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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 29, 2018 12:05am-1:05am EST

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that way against the vikings. >> what is weird the fist thing you see when you look at mall of america and credentials the blint platter. >> up believable. >> forget about all that meez the man now and he's not going to have to go step for step we tom bride braid why you but he will have to have a performance in between atlanta and minnesota. he can't turn the ball over that much we but how can you be upset. >> coming from oak happened and dallas and mir and everybody is breaking out and it's super bowl. you have to be thrilled with how he is taken to the starting quarterback spot right now. and i know everyone else is still i would rather have scar
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son about that no question about that and if you travel to new jersey that is one of the pest. figure it out on the fly. going toe to toe it without history questioned's dinner. that's how they're approaching the new engz land patriots. we have a game to play and game to win. and this is the most popular guy. these two between hod coach and quarterback and every time she's -- it may be deemed another face of debt bone enter. >> they can tell themselves whatever you want. i'm cool with it let's not act it's not tom brady and bill belichick. >> the final few minutes got
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game you're looking over there and seen two of the greatest ball times and obviously they he have one five since 2002. and dogs versus dine agentsy. >> i kind of like it. >> ready to go messa around in the mall here. >> we're going to go -- what will we do. there's a roller coaster right there i ned something. >> wol find tea cups that's all. >> we'll be a long workweek. all right. guys, thank you. sixers had the tough task of playing hottest team in mba now. oklahoma city the und thiser went into the contest riding a 7 game winning streak. brett brown congratulated
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carmello anthony. >> and jojo 27 point and ten boards. later thupd are for four. the ball goes to westbrook. he dlivz squainger there 'fepingd mvp and 120 to 112 the fine mall. >> to college hoops now top ranked villanova at mar keit the last time they -- to the second half of the game. caps sweat by a point. jalen you have is drech you home. he led with 1 point. under gluteen 1st and calves up next. it's deep three november 'lead kept up to three. >> final second of the game brunson jumper no good. he caps escape 82-85 victory
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they're 0-1. >> liacouras center temple taking on yukon. temple up by twelve the owls up by 15 he led factual 18. lows dries base lien and scored 1 point. owls beats the huskies. scored 1 point. owls beats the huskies. it's time for a final timeout.
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centering this one through and it's behind and giroux headed to the puck. suppliers move to slow headed to the puck. suppliers move to slow coverage in the area ♪ ♪
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the officials have to look tat one more time. the officials have to look tat and we hope you enjoyed your time in the zone for producers saul, paul, don, pat, i'm lesley van arsdall, thanks for watching and have a great lesley van arsdall, thanks for watching and have a great night.
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the megyn kelly/jane fonda feud boils plastic surg out there. >> who are you, megyn kedes. >> she should have k ha you had? >> and how life has changedr af getting fired. >> people tell you it's going t talking about. and inside all the grammy prep. will beyonce and jay zee perform
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together? and james corden breaks news about his third baby. >> and "vanity fair"'s photo shop fail. and why the plan to remove franco from the cover didn't work. and "e.t." is with luke bryan in mexico. and we're celebrating with the oscar nominees. >> so this is cool. ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> beyonce, gaga, bruno mars, pink, it is grammys weekend and we're in new york. but first, another big story out of new york, major morning show turmoil. >> lots of drama. jane fonda's war with megyn kelly got nastier, and then there was the tale of two disgraced "today" show hosts, matt lauer and billy bush. everything fell apart for billy when that recording surfaced. but he's fighting to put the pieces back together.
