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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  KYW  January 23, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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st. i was really looking forward to breakfast... i know. voya. helping you to and through retirement. >> brill cosby gives impromptu performance at a local jazz club. we'll hear from some of the surprised people in attendance and, new this morning, teenager shot and killed just steps from septa's olney transportation center. we'll have an update on the investigation. and it is a rainy start to your tuesday morning, " eyewitness news" cameras, out overnight on the avenue of the arts. you can see the streets are wet there. so how long will the rain last today is tuesday, january the 23rd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. matt and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning. >> good morning, guys.
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so, matt the rain coming down, seeing it in all of the camera shots, because of that already seeing some problem spots out there little bit. construction workers still out there. some starting to clear out of the way, really the rain will slow us down a lot this morning. >> well, construction workers getting out of there, it slows the cars down, as well, and lasting through the morning commute. so, if you are concerned, get yourself going early this morning. i highly suggest you do that, because again, the rain is going to be out there. here this morning, it will possibly be heavy at times, and that means, that our morning commute is most likely going to be a slow one here for the second day of our work week. storm scan3, shows all of the this precipitation, as it starts to work its way through , our cold front itself still well off to the west, sliding through in the early afternoon. that's when we could maybe see few rumbles every thunder mix in with all of the potential heavy rain that's starting to come down. so we zoom in little bit. see what's going on little closer to the philadelphia area. and we're getting some of the yellow and even little red poking through on the radar, and that's an indications that again, very heavy fog or very
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heavy pockets of rain are coming down. out near reading, lancaster, where the heaviest precipitation is right now. if you are traveling in for maybe berks county this morning, definately, get or go on the roads here early on, then around philly, 95, 76, is going to be wet all morning long. temperatures for the most part have been hovering in the four 's, north of the city. 50's back down to the south. and that's again because we've seen more rain off to the north than we have down toward the jersey shore at this point our forecast for the rest of the day, 60s through philly and the shore. look for temperatures staying mild in the 50's in the poconos, meisha, rain across the board. >> yes, it sounds like it, matt, thank you so much. great advice as usual. so, looking outside, yes, basically what we're seeing, by the way, see the lightning over the bridge it, actually looked real beautiful. but the problem is it is very wet. we know even just the little bit, little part every rain can slow us down, what we're seeing right now. now, volume not necessarily an issue, but already before the 5:00 hour seeing a lot of vehicles jump on the roadway. that's good indicator that it will be very busy, and very
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slow. so, yes, the beautiful ben franklin bridge looking beautiful. but you can see, how wet it is out there, as you travel westbound into center city. and we're also looking at 95 south at cottman, very, very wet on the roadways here, as well. plenty of headlights out there already. already we just have been to the 5:00 hour. now, we were looking at construction here, overnight construction on the schuylkill eastbound, closed between vine and south street. that has now since been cleared out of the way again, though, you can see how wet it is out there. and we do have word that some construction cleared just out on 295 north and south at route one. that's good that's moved out of the way. we do have construction on the schuylkill we will be talking about little late their starts at 9:00 a.m. jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. well, with his retrial looming , disgraced comedian bill cosby takes the stage for the first stand up routine in years. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live outside the club in germantown, with reaction, now, from people who watched the comedian perform many trang, good morning. >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. yep, cosby was accompanied by his spokesman andrew wyeth.
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he was fixture by his sired during his trial. others in attendance included long time fans and admirers of the comedian and also those not thrilled saying they stand with cosby's accusers. >> ♪ >> ♪ a musical tribute to old friend, brought out battered comedian bill cosby to germantown's larosa jazz club monday night. cosby played the drums, with a tony williams jazz quartet for special performance in honor of the late legendary drummer who was also very charitable. >> he raised for lower economic kids so that instruments could be purchased for them, lessons could be made for them. >> whether asked by a reporter , coy bye declined to talk about his upcoming retrial for sexual assault and misconduct. >> i came here tonight to enjoy being with my friends, musicians, and the people who
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came. >> cosby also told stories and made jokes about his vision. the crowd was polite, and included long time fans of the actor. >> now, he was the first intelligent black manny saw on tv. and that, right there, just gave me such a boost, and all the thinks he is' done in his career, i have so much love for him. >> others say in light of this serious allegations cents against him, he and cosby, not a major draw. >> i think coming every monday for 14 years, and i thought well he was the lasts person i wanted see but i wouldn't let him keep me from coming. >> bill cosby's public appearance came on the day that we learned that jury selection in his retrial will begin on march 29th. but for now, liver in germantown, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." rahel, jim, back to you. >> trang, thank you. >> we're following some breaking news this morning, an earthquake has just rocked alaska and now there are tsunami warnings.
