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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  January 9, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. >> well if it is not your car windows that need scraping, allow extra time for travel. what it could mean for your morning commute. >> you should believe all of it, that's the alarming thing, that this is all true. >> the author of the explosive new book about president trump is not holding back in a interview with stephen colbert watch he learned during his time inside the white house. >> touchdown alabama. >> and epic over time win, alabama rallies to beat georgia taking home the national championship. well, today is tuesday, january 9th. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. wait until you see the big surprise that happened after
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the game ended. first a check on today's forecast with katie and the roads with meisha. >> alabama won another championship. what a shocker. gee. >> good to be back. >> welcome. >> freezing cold. minneapolis, fridge dollars cold, i have to same, coming back from minneapolis, this actually feels really nice, and of course jim in singapore >> my goodness, yes, i was thinking about you, because it was so freezing cold. even not just the last couple of days but the last week, brutal stuff. now thawing out. but here is the problem. take a lock at the current temperature, just shot outside one of the many neighborhood network cameras, things are little icy, anything that fell yesterday, have had a chance to just slick end up. so tough to tell at this hour of the morning when the sun's not up. but look off in the distance, just to the right of the temperature reading there, that road surface looks like there is a smidge after sheen
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to it, anything that looks like it may just be damp, you have got to expect it could have frozen over from yesterday. now the precipitation is long gone. but the temperatures haven't had a chance at this point to rebound. so here's where you currently stand, down to the 20's in a lot of spots from i95 on to the north and west, meanwhile still in the mid 30's millville, atlantic city, even though technically above freezing in the spots, you still got to worry that maybe some of the side streets could still be little dicey. so just expect that it may be a little slick, and this morning, it is still cold obviously, but with time, meisha, we finally rebounds past freezing for a long hall too. >> good. that's some great news, katie. i can tell you right now in my ride in this morning it was very slippery out there, katie mentioned, and we have speed restrictions in play because of that, so just heads upment peaking outside live at spring garden street near the art museum and of course yes, see how slick it looks out, there as katie pointed out as well, yes, when we see the roads looking like this, sometimes we can think it is wet, we
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drive at posted speeds but then really is black ice, so just take it real easy out there, spring garden street good picture whatever we are working with. looks little wet, could be black ice, got some slush out there, ice, snow, the entire deal. slower commute. ninety-five south at cottman, s curve, volume levels obviously 4:30 a.m. still very light. and quick peak, around 95, see the movement around there. speed restrictions? play, 495 in delaware, reduced to 55 miles per hour. and i would most certainly adhere to that, plus we've got construction crews out there as well as standing out there. 422 westbound ramp, to route 724, that's closed right now, going to be closed until january 21st. more coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. more problems from the cold now that fairview care center in glennside is in the process of drying out after broken water pipe flooded the facility. the center says the pipe which was in a non-patient area on the first floor burst yesterday afternoon, all 108 residents and patients were
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evacuated and taken to other nursing centers. there is no word on when residents will be allowed to return. >> driver is in police custody after allegedly injuring a philadelphia police officer during a traffic stop. the incident happened last night on the 2900 block of north american street. in kensington. police haven't said how the officer was hurt. but we're told that he is in stable condition. in other news, local woman speaks with cbs-3 after a fire claimed the life of her father in the philadelphia firefighter. sixty-one year old del dray lane died saturday morning after his north philadelphia caught fire. forty-two year old lou hen and the matthew letourneau, 11 year veteran of the fire department also died when he was trapped in the home. we talked with lane's daughter yesterday. she said her father had a big heart. >> he was my first love. that was the first man that i loved. that was the first -- we were close, you know, he was a hands-on dad when was little. >> lane grew up in the neighborhood and was a star basketball player at germantown high school.
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meanwhile, funeral a rang ments for lieutenant letourneau have been announced there will be two public vehicles at the basilica of saints peter and paul 14:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., the other friday morning, 9:00 a.m. funeral mass will follow friday morning's viewing. president trump may get request to speak with a special council in the russian election investigation. a source claims it has come up in recent discussions between the president's lawyers and the special count i'll team. last night the president was in atlanta for the championship football game. the game happened a mid his ongoing feud with some nfl players who kneeled during the national anthem. earlier during the speech before thousands of farmers in nashville the president highlighted aspect of the tax overhaul that he says will benefit them. >> he is going to be spared, it really is the wore punishment of the deeply unfair estate tax known, so you can keep your farms in the family.