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>> i'm out of ptsd. i never really faced any kind of adversity, then all of a sudden, yeah, it's a cannon ball to the side of the ship. >> that's billy bush wednesday in hollywood. he said he's focusing on rebuilding his career. bush is also opening up about the firing of his former colleague, matt lauer. he tells "people" magazine, people texted me, making comments like he got what he deserved. but there is no joy in the demise of others new york matter who it is. he also says matt lauer reached out to him, asking about some of the self help books i've been reading. bush says he now devotes time daily to reading scripture. as for matt lauer's life, he retreated to the hamptons after he was let go in november after allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. a source tells "e.t." matt lauer is sticking to his daily routine
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from going to the horse farm, going to the same local eatery and spending time with his kids. and -- >> megyn is slamming jane fonda. why are you fighting with her, megyn kelly the >> the megyn kelly/jane fonda feud was sparked by this back in september. >> why did you say -- i read you felt you're not proud you had work done. why not? >> we really want to talk about this? >> the question came up last week, when fonda's co-star lily tomlin joked about how she and fonda were friends even before fonda's first face-lift. >> who are you, megyn kelly? >> last weekend, it came up weekend when "variety" posted fonda's reaction to the question. >> i was just stunned. so inappropriate. >> megyn fired back on monday. >> i have no regrets about that question. nor am i in the market for a lesson from jane fonda on what
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is and is not appropriate. >> jane should have just said, how much work have you had done? >> ann curry was filling in on "the view" tuesday when the view hit the hot topics. >> we can reach out and listen. >> the night before, curry said she didn't get any pleasure out of matt lauer's firing. >> i haven't had a chance to celebrate for a lot of reasons. in all seriousness. >> it's time. let's get to the grammy show coming up this weekend. beyonce, gaga, bruno mars, all of them. >> we'been doing a little prepa with james corden as they gear up for music's biggest night. what is are we having sunday
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night? >> the star of the show, we have a couple of things planned, a couple things we're waiting to hear on, and we'll see. >> do you still get nervous? >> are you joking? i'm nervous now. i'm never not nervous. so yes. i'll be terrified. >> one, two, three, go. >> this week, the red carpet was rolled out and the seating cards were up for grammy's big return to new york, the first in 15 years. and beyonce and jay zee will be front row. >> they'll be there. >> this "idol" will be there, too. ♪ where the bruno mars collaborator arrived in style. then quick changed to perform.
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and not just about performing her hit with bruno. ♪ >> we hopefully will win an award. that's all i think about. >> she's excited about the newestnew est addition to his family. baby charlotte is now six weeks old. >> family name? >> no, we just really liked it it's the name we liked. >> so just over one month from now at abc, get ready, everybody, for the 90th academy awards live from here in hollywood, march 4th. now we know which stars will be there. allison janney is one of them. she's swept this award season. and i nearly knocked her out the morning she got the big news.
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>> so this is cool. did i do that? champagne cork. is everyone okay? is anyone down? >> dangerous things happen. >> they do. >> it was a morning full of surprises for her first oscar nominee. >> i had three friends from new york city and five or six people that stormed my bedroom at 5:00 a.m. this morning. and i was like, what's going on? i thought am i being abducted? what's happening? did i miss something? they were all there to get me up to watch the announcements with me. >> her nomination was expected, but the biggest snub, james franco, who had won a golden globe. allegations of past inappropriate or exploitive sexual behavior was published
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while voting was still open. he's denied any wrongdoing. and more fallout. franco was digitally removed from the cover of "vanity fair"'s hollywood issue before it went to print. we see james was positioned between michael shannon and harrison ford. james' name appears twice in this sketch. and what about this? reese tweeted, well, i guess everyone knows now, i have three megs. "vanity fair" says it's just the fabric of the dress, but i don't think they can explain away this shot. oprah's got three hands. she tweeted back, i accept your third leg, as i know you accept my third hand. this issue was actually the first time "vanity fair" ever showed what happened behind the scenes. >> take one. >> oprah walked in and she was like, oh, my god, i love these shoes.
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>> oprah needed two people to carry her train, and check out reese and tom dancing and nicole swirly. >> interestingly, nicole kidman was on the first issue 24 years ago. she was excited to be there again, and she talked about it a lot. >> i remember the controversy, because we were wearing lingerie or something. very tame for now. >> the cover was shot in new york and l.a., but here's a big little photo shop tidbit. you see nicole leaning on oprah's skirt? she posed separately on a piece of oprah's dress resting on a chair and then edited in. >> our voice exclusive. we'll break down what's going on with kelly clarkson and blake shelton behind the scenes. then is justin timberlake ready? >> if i'm being honest. >> and could he ever come back to the show and the first photo
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of abby lee miller in prison. but first, oscar nominee margo was out celebrating, and we teamed up with cadillac to bring you the best of the producer's guild awards. >> i really feel hilike we have place in the community. >> margo was nominated for producer on "i-tonya." >> the stars showed up for the producers who dared greatly to bring their performances to life. >> i love stepping into the unknown. that's what producers do. >> reese is fantastic. i've grown to really love her. >> and she told us, taking on that project was one of the b d boldest moves of her career.