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>> it happened 175 miles southeast of kodak. preliminary reports say the quake was a magnitude 8.2. >> that's a big one, the tsunami warning includes coastal areas of alaska, and british columbia. we'll bring you update throughout this broadcast. >> closer to home now, new this morning, investigation into delaware county after crash leaves a pedestrian dead officials believe the victim was hit by a car on the 6,000 block of market street in upper darby at around midnight that's not too far from 69th street. officers arrived to find the victim lying on the ground. they pronounced him dead on the scene, cannot confirm at this point whether or not this was a hit-and-run. so far no arrests. and philadelphia police are checking surveillance video after fatal shooting in fernrock. nineteen year old plan was shot in the chest andback back t olney avenue. across from septa olney transportation center it happened about 12:30 a.m. this morning. died few hours later. detective now trying to find the suspect and motive. >> well, investigators are trying to pinpoint what sparked a rowhouse fire in west philadelphia. the call came in around 2:30 a.m. this morning for
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fire on the 5700 block of diesel avenue. firefighters had the flames under control in less than an hour. there are no reports of injuries. >> so for eagles fans, it is onto minneapolis. if you can afford it, superbowl 52 is less than two weeks away. "eyewitness news" checked around, and found the cheapest ticket at the us bank stadium, around $4,500. ticket demand is keeping wanamaker entertainment group in center city very busy. the company associate sass it has several hundred tickets available. and they plan to be busy between now and day. everybody wants to go to the to this game. even though it is in minnesota but right now, i think people are trying to feel it out, see how much they actually want to spend, and see how much, you know, if the tickets going to, you know, slide in price, or raise in price. >> now, the ticket agent says he expect ticket prices to rise, and maybe fall, once it gets closer to game time. >> and if you're thinking
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about going to minneapolis, we checked flights leaving philadelphia saturday, and returning on monday. and the cheapest ticket we found is a little more than $500. other groups such as greening legion are offering superbowl travel packages including chartered flight and ticket to the game. also not cheap. that package will set you back $6,800 and the first charter already sold out. if you are planning to hit the road maybe and drive, minneapolis is more than 1100 miles away. so that will take awe little more than 18 hours to drive. take a look at weather. snows a lot in minneapolis, right? blizzard conditions yesterday shut the airport to shut down. hundreds every flights as a result were cancelled, standing thousands of travelers. now, despite the weather, take a look, superbowl preps continued in the downtown area the show must go on. hospitality and vip tents are going up, security bar barriers also going up, us bank stadium for the game, fortunately, played in a climate controlled 72 degrees building. and ride sharing services like uber and lyft will be critical part of the superbowl
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overall transit plan, with 1 million investigate tours expect in the town. ride share companies are recruiting more drivers. the city also easing up on regulation, for pick up and drop off for ride sharing customers. >> coming up next showing you knew he is eagle's superbowl merchandise. >> talk about awkward, items are actually being made by a viking fans. >> the government is back open i'm hena doba with more on the temporary funding deal that set the stage for battle in congress. over final budget and daca. >> and we've been following the activity of this volcano in the philippines. we'll tell you about its explosion yesterday, and update you on the number every people that have been evacuated from their homes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and believe it or not, you could actually hear some thunder out there today. matt is here with an update on your forecast, and the chance for storms later on. we will be right back.
