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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 7, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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it is dangerous. cbs this morning is coming up. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's wednesday, february 7th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." in a surprise move, north korea's dictator sends his sister to south korea for the winter olympics. overnight the u.s. announced plans for its harshest sanctions yet. >> and the rocket that put a tesla convertible into space. elon musk in his initial reaction expected a explosion on the launchpad. steve wynn steps down over bad publicity over sexual misconduct claims.
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and chance the rapper shows us how the open mike program he started in his hometown of chicago helps change kids' lives. but we start this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. the u tats of america will soon unveil the toughest and most aggressive round of sanctions on north korea ever. >> the white house vows new action on north korea. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. we deal a shutdown. it's worth it for our country. >> president trump still isn't ruling a shutdown over immigration policy. >> we had one shutdown. nobody wants another except maybe him. >> steve wynn is stepping down as chairman of wynn resorts amid sexual misconduct allegations. >> a high-speed train suddenly breaking apart on its way to new york. fortunately no one was hurt. >> it's very scary. >> wall street rebounded from
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monday's freefall. it's still a bit of a roller-coaster ride. >> i think this is a day traders are happy to walk out and be done with it. >> a powerful earthquake hit a town in taiwan. rescue workers are still searching for people. >> all that -- >> and there's your highlight play. >> -- and all that matters -- >> three, two, one. >> spacex made history with the first test flight of the world's most powerful rocket. >> whoo. go, baby, go. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> there's no crew on board, only one special payload, a t s tesla roadster that went into outer space. >> we think that's dummy. ither that or a very underpaid intern. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toy tachlt let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle likes the intern in the car. >> i do. we've all been interns once. okay, i'll do that. >> does somebody have the claim check? the u.s. says it will unveil its toughest and most aggressive sanctions ever. this could dampen hopes the two sides will meet at the winter olympics. mike pence discussed the sanctions this morning without saying what they will be. he spoke in tokyo after speaking to japan's prime minister. >> and yim jong-un's sister who's also a key adviser was added to the north korean delegation who will go to south korea. ben tracy is at the winter olympic site in pong challenge. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. vice president mik arrives friday for the opening games. two days ago meeting
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might be possible. that seems less likely now after his tough talk in tokyo. >> we will not allow north korean propaganda to hijack the messaging and imagery of the olympic games. >> reporter: he did not leave much room for olympic disemployee macy. this is before they announced they would send king jotim jong sister. sending her could be a sign of kim jong-un's seriously about improving relations. but she may not receive a warm welcome. on tuesday protesters greeted a group of 140 north korean performers when they arrived in south korea. their sign showing the crossed
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out face of kim jong-un. south korea has tried to reduce tensions ahead of the olympics, getting u.s. to delay their joint military exercises and allowing north korea's flag to fly at olympic develop jus, but the insults are also flying again with north korean state media calling president trump a lunatic and warning the u.s. will go to hell if it attacks north korea. >> the key is you have to get the united states in the room with north korea so that they can figure out what are some positive steps that can be taken. in the absence of that, the olympics says we're back to fire and fury. >> reporter: north korea plans to stage a military parade in its capitol but officials say they might not parade their missiles. that might be a small gesture.
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>> thank you. spacex is celebrating its historic launch of the world's most powerful rocket. did you see this? it carried a cherry red tesla convertible into orbit. two of its boosters landed back on earth. spacex elon musk said that was his own personal car said he was proud and in disbelief after the very successful launch. manuel bojorquez is at kennedy space center in florida. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the falcon lifted off from the same launchpad that was once used to send astronauts to the moon. it clearly surpassed all expectations including those of spacex ceo elon musk. the falcon heavy's 27 engines lifted the rocket off the same launchpad used by apollo 11.
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the successful launch of the world's most powerful rocket was received with jubilation among spacex employees. but ceo elon musk described a different kind of relief. >> i had this image of this giant explosion on the pad with a wheel bouncing down the road, landing somewhere with a thud. >> reporter: the launch was a near perfect display with the type of capabilities spacex is known for. three rocket launchers detached and seconds later they landed back on earth touching side by side. finally the big reveal, muffing's very own tesla roadster with dummy called star man at the wheel against the awe-inspi awe-inspiring land drop of planet earth. david bowie's song "life on mars" playing on a loop.
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>> that was epic, probably the most exciting thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: musk said the next stop is through the asteroid belt. he printed a message that reads made on earth by humans. >> it's kind of silly and fun. silly fun things are important to. be out there in deep space for millions and billions of years maybe discovered by some future alien race thinking what the heck were they doing? did they worship this car? >> reporter: the falcon heavy cost half a billion dollars to develop, but at $90 million per flight musk says it's cheaper than the competition, though he still has to prove it's reliable. >> reliable indeed. that's right. thank you. casino mogul steve wynn resigned overnight.
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wynn says he has become the focus of an avalanche of negative publicity. "the wall street journal" first reported the allegations last month. vladimir duthiers from our streaming station cbsn is here. good morning. >> good morning. one day after it came out, wynn announced he was stepping down at the rnc finance chair. it was after a decades-long misconduct. for decades steve wynn has been a titan on the las vegas strip. >> stand up, steve. stand up. >> reporter: but after the 2016 presidential campaign, he also set his sights on washington. >> steve is always calling. he's always got advice, right, steve? >> reporter: the longtime business rival and friend of president trump served as a the finance chair until his resignation last month after the journal published articles that
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he pressured others into sex acts and also with a manicurist. he settled with her. his resignation from wynn resorts came a day after the "las vegas review journal" admitted it held a story in 1998 alleged wynn pressured a server at one of his hotels into sex. wynn allegedly told the woman because he wanted to experience sex with grandmother. the "las vegas review journal" is currently owned by one of wynn's rivals. >> it isn't so much the core of what i'm doing. >> reporter: he spoke with "cbs this morning." >> i'd like to be known as someone who designs a building and is close to its employees. it was said publicly adelson did not have advance notice of the story published monday. wynn is facing allegations by
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two states. he's calling the assault allegations against him preposterous. >> it is quite a shift given that he's considered like the founder of small las vegas. >> i'm still processing that line, still wants to experience sex with grandmother. i don't know what that means exactly. >> me neektder. >> me either. >> viewers, write in with your thoughts. vlad, thanks. president trump said he's ready for another government shutdown tomorrow if he doesn't get the immigration reforms he wants. the president said, quote, i'd love to see a shutdown. he spoke while top republicans and democrats praised the recent progress they made in their budget negotiations. >> they held a discuss of gang violence yesterday at the white house. he wants congress to approve $25 billion for a border wall along mexico. congression leaders want to
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settle the budget issue before they get to immigration and border patrol security. margaret brennan is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. they appear to be closing in on a deal to boost military spending and set funding levels for two years, but if this agreement falls through, there's no clear plan how to keep the government open past midnight tomorrow. >> i'd love to see a shutdown. >> president trump threatened another government shutdown if his border security demanding are not met. >> if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown. >> even fellow republicans at the table oppose a shutdown. virginia congresswoman barbara. >> we don't need a government shutdown. >> you can say what you want. we're not getting support from the democrats on this legislation. >> the president's shutdown threat came as both parties on capitol hill were actually close to a deal to averdict one.
