes in the next couple days especially tonight into tomorrow, that is when wind chill will be at its worse and wind chills are already set to go into effect at 9:00 tonight in the early morning hours of tomorrow, through carbon, northampton, carbon monroe and points north through poconos it will feel no better than 10 if in the 20 below zero. so, really, really tough stuff it is bad already in fact. sixteen what it feels like at our international airport in philadelphia. sixteen in millville. fifteen in atlantic city. bottom line is this, get by wind chill values even though wind is light you are still feeling that extra chill anytime even marylandes breeze bless today and as we move forward in the forecast today do i expect full sunshine but this is best you can hope for hitting 29 on the thermometer both at the shore and here in the city and even despite this
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sunshine it is really bitter up north in the poconos you won't exceed teens today, pat. >> those are serious temperatures, katie. we have a serious accident here, boulevard expressway right here near ridge avenue we had an overturn van that burst into flames and good samaritan had to help the man out. he is okay. we have video in just a couple minutes but very serious accident that has been since cleared around 2:00 a.m. we will tell but that coming up. vine street expressway looking beautiful heading through the city of philadelphia we will see fit picks up at 6:00 o'clock. yesterday took licensing tore get rush hour underway. also we are loading, we're going to keep loading, we will keep going, this is the schuylkill at spring garden, in traffic to speak of in this area. in mass transit news we have a little bit once this clicker keeps going. we have ben franklin, that looks bought full. come on, clicker, load up. buses, trolleys on a modified schedule. new jersey transit on i a
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maryland fight schedule as well in effect until friday, and one more thing to tell but we have construction, i think, yeah, there we are route three white horse pike between warwick road and evesham road in south jersey within lane blocked here. rahel, back over to you. more on the story that pat just mentioned dramatic scene on the roosevelt expressway this morning overturn minivan burst into flames just second after a good samaritan pulled the driver from the wreckage. it happened around 2:00 this morning in the northbound lanes at ridge avenue. our traffic cameras caught the flames from the car. "eyewitness news" caught up with the man who rescued the driver who saw the crash and didn't think twice about jumping into action. >> scared for his life and whoever was in the car because i have five children myself. who toys know what kid were in the car, you just never necessity. >> driver of that minivan is in stable condition, in official word on what caused the crash. a story out of the bethlehem township authorities say gunman in the last weeks
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deadly standoff was not legally permitted to own a gun this was the scene in the 1500 block of dennis street. thirty-six year-old justin keptheart fired 100 round of police initially showed up to investigate a woman's body in the front yard. that was the suspect's mother. authorities say he shot her 11 times using firearms that likely belonged to his father. >> so, it is just another example of an individual that was not able to legally possess a firearm but he had, he had a number of them killing his mother, and trying to dill police officers and others at the scene that day. >> standoff ended when suspect was fund dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. philadelphia joins insuring and san francisco in filing a federal lawsuit begins department of defense over gun back gun checks. lawsuit claims that the pentagon failed to report many convicted service members who are disqualified from owning guns, lawsuit wants to assure that the military complies with its obligation to submit those record.
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and the time is 5:35. in business news this morning if you air guru, genius, rock star we have a job for you. money watch's hen a doba joins us from the insuring stock exchange with those details and more. good morning, hena. >> good morning. amazon is celebrating a record breaking holiday season n1 week alone 4 million people signed up. amazon devices saw highest holiday sales yet with 10s of millions of products sold world wide. alexa voice remet were the best sellers. so stocks closed slightly lower as investors return from the christmas break. and, the gasoline, grinch effect that is what some are calling gas prices, as we head in the final week of 217 you could see a temporary hike at the pump. national average price for gallon of gasoline is 2.4 four dollars, an increase of two cents for the week. the average price in philadelphia, by the way is
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2.67. looking for a job in the new year? you may see more jobs featuring title guru, genius, ninja, rock star, they say the respective employers are using the playful machine kerr to attract ordinary for otherwise ordinary jobs but experts warn using them on your resume could backfire making you seem a lot less serious. rahel, back to you. i normally dent consider people call them self genius es the greatest, they are probably more obnoxious then qualified applicants. >> a news ninja, i might get turned off by that. >> i know a certain producer, the 5:00 a.m. show, he calls himself the genius quite so often. i don't know if anyone else agrees. >> i have a feeling i necessity what producer i'm talking about. >> interesting stuff there, thank you. we love you vince, just kidding. right here in 2018, it is less than a week away, president and local political parties are enjoying downtime but as john lawrence reports they are preparing for the challenges the new year will
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bring. >> reporter: president trump took to the golf course on the day after christmas, spending the holiday inn mar-a-lago, as he helped toward the first anniversary of his inauguration, one of the mr. trump's main goals remains , to make america great again. in the waning days of 2017, the u.s. economy is strong under president trump with the stock market up more than 5,000 points. >> he inherited a economy from barack obama but if he can get it up higher that would make a major difference. >> reporter: speaking of major differences mr. trump clashed with some republicans over the pennsylvania few months, but party ended year bypassing a major piece of legislation, tax cuts and jobs act. >> he has given establishment republicans what they want in the form of the tax cut bill and he has given his hard core base what they want in terms of the having the right enem ies. >> reporter: as foreign miss at lee political won the democratic party scored a major victory toward the end
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of 2017 when candidate doug jones won senate seat in alabama. leaders hope that sort of momentum can continue in the new year. >> democrats coming into 2018 and more specifically into 2020 need to play the populous game better than president trump. >> reporter: one issue both parties was than the to complete in 20 18a new health care deal but right new there is in word of anything imminent. >> we should join every other major country on earth guarantee health care to all people and end absurdity paying twice as much per capita. >> reporter: john lawrence, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up pop star who just announced her engagement, i have got details. and they are calling it a thinks mass miracle hear from the police office shore helped deliver and save a baby in illinois. and it is photo that everyone wanted but just one woman got we will tell you how she was able to snag this shot of the royal family when we come right
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i got to tell you pop star megan trainor is hearing wedding bells. singer posted this video to her instagram with her boyfriend darryl saberi. he proposed to trainor on her between the fourth birthday. they have been together for a little more than a year. congratulations. amateur is basking in the spotlight after beating out pros for much sought after royal photo.
