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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 16, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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>> zimbabwe's rival leaders joined millions casting their new boats about a new constitution. -- new votes about a new constitution. it could mean that presidential elections, but will robert mugabe face the possibility of being unseated? the fighting intensifies in damascus, all commercial flights are canceled from the main airport. russians had to come off fort as cyprus gets a cash bail out. >> i felt i had a duty to help my fellow citizens. >> a woman on a mission, meet
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the new attorney general in south america's most dangerous countries. voting, has finished the referendum expected to approve a new constitution. it was a condition of the power- sharing deal between morgan tsvangirai and robert mugabe. it would only be allowed to have to get the 05-year terms. he could still serve another two terms in office despite being in power since 1980. the loss to be stopped from vetoing legislation. the role of prime minister would be scrapped and replaced with two out vice-president.
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>> robert mugabe votes on the draft constitution. that is not allowed. we want peace in the country. >> the prime minister morgan tsvangirai party says an official was adopted by state security agents. she hopes the referendum will lead to a better zimbabwe. -- she cast her ballot. she surprised about how peaceful things seem. >> no one is making noise, everybody is calm. it is not like other times.
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many have onlyit had one month to sign the document. results are expected within five days. after the referendum, the president will announce an election day. some people are afraid that the run-up to the presidential election will be violent. he is one of them. >> we do not want people who will fight and cause trouble. we want a free and fair election. >> robert mugabe does not want to share power with his rifle again. there is no provision for a prime minister in the draft constitution. voter turnout was an issue, but picked up later in the day.
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which has caused this low over note -- voter turnout. people know the contents of this constitution. ask around, they do not know anything about the draft. because of that, they think the constitution is not important. there is the issue of loss of confidence and public institutions. those threesses, reasons are to blame for the low voter turnout. betterhould have been education, an attempt to open up
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space for civil society. so that you get a good turnout. there was not that kind of process that took place. >> let's go back to the capital. we're there about low turnout. what was alleged in the capital? >> -- what was it like in the capital? >> did depended on where you went. at some polling stations, there were long lines. at some, the law and the -- the lines were much shorter. , people were not turning up in huge numbers to the polling stations. people have their own reasons as to why that happens. the main reason seem to said they were not given enough time
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to understand what was really going on. whate have to wait and see the numbers were like and what people decided to do. >> how did they view -- is it being seen as a key vote or something unlikely to make a difference? >> there are some people who feel that it has been driven to a much by the politicians and not by the ordinary people. this would usher in a new beginning. the priority is economic growth. they want job creation. it is about feeding their families, being able to survive and lead a decent life in zimbabwe. hoping the constitution goes smoothly. they hope it is peaceful.
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they want to go on with their lives. >> ok, thank you very much. protesters have rallied to support an appeal against last week's election results. police through teargas in protesters in nairobi. they're supporting odinga's petition to the supreme court. he says authorities manipulated the results. in the syrian capital has intensified. the free assyrian army is in control of the eastern half of the district. -- free assyrian army is in control of the eastern half of the district. fighting has closed the country's main international airport to all but military flights.
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there has been further violence. >> there is heavy fighting going theetween the army and syrian official army. today, we're talking about the brigade of the free syrian army. with theare engaging official army and several people have been killed and injured and armored vehicles have been destroyed at the damascus airport. anyofficial army, particular area in damascus, it is impossible for them to come back to that spot in syria.
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that -- they tried to recapture it, but they failed to do that. the planeslling us are landing every two or three days. reports talking about algerian planes landing in the airport bringing arms and ammunition for the regina. that -- for the regime. human rights group amnesty international says it is that raged over the execution of a man in indonesia. he was shot by a firing squad on an island north of jakarta. he was found guilty of smuggling 1 kilogram of heroin into the country. later, he was found to be trafficking drugs from behind bars.