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>> i think we're on the way to getting an agreement. >> but it would not approveny immigration changes. last month the government shut down. it wes over the dreamers. president trump has offered a potential pathway to citizen shim for 1.8 million dreamers in exchange for $25 billion in boarder security. white house chief of staff john kelly questioned why only 690,000 had previously signed up for protection. >> some would say they're too afraid to sign up, others are too lazy to get off their asses, but they didn't sign up. >> he later explained it. >> they should have gotten up off the couch to sign it. that doesn't matter now because president trump has given them the status. >> if the president was really adamant, he could veto the plan that both sides are working on if it doesn't include his
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request for border wall funding, but yesterday white house press secretary sarah sanders said despite what the president had earlier said, the white house is not advocating for a shutdown. norah? >> all right. margaret, thank you. the pentagon is working on a grandpa raid requested by the president. a spokesman tells cbs news plans are in the early stages for an event in november. that could coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end cth anniversary of the end of world war i. president trump brought it up after watching the bastille day parade. he said it was one of the greatest he had ever seen. the last military parade in washington was 27 years ago. they marched through to celebrate the u.s. victory in the 1991 gulf war. the dow jones industrial average opens this morning after rebounding from its lowest drop in history. it bounced back with a 567-point
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gain by the close. the dow reclaimed almost half of what its lost in monday's plunge. cbs financial news contributor mellody hobson is hero e to sor it all out. you said to get relax and prepare for the bumpy ride. >> on monday the machines were trading. the algorithms stepped in. yesterday the institutional investors stepped in and they were buying on the dip and that's what pushed the market up. >> so volatility is something we need to get used to? >> especially since we've had unusually low volatility. it actually doesn't make sense how low it's been. last year we did not have one day, not one, where the market closed down 2% or more. not one day. that is just -- that just doesn't happen. if you look at the years before that, five times it happened, four times, 21 times in 2011.
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so we've had this unusually low volatility period. it's lulled us into thinking it's gone away. so, yes, get used to it. >> give us the framework for understanding the future volatility. is it because the economy is doing well? >> the reason they should think about it is the natural course of the market. and so up and down days are normal. we went through this period where literally every day the market was up. as that famous saying goes, trees do not grow to the sky. it does not work like that. the market gives, the market takes away. over the long term we see an upward march. >> how much are they impacting the market, do you think? >> they haven't. that is what has been so bizarre, i have to say. the market has just walked off the dysfunction in washington. it's walked off some of the dysfunction around the world. >> do you think we have to
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borough a million dollars? >> looming government shutdown. nothing. and so that actually has been also unusual and one would have expected more volatility from the politics and the rhetoric. >> thanks, mellody. i think we're going to be talking with you again if there's more volatility. a powerful winter storm is creating travel problems for millions of people this morning. the storm stretches across roughly 1,800 miles. it's expected to drop snow, ice, and rain in more than two dozen states. a significant amount of ice is expected in the south and midwest. here's a look at snow falling this morning near youngstown, ohio. 4 to 8 inches are expected there. it's forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights. >> amtrak faces a new gas after another train incident. two passenger cars separated at high speed. it left from boston to
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washington. it was traveled through maryland when the second and third cars split where passengers can move between cars. it was going 124 miles an hour at the time. up in of the 150 people on board was hurt when the cars came apart. they're investigating the cause. a 911 tape shows rob gronkowski was very calm when he reported that his house had been robbed. he called police less than 24 hours after his team lost to philadelphia in the super bowl. it was in minneapolis. >> where's your emergency? >> hello. this isn't an emergency. this is rob gronkowski and while i was gone my whole house was robbed while i was on the super bowl trip. >> a police report said the intruder broke a window to get inside the home. it's not revalued what was taken but rob and two roommates reported items had been stolen.
7:19 am
he was very calm. when he said the whole house, i was thinking couches, curtains -- >> always disturbing when your privacy is violated. millions of families face higher tax bills from the new federal tax overhaul bill. ahead, how some are tightening their >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by
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toyota. proud partner of team usa.
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quentin tarantino faces new backlash dpeenlding roman polanski's alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl. >> ahead, why he's wrong and how his words caused her pain. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nicoderm cq. that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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let's get it. good morning, i'm rahel solomon workers continuing their preparations for tomorrow's super bowl parade despite today's messy storm system, parade starts at sports complex and ends at art museum. all of the parade information at cbs our coverage begins at 9:00 tomorrow morning right here after "eyewitness news" this morning. lets check the forecast with meteorologist katie fehlinger, talking about that messy storm system. >> it has gone downhill substantially since this got underway a couple hours ago we have all of those different colors we expected to see outside on the radar purple indicating snow, pink indicating icing and green indicating rain but ground still so cold, that is slick this morning even fit is just plane rain it could freeze on contact.
