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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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now at 11:00 setting stage for souper bowl new tonight we have our first look inside the stadium in minneapolis where they are getting ready for eagles and patriots to go the at it for vince lombardi trophy. is there a food fight popular treat banned from a local bakery before the super bowl, and, how boxes is firing back. and a change of heart from the nfl, what the league plans to do with the proceed from the latest shirts to jump on the under dog's band wagon. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will have much more on the
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eagles super bowl preparations in just a few minutes but first tonight, a congressman denies sexual harassment allegations. >> but i cannot tell through weren't times where i struggled to make sure that i was doing the right thing. >> tonight congressman pat meehan defend using taxpayer money to pay a former staffer who accused him of sexual harassment. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has letter at the center of the scandal. >> did you sexually harass this staffer. >> no difficult not sexually harass this former female staffer. >> reporter: but republican congressman pat meehan admits to paying off former staffer with taxpayer money. she's alleging sexual harassment, meehan says they were close, they went out for ice cream last spring. >> she was talking about the brand new relationship that she had, and i opened the door to something which i said, that you know you are leaving me, and it will hurt in one
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sense. >> reporter: meehan used the word soul mate when describing would the man to "eyewitness news". congressman gave us this handwritten letter, that he says he wrote to the former staffer, following that ice cream date. meehan wrote quote you are and have been a complete partner to me and you have brought me much happiness. it is a very, very lucky man who might get to be your partner for more of your life, end quote. but meehan is now in the hot seat because of that taxpayer funded settlement. >> i wanted her not to walk out of this situation, once it got engaged with attorneys, and in a way that was just going to be harmful. >> reporter: now the house ethics committee in washington is involved, and a group that included meehan as a member, until just a few days ago. you were on this ethics committee, you called for this ethics investigation, do you feel hipocrittal in the sense that you were on this committee and you denounced behavior of sexual harassment and sexual assault and now you are being investigated for this? >> well, if i believed that i
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sexually harassed somebody you might say i am hipocrit california. i believe i was communicating with a friend in a way that was invite that had enabled me to assure that we understood each other, and had the ability to continue to support each other and work together. >> reporter: congressman says that he will not resign from office, and instead he plans to run for election again. i asked if he would pay back that settlement money, and he says only if the house ethics committee tells him to do so. i spoke to an attorney for woman who used to work for mr. e wants the congressman to stop talking about this issue, publicly. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" david, thank you. we have breaking news tonight, philadelphia police are investigating a quadruple shooting in north philadelphia and two of the victims are children. "eyewitness news" at 24th and ridge, police say that this was a drive by shooting, a 22-year old man shot multiple times in the back and legs and
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then is in critical condition tonight. a five two-year old man shot in the back is in stable condition. two, 13 years old boys were also shot and stable condition police continue to investigate police say a four year-old boy was beaten to death in montgomery county for spilling his cereals. and tonight, his mother and her boyfriend are facing charges. these are the suspects lisa smith and her boyfriend keith king, police say they beat four year-old tajeer smith to death yesterday in the willow grove home that they shared. authorities say that little boy was repeatedly struck in the head and torso with both a hand and a shoe. >> it appears from the investigation that the child spilled cereals, and after that the mother and boyfriend punished the child. they punished him through severe beatings, and that went on for a period of time. he was burned in the shower.
