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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 19, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> bye bye. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's monday, february 19th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning" on this presidents' day holiday. surviving students at the gun shooting become activists. newly released records show how a sooergs of missed opportunities might have stops the suspect from getting a gun. president trump says the fbi wa investigation to notice any red > gs. duty to speak out on politics after a fox news hostay and dri. the all-star mvp refused to back down after anc last night on th
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court. plus a woman is suspended from her video shows her complaining about a crying baby on a plane. of viral videos that call outio >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. your job is to protect us and our blood is on your hands. >> please stop allowing us to be gunned down. >> florida students go after lawmakers on gun control. >> funerals were held for many of the students and teachers who died in last week's massacre. >> the president said they're spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign. >> i think it's an absurd
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statement. >> the woman threatened a flight attendant. she's reportedly been placed on leave. >> i may not have a job tomorrow. a family feud turned into an all-out brawl. russian officials have confirmed that one of the athletes at the winter olympics is suspected of failing a doping test. new move "black panther" took in $195 million. that breaks the record for the monday of february. >> all that -- >> austin dillon wins the great american race. >> -- and all that matters. >> bringing some passion to the national media and the national media grilled her. >> -- on "cbs this
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daley is the pga tournament tour. >> how about that. a hole-in-one for john daley. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to morning" on this presidents' day. survivors of the deadly school shoot in florida say they're turning their anger to action as investigators say they failed to act on warning signs. >> thousands gathered in ft. lauderdale over the weekend demanding tighter gun control laws. others are planning a series of protests across the country during the next several weeks. >> after that weekend rally, hundreds of students plan to attend florida's legislature tomorrow. adriana diaz spoke to four of the survivors. she's in parkland, florida, this morning. adriana, good morning. >> reportr: good morning. the students told us they are fighting for change for the 17
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victims memorialized here. that's why they're getting on buss go to the state capitol with petitions in hand. most of them were born after columbine in 1999, so they've never known a world without school shootings, but they want theirs to be the last. >> they say that tougher gun laws do not lead to gun violence. >> never again. that's the rallying cry from student survivors fueled by the loss of their peers. >> if all our government and president can do is send thoughts and prayers, then it's time for victims to be the change that we seek. >> emma gonzalez is one of those along with delaney tarr, damon hog and devin. >> what do you think is sparking it? >> getting shot. i hate that it took hitting home for me to get involved.
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>> the thing is as much as i'd love to be worrying about prom dresses and college acceptance letters, in my mind i can't think about now is anything but change. awe i'm thinking about is the 17 faces. >> they're taking their move nationwide. >> i think about everything ce? since the women's march. along with the me too movement, it's our turn, the grieving students' turn. >> we're going to be so loud, so brazen they won't ignore us in the platform. this is about getting a platform and discuss with them common sense gun laws and stricter gun legislation. >> we want assault rifles off the market. >> is it a slippery slope? do we start with ar-15s? >> we have a right to live. at this point what does it mean to have rights to have guns?
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>> what we're on right now is a slippery slope that we're getting to the bottom of. this needs to be where we stop and start to stand up. >> and they expect millions to stand with them when they march. we asked how they could affect real change if many of them aren't even old enough to go to the polls. they said we can't vote, but we can be heard, and they've fwotd their eyes on the midterm election. norah? >> they are being heard. thank you so much. the family who lived with nick laz cruz told a florida newspaper they had no idea that nikolas cruz was capen't of such a crime. the florida department of child services investigating cruz in 2015 and the police went to cruz's home three dozen times. manuel bojorquez is prkland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you see, the memorial behind
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us continues to grow. there's a son and a mother who tried to prevent him and law enforcement services had opportunities to intervene. in september 2016 nikolas cruz and his mother lynda had a visit from the department of home services. he suffered depression, adhd, and autism. he once plastered a hate message on the back of his backpack. cruz said he plans to go out and buy a gun. they closed case weeks later after find nothing evidence he was being mistreated. mental health services and supports were in place when this investigation closed. >> they tried to make him part of the family. they wanted him to feel that way. >> attorney jim lewis represents the family that took krutz in after his mother's death.
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>> they had no clue something like this would have happened or they never would have taken him in. >> reporter: broward county sheriff's records shows ly s ly cruz calls the police several times. he threw objects, punched a hole in a wall. the sheriff said his deputies didn't have me options. >> this isn't science fiction. we're not allowed to arrest on what someone thinks about. >> he said, i'm going to kill you, rape you, hurt your family. >> reporter: she talked about cruz threatened her after she advised his girlfriend to leave him. >> they c have done more. >> reporter: the fbi has also apologized for mishandling a tip from january who was
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concerned about cruz, owned guns and threatening to carry out sh. on average the fbi tip line receives about 2,100 calls a day. gayle? >> the more you hear, disturbing it is. >> you know, the missed warning sign was so important. injuring himself, he could have been committed. >> in this case, see something, say something, and nothing happened. there will be funerals for two more victims. 14-year-old alaina petty and 15-year-old luke hoyer. services will be held for at least five more victims later this week. 14 students and three adults were killed in wednesday's shooting. the community honor 14d-year-old alex schachter, 14-year-old jamie guttenberg and 35-year-old
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scott beigel yesterday. students say he tried to shield them from the gunman. >> he was just the best teacher to teach. he had an automatic smile. >> he was a great man and most importantly he was a hero to a lot of people. >> four other people are still in the hospitals today. the broward county sheriff visiting 15-year-old anthony borgess who was shot five times. a gofundme page for his family says anthony used his body to protect 20 of his classmates. president trump is turning his focus to school safety. this wednesday the president will hold a listening session with high school students and teacher, and on thursday he will meet with state and local leaders on school safety. mr. trump lashed out at the fbi during a weekend tweet storm. he wrote, very sad that the fbi missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school
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shooter. they're spending too much time trying to prevent collusion. there is no collusion. errol barnett, good morning. >> good morning. they've accused information warfare against the united states but it's mr. trump's comments about the fbi and the school shooting here in south florida that government most people ee attention. >> tree alt is they've got two separate issues. >> reporter: republicans responded to president trump's criticism of the fbi after he seemed to link the partland shooting with the russia probe. in a flurry of tweets the president criticized democrats for using russia as an election excuse. he called the collusion a hoax and said russian investigations were creating chaos in the u.s.
