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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 8, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 18, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." he abused two ex-wives. new questions this morning about how the white house handled the accusations against rob porter and how his departure could impact the president and chief of staff john kelly. north korea parades its arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles down the streets of pyongyang on the eve of the winter olympics. just 120 miles away, vice president pence is urging south korea to take a tougher stand against the nuclear threat in the north. a high stakes lawsuit says
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your morning cup of coffee should be handed with a cancer warning. we'll look at the claims and how starbucks is fighting back. and only on "cbs this morning," parents of several young athletes abused by larry nassar come together to talk about how safeguards failed to stop a sexual predator. >> how do you guard from a doctor? >> there's so much more to this that needs to be found out. >> larry going away was just like the first chapter in the book. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> north korea showing off their military prowess the day before the opening ceremonies. >> north korea stages a show of force. >> our resolve to stand with you is unshakeable. >> a new scandal rocking the white house. >> staff secretary rob porter has resigned amid allegations of domestic abuse. >> he grabbed me and pulled me out of the shower in a rage.
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>> another government shutdown looms. >> a bipartisan budget deal reached by the senate faces an uncertain future in the house. >> this package does not have my support. >> i think it's fiscally irresponsible. >> i'm not only a no, i'm a hell, no. >> the investigation to abuse the gymnastics sex abuse scandal. >> these girls deserve justice. they need to know that this is never going to happen again. >> a major storm turned the northeastern u.s. into a dangerous mess. >> very treacherous. >> it's tough out here. >> all that -- >> lebron gets away. sets it for a win. >> -- and all that matters -- >> wins. >> wins. >> wins. you have a pair, and as they go together they'll take care of one another. >> yeah, in 20 years when i'm your age, exactly. >> -- on "cbs this morning." wednesday was the national signing day. one celebrated wide receiver
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choosing instead to go with the florida gators. that decision did not go over well with his mom. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." domestic abuse allegations against a top white house official are causing a new shakeup at the white house this morning. staff secretary rob porter, gate keeper to the oval office, is on his way out after his two ex-wives claim that he abused them. one of them says he punched her in the face. >> rob porter calls the charges false and outrageous. he could leave as early as today. julianna goldman is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. the role of staff secretary is one of the most important jobs in the white house.
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they oversee every piece of paper that lands on the president's desk from articles to classified briefing materials. >> he is going to be leaving the white house. >> white house press secretary sara sanders said secretary aide rob porter voluntarily resigned. his ex-wife showed a picture of what she looked lyle after he punched her while on vacation. in a statement he said these allegations are false but admitted he had taken the photos. his second wife jennifer willoughby detailed it with the "washington post." >> within a matter of a couple of weeks after being married, i was aware of his temper. he came and grabbed me by the shoulders here and pulled me out of the shower in a rage. >> reporter: initially the administration came to porter's
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defense. sanders described him e e exemplary character. willoughby told fbi investigators in january of 2017 about what she says was his abusive past. the fbi shared those allegations with the white house ten months later. >> i told them all of the details of my marriage including verbal and emotional abuse. they were also made aware of the protective order that i signed. >> sources tell cbs full security orders were delayed. it's not clear whether he ever received full clearance. as staff secretary he would vet every single don't but it got to the president's desk including classified materials. >> i'd be surprised you could do it without full security clearance. the staff secretary is sort of what makes the wheels turn every
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single day. >> cbs news has also learned that porter is dating white house communications director hope hicks and she was one of those who drafted the statements defending porter. >> the fbi had given this information to the white house. how did the white house handle it? did they look into them or look for a work around to his security clearance questions? >> john, that's right. as you just said, the white house learned about these allegations in november. we know that in december porter was considering leaving, but he didn't. and, in fact, his role was recently expanded dealing with more policy issues even helping to draft the state of the union and all of this with the full support of the white house chief of staff. >> julianna, thanks. this raises a number of ethical questions. >> it really does, because as julianna has pointed out, know how important it is for years as
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a white house reporter as you have, but there are ethical questions why no one in the white house did this. also there's questions. the reason why fbi doesn't give clearance is you're open to blackmail. that's the issue. >> his job is to help the white house get in ship shape, you know, a little bit of improvisational white house. did they handle these issues in the ship shape way you're supposed to handle these kinds of issues or were they finding a way to keep him on the job and minimalizing these allegations. >> and finally, the fiscal abuse toward women, there must be zero tolerance when that happens. >> it's disturbing to hear they knew about it and he's still on the job. >> there's definitely going to be more on this. also news out of north korea because north korea is greeting the start of south korea's olympics by showing after its military might. soldiers showed off tanks,
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intercontinental missiles and other weapons in pyongyang. in front, dictator kim jong-un. a few hoyer later vice president mike pence met moon jae- jae-in. he repeated his request for north korea to give up its weapons. ben tray is there. good morning. >> good morning. north korea has dominated the run-up to these games first by deciding to come, then by sending a 550-person delegation, and now by staging this massive military parade on the've eeve the openi ing ceremony. tens of thousands of soldiers marched in the square. it also paraded many of its weapons including its
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intercontinue anyone tall bass lis tick mill aisles capable of striking the united states. kim jong-un and his generals looked on from above. >> that's probably kim jong-un's way to show it is relevant and can control the region. >> he says if kim jong-un was trying to look more rational by engaging with south korea over the olympics, this was an odd way to show it. >> i think if north korea wanted to be reasonable with something like this, they wouldn't be holding a parade the day before the olympics anyway. >> reporter: during vice president mike pence's visit to japan, he told hundreds of military personnel at the air base that military action against north korea is possible. >> those who threaten us dwould well not to underestimate the capabilities of the armed forces of the united states. >> reporter: north korea was officially welcomed at a the athlete village today and south
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korean president plans to greet them including kim jong-un's sister this weekend. meanwhile they're excited about the games. >> that's what it's about. to bring together a peaceful environmental to celebrate sport, something we all love to do. >> reporter: for the most part they don't seed to be focused on the politics surrounding these games and the olympic competition has begun. today the curling duo, brother and sister, gone on. let the games begin. john? >> ben tracy in south korea. >> crushing the ruskeys. it's always a good thing. >> it feels like we're back in the '80s. >> usa, usa, let it again. the pentagon says u.s. air
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strikes that killed about 100 militants to syria's assad were in self-defense. it came after they launched an unprovoked attack on u.s.-backed syrian forces. cbs news learns american advisers were prrnlt during the attack but none were hurt. the president is looking to secure a long-sought-after budget deal. it keeps the government running for six more weeks and provides another $65 million for defense spending and 120 for domestic spending over the next two years. house democratic leader nancy pelosi spoke for a record-braking eight hours and seven minutes yesterday pushing for a vote to protect dreamer. republican house speaker paul ryan said he'll only bring an immigration bill to the vote if
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the president signs it. new research shows a deadly flu virus spreads more easily than previously thought. schools nationwide are closed today to try to stop the virus from spreading. at one wisconsin school students were absent because of the epidemic. our dr. tara narula spoke with a researcher who said flu can spread just by reaching. we've all got to breathe. that's scary. >> good morning, gayle. researchers at the university of maryland have created a one of a kind device. using that data they then track how the flu is transmitted from person to person. all you do is sit, breathe, and let the machine do the work. >> it just is pulling all of the air from around your face at a fast enough rate that we collect everything but not so fast it
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feels like a breeze. >> it's called the gesundheit 2 and is the brainchild of a professor at the university of maryland. it's used to collect virus samples. researchers are trying to track down how the flu spreads. >> the focus has always been on, well, coughing and sneedsing is how it's transmitted. >> reporter: in 2014 mit used imaging to study how far cough and sneeze droplets can spread. researchers discovered that the flu virus can be transmitted simply by breektding. >> if we understand better how much of the infection is transmitted by air and what the dose in the air is, we can then figure out how to reduce your exposure. >> they're using student volunteers to study the mechanics of how the bug spreads. by swabbing people who come in contact with infected students.