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>> in addition to today's fresh injuries, an autopsy also found old rib fractures. tonight, both smith and king are behind bars at the montgomery county correctional facility. and now in sports, tonight in minneapolis the nfl is preparing the field at u.s. bank stadium for soup he bowl 52. wow, there is eagles logo in the end zone. crews began painting to it day this is our first look inside the stadium. they have been working none in stop to get it ready for game time. half time show rehearsals start on friday. it seems that some eagles fans want nothing to do with boston, home area of the new england patriots. one local bakery has banned boston theme doughnuts in advance of the super bowl. our alexandria hoff joins with us more on the boston ban and a philly theme treat, that has replaced it, alex? >> reporter: well, ukee boston did not take this gesture very
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lightly. so it seems like before we get to the big game we first to have make it through what has become a feud over food. the key is recognizing a caller's boston accent. >> we have been getting prank calls. >> reporter: all because of the decision made this week inside of southwest philadelphia's dottie's doughnuts. >> we're not doing boston cream, right now, until after the super bowl. >> reporter: this culinary choice hit the national stage and stung like a dagger into the cream filled hearts of the patriots fans. after catching wind new england fired back, scenic, park in boston issued an immediate ban on beloved philly fare including philadelphia cream cheese, cheese steaks, soft pretzels and crisco, until the monday after the game. speaking of crisco, philadelphia's effort to prevent fans from climbing poles in celebration of the super bowl trip, has been commemorated at dottie's with special greased pole pastries. >> long pole with vanilla
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grease. >> reporter: to make up for their ban on boston cream doughnuts they are offering up eagles green theme pistachio doughnuts which like the frees ed poles quickly sold out >> first thing people mention when they come in the door. do you have eagles and greased pole and stuff like that. people are excited. we are getting tons of calls and internet, and stuff like that so people are generally excited. >> reporter: even with the prank phone calls from patriots fans they say its was all in good fun. it was a joke. it started as an idea and then just blew up. that is the power of the information age. >> reporter: so, long with those food, that park in boston banned a few other things. i will read them to you. philadelphia team gear of any kind, midnight green, clothing , along with will smith and sylvester stallone. they can return again after the super bowl is over. reporting live from the parkway, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we're shaking our head.
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>> will smith and sylvester stallone. thank you. is there plenty of spirit of competition between the cities but real competition is still, 11 days away. we're still double digits away >> don bell has the latest from the coaches. >> will smith. >> i know, come on, man. >> let the brother live. >> let's talk about this last week nick foles celebrate aid birthday, his age, 29, his present, a performance for the ages. foles completed 78 percent of his pass's begins the top defensive football team. he threw three touchdown passes. now, nick's one win away, from earning, status as a legend, offensive coordinator frank re ich says what he wants to see what his qb. >> keep doing what he was doing. he has been spectacular. we have said it all along, he is comfortable in his own skin when lou at the body of work he is a big play machine, he knows thousand make big plays.
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he gets in the groove, rhythm. that is the whole team. he understands that. that is the great thing about nick. he has matured to understand up is not trying to be a hero, he is just trying to do his job. >> coming up later in sports, guys, we will go from the qb to bg, brandon graham, hanging out with us in the studios today. you will hear what he has to say. >> big props to the offensive line. everybody is doing well. >> yep. lagarrette blount traded play books for school books. >> he visited a regional school in south philadelphia where students were pretty exited to see him. he took pictures and talked about his journey to the super bowl and the students had a lot of questions for number 29 >> unaudible. >> that was a good question. at first, i got over that quickly and i was trying to go play the ball. >> fans, both big and small
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are rooting on the bird. tonight nfl said i it will donate pre seed to the charity chris long and lane johnson came up with the ideas for hot selling under dog t-shirts. they are donating proceed of their sale to philadelphia schools. when word spread that the nfl jumped in on the craze, a social media fire storm erupted over what the league was doing with the proceed from the sales. and at first nfl was silent but today perhaps bug to pressure to dot right thing they have confirmed all of the money will also go to philadelphia schools. well, backup to check out nick foles on the cover of the this weeks sports illustrated. it talked about how bird backup plan became a super bowl blueprint. the good news, in within has to worry about a sports illustrated jinks because there is another, cover this week featuring patriots quarterback tom brady and just in case you are wondering the magazine picks the paths to win 27-16. we will have much more on the build up to the super bowl
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including how the players, plan to savior super bowl experience coming up later in sports. and in the meantime stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow eagles quest for one more win, when we're not here on tv, find latest super bowl coverage at cbs today the city of philadelphia moved forward with the plan to how supervised drug injection sites as a way to combat opioid epidemic. officials are taking recommendation of the mayor's opioid task force and seeking site operators. >> no one here condones or supports illegal drug use in anyway. more than anyone we want every person who is battled with drug addiction to get treated and to maintain long term recovery. >> philadelphia wants to be the first u.s. city to do this pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro is not embracing the idea and says in the statement sanctioning a safe injection site presents significant public safety concerns and changes in state and federal law would need to
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occur for these sites to operate legally. there is no clear evidence that they provide an effective path to treatment. and a new national anthem controversy is brewing for the nfl. >> this one doesn't involve the players protesting. see the ad banned from the super bowl and why the league rejected it. is a wardrobe change in william penn's future? mayor decision about whether the iconic statue will bleed green for the bird, kate. in the wake of this morning's rain we have our system clearing but much colder air moving in, and drastic drop in temperatures from today, to tomorrow, i'll tell you just how cold it will be and how long cold air will stick around. and talk about a slippery situation, see what happens next as that bus sliding down that street, we will be right back.