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the president's outbursts followed special counsel robert mueller's indictment friday against 134 russians for using social media to disrupt the u.s. election. >> as you can see with the fbi indictment, the evidence now really incontrovertible. >> the president's national security adviser h.r. mcmaster applauded mueller's efforts, but president trump shot back at his aide online. he shot back, general mcmaster forgot to say the 2016 election results were not impacted or changed by the russians. we should be clear mueller's investigation made no judgment but they say it was designed to bolster mr. trump's candidacy. this morning the kremlin said there's no significant evidence that russia meddled in the election.
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the special council said they were intended to undermine hillary clinton while supporting her opponents including donald trump. elizabeth palmer is outside st. petersburg, thought to be the center of the russian influence operation. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this rather ordinary looking office building behind me was the headquarters of the troll factory, the by now infamous internet research agency named in the indictment which also says it was controlled by a kremlin insider and oligarch calleded evgeni he visited here in 2002. several young activists filmed video inside the research agency and we spoke with one of them. she says she was shocked by the
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scale of the operation. as for the operation that targeted the u.s., she says, not only the 13 people named in the indictment should be prosecuted, but so should hundreds of others who were involved. the indictment says that in the run-up to the u.s. election, the internet research agency was working round the clock em ploig hundreds of thoughts and spending million as month. >> thank you. the cdc says there are signs the flu epidemic is leveling off. it's taken a heavy toll. it's killed 84 children. about three-quarters of them were not vaccinated. our dr. tara narula shows us how the flu can quickly become deadly. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us how it can become so deadly so fast. >> one of them is pneumonia
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either by the flu virus itself or bacteria that gets into the small air sacks at the end of the airways. you can no longer exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide there. you have low levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. >> what if you have sepsis? >> that infection can get in the bloodstream and get in throughout the body. your blood pressure drops, you don't per fuse your body with blood, you don't get it to critical organs. that can cause tissue damage, organ failure, and death very quickly. >> i know you say sometimes with the flu your virus or body can have a reaction against your own body. >> one of the thinkings for young people who died suddenly, it may be that your body releases sigh dough kinds. for some people, we don't know why, their reaction is too much. it's an overwhelming immune reaction. it causes damage to healthy
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tissue. you have collateral damage in the war. it can fill with fluid. >> if i'm sick, how do i know when i should take action? >> recognize the warning sign, shortness of breath, lethargy, confusion. you're getting better and suddenly you get worse. this means you should get to the hospital. >> is it getting any better? is it leveling off? >> we think it may be. but we know there's time to get the vaccine. even though we know the effect activeness was 36%. in children 6 months to age 3, it was 69% effective and 79% of the kids who died were not vaccinated. please, get the vaccine. >> it's worth it. the u.s. is struggling to keep up in the medal race at the winter olympics. team usa is tied for six ktd place with ten medals overall.
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that's one behind russia. norway leads with six. it's a far cry when u.s. finished in the top two. ben. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're hoping to turn things around anded a more in the second and final week of the olympic games and it could come courtesy of our athletes on skates. the dance party has begun. ice dancing kicked off with three u.s. pairs. including brother and sister duo miya and alex shibh tani, the so-called shib sibs. they showed off their topnotch skills and are one of the top teams heading into the finals.
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the u.s. wichl's hockey team absolutely crushed finland 5-0 and now moves on to the gold medal game later this week. she's down to her last jump. and we got our look at the first new olympic sport. snowboard big air. three u.s. borders including two-time olympic gold medalist jamie anderson advanced to the files. but the olympics are now over for this russian curler. he won a bronze medal but has tested positive for a banned substance. it's a big setback for russia's hopes to rebound from a doping scandal which has led to many athletes not being allowed to participate in these games. the head of russia's curling federation says it's possible his food or drink had been spiked with a banned substance. gayle? >> all right, ben tracy.
