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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 5, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions, eels fans everywhere, this is for you. >> underdogs no more. the philadelphia eagles defy all odds beating the new england patriots, 44-33, players and fans will remember forever. (cheers). these are the faces of eagles nation, fans poured
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into the streets of philadelphia, by the thousands , to celebrate a thriller after game. >> philly on fire. >> some people took their fan celebrations a little bit too far. some of the excitement for the birds historic win turned destructive late last night with some property damage. >> and now, exclusive video taken about 30 minute ago, the eagles boarding their american airlines charter jet to head home to phillyment you can bet they'll get a heroes welcome. well, the eagles flipped the script on the critics, taking down the defending super bowl champions patriots, good afternoon, it is a great monday, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, the highest honor lombardi trophy now belong to the philadelphia eagles else. >> what a football game. jeffrey, congratulations cents on your first world championship and bringing home the vince lombardi trophy to the city of philadelphia. (cheers). >> nfl commissioner roger
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goodel presenting the super bowl trophy to eagles owner jeffrey lurie, finally ended a ought that goes back 50 years. >> running on fumes and excitementment, soup mvp and soup head coach took questions from the media this morning. >> coach and quarterback emphasize how much the team effort it was to pull off last night's victory, and nick foles expressed about his wife and young daughter. >> my daughter won't know anything, she is so young, but seek her look at the confetti, looking at in my wife's eyes, embrace her, and just know that i get to spend the rest of my life with her. >> the players own it, the players own their jobs, own their responsibilities, and not having, you know, selfish coaches and selfish players, gives you a chance to win this game. >> definitely something they will remember for the rest of their lives, and what a great 50th birthday present for coach pederson, his birthday was last wednesday. >> well, after that morning press conference the birds took flight you may say just
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short time ago. now our new soup champs, just every time i say it, our super bowl champs are headed home with the biggest prize of the victory that lombardi trophy. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alicia is live avenue abs where the team will be landing later this afternoon, al alicia? >> reporter: jim, rahel, feels surreal to keep saying it or keep saying it, philadelphia eagles are in fact super bowl champ that's been surreal in part because last time we were out here at the atlantic aviation out here with about 50 fans or so, 50 diehard eagles fans in the cold, in the rain, cheering on the team , chanting as the philadelphia eagles headed to minnesota, headed to the super bowl. you said it, philadelphia eagles on their way back quite literally flying in the air. we have the exclusive video of the birds in the air, left minnesota just few minutes ago , and they are expected to be here right around 2:00, or little after that, and then they'll be back in philly back
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in their hometown, back at super bowl champs again, and it does feel so good to say it , it feels so good for eagles fans to hear it. last night when this actually happened, this city and the surrounding region just went crazy. so it is going to be real exciting for us to see how the fans here actually react, when the team is back here, back home, back in philadelphia. now, right now, there aren't any fans out here, but i would be willing to bet monday that i come 2:00 there is going to be a crowd of philadelphia eagles fans out here, just welcoming their team and again this time welcoming them back as super bowl champs. we of course will stay here, we will bring that live, the fan reaction, the team actually getting off the plane , hopefully hoisting up the lombardi trophy and bring ing it back home. for now though live at atlantic aviation in south philly, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> ♪ we are the champions ♪ ♪ we are the champions ♪
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>> last night filled with celebrations all over our area , there was pceful parties over at broad and porter street, thousands of joyful fans showed their passion after the historic victory. there was lots of excitement with music, dancing, sinking and certainly screaming. >> and while most of the celebrating was cents peaceful , unfortunately, there were some celebrations that is got out of hands. >> david spunt joins us live now from the rid carlton hotel in center city with you unfortunately some unruly fans caused some damage there. good afternoon, david. >> jim, rahel, good afternoon to you. it is unfortunate that things have to happen whether people act like. that will did i speak to a member of law enforcement this morning, the way he put it, several knuckleheads made some stupid decisions. there were three arrests according to the mayor's office. but we want to show you video of what happened behind me last night. cell phone video taken of several people on top of an awning that collapsed just right behind me. the believe it or not, we are
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told, just some minor injuries due to this awning collapse. now, this happened last night of course just right after the super bowl celebrations, also, we're told, that there were some windows that were smashed at the macy's on broad street, just couple of blocks from where i am. that happened and in south philadelphia, a sun so co-gas station, some folks broke windows there, went inside, started looting stealing, throwing things around, also, some traffic polls taken down to the ground. but at this point, we are told , jim, rahel, minor injuries, three arrests, and as a member of law enforcement said, no matter what happened with these knuckleheads, the words he used, he said it did not take away from the pride, the excitement and the celebration in this sit. as someone just yelled go birds going by. certainly exciting day but yet some people did get out of hand lasts night. reporting live, at city hall, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> feeling that eagles fever rightfully so.