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it is indonesias first execution in four years. >> actively defending the indonesian migrant workers abroad from facing the death sentence. it is like a paradox of policy of the indonesian government. >> a small plane has crashed into a parking lot in florida. the aircraft was trying to make an emergency landing in fort lauderdale after reporting engine problems. the pilots could not back to the airport. firefighters said they cannot recognize the aircraft wreckage at first because of the intense smoke and flames. the former president of chile his post. he has been executive director. she announced her resignation at the commission. afghans infuriated by the presence of u.s. forces have taken to st. to make their
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feelings clear. present cars that order trips to -- troops to leave -- president karzei ordered troops to leave the province. their voices to those calling for american forces. >> we came here to support president karzei. innocentd stop killing. they are still here. protestll continue this and raise our voices. wherever the people are, they will demand their rights. >> the presidential palace said discussions are ongoing with the u.s.. seen to stand up for afghan human rights. still not proven.
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he knows that security is incredibly important. the biggest bomb ever was discovered before it was detonated. cyprus is being bailed out to the tune of $13 billion. -- money is being given there are conditions. to anger russians. >> these are the people who have to pay for this bailout. ordinary savers will have to pay one of tax to raise the cash. the russian investors will take a big head, half the sabres in cyprus or non resident russians with huge accounts on the island. the deal looks like this. cypress will get a $13 billion in bailout money. as a condition of the deal, lenders are demanding that people with savings accounts pay up to 10% levy on their deposits to raise almost $8 billion.
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cyprus is the fifth year as a country to receive a financial bailout. in brussels on saturday, euro zone finance ministers broke the news. >> i am pleased to announce the drug group considered significant progress -- the euro group considered significant progress to have been made. >> without a rescue, cyprus would have defaulted, unraveling confidence across the euro sound. >> despite the small size of the economy, all the developments in cyprus could undermine the progress made in 2012 in stabilizing the euro zone. >> with the banks closed and a public holiday on monday, the levy on bank deposits will come into force on tuesday. the bank is taking immediate steps to prevent electronic money transfers over the weekend. inshe is the economist based
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cypress, as to what the initial reaction to the news has been. a lot and shot and anger this morning because no one ever thought they would be it the normal depositors. thanng people with more 100,000, but the idea that every man and woman and child, it is a big shock for everybody. there is still a question, this is really going to hit the banking and financial sectors, but the business services sector, which had been a growth sector they have been the one creating jobs and revenue. they have taken a big hit and people will be very wary about using cyprus for business. the short term, cyprus can pay its way. for the longer term, the question is still open. >> more serious and how the
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ongoing conflict is threatening the stability of its neighbors. >> australia has shot to the top of the list of the world's most expensive places to live. >> polling stations have closed in zimbabwe were millions have voted to whether to adopt a new constitution. fighting has intensified in damascus and the main airport has been forced to close to all commercial flights. cyprus is getting a $13 billion bailout deal. more on the situation in syria
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as the crisis enters its third year. the crisis is threatening the stability of its neighbors. the opposition says the risks sparking a sectarian conflict in its own country. we have this report from the turkish-syrian border. it could be just a commodity or the sign of unwavering support. people who live in this part of this province are mainly of an sethoot of islam, the same of bashar al-assad. they are worried about the conflict. >> my heart cries for all the people getting killed. this is in justice and it has to stop. >> he is deputy head of the association. he says countries are helping
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extremists apple illegitimate regime. >> of turkey is allowing the jurors to go into syria. but you're allowing still going to syria. >> the government denies the accusations. >> the prime minister maintains that turkey's involvement is to help the syrian people who are suffering under a brutal dictator. he denies of adopting any sectarian policy. turkey's main opposition party is also worried. , and heparliamentarian says that he is not going anywhere and warns that the turkish government could collapse. >> the turkish people are against the intervention in
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syria. to intervene it means the end of this region. it is a cosmopolitan place. so were in syria will be replicated here. >> the conflict in syria has entered its third year and the effects are felt in every neighboring country, especially turkey. >> iraqi kurds are marking 25 years since saddam hussein attacked with chemical weapons. hundreds of people marched to the city to remember the day the former president's troops struck, killing 5000 people. most were women and children. thousands more were forced into camps. one of the most violent countries in south america, but guatemalans first female attorney general in the murder rate down and sending the conviction rate up. it is making her a target as well.
