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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 19, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the big game in doubt bit. tonight we are hearing how philadelphia police are planning, their planning to keep things safe, all around, this weekend. good evening, i'm ukee washington. hi everybody i'm jessica dean. we are joined by leslie van arsdal. we will have much more in just a moment. but first we're talking football. leslie we have two days now until kick off. this is biggest game city has seen in the linc in 13 years. >> years, years, we're so close, more than 48 hours away from the nfc champion ship game kicking off at lincoln financial field so today, they walk over from the practice facility get in a work out at the linc. eagles will keep same game plan they had last week begins falcons in terms of the practicing at the linc. last week we watched vikings game coming down to this case keenum connect to go stephan digs for a 61-yard touchdown to win the game, now eagles quarterback nick foles says the fans, will be a major factor this week. >> i cannot wait.
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i hope they realize how much of an impact they have on the game, you know, when opposing owe even if is out there. when you are an owe even if playing on the road it is harder to get your checks in. it is hard to do the right. it is hard for receive tours see. they have a huge impact. when we're on offense let me communicate and letting us do our thing. that is a huge impact on the game. home field advantage is so big coming here we say we cannot wait for them to be rowdy and loud. there is a reason, there is a huge reason. >> coming up later in sports nfc champion ship game will be a family affair for eagle michael kendricks as he faces off against his brother. we will hear from them later in the show. >> so many stories coming out of that match up. >> it is crucial. >> indeed. >> for sure. >> thanks, leslie. >> appreciate it. >> what do fans think of sunday's match up? let's break down predictions for nfc championship. >> eagles/vikings everybody has a opinion. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has that part of the team coverage from center
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city, greg. >> reporter: yes, jessica you said it, everybody has an opinion. we spoke with some eagles fans this afternoon and they say this weekend's game and eagles pocket. they will win against vikings. other fans say they are a little bit more realistic. they don't expect to win this weekend so we wanted to have a little bit of fun and see what a psychic says. >> eagles, we will do it, yeah >> reporter: fans are on fire. >> i say eagles pulling it all the way. >> reporter: counting the minutes until sunday's game. >> i'm very excited. i just think we will do it. i have faith in foles. >> reporter: faith in foles. >> i do, i do. i think he will pull it out and be the x factor. >> reporter: most bird fans say eagles will sore to victory and they are predicting odd in philly favor but predictive market say that we're still the under dog just a 40 percent chance of ousting the vikings. >> a book is a book, you know. i'm only a person here, you
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know. i will go by my own gut feeling. >> i don't believe in statistics, go with your heart >> my opinion, it ain't going to happen. >> reporter: bill, a long time fan says he is more realistic. >> i dent think we're going to get by minnesota. wake up, reality, wake up philly, don't cry, i know the enemy. it is in the like i don't know a lot of what i said. >> reporter: crystal michigan ner said she necessary is what in the card for sunday 's game. >> i work their energy, emotion. >> reporter: unlike bill she's expecting a victory. >> eagles will put up a fight. it will be a very close game, that is what i predict but i do feel like she will come out on top. >> reporter: heard right there from the psychic. what about winning the big game, super bowl? right now eagles chance still around 13 or 14 percent but a win this weekend could change everything. i'm live from city hall, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". call me now, yes, all
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right, all right, thanks, greg if the bird fly away with the win on sunday police are bracing for a crush of fans celebrations all over the city >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is at police headquarters with details of the game plan to keep everybody safe, david? >> reporter: hi ukee, police officials at headquarters they want to make sure that people are safe, smart this weekend. they want to make sure things do not get out of control. i spoke to the head of the home land security and special ops for the police department and he says so far he believes that things will be under control. piles of barricade, sit at intersection of the cottman and frankford, ready to be assembled for whatever happens following the eagles game sunday night. >> i think everything will be fine, you know, it is a neighborhood that people live in, and they kind of care about their neighborhood. >> reporter: bob owns pat's music center at intersection of the cottman and frankford. he said police have been in contact with other businesses there to keep them honest about the possibility of troublemakers. >> the police presence here is
