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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i paid a severance because i care about her and i didn't want her to be in the situation, that was, not going to resolve itself for years. >> congressman pat meehan answering questions, and defending himself tonight after claims surfaced of sexual misconduct with a former aid. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt sat down with congressman meehan a short time ago, david, tell us more. >> reporter: we spoke for 15 minutes and congressman says this former female staff shore works for him for several years was a sole mate in his mind and he is convinced that he did nothing wrong by paying her off, with taxpayer funds. >> my life is would the man that i love and she has been remarkable through this. >> reporter: but republican congressman pat meehan admits he called a former female staffer a soul mate, a staffer much younger who spent years
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working in his office. over the weekend, the new york times reported that the woman is accusing him of sexually harassing her. did you sexually harass this former female staffer. >> no, i did not sexually harass this former female staffer. >> reporter: he does admit to paying her, using your taxpayer money. congressman gave thus handwritten letter he sent to the unnamed woman congratulat ing her on a new relationship with a man. he met with the woman over ice cream last spring, a few weeks later, he learned she was accusing him of sexually harassing her and new up to the house committee that he used to sit on until recently to decide if the congressman should pay back taxpayer fu you were on this ethics committee. you called for this ethics investigation. did you feel hipocrittal in the since you were on this committee and denounced behavior of second you'll harassment and sexual assault and now are are being investigated for this. >> but if i believe i sexually
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harassed somebody you might say i'm hypocritically believe i was communicating with a friend in a way that was invited that enabled me to assure that we understood each other and had the ability to continue to support each other and work together. >> reporter: meehan won't say how much he paid this unnamed with man. he said he will only pay back that taxpayer funded payment money, reimburse it if found guilty by house ethics committee. i just got off the phone with with alexis, and she did say quote her complaint has repeatedly requested that mr. meehan cease and desist from discussing this matter publicly but he refuses to do so. reporting live, in media delaware county, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can continue to follow this story on line, we have very latest developments on our web site at cbs one more win, one more win
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, that is what the bird need to take on the super bowl title. >> sports director don bell joins us now, the team's off today but coaches are hoping minneapolis becomes a home away from home and bird and eagles nation. >> they have been luck which that. >> they travel well. >> doing it right. >> first of all lol to all my friends texting me for tickets bro, i don't have any. secondly i respect hustle of eagles fans. this season they travel by thousands toss l.a., kansas city, carolina and other local s. qued owes. fans are thirsty for a winner. the super bowl era began in 1967. the bird have never won a lombardi trophy. standing room tickets in minneapolis are going for $5,000 a piece. players and coaches expect the support to continue on the road. >> i think everybody here felt how much this city celebrated with our team and it has been
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a while since we have, the eagles have been in the super bell, we have not won one and think the fans that are able to make it to minneapolis just like the fans that made it to los angeles, and, you know, so many other place is a long the way for us, they will turn tonight to a home crowd for us >> it has been a incredible season for eagles fans, guys. out in l.a., last time fans traveled like that it was incredible. incredible. >> they will find a way eagles nation will find a way. >> big difference. >> thanks, appreciate it. eagle zach ertz felt love from the philly faithful this year. bird tightened tweeted this year overwhelmed by expert of our fans, through this ride, thank you all, can't wait to see how you bring it, to minneapolis. #fly eagles fly. and we new know what jerseys the bird will be wearing when they face patriots. >> eagles released this on twitter showing super bowl 52
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patch being placed on their green uniforms. the tweet read midnight green minnesota. patriots will be wearing white , patriots are three-zero in super bowls when they wear the white jerseys. throwing that out there. >> yes. now check on quarterback nick fels on the week cover of sports illustrated, magazine tweeted this out this morning with the caption, and then nick foles happened again. the eagles backup is now a super bowl starter but he is not only qb featured this week , it is other cover with hall of famer tom brady with the caption, talk to the hand pate tree yachts are heading back to the super bowl. sports illustrated playing off brady's hand injury begins jacksonville, the prediction at the top of the page read patriots 27-16. >> oh, it does, does it that is worked fine for us so far. you go right ahead. you get right ahead.
