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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> right now at 11:00 a mystery no more. for years, questions surrounded murder of popular new jersey radio host and now, her husband is among eight people charged in her death. and i have been waiting patiently for justice. and today i was lucky enough to be granted justice. >> and tonight, the elaborate plot prosecutors say is behind the murder and how they were able toy break this case wide open. >> good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> tonight we're hearing from april kawvr man's daughter on
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the arrest in her mother aers murder. >> eyewitness news reporter hof hof is live in may's landing with more on the charges, alex. well, according to the prosecutor's office this case sadly and truly involved it all. and a be loved video host and alleged drug ring and pagan motorcycle gang and murder for hire. saga began in may of 2012. >> she was inspiration for everybody. >> radio personality and veteran's advocate there were questions and vigils. >> enk is wondering what happened. >> and repeated calls for justice. >> i have been so numb this year. >> now, over 5 1/2 years after 4-year-old he april kawvr map was found murdered in the lynwood home she shared with her husband her daughter kimberly can finally exhale. >> felt like i was holding my breath almost six years and today was the first i could
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breathe. >> age 69 and ferdinand ogelo age 62 were charged with murder in connection with the death of april kauffman. >> dr. james coughman has been in custody since june after operating an illegal drug interest price arranged for a killing of his wife in 2012. >> james kauffman would give free prescriptions for opiates such as percocet is, oxy cotton and oxycodone for those sent to his medical practice by ferd napped augelo. >> they say april kawvr man learned of the operation and sought to use it as leverage in a divorce setment jts. as a result this provided motivation for james cough noon have his wife killed. $20,000 cash was all it took. prosecutors say the murder was carried out by late francis h
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hoholland an associate of the pagan and drug ipt price. >> i feel like i'm living the most tv movie you can't make up these details. she was my best friend. that is the hardest part of this day today. because in a perfect world if this -- that would be the person i would be running to and that person is very absent from my life. james kauffman is kimberl kimberly's stepfather. six others have been charged in connection with to that drug enterprise. hof hof, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> alex, thank you. >> well the warmer weather felt great today. there was a lot of melting of snow. problem s. temperatures are now dropping. and that's leading to more icy concerns. meteorologist kate bilo has more on how cold it gets tonight and give you an idea what you can expect in the morning. kate. >> thank you, ukee, we see
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this in the winter time in wake of cold and snow. you get a little thaw. it's still winter. temperatures like to drop below freezing at night and that's when you get the black ice concerns and we have that across the area again tonight. skies clear, winds calm. that's a recipe for cold. today temperatures got to 40s. ice started to melt. the snow began to melt. there was a lot of dripping going on and now, there's a lot of puddles or slick spots on the front walkway and temperatures are plummeting. down into the 20 sz in many spots already. at 32 in philadelphia and 2858en town and 26 in trenton and 26 in atlantic city. only 23 mount pocono. certainly cold enough for a refreeze. so what to expect for tonight again black ice is a concern. leftover ice melt. refreezing, watch for black ice especially on front walkway and drive way and on the sidewalk if you walk the kids to the bus stop tomorrow morning. there could be slippery spots. keep in mind if it looks wet it's probably ice tomorrow morning.
