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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tracking the frigid forecast for the weekend, kate. >> it looks like next 12 hours will feel the coldest that we have felt, all winter so far. we have wind chills diving down in the sub zero range, many spots down in the wind chill of ten below overnight but then after the coldest, is there only one place to go and that is warmer by the second half of the weekend and into next week but next 12 to 24 hearst will be pretty brutal thanks to the winds west north west at back side of the departing nor'easter, very strong wind bringing this cold air, all across region clear skies tonight as well, generally on a windy night not quite as cold as clear night as far as temperatures are concerned and we will see sunday morning might be the coldest morning of the next few, but wind chills are worse tonight then they will be saturday night into sunday. temperatures 15 degrees in philadelphia 14 in allentown. three in mount pocono. that is only half of the story , wilmington just dropped
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as we spoke 13 now and it feels like three below. feels like 4b low zero in philadelphia, 4b low in allentown, wildwood, atlantic city both feeling below zero and mount pocono dangerous cold frostbite can happen quickly at feels like temperature of 23 degrees below zero. wind chill alert, wind chill warning has been issued for poconos and areas to the north , through tomorrow, midday, wind chill advice rid here for fail and surrounding suburbs, that goes through midday tomorrow as well. it has been called back and end at noon which is good news , it is in the quite as cold in the afternoon, quite as cold to warrant that wind chill advisory or warning as winds die down. waking up tomorrow morning depending where you here is what it will feel like. poconos minus 20 to minus 30. lehigh valley minus ten or minus 20. city and suburbs minus some below n coastal new jersey and delaware it will feel sub zero all night and tomorrow morning we will head back to normal as
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we get into next week. we will tell but that and our next system on the way coming up, ukee and jessica. it sure was shore was hardest hit by nor'easter and clean up is tough. >> we will go to "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves. she talked to people there having a difficult time cleaning up, alycia. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, areas around here saw a foot of snow, lot have places saw more than. that as we went around today we saw so many people digging out, some lifting up shovels and as they lifted up the snow the snow fell right back in the same place they lifted it from. such a frustrating experience, many saying they just want this snow to melt already but unfortunately it seems like that will not happen anytime soon this is what the new jersey shore looks like after the first snowstorm of 2018. >> i kind have liked the snow but this is a little much. >> reporter: within 24 her period many parts of the shore were slammed with more than a
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foot of snow. >> we had 13 plows out for 20 hours yesterday. those plows are right now out. they will be out as long as it takes to clean the city up. >> reporter: mayor michael beck inner margate says it has been a while since this area has seen snow like this. margate got 16 inches yesterday, although today it looks like more. >> that is because there is in place to put the snow so wind piles it up and we come down and push it to the side and basically we're just moving the same snow from place to place until it gets warm enough to melt. >> reporter: that will not be happening for a while, there is another blast of cold weather moving in. cold weather that will come with up to 40 miles per hour wind gusts, wind that will make it feel well below zero most of the weekend. >> not looking forward to that , wind chill take warmth off your body. >> i want to move down florida now. >> reporter: this cold weather and this snow has people wanting to move out of the
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area but moving some events around. there was a polar plunge scheduled in margate but because of the weather that we will see this weekend that has been cancelled with no rescheduled date as of yet. reporting live from ventnor alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now clearing snow, ice from the streets of the big city like philadelphia is no easy feat. streets department says it gets the job done. "eyewitness news" reporter greg air ghost checks the cities progress on the clean up and joins us from northern liberties with the update, greg, good evening. >> reporter: ukee, good evening to you. this is a massive operation, multi day operation for city streets department and basically primary road, even secondary won like this one right here. this is second street in northern liberties. they look good. they are cleared, they are plowed, salted, it is side streets, residential streets like this one that are more of an issue, just very icy, in the plowed just yet, but city says if you live on a side street simply pick up the
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phone and call 311. loaded up, and back on the road. >> we have approximately 200, 220 pieces out on the street. >> reporter: those plows saddled with hundreds of pound s of salt are back on the 2500 miles of city streets, the second full day, of snow removal operations. >> we have had a snow event like this we operate at our full deployment plan which is we try to get to have street within city of philadelphia at least once. >> reporter: that plan appears to be working. >> it is great, very happy witt, on the day that it was falling, it was very hard to get up the hill but once that snow stopped falling, they cleared everything up. >> i counted yesterday and it was five times, they came town this street. >> reporter: but there are still residential streets that are unplowed and city wants to know where those streets are, they are asking residents to
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call 311. >> 311 will take complaint and put it in the system to come directly to one of our six highway yard. we will keep going until we're done. >> reporter: city says they will get to each and everyone of those calls for service but it will take sometime, until the city streets department will be working throughout the weekend. live from northern liberties, greg argoes for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". officials say this is not a good idea to walk on frozen rivers and lakes. "eyewitness news" was rolling as two men walk their dog across the schuylkill river today. the strong winds helped blow them and the snow across the frozen water. fire commissioner adam tiehl warns that the coating of ice and snow on the river can make it appear more solid then it really is. >> if you are walking on the ice, what you are seeing is not solid. there is in place on any of these rivers where it is solid ice or canals or ponds or anywhere else. you really need to stay off the ice.