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>> supposed to expands broad band, he defended his fitness for offers following the publication of the new book fire and fury, author of the instant best seller appeared on last night's late show with stephen colbert, airs here on cb. three, michael wolf told colbert he is surprised by things he discovered inside the trump white house. >> everybody in the white house had their own press secretary. so the president has his own press secretary, not sean spicer, but his private press secretary, jar hedda press secretary, steve bannon had a press secretary. so there are all of these different press operations. so the answer why are there so many leaks in the white house? that's what they did all day. >> president trump calls the book phony and says it is full of lies. wolf and his publisher stands by the book. >> new jersey governor chris christie will deliver his final state-of-the-state address today during his two
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term, he oversaw pension overhaul, fought the opioid crisis and secured a multi-billion dollar transportation program, financed by a higher gas tax. that tax was, however, offer set by other cuts, christie will address the state legislature at 3:00 this afternoon. >> touchdown,. >> wild finish to the national college football championship as the alabama crimson roars back from a second half deficit to force over time, then beat the georgia bulldogs , the touchdown pass from one freshman to another, and alabama quarter back was amazed he was even in the game >> i don't know how he found me all the way in hawaii from alabama. i just thank god found me, we're here right now. >> alabama coach nick sabin wins sixth national championship, fifth in nine years, more my lights for the
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game for the ages coming up in our next hour. >> bigger moment, down on his knee to propose to his girlfriend, she is checking it out, yes, the ring is real. >> you win a ring, you get a wing. defensive lineman proposing to his girlfriend after winning the championship, congrats to bows man and his fiancee. >> there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> top seed in the conference, but for the first time ever, n fl history eagles go into the playoffs with a frustrating statistic hanging over their heads, what the fans think about being called underdogs. >> and fire and now rain. the new concerns for california residents after devastating wild fires destroy their homes. we're back in about two minutes.
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take cépacol instamax. >> get those scrapers out, most likely will have to chissle your car out after whole lot of ice this morning. >> we do finally make it out on the roads, prepare for
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slick ride. trang do has been riding around in the mobile weather watch err checking out the road conditions, looks like she is now out of the car and liver from south smedley street in south philly. trang, good morning, how is it looking there? >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. i wanted to show you guys something pretty, before i show you something pretty ugly so take a look, this is the display here, on south smedley street in south philly which we are fortunate enough that they still have all the way up really looking very picturesque here because of the ice that's formed over this layer of snow that came down just couple every days ago, but last night, again, we had the wintery mix, really reaking havoc on our streets today. this is the ugly part here. i'm staying in this really slushy area. unfortunately, when you go a little bit further over here, just couple every inches, this is completely iced over. you can really see that on the cars here. take a look, this is a car, parked over next to me. than is how my car looked this morning.
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we definitely saw that, here is a look at some scraping that you will have to be doing this morning, and definitely some slick conditions out here we're in the mobile weather watcher. and so we've been pretty good on the roadways, because we've been staying on these main roads, but i imagine, on the secondary roads, things will be quite slick as you can see, even driving a four wheel drive vehicle. so, definately, been saying it all morning, definately take it easy, leave extra time, because it took me about 20 minutes, at least, to de frost my car, and it looked exactly like this this morning. for now live in south philadelphia, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> jim, rahel, back to you. >> it will be slow going, watch your step out there. thank you, trang. >> speaking of bad weather, mandatory evacuations in southern california ahead of major winter storm there. expected to bring heavy rain, mudslides to the region. residents have spent the last few days sandbagging in areas
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recently devastated by the wild fires. forecasters say the storm could also bring heavy snowfall in the see era. >> well the time now 4:43,. >> katie is here with another check of the forecast, katie, i have slight admission, i know yesterday you warned us about the ice, still walking outside i could not believe how icy it was. i mean, it is bad out there. >> i thought you were going to say you took a tunnel, do you have any bandaids on, everything still working in proper order, you know. >> doing okay, but we'll see. >> well, yes. that's really the issue for the next couple of hours, so we're pent up in the studios for the next few hours, i think we'll be okay, but you have to get out the door. sometimes it is that very first step, just out to your porch, that can be the most dicey. so be extra careful. if it looks at all like it is slick or at least just wet, it probably has, in fact, slick end over to a sheet of ice. so, expect that it is probably going to be little slow out there certainly through the morning drive. and then even if you are just walking to the bus stop, you have to be careful. watch your step. but the storm, or the
