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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  February 15, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> oscar pistorius breaks down in tears after being formally charged in court with the murder of his girlfriend. hello. welcome. live from doha. also on the program -- >> we are all together and in tears. everyone is overwhelmed. thanks and now the nightmare is over. passengers finally get off a cruise ship that was adrift for days. in russia, hundreds have been injured in a meteor shower. and -- >> how many film -- female film
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directors can you name, aside from kathryn bigelow >> nearly 100 women have been made -- nearly 100 films have been made by women here, and that is what makes this different from the rest. >> olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has formally been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. he entered the court with his head bowed, broke down in tears as the charge was formally conferred. prosecutors said that he will argue -- they will argue it was premeditated murder when he shot dead reeva steenkamp at his home. the hearing has been put off until tuesday. here are live pictures from outside the court. waiting to catch a glimpse of pistorius as he lives -- as he leaves. cameras are not allowed in the courtroom.
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>> olympic runner oscar pistorius arrives at magistrate court after spending the night in police competency -- in police custody. police say they are investigating a case of murder. >> at this stage we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. a 26-year-old man has been arrested and has been charged with murder. >> my name is reeva. >> she was 30 years old, a law graduate, and a well-known model. >> at the end of the day, we will all know the story, the true story, and must never forget what reeva stood for. she loved people emma she loved everybody. -- she loved people, she loved everybody. >> in south africa it is going to damage his image because he
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is so famous. it definitely will affect him. >> i think his opinion will come out very soon and we will hear the whole story because now the facts are dodgy so we do not know everything. i hope when everything has come out it will be great. >> pistorius is the golden boy of sports because of his -- he is known as the blade runner because of his armored fiber that his carbon fiber running blades. this brought up the issue of gun ownership in south africa. south africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. any people feel safer owning firearms. as the investigation continues, it could be a while before we know the details of what happened. >> live now outside the courtroom. something quite dramatic inside the courtroom. tell us about the events that
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took place. >> people are waiting for oscar pistorius to leave the actual court. the charge of premeditated murder. it could mean they feel they have strong enough evidence against the story us -- against pistorius. they say they need time to prepare. oscar pastorius will spend time over the weekend and will come back to the court on tuesday for the hearing. >> how is the south african media reporting this case? >> because the police are not giving us too much information, people have started speculating. some of the local papers are saying that police are saying things like, for example, they were called to the house early thursday evening when
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neighborhood people were shouting inside his home. they were then called a second time when they complained they heard gunshots. we are also hearing that the police are telling local papers that reeva steenkamp's body was found in the bathroom, found shot in the head. no official response from the police, but that is what is going on right now. people will speculate because oscar historians is a high profile figure in south africa. the police do not give up information because they are still investigating the case. local media in general will continue to speculate. >> thank you very much for that up eight from outside the courtroom. hundreds of thousands of people have gathered to protest in iraq. demonstrations have been happening every friday for the past two months.
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our correspondent is in baghdad with this report. >> it has been going on for two months. their sheer numbers of them, hundreds of thousands of people across the country. but most of all it is an issue that lays bare pretty much all that is bubbling up and threatening to erupt. that crowd in raman e that we have pictures of, we are seeing 100,000 sunni men. i emphasize the word sunni because that is at the heart of the protest according to clerics addressing them. he pointed out that it is a peaceful protest but he also says this is sunni, and that is at the heart of the grievances. they were to march on baghdad this friday, that the iraqi government has said it would not give them a license and more than that, it basically close off sunni cities and even neighborhoods here with roadblocks turning people back. the clerics speaking to those men in raman be criticizing the government for doing that. he says irradiance are all over
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baghdad, and--he says that iranians are all over baghdad. it was a peaceful protest but a very large one and they say they will not give up their right to protest. >> southern russia has been given a shot from flaming meteors. more than 400 people in the chill you been screeching were hurt -- in the chill yet minsk -- in the chill yet minsk --che lyabinsk region were hurt. >> this was the site seen by many in chelyabinsk as they went to work and brought children to school. fragments of a meteorite rained down from this guy camera briefly turning the day into night. people films the trail of smoke left in its wake, and then --
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[crash] a sonic boom, that set off car alarms and smashed windows. 250 people are injured, according to the ministry of internal affairs, three in critical condition. most of the windows in this factory exploded, and the children starting their lessons at school, some were by flying fragments of glass. the vast chelyabinsk region of russia is some 500 kilometers east of moscow, and is where the first soviet plutonium bomb was developed. many residents thought this was a military attack from the sky. authorities are reassuring the top nation of 3.5 million that no nuclear facilities were affected. the meteorite fragments cause damage in six cities in this region. >> british detectives have
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arrested three men suspected of selling horsemeat as beef. police raids on two houses in northern wales in england. russia has now said it may have been sent product tainted with horsemeat from western europe. in france, a meat wholesaler is denying allegations that it knowingly sold horsemeat in 13 countries as beef. it's license is suspended as investigations continue. peter sharp brings us the story from paris. >> us was a pretty damning report from the french authorities, and it concludes that spell euro, the meat processes, -- processors, should have known it was not beef, it was horsemeat because he invoices and the labeling pointed to exactly that. they would also know that the price they paid cannot possibly
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be beef, that it had to be horsemeat. the supplier should also have known that it was dealing with horsemeat, said the report, because of incorrect labeling and also because of the color, the shape, and the smell of the meat it was dealing with. the trading license has been suspended and the report says it has enough evidence to proceed with legal inquiries. the company denies all wrongdoing. peter sharp, al jazeera, in paris. >> the kashmir has reinforced curfews to stop protests. police are urging people to stay indoors. guru was hanged on saturday for links to the attack to the indian parliament in 2001. a pakistani soldier has been
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killed on the past -- on the kashmir border. he will be returned to pakistan on monday. in nepal, protesters have taken part in the worldwide one billion rising campaign on violence against women by men. [shouting] crowds gathered in front of the home of the prime minister, demanding government protection and punishment of offenders. the city of chicago has named its first public enemy number one since the days of the letter and gangster al capone. a mexican drug boss is the kingpin of the lower-cost tell. his gang is suspected of supplying most of the drugs that supply the chicago streets.