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national anthem controversy is surfacing again days before the super bowl and nfl has rejected an ad by american veterans in the 2018 super bowl program book. >> that decision has not been entirely well received. nicole brewer has what the ad said and what the nfl does not want it to be seen.
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>> reporter: hi, guys. nfl said it rejected that ad because it makes a political statement but with so many players, allowed to exercise their first amendment right on the field the veterans say they deserve the same respect. with colin kaepernick took a knee last season it launched a national movement that put the national football league in the center of controversy. >> i support the protests. >> definitely agree they had every right to protest. >> stand for the anthem. >> reporter: as nfl prepares for the big show we find ourself in another fire storm for refusing to include this a d by a veterans group with the #please stan, in its super bowl 52 program. >> it is already for a publication to refuse an ad that does not represent their editorial position. >> we don't vilify people or judge them if they choose not to stand. that is their right, of course , we're just asking them , to please stand. >> reporter: john howworth, the national communications director says nfl suggested
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they take their full page ad to read please stand for our veterans but that did not sit well with his group. >> it means generally expert veterans. that is not our message. our message is please literally stand. >> reporter: nfl which does not sell advertising for the game program but does approve what goes into it says it has never been a place for advertising that could be considered political. >> i submit to you by rejecting our ad they took a stand. >> it is like telling us when to have a voice and when not to have a voice and that is not ferreter report but not everyone agrees. >> they have a right toe express themselves as well but maybe not necessarily to purchase the ad. >> i think it will just cause a bunch more controversy. >> putting the bills on the side of people who are not supporting free speech. >> reporter: in a statement nfl said it has long support of the military and veterans and will solute our service members as part of the game. it also points to a vfw ad that was submitted and late's
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proved with the tag line we stand for veterans. um-hmm. >> thanks, nicole. that ad isn't the only thing being banned for the super bowl. >> philadelphia's biggest sports fan, won't get to show off his eagles spirit leading up to the game. mayor jim kenney said today william penn statue atop city hall will not sport an eagles jersey to mark the bird's trip to the super bowl. mayor didn't hesitate when asked about a possible wardrobe change for billy penn >> absolutely not, ever, ever. you know the history? ninety-three they put baseball cap on we lost, walk off home run. ninety-seven we put flyers jerseys on and we who to the red wings four games straight. there is nothing going on billy penn. >> preach, mayor, preach. >> as far as mayor's own superstition he said only jersey he will wear to watch eagles game is brian dawkins number 20. good choice. we have frightening video of an out of control school bus in massachusetts.
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>> lets take a look. >> oh, my goodness. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> camera rolled in massachusetts as that bus slid down an icy hill, bus took out several mailboxes before crashing into another car. twenty middle and high school students were on board the bus , no one was hurt, the bus continues on, after the crash. >> that isis no joke. >> no joke. >> it looks like road are wet but bus on that incline. >> yes, complete ice. >> glad we're in the dealing with that, kate. >> we are not dealing with. that we have had two days in the 60's in fact and we are getting too used to it i think because it is still only late january. we still have february ahead and february by the way is the most snowy month on average, in philadelphia, it is also the second coldest month, january being number one, and it has been that cold over the pennsylvania couple of days after a cold start to january, we have been in nice and warm weather, but that is all about to change. lets look at is what going on
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outside tonight. the temperatures are dropping but it is quieter then it was 12 hours ago when a strong cold front was blasting through this morning at around 11:00 o'clock. we had heavy thunderstorms, lots of heavy rain and slow downs on area roadways, now center city looking very quiet here's what it looked like with the time lapse video you can see through morning hours, all that heavy rain coming through, it cape in right until about the lunch hour and then cleared out nicely and beautiful colors in that sunset tonight, with the storm off shore. the storm is continuing to move off shore, most of the precipitation is done for we have a little bit of snow where snow showers across new york state and portions of new england and indication of how much colder that air is coming in around the back side of our low but locally we've got clear skies outside tonight. a brisk, west wind, making it feel a little bit colder then thermometer indicates but all and all, pretty seasonal outside and will be tomorrow as well. 45 degrees still in philadelphia. in fact we have got winds west , you can see 42 in
