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tv   Eyewitness News One More Win  CBS  February 2, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> for the first time in 13 years from the eagles are headed for the super bowl. >> ♪ >> note note. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we're here to make philly proud. disrespect fuels us down ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> fists in the air, together, we won every game. they said but now we got one thing left to prove. >> ♪ >> ♪ with we hit the grounds
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♪ we're here to make philly proud ♪ down ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ underdogs ♪ underdogs ♪ underdogs time is now ♪ >> oh, the underdog's time is now. i made it to broad street line , brought me down, we are here live at chickie's and pete's'. one more win. one more win. this is our fanfest live at
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chickie's and pete's tonight. our live special. eagles! can i get an eagles chant? you ready? e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles >> that's what i'm talking about. a lot of sixers fans, here, game across the street. but it is all about the birds right now. follow me, follow me up here. we are going to talk to some of the folks, and it family, you are? >> from ash on grove. >> and introduce everybody really quick. >> my daughter kaylee, our friends testa and my wife, gwe n. >> come on, gwen, let's take this, this is what it is all about, the fans, the eagles have the best record home record because of what you're seeing right here. the fans, time out, here we go three, two, thank you much. all right. we got that. all right, let's move on down. we have a lot to show you and we're going to go upstairs, also. let me get right by you, jim.
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we'll go upstairs. because tori woodill is in the house. oh, one more win. and there is tori upstairs. all right. >> hey, you look good, that famous jacket, top notch. >> i'll be right up. >> i'll be right up. all right. you're on tv. one more win. are you ready? are you excited for the game? >> i'm very excited and we're going to win. >> enough said. enough said. >> parade -- >> don't talk about the parade yet. let's win sunday night. then we'll talk about the parade. thank you, dear. than is hey i'm brian from maryland, how are you doing. >> and who do you have here, your son? >> my nephew, brandon. >> brandon, good to see you. you ready? >> we're ready. today we're doing crab fries, tonight we'll trust the processer, the sixers game sunday, we will trust the eagles to bring one more win back to philadelphia. >> that's it, that's what all
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of the fans are talking about. all right. i'm going to grab a couple of my man's crab fries, now, while immune p on this i have to make my way up to see tori. so tori i send it right up to you right now. >> that's right, you know, you're going to need those crab fries for the walk up here. hey, look, everybody, a welcome to fanfest. this is what it is all about. we're live at chickie's and pete's' in south philly. and the energy here is absolutely electric. fans have come from all over to support our birds. but guess what? fans also flocked all the way in to minnesota so we got to check in with sports director don bell and the beautiful jessica dean, because guys, you got to tell me, can you feel it from philly down the to minnesota, can you feel it? can we feel it down from philly to minnesota right now, can we feel it? >> yeah! >> hi, everybody, jessica dean
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, don bell, we're ready, man. >> we are ready. by the way, we heard your eagles chant back at chickie's and pete's'. and we're going to beat t okay , on three. three, two, one e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> i like it. that was so smooth. >> we got people from delaware , from south jersey, from philly, we got people that can't help it. >> ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fight, fight, fight. fly eagles fly ♪ for a touchdown 123 ♪ hit them low ♪ hit them high ♪ watch our eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles else! >> that's it. >> we have fans here from minnesota. who are eagles fans, as well,
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and they're getting it after. so we're having great time. but our pat gallen also doing what he does. he caught up with a guy who loves the eagles. celebrity who everybody knows. pat gallen, joining us from a local brewery. pat, take it away. >> reporter: don, what's up, my man, at brewing company in minnesota, met eagles fans in the house. we're hanging out here, before i came here, though, i met up with the one and the only, the biggest eagles fan of all time maybe, kevin hart. >> i like our chances. >> i would say 83 to six probably like our chances in. >> i like our chances. >> take me into it, how do you get 83 to six? >> here is the thing, first we open all inch, on sidekick, we run that back. that's a touchdown. off the bat. >> okay. >> right off the bat. now, we do a fake on sidekick, where they set up to defends the on sidekick. we kick a real kick off, and then we end up recovering that
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, in the end zone. >> yes. >> touchdowns in the first 30 seconds of the game. >> quick role play. i'm tom brady. you're kevin hart. i walk up to you and i say i'm tom brady. >> salt in your eye. >> ya, that's it. >> okay. >> almost like that movie. >> love that move. >> i remember they crushed the astronaut. >> yes. >> like that. right before game time. ya. >> no, man, honestly, i would literally tell tom brady i am a fan, big on history, man, i love to see people implement themselves in history books, and you're looking at guy who has done it ever which way, doing it at this level, it is unbelievable,'s machine. just so happened to run into the eagles at the wrong time, all good things come to an end thank you, man. i appreciate philadelphia stand up i'm out here representing, as well. hey, philly, listen, i know how passionate we are about our team. okay? we got to do better at the
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games, people. i'm righting these wrongs, i made donations on behalf of our city to make things right for minneapolis. don't worry about. that will i'm handling. that will moving forward, after we get this super bowl win, we got to do better at these games. we got to make it for people to come to our games, okay, trust me, it will be better for our city in the longrun, i'm talking business, i'm talking the economy, i'm talking financial opportunities. people going to come, we got to have a situation where they come to, okay? better for us in the longrun, we got to do better. i handled this, i met with the people, i squashed it. all right? ann spoke on behalf of us, that's me all talking to you all, let's do better. we win the super bowl, don't act the fool. i don't want you all in these streets in do you know buggies again, the last time i hear about that mess. >> kevin hart is the best. you've got to love him. these guys are the best, too, out here at the brewing company. my man, alec, drove 18 hours from depford.