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find aahs and oos in every fresh bottle of herbal essences bio:renew. let life in. welcome back, everybody. now reality star mama june is back with another season of "from not to hot" after losing 300 pounds with weight watchers. >> you have to give her props for that. >> that's a crazy amount of weight. >> absolutely. here's the question. is she putting that weight back on? that's one of the things we found out here on facebook. we had three questions for momma june. >> we have seen you go through this journey. you gained a little bit weight back. >> about ten pounds over the last year and a half. ten pounds, that's to me not bad. >> do you want to hit a certain number, do you want to lose more
12:29 am
we happy with where i'm at. i don't want to go over 170, so if i do go over that, i get on the scale two, three times a day. i know it's not about the numbers, but for me, it is. >> her other strategy, sleeping until 1:00 p.m. to skip breakfast. and she hasn't been shy about showing off her weight loss. that brings us to question two. would you pose nude is >> i was offered $1 million to do a porno and i said negative. >> ever offered to pose nude? >> a few times, but i said negative. i have kids and i don't think i have like the perfect body. >> this season, june is prepping to be in a beauty pageant, which had us wondering -- >> would you ever do da"dancing with the stars?" >> it's been talked about, but i ain't got no rhythm. >> abby lee miller, look at this
12:30 am
photo of her in prison. she looks amazing. >> she does. >> you wouldn't think she has much to smile about. >> she's scheduled to be released next month, but she said no date has been confirmed. and we talk about her losing a lot of weight, 100 pounds since she's been behind bars. >> you can really see the difference. look at her before and now. >> she did have gastric surgery before she went in. not just prison food, everybody. >> let's talk about another reality star now from "the bachelorette." peter was widely considered to be a shoe-in. but he said he turned down the offer. what? he's actually having his own bachelor experience off camera back in wisconsin. >> are you dating anyone? >> not technically. >> what does that mean? >> i've started to date.
12:31 am
>> it has to be weird to watch the show and think at one point that was going to be me. >> i was watching the first episode and they got becka some shoes. i'm a shoe guy. >> so where can we get more of peteer? not on the upcoming "bachelor winter games." >> they didn't choose me. >> it was offered to you? >> at one point. i said yeah, i would probably be interested. >> do you think they said no because they want you to come back some daysome >> they know where i stand. maybe not right now. >> maybe in the future? >> maybe, possibly. it's always possible. i don't want to rule out anything 100%. >> for now, the best place to soak in the peter eye andy is on instagram.
12:32 am
if you ever meet him in person, maybe you skip the gifts. >> hand made shirts, food always worries me a little bit. up next, why super bowl halftime performer justin timberlake is ready to give some stylists -- >> we have his parent confessions with jessica biel. an loo jolie, jennifer aniston, what one of hollywood's divorce attorneys are telling us. the
12:33 am
12:34 am
are you ready for the super bowl? >> i'm getting there, i'm getting there. as soon as we get through tonight, i'll buckle down and start zoning in on what we're going do. >> no pressure, j.t. just the single biggest show of
12:35 am
you life. >> and it happens next weekend, buddy. >> but right now, we have justin talking about one of his biggest j jo joys, talking about his plans to expand the family and being a parent. ♪ >> everybody tells me oh, your life is going to change. yeah, whatever. i got it. my wife and i, we have a night off and we get into bed and we just watch a movie or something. it's like, what did we do before this? i've never felt more inept in my life. my 3-year-old is already running the house. >> you've seen over the years that justin and jessica's approach to parenting comes with a healthy dose of sep de self-deprecating humor. >> i love you, but i don't know if i like you.