7:27 am
when we look at different regional areas here we will have a variety going on in the city, coat to go an inch or so of snow, slush, before it turns over to rain and heavy rain, veilable today further are north we get higher snow fall totals, that is lifting from the south and it gets to you a little bit later n short though everybody being impacted by this good news it is all long gone until later tonight and by tomorrow we are back to sun. i worry about left over icing, so driving in for the parade, a plan for that ice and assume it is slick if you see something that looks wet and also make sure you bundle up because high of 34, cold enough but may feel in better then 20's anytime that wind blows, meisha. thanks very much. we are looking outside at our commute and how it is affected , accident here sumanytown pike at dekalb pike head uptake a look at how slow moving through this area, another accident out here on the boulevard southbound at tyson avenue. we have two outer lanes that
7:28 am
are blocked and we are starting to see yellow and red , popping up on our maps behind this as well. accident on 422, eastbound at arm and hammer boulevard another one here and another accident with an overturn vehicle, in new jersey, route 37, north bun lanes are closed , right now. then also, just a reminder in the world of the september, because of the eagles victory parade on thursday, thinks where it is really going to get you, it will be a mess, septa running modified schedules only flex stations opened market frankford line and broad street will have free ride, regional rails i am bun in the a.m. outbound after the parade, rahel, over to you next update 7:55. that is for cbs this morning. why some states are working to reshape their tax laws i'm rahel solomon good morning.
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7:30 am
a girl scout in san diego sold 300 boxes of girl scout cookies in six hours after she set up shop in front of a weed dispensary. that's where we are these days. you can buy weed in a store and cookies on the street corner. >> very smart move. >> i was going to say, you've got to give her a lot of credit. it beats knocking on everybody's door carrying the big red wagon. >> with your pitch, hello. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. the national weather service and accuweather is going back and
7:31 am
forth on who's to plame for the false tsunami in the u.s. the national weather service miscoded a text message as a real warning. the national weather service denies the mistake. the government agency said it sent a routine test yesterday which accuweather pushed out as a real tsunami warning. "the new york times" says meals were supposed to go to puerto rico but only 50,000 were submitted. the contract went to tiffany brown. she had no experience in large-scale disaster relief. now congress is investigating. and ben & jerry's is cutting the calories. the company known for its brownie batter and cook dough ice creams is offering a low calorie version. they're competing with halo top. their euphoria ice cream will hit stores later this month.
7:32 am
director quentin tarantino faces new criticism for controversial comments he made during an old radio interview that just resurfaced. in 2003 he defended roman polanski who pled guilty to unlawful sex with a 13-year-old in 1977. the victim said she was drugged and raped. jericka duncan has tarantino's reaction to the comments. good morning. >> good morning. this is after he defended himself against uma thurman who says he forced her to perform a stunt that left her injured. >> i don't care what quentin tarantino thinks. i know what the truth is. he was wrong. >> reporter: 54-year-old samantha geimer was just 13 when roman polanski offered to take these photos of her for a modeling shoot. about three weeks later she said the then 43-year-old polanski gave her alcohol and a quaalude before raping her.
7:33 am
in a 2003 radio interview with howard stern that surfaced monday, quentin tarantino defended polanski. >> i don't believe it's rape, not at 13, not for these party girls. >> reporter: he argues the girl was complicit. >> you have sex with a 13-year-old and you're a grown man, you know that's wrong. >> giving her booze and pills. >> i'm not -- look. she was down with it. >> people have been saying what he said and worse since i was 13, so i have always had to deal with it. >> reporter: tarantino has recently apologized for his apparent mistreatment of uma thurman on the set of "kill bill". jess belt was tipped off by a howard stern reader. >> i think what surprised me was just how cavalier tarantino was
7:34 am
being. i think we definitely see the hip pock a kracy in the apology now. >> reporter: she's heartened that more people are listening to the victims in the wake of the "me too" movement. >> i think it's good thing where we can have solidarity for each other. the shoes have been on the other foot now where i'm shown sympathy and roman's the monster. >> reporter: polanski fled to france in the late 1970s. his lawyers tells cbs news polanski regrets his actions and has apologized to geimer. tarantino has not responded to our request for comment. and this is a case where i think he should have just stayed away from that. >> exactly right. i know it was done many years ago, but there's just no excuse to say what he said about a 13-year-old girl. no 13-year-old girl is that mature and knows what they're doing. the undocumented immigrant suspected of driving drunk and
7:35 am
killing indianapolis colts player edwin jackson and another is facing federal charges. he's expected back in court today where he could face more charges. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. edwin jackson was looking forward to playing another season of football here. now his alleged killer's two deportations and many run-ins with the law are coming under intense scrutiny. manuel orrego-savala denies driving the vehicle that killed edwin jackson yesterday. the gauatamalan citizen gave a different name and a different country of origin, mexico. investigators say the 37-year-old suspect with a blood
7:36 am
alcohol level three times indiana's limit plowed a pickup truck sunday into jackson's uber car. jackson and his driver jeff munroe both died at the scene. attorney daniel meacham is his godfather and spokesman. >> they lost a son that brought them joy on a regular basis. where this gentleman is from does not really matter to him. they're not interested in the politics of it. >> reporter: in 2007 he pleaded to two drunk driving charges and later drug possession. they led to his first deportation in 2007. and six months before sunday's deadly crash, prosecutors in mooesh boone county said orrego-savala was convicted without ever receiving a
7:37 am
license. clare corado. >> it certainly does happen. i think any tragedy has its -- you know, leads us to ask what if. in this case one of those "what ifs" is if he had never been here. >> reporter: now orrego-savala could face up to ten years on the federal immigration charges alone. meanwhile the family of edwin jackson is planning a funeral for monday in atlanta which will be paid for by colts owner jim irsay. john? >> dean, thanks. limits on deductions in the new tax law could mean higher tax bills for millions of americans. ahead, creative ways state lawmakers are trying to help families, including turning some taxes into charitable deductions. and we invite you to subscribe to our cbs morning podcast.
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some states are taking action against the new federal tax law to make sure as many americans as possible receive benefits. the new tax law puts a $10,000 cap on state and local deductions. previously there was no limit. four states including d.c. has the highest deduction claims. alex wagner spoke with one family in new jersey about the uncertainty. good morning, alex. >> good morning. 30% of american s itemize their deductions. now there's a limit. that may mean higher taxes and a lot of confusion for some families. >> there are times where, you know, yes, we feel like we're swimming upstream a little bit. >> reporter: diana and jeff knight live in providence, new jersey, with their three children. with major changes to the tax
7:43 am
code including a new limit on state and local tax or s.a. blchlt l.t. deductions, they worry about it leaving money in their pocket. >> that's going to raise concern for you. >> reporter: the knight's family deductions are about $18,000 near the new jersey state average. >> the kids are getting bigger. we'd love to do an addition on the house because we need space. >> if we consider expanding on the house, that also means our property taxes would increase. >> reporter: with a cap on s.a. lmt t. deductions, millions may see a tax increase and lawmakers are considering different ways to help them. in new york governor andrew cuomo is considering revamping payroll taxes to help offset the burden on individual tax players. one plan would lower wages and employers would pay the income difference to the state on the
7:44 am
employee's behalf. a bill in california would allow tax may payers to make charitable donations to a specific fund in order to accept a tax credit. that option might work in washington, d.c., where the annual deduction claim is more than $16,000 a year. >> if you would have been able to deduct $16,000 and the new federal cap only allows you to deduct ten, you would deduct six. >> reporter: for many of these states, slashes taxes is not an option. new jersey, for example, is already more than $100 billion in debt. for the moment, families like the knights must wait. there's a contention that this is going to be a great thing for everybody. >> hopefully it won't be too much of a hit and perhaps we could benefit, but down the line, not so sure about that.