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>> if i can show that you got the flu from him and it didn't come from his nose but came from his lung, then you got it by the airborne route. we got the answer. >> reporter: they're hoping to use these findings to create models for better ventilation systems that would make it harder for the flu and other things to spread. for now wash your hands up to your elbows and please stay home if you're sick. a former u.s. olympic swimming coach is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse. seatt seatt reports. arianna kukors accuses hutchison of abusing her and taking nude photos.
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he did not respond. they're looking into how the usa olympics and gymnastics. over 200 girls accused larry nassar of sexual assault. he's going to spend the rest of his life in prison but we spoke with parents of five of his victims. they believe many organizations failed to protect their children. how important is it for members of congress now that they're saying we want an investigation? >> the girls, the young ladies, they deserve it, you know. they've been abused. they need to know that the enabl enablers, whether they're individuals, institutions, processes, whatever it may be, is eliminated, eradicated, whether it's usoc, u.s. gymnastics, ncaa, michigan state. we're at the top of the ranks. >> we really need to know who enabled it. and that's only going to happen from an independent
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investigation. solary going away was kind of like the first chapter in the book, and the healing has started, but you can tell that there's something still hanging out there that he hasn't answered yet. >> they told cbs news they did not hide nassar's actions or never were made aware. in the next hour the parent group shares what they want to happen next and the message for other parents. >> looking forward to that. as many as 2 million people are expected the turn out for a parade this morning to celebrate the eagles super bowl victory. crowds are already gathering in downtown philadelphia for the massive celebration. demarco morgan is along the parade route. demarco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. believe it or not, people started lining up around midnight to take a look at the winter team as they make their way down. we all know as you can tell
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philly fans can get a little rowdy at times, but police are hoping it's not the case today. >> sunday night was extremely annoying and concerning. >> reporter: on wednesday philadelphia mayor jim kenny encouraged fans to behave responsibly. >> don't ruin it for the eagles today. >> reporter: city officials are trying to avoid a repeat of sunday night when revelers celebrating the eagles win took down traffic lights, flipped cars, and started fires in the streets of philadelphia. >> it's trey burton. they led them to super bowl victory. >> god bless doug pedersen and nick foles. >> reporter: the five-mile parade route begins at financial
7:18 am
field where it has a fitting end at the steps of the philadelphia museum of art. the same steps made it famt by rocky balboa. >> we'll have people all over on foot, in vehicles, in the air. >> reporter: police say they will have a strong presence along the parade route and the city is activating its operation center to allow realtime information sharing among multiple agency sharing. radio sports radio host says he wouldn't be surprised if 4 million people packed into the city today. >> this town has been waiting 57 years for this. it's just happy. it feels like an entire city has been smiling for four days now. >> reporter: again, the parade ends here at the rocky steps as you can see behind me, and public transportation is also a major concern. we should point that out because thousands of fans, remember, they were stranded back in 2008 during the phillies worrell series, but the subway will be free today, so that is good news
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and i think people are ready to party, gail. we'll track back to you. >> yeah. when you wait 57 years for a party, you have a lot to release. thank you, demarco. i hope they listen to the mayor and behave but have a good time. drowsy drivers, they're a far bigger danger than previously thought. ahead, how research out overnight found that drowsy driving played a role in thousands more
7:20 am
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. it is super bowl parade day in philadelphia what could be biggest parade in philadelphia 's history steps off in a few hours. parade will start at broad and pattison in south philadelphia and that is where we will find "eyewitness news" reporter trang do joining us live. what is the crowd like right now. >> reporter: rahel, i cannot hear you, at all, take a look, we have got all kinds of eagles fans, and it is absolutely crazy here in south philadelphia right now, and, i cannot hear anything. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> unaudible. >> wow. >> reporter: i love it. i love it.