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when royals went to church photographers were scrambling to get that perfect shot of william, harry, megan, kate all together but only one, did her name is karen murdock who lives near queen's estate and she captured this remarkable shot on her iphone. she posted to it twitter and got 12,000 likes. photo made front page of every newspaper in the uk. we were just like, hello, merry christmas. >> to be totally honest it was just a shot that captured the moment and i was really grateful. it is perfect. i love it. >> it is a perfect shot. murdock does have an agent who she plans to put proceed from the picture toward her daughter's education. >> i love everything about that. >> everything about it. in the only was she in the right place, right time but clearly very intelligent woman , paying for her daughter 's, education.
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>> she remind me of natalie in love, hello, merry christmasy love natalie. >> so sweet. >> that is awesome. still like winter around here, my favorite christmas movies, yes, and it is feeling like it >> absolutely. it is cold. it feels colder when we factor in a modest wind, why in the get skiing, you know, it is if you are in fact going to be out on the slopes in the next couple days especially tomorrow, you really need to be smart about how you are bundling up because the chill, it is in joke. this is a live look at jack frost big boulder, up in the poconos they are smoothing down, perhaps that snow, not exactly sure what that guy is doing. yes, grooming. pat necessary all about this i should ask you before i start talking. i prefer the beach, if you haven't figured that out. but it is really cold up that way and every where else. so with that said let me zoom it out here a smidge here and take you to the odd ball out as i like to say, he is not an
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odd ball but his thermometers tend to be. thinks keith in saylorsburg up in the war of the chill. this spot is where we will see wind chill take effect. he had a comment. pretty much expect what he said here single digit killed so yeah, in the a good day to be outside. despite light wind it will make it feel colder anytime it does, blow. so keep that in mind. so, let me take you back down south closer to the urban corridor, 21 is best we have fun outside the city here, bill at 21 in carding ton and echoing same thing where you have to wear everything you have. make sure you keep your pets inside too or if you have to take them out which many do keep it brief. let them run outside and bring them back in. this is in joke for next couple days and through seven day it will be very, very cold there is an area of low pressure, batch of rain moving through portions of the southeastern, u.s. we have ice, snow coming through here around atlanta, so that is a big hub for air
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travel heading that way, maybe some minor delays, but lets bring it back home, and talk about these conditions. it feels so, frigid in the hours ahead, we will take to you midnight, early tomorrow morning where everybody feels in better than single digits and 12b le zero is best it will feel up in the mountains. it looks like the coldest air in the poconos is settling in early tomorrow morning, is he 17 below zero, is future feels like value in mount pocono by 8:00 a.m. rough stuff. doesn't get much better. tomorrow is a pretty rough one it is one of the coldest of the seven day but because it has that wind to deal with, it just feels so much more harsh. next few days through seven day you did not even hit freezing, not even close to it on much of the forecast in fact but we have a shot, just a shot to see some snow, by saturday, pat. >> thanks, katie. here is video of the overnight accident a wild scene on the roosevelt boulevard and it has since
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reopened but 2:00 a.m. there was an overturn van, person trapped inside, got out, just in time before it burst into flames, this was boulevard right here near ridge avenue, see crazy video, heroic man who turned around went over there got the guy out of the car. we will have a live update at 6:00 with jan carabao. crazy stuff right there. i-95 is looking quite it this morning. this is in delco at route 452 so not a lot of traffic. people taking off entire christmas week. i wish i could have been one of those people but i'm in the i'm here with you this morning here's schuylkill expressway at the blue route, in the looking bad at 5:47 a.m. moving to the maps we will get to fort washington, virginia drive, it is closed, this is between delaware drive and camp hill road, this is due to some down wires and down poles they will work on cleaning this up at some point today, not affecting travel coming off turnpike at virginia drive off ramp so just make note in this area you can use smaller
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streets to get around there, rahel, back over to you. >> ♪ >> all right. thank you. the city of philadelphia is celebrating kwanzaa along boat house row. it honors african-american heritage and culture. city officials and members of the kwanzaa captive. kwanzaa lights will be up until january 1st, boat house row featured christmas lights earlier this month and blue and white lights during hanukkah. work underway to prepare spectacular threats for 129 rose bowl parade, happening this monday in pass dean, california. hundreds of volunteers are scrambling to prepare more than a dozen floats but work cannot be done too far in advance because floats are decorated with fresh flowers. within of the volunteers came all the way from iowa in honor of her mother. >> she would always watch the parade and then she said some day i will go out and volunteer. i left snow. it is sunny here.