7:45 am
>> reporter: part of california's proposal has been passed by the state senate and is awaiting a vote by the state assembly. they're planning to sue the federal government over the new cap. it is not a coincidence that a lot of these states hardest hit are blue coastal states that did not go to donald trump. >> interesting. it's not over. >> it is not over. a lot of development on the tax array. >> thanks, alex. >> thanks, guys. ahead, more headlines including how nashville's mayor gave a career boost to a bodyguard his daughter was having an fair with. and las vegas known for its food, now one resort has an
7:46 am
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morning." here's a lock at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the u.s. times reports the democratic group lead by former attorney general eric holder is starting gerrymandering. they intend to pour millions of dollars into state elections. it's an earth to prevent republicans from drawing maps for 2020. they want to deny them brandon bostian's train was going more than double the speed limit when it hit a curb and derailed. eight people died. involuntary manslaughter was among the charges they were tossed out last year by a different judge. the "washington post" warns
7:51 am
about the ramping up of a is up plnlt. it's become increasingly popular for people looking for release from pain, anxiety, and depression. kratom is not fda approved. it's been linked to 40 deaths so far. "the tennessean" reports nashville mayor megan barry recommended a city attorney job for the daughter of a body gard with whom she had an afafrmt the position was created by barry. last week she admitted to a an extraarital affair with sergeant rob forrest jr. our partners at the bbc reports cheddar man considered one of the first humans was dark. he had dark hair, blue eyes and skin that was probably dark hair
7:52 am
or black. modern europeans with lighter skin is slightly more common. why do they call him cheddar man? >> maybe because of where he was found. >> i wanted to point out, i don't think it's because he liked cheese. >> no, no. in his hometown chance the rapper is also chance the activist. we'll introduce him after the break. a breakthrough moisturizer delightfully whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash new olay whips ageless we know that when you're >> tspending time with thelass grandkids... ♪ music
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good morning, i'm jim donovan eagles fans who want to ride regional rails to tomorrow's super bowl parade are running into trouble getting tickets for the train. there were long lines at corn wells heights station, just like many others. people turned up early to get tickets after having difficulty scoring them yesterday, septa officials tell cbs-3 is your best bet toys get special tickets, ten dollars tickets at suburban station, jefferson station or 30th street station. our coverage of the parade begins at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and parade kicks off at 11:00. we will follow champions every step of the way. watch cbs-3 coverage on cbs and the cbs philly facebook page. lets send it over to katie for a lot at forecast what a mess
7:57 am
out there, jim, we have got every kind of precipitation available all falling at different electricians and even a spot where there is a sun trying to break out if you can believe it. this is our warm front, lifting north parts of the delaware caught a break here but snow is still coming down, pretty moderately in places like whitefield elementary school just next door to red ago this snow is coming down and sticking and accumulating. then it has been a mixed bag over city we have had reports of the freezing rain as well as ice, it is poor visibility situation here in the live neighborhood network but what did i tell thaw sunnies trying to break through. it will not be overly successful but catching a break, in southern delaware. but looking at what we're expecting snowfall wise a coat to go an inch, that also includes some icing in the sit a long i-95 before change over to rain, that is main issue later today that rain but, for now just assume it is slick. it doesn't matter precipitation type, meisha because it is a mixed baggy wouldn't worry about that just assume that it might be dicey
7:58 am
traveling. >> absolutely, always, air on the side of caution and assume it is icy, very well said, thanks very much, katie. looking outside just looking, wet, dreary the whole mixed bag that will cause problems and that is what we have been seeing now. tractor trailer stuck in the mud from earlier blue route southbound ramp to 95 south that ramp is still closed and has in the yet reopened just a head up. accident on the boulevard, boulevard south bun at tyson avenue two outer lanes are blocked and look at this whenever we see red we know it is very slow, bumper to bumper conditions there accident burlington new jersey river road closed at neck road your alternate route 130 is your best bet, jim, back over to you. our next update 8:25. coming up this morning a new program in las vegas is helping to feed cities hungry and homeless i'm jim donovan and homeless i'm jim donovan make it a great small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability
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it is wednesday, february 7th, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the vice president promises aggressive new sanctions on north korea. ahead, ian bremmer looks at the chances of the olympics. plus, a guide to avoid procrastination. we all need this. the two-minute rule that can help you do more things every single day. great. more things for us to do. first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the u.s. says it will unveil its toughest sanction ever. this could dampen hopes that the two sides could meet at the
8:01 am
winter olympics. >> an exciting day for spectators that surpassed all expectations including elon musk. >> he's calling the accusations against him preposterous. if this plan falls through, there's no clear plan to keep the government open past midnight tomorrow. >> amtrak zbtss another train incident. two cars separated at high speed. >> we have this low volatility period. it's lulled us into thinking it's gone away, and now we're going to see more volatility, so, yes, get used to it. >> best buy and target are planning to stop selling cds in their stores to which i say best buy and target are still selling cds in their stores? >> it does make me nostalgic. i love cds, the thrill of digging through the crates, the excitement of going home to listen to it, the seven hours it
8:02 am
took to get it open. >> it is so true. even for a woman with fingernails. it was so hard to open up the wrapping around it. >> it had its own term "wrap rage." >> signs of aging times. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm norah o'donnell with john dickerson and gayle king. president is calls for a shutdown if lawmakers do not accept his immigration plan. >> we'll do a shutdown, and it's worth it for our country. i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. if we have to shut it down because the democrats don't want safety, then shut it down. we'll go with another shutdown. >> well, he made himself clear there. the president spoke during a white house round table on gang violence yesterday. he wants $25 billion for a border wall and new immigration limits. in exchange for a path to
8:03 am
citizenship for 1.8 million people brought to the u.s. as immigrants illegally. >> white house chief of staff john kelly said the other 1.1 million who didn't sign up for daca were, quote, lazy. he clarified that yesterday. >> some of them were perhaps a little bit concerned about signing up when many, many people in neighbored signed up three times, two or three times. i've got to say that some of 24e78 should have gotten off the couch and signed up, but that doesn't really matter now because president trump has given them the status. >> last year president trump ordered an end to the daca program but gave lawmakers until march 5th to find a compromise. in an effort to avoid a potential shutdown, the house approved another short-term measure last night to pay for six more weeks of funding. senators say they're closer to a budget deal. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. she's tracking those
8:04 am
negotiations. good morning. >> good morning. what was surprising about the president's shutdown comments came just as the senate leaders were telling us they were getting close to an agreement. in fact, ever since a bipartisan group helped to end the last shutdown a couple of weeks ago, compromise is suddenly back in vogue. >> going back in again. one more shot. >> reporter: the place to be on capitol hill these days is the house of moderate main republican susan collins. >> i think we've made some real progress. >> about two dozen senators, democrats, and republicans meet almost daily to try to hammer out a middle-of-the-road immigration plan. >> we're back in the ball game now. >> suddenly it's cool to be bipartisan. >> we're here for the same reason. we take the same oath. >> west virginia democrat joe manchin passed around a pledge tuesday unching senate colleagues not to run campaign ads against one another.