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it is not safe. frankly there is no good way of saying it, it could be the last thing you do. >> commissioner tiehl went on to say they will attempt to rescue anyone who falls through ice but once again survival rate is low. some local heating repair companies have been very busy in the wake of our extreme cold, frigid temperatures outside can put a major strain on your heat willing system. we expect to h and h heating/ air conditioning in essington delaware county about simple things homeowners can do before winter to keep their heaters from failing when they need them the most. >> get your full maintenance done we check safeties and mechanical ends of it, clean burner, things like that and that would be i big help for people. >> depending on the age or condition of your heater it candy tear rate working hard to keep your homework. service technicians recommend regular maintenance to prevent problems down the road. with box necessary hand dozens of people employed by district attorney's office were shown the door today.
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newly sworn in district attorney larry contracts inner began the new year with the clean slate and plan to reform the office. "eyewitness news" reporter, alexandria hoff has very latest from the district attorney's office in center city, alex. >> reporter: ukee source at d.a.'s office told me that a mass dismissal of employees was something that they had feared since election night they were not quite sure when that day would come. with stacks of cardboard boxes , dozens of philadelphia assistant district attorneys and other employees were turned out into the cold, those who exited told "eyewitness news" that they had been collectively dismissed. after decade of service, one now former ada found it too emotional to talk. >> i have been proud. >> reporter: these layoffs come four days after philadelphia district attorney larry contracts inner was sworn into office. >> a movement was sworn in today. >> reporter: as a candidate contracts inner promised change and reform, for an office shuttered by a
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corruption conviction of the predecessor seth williams. contracts inner's legal history includes 75 lawsuit as begins police and government agencies this woman has a case being prepared by an assistant district attorney. she arrived to the d.a.'s office to discuss and instead found. >> they fired all of the d.a. 's. i'm very upset. >> reporter: where that leaves her case she's not quite sure, or at least her. >> it doesn't leave me anywhere except sitting with the d.a. on monday that is where it leaves me at but what he did to me, district attorney did here, today, that was sad. >> reporter: statement from the philadelphia district attorney's office read d.a. larry contracts inner has long promised to bring culture change to the philadelphia district attorney's office, this includes a broad reorganization of the structure of the d.a.'s as part of the process. as part of that process 31 d.a. o employees were asked to
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resign effective immediately. statement includes d.a. contracts inner's thanking those 31 employees for their service add ago this remaining collogues will take on their case load, a request for an interview was declined. reporting live from the d.a.'s office alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. assistant u.s. attorney kent copelandis new delaware county district attorney. board of judged selected ter to remain the two years of jack wheel an's turn n a, statement she says that she's honored to be chosen. she was delaware county deputy d.a. before joining the u.s. attorney's office in philadelphia, in 2011. and still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight. >> spending a snow day on the sidewalks of philadelphia. >> in this bitter cold, warming hearts with just a shovel and some salt, i'm anita oh in west philadelphia how this ten year-old is making most of this winter weather. and winter weather has had some perks where these local kid were taking to the ice
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with sticks and pucks but they didn't have to go far to do it sixers are going for their fourth win in a row but will joel embiid be in that line up we have an injury update for you. carson wentz may be done for the season but he and a couple teammates were honored, we will have that latenes
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we are looking live at the poconos, it is 3 degrees and it feels like 23, below zero. >> a wind chill warning is in effect in the poconos. please be sure to stay safe for anyone heading on the trails, kate billow will have an update on this bitter blast in just a few minutes. we all know this weather is hard, hard to deal with for those who make a living outdoors. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh talked to some who are making the best of it. >> the weather was so cold, i could freeze to death. >> feels like temperatures take a dive those without door jobs are rising to the occasion. >> freezing but my hands are killing me. >> reporter: technicians of stan's tires in west philadelphia layered up for a workday, which at times requires bear hand and brutal