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>> then a doba reports lawmakers may face a possible showdown in the next few books >> motion to concur is agreed. >> government shutdown is over president trump after signing the short-term funding extension passed by both chambers of congress tweeted: big win for republicans as democrats cave on shut-downs. now i want a big win for everyone including republicans , democrats, and da ca. but specially for our great military, and border security. democrats, though, say the president is not the thing. insisting he was absent for most of the negotiations cents >> the great deal making president back on the side lines. >> what the president did clearly worked. >> the bill, which includes six year extension of the children's health insurance program, funds the government, only through february 8th. this is now the fourth time the fiscal year congress has agreed a short-term spending measure rather than full budget. >> when is enough, enough? it shouldn't take you a full
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calendar year to do your base being work. >> senate democrats agreed support the bill, after republican leaders committed to addressing daca. young immigrant brought here ill illegally as children, still called dreamers. >> now those talks can get going again. whether they bear fruit is to up all of us. >> to all of the dreamers were watching today, don't give up. >> leadership on both sides say much of the thanks for ending the shutdown goes cents to bipartisan group. of about two dozen senators, who work behind the scenes on a compromise. hena doba, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, cbs news correspondent nancy cordis on capitol hill this morning with the latest development. look for live report coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning. that's right after "eyewitness news" this morning, right here on cbs-3. >> and overseas, now, the most active volcano in the philippines is at it again. the explosion yesterday, set to be the most powerful since the volcano started acting up more than a week ago, about 40,000 people have fled their
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homes, and are seeking shelter at ' vac centers. >> meanwhile another volcanic erruption there is one at ski resort in japan, which triggered an avalanch. killing one person and injuring more than dozen other , among the injured are soldiers burried in the snow, fortunately, they were rescued >> and time now 5:15. matt is back. you got a lot of green on the radar, not the kinds of green we like around these part. >> no, not the kelly green we had the retro eagles uniforms, unfortunately the green we are talking about when it comes to rain across the philadelphia area. and it will be causing maybe some slow go on the area road this morning, especially, through the morning commute. and if you are just waking up, thinking to yourself, all right, do i need to get on the road early? it would not hurt to do so, yes, because the rain will be coming down through the entire morning. outside right now, this is what it looks like: at the water works, live picture, really doesn't look too bad down along the schuylkill river. but, again, it is a bit on the wet side this morning. probably won't see too many both out there on the
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schuylkill later this afternoon, again, because it is so rainy. but still never a bad scene when you can see the boathouse row all lit up nicely, as it is here early on this tuesday morning. unfortunately, the rain coming down. we start you out up in part of the lehigh valley. this is berks county up in the red willing area, just north of lancaster. you see all of this yellow and orange out there on storm scan3. that's moderate, maybe even at times heavy rainfall, that's coming down north of the city. we bring it back little closer to home. you see 95, back down toward wilmington, few pocket thereof some more heavy rain as you head up toward chester. getting up toward marple, even north of philly, if you are getting on the -- headed off the turnpike, maybe toward norristown area, also, again, some orange and yellow coming down it, means again more heavier rainfall there. have had kim every spots where we've seen few little lightning strikes, so, if you do hear rumble every thunder it morning, too, don't be surprised if you head out toward bucks county then into just north of trenton as well, again, plenty of precipitation
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coming down. pack the umbrellament pack the patience this morning across the area on the roads. future weather, 8:00 this morning, see the precipitation coming through. the front itself around 1:00, that's when it will pull through philly. then we clear out as we head little into the afternoon. do want to just mention this real quick. there is a marginal risk for severe weather today. not looking for any real potential, meisha, but gusty winds could be associated with some of the thunderstorms. >> you said it, pack the patience. you're going to need it. thanks so much, matt. just a little bit of rain can really slow us down. that's kind of what we're already seeing, not so much in terms of volume, but taking little slower. because you have to. also, seeing some problem spots out here. do have minor accident here, schuylkill west before belmont avenue. pulled off to the shoulder. you might just start to tap your brakes as you travel on by. and by the way because of this , so rainy, because we can start to get some water accumulation, sometimes you can hydroplane. just be very careful as you put on those brakes. broad street, by spring garden street, actually looking south ment you can see all of the rain, just coming down, how wet it looks, kinds of
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dreary start. we'll have finds other measures today. forty-two freeway northbound creek road. take it toward 295 again looking very wet. kind of sea of headlights out there. so lots of vehicles, jumping on the roadways, little earlier than what we typically see, tuesday morning, we know, already busy. but we even saw the 5:00 hour, lots of headlights starting to hit the roadway. construction on the east and west, between city avenue, the right lane compromised between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. rahel and jim, back to you. >> meisha, thank up. a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> two people killed and another injured none day during a afternoon shooting in the chambersberg section every trenton. the incident happened around 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon near the intersection of ash more avenue and washington street. investigators say it is too early to say what motivated the shooting. >> front front page, wilson schools will open as usual this morning, after a i am pending strike by teachers was averted. it happened during marathon 11th hour negotiating session last night. details of the agreement were
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not released. pending ratification by the union and school board. >> from the press of atlantic sit a story that shows you're never too old to b your community when frank sill advice at this turned 20, his boss convinced him to give volunteer fire fighting a try. well, 70 years later, the 90 year old still remains active with the hammonton fire company. well, he doesn't respond to fire calls any more, he attend company meetings and serves as a mentor to younger firefighters. good for frank. >> absolutely. that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> and, up next, pat is here with your morning supports. good morning, pat. >> good morning, guys, after another honor for joel embiid could the sixers finish off the grisslies for another win last night? we will find out. plus 12 days until superbowl 52. we hear from the head coach next in sport.