8:05 am
the only way was to compromise as a point of honor. >> that's still a national conversation whether the country wants that or not. >> oklahoma republican james lankford and delaware democrat chris coons lead a weekly prayer meeting in this room weekly. >> there's kind of a running joke that happens that it's much harder to stab someone in the back after you've prayed for them in the morning. >> they both say words matter. >> can we call that treason? why not. >> on monday mr. trump called democrats un-american for not applauding at the state of the union address. >> what do they say around here? >> they i don't take it as a joke. >> what's troubling is he actually thinks in his mind that we have an obligation to stand up and cheer when he speaks. that might be true for the leader of north korea.
8:06 am
it's never been true for the lead over the united states. >> those two senators will play a role in tomorrow morning's national prayer breakfast. what we're still waiting to see is if all this fellowship can lead a packet forwath forward o immigration. so far a lot of talk, a lot of good will, but so far, norah, no plan could pass the senate next week. >> fascinating. nancy, thank you so much. the u.s. will soon unveil what are called the toughest and most aggressive sanctions on north korea ever. mike pence made that announcement this morning in tokyo without details. he will lede the opening ceremonies in south korea. he said they'll continue their probe until they take concrete steps that are verifiable and complete denuclearization.
8:07 am
cbs news global affairs ian bremmer is president of the ur as euro asia group. let's talk about it what could that mean? >> well, first of all, the tougher sanctions he's promtsing, it's not like the united states is doing any business with north korea, so that means hitting the chinese, the banks working with the north koreans. we've talked about a much tougher trade stance. that's a big deal. but pence has not ruled out talking to the north koreans. now that he's played tough, the ability of the united states to also engage diplomatically and the way the south koreans already are, there's clearly an opening there. the north koreans are showing all of this diplomacy, sending officials as well as his sister. all of this is on the back of the pressure of the trump administration. there's an opportunity that's
8:08 am
been set up by trump. >> does it mean the trump's stand to the end of strategic implication is working? >> both of those are on the table right now and the question is do you like the uncertainty. >> so if this means more pressure on china, these sanctions that the vice president's talked about but hasn't detailed, does that mean china is not doing its job in pressuring north korea, bus there have been conflicting signals whether they're being helpful or not helpful. >> the chinese are doing more than they have under either obama or trump administrations. they are cracking down on smuggling across the border. they've limited joint ventures with north korea that was leading to money with north korea, but they're not prepared to cut thome off because they're concerned with what would happen if the north korean regime implo
8:09 am
implodes. now that is going to prevent trump from saying they're doing enough. he is pointing the finger. he's also pointing the finger at the chinese because we're expanding our trade deficit with them. we're not getting access to their economy. a lot of things the that are playing out, north korea is only one of those pieces. >> how much is theater? we've heard about the bloody % nose strike, the possible strike against north korea. how much of this is actually being thought of, these big sanctions and how much is a part of kind of threatening in order to pull back or as part of the negotiating? >> i think that as part of the pullout because he had private ly been pushing the white house saying this isn't going to work and mcmaster was like, that's it. you're done. that's not good because trump wants a viable military
8:10 am
operati operation. we've got the signal intelligence, satellite imagery. there's no one out there that believes that they have a beat on how one of the most brutal leaders would respond. >> i want to go back for a second. i heard you say it's his sister's first trip. what's the significance? i think most people don't've about know h had a sister and number two, he's like a lone wolf. what is her relationship? >> she's known. she's occupying the role her aunt used to, be now one knows what that means in terms of decision-making. i think what we can say with a fair amount of certainty is the fact that she's going implies there's a direct message from kim jong-un going to the south korean government and it really is an effort to say, never mind these americans. we can work together, which the south korean president is interested in. the whole idea of good cop/bad
8:11 am
cop would be useful if the south koreans and americans were working on this together. but they're not. the south koreans pushed back on the joint exercises with the americans to make sure everything was fine. secretary mattis wasn't aware of it. >> and they're marching together in the opening ceremony in south korea. that says something. >> yes. >> thank you very much. this red tesla roadster with star man has launched into outer space. >> millions of viewers online made it the second biggest live stream in youtube history. ceylon musk called the launch silly and fun but important. >> i think the imagery of it is something that's going to get people excited around the world. it's still tripping me out. it gives me a lot of faith for our next architecture. >> amazon's ceo jeff bezos who
8:12 am
founded his own space company wished musk well. he replied, thanks with a winking kissing emoji. ahead, how one program aims to donate a million pounds of
8:13 am
ahead we visit chance the
8:14 am
rapper in his hometown of chicago how his project gives high school student as chance to shine. get it? you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ew at that exact moment ... i'm beating this. my main focus was to find a team of doctors. it's not just picking a surgeon, it's picking the care team and feeling secure in where you are. visit your crops might your ovebe in 1st grade.a pants. but when your oven roasted turkey breast is crafted with nothing but heart and hard work... you're closer to the farm than you think.