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wind gusts. >> overall, my coat on under this. i got thermals down. >> reporter: down the street workers hand dried the cars, that had made their way through this car wash. >> a lot of cool on the outside. >> reporter: in this bitter cold one, ten year-old is warming hearts with just a shovel and some salt. a budding entrepreneur amen branch decided wow cash in as his neighbors tried to dig out >> well, our prices are cheap. >> the sidewalk and the stairs are $5. salties $2. >> reporter: he wants to make more than just dollars. >> after his mom posted about his project on social meade yacht requests came in so furiously they had to set a cap at 20 customers and mom helped out too. plus someone in chicago who heard about the endeavor offered to donate shoveling equipment. >> it was like oh, my god.
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>> reporter: lesson that will stay with this elementary school student, long after the snow piles, have melted. in a simple way just work hard >> reporter: in west philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> working hard. >> doing a good job. fox chase man has the best backyard in the area on days like this one. >> take a look, david built this backyard ice rink for his children and other kid in the neighborhood. weather this year has been especially cooperative for homemade rink. >> give the kid a great chance to skate, enjoy winter instead of sitting inside and play x box. all of the work i do it just seeing kid like tonight, it would do it a million times again just to see the kid skating like this. >> good for them in past years weather has not been so great for the ice but certainly not this year for sure. >> frozen solid, and it will stay that way, kate. >> it certainly is, at least
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through weekend and into next week once you get that ice frozen solid, schuylkill river frozen solid, people playing walking and going out on the schuylkill river, that is not the best call but it is everything, including people out in it, yes, for basically and that is what we are feeling in the the weekend. word parties upon us right now it means it will be over soon and then next week temperatures will head backup to normal. look at ocean city as we try to dig out from yesterday's snow, look at those drifts of snow, on the roof of the fudge kitchen there, closed uptight, not a whole lot roaming the boardwalk tonight and you can see snowdrifts up against these boardwalk shops as wind came off ocean and blew that snow from the beach toward boardwalk and right up against any solid surface like the roof, again of the fudge kitchen. storm scan three shows where wind is coming from west northwesterly wind around back edge of the departing storm as high pressure builds from the south, high pressure will take
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overheading in the weekend but very, very cold canadian high and it means even though we will see sunshine skies are clear right now temperatures will be locked in the deep freeze. snow so far this year we are over a foot in philadelphia, 12.7 inches, 10 inches below seasonal average so we are more than halfway there, snowfall this season business eight and a half inches above average where we should be by today's date. we will see how rest of the season goes. future feels like temperatures through overnight hours it will get colder, 1:00 a.m., if you are out late feeling like 19b low in mount pocono. seven below in philadelphia 12 below in lancaster. waking up tomorrow morning below zero by double digits early, by noon, feeling like 4b low in the city eight below and 17 below in mount pocono. late in the afternoon we may see a few wind chills get up to three or so, time to get outside and break out flip-flops but by 10:00 o'clock we are back to sub zero wind chills. by sunday, it is, going to get
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there by mid zero. what to expect, sub zero wind chills in the, and, dangerously cold, and, and, and, and, in the teens. and, near record cold, tomorrow morning and then again tomorrow morning, the record for both daises four. tomorrow morning's record was set in 1896. record for sunday, in 2014, it will be within a degree or two , both days, then monday we will moderate but watch this next system coming through that is not lot with it but light snow mixing with rain, and sleet, into monday night or tuesday morning, that then clears out, and then behind that potential system we will get some milder weather as we head into next week. overnight mainly clear with that bone chilling win at 6 degrees for overnight low, heading in to your saturday brutal wind chills despite sunshine it will be deceptive ly sunny out there, looking nice but won't feel nice, sunday less wind but
