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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 2, 2018 5:00am-5:25am EST

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new knorr one skillet meals don't just eat, discover. >> we countdown the final hours to kick off. >> from eagles to chicken live at the wing bowl where birds of a feather are flocking together and what's quickly becoming a giant pep rally. >> storm scan3 falling in our area, katie is here to tell us when it will clear up. >> today is friday being february 2nd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie will be along in a moment with more on this morning's weather. first, meisha is live at us bank stadium we just saw at minneapolis, home of is super
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bowl lii. and meisha the excitement is building. >> good morning, you guys, and i got to say, tgif for real this time, the game just around the corner and outside of us bank stadium which we are talking about, this, you can see, how cold it probably looks here, than is probably since i've been here, i got in apply the colds he is day so far. i think somewhere around minus ten, not including windchills, i don't know what it is feeling like, but in minneapolis, excited but it is freezing cold. you never get used to there is i don't care how many years, you never get used to this. >> my goodness, i can see your breath before your very fares there, meisha. those hands warmers really will hook you up. >> i got them. >> definitely chilly here too, starting to see the temperature drop off with time
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as well. that will means, there will likely be some slick spots, we show you storm scan in a closer zoom in a second here, but as of the boardwalk plaza, obviously, the rain has cents been falling here coming down steadily. that means, you will get slowed down by rain, maybe turning over to icing and some snow, and the rain and snow have wrapped up as it has already, in the north and western counties, still have the after aftermath, cuddling and the damp roads that could be slicking over for you. so here is just a snapshot with the tri-state of the radar, finding the transition taking place, cold air wrapping in. good thing i suppose the snow is no longer falling in these counties,. >> but do you have worry about the aftermath. see the temperatures beginning to drop off. poke necessary in the teens already, we'll level off in the city to the upper 20's with time today. so at best, this afternoon, in the 20's, chilly afternoon, at least the skies will begin to
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clear, looking somewhat slick out there already, and until this front gets out of here and temperatures have a chance it rebound the slick travel is a possibility, guys? >> thank you so much, katie. taking a look at traffic, let's look at the maps. there are two accident in new castle county, delaware, 95 southbound past route 202, no injuries here. the other accident is on basin road at route 13 dupont highway. no injuries reported there as well. >> so check thought amazing work of art in today's inquirer and daily news, they've done a star wars theme edition with nick foles clearly front and center. it says episode 52. new hope. eagles versus the empire. we're told sterling graphic artist at the paper came up with the idea. i have to say very clever. nice work there. >> eagles, e-a-g-l-e-s punk up
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>> looks like the breakdown on all of the flight landing right now in minneapolis, 15% are from philly, only 10% are from boston. >> and if you haven't felt it before, you have to be feeling the eagles fever now as you feel it and see it, antis payings is flying high there in minnesota as well as here in fill. >> i meisha covering the excite sitement in minneapolis all week, she is at the place all eyes will be on this sunday, us bank stadium. hey, meisha? >> reporter: hi, guys, good morning, not only are we feeling the eagles fever, but also feeling the windchill. i can tell you right now, for all of our philly peeps coming in from philly who maybe have never been here, this is going to be a rude awakening, not a very warm welcome in terms of weather, but certainly a warm welcome with the excitement here. it is brewing. so yes, we're standing right outside of us bank stadium. of course, minnesota, minneapolis, hosting the super bowl this year. this isn't the first time they've actually hosted the super bowl.
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they actually did back in 1992 , as well. but not just about geographic location and us bank stadium, it is all about the players and how they're feeling gearing up to the big game now right around the corner, sport director, don bell, talk to them how they're preparing for the big game. take a look. >> good news for the patriots. >> barak tig cents with new england thursday, now, we show you some video from when the eagles hit the fields at the university of minnesota. no doubt they'll prepare for rob with a five time pro-bowler and one of the biggest threats in football. co-draw coverage from malcolm jenkins who has a lot of defense. >> to be able to put guys in a place, and manpulate a defense as i see fit based on my preparation, based o see. i don't think that was taken
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so prepare. basically every week. make sure that i put teammates e best possible situation have a l malcolm's teammate, chris long nfl playerse some association action last night they tweeted he won the byron whiz err white community mvp awards. as we've beenear' salary to clarity. long says when talking a discipe key in chasing tom brady. >> tom does great job of quick. they've got seven man protection, that's what do. you might get a hands-on t i'ven lucky enough to make a big play this year, some of those games, k frustrated because you can't get there, something, and you got to wait for theppone time too many, or,u know, and that's just everybody, just sticking to the game p much.