7:27 am
>> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> you know, rahel, they are not excited at all. lets go back to you. >> i feel like they said everything that you could not say so, they are pumped out there lets send it over to chelsea, the crowd is pumped but they are bundled up. >> rightly so. >> best report ever. they are super bundled up and that is because temperatures are very cold. let me show you those numbers, 28 degrees right now in fill and then factor in the wind. it feels much colder. i will show you wind chills. twenty-six in wilmington. twenty-five in allentown. we are starting at 22 degrees. here's what it feels like with the wyndmoor like 17 in philadelphia, 16 wilmington. feels like 14 in reading and zero is what it feels like in the poconos. so we are getting you prepared for the parade, mostly sunny, brisk and cold, temperatures in the low to mid 30's today but we will factor in the wind i hope those folks are dressed in the teens and 20's because that is what it will feel like
7:28 am
all day, next chance for rain arrives later on this weekend. meisha you are very bus think morning what is going on. >> very busy, thank you for letting everyone know how cold because you will to have bundle up because some have been out there since 4:00 a.m. some earlier then that just waiting and waiting and now it is starting to pick up. this is a quick snapshot of the spring garden street right around art museum. you can see lots of flashing lights, roadblock ages, we have tons of people on foot maneuvering around. we have this beautiful sky line as well to greet everyone , heading out there, take a look at ben franklin parkway, the crowds at 7:00 important pretty big, rahel, over to you. >> next update 7:55. up next, why shops in one state may soon serve
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it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. i'm still pumped
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about elon musk's incredible launch yesterday of his rocket falcon heavy. the launch was amazing to wanks especially when the two boosters actually reterned the atmosphere and landed at the cape in synchronicity. it's the happiest anyone has been in stating, look, the rockets are straight toward us. >> the car took the ultimate road trip, you could say. to land the way it did upright is great. >> to land at the same time. the only thing it didn't do is moonwalk. i guess that's for the other
7:31 am
rocket. >> giving him time. here are three things you should know this morning. president trump is attending the national prayer breakfast this morning. house whip steve scalise is the key speaker. he's looking forward to meeting with religious leaders and friends and mark burnett of our wonderful 14th season apprentice triumph. last year the president boasted about the show's rating when he was the host and urged attenders to pray for his successor arnold schwarzenegger. prime manies in austin, dallas, cincinnati, and virginia beach will be able to use the service first. amazon plans to expand it to the entire country later this year. it applies to orders of $35 or more. >> still a little slow in new york. >> what did you say? i've heard that, norah. and "sports illustrated" annual swimsuit issue is
7:32 am
responding to the "me too" move management with an empowering photo shoot. it shows models with words written across their bodies. the female models control the choice of words and pick the ones that they believe define their identity. the issue hits newsstands next week. i was trying to do it. >> applaud them for the movement but where are the bathing suits. it's a sim suit snooish they wanted to do something different. >> i get it. all right. to be continued. the grandparents of a boy in a high-profile custody battle are under arrest for their alleged role in his abduction. we told you about nicholas brawn's story more than two years ago. he was taken to brazil by his mother. he's been there ever sans.
7:33 am
nico's father wants the boy back. michelle miller, good morning. >> good morning. christopher brann turned to the fbi for help who hadn't heard about this case until yesterday. he's hoping the arrest of nico's grandparents means his son is one step closer to coming home. >> he's an amazing little boy. i think you'd enjoy getting to know him. >> reporter: christopher brann saw his son in brazil last week. he found out about the arrest from a surprise morning call from his attorney. >> when i answered the call, he simply said, are you sitting down, and i said yes and he said are you ready to cry like a baby and i said yes. >> how hopeful are you that your son will finally come home? >> it's the first time that i've actually had any hope. >> reporter: the criminal complaint says nico was taken by
7:34 am
his mother in july of 2013, nearly a year after the couple divorced. she claim they'd were going to brazil for a wedding and never returned. according to the fbi, her parent s and his wife helped carry out the plot. a criminal complaint secretly filed by federal prosecutor last year alleges nico's grandmother helped enroll him in a brazilian school two months before his trip. it also says nico's grandfather carlos bought plane tickets to make it seem like nico was coming back to texas. do you believe nico's grand parents deserve to be jailed? >> i believe that justice should be served. i don't know that i'm in favor of them, you know, being in jail in perpetuity. >> he hopes his ex-wife will start serious discussions about
7:35 am
returning nico. a texas judge granted him the decision to decide where he should live but the brazilian courts so far have ignored it. brann only gets to see his son every two or three months and he's worried she'll use the grandparents' arrest to turn bran nkds against them. >> my hope is he can come home, we'll move on with our lives and nico will have access to both because that's what hee deserves. >> they each could face up to eight years in prison if convicted. in a stachlts the attorney said her cliernlts' parents are not related to this case and mr. brann has regular access to see his son. john? >> michelle, thanks. drowsy driving could be responsible for thousands more deaths on u.s. roads every year than first thought. new research out from aaa
7:36 am
overnight says drowsiness could play a part in nearly 10% of all crashes. in last month 29% admitted to being behind the wheel when they had a hard time keeping their eyes open. kris van cleave is on the road in washington with the dangers. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. researchers and police have long suspected that drowsy driving was an underestimated, ujds reported factor in crashes. the cdc says the average adult needs at least seven hours of sleep a niechltd most do not get that. researchers have found if you're a drowsy driver on just four hours of sleep, you could be as dangerous as a drunk driver. >> i got you as ten over and then when you changed lanes you didn't signal. >> reporter: when police in addison, illinois, pulled over the driver of this pickup, he said he was coming off a 14-hour shift and was exhausted. >> you've got to be careful. being drowsy is as bad as
7:37 am
drinking or being distracted very that driver got a warning. but a drowsy driving crash killed jennifer pearce's 18-year-old sister nicole. they were coming back from a ski trip and the driver fell asleep. >> we've had to deal with her not just at 18 but the many years and who she would have become. >> reporter: this teen was behind the wheel when he fell asleep and rear ended a car. no one was hurt. >> reporter: federal estimates sight drowsiness as a factor in 1% to 2% of crashes. when researchers analyze more than 700 crashes caught on tape they find drowsy driving in less than 10%. >> one in ten. that's a lot of crashes.
7:38 am
william horry is with traffic safety. >> there's no true measure as sleep. it really comes back to try to plan and give yourself enough time to get that sleep. >> reporter: now, if that 7 to 9 hours of recommended sleep sounds like a luxury, some things to keep in mind. researchers say the most dangerous times to drive drowsy is overnight and things to look out for. if you're having trouble maintaining your lane, keep your eyes open, or don't remember the last few miles you've driven, those are all signs you're too tired to be behind the wheel. >> seven or eight hours sounds like a dream. before you go, kris, can i ask about the new look? how. >> how long am i intending? >> with the beard? >> i wanted to do something different. until my mother stops insisting that i shave it.
7:39 am
>> let me say for the record you look very hot. >> tell mrs. van cleve we like it. >> thank you, norah. >> kris, tell your mother, i don't really have an opinion. >> john dickerson says he don't care. all right, kris van cleave, thank you very much. thank you very much, sir. hi, mrs. van cleve. starbucks is stopping an earth to put cancer warning in hundreds of its stores. ahead, why the campaign a java jolt believes it's good for your hecht and what dr. agus thinks about the claim. >> i'm glad we have a doctor talking about this. >> and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. find them on apple's itunes and podcast'. we thank you for watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. let's go. bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom.