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nfl has joined growing group of sellers looking to cash in on this under dog craze. >> eagles player chris long and lane johnson are selling under dog t-shirts to benefit philadelphia schools and they are challenging the league to dot same thing. >> our joe holden joins us from school district headquarters in spring garden with the latest developments in this story, joe. >> reporter: we went asking nfl for answers after they came out with an under dog t-shirt of their own, remember chris long and lane johnson were taking the proceed from their own t-shirt and donating 100 percent to the school district. well, apparently the nfl boeing to pressure after an offensive philadelphia social media campaign was launched. nfl rip off? this shall we say official under dog t-shirt had ruffled feathers of a few eagles. >> for them to take their idea to make money for themselves is a joke. >> reporter: this is lane
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johnson's manager, they have been swamped with order for their under dog t-shirt, you know, one inspired by johnson and chris long's mask wearing celebration after beating the falcons. it seems nfl at first in fun monday tweeted at long to check out its version of the t , thus sparking a fire storm and a tail of two t-shirts. >> i think it is low class for them to do that to take their idea which chris, lane had idea and give the machine toy charity. >> reporter: what upset fan base while 100 percent of profits from johnson and long 's shirts would go to philadelphia schools, the nfl was silent on what it would do with the cash from its sales. >> it just seems like they are taking ideas and make profit off of it which is bad with the under dog thing, dot right thing. >> if you make it, there,. >> reporter: perhaps boeing to pressure the nfl confirmed just before 51:00 percent of the profit from its shirt would necessity go to philadelphia schools.
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there are some even better ideas ahead. >> if we can bring a championship to the city of philadelphia we have a much better chance of getting the things that we need. >> reporter: sounds good. cbs-3 broke word of this development from the nfl on line, chris long and write chatting over twitter, lane johnson adding to the discussion they really appreciate the nfl, getting on board, and donating the proceed to the philadelphia school district. now, we should add, as for chris long and lane johnson they will have a new, refreshed version of the under dog t-shirt. they are still working on design but i understand it will be available for sale by friday. once again, all going to benefit philadelphia school children. that is very latest life from the spring garden section of philadelphia, gentlemen holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> new and refresh, thanks, buddy. thanks, joe. if you want a ticket to the super bell it will cost you big. stub hub are warning buyers to be aware of fake tickets out
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there and only purchase from reputable sources. >> we don't recommend paying for super bowl tickets on the street or on sites that you do not recognize or sites that maybe untruth worthy. these prices are too premium to risk that. these tickets, the good news is are extremely, extremely hard to make count are fit tickets and they all are hard, physical tickets and in fact it is harder to duplicate super bowl ticket then it is to duplicate american currency >> the cheapest, cheapest super bowl ticket on stub hub right new goes for about $3,500. most expensive, will set you back almost 15 you this dollars. >> wow. getting a ticket is one thing getting too many is another. >> diehard eagles fans are forgetting about expensive airfare and they are just going to road trip it to the game. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is live in center city with more on the long ride some are making, chantee.
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>> reporter: that is right, long ride indeed, try 18 hours , here in philadelphia, minneapolis, but good news it will cost you 300 bucks for gas, run trip. >> i was like, you know, got to be there. i'm just so excited. >> reporter: diehard philadelphia eagles fans mike mcfadden of northeast philadelphia is heading to the super bowl. >> push comes to shove, i'm just going to drive. >> it is cast effective and can be fun. >> reporter: janet tidwell says making the nearly 1200- mile 1800 trek from philadelphia to minneapolis will cost an average of $300 in gas round trip, which can save even more monday which multiple people in the car. but tidwell says a major concern is the weather. >> you don't know what elements you will hit between philadelphia and minneapolis, and you dent know what the road conditions will be like, colder it gets, precipitation, you could be looking at snow,
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potentially ice, make sure your car is red ready. >> reporter: one major way by having your car battery check out before leaving and have a vehicle's mergecy kit with blankets, snacks, ice scrapers and portable shovels. another concern is finding affordable housing. >> if there are hotel rooms left they will be pretty expensive. so expand your area of, you know what you are looking at. say 30 minutes outside of minneapolis, say an hour outside minneapolis. >> reporter: but for eagles fans, hotels, driving are the least of their worries. >> just so exciting just to be here and after 13 years and just so exited to get this re match with them because now it is pay back. they took us down. now it is time to take brady down and then we can celebrate after we beat them. >> reporter: a lot of people are feeling that way. if you every planning on driving triple a is giving out booklets called trip tics and line by line with maps how to get you from here to minneapolis.