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americans throw out an estimated 80 billion pounds of food every year. now one hotel group is using technology to preserve leftover food for good use. john blackstone shows us how meals that would have gone to pig farms or land fills are now helping feed the hungry. >> reporter: the las vegas most people see is glittering and on lent, a city where there seems to be more than enough of everything, especially food.
8:19 am
in a lavish banquet room lunch is being served to 1,300 people attending a convention, but away from the vegas strip the dining room at catholic charities serves those who don't have enough food. >> we serve a free meal to anyone who needs it. >> reporter: deacon tom roberts is ceo. >> there's probably more food consumed in las vegas per capita than any other place in the world. in here we serve 1,000 people every day in this kitchen. the numbers, frankly, are astounding. >> reporter: since 2007 much of the leftover food from mgm's las vegas hotels has been used to feed pigs. the vice president of sustainability for mgm resorts. >> a better use is to feed people. >> reporter: but there's some challenging in doing that. >> sure. the process to collect surplus banquet food is complicated but we think it's worth figuring
8:20 am
out. >> reporter: complicated because food sachbty regulations require banquet food to be delivered immediately for safe consumpt n consumption, but mgm resorts has found a way to keep their food safe for much longer. as soon as banquet is finished, food that has been prepared but not served is transferred and loaded onto a truck from three square, a las vegas food bank. once it arrives there, it's flash frozen in a high-tech refridge iter called a blast chiller and moved to the freezer. the food can be saved for up to three months, sent when needed to places like the catholic charity dining room. >> this program is going to help reduce food insecurity in this city. >> reporter: they hope other hotels will follow their example. >> what's in it for mgm? ? >> this program is one we believe in. it's anable to tell our major
8:21 am
convention clients we are doing this. >> reporter: they're saying the program could help divert 1 million pounds of food by 2020 to feed the hungry. when life turned back for andy, he arrived at the dining room with $6. >> were kwloun gri then? >> oh, boy, was i. i hadn't eaten in to days. i hadn't been hungry in my life. i come in here, i got a hot meal, a bunk, i got a shower. excuse me. but like i say i got involved in the program and as they say, the rest is history. >> what isn't needed in a hotel banquet room can help change lives when it's served to someone who does need it. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, las vegas. >> very nice. you see the difference it makes. you can see by the emotion on that man. it geesd that somebo it's good that somebody's eating the food.
8:22 am
>> i've thought about it so much. john mellencamp is getting an award for his lifetime achievements. up next, more from the jt jack & diane" singer/songwriter. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
members of the r & b band cool and the gang have reason to celebrate. they're among the group of inductees in the hall of fame. others include john mellencamp, hit maker jermaine dupuis and mills with "the color purple." the induction ceremony will take place in june. how the same laws could increase your productivity.
8:25 am
looking forward to this. what habits and good morning i'm rahel solomon, septa could be the best way to get through tomorrow's eagles super bowl parade there are things you need to know about parade plans, transit system will be consolidating stops on rail lines and anybody taking market frankford and broad street line, and septa's easy rail lines in bound in the morning and outbound only after the parade. thinking of using septa's regional rails you will need to buy a special ten-dollar pass. this morning there are long lines, at stations selling those passes, thinks the crowd at corn wells heights station in bucks county, septa officials tell cbs-3 their best bet to get special tickets is to try a station like suburban, jefferson or 30th street and our coverage tomorrow begins at 9:00 a.m. as the parade steps off at 11:00. all of the details at cbs
8:26 am lets get a check of the forecast. good thing parade is tomorrow because today it is a mess out there. >> i can't imagine that weather didn't have some role in their decision to make this parade on thursday, but yeah you still do have, a mixed bag rolling through with the rain/ snow line right over i-95 basically so those temperatures are still very close or right around freezing , allowing for this mixing to take place, you still have winter weather advisories across all of southeastern pennsylvania into parts of the west central new jersey and then also new castle county. these will expire at different times, as the rain/snow line lifts north and there is a turn over from snow to rain. looking at your location, you do have just a location based forecast out of this and it depends where you are and what you see. in the city and i-95, rain snow mix initially starting off certainly with rain freezing on contact and just posted a video of what i saw on our own cbs-3 sky deck and twitter, and you really need
8:27 am
to just expect it is slick even though it looks like it is just ring. looking forward why tomorrow it is long gone i worry about icing refreezing in the wake of is what happening today for early tomorrow morning and for those coming in, to this city for the parade but at lee sun will shine, make sure you are bundling up equate to it how would you be if you are were out at times square at new years, and very cold and out for hours at a stretch. just come f shower upcoming weekend we have got a new system moving inuts is a heck of a lot more clear cut just rain out of this one temperatures too warm for meisha.g else. >> yes, nice to see 50's popping up again, we have to wait until weekend but thanks, katie. we are looking outside and it is affecting your commute this morning. wintry mix that katie's been talking about all morning long , and we will have a spin out on 309 north at bethlehem pike but right lane is block by penndot right now you can see squad car and also looks like someone outside their vehicle take it very, very, easy out there, especially when you don't know if you are
8:28 am
dealing with black ice or not so just a head up. tractor trailer, was stuck in the mud earlier it looks like we are starting to get this remedy blue route southbound ramp to 95 south, that ramp is still closed, that has been basically all morning long and still is right now. another accident on the boulevard, boulevard southbound at tyson avenue, two outer lanes are compromised but when we see all that red that is letting you know bumper to bumper conditions out here and very slow, you are seeing yellow, both directions. burlington new jersey we have an accident here as well, river road closed at neck road your alternate route 130, it is your best bet, rahel back to you. next update, 8:55. ahead on cbs this morning three time grammy winner chance the rapper i'm rahel solomon good morning.