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a cup of coffee in california could soon come with a cancer warning. mediation begins today in a highly charged lawsuit. the council for education and research on toxins wants businesses to warn consumers about a possible cancer risk
7:44 am
from coffee. that's right, coffee. the push for warning stems from a natural chemical produced when the coffee beans are roasted. john blackstone. >> reporter: coffee beaneries are steamed. a lawsuit alleges no matter how you make it, your daily jolt of java comes with a risk. he teaches the science of coffee at uc davis. as an expert he testified acrilled my forms naturally as foods turn brown. >> it's the amazing you get the yummy brown stuff on the outside of steaks when you grill it. >> reporter: it requires businesses to alert consumers about, thanks to a law passed in 1986. so under cal's proposition 65,
7:45 am
coffee shops are being forced to post signs like this. trouble is in california right now, cancer seems to be brewing everywhere, at least it appears that way if you pay attention. park your car at an indoor garage, you're likely to find one. at any place that sells alcohol, the writing is on the wall. it's posted at the happiest place on earth, even outside cbs news in los angeles. >> they create in some people concern that there's something lurking in places and they don't know what it is. >> reporter: but the warning may be stretching the intention of the law. cbs contributor dr. david agus. >> i believe in transparency, but at the same time when you put out a bold explanation, to me it causes panic rather than informed knowledge. >> reporter: in a statement they
7:46 am
told cbs news this lawsuit confuses consumers and has a potential to make a mockery of prop 65 cancer warnings at a time when the public needs clear and accurate information about health. while 13 defendants including gloria jeans and 7-eleven have settled and agreed to put up the signs, starbucks is still waging a battle arguing that coffee has benefits. >> coffee in moderation has been shown to potentially decrease the risk of certain cancers and potentially have some hurt benefit. >> reporter: this is one warning some will have trouble swallowing. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco. >> i'm weigh in. >> mine's intravenous. up next, hour your apple
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now you an talk to a doctor online and get free shipping at welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. the "washington post" reports they found no evidence in border agent's death. rogelio martinez appeared to have died in an accident in west texas near the mexican border. no suspects have been linked to it. there's no evidence of an altercation. president trump used this informatioto support his push for a border wall. a new study detects an apple watch and other wearables can detect diabetes. research shows that they can detect early signs of diabetes with 85% accuracy. the study paired data from
7:52 am
wearables with artificial intelligence algorithm. s. and dunkin' donuts will phase out foam cups by to 20. they'll be replaced by paper double foam walls starting this spring. they have been criticized for having a harmful impact on the environment. >> and george clooney talked with david letterman about helping a refugee get an american education. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. befoto treat her frequent 24hr heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm jim donovan. it is a historic day in philadelphia millions of people are expected to pay tribute to the super bowl champion eagles with the parade from south philadelphia and party on the parkway. our jan carabao is live at art museum where eagles nation started to show up last night, hi there, jan. >> reporter: now that we have full daylight i want to show you how impressive it is down here right on the art museum steps we are coming to you live from the middle of the ben franklin parkway as far as the eye can see all you can see is eagles fans on the left side, on the right, as we swing around, to the art museum steps, you can see that the stage is set, and, the jumbo trons are on there are
7:57 am
14 jumbo trons some 40 food trucks, people have access to food, water, and they are pumped up, ready to go, even though we have hours to go until the parade. many spent the night out here we have tents some got up very early in the morning we're talking about 1:00 a.m. 2:00 a.m. to get very best seats in the entire house and as we swing around these people got the best seats, because they were out here early. listen to them. >> wow. >> well, so much for chant, our live coverage of the parade starts at 9:00 this morning. lets send it over to chelsea ingram for a look at today's forecast. hi there chelsea. >> so much excitement, jim. lets look at those numbers you saw those people bundled up 27 8 in millville. feels colder factor in the wind chill and feels more like teens and 20's all day, mostly sunny skies for the parade, high temperature right around
7:58 am
30 but remember it will feel like the teens and 20's, pretty much all day so if you have not headed out yet just keep that in mine. meisha back over to you. >> it is going to be so exciting and fired up, and i do have to call this to your tension we have an accident on broad street so broad street southbound is closed right now near lehigh avenue. alternate hunting park avenue is your best bet. septa real quickly inbound services that is going to end at 9:30 a.m., okay. 9:30. special passes are sold out only select stations opened and inbound only in the a.m. until 9:30. outbound only after the parade , jim, over to you. next update 8:25. coming up emotional interview of the athletes victimized by sports doctor larry nassar,
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it's thursday, february 8, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." aherksd the spouse abuse allegations that led a top aide to president trump to hand in his resignation. plus, we talk with parents of young athletes who say larry nassar sexually abused them. they share a powerful message. believe what your children tell you. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. domestic abuse allegations against a top white house official are caution a new shakeup at the white house. >> porter is dating hope hicks, one of the drafters involved in drafting the earlier statements defending porter. >> north korea has dominated the run-up to these games by staging
8:01 am
this massive military parade. >> the pentagon says the u.s. air strike that killed about 100 militants were self-defense. >> the senate is expected to approve the budget to avoid a second shutdown in a month but some may not go along. researchers have come up with a one-of-a-kind device that collects samples of your breath. >> people lined up since midnight to get a look at the winning team as they get ready to make their way down here. >> in response to teenagers eating tide pods, new york state lawmakers introduced a bill that would force companies to make their detergent pods to look less appetizing. to absolutely guarantee the american kids won't eat them, here's what the new tide pods will look like. >> i'm john dickerson with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. president trump's staff secretary rob porter is resigning after his two ex-wives said he abused them. porter has been the gate keeper reviewing all of the president's paperwork. >> jennifer willoughby an colby holderness accuse porter of verbal, physical, and emotional abuse. he denies the accusation calling them vileless claims. sources say they told them about it back in november. >> this raises questions about chief of staff john kelly. he call porter, quote, a man of true integrity and honor yesterday but later kelly amended his statements saying, quote, he was shocked by the new allegations. there is no place for domestic violence in our society. his former boss orrin hatch
8:03 am
called the allegations an attack and asked him not to resign. later he was asked if knowing about the allegations he would still employ him. here's what he said. >> i'm not going to answer. he worked for me. he did a tremendous job. if i could find more people like him, i think that's how good he is. he's basically a good person. but i can't talk about anything else, it's just that simple. >> did you see the pictures of the -- >> he is basically a good person, says hatch. porter who is dating white house communications director hope hicks could leave his job as early as today. on the first day of action at the winter olympics in south korea, north korea tried to steal the spotlight with a huge military parade. thousands of soldiers marched in the capital. the north displayed two
8:04 am
different versions of the intercontin intercontinental ballistic missiles. a reporter is traveling with the president. good morning. >> good morning. vice president mike pence held bilateral talks with south korean president moon jae-in on thursday set against the backdrop of the 2018 olympics. the two put forth a united front toward denuclearizing north korea despite the behind-the-scenes softening of the north. >> the u.s. will stand shoulder to shoulder in order to bring maximum pressure to baear on north korean until the time comes that they abandon their nuclear missile ambitions.