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thanks. john said at the table -- >> why with curling? >> you need strength for curling. >> thank you. great minds thing alike. lebron james says he will not just shut up and dribble. he's offended. ahead, how the nba star is standing up to criticism for a prominent
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get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. and three things you should know this morning including record-break debut of the
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superhero movie >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm rahel solomon, update on breaking news we're following this morning, a building housing the american legion ambulance association went up in flames at about 4:00 this morning, neighbor position in the video , huge flames, on facebook, also the company's annual, and no record injuries >> now a check on today's forecast, katie a lot of people talking about this warm up we will get. >> about to get. not quite there yet. this morning you will still want to walk out the door with the winter coat, still cold, most every are you stuck at best in the 30's right now, and yes, still some snow on the grounds, live look, out at whitfield elementary school next to reading in west lawn, pa where the melt willing continue, but may encounter
7:27 am
minor black ice, snow didn't get wiped out completely and frost on the willed shield before you hit the road. very warm air already today above average, then the next few days forget it talking mid may warmth hereby wednesday, with record tuesday, and going to see new records set on wednesday, meisha? >> sounds good, katie thank you so much. kind of looking at crazy camera here, i want to show you do have disable tanker truck 95 north before the vine pulled offer to the far right shoulder and that accident montgomeryville, still closed between 309 and upper state road. you will have to use, thank you, next update at 75:00, a this morning, a woman is fired from her job after her tirade over crying baby caught on
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♪ flag was still there say does that star-spangled b banner yet wave >> that's former black eyed peas singer fergie. she's getting different reviews from her rendition of "the star-spangled banner." she gave a jazzy raspy voice. she shifted between different keys throughout the song. some players looked amused. some players looked like what
7:31 am
happened here and some slammed the nontraditional performance. as you might imagine it's going crazy on social media. one tweeted expected her to belt out "santa baby." fergie can sing. >> it definitely struck a different tone, but i applaud her trying to do it differently. >> she took a risk and we applaud risk-taking. so glad she didn't sing the long version. >> you're right, john. but fergie can sing. let's say that. >> she can sing. quick back to "cbs this morning." we're going to start with this. three things you should know this morning. president trump's former campaign adviser richard gates is expected to enter into a plea deal with robert mueller. sources say the guilty plea could come as soon as this week. this is a big one. gates faces dozens of charges
7:32 am
including money laundering and failure to disclose banking accounts. his former boss, paul manafort, the two had a firm together. the superhero movie "black panther" opened the record-setting crowds. they made a shattering $192 million in sales over the weekend through sunday. that is february's highest grossing opening weekend ever. the film is the first major superhero maneuver with black lead character, black director and we know that ryan coogler was here. he had a $200 million budget. it's already tracking to be a $1 billion movie. good for him. officials told players not to shake hands to prevent an outbreak of the norovirus from spreading in poing chang. the canadian and south korean teams did so today. the u.s. women's team will continue to shake hands. nba superstar lebron james
7:33 am
is scaring off with the fox news host. last week laura ingraham made comments. she told him to, quote, shut up and dribble. vladimir duthiers is here with how the three-time nba champion is responding. good morning. >> good morning. lebron james never shies away from making political statements. he campaigned with hillary clinton and last year he called president trump a bum refuting with nba star stephen curry. so when laura ingraham told james to shut up and dribble, he declined. >> the number one job in america, the point of person, is someone who doesn't understand the people and aren't don't give a [ bleep ] about over people. >> last week lebron james offered an unfiltered opinion of donald trump. >> must they run their mouth like that.
7:34 am
laura ingraham called his comments -- >> this is what happens when you leave high school early to join the nba. keep your comments to yourself or as someone said, shut up and dribble. >> reporter: on saturday james responded. >> i mean too much to the youth, too much to so many kids. i feel like they don't have a way out. >> reporter: critics called ingraham's comments racially charged. others spoke out like golden state' steph curry. >> they try to put black athletes in a box. >> reporter: after an mvp performance in last night's nba all-star game, the nba champion addressed the issue. >> it would be like telling someone to shut up and triple jump. i can't do that because there's so many looking up to me. >> reporter: in a statement ingraham defended her comment
7:35 am
saying in 2003 i wrote a "new york times" "shut up and sing." i have used a variaion of that title over 15 years for those who sound off in politics. there was no racial criticism in my remark. she used the same comment against jimmy kimmel. shut up and make us laugh every now and them. >> adam sill swrer said he was prout the way lebron handled it. he said he will continue to do so. in a tweet ingraham invited lebron to play on her court and come on her show. >> he tweeted i'm more than an athlete. this is not new, athletes speaking out on social issues. >> i have a feeling he'll graciously decline her invitation to come on her show. >> graciously?
7:36 am
>> i'd be shocked if he goes. the president came from a nontraditional place who spoke out and people said stay in your place and many people spoke out. a major contributor in florida is threatening to cut off donations. al hoffman jr. has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for republicans but in the wake of the florida shooting he's sent out an ooemt urging other supporters. jericka duncan is in parkland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the long-time gop fund-raiser and florida builder said he's literally helped to built his community. he said now his influence and dollars will be determined by one major issue. when you first heard about that shooting at the school, another
7:37 am
school shooting, what was your reaction? >> i was incredulous. i felt like i had my heart in my hand. >> reporter: it made him vow to stop contributing to candidates unless they change their support on the gun laws. >> i will not write a check for anyone who does not oppose a ban on assault-style weapons. >> you were quoted as saying this particular shooting was the end of the road for you. >> that's right. >> why not a sandy hook? >> i've been after so many politicians to adopt legislation and always the answer is we're working on it, we're working on it, and nothing ever changes. >> it was passed in september of 1994 and expired after ten years. between may 2003 and june 2008 there were at least 17 attempts to renew or replace the ban.
7:38 am
last friday hoffman wrote an e-mail to half dozen gop donors asking them to follow his lead. >> would you be willing to write a check to democrats and republicans who are in favor of the ban? >> i would support a fiscally conservative person who supports the ban, and at this moment in time, i really don't care whether it's a republican or democrat. >> do you really believe something will change as a result of the parkland chuting? >> i don't know. i hope so. it's just a start right now. but i think we need to build the movement and time and the lord willing we'll be able to accomplish some things. >> hoffman also said he sent an e-mail to florida governor rick scott who's considering a senate run. we reached out to scott for comment and have not heard back yet. gayle? >> all right. jericka. we all hope something will change. thank you very much.
