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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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story, guys. and, imagine, living right across the street from a family who is rooting for the wrong team. neighbor verse neighbor i'm greg argos in riverside, new jersey where one family is supporting the eagles, their neighbors across the street, he is a patriots fan. the big question is are these two families even friends. and it is just cold right now but we are tracking a storm that will get here just in time for super bowl sunday so could we be talking about super bowl snow? i'll tell you which areas have best chance to see it, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. it is 6:00 o'clock straight up and the stage is set, for super bowl, 52. this is u.s. bank stadium where the eagles will take on patriots, for the nfl crown.
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come sunday night, this joint will be rocking. and we will be rocking, here in philadelphia, super bowl weekend, yes, it has arrived i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer we're here in philadelphia. >> hi guys i'm jessica dean coming to you live from minneapolis we're in the middle of all of the festivities, we made it, it is friday, it is 6:00 o'clock, we are cruising right on into super bowl sunday. we will do it right along with you. we will be having all kinds of fun for the next, half an hour , guys. minneapolis is just swelling in population and a lot of these people happen to be wearing eagles green, which, we love to see. people are leaving the airport today, they were ready to get here, to minneapolis, and once they landed they were easy to spot as well because they were wearing their eagles green, so , no matter which end of the airport you are there or checking them out on you can see those eagles fans because they are easy to spot and now
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they are making their way here to downtown minneapolis, we toss todd several people, throughout the day and they feel good, they are excited, it is like it is finally clicking in that this is all really happening, and i have covered a lot of events in my time at cbs-3, the dnc, rnc, the pope, we have gone to rome with the pope, this is a big operation. this is quite an operation and this has an incredible amount of energy around it. to that are end i want to send you to another part of the convention center where sports director don bell, standing by , you have been with the players all week. they are now hyper focused on sunday and looking forward to the big game, while we're all here. >> yes, it is that time to turn the page this week. guys are focused and dialed in as you said. now do i want to talk about the new england patriots because the term it ain't over until it is overcomes to mind. last year in the super bowl they trailed 28-three. they came back and beat
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atlanta falcons in overtime who was on that team? lagarrette blount the starting running back for the eagles and, of course, he has been practicing all week to take on his old team a team he won two super bowl was and he knows patriots are resilient and they play a full four quarters and he told us exactly what it will take in order to get the w. >> you have to get out there and you have to play your game you have to go out there and play as much as a perfect game you can possibly play. they don't make mistakes. it is a team you have to play for the whole 60 minutes. >> when we talked to lagarrette this week he said his former teammates used to be his friends are no longer his friends. they are not homeies, they are not friends they are enemies for at least a few more days.
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now lets send it over to pat gallen in minneapolis a special part of town i hear chasing down some food, bro? take it away,pa it, don always looking for good culinyadventurd to eat. we are here at frank from philly where we showed you earlier, how this place came to be. here's antonio gambino running like a mad man with a phillies hat on. >> it is a busy, crazy day. >> before you get cook thank grill because we want to see that heating up. i'm hungry. i need a fresh stake. >> your family is from the delaware valley. >> yes, sir. >> came out to minneapolis, about 20 years ago is that right. >> that is right, 1994. >> and now this place is what you built. >> that is right, that is right. >> this rivals, i think in good cheese stake place in philadelphia. tell us bit. tell butts place. >> you know, we're frank from philly, andre a's piss, we came out here, wanted to show philly love and show how a real cheese stake is done and
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match, you know, intensity and experience, very important to us. so, you know, i think we did a good job. people love us. people from philly find us and we are here. >> this is a big week not only because you are an eagles fan but because so many eagles fans are coming here and because omar, business are omar. >> omar. >> you are, of course. >> let me separate you two. omar fridays boston. he is a huge patriots fan. omar, how is that possible. >> first i had to park my car. >> what was the question. >> you are a patriots fan. question is, why are you a patriots fan. >> i i am because by birth i am a winner and we breed winners all over new england. >> get on it of here. >> get out of my face, omar. >> you were not supposed to come to work for two weeks. >> are you feeling it for sunday. >> i'm feeling it. it is all here.