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generalmalans attorney- is on a mission. two years on the job and she is already confronted some of her country's most powerful and feared man. drug bosses, corrupt officials, and a former dictator charged with genocide. >> justice system has to work in order for democracy to function. after working for an organization that analyzed the prosecutor's office, i knew about its weaknesses. i thought i had a duty to help my fellow citizens, cannot be indifferent in front of a problem. >> murder rates have skyrocketed, and gang violence was rampant, and drug cartels were carving out swaths of countrysides. now under -- the murder rate has fallen, and government officials, including her own
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staff, are facing increased scrutiny. >> it is essential to work as a team. imagine working to transformer -- transform the justice system, it is an enormous challenge. it takes a joining of wells. modesty, sher remains the public face of the prosecutor's office. when she had some of the end of the day, her personal guards go with her. government officials often faced death threats. with the wrong 13 murders a day in guatemala, no one is ever completely safe. the attorney general success is prosecuting criminal groups has made her highly visible target. security is of the utmost importance. as she reaches a gated community where she lives with her husband and son, a normal routines takeover. a few scratches for the family cats, and a 46-year-old has a
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chance to think about the future and the kind of bottom all she wants to leave for her sons' generation. -- the kind of guatemalans she wants to leave for her sons' generation. >> i would like the country in which justice was effective, where the police do their job with absolute respect for the law. >> thanks in part to her dedication, that day appears to be getting closer. a truck loaded with fireworks has exploded during a religious celebration in central mexico. at least 11 people were killed and dozens more injured. a stray far work landed on the back of the truck did not in the rest of the pyrotechnics. indian police have questioned 13 men over the alleged gang rape of a swiss tourists. the woman was sexually assaulted when she and her husband were beaten and robbed on friday. the pair was camping in a forest.
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six of the detained men have been released. the new catholic pope has taken part in his first meetings with a journalist. pope francis had an audience with the media in vatican city. he said the catholic church should remember to serve the poor. poor, i'veof the often thought of francis of assisi. he is a man of peace. >> cigarettes and alcohol are enjoyed by many russians, there are some changes on the way. the president is banning smoking in the public and hacking taxes on drink. there are concerns the changes could have dangerous consequences. a cornerstone of life in
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russia, the average russian drinks 18 leaders of a bobcat each year. vodkaders of -- liters of each year. the president is waging war on the two vices with surprising support. >> if the numbers of places they can smoke is reduced, more people will consider quitting. >> if the next generation is not healthy, there is no future for our country. >> a new law banning cigarettes sales from kiosks will take effect on the first of june. next year, it will extend to restaurants and bars. spirits are being taxed by an extra 30% and drinking in public places is not illegal. some are defined. >> those who drink will continue to drink. >> bars like this are having to
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pass on the extra cost of the alcohol taxes to their customers, raising prices. the fact that parliament is debating whether to raise the minimum drinking age could force teenagers to see cheaper alcohol, homemade alcohol. it is made in garages and kitchens. also accounted for 12,000 deaths in 2011. >> none of these measures will work. it does not reduce people's need for alcohol. and the debt has increased since 2008 when the economic crisis began. if a person does not have access to legal alcohol, they will get it from the illegal or the blade sector. >> the crackdown on counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes is an ongoing battle. all parts of the president's plan to clean up russia and keep the world's largest country filled with enough people to
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sustain it. >> if you are looking to live in australia, you will need some extra cash. it is some degree of the world's most expensive cities. the cost of living has soared. -- andrewas reports thomas reports from sydney. >> if you have unlimited money, it is easy to live the good life in australia. this lifestyle is getting more expensive. >> we would like to see around $8 million. >> this property has doubled in price. >> the underlying wealth factor has not changed. having the confidence to shape -- to spend it. >> the super rich are still knocking on their doors. >> is not just the top of the market, right across --
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australia is becoming ever more expensive. the average price of a home is around 500,000 u.s. dollars, double what they get for the united states or europe. in a supermarket, these three items cost $11. , 77% --iture store ikea 70% more on its australian side. sydney is the world's most expensive city outside japan. most australians can afford it, the economy is strong. it has a lot to do with the very strong currency. 20 u.s. dollars were worth 31 australian. now it will not even buy 20 australian. most prices have risen, even in
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australian dollars. renting a cheap apartment can easily eat that up for him and many others, a $2 lunch is a lifeline. >> i could have afforded to get .y a lot easier five years ago now it is virtually impossible. >> australia is a great place to be very rich.
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