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are you crazy? >> yes, i'm crazy. i'm happy to be here. no place i would rather be than right here right now. cheering on the eagles. >> that beer has got to taste good? >> it tastes so good. so delicious. >> i know we're in viking country. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> sorry everyone, sorry. they're everywhere. they're everywhere in town. >> i thought you might finds some fans over there, pat. all right, tell them we said high. and we got some here, it was really in loving spirit that you dress up mary tyler moore statue in all green. >> absolutely. we had to avenge the rocky statue of what the vikings did to the mary tyler moore statue >> done lovingly? >> we love mary tyler moore. >> but i'm guessing she looked great in rockies gear? >> oh, absolutely. she did. >> and everybody loved it. they made an article out of us
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, from on the front page of the newspaper. but we needed to tell all of the sinking that we are very sorry that they lost, but we -- we feel their pain. >> some have come to be eagles fans, so we kim brace them for that. >> definitely all eagles fans. >> so great. >> we're passionate fans, and in love, and we have love, nothing but love for minneapolis. >> nothing but love sunday when they win. >> go birds. >> now back to philly, ukee, tori. >> one, two, three, four, five , six, seven, eight. >> all right, thank you so much, gang. that's the story out there in minneapolis. we're live in south philadelphia. >> this is where it is at.
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>> oh, this is where it is happening. one more win, our fanfest, and the fans are here, tori, guess what? the fans are also on the train you know i came down here on the train. >> i saw. that will i didn't know -- >> you know what? it has been a while since i was consistently on the train. i used to right philadelphia transit corporation, do you remember that? you don't their? that was before you. >> i'm here from now. >> the entheusiasm on the train then and now is still at an all time high. specially now with the eagles, take a lock at this, take a listen to us on the train, coming down. me and the fans. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ throw a touchdown 123 ♪ 123 ♪ hit them low ♪ hit them high ♪ and watch our eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road
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to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> there you have it. >> everywhere go. >> that train was rocking. >> i believe it. >> rocking. >> well, no stopping on that train. >> look at you. that was very good. by the way you look fantastic. who are you wearing? >> i'm wearing a balance error , balero, i got out of the good will, but works with our cbs-3 t's, and what will you wearing. >> i'm wearing mitchell and ne ss tonight, you think nostaliga, old school, you got to go to mitchell and ness, my man down there hook me up. i'm thinking this is circumstance a mid 80s. >> it has that vintage vibe. >> i lover olds school eagles, isn't that great. >> and just -- this is like fire ' knowledge. >> i bang. getting hot in here, too. >> it is hot.
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speaking of, did you know there were two women who fly here from dallas. >> dallas. >> who you know the heat is always on between the eagles and cowboys, yes. but eagles fans living in dallas, bonn and raised, came to philly all for the eagles. >> oh, wow. >> i'm calling -- so what bridges to you philadelphia? >> i'm philadelphia eagles fan , and i've been one for a long time. >> but where do you live? >> i live in dallas, texas. yes, i got here earlier this morning. >> do you get so much crap for being an eagles fan in dallas cents? >> i'm bartender. a lot of the eagles fan, we have an eagles nest at my location where i bar tend at. >> no way. >> yes, ma'am. >> shout out to the bar. >> buffalo wild wings and in gained prairie. hey, you all, i made it. >> that is so fun. >> yes, ma'am.