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every time i replay the beat down, in philly of minnesota. >> yes. >> it just feels like our year , dude. we are most physical team in football. >> i love it. >> pretty boy tom brady cannot handle it. >> all philly here in minneapolis, dude, i'm hungry, brother. we're cooking it up here, it is warm back here but jessica, we are being fed and that is what it is all about especially with a bunch of eagles fans. you know how it will be. coming up, i actually got a chance to go one on one with the, one and only, kevin hart, you know, philly's own. >> i like our chances. >> 83 percent. >> i like our chance is how do you get 83-six what happens in the end. >> so they is kevin hart see him coming up in our special at 7:00. we will move on to another establishment, jessica, wow we have to catch our breath out here in minneapolis, it is
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non-stop. >> you are busy, pat gallen. you guys get to your next location we will check with you in a little bit. exited to hear from kevin hart as well. in the meantime, i want to take everybody back to riverside, new jersey. that is because, some neighbors have kind of turned themselves into dueling neighbors with their loyalty for patriots and eagles taking center stage, greg argos is there, live with more on this, greg. >> and joe's call said it. we are deep in eagles country. and take a look right here. this is it. look at all of these folks. this is one neighborhood in riverside and they have it decked out a full football field, tons of fans, but walk with me over here. lets cross the street. the priots fans just across the street, they have their home decked out and it really is, a battle of the neighors. it is an eagles way of keeping
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up with the joneses. >> my neighbors are patriots fans. they saw me putting up green lights so they started to challenging me. despite their nfl preferences. >> eag eagles fans. >> reporter: i was born in massachusetts so i have been a patriots fan my whole life. >> they are actually friends and neighbors trying trying to out due each other with their devotion to their super bowl bound teams. >> this is a fun thing. we made it fun. we tried to keep going back and forth. >> we're having a friendly competition between me and my neighbor. >> reporter: after todd put up green lights hatfields sat belichick on their bench. out came a custom eagles helmet cut from wood followed by brady and gronkowski cut out. he built a football field but darryl hatfield had one last dig, five rings, one for each patriots super bowl win hanging from his fence. >> i have one extra one that will go up late sunday night. >> reporter: he says that will not happen. >> this is one of the best teams i have seen.
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her hungry. they will bring this trophy back down broad street. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: back here live, guys you can see fun, these are neighbors, friends so everyone is really excited about the game this weekend. you can see how this neighborhood has come together as they are cheering on the eagles, this sunday. i'm live here from riverside, new jersey, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, greg, tell everybody hi, thanks very much >> just a little bit i will introduce to you a berks county man with a special particular reason that he is rooting for the patriots this weekend, ukee and nicole i'll explain that in a little bit. rooting for patriots. >> that is a sad little group on the other side. >> all those people, yes, that was it. >> thanks, appreciate it. we are getting close. >> so close, ukee. coming up your way tonight at 7:00 a special fan fest addition of "eyewitness news" live from chickie and pete's
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that means i got to get going because i will take the train down. >> you are. >> i will hang out with the peeps you saw story anita oh did earlier about mitchell and ness. thanks, deaf. >> you are all set. >> fly eagles fly, on the road to vick try fight, eagles fight, score a touchdown one, two, three. hit them low, watch our eagles fly. fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. i am going to take the train, broad street line, we will join you from chickie and pete 's, we're ready to go. i haven't been on a train so long. >> yes, in so long. >> i used to ride that train when it was t ptc. >> philadelphia trains corporation. >> no. >> that is when the fair was 25 cents back in the day. >> all right i'm out. see you at 7:00. join us when we have a
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newscast to finish. >> i will take over from here, you represent, yes. >> get the party started. >> quick chant while you go. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> peace out. >> give it up. >> and make sure you stay with "eyewitness news" so you can get fired up for super bowl lii our fan fest special, coming your way, tonight at 7:00. and then sunday night we will be live on the air right here on cbs-3 the moment the super bowl end to bring you live powe game comments from coach peterson and the players and give you a front row seat as fans react at locations all throughout philadelphia and the entire region the eagles, and "eyewitness news", sunday night, wow. we're getting there, kate. >> ukee's out the door, it is crazy, we are watching possibility of wintry weather right, on super bowl sunday. tell us about that. >> well, it looks like mostly rain for most of us but we are
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tracking the chance that this next system we see out here over planes could bring us a little snow to parts of the area. we will tell you if it will impact your plans coming up.
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who did their part to spread that eagles, spirit, the pep rally had music, props and hundreds of excited fans and there is more young
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eagles fans, showing off their singing voice this is morning. students at meadow elementary in havertown gathered in the gym and it was their principal , who was, in their victory song, well done, guys. we will done, guys. we met up with one boyer town gentlemen here in town, and he is actually here from the philadelphia area, to cheer for the patriots and that is because his son, james devlin, plays for patriots. it is his third super bowl. so what is it like? having both eagles and son playing for the opposing team? here's what he had to say. >> it is your third super bowl to cheer on your son. >> my goodness. it is a whole other experience you know, seeing two of the best super bowl games in history, i think, and then coming to the third one here and helping him get back, it has been incredible. >> reporter: this year they are playing eagles which is a particular situation for you,
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as a philadelphian, tell me about that. >> well, we live in gilbertsville, pennsylvania just outside of philadelphia so we're eagles fans but blood runs thicker as they say. i will be rooting for the patriots. but if the eagles won i can't say that i wouldn't be happy somewhere deep down inside. >> reporter: what is it like for a father to watch their son play on the biggest sports stage in the world. >> it is your son but when watching the team you get wrapped up in the whole experience of watching a football game and you kind of lose track that he is your son out there playing on the field it is a pretty cool experience >> reporter: what are lessons you have learned now that this is third one, any wisdom you have for yourself. >> yeah, i have never seen him lose. you know, i'm two-zero. i really don't know what the feeling is to lose a super bowl. so right now, i'm riding a high at that point.