7:39 am
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a new york woman seen bee rating a flight attendant is on leave from her job. nearly 2 million people watched her have a meltdown. they talk about the consequences of sharing someone else's embarrassing moments online. experts say these incidents are becoming very common in high-stress situations like air travel. kris van cleave is at reagan national airport outside washington, d.c. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in this video the woman can be seen threatening a flight attendant's job but also saying she worked for the governor of new york, andrew cuomo. after this video went viral, it's now her job that could be on the line, but at the very least it's the
7:44 am
going to be rolling mtd this video captures a heated conversation between a flight attendant and passenger. >> thank you. you may not have a job tomorrow. >> reporter: the two can be heard arguing how she treated a young mom and her baby. >> she was screaming at the baby. >> i'm not screaming. sorry. i was really stressed out. the mom who took the video share it it on facebook to share about her behavior. it was then viewed nearly 2 million times. there was an investigation started. she's been placed on leave until further notice. she said she doesn't regret sharing the video but she does regret that it's affected her job.
7:45 am
>> no one is afforded a luxury of an oops moment anymore without risking it going viral. >> there are many examples of these incidents. two aviation security officers were fired after security agents dragged a doctor from a flight and an american airlines flight 'ten dent was suspended. she says before you upload a video, take time to show the consequences. >> you never want to put a temporary emotion on the permanent internet because what you feel at this time is going to stay there forever. >> reporter: the same could be said for the frustrated behavior. they expect their passengers to behave with respect and civility toward flight crews and each other.
7:46 am
she did reach out. >> i think that's fair. treat one another with respect. >> i think it's true, temporary emotions. i think we've all been in situations with we lose it and we think, gosh, back, back, back, back. that's not very good. >> i've never seen you lose it. >> it's rare but it has happened and i wouldn't want to be on tape. you're right, norah. always be on your best behavior. >> you always are, gayle. >> golden rule. up next, a look at this morning's other headlines including how danica patrick's nascar career ended in a crash and we'll talk with a florida teacher who was grazed by a bullet in a deadly school shooting. how he helps students
7:47 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. the "washington post" reports that epa administrator scott pruitt canceled a trip over the weekend. he had been under fire for travel expenses. prue witd faced recent criticism for traveling business or first class, a move his security team said was to avoid confrontations with critics. the epa did not say why pruitt postponed the trip. "usa today" reports on danica patrick's nascar career coming to a close following a crash. she was knocked out. she finished 35th. stockc stockcar racing's most successful female announced this will be her last car race with nascar. she'll race once more in the
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm jim donovan. firefighters have corded off a possible collapse zone around an old city builds that caught fire early yesterday morning. chopper three over the scene at third and chestnut within the past half hour. more than 100 people were forced from their homes. investigators will search for the cause as soon as they're certain of the building's structural integrity. we send it right over to katie for a look at the forecasts. >> good morning to you, jim. today will be one of those days, where we start off on chilly note. certainly, but we will eventually rebounds very efficiently here, in the forecast, temperatures are expected to rebounds all the way into the 70s for the next two days, so we tie records tomorrow, we break a record easily on wednesday, and it will be fog around tomorrow morning, keep that in mind,
7:57 am
then meantime this morning, maybe even little frost on the windshield, before the uphill climb on the thermometer. >> 70s, awesome, thank you so much. all morning this morning talking about accident after accident right now no difference downed pole, over sham township, closed route 73 , braddock mill road and marlton parkway, alternate is cooper road. unionville pike closed to map ill avenue, bergey road is your best alternate there. >> next update 8:25, how a florida teacher saves lives during last week's deadly woman page at a high school. i'm jim donovan, make it a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's monday, february 19th, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, florida's school shooting survivors rally for gun control, hoping the massacre will be the last of its kind. we'll meet a teacher who is hailed as a hero for protecting his students and we'll look at the history of the "black panther" as a cultural milestone, not just a superhero mirror. but first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. survivors of the deadly school shooting in florida say they're turning their anger to action. >> they're fighting for change for the 17 victims memorialized here. that's why they're getting on buses tomorrow to go to the state capitol. documents obtained by the
8:01 am
cbs news shows law enforcement and child social services had opportunities to intervene. >> it government most people's attention. >> internet research agency named in the indictment says it was controlled by a kremlin insider. >> and they're certainly hoping to add more hardware to that medal count and it could come courtesy of our athletes on skates. >> lebron james never shies away from making political statements. so when laura ingraham told him to shut up and dribble, he declined. >> i definitely will not do that. >> lebron james off the bench. they just won. the playground championship. the best pickup game you'll see. >> there can only be one mvp, and that is lebron james. >> i'm john dickerson with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. they say they saw many warning signs before last week's school shooting but did not act on them. the department says the mother called deputies to her home 39 times in a six-year span. >> the family who took cruz in was talking about it. they say he sent tests from an uber car. the lawyer describes him as pretty innocuous. he texted the family's son saying he had something to tell them but he did not elaborate. students and community members rallied over the weekend to support gun control. on "face the nation," stunts criticized florida senator marco rubio's response to the shooting. >> it's not our job to tell you, senator rubio, how to protect us. the fact that we even have to do this is appalling. our job is to go to school,
8:03 am
learn, and not take a bullet. >> senator rubio told our miami station wfor, there is room for the government to respond to the threat. >> it's not unsolvable. it should be addressed. i've never said we -- the report is unfair. i never said we can't do anything. i just said we need to aim to do something that works. what i have said is the proposals out there would not have prevented this, and that's a fact. >> rubio says florida's legislature could pass a law letting families or police to ask a judge to take guns away from someone who poses a danger. ernie rospierski, the history teacher, is being hailed a hero. he directed dozens to safety during a shooting. he was grazed by a bullet in a third floor confrontation with the gunman. he's been attending funerals over the weekend while others demand action in response to these killings.