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that is very latest live from center city chantee lans for >> okay, for the big pay back, james brown, all right, thanks chantee. still to come on "eyewitness news" how do you measure a philly fans passion, how about this, the video that shows just how loud eagles fans were when the bird took down strike initial south philadelphia. philadelphia probably making history in the fight begins opioid epidemic what officials announce today and why state attorney general does not agree, kate. we started the day with rain but now entering into a sunny stretch as rain clears out but sunshine, also comes with some colder temperatures, i'll tell you just how cold it will feel when you step outside the door tomorrow
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mother and her boyfriend are accused of beat herring four year-old son to death in roselyn abington township. police arrested lisa smith and keith king at a home on the
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1800 block of lukens avenue yesterday. police rushed to their home and found tajeer smith unresponsive. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. investigators say the toddler had been beaten by both smith and king after he spilled his serial. they hit the boy in the head and upper body with their hand s and a shoe. city of philadelphia officially announced it wants to be first u.s. city to allow supervised drug injection sites, to combat opioid epidemic. they are taking recommendation of the mayor's opioid task force and are seeking site operators. >> stand alone, solution, but it is one part of an overall strategy. we have an obligation to do everything that we can to prevent those people from dying. >> critics say allowing people to inject themselves under the supervision of the doctor or nurse may under mine prevention and treatment. pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro is not embracing
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the idea and says in the statement sanctioning a safe injection site presents public safety concerns and changes in state and federal law would need to occur for these sites to operate legally. there is no clear evidence that they provide any effective path to treatment. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney took time today to visit with mens of the cities future. "eyewitness news" at independence charter school west on chester avenue. mayor did some reading with the students and met with school officials. with the eagles on this improbable run we have been seeing love for the bird. >> is there not nothing like a father/daughter showing their eagles pride. >> hit them low. >> hit them high. >> and watch our eagles. >> eagles fly. fly eagles fly. >> eagles fly, on the road to road to victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles.
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>> eagles. >> go ahead baby girl. that was three-year old jena miller and her dad aj from egg harbor township practicing eagles fight song. it will come in handy these next 12 days. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. how about this, that sound you her in the distance was the roar of the philly faithful echoing for miles during nfc championship beating of the strike that is video taken from a home in westville, new jersey about 4 miles from lincoln financial field. 70,000 voices carrying eagles fight song, right across the building. >> that is amazing that is awesome. >> wow. >> wait is that a thunderstorm what is that. >> that was awesome. >> bring the noise. >> we did have some storms today. >> we did. >> yes.