8:05 am
>> otto warmbier's father fred joined vice president pence in seoul. otto was arrested in pyongyang in 2015 after allegedly stealing a propaganda sign. he was allegedly tortured and died after returning to the u.s. in a coma last year. fred warmbier's presence serves as a reminder to the world of the atrocities being committed in north korea. >> thank you. just one day after the launch of the rocket, musk's tesla company reported a loss. it brings its total losses on the year for >> tesla has not made a profit
8:06 am
since. >> can apple outshied google and amazon devices. ahead, the limitation of apple's home pod. plus how google is stepping up
8:07 am
the parents of several victims abused by former doctor larry nassar tell us they blame
8:08 am
several organizations for not protecting their daughters. >> we believed our daughter immediately because she was a minor. children don't make things up. they don't lie in situations like this. you have to investigate it. ou have to believe them. and it should have happened immediately. >> it should have. >> ahead, how they say the system needs to change. you're watching "cbs this morning." i'll never find a safe used car. start at the new show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new listerine® total care strengthens teeth,, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™.
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8:12 am
former olympic team doctor larry nassar will spend the rest of his life in prison. more than 250 women and girls including olympic gymnasts accuse him of sexual abuse. we spoke to some parents. lisa lorincz's daughter was a
8:13 am
club gymnast. doug and judy powell's daughter cassie was a pole vaulter at michigan state university. kyle keiser took her daughter to him after her daughter was injured. tempers erupted last week and while the parents we spoke with are angry, they agreed the biggest priority is to change the system. >> you were talking about an expletive earlier, doug. >> you're a [ bleep ] hog, a hog. >> we saw randall margraves rush him. did you understand where he was coming from? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. if i thought that for a second that it would have done anyth g anything, he was from me to you, to rush him and choke him out.
8:14 am
but what good is that going to do me, and what good is that going to do for cassie. >> we saw people in many different states of agreement when we saw mr. margraves' reaction, i was just so sad. i was just so sad. it with us not my reaction, but i knew his. we know in the continuum of emotion, we've all been there. >> when your daughters first told you about this, i mean was it hart for you at first to believe them? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> it was difficult for us, you know. we talked to our kids as they grew up and coming from a law enforcement background and perspective, nothing good ever happens after midnight. go home, don't do this, don't do this. be conscious of what you're doing. how do you guard from a doctor? how do you put that guard in your daughter's mind? it's sanding and sickening. >> i don't think for us it was as much as not believing her, but not believing that something
8:15 am
like that could have happened. i was in the room when he was doing the treatment and he positioned them such that -- i mean i even stood up. i'm a nurse. i stood up to see what he was doing and i said, what are you massaging right now. and he said we just have to loosen those tendons, ligaments, muscles in that area and that will help the scoliosis that you have in your back. cassie told me in the car, i'm never going back there again. i said, why. and she said, he had his hand inside me and he talked her back into letting him do that. he made it seem like without this area adjusted, she would never be able to be the pole vaulter she wanted to be. >> he had done good work with her from the age of 10 to 13 as a gymnast. became a diver. bro eck her back as a divinger. had gone to several places for help. and she was home one time and was like, let's go to larry. that was my moment, you know,
8:16 am
that he'd fixed her before. so -- excuse me -- so when she went and had -- we don't even know what it is. none of us know. a broken back, a broken tailbone. so when he described what he was going to have to do and like it will be pretty invasive, i'm going, whatever we have to do. i want my child out of pain. if this is going to work, let's go. >> what was it like knowing something was wrong? >> for us, it was horrible. for me, i'm a failure. you know, my job is to protect my baby girl and i didn't do it. and so that's something that we're going to live with forever. we had no other choice. you know, we had to turn our daughter over to the u.s. gymnasti gymnastics. we were told we'll take care of maggie. don't worry about maggie. when we traveled to the meets, we couldn't go to the hotel. we couldn't stay at the hotel. we could not be in any situation
8:17 am
to help protect our daughter. we had to fully turn over trust. >> do you think that was by design? >> yes. >> more than just to build these super competitors. >> no question. >> to what? cover up abuse? >> i don't know. i don't know. but there's so much more to this that needs to be found out because each and every one of them are intertwined. >> senator jeanne shaheen said this is not a simple case of negligence or fail euro of oversight. there is ample evidence that many were alerted multiple times to nassar's behavior and they found excuses to look the other way. >> yeah. that's kathy clay gas and people at michigan state who were alerted back in the '90s. you know, if you think about it. lindsey would have never been abused had they taken action back at that point because she was only 2. >> not one of our daughters. >> no. >> no way. >> when you look at this collection right here, our
8:18 am
daughters would not have walked through those doors. >> right. >> if other parents come to you and say, what should i do to make sure this doesn't happen to my daughter, what do you tell them? >> believe her. speak up. >> teach them that if something doesn't feel right -- >> exactly. >> -- no matter who it is, to say i'm not comfortable with this and i need you to stop. >> i think one other thing you tell your daughter, you'd have to tell them, don't trust anyone. you can't trust your church, you can't trust your priest, you can't trust your coach, you can't trust your doctor. >> i don't know that i want to teach my daughter not to trust anybody. i think i want to arm her with the tools that when she's in a situation -- i think had i taught caylee that when i'm uncomfortable that i believe at 13, she would have handled the situation differently. >> i want to ask quickly about the karolyis. they received some attention in this, but how guilty are the
8:19 am
karolyis, do you believe? >> 100% guilty. >> do you think they knew? >> yes. because to me, how could they not know. >> so have the karolyis been held accountable? >> no. >> we know that they're being investigated. that's all we know. >> i feel we've had one person. >> say that again, doug. >> i feel we've had one person. larry nassar. >> what do you think about larry nassar? >> i don't care about him. he's one off the list. >> there's more of the other people that are come. in all of this. they need to step up and take responsibility or it needs to be taken care of. >> that's what cassie said. if you could put in one hand all of those institutions, msu, usag, usoc, if you could pun in one hand they genuinely picked her up, given her a hug or said
8:20 am
i screwed up so bad or our community screwed up so bad, if she had that in this hand and $20 million in the other hand, she'd rather have what's in this hand because her psyche has changed. she's different, nontrusting, and that shouldn't be how we have to live. >> cbs news reached out to all those the panel named. the karolyis who trained at the ranch have not responded. they have said they did not know about the abuse. michigan state university and usa gymnastics also did not respond. they say they did not attempt to hide nas ar's miss contact. the coach declined to comment. they're launching an independent investigation into the decades-long abuse by larry nassar. i learned so much from speaking to these parents. >> i did too. >> all just incredible people and their daughters are suffering so much.