8:29 am
8:30 am
when i got up this morning they said it was snow going to change to rachblt guess what. they were right. it's snowing in new york city. welcome back. >> a beautiful sight. >> it is nice. >> we put on our cross-country skis later, gayle? >> let's do that. first right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the house passed a package to combat capitol hill harass money. that would allow lawmakers to peay settle up their own harassment payouts. gee, do you think so. >> it would create an office of employment advocacy to support
8:31 am
victims of alleged misconduct. in the past decade more than $160,000 in your taxpayer money was covered to pay out settlements over sexual harass millionaire and discrimination in congress. "the new york times" reports on a brain implant that imfroovs memory. it sends electrical pos pulses to the brain to help restore information. it's roughly the amount of alzheimer's takes away over 2 1/2 years. >> the "los angeles times" reports that the stock jump 25d% in after-hours trading yesterday. they reported fourth quarter revenues with more than $285 million and that's 572% increase from last year. that's great news for them. there was surprising goukt in users and advertising. snap users and ceo credit the wree design of snapchat. "the wall street journal" reports many cities are helping people pay their bills with increased fees in trash, sewers,
8:32 am
and 911 calls. an analysis last year showed fees and fines increased by $182 million overall. cash strapped cities are asking people to pay more as they struggle with mounting pension obligations and infrastructure and depleted revenue. new england patriots' coordinator josh mcdaniels is staying request the team and won't be going to the indianapolis colts. there were reports he decided to stay puff. the colts later confirmed that. robert kraft reportedly sweetened mcdaniel's deal to keep him. >> it's always nice when they sweeten the deal and say we'd like you to stay. james clear says breaking down tasks into small achievable goals leads to higher productivity. he applies sir isaac newton's laws of motion to achieve these
8:33 am
targets. it can be used as an increase. simplifying your work and improving your life. there are habits and performance. his work has been used by the teams in the nfl, nfa and as well as leaders of fortune 500 company. james clear is here. good morning. >> good morning tell us about the new work that you're doing. >> sure. so habits are really important because they compound over time. so, you know, if you were able to get 1% better each day for a whole year, you'd end up 37 times better. they seem like small choices right in the moment. it seems like nothing in order to make these choices but over the span of our lifetimes they end up being the difference between who you are and who you'd be. >> no, times is calling it
8:34 am
microtime. what's a way to start that? >> i like to talk about the two-minute rule. you want to downscale your habit until it only takes two minutes to do. so for example going for a run may be tying your running shoes or foeding laundry, fold socks. >> start it. don't feel like you have to finish. >> optimize for the result, but instead we should optimize for the starting line, not at the finish line. >> don't look at the big picture of success. you should concentrate on just do something. >> well, if you -- when you achieve a result, you only change your life for a moment. achieving your goal -- if you have a goal to clean your room, for example, then your room is cleerch now, but if you don't change the habits, you're going to have a messy room two weeks from now. >> why are habits important, james? >> habits give us the results they want. they can help us earn more money or lose weight or be productive, but the real reason habits
8:35 am
matter is each action you take is a vote for the type of person you want too become. so they help you embody the sense of person you want to be. each time you write, you are a writer, each time you play the violin, you are a musician. they help you develop your sense of health. >> we are what we repeatedly do. tell me if there's a huge problem i've got. let's say addiction to technology. how do i take a massive thing like that i want to fix and break it down into imaginagea m pieces. >> where you do leave your phone at at night? >> in my hand as i cuddle with it. >> this is what a lot of people deal with. their phone is the last thing they see when they go to beat night and the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning so one thing you could do is move your room to a different place to charge it. charge it in the bathroom. set your alarm there. the only goal there is to reduce the amount of time that you're going to mindlessly browse as
8:36 am
you lie in bed. >> what about those things during the day. do i have to get habits? >> these cues are everywhere. if you look at my phone, i true i to reduce some of the cues so i have no apps. e goal is to increase the friction a little bit. i can still go to instagram and swipe over and it's inside this nested folder, but i don't want to do it mindlessly. the whole idea is to increase the amount of friction associated with bad habits. >> you're the expert at the table. what's your best habit, do you think? >> i think probably the best one is that i leave my phone in another room each day. pthat gives me three to four hours to focus on productive work. >> do you have any friends, a wife? >> very few, but i have a great wife. >> make a habit of reading his news letter. >> we kept teasing sir isaac newton. we should point out quickly one
8:37 am
of his, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. >> it helps you to develop the most effective form of motivation. if you can see yourself getting these small wins, you have a reason to continue working and if you start in a small way, you're going to want to keep going. >> that was my goal. just get on the treadmill and walk for ten minutes and all of a sudden you're there, it's 30 minutes, 40 minutes. just start it. >> thank you, james clear. >> you're welcome. >> chance the rapper says he's got great habits. open mike nights helped him get his start. now he's giving high school student as chance to do the same. >> whether it's dance or sing or rap, i've had kids come up and do stand jeff. i had kids do a fashion shoerks eat a taco. >> eat a taco? >> yeah. whatever they want to do in three minutes of space, as long as it's respectable, it's been transforming to a lot of kids. >> it certainly has.
8:38 am
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that's chance the rapper. he's not only a huge music star but a philanthropist. the 24-year-old broke records as an independent artist when his mixed tape "coloring board" hit
8:42 am
57 million streams in just one week. wow. well, the star has certainly stayed grounded. he found his social work in his hometown of chicago. his goal is to inspire creativity to young people. that's exactly what he's doing through "open mike." the program gives students an opportunity to focus on their talents. we went to chicago recently to catch up with the grammy-award-winning artist. it's been a year since you took home three grammys. do you remember that night? >> i do. >> what do you remember? >> i remember being nervous. >> what were you nervous about? >> losing. losing mainly. >> and the grammy goegs to chance the rapper. i was in a room full of people i admired since i was young. my family was there. friends were there. i was happy to get to that point. >> reporter: after getting to that point, chance the rapper didn't hesitate to bring his success back home to chicago.
8:43 am
he donated a million dollars to public schools and his organization's social works raised an extra $2.2 million. >> i lived on the south side. you know. a lot of people know chicago is geographic will i the most segregated city in america. so i lived around black people my whole time growing up but when i got to high school, i goet to go to school downtown with nicer facilities. >> you noticed a difference. >> yeah. i felt the difference. it wasn't that chicago schools don't have enough money. it's how the money gets spend and the funding formulas for our school district and all school districts in america. >> what's been the high light for you in the past year of what you've managed to do? >> probably this open mike thing. >> welcome to the third anniversary of open mike. >> he started open mike to give students an outlet to express
8:44 am
themselves freely. ♪ no sunshine when she's gone >> the only requirement, a high school i.d. and the courage to perform for three minutes on stage. ♪ this voice inside of >> whether it's dance or sing or rap, i've had kids come up and do standup. i had a kid do a fashion show, eat a taco. >> eat a taco? >> yeah. whatever they want to do in that three minutes of space as long as it's respectful, they get a moment, and i think it's been transforming for a lot of kids. this is all practice. so as long as you looks at it like that, you can't fail up there.