12:36 am
>> and they want to make silas a big brother. >> i want to have as many as we can. if i'm being honest. >> for now, he's focusing on music. "man of the woods" drops february 2. and then he takes on the super bowl halftime show. ♪ >> he was like, so real. and i was like, man, twhawhen tr kicks in. >> it may or may not be my wife. >> justin said they know that she's credited on the album. >> she gets all the points, bro. are you married? s
12:37 am
>> that's right, j.t., a lot of wisdom in that. let's talk about the couple of s.a.g. awards. lots of love going on there, and a night for sweet reflection as the stars share how they first met. >> we were in the same dorm freshman year, sneaking into a theater and watching you audition for "come and gone." and i was mesmerized. you were 18 years old, and the things that this man could do at 18, he got on the stage and like was joe turner. he was 18. >> their parallel lives play like a "this is us" plot line. >> our parents went to rival high schools, we were born in the same hospital. so it's just crazy. we were just homeys before anything else. and then it grew. >> the theater is the decor of
12:38 am
our relationship. >> theater also brought together william and felicity. >> we share each other's script. we critique each other. it's not a good idea for most people. >> it depends on the marriage. >> it could be world war iii, but for us. felicity huffman, i love you so much. >> the stage here is where steve karel met nancy. >> i was a student in a class he was speaking at. i was 27, though. >> and i was 31. so it wasn't weird. and it continues to be hot. but for some s.a.g. awards couples, a random run-in started it all. >> we met in the lobby of a hotel. he was walking in the lobby and i was having dinner. >> i love you, baby. i love you. >> we met when we were 20 at a hockey game. he walked by with a hockey
12:39 am
remark. i was like, what a sarcastic guy, never. now look at us. >> i bought her a hot dog and beer and that was it. >> they've all been together for these ten years. >> that's an eternity in hollywood. we all know how relationships can sour, and when they do, stars turn to one woman, let's just call her hollywood's go-to divorce lawyer. >> if you're seen having lunch with her, it's a bad sign. >> she's earned the title disso queen, as in dissolution of marriage. >> we will usually send somebody down there by the end of the day, rather than on a monday. >> she also admits she sometimes
12:40 am
files several high profile cases at the same time. >> i have held on to certain filings so that we can dilute the media frenzy so my clients can have a little peace through a jenny crappy experience. >> and she says she's seen plenty of exes behaving badly. >> i had a case where the couple had so much animosity, that when the husband moved out of the house and the wife got to keep the house, he had taken dead fish, dirt, and cigarette butts and put them in the vents. >> she charges $850 an hour and requires a $25,000 retainer. but she's launched a new site, it's it offers free advice and online divorces starting at $750. >> particularly the millennial generation loves doing things
12:41 am
online. they shop online, they bank and date online, so why not divorced online? coming up, fried fpride for. the preaward shows press. >> long night. >> our s.a.g. award fashion rewind with the winner. then, news from chip and joanna. >> what would we do without you, regina? >> mommy. >> closed captioning provided by sh
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12:45 am
meryl in mind. she even named the character mary louise after streep's real name. after nicole kidman reached out, streep was in. and neil diamond's condition forces him to retire from touring. he announced he has parkinson's disease and has to cancel his tour. he says, this ride has been so good, so good, so good, thanks to you. he will continue to write and record. number three, elton john's stunning announcement, his next tour will be his last, because the kids come first. >> i hate being away from my boys. >> he says his two sons with his husband have changed the entire trajectory of the rocketman's orbit. >> don't expect the 70-year-old worth an estimated $500 million, to go out quietly. >> i want it to be the best show ever. >> number two, new shots fired in the war between megyn kelly
12:46 am
and jane fonda. >> megyn kelly is slamming jane fonda. >> the megyn-jane feud was starked by this moment back in september. >> i love that you said you felt not proud about work you had done. >> we really want to talk about that? >> i was just stunned. so inappropriate. >> megyn fired back monday. >> i have no rexwret grets abou question. nor am i in the market for a lesson from jane fonda on what is and isn't appropriate. and number one -- >> i'm out of ptsd. >> that's billy bush wednesday in hollywood. he said he's focusing on rebuilding his career and says he's ready to move on from that infamous recording scandal. >> happy i've learned what i learned and the worst is behind me. >> as for matt lauer's life after "today," he and his wife have been spending time at their force farm, amid a report claiming she had kicked him out of their hamptons mansion.