8:21 am
abuse and the aftermath of abuse lasts a lifetime. >> and because the daughters are suffered, parents are suffering too. as a parent the one thing you never want to fail at, it's protecting your children. while it's not their fault, you can see how they're taking it all in. >> from my personal view, is there something they could have done, the daughters' parents, i'm not sure they could have. this man was so sick and manipulative and the onus lies on the executives who knew about this for decades and couldn't stop it. the girls reported it. the girls reported the behavior that they felt uncomfortable about it. >> but the woman who was a nurse in the room who didn't know it shows how sick he was. >> you don't want to teach your children to trust no one because then you're coming out of this, the lesson is treat everything like a barren scape of no human contact. if that's the solution, that's -- that's what's so tough about this. >> this is going to continue because more people need to be held accountable.
8:22 am
that's the only way it will never happen again. >> and it should continue. george clooney is opening up about his wife and young twins. you know they've got two babies now. ahead, why the actor tells david letterman, he'll be an old man before he can get back to his hobbies. plus the challenge of counting more than 19,000 animals. an effort is under way to track every creature great and small at the london zoo. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh!
8:23 am
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8:24 am
what may be the cutest annual event at the london zoo is under way this morning. the zookeepers are counting every creature from penguins to lions. that's more than 19,000 animals. >> we go back to the significant births and breeding. we share that information. it brings all of the teams together. >> i think he said he's counting a lot of animals.
8:25 am
jellyfish and llamas are good morning, i'm rahel solomon. the eagles super bowl parade will get started in a few hours but crowds of eagles fans are in place. millions of people are expect to party their way through a historic day in philadelphia jan carabao is live at the art museum where generations of fans have been celebrating now for hours, jan. >> rahel, good morning, if it sounds like a football game out here that is because it is not only do we have thousands of eagles fans lining the parade route but guess what the organizes of this parade are now playing replaying super bowl lii, on the jumbo tron, there are 14 jumbo trons out here donning ben franklin parkway to replay this game get everybody fired up and ready for the big parade. you can see just how pack it
8:26 am
is, there are people packing eakins oval there, you can see they are lining the parade route, as far as the eye can see all the way into center city. we have got excited fans out here, some of them, stayed overnight, in tents, others, others have have been out since one or 2:00 in the morning. even though they have been here for hours they are fired up. listen to this, give me a chant. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> let's go eagles. >> wow. >> so you can see they are fired up, and ready for the parade to start at 11:00 a.m., back to you. >> jan, i saw them out there too. there air lot of people in center city already and plenty more on the way. chopper three over ben franklin bridge are eagles fans are walking to the parade route, eagles fans are diehard and no doubt about that. lets go over to chelsea for a check of the forecast for anyone heading to the parade, you need to bundle up, it is cold out there. >> don't you love the energy
8:27 am
out there, so exciting, that is right, it is very cold as well, let me show you the numbers regional wide, 27 degrees in philadelphia, and it is 25 degrees in wilmington. we are 24 in allentown cold spot on the map, mount pocono checking in right around 14 and then factor in the wins on top, winds from the north west at 10 to 15. it feels like 15 degrees in center city and it will not feel much better throughout the day-to-day. we are looking at a temperature at 11:00 start of the parade around 30 degrees but feel more like teens and 20's all the way through the parade and even as we head down to the art museum ceremony that takes place at 1:00 p.m. and air temperature of 32 but man it will feel much colder. your seven day forecast looks like this next chance for rain doesn't arrive until saturday night and sunday will see period of rain throughout the day but temperatures in the 50 's but all eyes are focusing on today, meisha. >> everybody out there bundled up heading out there very
8:28 am
early, some even camped out overnight, so what i want to talk to you about, we know it will start at 11:00 a.m. but some road closures that will go into place at 9:00 a.m. will close. they are closing earlier now just because of the sheer amount of people heading out there. particularly, south broad street and city hall. they will be closing earlier, then 9:00 a.m. other won will be out there until nine but city hall south broad street they are not. another quick peak at ben franklin bridge live shot bird eye view with the people crossing over the bridge, and also inbound remember ending at 9:30 a.m., rahel over to you. next update 8:55. ahead this morning and ex- convict who turned his life around is helping other do the same remarks hell solomon good
8:29 am
8:30 am
from a frightened farmer, police in scotland found themselves in a 45-minute standoff with a bengal tiger. that is, until they realize -- and this is true -- it was actually a stuffed animal. 45 minutes! i mean their first hint that it might be fake is when they realized it was a bengal tiger and they were in the middle of scotland. it was a pretty funny situation except for the guy across town who was getting mugged while police were monitoring a cuddly toy. >> wouldn't you think if a tiger didn't move for five minutes, ten minutes, 20 minutes, that it's not a legal tiger?
