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tv   Deutsche Welle European Journal  LINKTV  April 19, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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okay. let's synchronize our watches. four hours, forty-five minutes and seventeen seconds to go. - check. - it is only a family dinner not a military invasion. so what's next on the schedule, general ? let's go over everyone's jobs. we just did this ! mr. brashov ? i am going to prepare my famous beef stroganoff. jamal ? i am going to put up the decorations. - right. henry ? - i'll go pick up the flowers. hold on, soldier. that's going to be tough to do on a bicycle in this weather. why don't i call carol for this ? that's a good idea. thanks, jess. yeah. thanks, mr. washington. except
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now i don't have anything to do. don't worry, henry. i'm sure we'll think of something. can i help you ? yes. special delivery for a katherine blake. great ! the wedding gown is here. congratulations. i wish you all the best. oh, it's not for me ! so who's the lucky girl ? it's for someone else here. well, one of you lucky girls want to please give me a signature ? here you go. now let me do it. no. you did the last one. i'd better get to work on the pastries. my assistants need a referee. - what are you going to do about the box ? - i'll just put it in the back. - you better check to make sure it wasn't damaged. - what do you mean, jess ? in this weather and all, it might have gotten tossed around in the delivery truck.
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okay. good idea. so, what time do the lovebirds arrive ? according to the battle plan in precisely ten minutes and thirty-two seconds. ipero me caigo y no me levanto! rosa ! what's happened ? oh, boy. oh, big boy. katherine better start eating. immediately. crossroads cafe. no, she is not. of course i can give her a message. bolango fever ! but the wedding is tomorrow afternoon ! how do you expect-- but-- no, no. of course, i-- i don't want you to work with bolango fever.
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yes, i understand. all right. good-bye. - is everything all right ? - not if you are the photographer. - what does that mean ? - he has bolango fever. oh ! that's terrible. yeah, tough break. - sure is. - what is bolango fever ? we didn't get that far. all i know is the photographer is not coming to the wedding. henry. why don't you see if it's clearing up outside ? sure, mr. brashov. what are we going to do now, mr. brashov ? i am sure everything is going to be fine. there is no reason to panic. it doesn't look real good out there. if they close the airport, katherine's grandfather won't make it to the dinner. forget the dinner. if they close the airport, he won't make it to the wedding. and after flying all that way from europe. i don't believe you did that ! it's not my fault ! real smart. sounds like my assistants are having some problems with the recipe.
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i'll be right back. oh, you've really done it this time. what's going on ? well, tell her. tell me what, suzanne ? i didn't do it on purpose. do what ? you can tell me. i sure got to hand it to you, rosa. you calmed them down quickly. - it was easy once i found out what the problem was. - hey, way to go, rosa. kids, huh ? so what was the problem ? suzanne lost the wedding ring. - hi, everybody ! - hi ! hi, mommy ! hi, mom ! - i hope the kids weren't too much trouble. - oh, no trouble at all. - how's my best man ? - great. and how's my ring bearer ? what's the matter with her ? search me. - i'll go talk to her. - she's probably just a little nervous about tomorrow.
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i guess we're all a little nervous. all i know is i'm the luckiest woman in the world. and tomorrow is going toto be a perfect day. - perfect ! - so, looks like you're about to set up for the big bash. well, actually, there have been a few last-minute surprises. surprises ! oh. yes. the photographer called to say he would not be able to come tomorrow. they are thinking about closing down the airport. and your wedding ring has been lost ! surprise. take a breath. there's no reason to panic. everything's going to be fine. i'm not going to panic. i'm fine. everything's going to be fine. oh ! just please tell me that my dress has arrived. - oh, it's here, all right. - thank goodness ! where is it ? it's in the back.
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come on, honey. why don't you come on out ? everything's going to be okay. no. please, sweetheart ? no ! why don't you all go and let me handle this ? oh, i get it. kind of a woman-to-woman thing, huh ? good-bye, henry. good-bye, everybody. thank you so much. all right ! i know what to do. thank you. good-bye, good-bye. okay, katherine. it's just me. you can come out. are you sure no one else is out there ? come on, katherine. it can't be that bad. oh, yes, it can. trust me. give me a little thread, and i can do magic. so what do you think ? i think we need a magician with a lot of thread. no, katherine ! no. no.
