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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 10, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> and deepening the turmoil in to ease yet as the prime minister withdraws from the government. it is the latest twist in the political crisis facing that country after days of unrest. also coming up, fresh fighting erupts between rebels and military forces after a suicide bombing in bally. a new american general takes charge of the forces in afghanistan, but what are the challenges he faces? and that the chinese new year.
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more than a billion people around the world aren't really in the do your of the stake. -- in that do year of the snake. to these is in the middle of what's being called its biggest political crisis since the country unleashed the arabs from uprising two years ago. in the latest twist, the secular party has withdrawn his ministers from a coalition government. hamadi jebali. opposition leader was -- opposition leader, shokri belaid, a shot dead. by saturday, but the party only agreed to a national unity government comprise the politicians. a deadline to form a national unity government expired on sunday without agreement, which is why the president's party has withdrawn. >> news here in tunis coming
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from party officials that one of these secular parties inside the government's coalition is to allow will deal a heavy blow to prime minister, hamadi jebali, and his plan to form a government of technocrats. he said saturday night if his plan fails, he would resign. he said he was doing it to avoid that country's slide into chaos. by a measure of political chaos, already this -- already exists, discontent among the poor and unemployed. they feel the revolution as failed to deliver on its promises quickly enough. two years ago, it was an educated unemployed man who started the revolution by burning himself to death because of poverty and shave. today in the capital tunis, another sellars says things are better. >> it is better than before.
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much better. >> not all is well. this is an enormous pour of paper that come home to half the population. one in five people is not employed. that percentage is far higher here. >> they're playing a big role in the social protest into this and the different provinces. this is because they're seeing a deterioration of the situation. unemployment is increasing dramatically. >> he has not worked in his field for six years and economic prospects have not improved since the revolution that he is sure the government is to blame. >> the people in power must make
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major changes to bring the country from a situation of unemployment, social injustice and inequality is a situation like people hopes to achieve. >> the fruit cellar is doing what he can to survive in a country much change for the better, putting aside the political crisis for the moment. the revolution did hand power to the people but it did not give them a booming economy and jobs. the economic and social pressures inherited from the dictatorship have not disappeared. instead, they have become real problems. while there is indeed trouble on opposed revolutionary wrote in to asia, a conflict and growing confrontation between two competing views. on one hand, those with strict religious views and all the other, those with secular, liberal views with how the feature of this country should play out. the weeks to come should determine whether some
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compromise will be found between the two sides that have added to work relatively well together with the confrontation will deepen. >> reports of gunfire and explosions in a northern city and mali. the french-led a forces recaptured the city last month that they have since been on alert. on saturday, there is a suicide bomber blew itself up a separate -- and a security checkpoint. no one was injured. one day earlier, a soldier was wounded when another suicide bomber targeted the same outpost. >> the suicide attack in the biggest city in the north of mali is significant because it's the second such attack since friday. on friday morning, we saw the first suicide attack since the conflict began since the french arrived. the suicide attacks on the city seemed to be a change of tactics. most of the armed groups that
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occupied the city and others had been pushed out by air strikes from the french and dutch troops from a ballet. -- troops from mali. but they worry that laying explosives rises on the road could increase the coming months and people of mali will be worried about how they have to deal with it. they're not used to dealing with guerrilla tactics like this and the french have said they're keen to pull out as soon as possible. whoever is left, whether it's a coalition of african forces or perhaps some un peacekeepers, they will have to adapt quickly if this is a change in tactics. >> north korean doctors have been killed in nigeria, the second attack on house workers and days after nine giving polio vaccinations were shot down. police say assailant broke into an apartment where the physicians or sleeping and be
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headed one of them. the other two had their throats cut. a new commander has taken charge in afghanistan. he has been given the responsibility of winding down the u.s.'s longest war. he took command from a general john allen in the afghan capital city -- in the afghan city of kabul. >> today is not about change, it's about continuity. what has not changed is the will of this coalition. what has not changed is our commitment to accomplish the mission. more and courtly, what has not changed is the inevitability of our success. >> is facing some tough challenges, among them, republicans to question whether he's the right man for the job. >> with the u.s. looking forward
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to december, 2014 as the day u.s. combat forces are expected to leave afghanistan for good, a marine corps general is guarding his term as the last general to run the war in that country. >> i understand is much work to be dead and the challenges will be many. >> he lead a regiment of some 6000 troops into iraq in 2003 and spent much of his career at the pentagon, calling some to question his battlefield credentials. >> how much personal time have you had in afghanistan? >> senator, i have not served on assignment in afghanistan. >> in this high-profile position, he will have to manage the politics in washington and in kabul, especially when that suggesting what u.s. forces withdraw. >> i will have to look at the capacity of the afghan national security forces.