8:04 am
ernie rospierski is with us from porkland, florida. thank you for joining us. we know this is difficult and painful and will continue this week. you saved students at your own peril. there are reports you were grazed by a bullet on your cheek, there are reports you saw cruz reloading his gun. what did you realize when it was not a drill. >> well, when i realizeded it was not a drill, the first thing i was yelling to the kids was get to cover. i was in the middle of the hallway at the time and i saw him point the gun at one of my former students. i saw him go down and then i grabbed all my kids i could and pushed them into -- our doors have a little alcove. i pushed them in there because it was the only cover i could find and four or five shots later it stopped and so that's when i poked my head around and saw he was either fidgeting with the gun or reloading and told my
8:05 am
kids to run and we left as fast as we could. >> you must be very proud of your kids because many people were saying this shooting feels different. these students are speaking out and they're speaking out in ways we have not heard before. >> the kids -- the students at stoneman douglas have been terrific. not just the kids you've had a chance to hear speak. but i personally witnessed one of my kids, peter wang, holding the door while bullets are coming at him. i don't know of many adults who would have done that, let alone a 14-year-old boy. and the students still around, able to talk, they're taking the opportunity. they're taking power and they're angry. >> ernie, the president said he's going to have a listening tour in the wake of this. what would you want to tell him about your students and what you've experienced? >> i'd want to say to the president that we have great kids. we have more great kids.
8:06 am
we have 14 great kids who needed protection that we couldn't give them. i lost three kids in my class. i couldn't help them. i shouldn't have had to. and it's one of those things that as a lifelong gun owner and a hunter, i'm not saying we should stop the second amendment. i'm not saying we should take the guns away from people. i say there's no point to people having an ar-15 and if somebody wants to argue on me with that, that's cool. you get your ar-15. we'll go to the range, i get to shoot at you, catch you with fragments like i did and after that if you want to buy said weapon, cool. then you're going to talk to a psychologist because that gun is not going to do anything but kill people. the gun chamber is not stable and it's in violation of the geneva convention. people need to know that.
8:07 am
people need to realize, especially the president because he has the most power in the free world -- in the world, and we need to do something to protect these children. not just my kids, but -- i have a 17-month-old son at home. i don't want to send him to school and having to face this stuff. i'm a 36-year-old man having trouble dealing with it. i can't imagine the students dealing with it. >> we all are. thank you so muching if being a teacher and leading so many students. we appreciate you joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we're thinking of you. president trump spent part of his weekend on twitter. he wrote, yesterday, quote, never said russia did not meddle in the election. the russian hoax was that the trump campaign colluded with russia. it never did. >> the president's comments stem from the special indictment on friday. it accuses more than a dozen russians carrying out a complicated meddling scream to
8:08 am
influence the 2016 election. the documents allege russians posed as americans and used social media to influence the vote. two trump associates are accused. good morning, paula reid. >> good morning. >> the dust has settled a little bit since friday. what do the indictments mean? >> well, this is very different than the indictments and the charges we receive against manafort, gates, papadopoulos, because no one here is likely to go to jail. it's hardly like they they're going to jail to face these charges. it lays out in specific details how the russians meddled in these elections and what crimes were committed under u.s. law because when you say someone meddled, what exactly does that mean. here robert mueller lays that out specifically. he says sometime it was pushing messages out on social media, sometimes paying people and
8:09 am
sometimes it was setting up rallies on the same day on opposite sides of the snooiissu >> when you look at it, and it surprised everybody, do you see tip of the iceberg or more tip of the iceberg? >> i think it's tip of the iceberg. he's laying the groundwork and explaining to the american people what happened. nund they'll explain whether americans knowingly were involved in this. the attorney general wassed ament. he e said no americans participated in this. but we know russians did pay americans to do this. >> the president took to twitter and said basically he's been cleared, he's out of the clear. has he been cleared? >> he is not out of the clear. he tweeted this was before the campaign. this is one of many. we know from sources that the
8:10 am
investigation continues specifically into whether there were any financial transactions between the trump campaign and russia and also this question of obstruction of justice. just last week investigators were talking to steve bannon and legal teams nobody is in the clear. >> the news will be this weeks that rick gates who work oddtown campaign, also a business partner of paul manafort, will enter a plea deal. what does that mean? >> it really turns up the heat on paul manafort who so far has given no indication he's intends to cooperate. gates is likely to provide information about manafort. they were charged together that. ire co-defendants and this is all part of the strategy. they want manafort to cooperate and provide information perhaps people higher up in the food chain, whatever he has. that's really the goal. so this is one way to really turn up the heat on paul manafort. >> a lot of the conversation