8:31 am
>> that's just what they want you to believe. >> oh. well, it worked in scotland. welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's 8:30. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. scott pruitt, the head of the epa is taking a new approach to global warming. he's now questioning whether warming is necessarily a bad thing. >> so i think there's assumptions made that because the climate is warming that that's necessary wily bad thing. do we know what the ideal surface temp should be? >> he wants a debate so americans can be informed. in the past he rejected the scientific that it's controlled by youtube says i more than 200 million different they say these recommendations drive more than 70% of its viewing time. viewers are often led to channels that lead to conspiracy
8:32 am
theories, partisan view points and misleading video even when they haven't shown interest in such content. that's very trouble joolg smart tvs including samsung and rokus are vulnerable to hacking. they looked at smart tvs. it found they all track what consumers watch. hackers were also able to take control of the samsung and other brands that use the smart roku tv platform. they say "consumer reports" got it wrong and users have no control. consumers say the vacuum changes, it goes up and down. that would be freaky to me. >> usually it's because i'm sitting on the remote. pessimism about old age may be a risk factor for those with dementia. older people who had positive beliefs about aging were 44% less likely to develop dementia
8:33 am
over the next four years of their life. that's compared to others who have negative beliefs. "usa today" says brace your phones. 150 new emojis are coming this year. they include new hairstyles for men and women. there are also new foods including a bagel, cupcake, lettuce, and salt. they added the bacon last time around. new animals like hippo, kangaroo, llama, and peacock. there will also be a lobster emoji. i like that. that's a good thing. >> i like that too. looking out for his home state. i said that right, emoji, right? >> yeah, you did. apple's smart speak ler be available in stores tomorrow. the home pod is available at $349. it's designed to work with apple music subscription and itunes. apple's digital assistant siri is also available on the home pod. a recent report suggests by the
8:34 am
end of this year, consumers will use more than 5 billion devices featuring digital assistants. nearly 3 million more will be added by 2021. dan ackerman of our partner cnet is here. do you have one? >> i do not have this. but i havic co-and other smart devices. >> that's what i mean. >> yeah. it's built into every phone. everyone who has a phone has smart assistant. >> $349 seems like a big price to pay for this. is it worth it? >> especially when you consider the device that a lot of people have, the amazon echo or the echo dot is like $99 or $50. so everyone who has tried this out -- and we tested one of these at euro smart home in kentucky, audio experts said it sounded fantastic. a great amazing sounding speaker as you would expect a $369 speaker to be. it does sound great, and it
8:35 am
does, but it's the far end of the spectrum. >> is there a competitive advantage on the smartphone part. does siri say something special or new or tell you you look wonderful? >> it's got the same basic siri that's built into your phone. if you like the phone experience, it's similar. some prefer alexa or the google assistant that is built into android phones or home which is google's version of the smart seeker device. >> "new york times" called it embarrassingly inadequate and sorely laking compared with amazon's alexa and google's assistant. is that going to affect sales? >> that's the t speakers. >> that doesn't sound like a good speak. >> don't yme? >> we've made fun of siri for years. but it's not the same as alexa. these companies take these
8:36 am
products and put them on. you have the smart end on one end and the speaker on the other. amazon says let's make it smart. amazon says let's make it a speaker first and smart stuff second. >> what do people want? do they want the speaker o or the information. >> they wanted the smart. you could always get a speaker at home. for am users, they're locked into their i phone. they may have a apple subscription. this is built for people who have that or want to have that all apple experience. >> i like that i have ue boom and other stuff that apple sells. i really like those. >> that's great. but if you have spotify or other music service, you can't beam to it. you can do it using airplay. but everyone likes the artist. >> i use my apple music a lot. it would work for me. >> it's custom made for you.
8:37 am
>> what's the next frontier on the assistant part. what are we getting soon that's going to make our lives amazing? >> i think we're getting to the paint now where we have multiusers. everyone in the house through voice resing on nation where it knows who you are. it can tell who's talking to it and give you personalized feedback. your calendar, music taste just by listened to your voice. >> thank you. george clooney and his wife mal. >> what's her name? >> amal clooney. >> john gets a take two. >> they talk about bringing an iraqi refugee to the united states. the couple teemed up with clooney's parents to sponsor an iraqi refugee and introduced him
8:38 am
to david letterman. >> hi, dave. >> hi. >> what are you guys doing this morning? >> apparently we're face timing our family with 50 cam are men or so in the kitchen, which is something that happened a lot. >> george, you and amal have heard this story before. i'm hearing it from him for the first time. can you imagine? >> yeah, well, david, i've had the privilege of representing a number of twhoes have been the victims of genocide perpetrated by isis over the last couple of years. that's when i met him. i remember being so struck by his courage but also this amazing spirit and how he spoke about even after everything he'd lost, he spoke about a desire for justice, not revenge. and he talked about the future and what his dreams were, and i remember him telling us we were all in new york. i was with george and nick and nina and he spoke about his
8:39 am
dream of one day studying in the u.s. i know we all had the same thought was, well, maybe there's something we can do to help with that. >> that's amal talking about an dal to get that straight. he's a student at the university of chicago and lives near clooney's parents in kentucky. clooney also talks with letterman about his growing family. >> your wife must have known of your activity and your humanitarian work, and, again, what a perfect match. >> sh is sort of this remarkable human being and now mother which is something you would assume she would be wonderful at as well. when you see it in person, it makes you feel, you know, incredibly proud and also incredibly small. >> twins? >> twins. >> twins. >> sounds fun, doesn't it. >> but you have a pair, and as they grow together, they'll take
8:40 am
care of one another. >> that's the hope. >> and you can have hobbies again. >> yeah, in 20 years when i'm your age. yeah, exactly. >> the new episode of "my next guest need nos introduction" begins streaming. >> twins do take care of each other. >> you have twins in your house. >> very special indeed, but it does make you grow a lot more gray hair. an upstate new york man is delivering sandwiches and hope. in our series "a more perfect union," how he overcame huge personal challenges to a connect with those in need. but first a check of your local weather.
8:41 am
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8:44 am
our continuing series "a unites us divides us. today a look to helphe homeless. on any given night an estimated 45,000 americans e iemelessness and in 2016 more than 15,000 were food insecure, meaning they lacked consistent access to food. vladimir duthiers with our streaming cbsn is here with a story of a man helping to feed the needy one weekend at a time. good morning. >> good morning.