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>> president obama has not decided how quickly to withdraw the remaining forces from afghanistan or how many might stay in the country past 2014 or what they will be doing. once the decision has been made, it will be up to the general to make sure the plan works and the work of the last 12 years is not wasted. >> an appeals court has freed three former opposition mps on bail. their sense to three years behind bar criticizing changes to electoral laws passed a member. the case is due to return it to the court next month. a u.n. peace envoy to syria has held talks in cairo with the arab league. neither released a statement after the meeting. he is due to meet each present -- each person by the opposition. president mahmoud ahmadinejad has hinted at more inviting to
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come. he also criticized u.s. offers of direct nuclear talks. >> it has been a tough few weeks for the president, so he had a lot to say on the anniversary of iran's islamic revolution. it was one of his last and probably the most important address to the nation as president. >> the government is doing its best, but today everyone should help. everyone should help us solve the country's problems and move the pressures from people shoulders. the government should not be under pressure inside and outside. >> and the pressure is real. -- the economy is not improving while the gap is widening between him and the camp of the supreme leader. last week, he is accused of the most influential political ill -- political families of corruption and a second member of his inner circle was
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arrested. although his main message was unity, he alluded to bitter thing to come. >> about recent issues and domestic issues, today, because i don't want to make things better and i will postpone it for another time. >> there is their request -- then there is the question of nuclear talks. the president, like the supreme leader, is not backing down. >> as the supreme leader said, happens when you put a gun to the nation at expected to hold negotiations. negotiations are to resolve misunderstandings. a change of life which is needed, but it's not enough. put down the gun and i myself will talk to you. >> but celebrating the revolution is not about the president, it's about this man, ayatollah khomeini, and it's
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countries 5 for governments of its choosing. the revolution gave millions of iranians the right to vote for president. that's something iranians will never forget, even now, more than three decades after he returned from exile to change iran and the world. >> still ahead, a food- processing giant accused over the latest scandal. why they say they've done nothing wrong. rain has not dampened the red carpet spirit -- the red carpet experience. >> we have seen some flooding across parts of peru and very heavy showers across the amazon
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basin. that has made its way across the higher ground toward ecuador and peru. further heavy downpours to come as we go through monday. you can see this long line of intense downpours running along the andes into bolivia. that what whether running across a pair of why. -- across paraguay. result not looking too bad. temperatures around 32 degrees. the wet weather making its way across paraguay and may be edging its way toward southern parts of brazil. 33 degrees, a dry bed of sunshine coming through and sunshine across the caribbean. one or two showers around pr pushing into the patent -- into the dominican republic.
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not so pleasant across the united states. we have a winter>> a reminder os
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here on al-jazeera. growing instability in to the shore the president's party has withdrawn its members from the coalition government. it's a blow to the prime minister trying to establish a new democratic government. fresh clashes between rebel forces and the military in mali after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a checkpoint. a new commander taking charge of u.s. forces in afghanistan. at least 20 people have been killed in a stampede in india.
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they were crushed as they try to navigate and overhead steel bridge and real station. witnesses bet -- witnesses blamed police for charging the crowd. it's postmarked the most auspicious day of the festival. a british food giant has denied any immoral activities after being accused of moving profits out of zambia to reduce its tax bill. >> it is a highly successful business employing thousands of people, but zambia sugar stands accused of avoiding paying millions of dollars to the zambian government. the charges come at a new report. the charity says between 2007 and 2012, zambia sugar made pre- tax profits of $120 million and
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avoided paying $27 million in corporation tax. that's enough to pay for the schooling of 48,000 children every year. the parent company based in this london premises has strongly tied doing anything illegal or immoral and stresses how they have helped the economy and zambia. they say between 2008 and 2012, capital allowances but it did have to pay the corporation tax because the allowances are used by governments around the world and have nothing to do with tax avoidance. it highlights they invested $240 million of its operations, creating jobs for 5000 people. actually that's not the whole story. the firm sent a third of its pre-tax profits to offshore havens. >> we think this is not moral. one of the world's poorest companies -- poorest countries,
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the children are malnourished, and that is money the government is not getting and that means it's much harder. >> but the zambia sugar is not breaking any laws. things will change if they get serious about tax in general. >> is not just the global corporations, it's all levels of society from the prime minister and president down. there are countries where large portions are not paying taxes and it's difficult to expect a corporation operating in that country to pay tax when other people are not. >> they're calling of lead -- calling a leaders to strengthen international tax laws so developing companies can claim more tax from multinational firms. but it could be years before the people in zambia notice any change. >> the food security scandal in europe is widening as officials
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are promising to punish those responsible. a warning that more cases of horse meat contamination could a merge. people expressed viet -- expressed mixed feelings about the use of horse meat. >> it something tastes okay, i'm ok to go with it. >> that it's wrong. people should know what they're buying and what it says the box is what people should get. it's not right. >> i've not particularly averse to eating horse meat, but i would like to know. the fact that it stuck in there and nobody knows how or it wasn't identified. >> five crewmembers have been killed and three others injured after a life boat fell into the sea from a cruise ship. it happened in the canary islands. they were performing rescue training exercises when cables holding the boat snapped and fell 120 meters into the ocean. british prime minister, david