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disturbance, we say, has definitely made its exit. it is long gone, in fact, just the aftermath. we need to get these temperatures well enough above freezing that everything starts to be thawing out. that will will happen, in fact, today. such a nice site when you see the jet stream and the color contour map we show along with that, if starts to bring in brighter shades every orange, red it, indicates the warmth is on the way, and ma are we going to thawing out in the next couple every days, puddling left on the road by the weekends drop on the thermometer coming into the upcoming weekends. at least up through through saturday we are in fact going to be not even seasonable but well above average over the next couple every days, today closer to where we should be, back to sunshine, no where near as cold as we eventually reach 43. but again it will take couple of hours to break out of the freezing territory. tonight drops down to 25. if it hasn't had the chance to melt and dry up, it could re- freeze as a result, but looking forward, check out friday. that might as well be early
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april, guys. 60 degrees with rain, so there is a trade off certainly. temperatures are going to slowly decline through saturday. so 56 is our call for the day, meisha. but it will probably be more into the 40's come kick off for the eagles. >> not bad. wow, a's, 60s, the fact we are even talking about that is awesome. good morning, everybody, so looking outside, kind of snapshot view of what you are working with out there. so this is spring garden street near the art museum. you can see kind of everything we can sea ice. we can see slush. we can see snow. we can see the whole bit. and it is very, very slippery, as we've been talking about, all morning long. so take it real easy. in fact, weaver speed restrictions in play this morning as well. looking outside, the blue route, near mid-county. volume levels nothing really to talk about right now, still really light. it will probably start to change more in the 5:00 hour. boulevard push in the southbound direction toward the schuylkill, what we're looking at there, lot of headlights out there starting to builds now. and, speed restrictions in play, 495, delaware, down to
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55 miles per hour, and on the bridges, as well, so take a look at this, this is actually the ben franklin bridge. 35-mile per hour restrictions, some of the bridges, talcony, palmyra, burlington bristol, down to 25 miles per hour and adhere to the speeds because every how slippery it is, jim, back over to you. >> this saturday is the battle of the birds, number one seeded eagles take on the sixth seed in defending nfc champion atlanta falcons in south philly. >> the evening else will be facing something that's never happened in pro-football. number one seed who is the underdog in their first playoff game. that's because, back up quarterback, nick foles, will play for the injured carson wentz. but despite what the experts are saying, eagles fans say they're confident. >> they have about a 40% chance every winning. >> if you're an eagles fan, you're an eagles fan 100% all the way. >> i think if we try hard, and we play our best, we could do anything, we could beat them. >> no one plays better than philadelphia, right? >> nick foles and coach doug
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pederson do have their work cut out for them, all hoping for a win, which of course means jim in his eagles seoul on monday. our sports team will get you ready for the battle of the birds saturday. join don bell, lesley van arsdall, merrill reese, and more for sunday kickoff catch it 3:30 p.m. saturday afternoon here on cbs-3. >> meanwhile still ahead on " eyewitness news" this morning , lawsuit at starbucks over its latte's. >> betting on new future ear, revel gets a new future and new name. new name. we will be right i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off. (coughah! i missed you! then i discovered mucinex. one pill lasts 12 hours,and i'm good. why take 4-hour medicine? one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health,
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>> welcome back, the search is on for a thief though police say stole thousands of dollars from atm in southwest philadelphia, the theft happened the morning. christmas eve on the 3100 block of south 61st street. police say a man pulled up in a light colored car, possibly a tan or beige dodge, and shows him using a crowbar to get into the machine. the suspect did get away with
4:50 am
about $5,000. if you recognize this suspect, philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> the de funk revel casino has been sold for $200 million developer glenn straub sold the property to a colorado redevelop here plans to reopen the property this summer under the new name ocean resort casino. it is move expected to create as many as 3,000 jobs. revel opened in 2012. they had closed two years later after two trips to bankruptcy court. time now 4:50. it is time for check on business news. >> money watch's diane king hall joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, diane, good morning, so toyota apparently ac sell rating the self- driving vehicle race in a small medium and big option. what are the details, diane? >> oh, yes. good morning, rahel, jim. toyota is jumping into the self-driving car game with a electric concept vehicle. >> the auto maker says it will come in three sizes, small delivery vehicle that can run on sidewalks, a shuttle size car for ride hailing, and bus size version which could be
4:51 am
outfitted as a rolling store, restaurant, or even hotel. toyota unveiled the vehicle, global tech conference in las vegas, the auto maker partnering with handful of companies on the vehicles, including, pizza hut, amazon, and uber, toyota plans to test the vehicles in early 2020. rahel? >> i'm not ready, diane, not ready for the future. >> i know, i know, now, the future is now. >> diane, i un ends stand judge is siding with starbucks , how much foam is too much foam? >> i'm in the not too much camp. this lawsuit was thrown out against starbucks over too much foam. offend filling lat tai's, two customers said foam be included in the volume of the drink and sued the seattle based coffee giant. the judge rejected the claim because of lack of evidence and added its reasonable to expect foam in a latte, jim, rahel. >> i will say because i get my vanilla latte's there, sometimes the little bit too
4:52 am
foamy, and i do say something, but -- >> ya. >> but your a not suing them. >> no, i'm not going to sue them. >> thanks, diane. >> next time, less foam? >> exactly, exactly. well, it is chilly out there right now, but katie is back with more on when we can see temperatures hit 60 this week. >> that will be amazing. and meisha has a check on the roads that could be a bill slick out there. back in a moment.