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[ narrator ] almost all cultures have special ways... of celebrating important life events. traditions related to marriage appear unique... at first glance. but a closer look reveals that certain marriage customs... are common across cultures. many hours are snt preparing for a wedding... and the special clothes the bride will wear.
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friends and family from near and far join the festivities bringing gifts to the bride and groom to celebrate their new union. the festivities often include special food music and dancing... and toasts to the bride and groom.
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the wedding ceremony: a joyful occasion that marks the beginning of a new family... and hope for the future. and the city is rapidly coming to a halt... as the snow continues to fall. there are reports of power outages, and the airport officials have just announced... they may have to close the airport to all incoming flights within the next-- within the next what ? within the next what ? sorry. i think one nervous breakdown per family is enough. the airport lines are still busy. - are you having any luck with that radio, henry ? - no, still just static. here. let me have a look. what are you doing mr. brashov ?
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getting some money for henry. - hey, i didn't know this was payday. - it's not. you are going to the airport to pick up katherine's grandfather. but we have no idea whether his plane is landing on time. - or landing at all. - well, we're not going to find out anything by staying here. - i knew we could find a job for you. - all right, henry. - this should take care of the ride. - oh, thanks, mr. brashov. wow. this is very generous. i'll just go get my bike out from the back. a taxi, henry ! the money is for a taxi. oh. i knew that. i was just going back there... to ask katherine what her grandfather looks like. are you sure this is a good idea ? henry gets lost going around the block. he'll be fine. well, he's only the passenger, not the driver ! this is all smudged. i think she was crying when she wrote
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it. pretty sure it says international terminal. no problem, man. we'll be there in a flash. i thought they shut down the main highway. no kidding ? you didn't know that ? no. i been listening to some fine sounds from back home. what's your pleasure, man ? i got anything you want, as long as it's reggae. my favorite is "bob marley does beethoven." hey, hey. keep your eyes on the road. what's the difference ? i can't see anything in this snowstorm. - you mean you can't see as well as you normally can ? - no. i mean i can't see anything ! just kidding. look, katherine. darling. how about if we set up some sort of communication system ? knock once if the answer is yes and twice if it's no. okay ? that was fantastic ! you said yes ! she said yes.
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- that is wonderful. - oh, you have no idea. - your father called to say he will be a little late. - okay. and i think you should know, there are many cars pulling up to the front of the cafe. oh, no. oh, no. i will be going now. katherine, guess what ? good news. my family's here. isn't that great ? isn't that fantastic ? so, you think now might be a good time to come out ? how are we doing calli ? i don't know about you but i could use something to eat. - when are we going to get to the airport ? - relax, man. as my father used to say "if we are meant to get someplace, then we will get there." hopefully, in this lifetime. wait ! i just saw a sign for the airport.
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okay, this is it ! pull over ! pull over. welcome, welcome ! come in ! it is so good to meet you. it's a pleasure. grazie, grazie. i am antonio bill's uncle. so, where is the bride ? ah, caterina ! bellisima ! caterina ! should we say something ? no. guillermo ! guillermo ! bambino mio ! she's fantastica ! it's as if she was born... to be in our family ! such nice curly, dark hair ! you will have beautiful bambinos ! ah, fredo ! fredo what are you doing over there ?
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this is no funerale ! let's have musica ! caterina, let's dance. nice party. look at it this way. your family isn't losing a son; it's gaining two daughters. are you waiting for a ride ? ride ? yes. crossroads cafe ? yes ! cafe, cafe. lars ? yes ! lars. mission accomplished. go, calli.