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great, i mean, they park here and shes has it down to the science. >> just feet, we spotted this surveillance camera. many of the, private businesses here also have cameras. authorities will also have a strong presence inside the stadium. >> we normally have 20 to 30 ejections by private security, two to three arrests normally involving, almost always involving alcohol-related incidents. >> reporter: this is video from the celebration following phillies world series win 10 years ago, moment was historic , but many got out of control, vandal icing cars, businesses at cottman and frankford and on south broad street. >> in zero eight broad street was a surprise to us. we have not seen that before it was always frankford and cottman. >> reporter: a place been says is a powe game institution. he is being careful but hopeful that things will be a celebration in the a problem for authorities. >> we have the gates, which i actually just got installed and, you know, i'm kind of
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going to be here, and i want to be part of it too. >> reporter: another big event tomorrow, women's march going all around the country. there will be one here in philadelphia. about 50,000 people expected from across the country here, authorities say that despite rumors on line they will in the stop and frisk people, but there will be visual screening s and other forms of the security so certainly a busy weekend here in philadelphia reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good luck, thank you for that. all eyes are on the forecast for the game sunday. >> meteorologist kate bilo tracking the game time forecast from the cbs-3 sky deck. kate, what is very latest. >> i will tell you it feels good out here for a january night, little chilly but it is john after all and temperatures are on their way up just in time for the game this weekend. lets take a look at the overall pattern the jet stream well off to the north, high pressure located just off the eastern seaboard and that will drag in winds from the south and that means a mild, flow and until our next system gets
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here on machine we are sitting pretty, with sunshine, and, expecting a big weekend. here with your game day forecast we are planning to head to the game, tailgate time in the afternoon we will hit our high around 3:00 o'clock or so, it is around 50 degrees and game time temperature 43 degrees, mostly cloudy but quiet, not a lot of wind, nice evening to sit outside and i'll tell you weekend forecast looks great even if you don't have plans to include the game have your full weekend outlook and tell you more about the rain system earlier this week coming up when i join you inside, back to you. eagles fan spirit knows, no limits, nor does it no age. we are hearing tonight from 99 year-old phil, the eagles fan we first tell but yesterday. >> he will be at lincoln financial field on sunday thanks ton a early 100 year-old birthday present his family. mr. basser says he has a good feeling about the game. >> it eyed to be a saying in
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the old days always a bridesmaid never a bride. this is the year they will be the bride. >> my man. mr. b now lives in insuring but was been in philadelphia and for the in world war two and korean war. we thank you for your service then and now, sir. they is singing eagles chant with his grandson, josh. now, 99 year-old miss millie i'm in the sure if she's coming. >> he will there been. >> mr. b, all right. most eagles fans know if you are born here you bleed eagles green. >> plenty of kid have been proving in a exact point this week. >> ♪ hit them low, hit them high, and watch our eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. >> these students were going wild at drexel hill today flying high before the big
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game. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> split is, same story same energy different school, lion ville elementary in exton another wonderful eagles fight song by the kid there they are ready for sunday as well. we have been getting plenty of photos from fans showing off eagles pride, and we have this photo of his dog admiral sporting his jersey, his post riyadh minister will take no loss for an answer. keep those pictures coming. she us your team spirit when you post your pictures on facebook, instagram and twit ter. be sure to use #cbs-3 and you might see them right here on "eyewitness news". we want to you spend game day with us right here on cbs 36789 sports director don bell , leslie van arsdal and pat gallen will get you ready sunday morning at 11:30 on the chevy sunday kick off show.
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then sunday night we have you covered with a big line upright here on cbs-3. tune in for a special championship addition of "eyewitness news" at 10:00 p.m., filled by "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and then jeep sports zone, the minute, that the game end, we will have everything eagles. we will bring you live powe game reaction from coach pederson and the players and we will have a front row seat as fans react at locations throughout philadelphia. the eagles and "eyewitness news" sunday night, don't miss it. an autopsy report is revealing more details about the cause of roy halladay's death. in that report, obtained by the tampa bay times, the coroner says that blunt force trauma and drowning contributed to the former phillies pitchers death. that report also revealed halladay had a blood alcohol content of .01 with evidence of morphine, amphetamine and common sleeping bill in his system. he died when his plane crashed in the gulf of mexico near port richie, florida back in november.