8:11 am
about paul manafort keeping it top secret. none of this is extraordinary when someone can sell you out for a bag of chips and a coke. >> absolutely. if someone were to offer me a bag of chips and a coke, i would do that. a lot of these charges zbemts papadopoulos on friday came out of nowhere. people didn't know. one reason he did that, he keeps his teams in little silos, little groups, so if anything leaks out, you know which silo it came from. >> thank you very much, paula. rex tillerson is using, quote, large sticks to respond to the north korea threat. on "60 minutes" last night he said diplomatic efforts will continue until, quote, that first bomb drops. >> did you call the president a moron? >> i'm not going to dignify the question. we've got so many bigger issues
8:12 am
to talk about. i'm not from this town. i understand this town likes to talk about a lot of things that are not really important. >> he talked about his potential resignation. quote, the only person who knows i'm resigning or not is me. >> it was an excellent interview from start to finish. "black panther" is having one of the biggest opening weekends every, but the importance of this movie goes
8:13 am
8:14 am
the high station of the winter olympics may come at a dangerous cost. ahead, a look at how the games are changing. >> reporter: a snowboarder has already taken home one medal was in a coma less than a year ago. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll ask about the dangers in his sport and what the limits are. ♪ music >> tech: ...every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why at safelite, we'll show you exactly when we'll be there. with a replacement you can trust. all done sir. >> grandpa: looks great! >> tech: thanks for choosing safelite. >> grandpa: thank you! >> child: bye! >> tech: bye! saving you time... so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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8:18 am
wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. some spectacular crashes at this year's winter olympics is raising the question of whether the games are becoming too dangerous. one happened last week when a 16-year-old japanese snowboarder suffered a scary collision in the halfpipe competition. he avoided major injury. dana jacobson is in pyeongchang
8:19 am
with why some believe they're pushing the olympics too far. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he needed four revolutions this year, a 144012 years later to get the gold. it's the same trick that earned him 62 stitches during a practice crash. so have they pushed the boundaries now too far? >> it broke my jaw really bad in two places, ruptured spleen, collapsed lung, bruised heart. >> reporter: after nearly dying last year in a snowboarding accident, mark mcmorris loves doing what he loves most, catching air and what he calls ultimate joy. >> what's the first thing you remember after the accident? >> when they took me out of the coma and everybody was standing there. i couldn't talk, but they gave me a pen and paper and i wrote, do i have brain damage and can i go to the olympics still. >> not only did mcmorris make it
8:20 am
to the olympics, but he was a snowboarding bronze medalist. >> it was scary to try some of those tricks again, but i had to remind myself i got hurt in the backcountry hitting a tree. >> reporter: historian david wall enchin ski hen chen ski ha every game since 1962. >> it's great television. >> the british journal of sports medicine studied the sochi olympics and found that nearly 49% of all aerial skiers in that game suffered an injury. many of those are extreme sports which made their olympics debut in 2006. >> the international olympic committee several years ago decided they were losing the youth audience. not a lot of americans watch
8:21 am
biathl biathlons. but they'll watch snowboarding. they're going to get harder and harder until somebody suffers a complete paralysis during an olympicic event or actually dies. >> mark mcmorris said his sport has skyrocketed since he started competing, but he doesn't believe it should change. >> every sport has a lot of danger. just because it's an extreme sport it seems crazier. >> bottom line he said it's the passion of his sport that keeps driving him to try new tricks. we should point out there has never been a death in the olympic competition. gayle? >> very different way of watching the olympics. i just want to see good competition. >> you mean whether somebody's going to die? >> i just marvel at their ability and how they pull that
8:22 am
auchlt thank you, dana. coming up next, did kate middleton send a message about the "me too" movement with the dress she word on the red carpet the other day? you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:23 am
8:24 am
kate middleton is drawing attention for the dress she wore to britain's equivalent of oscars, the bafta. many other celebrities on the red carpet all chose to wear all black. it is against royal protocol for the royal family to make political statements. some review the black sash. she wasn't trying to make a statement. she was follow proetd kol. it was a dark color. >> i was looking at the jewels around her neck. we know those are not borrowed. they puft facebook under fresh scrutiny.