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so if you get outside yourself , that's how they hurt you. no longer have media obligations for the rest of their time here inthat is not ue game. with the team, heren bloomington, minnesota, don bell, cbs >> ever since the eagles dominated the all sites set on coming to minneapolis, coming to us bank lombardi trophy, i think that's a build-upfierceere in tn only imagine what the players are guys it is just hours away now, this is what it lot of hype with good reason. you guys i cancited to see whatn sunday, almost trumps evhi about now soy close to the game, byofhe players out there g so much for charity by the way , work.
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>> agreed. thanks, meisha. >> another big game gets but involves eagles fans and lots of chicken wings. >> fans will get down and dirty, as t-to-ad in the wing b. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, joins us live from the wells fargoompetition, what will definitely be a huge learly dressed for the occasion in your eagles attire. >> oh, yes, half myeagles so i'y actually get to off with this awesome run. already crazy hereinto fill in already, and unclees out. i want to zoom in on this guy. look, jim, you have some competitio suit. >> some gentleman is wearing your eagles suit. so we have to do it, who w here. well dressed man over in the stands over there. but in addition the
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largest super bowl eagles rally ever, a take a look. this is video of p in haddon township preparing the 10,000 wings that will be neede over 400,after year, the 26th d some of the competitors, getting close to that 500. wondg this year if the 500 mark over here. i want to take you over to wip morning team, already here, already broadcasting getting the crowd really hyped up. >> few competitors walking around, mow train actually stopped by and talked to us about how he came up with his name. take a listen.
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>> get that's how my burst out here, you know, the way it gets started and doesn't stop. today no one stops. >> season competitor, he says this year is his year, just like this year is the eagles year. but for now, live from the wells fargo center, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," back to you guys. >> he makes a point. >> trang, did you tell him you call yourself trang trang, get on the trang trang? >> the trang train, that's right. >> maybe you should do it, maybe you should compete, trang. >> thank you. >> you know? not as young as i used to be. >> please. thanks, trang. >> well, "eyewitness news" is celebrating the eagles and getting ready for the big game join us today on cbs-3 for a big one more win line up starting with a special edition of "eyewitness news" at 4:00 followed by " eyewitness news" at 5:00 and 6:00. then special one more win fanfest edition of "eyewitness news." that's taking place at 7:00
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p.m. >> and then sunday night the we will be live, here on cbs 3 , we'll bring you live postgame reaction from coach doug pederson and the players, also front row seat as fans react in philadelphia, and the entire region as the eagles and "eyewitness news" on super bowl sunday all here on cbs-3. >> up next show you the philly landmark changing its name so it is clear who they're rooting for this sunday. >> also ahead: doug pederson talking about his favorite dessert. the eagles coach known for his love of one sweet treat in particular. we'll tell you what it is. >> local church helping parishioners answer their prayers and rooting for the eagles at the same time. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> better get this party started ♪ yes, w are ready to gt the party started. monday get here. eagles win parade. the national anthem, one thing you can betbo. we'll tell you other wacky bets you can make. pretty crazy.>> ♪
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house intelligence committee fbiby nunes, alleges and justice department took place in the investigation
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into possible ties betweena ande trump campaign. >> now, pray to the good lords that the president or hisot move on bob mueller, does not try to remove in anyway shape or form. t indictment on our institutions cents of our justice system, thf >> justice department has lobbied the president to stop the release, saying it, could harm nasa public. >> well, today is groundhog day, that means, crazy fun punxsutawney. a live picture right now of the gobblers knob. look at this hat this man is wearing. i need to wear that. ourister takes wtaj is out there covering it, just about two hours away punxsutawney phil's annual wet he prediction, if phil sees his winr. i love this hat. i need it. >> he's working it, i know is. >> i need to go on amazon. we'll check b this.