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my supervisor will be what in the worlds. >> so awesome. this trip is extra special. you're hoping the eagles win because you're hoping to get to that parade. but also someone's birthday. >> i won't ask how old you are , but what would be the best birthday gift you could receive? >> being in philadelphia for the first time supporting my eagles in the super bowl for a win. >> you guys are the absolute best. welcome to philadelphia. >> thank you very much. >> we're not all bad. >> so she want add eagles win. >> that's it. >> for her birthday? >> no shoes. no bag. >> wow. >> eagles win. but don't we all? if that happened it, would be a birthday bowl. >> hello. and they get a pass. they're from dallas. they get a major pass. yes indeed. a lot more to come live from
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chickie's and pete's', one more win, our fanfest, a lot more coming up. alex? >> so you think you're hosting or heading to an epic super bowl party. one local family has expanded their home not once but twice to accommodate all of the crowds. and they do it all themselves. we'll show you how they pull all of this off coming up. >> the kick is ... it is good. and the eagles win. this is that dreamy talked about. they win.
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>> welcome back to chickie's and pete's', we're live, one more win, our fanfest, this place is jumping, matter of fact, right now we can hear the background they're playing what, tori? >> ♪ >> i mean, even jim spearing our photographer has been moving his feet the whole time you know, it is cents a party. >> it is a party and families like the party. you know how i like to use the word families. >> yes. >> families like the party. families like to celebrate the eagles, i think we have a colleague who will talk a little bit more. >> let's do it. >> let's toss over to alex with a beautiful birds family. alex, what's going on? >> reporter: all right, so ukee, tori, two years ago i came here to the pagano house,
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i heard they have these epic super bowl party. then i got to thinking wait with the birds in it it has to be extra epic. i was right. i'll take you into their kitchen. this is expanded kitchen that was put on to the house as really a part of an accommodating they're norm us super bowl party. i introduce to you pete, tell me how this party got so huge? you're expecting over 100 people, right. >> we, are yes. started out small with just family only. over the years it grew it, got larger and larger, put the addition on, we had over 100 people coming, people just dying to get in. >> absolutely. now we will give you little kind of tour of the home here. pete, come with me. because not only did they add on this enormous kitchen, they've been doing this for 15 years, but this living room area that is just detectives out all birds, and then once we get down here, i'll have pete show you what we've got going on this year. we're in glen mills by the way so, enormous super bowl party. what do we have behind me? i see myself in these eight televisions, what do we have here?
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>> this year we expands today eight televisions, also cents adubado heated tent, from south jersey tent company. and it is just a way to expands the entire party and make a larger more room for everybody. >> one little tid-bit here that they did not show off, that enormous kitchen, they do all of the cooking themselves. >> which actually my wife trish does all of the cooking. >> trish, the one girl show here. this is like a wedding that amount of people. so just an epic super bowl party. everyone talks about it, people lose their vacations to come to the super bowl party. so we'll have the full story for you guys tonight at 10:00 on the "cw," and 11:00 on cbs-3. ukee, tori, we'll send it back over to you guys. >> okay, alex, thank you so much. that's dedication right there. >> yes, do they have room for two more? >> two more. >> okay, two more feet. >> that's fantasticment make sure you take pictures, speaking of pictures. >> speaking of pictures, you know i have ' been in some amazing man cares.
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but there are more out there. hey shall everybody, we want to see your fan cave. do it, sends us your photos. you can send it through facebook, through twitter, on instagram, use the #cbs3, then of course always go to right now we sends you back out to minneapolis. take a live look. this is the site of where it is going down. this sunday, super sunday, two days, until sunday, your philadelphia eagles taking on the new england patriots. i can't wait. >> you were like on the beat with that. >> i can't wait. we'll get back to jess and don and our crew in minneapolis, after a brief time out. >> i think it has been great. i mean, you know, my mother was a big eagles fan. i became an eagles fan because of her. and when she passed away she never got a chance to see a super bowl. so i kind of think hopefully this is her super bowl. >> a super bowl win to me would mean a whole lot.
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because the city has hasn't won in so long. we deserve to win t would make my family extremely proud. you know, because we love philly and we love the eagles.