8:25 am
>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon, neighboring ambulance companies say they'll answer calls to the salem county company loosen tire, over the american legion ambulance company in woodstown, the fire wept through around 4:00 a.m. this morning, the cause of the fire is under investigation. neighbor posted this video of the huge flames on facebook earlier today. fortunately, there were no injuries. >> so, we send it over did a katie with a look at today's forecast, about to get very warm around here. >> very. started off on chilly note, watching for even some frost on soft of the windshields this morning, especially if you have your car still parked in the shadow, sun is up though, now getting clouded over with clouds, and even a couple of stray showers, trying to already push east, now, tees are not amounting to
8:26 am
much. the bark is a little worse than the bite whether it comes to the radar currently. but we are going to see additional showers pick up later in the day, so they should be scattered, that's why you have a 50-50 shot basically every seeing them, tuesday is quiet, wednesday, thursday, friday, that potential for rain showers returns, with our next cold front passage, but meantime, we are warming up in a huge way, yep, dry, 70s for two days straight in february. >> right it, kind of takes a few minutes, but wait. all right, thank you, katie. looking outside, we still have problem spots, had them all morning long, overturned vehicle, accident here with downed pole evesham township. so route 73 northbound closed between braddock mill road at marlton parkway, cooper road is your best bet around there. plus looks like traveling less than posted speeds around the area. aramingo at church street you can see the firetrucks, ambulance as well with flashing lights, you will be putting on your brakes throughout this area. rahel, back over to you. >> thank you, next update 8: 55, ahead this morning be obstacles failed by one of the
8:27 am
motion decorated in the world. i'm rahel solomon good morning
8:28 am
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it is a beautiful day. look at this. a large american flag is greeting drivers on the george washington bridge on this presidents' day. that's a nice thing to see when you're heading into the city. i hope many people are enjoying this day off. if you're not, we hope you're learning some news. >> it's enjoyable to spend your presidents' day with us. >> i think so. >> a national tradition. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." or will become one, i guess. right now it's time to show you some of this morning'd headlines. "the hill" says joe biden said running for the 2020 election
8:31 am
may happen. spokesperson for biden declined to comment to the ap. sous's "mercury news" asks where do you put the apostrophe in presidents' day. it depends where you ask. it's presidents' day with the apostrophe before the "s" at the end. and one says presidents' day without it and webster shows it with an apostrophe after. >> i always thought it comes after because it's more than one president are all they all acceptable? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> i don't know either. the wa"the wall street jour says toy companies want to cut production. they're scrambling to capture social internet trends oomz. rapid turnaround times help this
8:32 am
turn around fast-moving fad, last year the toy industry grew by 1%. >> special counsel's indictment shows how quickly media plaid forms were manipulated. twitter is brought up nine times and youtube once. the indictment accuses the russian internet research agency of stealing americans' identities, creating fake social media accounts, and immediately buying advertising. the russian agency involved hundreds of employees. the special counsel says russians also organized events like this anti-clinton rally called down with hillary. facebook estimates 126 million americans may have seen russian-linked posts.
8:33 am
nicholas thompson of "wired," good morning. how much is facebook involved with this complicated propaganda? >> interesting question. it's still under intensive debate. they should have caught it. you could also argue it was very well disguised. facebook is interesting. i think it's a sign that facebook cooperated quite a bit. you can actually read that in a good way for facebook. >> what's fascinated is if you dive into this indictment what they did with facebook, they were organizing rallies. they made up these groups and people showed up to the rallies. >> they organized rallies and targeted purple states. they're e-mailing tea party organizers. >> purple states meaning
8:34 am
battlegrounds. >> yes. >> it was a very close election. the question is did this make any difference in that. >> we should note that facebook says to your point about cooperating, they are continuing work closely with the fbi, homeland security and other companies on better ways to protect our country and the people on our flatform. can i ask you this question? can people say this, which is, hey, we have some culpability here, but americans who say she's associated with the devil or donald trump is need to think through what they're reading an engage in more active democracy. it's not all what's said in social media. can they say that or is that too defensive? >> one of the people quoted is saying the problem is not peoplpeopl facebook. it's people. we should not have been susceptible. >> of course, they hope to use people's emotions to keep them locked in. >> they have made an incredibly
8:35 am
sophisticated platform in targeting us in the most easy way. >> that suggests people not smart were open to this type of propaganda. there was a twitter account which was purported to be tennessee republicans anyone from kellyanne conway, donald trump jr., all of them tweeted these tweets that were made by russian trolls. >> they were very sophisticated and they're going to get more sophisticated and facebook is going to have to work really hard. >> can they stop it? >> i hope so. >> thank you, nicholas. huge crowds of people packed into theaters across the country. so far the film has raked in an estimated $192 million in the u.s. and canada. so that makes it the fifth highest grossing opening movie
8:36 am
-- can you roll that back? that makes it the fifth highest opening weekend in hollywood history. so it beat power houses. jericka duncan shows us how "black panther" is making its mark as a cultural phenomenon. >> reporter: the big cat is out of his cage and pouncing on the big screen. "black panther" is the latest in a long line of marvel comic book superheroes turned movie stars. and this one had fans in a feline frenzy. >> fantastic. fantastic. easily the best marvel movie. >> i was just so looking forward to this movie since the day the trailer came out. >> typically movie superheroes, whether men of steel, gods of thunder, or dark knight are white. so "black panther" has appeared to comic book fans as well as a
8:37 am
more general black audience. and when those audiences intersect, there's super excitement. the film holds special meaning for many longtime fans and particularly for ariell johnson. >> i feel like i might be comatose, carried out. >> a self-ascribed nerd is one of the first black women to open a comic book cool on the east coast. she opened amalgam coffee house two years ago. she's been waiting since she fell in love with comic books as a girl. when did yourlove for superheroes? >> i always liked them but it wasn't until 2011 i was introduced to "x men."
