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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 21, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> emergency crews in the u.s. state of oklahoma semp for survivors of a -- search for survivors of a devastating tornado. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, out of the race, iran's former president is barred from running in next month's elections. >> we pay all the taxes we owe, every single dollar. >> apple defends his company against allegations of tax avoidance. rewriting history, how president vladimir putin plans
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to ban criticism of russia's past. >> the search for survivors continues after one of the worst tornados ever recorded in the united states. 24 people are confirmed dead. more than 200 others are being treated for injuries after the tornado ripped through a suburb of oklahoma city. our correspondent allen fisher joins us from the suburb of moore. allen, are there any further updates from the death toll? is it likely to rise? >> well, there's good news and bad news. the bad news is there have been no survivors found over the last few hours and that is unlikely to change. the good news, if you can call it good news is the death toll is 24 and the fire chief here in moore said he is 98% certain that that figure was not going to rise, although a number of people still remain seriously ill in the hospital.
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you can see how bad some of the devastation here is. remember, this tornado hit over 24 hours ago. if you lived here, you could see the edge of the bowling alley in the town which was a very popular place for teenagers. the wall has been blown out and the roof collapsed. just beyond that is the hospital which within a short time they got, they managed to remove most of the patients from there which was an incredible piece of work by the staff there and also the emergency services. if we swing around here to this car park where we set up the camera, you see cars that essentially have been abandoned in a way a child would abandon a game, just dumped next to buildings which had their roofs taken off. and just in front of us here is a huge and very heavy piece of metal which had been caught up in the wind that swept through here just over 24 hours ago and dumped right there right in front of us. people were talking about how they saw animals like cows and horses being swept up in the wind funnel that swept through
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here. remember, it was almost two kilometers long and on the ground for more than 40 minutes. if you saw this, you'd say there's been a lot of devastation here. incredibly, though, this is just a small part of the devastation that happened here n moore. street after street, home after home, damaged, ripped apart, destroyed. in moore, some have begun the cleanup. others are trying to find something of the life they had before the tornado came. >> in the morning she could see the damage done to her home and surrounding areas. there are holes in the roof. the window and doors are busted and no electricity, no heat or light. he dinner is fresh fruit and food from a tin. >> there is a house gone at the end of our street. i think we're really lucky. >> this is not a restricted area. police are stopping anyone from
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getting in the neighborhood which has been so badly affected by the tornado. this is as far as we can go because the police are only allowing in those who live here and those who can help with the cleanup operation. local charities and faith-based groups are piling in with offers of help. it's what they do at times like this, although they've really not seen times like this. >> it gets amazing. some you can't believe at all. one house could be totally gone and the house next door standing there. with this area here, it's totally devastating. it just takes your breath away at times. >> the u.s. national weather service has now confirmed what everyone here felt, this was an ef-5 tornado, the strongest on the scale. it was on the ground 40 minutes, more than a kilometer wide, eating up and spitting out everything in its path. the rescue teams continue to search for survivors though this feels more like a recovery than a rescue mission. >> we'll be through every damaged piece of property in
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this city at least three times before we're done. >> president barack obama addressed the nation and promised to do what was needed to rebuild. >> the people of moore should know their country will remain on the ground, there for them, beside them as long as it takes. >> oklahoma's governor said the state is reeling from days of tornados but remains resilient. >> in the midst of tragedy and loss of life, we've seen the resilience and courage and strength of our people and we will get through this. we will overcome, and we will rebuild and will redwayne our strength. >> while rescue efforts continue, people are still watching the weather with more storms predicted for oklahoma and the town that suffered most. >> as you say that, are people there still watching the weather? they lost so much but there might be more to come? >> there might be. and there's a warning that
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there could be storms sweeping up through texas into oklahoma and across this area. incredibly, america gets 75% of all tornados that hit the world. and four states tend to bear the brunt of that. oklahoma is one of them. now, remember, there was a massive toronto in branson, missouri, just two years ago. the cost of that was somewhere in the region of $2 billion and more than $180 -- 180 people were killed. here the death toll is substantially lower and people are intensely grateful for that but the cost of the damage is so much greater. we're talking about somewhere in the region perhaps of $3 billion. remember, this was a storm that lasted just 40 minutes. that's a long time for a tornado to be on the ground. it stretched almost two kilometers wide. that is a huge, huge tornado. and it's now rated at an ef-5 tornado and makes it one of the worst tornados ever to hit the united states. and there isn't a single person here in moore that doesn't believe that they've just been
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through an incredible experience and many are grateful still to be alive. they may not have much but they have their life. >> indeed. clearly a few tough days still to come. allen, thank you for that update. allen fisher in moore in oklahoma, there. a car bomb in iraq's capital killed at least five people. police said it exploded close to a city mosque in abu ghraib in west baghdad. another 21 people were injured in attacks in cities across the country on tuesday killed an additional 15 people. iraq's parliament was day to hold an emergency session tuesday to address the rise in sectarian violence. but the prime minister theoryy al mall key nouri prime minister al-malaki's government protested. iran's council approved a list of candidates for the election. let's look at the main contenders to replace mahmoud ahmadinejad on june 14 and