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still only 22. watch for that wintry mix late monday into tuesday and then tuesday feeling much better as this wednesday and thursday, it is almost sad how nice 43 degrees will feel. >> i was just thinking that. >> yes. >> everyone will be so excited >> thanks, kate. >> leslie is up next with sports. >> sixers going for their fourth win in the row, flyers rookie will make his nhl debut tomorrow. and, kind of music in that program, they love it nex
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we are looking at sixers. >> lets keep it rolling. >> the sixers are continuing their home stan with the pistons, joel embiid will play despite hand injury and bench will get help, justin anderson will be available. sixers won three, have a chance to even up at 19-19 with the win on wednesday. they blew a 16-point lead with the spurs and then came back to won. robert covington says we have
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to stop making it so hard on themselves. >> just get better defensively as a team, we build off passing games. we got away from ourself yesterday, you know, i mean not yesterday the other day with giving up the lead, but we have to do a better job going down the stretch and made it harder for ourselves. penn quakers were supposed to open up ivy league action against princeton at palestra but that game was postponed so they will tip off tomorrow at 4:00. flyers are back in practice after last night's six-four win over islanders. the rookie was supposed to make his debut, but he didn't make tonight time because of the weather but hey, he is happy to join the show. >> it is nice to get rewarded. i didn't know if my time was now but this is what i'm work ing forks excited, proud of myself to be here, there is a lot of people that helped me out. there is a lot of guys that could be here, so i'm thankful , and happy to be her.
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nfl all pro team was announced four eagles honor center jason kelce and lane johnson were named to the first time, quarterback carson wentz and fletcher cox made the second team. >> ♪ >> that is jimmy mas last night at u.s. finger skating champion could go thinks short program, to a favorite, turned down for what four years ago skaters were allowed to use lear knicks their program, he is obviously taken full advantage of it but finished in 11th place. >> okay. >> figure skater what do you think. >> i think, losing interest in the sport so they said, we will blast music and people will watch. i don't know, it is interested , when i'm skating no lyrics. >> yes. >> the crowd would get in to it. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> definitely. >> leslie, thanks.
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>> "cbs evening news" just a few minutes away. >> jeff glor has a look ahead. >> that is extraordinary cold moves in look at extreme conditions some kid are forced to deal win side the schools. and cte does not just effect football players we will preview what it is doing to veterans. this teacher's lesson on sack fights are incredible gift to student's mother when steve hartman goes on the road just ahead on the "cbs evening news". and coming up, but first a visit from the king. >> we will show you, who was surprising people in the south jersey senior living community when we come right back.
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was shaking and rattling and rolling today during a private concert by one and only, elvis >> ♪ >> my favorite thing is singing. >> serenaded crowd as elvis and he kept feet tapping to the world's most famous hipps as part of the community. >> all right. >> yeah. >> he got the voice, um-hmm, go ahead now. >> yes. >> thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here's jeff glor take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> glor: frozen in place. digging out of mountains of snow as wind chills across much of the country plummet. also tonight... >> what's the day been like for you guys today. >> cold! >> glor: baltimore school children shiver in classrooms with no heat. >> it's inhumane for these children. >> glor: from the cold to the flu-- the number of cases is up sharply. the f.b.i. is investigating the clinton foundation. the brain injuries are the same from the battlefield to the football field. and steve hartman with the best christmas gift ever. >> it's not a gift that can be wrapped in a present. it's like a miracle. captioning sponsored by cbs


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