8:38 am
and the thing that grabbed me was storm. up until then i never saw a black superhero. there's something that clicks when you start to see yourself reflected back at you. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time. the three-part blade southeast beginning in the late '90s starred wesley snipes as a vampire hunter. >> but when you think about people who were around blade in that movie, it wasn't like an all-black cast. the thing about "black panther," its essentially a black movie, you know, like in hollywood terms, but usually when the movie is black movie, white audiences don't see it. >> that's not the case with "black panther." the box office tells of its tale of success. it brought in nearly $200 million and it had a score of 97%. >> i knew for a fact it was
8:39 am
going to be a huge success. >> reporter: john jennings is a proffers of media and cultural studies at university of california riverside and he's the co-author. >> it's not been seen in major multi-plexs before. >> reporter: images like ryan coogler leading a predominantly black cast and black royalty. it's set in a black nation, the fictional wacanda. >> flums we've seen are dealing with heavy subjects that are positing black suffering. i think "black panther" is a celebration what's at the end of the trauma. like this is about black joy. >> so what do you think about different about this film? >> because i think people are excited about it and because it's a marvel property, because it's well known care character,
8:40 am
they're going to be in their seats no matter what color they are. >> for "cbs this morning," jericka duncan, philadelphia. >> that's so exciting. i thought johnson made such a good point. this is showing that this is simply -- it's a black movie, no question, but it's a great movie, and that's more important. >> reporting from the back seat of my son's car was a huge debate about it. they love the movie and what's inside of it as much as his sister loved the message. >> i assume your son is white. >> he is. >> i'm making the point. >> and this is the first weekend. >> and that's what's so exciting. one skier had a more difficult journey than most athletes. don dahler shows us how he overcame the on stackals. >> reporter: this is the halfpipe and these are olympic hopefuls. coming up on "cbs this morning" you'll meet torin yater-wallace
8:41 am
who went from death's door with a mystery illness
8:42 am
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team usa is looking to sweep the men's free ski halfpipe competition at the winter olympics. the event mads its winter debut
8:45 am
at the 2014 olympics in sochi. qualifying rounds begin tonight. torin yater has a cool name. torin yater-wallace hopes to make it onto the podium. don dahler shows us how he overcame life-threatening obstacles on his journey to the olympics. don, good morning. >> good morning. time and again torin yater-wallace has defied the odds on the halfpipe but it's not the life and death sport that's brought him challenge. two years ago he was on the brink of death due to an illness and he fought back and now he is chasing redemption. >> the freedom and just the expression of yourself that you have when you're essentially just kind of creating your own path. just that feeling of accomplishment when you've landed the perfect run. i mean there's nothing like it. whether it's just tricks or just
8:46 am
catching air off of a little cliff. >> torin yater-wallace knows how to catch air and float in control as he flies off a 22-foot high wall. his death-defying tricks on the halfpipe makes him one of the most decorated skiers on the run. yater-wallace's packet to gold seemed inevitable. but days before the game, his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and following an accident during a routine treatment he suffered ayoung. yater-wallace finished a disappointing 26th place. >> your most life-threatening moment didn't happen on a mountain. it happened because of a tiny little microbe. but you almost were gone. >> you know, it's often a hard time to think about. to do a dangerous sport that
8:47 am
people have lost their life in competing in. my biggest life event was an infection to my internal organs. i was on full life support and really was on the brink of death. >> reporter: in 2015 yater-wallace developed a rare infection in his liver and gallbladder that put him in a ten-day medically induced coma. >> did you know at that time you were so close? >> i was in and out with a few doctors at the time and they said, you have a flu virus, hear's tamiflu and things got worse and worse. from there i woke up ten days later. at the time i didn't realize the extent of the situation. i was in dire pain and had never been so sick in my life. >> his father's absence added to the pain. he was in prison for defrauding clients. >> it's really frustrating for him more so than me when your son is, you know, on his death
8:48 am
bed and might not make it and you can't do anything. >> the mere act of breathing was a challenge, but yater-wallace soon recover and took fate into his own hands. >> it was one of the scarier moments in my entire life. it was a fluke and there was nothing i could have prevented from happening to me happening to me. ultimately i have to take the good from such a horrible event and use it as motivation to come back. >> reporter: and come back he did. just two months after his near death scare, he won the gold medal at the x games in norway. now with a renewed sense of purpose, he hopes to persevere within more time. >> doing helixes is such a cool opportunity. it's kind of that opportunity to go to this tournament of the country and kind of represent something bigger than yourself.
8:49 am
>> yater-wallace will soot get another chance to do just that. his mother is now kabser-free will be rooting alongside his sister and his father. >> niechls i like everything about him. >> he's been considered one of the best in the world since he was 14 years old. he grew up skiing and it's like walking for him. >> that's beautiful to watch. >> i like when you say the olympics is personal. you and you and you. >> he's not afraid of anything now. >> it's great he has his family around. >> thank you, don. you can hear more on our cbs podcasts. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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good morning, no injuries but huge amount of damage after a fire swept through south jersey ambulance company the fire at the american legion ambulance association in woodstown, salem county, destroyed the building, and the company's entire fleet of six ambulances. neighbor posted this video on facebook earlier today. investigators are now searching for the cause of the fire, neighboring ambulance companies will now answer calls to the woodstown company for now. turning to katie for a look at today's forecast. >> jim, definitely going on this big uphill climb in the days ahead, probably heard those rumors, very substantial ones in the folks few days, not there yet. however, take a lock at the current temperatures, still need to walk out the door with your winter coat.
8:56 am
with time, we do eventually rebound to the low 50's today, then really on an uphill surge , by tomorrow. now, in the last say half hour we've seen little batch of light precipitation trying to make its way into the west most counties, it comes along, bulk of any showers come along later today, especially true for the northern most count counties so it would be a good place to have your umbrella on stand by. by tomorrow, wednesday, talking about some very, very substantial warmth, may-like conditions, highs in the 70s, and watch the fog tomorrow morning, meisha? >> all right, katie thank you so much. still seeing problem areas out there. seeing accident all morning long, still seeing them overturned vehicle here in evesham township. all lanes were blocked here. now one lane has reopened. seventy-three northbound between braddock mill road and marlton parkway. serious accident in montgomeryville, we had it there, closed between 309 and upper state road. that has now since been cleared. looking good there. however, we do have accident here, aramingo avenue at church street pulled all the way off to the far right, jim,
8:57 am
over to you. >> that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan make it a great day it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more.
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