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he should be considered a crime boss, it is said, despite the fact that he leaves that he lives in mexico. president barack obama is returning to chicago on friday. he is expected to discuss the state of the economy and plans to talk about gun control. some are questioning whether stricter laws will have any impact on the high levels of violence on the city streets. >> in ingleside, 20 shots heard over there. >> this is what president obama is coming home to. >> about every couple days i hear about a gun for sale. nothing to do with a gun card or a gun store or the gun law they just passed that is supposed to keep them off the streets because they are still on the streets. >> last year 506 people were killed in chicago. >> this is the third or fourth shooting on the block this year. >> that is more americans that died -- then died in
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afghanistan last year. surely chambers lost all four of her children to gunshots. >> i never imagined i would lose all four of my children. i did the best i could. >> most are young, black, and trapped in the blinding poverty of the southwest side. >> they kill men, and this is not for real, right i am not even going to, like, acknowledge that statement. >> she gathered nearly 50,000 signatures urging the president to come home and address the war in his city's. >> i hope he speaks openly, honestly, and broadly -- and bluntly about the root causes of gun violence in chicago. >> the president comes to chicago to talk about his plan to ban assault weapons and expand background checks. residents say that may have made a difference in connecticut and colorado.
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on the south side, a 15-year-old girl was gunned down earlier this month, a girl who sang at his inauguration. his opponents say -- chicago has among the strictest gun laws in the us and among the highest murder rates in the world. >> i know a lot of good people who got shot. just focusing on getting financially stable, getting away from chicago. ain't nothing here for me really but a good visit. >> for many years, without the means to buy their way to better neighborhoods or the means to leave, there is no escape from these violent streets. >> still ahead here on al jazeera, can be high court clear who wrote kenyatta to run forpresident questi arc and ref
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thousands of passengers of carnival as the ship finally reaches ward. -- finally reaches port. >> hello and welcome back. we look at europe. at long last it looks relatively settled. low pressure around the black sea, and the front across western parts here, but not causing too many problems. look at the forecast and you can see it looks relatively quiet, rain towards the adriatic. chilly conditions, nothing untoward at this time of year. to the west, ball me with temperatures 10 of 10 degrees in one -- balmy with temperatures of 10 degrees in paris and london. north africa, losing that chilly northwest winds they have had for quite some time. temperatures along the coast of
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algeria are rising a bit, further along the coast of libya temperatures of 17 for tripoli and benghazi. once again, showers around the gulf of guinea. legos, one or two downpours here. heavy rain, but the heaviest rain across africa is across parts of angola, extending into zambia. to mozambique and tanzania, also heavy downpours across madagascar, and across south africa some rain in the eastern cape. 26 in durban. >> top stories for this hour. oscar pistorius raced down after being formally charged in court for the murder of his -- breaks down after being formally charged in court or the murder
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of his girlfriend, charged with premeditated murder. demonstrations have been happening every friday in the mr province for the past two months. and russia's interior ministry says hundreds of people have been hurt after a meteor shot across the sky and exploded. ibo ran for cover after a huge blast and shockwave -- people ran for cover after a huge blast and shockwave in chile of minsk -- in cello minsk -- che lyabinksk. the kenyan court said it had no jurisdiction to hear the matter of the guru can yada and could not contest his right at the polls. an estimated 1200 people died. one of the key issues that voters want to hear about from
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the candidates is their plan for land reform. an estimated 2 million kenyans settled on what they say is their natural territory, but they do not legally own the land. we went to a coastal town to meet some of them. >> he says he has nothing to offer the 25 members of his family. that is because they have no rights to the land that they and their ancestors have lived and worked on for hundreds of years. "he shows me an old kenyan textbook on slavery in the region and says things have not changed much." >> our freedom is our lunch monopolist flag. you cannot eat the flag. -- our freedom is our lunch, not the flag. you cannot eat the flag. >> tourist results and developments bring in millions
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of dollars each year while the locals suffer from unemployment and poverty. it is one of the reasons a separatist movement called the mombasa republican council has gained popularity, causing people to boycott the election in march. at the heart of this issue is that more than half of kenyan's land is owned by a small minority of wealthy families and foreigners. the fear is that the sense of injustice that people feel could lead to more violence. in september, a nairobi court ruled the powerful family is the rightful owner of 9000 hectares of land. thousands of coastal people now face interaction. >> they are very angry, they say they are ready to die but they will not leave this land. they cannot do anything if the government will not get inside this problem and solve this