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but look, it has -- >> you know who that is? w>> that is chief meteorologist , joe mergo of state>> oh, you got to give him credit, katie. he's doing what he has tob. >> ya, ya. >> let me understand this correctly, katie,out this. >> all right, chief meteorologist is ready pa joe. >> so, overwhelmingly, based rei has seen his shadow meaning early snow, meaning winter. >> sees had i shadow, more earl. >> he's overwhelmingly seen his shadow i he's overwhelmingln other words, 103 different times, predicted more winter. so, so no surprise. >> no surprise exactly. but here is the thing, the
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frontal bounderythrough, basica. cloud cover left back over finding some wet weather rolling on through here currently. >> i don't think you'll see accumulation of snow, because it is movg quick. here you look over western pa, lingering flurries flying ayarou be clear just in time for sunrise in punxsutawneybut bringing it bace locally, we've got impact to talk bwhatooks like a traffic light. start off this morning with a red light traffic, slow snow may be leaving, but will likely be slick in it wake. getting reports of may link they are afternoon, simply, because the temperatures d to refreeze. so still looks damp. assume it is slick. thisyour morning
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temperature, snowfall up by rain on super bow see rain again as early as wednesday, guys? >> all right, >> now for look at newspaper headlines. >> from times, man who shot a police officer in the name every isis found guiltyderesnd aggravated assault charges. lasts january, edward archer ambushed officerrtnett, as hartn his police car in west il >> tom wolf allocating it, insect first funds no berks county 2014,. >> from the trentonian, trenton onld owned philanthropic foundation, handed out $100,000 in grant non-profit. the foundation was set up in 2016 after they
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won 429 million-dollar powerball jackpot. around the delaware and lehigh valley, we'll be right back.
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>> welshing check out ben franklin a's rendition of grader performing non-stop since the eagles won the nfc, i from her orchestra teacher, the. eagles fans are finding unique ways to show offair check out connor fifth grader from havertown, and also the nephew of producer, vince. he goss the eagles logo painted ohe head, and hair green, just in time for his pep rally at his school today this proud pooch,
5:23 am
this is bug a lou, bulldog puppy showing off eagles pride, thanks to maria in northeast philly for sharing this picture with us. philly -- billy penn isn't getting dressed up over at lasalle, this wearing eagles gear, university having pep rally on campus todayt studd staff to war their eagles gear to cheer on their team. >> and check this outhill phanay green, but now he's rocking his underdog cents mashe picturn their instagram with the caption: who is ready for sunday? th eagles fly. >> and if you're up and at it for the eagles, show us your picturesre using #cbs3, also connect with us on line at one super super bowl sunday coming up forehead coach dougerso >> his love for football runs deep but so does his love for i'llream. treat to you some ice cream. check out this video, again,
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treat to you ice cream. i'll treat to you some ice cream. >> now, peterson you mayñ oldo celebrate the birds shared this funny video on twitter, ending team to hurry up and finish so they can eat some ice cream. >> lan you tell? e justyou tell? i kind of came up with just a saying, just a phrase, we serve ice creams at our snack, night before the game, and i and i don't want to stay in that team meeting too long because it is over there, over there >> priorities. we learned that peterson lovers vanilla ice cream and bat with it. >> well the eagle boom for local businesses, employees at the fresh worksnlammed since the nfc championship game almost two weeks ago, the owner says he's only excepting pre orders for super bowl sunday so cae give his
5:25 am
employees time to cheer on on the birds. he says it is the busiest super seasons. >> when it comes to eagles pre,dmk being called eagles king of steaks in honor of the birds. owner haveplacing the iconic pas sign to this illuminated one the sign will stay up. >> so, eagles fans are keeping the case, many are praying for the divine. >> you'll hear sunday morning inside of our lord power i shall in rhawnhurst, lights insiderelso t that's the look for this time of year. sunday morning.cents eagles >> everyone has high spirits, this is like a grea, to be a philadelphia and, so catching that spirit at mass is
5:26 am
important, and praying with that spirit always good. >> we hear there will be aso yos you want at the tv during the game and it won't hurt monday thatendition every on eagles wins, guess joe.s playing the org snap >> that was joe holden. coming up in the next half hour remember the airline posteraro inning err who wanted to bring . >> one airline rethinking their policy. details and live report from wall jan? >> reporter: philadelphia is showing off its eagles pride. we're althisec morning. and i'm jan carabeo reporting live. coming up we'll show y is prepar super bowl sunday, show you what pla hall, now going viral. meisha? >> reporter: welanive outside of us bank stadium in minneapolis , as we gear the big game super bowl lii this sunday.
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we will be talkingng for the big game also we will be talking a little bit about our mascot. stay right y cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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katie and meish just a moment. first what you need to start your day in the morning minute today is friday, february 2nd. it is already a huge party here at the wells fargo center soon, this will be filled with some 20,000 people, ahead of super bowl. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. agles fans starting to descends upon this whole area. because they're in all ofns is their eagles gear. big question: who do you goinge super bowl? >> oh, come oh, comld i come all the way from pennsylvania to here in the eaer eagles! he president trump has decided decade old tradition of sitting down to do an inw


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