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>> welcome back everyone, fanfest is in full effect, here at chickie's and pete's', what everybody's eating right now. >> everybody is knee deep in muscles. >> muscles, you know, the crab fries. >> double dip. >> tori i'm calling on you right now to do your thing. >> don't make me get on the chair. don't make me get on the chair and do the eagles -- >> come on, everybody. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> you know this one. >> touchdown 123. 123. hit them low. hit them high and watch our
7:26 pm
eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ >> here comes your part. let's do it, let's do it. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> oh, we're ready. >> we have to take a rest, that took a lot out of us. you know what, our crew out in minneapolis, is doing a bang up job. >> 100%. >> covering this story for you let's go outside and go back to minneapolis with jess, don and our entire crew, and minneapolis, site of super bowl lii. hey, gang. >> hello. >> hey, guys. yes, welcome back to minneapolis. we're at the minneapolis convention center. behind us is the vince lombardi trophy. >> dah, dah, dah. >> it is in a glass case, literally thousands of people all day long have been lining to up take a picture, next to t we don't really agree that vince lombardi trophy thing is
7:27 pm
like the mythical thing, we haven't seen that in philadelphia. >> i would love to have that come back to philadelphia. >> it would be nice in all it glory. so that's what this thing is all about, eagles, in the super bowl for the third time in their history. that would be nice. >> well, maybe because we're just looking at it, it will be like good luck, will just provide that little something extra. >> i know, a loft coaches don't want to touch it. they think it is bad luck. >> oh,. >> i don't know if we should be looking at that time. >> so we never talked about it let's go back to south philly. we never talk about the lombardi trophy, guys, it is not here. they're at chickie's and pete's'. we check back in with ukee and vittoria when we come back.
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>> ♪ >> and welcome back everyone, just like in the football game , it is time for the
7:31 pm
second half. >> one half hour down. another half hour to go. we're having a great time here at chickie's and pete's'. one more win, our fanfest special. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm vittoria woodill. we talk about the energy. i feel like i don't want people to think at home that we're over use that word. >> no. >> because that's what it is. >> it is. no doubt about it, you can feel it from the top of your head to the tip of your toast. >> you know, we can feel it from up here and down there. >> and down there. >> what a crowd, man. >> what's up. >> hey, where are my eagles fans out there, lots of waiving hands, lots of green, everybody wearing their green. >> i love it, got some green capes going. >> oh, speaking of. >> what? >> these are our, if you could just, yes, there we go. >> there we go. >> these are our, there we go, the underdogs cbs-3 capes. but, you know what's been happening, ukee, a lot, a lot of folks out there have been flipping around using them as a bib. >> as a bib. >> which at chickie's and pete's', i get it, but guys, it is cents a cape.
7:32 pm
you get it? >> and everybody is taking pictures, everybody's doing, seems like, a video. >> yes. >> as well. >> yes. >> you know, we couldn't miss out on all of the fun. >> of course not. >> so we have our little old hype video of our own. >> yes, because we're hyped. >> right? >> check it out. >> here we go. eagles! >> this is a huge moment. >> this city, needed it for years, now, actually calling philadelphia the underdog. >> rematch five and a half point under dogs. >> redemption. it is our year. our year. >> no one could have called this. >> i got a chip on my shoulder i got something to prove. >> you make it hard for them. you know? >> the eagles are headed to the super bowl.
7:33 pm
eagles! >> go eagles! >> you're pumped. i'm pumped. >> we've been waiting on this, nick foles will bring it back for us. >> i've got all of my friends with me. philly is so electric. >> anybody who could not warm up to this team. >> and i know, believe it is true. >> i think i'm eagles ready now. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> eagles going to the super bowl. how does that make you feel? >> oh, my god necessary. >> i'm freaking out. >> i'm just so proud of the eagles. i love you. >> come-on! go birds! >> not doing boston cream until after the super bowl! >> the fans are going to get them. >> fan base, sports. >> wack job eagles fans. my cardiologists are coming here because on game day i'm like an animal. >> we want to see you decked out in your best eagles gear.