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we'll keep melting snow n a couple days temps drop at night. we have to watch this once again. tomorrow, 41. look at the end of the week it starts to feel like april. but april often brings showers as well. i'll tell you when rain returns to the forecast just in time for the warm-up. coming up. jessica. >> kate, thank you. chopper 3 over the scene of a big water leak tonight in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. this was washington lane at rodney street. and the water department says a contractor accidentally pulled a smaller line off the main triggering that leak. >> and a suspect under arrest accused of repeatedly stealing money from a cam lick church in northeast philadelphia. that happened at our lady of calvary on knights road. the suspect had a key to the church and knew exactly where to go. stealing offerings tucked away in a locked room. he only stole $20 earlier this week and the first time he struck last month he got away with two grand. >> they had an issue the previous week where money was
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missing and they put a hidden camera in which was great quality and of course this sunday when they noticed they went through the video and saw this gentleman and report today to police. >> the video of that crime was shared on social media and less than an hour later, a woman in the philadelphia mills mall a few blocks from the church potted the suspect and called 91 and police were able to track done the suspec suspect. >> newly elected district attorney larry cazner is spec out for the first time since firing 31 of assistant district attorneys. last week's move was part of massive restructuring. some adas had cases days away from trial. in a one-on-one interview with eyewitness news, crasno is to seek trum and justice. >> we vetted judges. we vetted defense lawyers and veryed a lot of prosecutors before we came to conclusions that this particular fwrup of people were better served
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working somewhere else. concerns included diligence and included ethics. >> krasno plans to bring dozens of employees on board for various positions in the office. >> chris christie thinks he's leaving new jersey in better shape that when they took office eight years ago. governor christie delivered state of stated dress in clinton this afternoon and highlighted achievements and talked about 2% property tax and sharp decline and unemployment ray and very verse of camden and atlantic city. >> i came to this job eight years ago proud to be one of you. i leave it next week even proutder. to be one of you. god police you and farewell. democrat phil murphy takes office next tuesday at noon. >> president trump reiterated stance tonight. what a wall along the southern u.s. border with mexico is requirement for a deal to save
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daca. president held a bipartisan meeting at the white house with meeting of congress. lawmakers face a march 5 deadline to discuss end of program that allowed dreamers. young people brought to the u.s. illegally as children to stay and work. steve bannon stepped down from leading bright bart news. he returned to the conservative web site over the fire after fired as president trump chief strategist. he was quoted criticizing president's family in new white house tell-all book. well the region is overcome with eagles' fever. >> we're counting down to saturday's big playoff game against the the atlanta falcons. david spunt joins us from lincoln financial field with how some fans met the favorite player tonight, david. >> hi, ukee, this place will look different on saturday during that big game against the falcons, tonight a lot of smiles and a lot of cell phones out to see fletcher co cox. i asked him about the super
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bowl and he said first he wants to focus on saturday's big game. eagles, eagles, eagles, >> they waited faithfully and impatiently and some for 90 minutes to meet eagles defensive tackle fletcher cox. >> love frech fletcher cox big fan. i have been a fan since 5, 6 years ago. >>' 3 i think he will be taller and see eye to eye. >> fletcher loved every minute of it. >> everybody is happy and excited and i mean just phill philly, philly fans are real and i think they're best friend of the nfl. >> cox signed for two hours in clifton hight he said his focus is this weekend and hates the underdog word thrown around about his birds. >> i don'tit we're 13-3 for a r. >> it's all falcons all the time when asked about the super bowl he said this. >> main focus is beat the falcons.
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then we'll see where beer we're at. week. what coach preaches go out, have few, have swagger and just go out and win a gam game. >> and a lot of autografts tonight and someone asked fletcher cox the most bizarre thing i should say he's ever signed and he said someone a few weeks ago brought a toaster to be signed which is very interesting. he said it stuck out in his mind understandably. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> unique. >> very. >> coming up in sports by the way, doug paider son is getting ready for a first playoff game ahead coach in the nfl what he's telling the team and nick foles as they head to saturday's match-up. >> meghan markle says farewell to social media. >> why prince harry fiancee shut down all accounts and addicted to apple. tech giants responds after
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warned of smart phone addiction morning children and how the company says it will take action. >> and danger from above. where an suv was crushed by a falling chunk of ice. >> and here's a live look at center city, philadelphia, tonight. be careful if you head out. there could be icy spots on roads and sidewalks. kate will tell us when it will feel more like april and plus she has the eagles game day feel more like april and plus she has the eagles game day forecast. the late show with stephen colbert is all new and coming ury tonight 11:45 after eyewitness
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>> search and rescue 34euss underway in southern california tonight following a powerful winter storm that triggered deadly mudslides and flooding at least 13 people