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david, thank you. >> we are being told the victory parade for the eagles is likely thursday, still awaiting official word from the city but preparations for the celebration have already gun. >> take a look. "eyewitness news" cameras spotted crews setting up near the art new see thumb morning, that's where the is her moanly take place at the end of the parade. the city expected to release details about the ventilator today. >> plenty of people will no doubt be supporting eagles gear for few more days, as the e eagles fans flew directly over to dick's sporting goods to buy new super bowl gear. the line out the door at the plymouth meeting store. folks say they're still flying high from the win. >> the eagles last night were awesome. i can't talk. so happy to go to work, though , so i and the wait for this week, man. >> amazing. everyone celebrating first time in franchise history, amazing. >> fans everywhere. it was cents definitely a moment to cherish.
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quarterback carson wentz wasn't able to play last night because of his injury but his spore for the team never wavered. he sent out this tweet out after the game. god it so good! world champions! so proud of this team potulny told you all my boy nick foles was going to shine tonight! well deserved my bro, fly eagles fly! >> and super model gisele wife of patriots quarterback, she wrote, congratulations cents eagles for winning the soup super bowl. what a game that was. also con great late dollars the patriots and her husband for all of their hard work. >> very clauses i. >> fans will be grabbing copies of today's newspaper asomugha keepsakes, the inquirer headline says at last shows eagles nick foles opening up the vince lombardi trophy. >> the cover of the daily news reads one for the ages. the photo captured yours the moment eagles coach doug pederson and foles congratulated one another. >> dilly dilly free beer in
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philly: bud light offering details how to cash in on the night bud light tweeted 25 bars along the parade route will be offering free buds, free bud light. last summer johnson said woe give free beer to everybody if the eagles won the super bowl. well, that is when bud light johnson saying let's make a bet,. >> i don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. >> time to pay up. >> judgement on. that will bud light has great commercials last night. >> some asked for big, others, kind of fumbled. we'll take a look back at the hits and misses. katie? >> oh, that one with peter was amazing. oh, we are looking ahead to a new storm system, coming up for the middle part of the week. so, we've got snow. we've got ice. we've got rain in the forecast i'll time this storm system out for you, give you a sense when it will all take place coming up.
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>> yell come back, eagles are a wing group so is this group, part of the crew from cbs-3 who worked all week long in the brutal cold, up close for this incredible event. adam fox, don bell, pat gallen , photographer tommy g, producer andy wheeler and photographer casey coon. guys, thank you so much for the incredible coverage. have a safe trip home. can't wait to see you. >> and not everybody tunes into to watch the super bowl
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for the actual game. >> some watch the half time show, while others are in it for the commercials. cbs news correspondent hen a doba talks about the most talk about ads. >> millions tuned in and watched the philadelphia eagles beat the new england patriots sunday night. >> ♪ >> giant quarterback eli mangan receiver odel beckham junior may have stolen the show with a nfl ad, where the two performed from the movie dirty dancing complete with the iconic lift. responded with resounding thumbs-up. reese whitherspoon tweeted dirty dancing commercials made my night. advertisers stayed away from making political statements. most banking on humor or star power. >> lost her voice this morning >> like amazon alexa commercial with rapper card i b and anthony hopkins. stepping in for the cyber personal assistant. >> if there is anything i can help you with. >> yes, just typical super
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bowl carried. >> and tide taming home a lot of buzz, stranger things actor david harbor seems to be in ads for everything, cars, beer , and insurance companies. >> turns out, they were all ads for the laundry detergent. advertising aid says according to marketing company, as of the third quarter, tide was tweeted more than any super bowl ad that wasn't a movie trailer. >> ♪ >> and if it was a rap battle were you looking for look no further than peter, and morgan freeman's joint super bowl ad promoting dorito's and mountain dew. >> who is greatest among you -- >> critics say there were a few fumbles, including a ram truck ad using a speech by martin luther king, jr., which some concerned that using the icon's inspiring words to spell truck -- with tweets like not sure mlk's dream was to drive a dodge ram. ram truck defended the ad last night releasing statement on twitter writing in part: ram
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work closely with the estate of martin luther king, jr., to celebrate those words during the largest tv viewing event annually. hen a doba, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, the game was cents great. but the half time show, well, it is getting some mixed reviews as well today. >> still ahead, why fans of prince say the late sing we are not have approved of justin timberlake's performance. katie? >> rahel, never too early to look ahead to another weekend. right now appearing as though milder air will be moving in. with daytime highs flirting with or exceeding 50 degrees, for saturday, sunday, but it may and few rain showers to track as this pattern does remain active. and we've got a mid week storm system that will be bringing us whole mixed bag of precipitation. so we will walk you through the timing on that, and gave you a sense of how things will
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welcome back everyone, fly eagles fly. this is a live picture of the team's charter flight leaving the minneapolis st. paul international airport to head back to philly. they just pulled back from the hangar there, they're flying american airlines it, should take about two hours, 2:17, so to them here. we will bring you special po team arrives back here in philadelphia. well back on "eyewitness news," nick foles, well, he's going to disney world. got to say those magical words last night. >> the super bowl mvp stars in the famous disney world super bowl commercial which first aired hours after the super bowl. theme park says foles will take part at special parade at the magic kingdom. all sorts of parades for nick foles there. and they deserve it. >> magical i can all over the place. >> really is. man, what a year. >> speaking of parades. >> ya. speaking of parades, it looks like it may be thursday, still waiting for confirmation.