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cold. we'll be there before you know it. right, calli ? it's smooth sailing ahead. cafe, please. yes, we're on our way. cafe. hot. it'll be nice and warm. lars. henry. lars. yes. lars cafe. "lars cafe" ? yes. me drink "lars cafe." you want a large cup of coffee ? yes ! very "lars." "tan coat." yes. "plaid scarf." yes. "accent." yes. "tall, gray hair, swedish." uh-oh.
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hold it ! stop the musica ! what's wrong ? - what do you mean she's no caterina ? - i'm rosa rivera. bill, why didn't you tell them ? believe me, dad, i tried to. i thought you said your fiance's name was caterina ? it is. do you have any idea what he's talking about ? all i know is she's pretty enough to be his wife ! can you cook ? oh, she is an excellent cook. please, mr. brashov. you're not helping. well. here comes the life of the party. what's the matter with you ? where are your manners ? aunt josephine. it's great to see you. did you have any trouble getting here ? what does it look like ? - charming. - so, what does it take to get a drink around here ?
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here you go, aunt josephine. now, where's the bride ? yes. si. si. well, here's the thing. katherine's dying to meet every one of you, and so she-- well. actually-- she's not here yet. she's not here yet. she's not ? no. she's not here because-- because she had to go home and check on her wedding dress. so when is she going to be here ? very shortly i am sure. maybe you should phone her. you can use my office. thank you, mr. brashov. make it fast. i don't have all night.
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musica ! what will you do when this program is over ? do you have plans for tomorrow or the next day ? that's what this episode is about talking about the future.
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another way to talk about the future... is to use the word "will." well, i can say one thing about the future... without fear of being wrong. i "will" be back in the next episode with more "word play." would you mind repeating your name one more time, please ? - my name is lars sorensen. - sounds swedish to me. how many swedish people do you know in jamaica ? you'd be surprised, man.
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could i have my identification back ? oh. sorry. here's your passport... and your driver's license and your library card... and your bus pass. thank you. i hope i've passed the inspection. with flying colors. calli ? yes ? the taxi cab is bouncing. it don't bother me if it don't bother you. it does bother me. why don't you pull over to the side of the road ? i think i pull over to the side of the road. i will have this fixed before you can say-- frostbite. here. i think it goes this way. could i have a go at it ? i work on my own car all the time. it's a hobby. no, man. we couldn't ask you to do that. why ? do you think i'm too old ? not at all. give him some room, calli. you really seem to know what you're doing there, man.
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i belong to an auto repair club. you want to see my membership card ? katherine, please ! think of your friends ! think of your children ! what will your grandfather say ? - my grandpa's here ? - he's on his way. he'll be here any minute. you must pull yourself together. you're right, jamal. okay. i'm ready to go out there and face them. no, you can't go out there. why not ? - because you are not here. - what are you talking about ? because i told everyone that you had gone home to check on your wedding dress. oh, no, no. don't cry, jamal.
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no, don't cry ! please. we'll think of something. what are we going to do ? what are we going to do ? what are we-- there's got to be some way out of here ! jamal ? oh, no. excuse me ! ladies and gentlemen. i have just spoken to katherine, and i am happy to announce she will be arriving any minute. that is wonderful news jamal ! but how is she going to get here without people seeing her ? - you don't want to know. - hi, everybody. henry ! henry ? what happened ? it's a long story. we would have been here earlier, but all the snow's coming down--
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never mind ! i can only imagine. anyway, this is our taxi driver, calli. a pleasure to be here. and this is katherine's grandfather. papa lars ! papa lars ? papa lars. we were not sure you were going to make it ! neither was i. but where is my katarina ? katarina ? where are you hiding ? - she's not hiding. mommy locked herself in the-- - grandpa ? katarina ? that's caterina ? grandpa. i would like to propose a toast to the bride and groom. tomorrow is bill and katherine's wedding day. may they have a long and happy life together... and always keep their sense of humor. they will obviously need it. salud ! salud !
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who made this pastry ? i did. it's an old family recipe. it's hard as a rock ! i told you it wasn't lost. i think this could be a sign of good luck. especially if there's jewelry in all the desserts ! i'll drink to that.
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