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but it is a win/win for me because in a way please don't show this to the patriots fans too but it would be a win/win for me either way. >> great to see this through a father's perspective. we have talk about the fans, and players and to be a father watching your son play is really something special, you guys and certainly not taking that for granted. i want to send it back to nicole and kate. >> i love to see that. >> great guy. >> we will be all watching, and wintry weather. >> as you head out tour super bowl watching destination we have to watch out for slick spots. lets get in the weather and start off on storm scan three where not a whole lot is going on. our storm impacting us on super bowl sunday in the infancy but it is gathering strength and moisture heading toward us over weekend. it will have cold air to work
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with but as that storm era approaches warm air will flood in the south and that could a change change over to rain. temperatures in the lower 20's when you factor in the wind it feels colder then that. feels like the teens and single digits outside. only nine right now in mount pocono and our low tonight a frigid 18 degrees. that doesn't sound frigid to our team in minneapolis but 18 is cold and it will feel like single digits. frigid start to saturday and then in the afternoon highs barely get above freezing. that is 10 degrees below average. dry day. nice day to get out and get your food, plan get everything ready for super bowl party because sunday features a little mess of messy weather. tomorrow sunny. cloud will start to get a bit in the afternoon and then watch what happens on sunday we will start the day at 6:00 a.m. with a little snow, north and west but as we head through afternoon that is when things start to get underway here. we have got pretty steady snow
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falling in the poconos and possibly lehigh valley around 2:00 p.m. already switched to rain in philadelphia and suburbs but if there are surfaces near freezing it could be ice at the on set freezing rain to start and then, it is a soaking rain. 4:00 p.m. still snow in the far north and western suburbs and then rain for all of us around kick off. this may be out by most of us by the time you head home from your super bowl watching party we are looking at mainly rain, south jersey, delaware, around a inch in the lehigh val which rain mix nothing, two to 4 inches for super bowl sunday in the poconos. you're witness weather seven day forecast just cold tomorrow, like we said that rain maker sunday snow for some to the northwest, and monday and tuesday as we all head back to work and school after an exciting weekend and everybody will be dragging monday morning seasonal with temperatures near 40 and another chance for rain maybe snow north and west, dragon or stay home all together. >> yes.
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>> don bell, he is out in minneapolis where bird are laser focused on a super bowl win, don. >> guys, zach ertz is having the best sees often his career he learned quite a bit from watching rob gronkowski of the patriots, he tells us all about it your heart doesn't only belong ♪to you. bye grandpa. and if you have heart failure,
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welcome back to minneapolis. play loose, have fun, enjoy the moment that is what doug pederson told eagles today during their final friday practice of the season. they had full participation in the obsession the defensive tackle tim journigan was on the field for first time this week, he has been out with an undisclosed illness. on sunday tight-end position will be in full focus, zach ertz had a poll season forbidder 74 catches, 870 plus yard and eight touchdowns.
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rob gronkowski is always a threat, five time pro bowler is the best in the business. ertz said he learned a lot by watching him. >> he is extremely physical, at the top of his route. he is able to use his body to to his advantage all the time, coming in the nfl, i was more on the slot receiver type of tight-end, i played hand in the dirt but my route running wasn't physical but watching him i think my game has grown in that regard. >> ertz and gronkowski two men to watch on super bowl sunday. i'm don bell in minnesota, more "eyewitness news"
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all right, guys, our ukee washington is on the move, he got on the subway at spring garden station just a few minutes ago, and now he is heading to chickie and pete's in south philadelphia all for our special fan fest addition of "eyewitness news" so get ready to get pumped up fan if he special only 30 minutes away right here on cbs-3 at 7:00. so stay tune and go bird. most importantly go bird. that will do it for me here in the cbs-3 studios, let's send it out one more time for jessica live in minneapolis. >> all right, nicole, thanks very much.
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as we close out this 6:00 o'clock addition of "eyewitness news" we are ever closer to super bowl lii and watching the eagles take on patriots right down the way at u.s. bank center. i have to tell you we are in this spot right now where we are talking to you but i can hear on the other side of the fan experience the eagles chant. so there are fans, there are many of them in the building, they are dressed in their green and they are ready to go they are ready for big weekend they are ready for a win f we have learn anything in the past half an hour it is that eagles fans are ready for eye win. we will celebrate. as nicole mention he had we have your special at 7:00. we hope you will tune in, celebrate, kick off weekend super bowl weekend it will be fun. in the meantime we are back here at 10 on the cw and at 11:00 on cbs-3. we will see you hopefully at7:0t bird.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ( bell ringing ) >> glor: the worst day for the dow in more than two years. also tonight, it's out-- the house intelligence chair releases a controversial memo alleging anti-trump bias. >> i think it's a disgrace. >> glor: an angry father lunges at larry nassar, who victimized his daughters. >> the squeezer-scrubber combination. >> glor: and steve hartman with a man who works minor miracles with major appliances. old ones, anyway. >> reporter: do you know how to turn this on? >> absolutely not. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening. it was a bad end to a


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