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problem. >> others take little or no interest in the land at all. it is estimated more than 70,000 hectares on this part of the coast is owned by absentee landlords. >> this land is not taxed great it is laying idle. -- this land is not taxed. it is landy -- it is laying idle. they do not have any land. >> land ownership means everything to kenyans. a title deed can secure a bank loan and lift families out of poverty. that is something people here are willing to fight for. politicians counting on their votes need to remember that. >> the quick -- the fifth annual state of the nation address, many say it is a missed opportunity to initiate change when the area has been shaken by industrial unrest or it
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corruption, crime, and unemployment. >> job creation set at 11 million by 2013. and the economy needs to grow threefold to create the desire. in my last meeting with the business community, it was indicated that for the economy to grow threefold, we must remove certain obstacles. >> bahrain's interior ministry says three have been killed in what it is calling a terrorist attack, on the second anniversary of antigovernment protests. a teenage boy is said to have been shot dead on thursday. the government is blaming foreigners for the unrest. >> the position and his
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loyalists called for protesters to take to the streets two weeks ago, and the statements that have been published on websites indicate they came out in a suicide mission, prepared to die. there are doubts on who is responsible for the incident. let everyone know that bahrain is a victim to sectarian terrorism. it is fueled from outside to aim the ideology of anger, revenge, and retaliation. >> police have made one of their biggest -- they have seized 2 million methamphetamine pills from smugglers on the northern border. the prime minister says the country will ask interpol to help track down drug producers in myanmar. passengers stuck aboard a stricken cruise ship in the gulf of mexico are now safely back on land. a fire on board the cruise ship
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triumph, the carnival triumph, left it adrift for days. back on land after a 4 -- day ordeal at sea, 5000 passengers have left the cruise ship after a difficult journey without power or plumbing. >> it is really great. great to be back in america and on land. >> passengers celebrated as the 14-story ship limped into port. >> i feel great now, just being off the ship, being on land, waiting to see my family. >> troubles began just after the shift -- after the ship left texas. a fire in the engine room knocked out electricity, leaving the boat drifting in the gulf of mexico. soaring temperatures and the overpowering stench of raw sewage forced passengers to camp out on the decks.
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>> it was bad and it got worse as it went on. it was not a vacation anymore, it was like survival mode. >> meals were delivered on the last night after days of food shortages, and people on board desperately tried to get this adjust to their families before cell phones ran out of batteries. >> everyone is overwhelmed. >> family members back on shore expressed anger at the ship owners. >> if you are going to take responsibility for 4000 people, you need to be sure your equipment and is good working order. >> the company's boss was there to greet passengers as they got off. >> we have gotten passengers back to land, and now need to get them home. the full resources of carnival are working to get them home as quickly as we possibly can. >> it is not the first time a carnival roamed -- a carnival owned ship has run into problems at sea. the concordia cruise ship ran aground off the coast of italy
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ran aground, killing 42 people. but no one was hurt on the triumph. the ship will be taken to texas or new orleans a few hours away where hundreds of hotels have been hooked it as for the carnival triumph, it will be taken to a nearby shipyard for inspection. >> police in california have identified the body of former officer who launched a revenge campaign against colleagues. christopher dorner is suspected of killing four people. he died in a shootout in a cabinet that call fire after police threw tear gas inside. that ended a six-day manhunt for dorner. well, the world's richest man has an appetite for heinz baked beans and tomato catchup. warren buffett is teaming up investment firm --
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with a brazilian investment firm to the ui -- to buy heinz. for 26 million dollars. perhaps devoting spare time to a challenging piano concerto. a video from the vatican tv shows pope an addict playing the piano. -- shows pope benedict playing the piano. showcasing work at the berlin film festival. this is in contrast with the rest of journey, where many women are unable to get work because of childcare. . >> the berlin film festival, i berlin itself, has always had a reputation for being edgy and different. for filmmakers like stacy, that is good news. >> all the other filmmakers i know also feel that way.
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if they are making cutting edge or edgy material, they are interested in going to berlin. interested in going to berlin.
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