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consider tild and more than 30,000 homes and businesses remain without power. many have been ordered from their homes in santa barbara county. the natural disaster comes just a month after devastating wildfires destroy trees and shrubs that form a natural barrier against mudslides. >> and new york city a huge chunk of ice fell from highrise and crushed an suv on the street. people were walking by at the time and fortunately no one was hurt. new york department of building says all contractors and property owners have responsible for securing their properties from hazardous conditions including falling ice and snow. >> well apple says it will start taking extra steps after up investigators warned the giant after smart phone addiction risks morning khirn khirng. >> you this that be apple responsibility. nicole brewer joins us with the debate. >> the first call to action came with investors and second cocreateer of iphone who
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tweeted device addiction is real and up to silicone valley to fix it. >> when asked if smart phones were addictive. >> absolutely. >> most of the folks we spoke to took it one step further. >> feel like i have to have in in my happened not by pocketbook. >> if i'm board i can look at it all day. >> if admitting you have a problem is the first step the diaper of apple wants to help with two and three and series of tweets they repen rsed recent criticism is f investorse tech giants to do more to combat digital addiction especially among khirng getting her to do anything, eat, homework, anything, take a bath. it's alls a problem. >> citing even bigger issues like insufficient sleep, depression and uside the coce coceter says users should be notified when they cross over to addiction. >> your phone said enough already. you're done. >> yeah i mean that would be probably pretty good for me. >> is it apple's
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responsibility. >> just like with alcohol or tobacco we expect a certain level of education of the public on what their risks versus benefits. i say it falls more in the hands of coming assumeer. >> dr. steven an degreeal says while parents should monitor usage enhanced software would help. >> one of the things they could do during the setup process to require the parents to set the parameters. >> for now apple says it has a long history of parental controls and plans to make them more robust. but is it enough? >> not today's children that are electronically bound. >> they're extending themselves doing that because ul at ultimately the responsibility falls on the parent. >> that former executive named google, facebook and twitter as part of the problem len dr. and it real of villanova says internet service providers play a role. he suggest technology companies take proactive approach as governments reg laces are controversial and
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can take years and deck ate to roll out. we're at the forefront of this thing and up fortunately it may only worsen. >> right people are starting to go, oh, >> right. >> maybe it's too much. >> maybe it's not so good. >> all right. nicole. >> meghan markle signed off from her social media accounts for good. in april, markle also shut down her lifestyle blog. no worries for royal watchers. kensington palace has social media accounts of its own. markle los angeles born actress and prince har we will marry may 19 win so castle. >> a familiar face is joining contribution this morning tea team. >> john dickerson is new co-host on cbs this morning. he'll join gale king and nora o'donnell weekday mornings on cbs3. face of the nation is taking over for charlie rose after several women aus kood rose of sexual harassment. you can watch john dickerson is and gale and nora tomorrow
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7 a.m. after eyewitness news this morning. >> and all right, kate, joining us now as we look at up and down forecast and it's aies making what -- what was it today, 40 something can feel like what we've been through. >> like spring out there today. >> it really did. >> we're on the slow climb like a roller coaster up and really quick down. any time you go up you must go down. at least in january. the good news is we have a few more days of mild weather before inevitable crash this weekend. here's a look what is going on now. we're concerned about a little icing on area roadways as we head through tonight. and into tomorrow morning. here's a look earlier i should say at the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach. snow started to melt with sunshine and now we're starting to see that snow refreeze the ice refreeze as temperatures drop down to 30s. 38 rehoben and still warm enough it's all water now.
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many spots have already dropped below the freezing mark. we got to 45 in philadelphia today. that's the first day above average since christmas eve. christmas day was right at average. since then, we have been at least five degrees below normal every single day. and until today. today we timely climb back above the average mark by 5 de grows and morning low of 25 was right on point as well. so pretty comfortable day all things considered and not a lot of wind and it was great day to be out and about with lots of sunshine and clear skies continue through tonight. and but, again, as temperatures drop below 32 degrees any melted snowy saw a lot of dripping from my gutters will refreeze. if you head out tomorrow morning walking out to the car to head to work or take kids to the bus stop, watch for slick spots on drive way and sidewalks in the city as well and clouds around tonight and light winds. it's nice for this time of year. cold not as cold as it has been. earlier in the the weekend we
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could not get daytime highs for the numbers. 5 overnight, mainly clear. tomorrow starts with sunshine and clouds increase a bit and surpriseable day high of 40. in the city, 30s. 7 allentown tomorrow and 38 if you're in reading and low 40s down the shore and in much of delaware. but, we have another system headed our way. warm front lifts in on thursday. thursday evening or thursday night we will see a few showers work their way in and then we've got one batch of rain friday morning to be a little break in the action and steady batch of rain friday night. and this system is going to have a lot of snow on back end for portions of the great lakes and for us, it's warm enough that this is just plain rain and good news you don't have to shovel rain and you can drive it in it a lot easier than ice. rain moves in thursday nights and rain will be with us friday heavy at times and showers will likely end saturday morning and then once this system moves out temperatures plummet. so let's take a quick look early look at game day forecast. the eagles and falcons 4:5.