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seriously. oh, totally. yes. she is on top of it. >> all right! >> well done, amy. really good one. not only is it hip and with it but also very apropos for the day ahead. you have to be extra careful taking even just that first step out your front door. anything that looks wet, has, in fact, slick ends back up again, the temperatures still still marginal or even below freeze nag lot of spots that you have got to assume it is still kind of icy out there. look at storm scan3, though, the wet weather here, and it is long made its departure, all of the aftermath at this point. we're expecting more sun than anything, the temperatures you might have noticed just changed right there before your very eyes, just indicating updating temperature readings for the next hour, in the 20's currently though up and down i-95, yes it, will still be slick. thirty-four in millville. thirty-four in wildwood. i would still be careful even though you're technically above freezing there could be enough, you know corks still be some slick spots out there. really no matter where you are , up and down the shore line, too, same story, cape may, stone harbor, ocean city still in the mid 30's, and i
4:56 am
would say until at least 10:00 n little bit later than that, 11:00 a.m., 11:30, that's when we finally are well enough above freezing, region wide, that, you know, back to just wet, as opposed to slick. here is the thing, just assume that it is slick. you'll need the extra time, if you are watching us, enjoying the hot cup of coffee. might want to think about putting in a travel mug, just hitting the road here with temperatures hovering near or below freezing for the next couple of hours, and the roads and the sidewalks could also be slick. now looking ahead, we are going to warm up in a big way. friday is actually a little dose of early april. it comes with a trade-off of rain. so it is an umbrella day, but it is also a spring-like day. and then by the time we hit the weekends, another big drop on the thermometer, expected, meisha. >> nice to see that, 60 there. >> not too bad. good morning, everybody, so all of these flashing lights, we do have disable vehicle pulled off to the far right. ninety-five north past cottman , blocking that right lane.
4:57 am
hopefully they're just starting to move this out of the way now. the reason we hope all of these things clear this morning, quickly, is because of how slippery it is. so a lot of times coming around this curve, for example , and we do have something pulled off to the right or left, if you hit your breaks, sometimes you can hit some black ice. that leads to kind of a compilation every problems out there, we saw last week, probably may be will see it again today this morning, hopefully not, but it could because of how slippery it is, just heads up, looks like they are now moving slowly moving that out of your way. schuylkill near spring garden, volume levels not issue. right now just taking a peak outside, looking around, and we may be starting to heat up just ever so slightly, but really looking good. speed restrictions in play on the bridges, talking more about this coming up in the next ten minutes, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," pat is here with more on last night's epic college championship, went down to the wire. >> trang do live in the cbs-3 mobile watcher, we check the area roads this morning, plus, katie and meisha will get you
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>> this this is cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning >> a commuter alert. last night's wintery mix could make for tough trip to work this morning, liver checking the area roads to help up get out the door. and, this is a live look in center city near 15th and market. we're in for winter warm up, that should see much of the ice and snow in our region melt, in fact, we could be hitting 06 degrees later this week. and there are few new developments in the tensions between north and south korea. find out what both nations agreed overnight. and, today is tuesday, january 9th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. we have lots of school delays, you can see them scrolling at the bottom of your screen, and meantime, k


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