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include the frontrunner and the a former gotiator and prime minister has been baqer d and mohammed galibaf, the mayor will also run. they're joined by the speaker mohsen ment and rezaei, from the revolutionary guard is on the list. two key people have been excluded, former president rafsanjani and an aide for the outgoing leader. this expert says iran's supreme leader is trying to consolidate his power base. >> rafsanjani was the president from 1989-1997 and he's held a number of very senior positions. he's one of the founders of the islamic republic, leader of the
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revolution, so by disqualifying rafsanjani, what is the islamic republic saying about its own legitimacy? rafsanjani was discall find because the supreme leader sees him as a challenge and does not want anybody of his standing to run in the election. even before the election season tarted in iran, you have his representatives talking about engineering reaction. so he wants to make sure there are candidates but that they follow his line and don't challenge his domestic and foreign policy agenda. the islamic republic is supposed to be founded on the people's will as well as the supreme court leader supposedly having divine authority. so the iranian regime is basically telling the iranian people that their goat doesn't matter and ayatollah hamani
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derives his power from god and should be iran's absolute ruler and is dangerous in the long run because there's so much internal pressure building up in the iranian society and people in iran really can't vent this pressure anymore. they can't vote and can't express their political opinions, so what's really left for them but to go into the streets? >> the head of apple, tim cook, who has been defending the company's tax practices at a u.s. senate hearing. apple has been accused of avoiding taxes by placing billions of in irish companies. >> you swear the testimony you're about to give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? the senators who summoned them to washington never accused them of anything illegal but said they directed most of the profits to three shell companies in ireland. it does little business there but pays ireland a tax rate of less than 2% compared with a
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35% nominal rate for corporations in the u.s. >> apple is a great company but no company, no company should be able to determine how much it's going to pay in taxes, how many profits it's going to keep offshore,,000 they're going to bring them back home using all kinds of gimmicks to avoid paying the taxes that should be paid to this country. >> it's completely outrageous apple not only dodged full payment of u.s. taxes but madged to evade paying taxes around the world. >> apple's c.e.o. tim cook was unapologetic and said the company expects to pay $7 billion in u.s. taxes this year making it the country's biggest corporate taxpayer but he offered to pay some taxes on offshore profits and eliminate all loopholes if congress lowered domestic taxes. >> this would likely result in an increase in apple's u.s. taxes but we strongly believe such comprehensive reform would be fair to all taxpayers and
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would keep america globally competitive and would promote u.s. economics. >> president barack obama has offered to cut u.s. corporate rates as part of an overall streamlining of the u.s. tax code. under the present system, nearly $2 trillion in u.s. profits are estimated to be parked in other countries. meanwhile, the u.k., australia, and france are complaining that too many companies are exploiting the global patchwork of tax systems to legally sidestep their fair share of payments. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. >> still to come on the program, restoring law and order. libya trains new forces for security detail. >> and others reporting from south africa on how some h.i.v. treatment clinics like this which is now just a storage room have been closed because of a reduction in funding from the united states.
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>> hello once again. as we look at the imagery on southwest america, keep your eye on this area because it is here the tornado that hit oklahoma city was spaund. that system continues to move towards the north and east so through the day on wednesday, there can be some severe storms once again and damaging hail and yes, the possibility of some tornados again. elsewhere, we have a lot of rain showing up here, toronto towards the great lakes and towards chicago, some patchy rain towards the eastern seaboard. out towards the west, in the southwest it's cooler than has been and rain pushing to the pacific northwest and as you move from wednesday to thursday, that area of rain and snow gradually dissipates and we have rain in the northeast and temperatures coming up in dallas with highs of 32 degrees. we have a fair scattering of showers, kingston, jamaica
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could be quite wet and hispaniola has seen downpours and the leyland islands seeing spower -- showers. we'd like to see heavy downpours in panama and northern parts of south america expecting rain. t gets dryer heading towards buenos aires and here with a high of 17 degrees celsius. ♪ >> hello again. the top stories in al jazeera, emergency crews in the u.s. are still searching for survivors after wind of more than 300 kilometers swept through a suburb of oklahoma city. iran's guardian council excluded the former president hashemi rafsanjani from the
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presidential election cabinet with elections held on the 14th. tim cook of apple defended the tax cuts at a u.s. senate hearing and they say he avoids taxes by placing billions in ireland. egypt's army says it's ready to start a operation to rescue seven kidnapped soldiers and policemen. the men were taken hostage last thursday in the sinai. we have more. >> these are reinforcements from the egyptian army and more than 60 armored vehicles are in the northern sinai. 250 shoulders and 450 policemen have arrived as well. it's unclear will whether this is a show of force from the egyptian government to intimidate the kidnappers or the first move towards an offensive. the kidnapping of egyptian soldiers puts the president in a difficult position. he doesn't want to negotiate with the hostage takers but if he send the army in to try and free them, he risks soldiers being killed.