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i think, you know, not bad at all. >> the rose bowl parade steps off at 8:00 a.m. pasadena time on monday. mother is calling it a christmas miracle after a police officer helped deliver her baby inside her own home. >> is the baby out. >> yes. >> is the baby crying. >> no. >> woman's frantic grandmother called police in addison, officer rushed inside the home to find mother giving birth right by the front door, but when the baby started to turn blue the officer knew she had to act fast. >> i just, improvised grabbed my latex glove and tied the umbilical cord the blood from that point rushed into the baby and, we heard screaming and christ and it was a good moment, good time. >> she knew what she was doing so i'm very releaped. she was very, very, very helpful. >> mother was on her way out of the door to get to the hospital but her son, just decided to come earlier.
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it is his sixth child but first baby the officer has delivered. up next, timing made for the most popular viral videos than line we will show you top won coming up. here's a video you have seen, we will show you more of this girls reaction getting a puppy on christmas morning when we come rig
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a girl's christmas wish comes true, in austin texas. >> keep your eyes closed and hold your hands out. >> oh, my god. >> it is a puppy, clearly, camden ingram has wanted a dog for years but didn't think she with ever get one. she cannot believe her new dog sugar is hers to keep. >> sugar can just, be so cute and she likes to cuddle. >> she is a cute one. camden's parent say they had to hide sugar in their bedroom for days leading up to christmas. they were worried they would spoil their plans and clearly that was not a problem. camden was completely surprised. they look like a happy little couple there. one of the store thinks year correspondent jeremy rot now looks back at other viral
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moments, and trends. >> reporter: another year, another slew of viral stories of trends. among many other themes 2017 was a year to fidget. fidget spinners became must have gadgets from kid, adults, even astronauts. not bad for a toy that does this. before you knew it, they were every where but because we cannot have nice things there were consumer warnings about the gadgets. some posed choking hazard, others were reportedly catching fire. is there such a thing as a hot toy getting too hot. 2017 had a mascot it very well could have been a baby hippo named fiona. the chubby charmer born at cincinnati zoo seemed destined with viral stardom with millions of users taking in new video from the zoo showcasing her adorable antics which including her first steps, bonding time, and play time, and nap time, and, you get the idea. she even managed to remain center of attention during the
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couple's engagement at the zoo pulling off a successful photo bomb, fiona style. that is our fiona. speaking of photo bombs historic building implosion in atlanta had its thunder stolen by one commuter bus's ill timed arrival. after 25 years of hosting events, atlanta's georgia dome was set for impression but when moment arrived a metro atlanta commuter bus rolled right in front of the money shot, live on the weather channel. >> get out of the way, budd. >> blocking bus turned into a block buster on line, become go too moon of spoiling moments of sporting events, weather reports and election results. it was even interrupting other famous interruptions all this for one bus that arrived right on time at the war possible time. one little girl shows us power of timing when she busted in on her father during a live interview with the bbc. professor robert kelly was conducting a webb interview of
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the impeachment o south korean president when his daughter marion came in with her little before the inner toe. kelly tried his best to continue but damage was done, his kid, wife trying to save the day had stolen the show. inevitably the interview and the family went viral and soon marion was the one being interviewed. finally amid kay uses of 2017 there was one event that could not stop anything if only for a moment, the solar eclipse. for couple weeks in august the looming celestial event basically eclipsed all other news, it had been 99 years since a total eclipse made its way across u.s. unobstruct so folks may plan, some traveling great distance toss take in the moment, some took the proper precautions, others not so much. once it was over we were left with truly staggering images of the power of nature including the greatest photo ever captured on tv. come on budd, get out of the
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way. in atlanta i'm jeremy rot, reporting. so many good moments. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" a a he flight diverted with a celebrity on board tweeting the entire ordeal what she had to say and why the plane had to make a u turn. also, ahead who says clearing snow cannot be fun, dynamite flight and on board amusement up ♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪
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♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) going on now, our subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars to those in need.
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new this morning a fiery wreck on the highway sent a driver trapped inside. we will hear from a good samaritan who pulled the man to safety and likely saved his life. also ahead a condominium complex goes up in flames hear from the resident who made it out with nothing but clothes on his back. and, looking live now at center city on a bitter cold start to the day. this is from the art museum steps. our thanks to photo journalist kyle hall from this shot the deep freeze will be here for a while. it is cold out there it is wednesday, december 27th i'm rahel solomon. katie and pat keeping an eye on things this morning. >> it is cold in here actually >> it is a little cold. >> are you wearing a blanket. >> yes, i am. >> yes, i am, it is so cold. >> it is cold. >> you poor thing. >> yes, my


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