12:47 am
now awards season is really in overdrive right now with the grammies this weekend, the oscars in march and we're still basking in the glow of last sunday. >> oh much eemotion, and one shocked cast from "this is us." >> that's what i'm talking about. >> "this sus." >> you guyed looked so incredibly shocked. >> we looked around at each other, and we were like, this is happening. i totally ripped my jacket. i think i sweated through my shirt. i know. >> in a thrilling upset "this is us" beat out "game of thrones" and sterling k. brown made history. sterling became the first african-american in the 24-year
12:48 am
history of the s.a.g. awards to win best actor in a drama series and was in tears backstage. >> oh, man. >> i want to especially say thank you to the incredible cast i work with. >> lonny davis hit the dance floor with the cast from "blackish." >> for the record, y'all, that wasn't alcohol. i'm just elated is all. >> turns out blue is the lucky color for the ladies of "this is us," as we break down the s.a.g. awards fashion. >> dress, how many did you try and did you know this was the one? >> i tried on a lot, but this is the second dress i tried on. i knew when i saw it hanging on the rack. >> my dress is my favorite line. it covers a little bit of my
12:49 am
stomach after three children, and it matches. it's so great. >> a warrior shaman kind of thing. >> i think we tried on maybe two dresses a week, and knew it was this one. >> tell me a secret about it. >> it's no secret that i can't really walk in it, but it's nice. >> how do the stars prepare to walk the red carpet? >> this is my dinner. this is how i prepare. >> oh, yeah, i had some french fries. i had to curve up. >> it took ten people 100 hours to hand broader the sequins and the crystals. kristen bell instagramed a shot of her hair extensions, and she changed into thee different
12:50 am
black dresses. sparkle was a trend. so were feathers and capes. as for other fashion secrets -- >> it's custom ralph loren. it was supposed to be a dress, but i like to move, and they were so nice to make some pants for me. i have this big bow, so why not be a little extra? >> i am legitimately sewn into my dress right now. it took multiple hands to get in. when this is done and we go to grab burgers, i have to be out of this. but if i eat the burger with the dress on, i may not need help. >> when your girlfriend has abs like that, why is blake kissing somebody else. >> and luke bryan and buddy blake. >> and how is kelly clarkson holding up with the veteran judges. >> and alicia keys breaks down her voice coach's antics.
12:51 am
>> like the secret villain.
12:52 am
12:53 am
hey, blake shelton hitting the beach in mexico with his lady and amazing abs. luke was there because shelton
12:54 am
has his concert event. and "e.t." went south of the border, too. ♪ >> this feels like a vacation. obviously i'm down here working. but i'm having a blast. >> work hard, bla haplay hard. luke wearing this wig and taking a dig at blake's love of hairstyle. and seeing these best bros perform were their wives. gwenn even got on stage at one point. to help close out the soldout, four-day concert event. >> my perfect vacation is a lot of family, just as long as we're together having fun. if i can run into blake shelton on a beach during my vacation, it doesn't mess it upmost of the time. >> these guys are super tight, so it's no surprise that even
12:55 am
though they'll go head to head starting in march, blake is still looking out for his buddy of over a decade. >> he was real positive. he just told me it's a whole other deal for your career. you don't even realize you're going to touch another segment of audience out there. >> blake even helped him negotiate his $13 million payday from "idol." but luke knows what he would do if he walked away from show business. >> i would be working at my dad's fertilizer mill and peanut mill. alicia keys talking about what's going won "the idol" alum behind the scenes. >> how is kelly clarkson holding up with the veteran judges? >> i'm not a veteran yet. we know that adam and blake is like super ingratiated veterans.