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>> the eagles players will have off today, likely get back to work tomorrow in preparation for their upcoming trip to minneapolis. what we all know, how much after challenge lies ahead with patriots team that is in the superbowl for the eighth time under tom brady and bill belichick. no other player or coach has been there more than six times that's how dominant they've been. of course, they've won five of them, and eagles fans are hoping this is the end of the line for the legendary duo. evening else coach coach pederson talks about what lies ahead. >> i think everybody envies the success to some extent. and rightfully so. they, you know, they've been there, done that, many times. and that's something that every other team, you know, would love to have. you know, it is impressive, obviously, and it is well respected, and well documented but again, our guys have been resilient. they've been able to block
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that noise out. and, you know, once the ball is teed up, kick off, trust >> the show must go on for minnesota company making gear for the big game. the workers at wincraft in minute own a minnesota back at work as soon as the games ends the. they make pennants, other memorabilia for the game. will also make the superbowl champion towels. players will carry during superbowl post-game activities the eagles charitable foundation getting a boost from unexpected source, minnesota viking fans, viking fan jessica brennan encouraged fellow fans to channel their heart break over the nfc championship by raising $38,000, that's a thousand dollars donated for every point the birds scored against the vikings. i think sometimes we forget just how youthful the sixers r joel embiid has
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played in only six a career games, ben simmons just 42. they're still very young, and learning the game, and the issues after very young team learning the game were on full display against against the grisslies last night. joel embiid, he was named eastern conference player of the week. but even the best have off night. thirds quarter, ben simmons finds to drop the corner three sixers up one pipi point. now in the fourth, sixers i buy six. mcconnell, the miss. joel the bucket, the foul, finished with 15, 14 bound, but was in foul trouble in the second half. the grisslies would rally for three. the sixers led by as many as 16 but turn it over 24 times. they fall 105 to 101, back, and you can't win them all a bit. >> still a a during. >> they're very young. people are asking what about brett brown, should fire the coach. >> trust the process.
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>> thank, patrick. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," pennsylvania bakery that ask getting some national attention for it latest creation. >> we'll tell you why children who want to buy it have to first have a discussion. plus this. >> the holidays are over, but for this business, the gifts keep coming in. i'm laura in illinois where many of your package returns end up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and sweet caroline singer neil diamond makes a surprising announce: find out why he is no longer going to tour when we come back.
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>> good morning, what you need to know in the morning minute to start your day. today is tuesday, january 23rd take your umbrella today. >> this is huge system, bringing us the shower, even few rumbles every thunder earl think morning, as we zoom all the way n you can see philly getting in on even little heavier rain. >> bill cosby, back o stage. >> he is the last person i wanted to see. >> the comedian performs his first show in three years. >> this appearance comes about two month before jury
5:30 am
selection is scheduled to start in cosby's re-trial. >> the superbowl is the biggest spectacle in american sport. >> there is one game left. we've come this far. and we want to make sure we stay focused. >> this is supposed to be the most expensive superbowl whether it comes to tickets. >> get in the building. we're looking somewhere around six. >> 6,000 a ticket, just to get in. >> if you want to cheer on the birds from the side line, that's about $30,000 a ticket. >> i can't stand tom brady. it will be the sweetest victory. >> birds will win it all. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> today's morning minute, is sponsored by the ... >> and pat gal len have more on what our fans have to say about the patriots in the next hour. >> first, let's see what matt has cents to say about this rain today. hey, (natural sounds) >> good morning, guys, it i


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