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and crews are still working to fill a giant sinkhole in fishtown. the street caved in along the 2200 block of taggard street this afternoon, and that forced evacuation of the six homes, and the sinkhole measures 30 feet by 30 feet. in one was injured. it is in the clear though just how long it will take to repair it. and still to come on "eyewitness news" this championship friday, a vikings quest of sorts. >> vikings fans have been, born and it may in the be a good idea to wear this gear in this city. i'm alycia nieves and we have tracked some of those fans down and see if they are heed ing that advice. >> ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪ >> fight, fight, fight. >> you cannot get enough. everybody singing it right now , including employees at philadelphia federal credit union, and in response to a challenge by a minnesota bank. way to go, guys. we have more eagles coverage for you, straight ahead. >> mask and the real mask, yes
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watching the eagles game at my dad's house. >> is what your feeling. >> we will win, for sure, we will win. we will go to the super bowl. >> ea e-a-g-l-e-s eagles: yeah, all the way. >> just take that passion and carry it through sunday. >> it is on. we know fans will be superstitious and peco's taking notice. >> company said it will not run eagles messaging on headquarters of fear of jink ing the team. many superstitious fans are grateful for that decision. >> it is not very hard to spot an eagles fan but how about minnesota faithful. >> for that we will send "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves on a vikings scavenger hunt. what did you find, alycia. >> reporter: first off let me
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just say i may have drawn short straw in the news room this america because on this assignment i was scolded, scuffed at several times today eagles fans not too much of a fan of our scavenger hunt but in the end we found one vikings fan who explained to us why it may be difficult to spot anymore throughout the city this weekend. the philadelphia eagles are one step away from being at the super bowl but first, they have to get through minnesota vikings sunday at the linc. >> it will be a good game. >> but good luck. that is all i can say, good luck. vikings. we got this. we got this. >> reporter: eagles fans in this city seem confident, already trash talking so we wondered what do vikings fans have to say. >> you have in the seen any vikings fans today. >> no. >> reporter: we searched throughout the city trying to find minnesota fans already here and stopped outside city hall. >> unaudible. >> do a cheer with me. >> we are trying to find vikings fans.
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>> no. >> reporter: eagles fans weren't having it. >> this is eagles country we bleed green here. >> reporter: where do you think i should go. >> i have no idea, before you whisper quietly. >> reporter: last ditch effort we went over to a cheese stake stapel realizing vikings fans cannot resist philly classic and sure enough that is where we stumbled upon mike heinz. >> i am a vikings fan. i did not bring any purple. it is okay. i'm keeping it low report rorrer he was inside contacting neat owe and helping him understand why it was so tough to find fellow fans in philly. >> couple places in the nfl you do not wear opposing team colors and this is one of them >> reporter: heinz didn't bring vikings gear or pack purple to be here in philadelphia this week. >> i thought it would be safe. my wife wants me to come home. the kid want me to make it home. >> reporter: and we tried asking that vikings fan about his prediction for the game this weekend but he was surrounded buy a lot of eagles
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fans so i think he wisely chose to add no comment. outside art museum live, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well done. >> indeed. >> you found the one. >> after the game we will still offer him a cheese stake , take it home with him, we will be friendly with him. >> brotherly love. >> very quiet. >> yes. >> he was whispering. >> yeah. >> le profile. >> good luck, vikings. kate's has our forecast. >> you know forecast looks great through the weekend. we will track some rain heading into next week but it looks like that will come when everybody head back to work. for this champion ship weekend in fill at weather will be showcasing our weather pretty well. perhaps, if you are heading there yourself. lets look at outside we will get outside to storm scan three. nothing happening here. we have clear skies across the eastern half of the country and things will be quiet until our next system starts to fire up, a cold front moving through late monday into tuesday. you can start to see a line of
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cloud over northern plains not much to see there, some melting snow and rain over utah, nevada to head our way and in the meantime we're looking g take a peak at temperatures right new. we will drop down to 31 degrees tonight. forty-three right now at broadcast center. seasonal night for us. tomorrow looking fantastic. little bit of the breeze. wind gusting to 25 miles an hour. otherwise we're in the 50's, mostly sunny, breezy, 10 degrees above average normal high. we are right around 40 for this time of the year. what to expect? good deal of sunshine both saturday and first half of the sunday warming trend takes over, and southeasterly wind highs in the 50's and looking good for eagles, eagles fans and the team, of course, beyond the field in the temperatures in the 40's at kick off but 50 is the high on sunday. fifty gannon monday. late monday into tuesday that our next system will arrive bringing in a surge of moist air from the south. it will bring rain but all rain as temperatures will be