7:34 pm
>> we're did a different animal. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> right now it really feels like the calm before the storm >> this is the best eagles team i've ever seen. >> forget the nfc championship gear. they want the super bowl gear. >> super bowl! >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! going to win, baby. >> i'm getting goosebumps. i'm getting goosebumps. >> you know what, what a moment to be alive right now. >> i'm telling you, and that takes me back, the lasts time the eagles won the nfl championships it, wasn't super bowl, it was the nfl championships. i was cents 18 months olds. >> wow. >> 1958, 18 months olds. >> wow. >> time has flown. we need a win. >> you still look like a baby though. >> oh, shucks. oh, shucks. i didn't even tell her to say that. >> no, i'm with you, though, and you know, it is moment like these that make us think
7:35 pm
back when we were kids and how long we believed. >> no doubt about it. >> and so many generations believe in a winner believe in the eagles, all of our sports teams, and it is generations. >> yes, absolutely. >> parent out there, parents of children that want to see this team win. they've had a phenominal year, but one more win. >> that's all we need. jinx. >> you owe me a coke. >> winner takes it. >> all right, crab fries, too. let's go back out to minneapolis right now and join jessica dean and don bell what's going on out there. hey, gang. >> hi, guys. well, yes, you're talking about like all of the generations of love for the philadelphia eagles, maybe nobody gets more excited than our youngest eagles fans. arly.really have the passion. it start young. our lesley van arsdall takes us out to montgomery county where some students are showing their eagles pride. >> as schools across the area embrace the eagles super bowl appearance, not to be out done belmont hills elementary in
7:36 pm
bala cynwyd. capping off week's worth of excitement with a huge pep rally. and they may be young, but let me tell you, they know their football. >> they can't let get up early , i mean, have really good offense, defense, both really good defensive teams. so i think eagles have to have good momentum the whole game, play good defense on tom brady and the can't is let the patriots have a lead. >> who is going to win. >> eagles. >> i forgot what it was called >> i like that, very good, that will win the game? >> ya. >> the special move. >> ya. >> i know for a fact that the eagles are going to win. >> how? >> they've been practicing, they're very loose, they're ready to win against the patriots. but i think nick foles will lead them to the win. >> carson wentz what's your prediction? >> i think the eagles will win 24-21. >> all right, i like. >> i think 27-24.
7:37 pm
>> eagles are going to win 30 to six. >> thirty to six? so you really think they're going to win. >> how are the eagles going to beat the patriots? >> because they have a good defense and they have a lot of good players. >> good players. >> good job, buddy. >> i believe in them and i know they're going to win. >> and you know i'm going have to leave you with this. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports. >> so cute. i love it when the kids get real game analysis. it shows you how much they're paying attention and how deeply they're committed and involved. it is a whole lot of fun to listen to their analysis. >> and figure out what they focus in on. >> yes. >> always something interesting, maybe the adults don't quite see. >> exactly. >> all right, well, we send it
7:38 pm
back now to ukee and vittoria at chickie's and pete's', guys >> okay, jess, don, thank you so much. you're right. focus, everybody bleeding green right now. and this makes you feel so good. >> yes. >> so good inside. they've been doing it all year long. >> absolutely. and it makes everyone feel good. you know, because we feel like we're all in it together. right? i mean, this is the one thing that all of us have in common right now, that one common goal, that one more win. >> brings us altogether. >> and the crab fries, i've had some incredible conversations cents over crab fries today. amazing. including two war buddies that served two decades centuries ago, centuries, that's 100. >> yes. >> what do i want? decades. >> you want decades. >> that's right. two decades ago. and they just reunited recently because of the eagles >> because -- wow.