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wilmington. forty-four in allentown. thirty-five in mount pocono. see colder air just in the wings here, in the 30's in state college and in pittsburgh, it is 29 degrees right now in buffalo. future weather, we will set this in motion and let it play because notice, watch philadelphia, there is nothing happening, thursday, friday, take you right through end of the week, it is sunny, dry, high pressure in control. this is a sunny stretch but temperatures fluctuate. as we head into tomorrow and thursday notice chilly air is in place and watch how quickly milder air starts to lift in friday and saturday, but, by early next week we have got another round of chilly air, and lurking in the wings and that will be released monday into tuesday. it is an autopsy and down temperatures pattern. not a whole lot to talk about in the way of precipitation. today in the 60's. tomorrow 20 degrees colder. there is your drastic drop. thursday in the 30's and that warm upright back to 53 degrees by saturday. so tonight we will drop down to the 30's. it will be chill which a
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breeze it will feel like 20's in many spots waking up tomorrow morning but tomorrow is a seasonal day, it is cool, compared to today, but 43 is right on target for end of the january. thursday, it is colder but it is sunny, friday we're back to 44 and then 50's again for the weekend, two weekends in a row above average, chance for rain showers sunday and it does look colder monday into tuesday, maybe snow shower monday but not bad. >> all and all not bad at all. >> can't complain about that. >> thanks, kate. >> don's back with more sports >> talking hoops tonight. to ben or not to ben, nba all-star reserves were announced find out if simmons made the team, plus, brandon graham tells us what the eagles need to do as they prepare for the super bowl, sports coming up
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well, not often that we play host to an eagle. usually you are going down to their house. >> that is right. >> today we had one in the studio. >> in our area. >> he was in our house. what is up. yes, let's talk bit. good stuff. a philosopher by the name of jay-z once said you cannot change a player's game in the ninth inning. he may have said playa. playa. talking football instead of baseball but i think you get the point. after 18 games eagles need to do what they do. bird defensive end brandon graham walking the halls of cbs-3 and kyw radio. bg says he has never played in a title game on any level, not in pop warner, not in high school and not in college. in order to win, they have to stick to their game plans. >> just having to work, let's work. you have to have that switch. you have to be able to flip
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the switch. i think we will do that as a team. as long as everybody is not uptight. we was than the tight getting here so lets in the get tight while we here. it is just one game that what he need that will get us where we want to be, and we have to prepare the same way, and enjoy it, because when it goes by it goes by like that and next thing you know you don't want to have any regrets. we will be just fine. >> just another game. the flyers in detroit looking for their fourth win in a row. pick it up in the second period flyers down a goal jay voracek to andrew mcdonald, yeah that one work back of the net it goes. we're tied. later in the second flyers power tripping sean couturier, jay voracek rebounding and scoring. they take the lead. red wings, would tie the game, and it goes into overtime. travis konecny stayed on side skates in and delivers his second straight game winning goal. flyers win, three-two.
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>> no love for ben today. today reserves were announced for nba all-star team. ben simmons did not make the cut. sixers hoe bulls tomorrow night. jay wright and nova hosting providence, at the center, first half we will go, cats, up by four, eric pascal playing tenacious d, the steel , and the deal. punches it home with two hands cats up by six. pascal had 17. second half nova up a dozen, a mare spell man. cats up by 14. they had 16 on the night. later donte divincenzo, passes out of travel and brownson clutch from deep and cats with six players in double figures, and they beat the friars, by 20. >> very good stuff. >> rolling. >> number one team in the east , bringing it. >> yep. >> up next latest surprising fans
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no eagles jersey. >> um-hmm. >> eagles are under dogs heading in the super bowl. >> but they have a smart new fan with artificial intelligence, just ask alexa. >> because of their relentless
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owe even if and riding off their under dog status e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> well, well, well alexa, how about. that can't argue with her, as she said, fly eagles fly. >> we will be right
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