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cameron, has reinforced comments about scotland remain part of the united kingdom. scotland has a vote on an independence referendum next year. he abolished scotland could profit alone but says it's better off in the u.k. and one russian republic, a town noted for its silver craft has old masters trying to ensure their skills are passed on to a younger generation. >> he sits in his museum of memories and treasures. for more than 70 years, he's been turning silver into spectacular pieces of jewelry and ornamental art. at 82, he is the grand master. craftsman here have been engraving silver for centuries, passing their skills from father to son. he sits in the cloud in the
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mountains. some regard this russian republic as one of the most dangerous corners of europe. but here, it's hard to see why. what is so striking about this place is not just its beauty and isolation. it is the community's determination to maintain their traditions. at the school in the village, the children are carving out what their future careers might be. he's been teaching here for years and has no plans to stop. >> is in our blood. i cannot sit down and relax. i can't work without glasses anywhere but i have 400-year-old ornaments. if no one calls made from above, i will publish a book for the of once. >> with its labyrinth of streets, time seems to have stood still here. it is all customs and help maintain the peace. but there have been changes. many work from home because
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there's little investment in the local factory because of the security situation. >> traditionally, the economy here is connected with this handicraft and continues to feed families here. they are very lucky in other parts where people tend to extremism because of a lack of employment. >> as a night draws an, the sounds of the silversmith at work subside. all hopes that the violence that have engulfed many other parts of the country will stay far away from these mountains. >> as the u.s. with alec can fight its obesity at the back, a powerful group of food makers is tried to keep junk food is cheap as possible. they spent huge amounts of money to lobby politicians for favorable regulations. in a look at the impact fat wallets are having on the obesity epidemic in america.
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>> the standard american diet is relatively inexpensive, convenient, and satisfying. whether it is highly marketed fast food or highly processed and packaged foods at the supermarket, what americans eat has changed dramatically over the decades and it shows. the u.s. has the highest rate of obesity in the industrialized world. >> it is expensive to get healthy food. >> the government can stop all of the bad foods yet they let it keep going and complain about obesity. >> it's true. the american diet is shaped by what happens here in at the u.s. congress. the food and beverage industry has, for the past two decades, spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying for government regulations that favorites finances. >> economics are a big part of it, no doubt. food companies are in business
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to make money. >> 1 unfavorable policy could cost the company millions. the former food policy maker works to keep food regulations at a minimum. >> it's a major effort. since 1990, the food and beverage industry has been one of america's biggest campaign donors, paying out nearly $107 million to both presidential and congressional campaigns. last year, 24 million was given to politicians running congress. 71% went to republicans, 29% to democrats. in turn, many have voted to keep food industry costs low. since the 1990's, $70 billion has got to crops like corn and soybeans, the mainstay ingredients of the junk food industry. contrast that to 260 million in apples and vegetables.
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>> saving a few bucks. >> despite mounting data suggesting prospect -- suggesting process did lead to obesity, they've convinced lawmakers to back voluntary guidelines rather than laws on things like food advertising. >> if we start regulating in ways that out of various foods, we are denying consumers choice. >> the city to have lobbyists on capitol hill are those who come under criticism for the kinds of products they make and that damage a potentially do. >> damage that can only get worse with policies that generally favor food industry wallets, not consumer health. >> next in our series, we will examine how the u.s. is trying to fight the abuse the epidemic. we will look at strategies it passed and president including the first lady's campaign and new labeling systems on packaging.
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the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, says he will discuss their run possible nuclear ambitions, syria, and the peace efforts when he welcomes barack obama on a forthcoming business -- forthcoming visit. the president will go to israel, the west bank, and jordan in the spring but has not confirmed at the exact dates. >> the president and i spoke about this and agreed we would discuss the iran arms race, around possum to arm itself, the unstable situation in syria, and its implications for security and the efforts to advance a diplomatic process between the palestinians at best. >> more than a billion people in china and russia the world have celebrated the first day of the chinese new year. hong kong celebrated with a late night street party. thousands of people watched the dancers mingle with colorful floats and welcome in the year of the snake.
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the day began with prayers for good fortune. >> these people are queuing up to get into the temple in hong kong. in vain -- bubble is a new era of tradition or they come and give thanks for the year that was and pray for blessings of the years ahead. it is the year of the snake and it is meant to be a challenging one. >> chinese people, that is why we come here, to pray for good fortune for the rest of the year. >> for work, up more money and better health and happy life. >> this is good for kids achievement at school. we are coming to have to wish for them doing great for the next year. >> millions at home and china to spend the holidays with their families. but there are members of the chinese military you won't be
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celebrating at all. the navy is conducting drills and the western pacific ocean. chinese authorities say this is to show they must be ready anywhere at any time for any potential threat and they want potential threat and they want
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