7:39 pm
>> did you just get goose bump in. >> i did. >> prepare to get goosebumps. >> so you guys have a really special story watch bridges you to this moment right now? >> well, we were in the marines, what, 25 -- >> 1992. >> ninety-two. >> yes, 88 to 92 we were together in the marines. so we haven't seen each other in 24 years. >> something like that. >> something like. >> and i'm originally from philadelphia, and he moved here, so, you know, and i'm actually coming to watch the super bowl with my friend, mike. and then we hook up. >> wow. >> yes. >> i'm originally from california. so i moved out here about ten years ago. so i love the phillies, go eagles. >> yeah. >> here is what i love about being a birds fan. the passion runs internationally, really, and it bridges people together. >> pretty deep. >> isn't that deep? like, i mean, but when you're
7:40 pm
an eagles fan, it is cents deep. >> yes. >> the passion is deep. you snow. >> i came home just to watch this game here in philadelphia >> ya. >> when you first saw him, what was that feeling like? >> well, that feeling was magical. how funny, because it just seemed like 24 years ago, i mean, he is the same guy, i am the same guy, we look a little different, less hair, little pudgeier, but i got less hair, but we're eagles fans. >> and that's what bridges you guys together? >> yes. >> eagles. >> eagles and the marines. >> semper fi. >> shout out to all of the marines out there that are eagles fans. >> semper fi do-or-die. >> and shout out to all of the marines everywhere, and thank you. you guys are the best. >> oh, ya. and we thank them, thank them
7:41 pm
for their service and all of our men and women. >> absolutely. >> and i feel embarrased but, you know, going back centuries , i mean, betsy ross, she just raised the eagles flag. so i mean, you know? >> and you are talking about ben, oh, ben was born in boston and came to philadelphia. he knew what was right. >> yes. >> right? >> the right thing to do. >> that's it. >> and the right thing for us to do right now, is check in with our guy, in minneapolis, mr. pat gallen. pat? >> reporter: we are live, yes, live in minneapolis, at the sterling brewing company. who is john? well, he is an after i had pa native who couldn't make it. we'll tell you why that is, and of course you know i love to eat. i've got to get some grub on in minneapolis. been doing it all day. that will of course continue when we come back. >> brian is throwing it up in the air.
7:42 pm
incomplete. incomplete. incomplete. and the eagles take over.
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>> been in philadelphia all my life. i was one and a half years old , got beat by the raiders, two plays, back in the day, they was up early but they
7:45 pm
lost it, it would be great if they can get -- so the flyers only team i seen it win. so i seen the phillie wins, the sixers win, now it is time for the eagles to win. >> all these thanks want is one more win. you are looking live at the crowd at chickie's and pete's' , here in south philadelphia, the epi-center right now of so many celebrations cents, going on in this country, and around the world. eagles nation is everywhere. >> eagles nation is everywhere think about it, think about even just weeks ago, what the linc was looking like, what south philly was looking like then. >> right. no doubt about it. >> i carpet wait sunday night when we win this thing. >> what are you -- okay, say we win, right. >> right. >> say? >> say we win, what is monday going to look like? >> a lot of people are calling out sick. >> yes, 100%. >> no doubt about it.
7:46 pm
>> i hear bus drivers, like you better finds a ride. because septa bus drivers are out. >> lost? >> indeed. >> a lot of cheers. >> a lot of tears. >> tears of joy i'll cry. >> i'm envision eagles fans on their knees looking up at the sky just tears running down their face. >> all right, we got to get back on point. get back on point. that's emotion. see what's happening out in minneapolis, once again, our man, pat gallen is on the team with the rest of our crew out there, hey, patty? >> reporter: what's up, guys, having great time out here at brewing company in minneapolis , my friend here was nice enough to invite us out and prepare for us and advice from the eagles fans which i know is viking country >> yes, last week was tough loss for us, or two weeks ago, but happy to have everyone in minneapolis, we do show off everything in the city, a lot of fun, glad to you have guys here. >> it is cents known to be a
7:47 pm
town every breweries, i think yours would holdup with any in philly. tell us what you have for us today. >> mix of food and beer. destination brewery, huge beer hall, everyone is welcome here we're slow case ago couple of options. our plate, paired with our flag ship, hop i read all. our one of our most popular items here, paired an oatmeal brown all, chicken sandwich, probably my favorite. paired with a big double ipa also one of my favorites. also extra, nice, pail ale. so yes, come on down, drink some beer while in town. if you happen to lose, come drink, as well. >> i hope that's not the case. but if you are an eagles fan, and you are in minneapolis, or are coming to minneapolis, might and lot of yards bleigh brewery in philadelphia. >> for sure. >> so i know it has got to be a tough pill to swallow that you had to invite eagles fans out here, the name of the game >> we're good hoses, happy to have everyone here regardless
7:48 pm
of the situation, next year might be our year, but good luck to you guys. >> thank you so much. also a special person here, john, john couldn't be here for some, i don't even know why he can't. i'm not allowed to say it, but guys, can you get me an eagles on the way out? do it. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> they're ready to rock, they're ready to drink some beers, need some food. i know me, too. guys, back to you. >> oh, pat, pat. >> why did he get all of the gigs with eating and drinking? >> meantime i just said we have some water over there. >> we have been out here working all day. anyway, i want to tell you something. tom brady happens to be an eagles fan. >> no, not that tom brady, don bell. not that one. this is tom brady from new jersey, riverside, new jersey, to be exact. yes, he has the same name as
7:49 pm
that tom brady. as you can imagine, in the last few weeks, he's had some good natured jokes directed his way. but he would like the whole delaware delaware valley to know he bleeds green and he doesn't even have -- not even a tom brady fan. he is an eagles fan. take a listen. >> family name, my dad's tom brady as well. he gets the same. there is no respect. there is cents no liking. i don't wish any ill feelings, but i want to see him get knock down a lot. i am expecting a eagles win, a big win. >> all right, he's expecting a big win. and then maybe he'll be, i don't know, freed from the tom brady. i did -- >> monitor, yes. >> yes, yes. greg was telling us earlier, that they thought about naming their children, you know, passing the name down. then they just decided. >> you know what, no more thomas', not if you're going to stay here. maybe if you're in new england how about that?