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42 kickoff and that number will drop throughout course of the game. temperatures dropping rapidly. here's eyewitness weather 7 day forecast. 40 outside tomorrow with a light wind. 51 thursday, showers at night and then friday is warm day. 60. friday night into saturday morning barely drops at all, 56 saturday and then notice sunday morning low is 6 degrees. so we drop very quickly from saturday morning 56 to temperatures in the 0s by saturday night into sunday morning and sunday's high barely getting above freezing. and it's chilly as we head into next week as well. if you head to the eagles game do not dress for 56 degrees. i have to press that. it's going to feel a whole lot colder than 56 degrees out this on saturday. >> okay. >> lesley, up next with sport sports. >> and the eagles said they wanted hard practice and they got them. doug pederson has a simple message you'll hear from him in a moment and nick foles new
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mind set for saturday. hopefully it will help. sports
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in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness,
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hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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sfwrv well the eagles hit the practice field today in pads their first chance to put in the game plan for day. veterans that have playoff experience spoke to the players and let them know what it will be like. they're facing defending nfc champs that have top ten offense and defense. doug pederson says the team has to stay focused. >> the outside, whether it be media or fans can make it bigger than it s it's football at the end of the day. just go do your job. do what you've been coached to do all week long and give it your best effort on saturday. and if it's good enough, great, if it's not, you know, then we focus on next season. but, it's football and these guys are football players and they'll be coached up and ready todd go. >> well in order for the
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eagles to advance to nfc championship nick foles has to step up his game. eagle owes fence scored just 13 point and 5 for 2p on 3rd down and nick had over a week to look at film and knows what to do. >> i have not executed as good as i wanted to but i go out and play and i think having this time to self scout and go through practice and everything it sort of you realize like hey go out and play and maybe i was not doing that as much these games. it's simple as that. sometimes the hardest things are simple things. basically get out of your own head and play the game and you'll know how to play. >> sixers are in london thursday afternoon and play the celtics and sold out 0 2 arena brett brown wants the team to enjoy themselves and take care of business. >> we'll make this a positive and enjoy each other's company and the club has been extremely again trous allow each avenue our players and staff to bring a mom, wife, friend, and we'll treat this
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in a way to produce you know a real enjoyable experience and bottom line we came here to win a game. >> robert covington and daro sarts and travel irs buicker exchanged jerseys with the soccer team. and thursday willel mash the 25 anniversary of first game played in london. they're having fun and brett brown is like whip this game. >> also do your job. >> and i win gets the seas. >> hot air balloon history in soutt comes to cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york.
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these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia. [ gasps, laughs ] you ever feel like... cliché foil characters scheming against a top insurer for no reason? nah. so, why don't we like flo? she has the name your price tool, and we want it. but why? why don't we actually do any work? why do you only own one suit?
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it's just the way it is, underdeveloped office character. you're right. thanks, bill. no, you're bill. i'm tom. you know what? no one cares.
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snv a south jersey community is remembering historic event tonight and place in it. >> hot air balloons were on display at deptford township recreation center and 225 years ago january pierre blanchard completed first invoice annual in american mystery flew a hot hair balloon from philadelphia and lanted in deptford township. township officials commorat commorateing the anniversary, kate. >> reporter: well after a very warm fin toysht workweek,weeken. rain showers to start the day on saturday. and then we have temperatures dropping through the day. we'll start the day nice and warm. we'll actually hit high of 50s
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have a good night family and captioning sponsored by cbs >> stirring up the crowd, president trump taking to the field before the ncaa college football national championship in atlanta. tonight there are reports like one from the "new york daily news" claiming that the president appeared to say the words wrong during the national anthem. >> to sellle this debate the "late show" obtained president trump's isolated vocals. ♪ cheese in my mouth every night ♪ ♪ going to jail ♪ guilty ♪ boot s


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