12:56 am
>> i love this show. >> he had he out there cracking up the entire time. >> do you feel like gwenn has made blake melo out a little bit with the competitiveness? >> no, no one can save him. he's crazy, right until the end. it's at the end that he starts to become this secret villain. >> we're calling alicia our secret weapon for all things going on behind the scenes on "the voice," including adam, expecting baby number two. >> have you given him advice? >> it's definitely harder. but they love each other so much. i have a feeling there might be baby number ten at some point.
12:57 am
>> season 14 returns february 26th. alicia's mentor is shawn mendez. ♪ >> i heard a rumor that you may be working with miles horen on a collaboration. true? >> it depends. we hang out all the time, and we're always like, we should write a song, and we just end up hanging out. still to come, bad moms at their best. the outtakes never seen until now. then, the strangest celebrity pets. >> they sleep on the couch like a bad boyfriend. >> plus, which emmy winner has a backyard full of lemurs. >> he is driving a truck. >> first, this weekend in the
12:58 am
"entertainment tonight" birthdays, which "lord of the rings" star got his big break in an paula abdul individual jvide? the oscars are a little over a month away, and we teamed up with jason kenny to help you throw the perfect awards show viewing party. >> it is the one stop shopping destination full of affordable things that are perfect to host an epic award show viewing party. you're going for home decor and you get distracted by it's friday, i'm in love shirt for your niece. so much here. first thing's first. every viewing party needs a signature cocktail. i love this pineapple tumbler. we're all about metallics. this makes a great center piece. you can put food in it and it's
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fancy. >> and finally, how fabulous is this luxurious velvet so you can wrap it around you when the show starts? all of these are available from the jcpenney loam collection, along anything else you might need. it's awards season. cheers. >> i'm never leaving. i'm just going to stay here. hello. i accept i don't conquer the mountain like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but whatever trail i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily...
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welcome back, everybody. season five of "fixer upper" is the last one for chip and joanne. >> we're pulled about it, but for a couple expecting their fifth child, there's a lot to celebrate. >> no doubt about that, including the latest special guest, first lady laura bush. >> she is driving a truck. today, i'm taking the girls tree shopping, but we're going to a special tree farm. >> hey, everybody. >> hi, joanna. >> today we're at the former president george bush and mrs. bush's ranch. glad you're here at our tree farm. >> you're walking down the rows of all these trees. it was one of those moments i'll never forget. >> a couple of kids have been on the show since the beginning. >> we're the prototypical american family, hardworking but not really the silver spoon in your mouth type. >> their son gets down and dirty
1:03 am
with their dad. >> what is today? >> you got it. >> what do you think, yes or no? >> no. >> it's kind of impossible. >> expecting their fifth child, they said having more family is one reason they're stepping away from "fixer upper." >> when you think about raising a family, it gets complicated. you have all of these things mixed in with these cameras and lights and audio equipment. it just felt right for us to take a time-out, step back, and see if we couldn't catch our breath and see what's next. >> thank you all for coming out. >> they're also opening a new restaurant very soon, and in addition to raising four kids and one on the way, they are spending time on their 40 acre farm with the animals. >> and speaking of the animals,
1:04 am
hollywood loves having dogs, cats and any two or four-legged families. here are the proud stars showing off their bizarre pets. >> what would you do without you, regina? >> getting over 97,000 likes. >> i'm surprised that people were into the chicken walking, but we're waiting for her to lay soon. maybe we'll have eggs this week. >> also raising chickens, kelly clarkson. reese witherspoon once full named honky and tonky.o >> to learn about animals and kindness and compassion. >> torrey spelling she picked up a pigst year.
1:05 am
george clooney had no kids, but he kicked the trend. 17 years a home in l.a. >> you can't it to italy. also is miley cyrus' named pig. >> the pig in the he house, pig sleeps on the couch like a bad boyfriend. >> among the strangest pets ever is nicole richie's bearded dragon. the mom of two explained her choice on "ellen." >> this was for my son. i'm not a bearded dragon type of gal. technically he should be taking care of it, but he's at school. >> and she just gave speedy his first bath, celebrating the milestone by dancing. >> the look on his face wn


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