8:45 am
al amin hue ma'am mad helps. starting at 10:00 a.m., granola bars, chips, and sandwiches assembles in lunch kits ready to go to those who need the most. >> there are thousands, thousands of people hopeless right now in these streets. >> reporter: dozens of volunteers mobilize to help those who are cold and hungry behind the leader ship of al amin muhammad. they head out and set up under a bridge. but during that particularly cold winter, it's not just food they're giving away. jackets and hygiene kits are also handed out. but it's more than the food and clothing that the needy of syracuse get every saturday. they get human connection. bonds that are difficult to form on the street. >> we don't have too much money,
8:46 am
we come down here and get a meal and hot cocoa and all the people come together and we talk and we network so everybody can help each other out. >> reporter: and the volunteers have found a deeper connection too. >> it means everything to me. it's so positive. i get a chance to help people. i get a chance to meet new people. >> reporter: sandwich saturdays is part of the nonprofit "we rise above the streets." the name describes al amin muhammad's life. >> people would walk past me like i was invisible. >> reporter: his path started early when he joined a gang as a teenager. >> i started getting into drugs and violence. got shot several times. >> reporter: after multiple arrests muhammad ended up in prison. there he found god and converted to islam. he knew when he got out, he couldn't go back to his former life. just like the homeless muhammad
8:47 am
now helps, he found someone to turn to, a caseworker in a detox center. >> he told me, al amin, i believe in you. you're going to help a lot of people in this world. >> reporter: that belief was enough. muhammad got on his feet and became a drug cons lore. he got married and is with his wife nasirah. together they're helping the people in syracuse. every saturday they find them under the bridge, giving them clothing, hope, and a sandwich. >> i'm going to codo this work and continue to fight and continue to say to people out here because somebody trusted me and believed in me and they saved me. >> everything that goes into those lunch kits is gotten through donations, and what really struck me about this story, guys, is not only did he hit rock bottom, muhammad, he almost thought about commits suicide. he found redemmings through this. but families are getting involved.
8:48 am
if a mother decides to join sandwich saturdays, her kids join in and you have whole families taking part. >> you know what i like, too, is the importance that all you need is one person to believe in you. the caseworker who said, i believe in you, i know you're better than this. imagine the message that sent to him and what he's sending to others. >> i learned that working with meals for wheels here in new york. it's not just about the food. it's about the connection. people want to know that somebody else cares about you and wants to try and help you. >> not to be a nameless faceless person you just pass on the street. >> humanity. >> everybody matters. thank you, vlad. football can bring families together, but not all the time. ahead, the college prospect whose mama was mad with the school he chose to play for, and she let everybody know. you can hear more of our "cbs this morning" podcasts on apple ice itunes and podcast apps. we'll have that story after this. ahead the put falls with a
8:49 am
professor. his new book is called "experience on demand." how it works and what it can do.
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8:52 am
the mom of a high school football recruit upstaged her son on national signing day. when jacob copeland chose to play for the university of florida, his mom walked out. >> she's got on an alabama sweatshirt. >> she's wearing alabama and has a tennessee heat. he said he had to follow his heart. the tension didn't last long because jacob's mom came back and hugged him. she was mad. later he wrote it off on
8:53 am
instagram. he said, what my
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, i'm jim donovan, we're about two hours away from the start of the most eagerly anticipated parade in philadelphia history , eagles super bowl parade steps off from south philadelphia at 11:00 o'clock this morning. parade will start at broad and pattison and that is where we will fine trang do live. hi there, trang do how are you >> things are great out here, we have so many excited fans here. we are at broad and pattison they cannot wait for the eagles to come out. we will go over to lincoln financial field here the buses will be coming out, from there and here they are, just a fraction on of the excited fans out here today. we are waiting for the and all ages, and all races, als
8:56 am
fans. we all bleed green here. we are all excited just a couple hours left until we see our eagles coming out of lincoln financial field. we are live in south philadelphia, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". millions are expect to party on the parkway for eagles par ray and we have a bird's eye view of the crowd. live picture from chopper three as eagles nation assembles on the parkway. merill reese and eagles players and coaches will dress the crowd at art museum when parade reach that he is point. there is certainly a lot of people out there celebrating, today. now lets look at the weather i'm sure that we have to bundle up, here's chelsea, with the forecast. >> and all those people that we just showed all bundled up out there because of the very, very cold. lets go to a live look at eagles nation from a live neighborhood network cam beautiful shot there the sunshine glistening off of the buildings, 27 degrees right now in philadelphia, 25 in wilmington, 25 in allentown. it is very cold in center city right now. then factor in the winds on top of that for all of those
8:57 am
folks braving the cold with their eagles spirit keeping they are warm it feels more like 17 in the city. thirteen in allentown. feels like 2 degrees below zero and poconos. we are getting you ready to day looking at mostly sunny skies, brisk, conditions, it will be cold out there, temperatures, air temperatures will be in the low to mid 30's but factor in the wind on top of it all, it will feel like teens and 20's, pretty much, all day, we will stay dry though today, we will stay dry on friday and then, our next chance for rain, moves in this weekend, meisha, back to you. >> chelsea, already road are starting to close a little bit sooner then what was expect what we are look at here is ramp from 95 to broad street it closed, it closed earlier then expect. schuylkill ram tops broad street they are also closed, roads around city hall that were expected to close later are also all ready closed just because of the sheer volume of the cars and people out there, at this point. schuylkill, near girard this is what we are looking at
8:58 am
right here but just right here , it is mlk, see right there you can see all of the people walking around there. mlk, kelly drive are closed. we are something tons of people walk and actually some have reported they are seeing people walk from manayunk, our floor director di shaking her head she told us all the way from manayunk into the city just thousands and thousands of people making their way to the par weighed route. if you are heading out there right new just be aware, also if you are thinking of taking septa in bound service it is going to end at 9:30. that is it 9:30. jim, back over to you. >> stay tuned to cbs-3. our live coverage of the eagles victory parade continues after this quick break i'm jim donovan, make it a great
8:59 am
there are seven continents... seven seas... but at at celebrity cruises, we'd argue... more than seven wonders. for a limited time enjoy two free perks, like complimentary wi-fi and drinks. a savings for everyone in your stateroom when you book now, during the celebrity cruises sail beyond event.
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>> this is the calm before the storm, so long starved for an eagles super bowl win finally gets to chopper3 is live over the huge crowds. good morning, everyone, i'm >> i'm rahel solomon. cbs3 is on the air with special coverage of today's super bowl v team three coveragf the eagles victory parade. trang s the heart of it all. >> jan carablentyasf people out there with her. good jan. >> reporter: good morning. is it still morning? i don't know. we've been out here so lon who t a very early start. some started overnight, some


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