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>> wednesday wouldn't have been a good one. >> so it kind of depends what would you prefer, chilly, cold , rain a ice, or chilly and sunshine? >> chilly and sunshine, please >> yes, at least you can bundle up, don't have to worry about carting out rain gear, anything like that. but that ends up being the case, probably smart move on the part of the city here. we will gave you a sense how things will shake out here. for now things are very quiet. actually cleared out real nicely. but it is cents cold outside. we saw those temperatures level off into the 30's, early this morning, went through a lot of black ice from yesterday's all of the rain that came through. all of it had a chance to refreeze. but take you outside, though, you know, all of those old superstitions we had about billy penn and the stat sue on top of city hall. look at the crane hanging w high above the statue there, don't have to worry about it, do, we folks? nice clear blue skies, championship under our belts. don't you just love it. well, along with this, though, you know, again, very, very cold outside. do you have some pretty harsh
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windchills to contend with at this point. we will get to that in a second. but look at storm scan, have had a little bit of very light snow falling very early this morning, allegheny on west for the most part, but not left with sunshine for the rest of the day. but chilly wind out of the northwest, making it feel that much colder. so, it is already colder than average. but, any time you throw the windchill it means all bets are off. latest system, at least the combination of it, starting to streak out with some snow out ahead of the main energy over iowa, almost entire state is enveloped in light snowment eventually this whole mess will grab onto some moisture from the gulf of mexico, turn into larger more well organized storm system, and that's what hits our area on wednesday, specifically, so i want to take you all the way to wednesday morning. right now the timing appears as though it is just going to get underway as the typical morning rush is just starting to get underway, as well. so, the leading edge of this, moving in around 6:00 a.m., or so, give or take, will be able to fine tune that timing, the closer we get.
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but the general idea is that you will have a whole mixed bag here. northern counties likely to start off with minor accumulating snow. and then we have more of a mixing with some icing here along i-95. so, we are going to have a mess of a commute wednesday morning, and rain further off to the south. now, eventually the warmth kicks over. we will see change-overtake place certainly in philly from any snow or ice over plane old rain. that rain could be drenching. so if they move to thursday, that parade, because of the weather, i get it, you know, if it were to start at high noon we could be getting drenched at that point and cold rain out there. but warm enough that it would be just rain. and then the cold front comes swiftly on its heals. this is basically an all day event. not really clearing out until later that night. currently, we've got temperatures into the 30's, anywhere from philly down toward the shore. but also, note the wind here is cranking out of the northwest, strong, as 20, 25 miles per hour that mean of course will make it feel colder than the thermometer
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reads. here's what it does feel like. twenty's, teens, sub zero, even up in the mountains right now, if you have thought maybe you want to go up and do some skiing, be sure you're bundling up adequately here. see the tell tail waiving branches, breitbart clear blue skies at least. it is cold outside. nothing we're not really accustom to at this point, but do have ups and downs that continue in the forecast, so come tomorrow, a lot more seasonable, high of 43 degrees , wednesday is when the ice and rain and snow all moves through. starting with the ice and snow , turning to rain, as the day goes on. and then another potential for snow shower friday. that would be isolated in nature. coming right
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>> welcome badge, the super bowl half tie so many featured justin timberlake, performing once again. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> justin timberlake got the crowd up on their feet dance to go some of his most popular songs including can't stop the feeling, my love, and he also paid tribute to the late music icon prince who was born in minneapolis, however, not everybody was pleased with the virtual duet. some fans say prince would not have approved of the giant protection cast, and other say it was hard to hear the singer's voices. >> and you're looking live again at the eagles charter plane, it is getting ready to
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leave minneapolis less and fly home to philadelphia. of course we'll have live coverage as soon as the eagles land here in philadelphia. also, it city officials are releasing more information later this afternoon about the pair aid down broad street. at this point it, will likely take place on thursday. and of course, you can stay with "eyewitness news" for everything eagles. >> we should say the flight is expected to last two and a half hours. so assuming they leave soon. >> we're dealing with at least 3:00. no way they would get here before 3:00. >> so if you would like to see our champions land. >> let get home, i want to get home. that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon, i'm jim donovan >> for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line >> did we tell you the eagles are champs? the young and the restless is coming up next. take care everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> ashley: brash & sassy and me, we are a perfect fit. i've been creating fragrances and makeup lines since before you were even in the business. >> nikki: i just got a room. care to join me? [ indistinct chatter, laughter ] >> mariah: i was just wondering, uh, where you've been living since you and noah broke up. >> tessa: i, uh, rented a room not that far from here. >> j.t.: dummy websites can rip off a lot of money. >> phyllis: which is why i want to hire you to investigate this crime. >> j.t.: i looked into the company siphoning off chelsea 2.0. i was able to track down the registered owner. >> phyllis: fabulous. anyone we know? >> j.t.: alexandra west. >> i hope i haven't kept you waiting too long. nice to see you again, miss west.
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>> chelsea: you, as well.


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