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>> they really blasted through here. it was a miserable, rainy morning and then mid morning early afternoon we had that line of some pretty rough storms coming through and then , it cleared out, just as quickly and sun came back out beautiful afternoon across the area with the sun returning and temperatures, still hanging on to those above average highs, we will climb to the 60's for second day in a row but now, well, we know it couldn't last too long, temperatures starting to drop. here's is what happening outside to the poconos where you know it has been mild up there as well. they had rain on top of the snow still folks outside on the slopes at jack frost big bold inner carbon county but they will have enough cold air in place tomorrow to get those snow machines started up, once again as temperatures will plumet behind this system but they will in the plumet for long. we have another warm up in the seven day forecast as well. storm scan three shows our system moving out to sea, heaviest rain lift ago way from much of the southern new england there is rain across hudson valley moving into
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vermont, new hampshire, but you can see cold air around back edge of the storm that has really died down. this is system that dumped a foot of snow in minneapolis but things have calm down there for us skies are clearing and we will stay clear overnight but cold air is already starting to work its way in. you can see blue, permeating in the glean here in the 40's in allentown, reading, lancaster, 30's in the poconos but 54 in philadelphia with a gusty breeze as cold air arrives. you can see, just off to the west in the 30's in state college, pittsburgh, buffalo and 42 degrees in scranton. here comes the chill. we will feel it tonight. as we set this into motion through tomorrow sunny all day , thursday, sunny, all day and that continues into friday , sunny stretch, we do not have any rain or snow to talk about at least until sunday. forecast high for tomorrow looking good, seasonal, but definitely not as warm as today. 43 degrees where we should be
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in philadelphia 37 allentown. forty-one wilmington. as you head out the door it will feel like 20's in mess spots. temperatures then rebound quickly as we head in the weekend and then drop again early next week, so some ups and downs to tell but in the seven day forecast. as far as overnight hours mainly clear, chilly, 36 degrees, tomorrow not as warm as it has been but 43 is pretty seasonal. thursday, 38 degrees, chilly, brisk and 50's by the weekend that is going to feel nice another system late sunday brings chance for rain and colder air again next week. ups and downs but ups seem to be hitting us in the weekend which goodies news. >> thanks, kate. >> yes. >> don's up next with sports. >> we're talking about hoops. why sixers cannot close and why brandon graham is eager to close. eagles defensive end hanging out in our news room we will hear from bg
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thirteen years ago on this very day eagles beat falcons to reach the super bowl. it was a rare opportunity for guys like trotter and talk inn and mcnabb they lost and never made it back. we fast forward to the here and now. brandon graham walking through our news room earlier today. bg in his eighth season and right now he has an opportunity of a lifetime. >> i'm just trying to get a w to party on broad street that is my mind set but i'm trying to enjoy the moment too at the same time. that is why you see me smiling we made it to the super bowl. now, we got to go take it. i think for me, just, all this journey i have never been to the last game in my career, period as far as little league , middle school, i mean high school, i mean to this point now it is very special and i will make sure i give it everything i got. >> amazing. flyers in detroit tonight looking for their fourth straight win hooking up with the red wings team that basically can't score any points. they have scored third fewest
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points in the eastern conference. highlights at 11:00. sixers playing in memphis last night, two big issues emerged, again: they have 24 turnovers and they blew a 15-point lead. tomorrow night they host chicago bulls, brett brown today, talking about their issue. >> finding the balance of how do we get those lead, how are we able to hold on to win 17 of them and really under standing how do you put yourself in the position and how aren't you able to close those games out, completely points back to we foul a lot and we turn the ball over too much. >> um, um, um. >> stuff you have to work on. >> growing pains. >> yes. >> that is it. >> thanks, buddy. we will be
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robert covington took a break from the hardwood today to spend time with philadelphia children. >> covington kick off kid fitness challenge at the bride berg boys/girls club today. the six week program encouraging all boys and girls club members to put their device down and get up and get moving. covington encourage them to go big in the class room and on the basketball court or football field. >> all right, bob. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" in new york.
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here now is jeff glor, take care, we will see you this captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: a 15-year-old opens fire. it happened at a school in kentucky, and we are on the scene. also tonight, the special counsel's investigators interview the attorney general. >> i'm not at all concerned. >> glor: for worried dreamers, a promise to bring immigration to the senate floor. >> i intend to keep my word. ♪ ♪ >> glor: young men and women leaving the city for the farm. ♪ they're coming to america >> glor: pop star neil diamond forced to retire from touring. th"the shape of water" leads the academy awards nominations. and she won the starring role in an oscar-nominated movie without saying a word. >> she came into the audition and blew us all


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