8:45 am
>> it was performing at open mike that helped launch chance's career. he remains an independent artist with no plans to sign a recording label. his mixed tape "coloring book" escaped boundaries. it topped billboard charts with streaming plays only. >> my thought procession was if i'm give the music away for ee there's a strong chance they'll take it, a slight chance they'll listen to it. if i sell it to them and they have a choice between my music and a happy meal, they're going to choose a happy meal. they're going to spend money on something they know they can consume. i needed consumers but i wanted people to notice there was something being created that no oneover than the face of it had control over it.
8:46 am
>> they've described your music as hip-hop, soul, r & b, with a little bit of gospel. most people don't put hip-hop and gospel music together, they don't. what did you see? >> i would never say i'm making gospel music, but i love god -- i love jesus, and i'm super cool with saying that. glory be to god. >> chance also credits his parents for teaching him principles that have kept him grounded. though he admits he and his dad havn't always seen eye to eye. >> he ended up kicking me out for a little while because i didn't go to school. obviously i didn't go to college. we were on bad terms. and then the thing that kind of turned it all around is one of my friends passed away and -- who was young and he -- my dad didn't want to, you know, be in a strained situation with me. >> there's a song on your album called everything's good.
8:47 am
>> i'm very, very proud, keep doing what you're doing. >> thank you, love you. >> we hear your dad's voice saying he's proud of you. what does that mean to you? >> my dad calls me at least three times a week to say, hey, i don't want to stop you, i know you're out doing something, but i love you and i'm proud of you. even though he was strict, even though he was old school, even though we butt heads on a lot of things, my dad never didn't tell me he wasn't proud of me. >> today chance is a proud parent himself. his 2-year-old daughter kensly is an inspiration not only to his life but to his music. >> my life used to be a whole bunch of little dots on a timeline and then after i had kinsly, it's like all of that became one and it's like my new life is, you know, so much better and so much more eventful and purposed.
8:48 am
the title "coloring book" came to me because i felt like i was relearning a lot of things through her. >> you describe kanye and dave chappelle as mentors of yours. >> those are my two guys. those are the two guys i call first. kanye has all the confidence i always wanted to have. he always knew who he was and what he wanted to do. and dave is just all the things that my parents instilled in me is what he exemplifies at all times. he is integrity personified. he is, i don't care how much money you have, you can't have me, personified. >> i want to talk about your mom for a second. is there something that she says to you that makes you the person that you are today? >> i remember my mom used to -- she still asks me all the time if i'm a good person. >> did you know the answer?
8:49 am
>> i didn't for a long time. i'm sure at this point that i'm a good person. it's not because of the things that i do. it's howl i feel. >> i just love him. i love that he's 24 years old. as he points out, he's 25 years old. he's so young to be so poised and so thoughtful. when he won and the governor reached out, he said, great, thank you for your congratulations, let's sit down and talking the school budget. the 3 on his hat people always wonder stand for the holy trinity, his family, his girlfriend, and his loaferly daughter and he's got three hits on his mixed tape. >> that's awesome. you can hear more on o itunes and apple ipodcast. today dr. davis agus talks about (phone buzzing) i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites...
8:50 am
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good morning, i'm jim donovan. crews are busy getting the city ready for tomorrow's eagles super bowl parade workers are building a stage for the celebration in front of the art museum, parade will begin at sports complex at 11:00 a.m. and will follow broad street to city hall then to the art museum. there could be as many as 3 million people lining the route, and, this is, cornwells heights bucks county regional rail station this morning where eagles fans were getting the special ten dollars pass that is to use for the trains tomorrow. you need a special pass and they have been hard to come by for regional rails. septa tells cbs-3 you have a better shot getting them today at center city stations like suburban station, jefferson or 30th street.
8:56 am
and our parade coverage begins tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. right after "eyewitness news" this morning, the parade steps off at 11:00 and we will follow the super bowl champion eagles all the way, you can watch cbs-3 coverage at cbs and on the cbs philly facebook page. here's katie with the forecast for today. >> you know it is a mess out there right now, jim, we have had just a huge mixed bagging on everybody but kitchen sink with this within we have had freezing rain in the city, ice pull et cetera earlier on and now that is lifting north, good portion of the first state of the delaware now out of the precipitation but may still have lingering patches, out there good news is temperatures are claiming so that is you why are seeing this change over continue, and eventually it will just be plane rain in the city. there is a break about to get underway though in the next hour or so. winter weather advisory is still posted and these will expire from south to north at different times just as the changeover from snow and ice to rain takes place but this is a full blown winter storm
8:57 am
warning for poconos where we are expected to see 8 inches of snow. some icing as well. those totals get basically, slashed in half though, as we go in the lehigh, valley and north western, valley and because, again, it will see that turn over to rain, and, and, and, totals are a lot less, primarily, in the last hour in the city, and, freezing rain, event, at this point so temperatures beginning to climb, and then again there is a break coming in the next few hearst before heavier steady rain comes n by tomorrow back to sunshine, thank goodness but watch out for lingering icing out there, for anything that doesn't have a chance to melt away which could be substantial so driving down to the parade you can keep that in mind and bundle up, adequately it will be awfully chilly for that walk up broad street. >> yes, it will katie, jim and i will be out there with everyone and jim and write talking about it all morning we will be bundled upright there with you. we are looking at an accident 202 route 41 southbound that
8:58 am
has been since cleared and volume level not looking bad at all but see how hazy and dark it is. accident with the school bus and vehicle kid where is on the bus, but, no injuries have been reported, frankford avenue at cheltenham avenue within lane block there take a look around this area see the red still popping up on sensor map in certain areas around the city still traveling around at bumper to bumper speeds, boulevard here we still have an accident, lingering out there southbound at tyson avenue two outer lanes are still block and, of course we're talking about the parade. from the linc to the art museum roads closed 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on thursday, no parking 6:00 p.m. tonight to 6:00 p.m. thursday. back to you. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. make it a great
8:59 am
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