7:50 pm
we're taking a break, and as we go, we take a live look at chickie's and pete's' where it is going down. when we come back, we will check back with ukee and tori. >> this interception, pick off by robinson, robinson at the 30, touch back across the field, robinson looks for block. now he's at the 20. he's at the 15, the ten, the five, touchdown. patrick robinson.
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> i'm ukee washington along with tori wide ill here at chickie's and pete's', our fanfest, our show almost over. but, the fanfest will continue for a long, long time. >> feels like forever. >> it does. we want to remind you, quick
7:54 pm
reminder, our special coverage continues tomorrow night, a saturday edition of jeep sports zone live from minneapolis, that starts at 11:35 p.m. and then sunday morning, it is chevy sunday kickoff live from minneapolis at 11:30 a.m. on cbs-3. >> and sunday, the big day, we are here after the game live postgame, comment from coach doug p and all of the players we can get, also front row seat for all the fan reactions , the eagles and " eyewitness news," that's all sunday night. >> we certainly want all of you to huddle up with us. we've got you. >> i like that. >> we got you covered. >> i'm going to call and go out to minneapolis, and check back in with jess and don, hey , gang? >> reporter: hi, guys, we're ready, i think we're ready to do this. >> we are game ready. speaking of audible, we're ready to call -- we're ready
7:55 pm
to play, actually. are we game ready? >> game red. >> i how does this look? i don't know if they can see this. >> i think they can see it, but the viewers -- >> i hope this isn't something we're going to regret later on when it is on youtube. >> never. >> that's it, having great time in minneapolis, back to you in south philadelphia. >> yo, yo, see that? we'll trade you couple of helmets for some crab fries. >> yeah. >> i'll throw in the jacket. >> come-on? >> you'll throw in the jacket? >> we got to do what we got to do around here. just kidding. you better hole on it that. you know what? the meaning that that has right there, i mean, i looked at that, then i look back at the clock and i'm like, man, one day. >> here we go. less than two days to go. it is on. it is time. it is our time. we are the only major city in the northeast corridor without that lombardi trophy. >> right. >> even the jets, back in 69, goes all the way up the coast,
7:56 pm
but we need there is we can't do it without all of you out there. our team is counting on you. >> you know what we need right now? >> i think an eagles chant. >> you all ready? here we go! >> fly ♪ >> fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ score a touchdown 123 ♪ 123 ♪ hit them low ♪ hit them high ♪ and watch our eagles fly ♪ >> here is the song. >> hey, i'll let them sing. it is an annoying you at home? because in my head, i'm like oh, i need a tuneup. >> let the pros do it. >> we got to roll. fly eagles fly. >> go eagles. >> you got it. >> game day, one day! >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
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previously on macgyver... mr. fletcher? mr. henry fletcher? he's got a gun, mac! riley: looks like our boy henry was quite the hit man. jack: henry's on lockdown. there's no sign of murdoc anywhere in the city. henry! such a pleasure to finally meet you. (groans) (chuckles) see, i'm starting my own business venture. a little collective, if you will. and you are my first recruit. jack: jaguar! bozer: panther! a wolverine! and not hugh jackman-- the animal. (chuckles) a bear! a tiger! tiger-bear. man, what the hell is a tiger-bear? it's a criss-cross. had to kill one with my bare hands once. what? riley: whoa, whoa, whoa! mac, we talked about this. no props. (macgyver sighs) i thought you said he was smart. matty (imitates buzzer): time's up! what? girls rule. boys don't. (whoops) macgyver: fridge. bozer: what? the word was refrigerator. jack: refrigerator?
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