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in the 50's behind that situation tell. it does turn colder. game day forecast looks great. tailgate time 50. sun, pleasant great weather to be outdoors. your kick off temperature 43. cloud will start to move back in. here's what that looks like. starting at noon on sunday you can see some cloud starting to filter in it does stay dry but our next system will lift through here on monday and could be a couple showers especially to the northwest at monday at two, that then lifts to the north but here comes the front lots of moisture with it tuesday start agent 4:00 a.m. and continuing through first half of the day tuesday, rain could be steady at times at 2:00 p.m. and clears out and you can see just based on the snow coming in around back edge of the storm much colder air will follow that, system, and temperatures will drop at lee back to normal by middle of next week. weekend looks great. temperatures in the 50's both days, dry, cloud increase in time for that eagles game sunday but then shower possible late monday, really tuesday that the first half of the tuesday, let's say 2:00
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a.m. to 2:00 p.m. focus of pretty steady rain. we will clear it out and cool it down on wednesday. >> thanks, kate. >> leslie's up next with sports. >> little game on sunday as kate mentioned. >> just a little game. >> but for these blotters, whoever, this will be a very big game. family affair. they face off on opposite sidelines and we have got the battle for bragging rights, ahead in
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for eagles linebacker mike april kendricks, it will be a family affair. michael's little brother ace gi linebacker for vikings. he has had 67 tackles, one sack. last time they met up, michael walked away with brag rights so how important is it. >> i don't know if he will ever get to the end of it. unless we come back, to the same situation which is obviously possible, i mean it
6:25 pm
happened once, it can happen again, but, you know, that is not, yeah. we're brothers. that is that. >> as for afc championship game something is wrong with tom brady's hand. brady did practice with the patriots but wore gloves, on both hand and officially listed as questionable for the game. when asked how confident he was about playing, sunday he responded, we'll see. the flyers with the night off, they will host devils tomorrow afternoon, last night , huge night, the team retired number 88. his family and former line mates were on hand for ceremony and they got to see a great game because this game, went into overtime. shawn couturier with the game winner, flyers have won three, fell three-two. they have won five out of their last six games. >> it is huge for us. i thought we were playing good hockey. we just need to put puck in the back of the net. anderson was playing good.
6:26 pm
we were persistent. we were playing, going, going, going, great game bet side. >> right there in the playoff picture. >> great night. >> um-hmm. >> thanks, les
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i'll watch it. it will be eagles all the way. >> my prediction is we're going to the super bell. we will make it. >> i think eagles will win. i think they will win by seven
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>> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> i like that >> rallies and parties are underway as eagles fans air cross the delaware valley to get in the spirit. >> very nice. this group of fans at acts retirement life community in lansdale enjoyed under dog theme part think afternoon as one does. they dressed in their eagles gear and enjoyed food, music and, of course, dogmas beings. staff says residents requested the parties, look at them, of course, they did, all right. >> they told many were diehard fans and i believed them. >> go ahead now. >> crazy. >> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the sister station cbs philly. and we are back here at 11:00. up next, from new york, here now is jeff glor. take care, family. we will see you tonight.
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( tricking ). >> glor: heading for a shutdown. >> literally push everybody into the corner. >> we will not be blackmailed. >> if you're good at the art of the deal, this is a good time too show it. >> glor: also tonight, the new u.s. defense strategy. terrorism is no longer the top priority. >> our competitive edge has eroded in every domain of warfare. >> glor: a gold medal-winning gymnast faces her accuser. >> i will not rest until every last trace of your influence on this sport has been destroyed, like the cancer it is. >> glor: an airline's new rules for service dogs. >> that's a happy story. >> glor: and steve hartman with the happy story of a man with a photographic memory. >> and


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