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border guards at the border crossing of gaza have gone on strike to support the kidnapped colleagues. they say the rossing will stay closed until the men are released. >> i don't feel safe. and if i don't feel safe, no one is. everyone in egypt should support us so we can protect the people in the country. >> families of the hostages are also demanding action. the president should negotiate with them and give them what they want and give us back our children. there's nothing more precious than egypts sons. guards also closed the commercial crossing between egypt and israel in protest and stranded dozens of trucks. on this sunday night the video of the hostages was released. al jazeera sources say the men were taken by an islamic group and demanding six members who received the death penalty be freed from prison. they were jailed for an attack on a police station two years ago. the army has met with leaders and asked them to pass a
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message on to the kidnappers. >> our role is to try to reach the kidnappers. hold them responsible for what happened and let them know the state will never fall on its knees. >> for years the people have sometimes been kidnapped into sinai. but appears taking soldiers and police hostage is one step too far and unlikely the egyptian government will tolerate it. nicole johnston, al jazeera, in the northern sinai. >> the u.n. envoy rahimi say the government and opposition groups will attend a peace conference planned for geneva next month. the between side are set to be ready to meet to draft a political solution to the crisis. the and the former president of the national coalition confirmed the opposition is open to negotiation with the syrian government. >> the opposition forces want a solution for the syrian people. rebels have nothing to lose. they're determined to stay to
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the end but we are facing unprecedented suffering and therefore all opposition forces have no objection to finding a political solution but not at the expense of more bloodshed. >> there's been fighting for a third day in neighboring lebanon. sunni fighters battling the syrian rebels in the northern city of tripoli. we have the latest from the lab niece capital of beirut. >> a new round of violence in tripoli between the two neighborhoods. those who support president assad and those who support the syrian rebels. this new, fresh round came as a result of the fighting in the syrian border town which has fierce clashes between syrian government troops backed by fighters from hezbollah and sunni fighters, rebels inside. now, this has created a lot of anger and anxiety among families in tripoli, some of
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their sons are fighting along the rebels there, so it's become a vicious cycle where whatever is happening in syria has happened in lebanon and residents in tripoli fled their homes expecting violence and the lebanese army deployed more troops and are trying to contain the situation but it's not working. >> many armed groups in post revolution libya are still selecting to hand power over to the states and is making it difficult to make a new army left with the fall of the regime. we have a report. >> the fledgling libyan army trained in what was a base for gaddafi's brigades, a much needed military exercises though the officers say the soldiers lack discipline and professional -- professionalism but nonetheless these men are determined to restore law and order in a country where there is a struggle for power. >> we were all revolutionaries
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fighting on the front lines against gaddafi's forces. the war ended and now we want a legitimate authority so we joined the army. those who refuse to join want to hold on to power. >> the libyan brigade are all powerful armed groups formed during the war against gaddafi's regime. the government now relies on them for security. but these groups have joined the military as units rather than individual fighters. and their loyalty lies with their commanders. >> no, they don't take orders from us. they're outside the army's command structure. we're asking the state what they intend to do about it. >> there is a security problem in libya. there have been bombings, assassinations and more often than not there have been the symbols of the state that have been targeted. some people blame the armed groups for the instability and now call them criminal or illegal militias because they refuse to cede power but those groups say they have little faith in the army as an
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institution. in man was once the benghazi commander of the february 17 brigade says the army only exists by name. >> who said the revolutionaries give their arms to, those who served in the gaddafi army and want to be warlords and we don't agree on the political future of libya. >> the army has been trying to show who is in charge but the state security apparatus is weak and just like libya's political landscape, it is fractured. this is a country awash with weapons. they were once used against a common enemy. they are now ammunition for political gains. reporting from benghazi. >> 20 people have been killed in the democratic republic of congo as fighting continues between the army and rebels. thousands have been forced to leave their homes. the military fighting to keep control of ville inches in the east and 23 rebels have been pushed back from various areas
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northeast of the capital. nigeria announced it will release several prisoners of the armed group boko haram and women released as part of the peace gesture of the government put army is fighting the group in the north of the country. we have a report from the birthplace of boko haram. >> the decision to release boko haram suspects have been given from the president good luck jonathan and in the letter it explained the decision followed a request from the president's amnesty committee and they're looking for a peaceful resolution to the boko haram crisis. it was explained the suspects would be released in the hands of state governors with rehabilitation and eventual release into the community. and it explained all women being held in connection with boko haram activities would be released. however, there was no detail in
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the statement when this might happen or how many boko haram suspects might now be free. >> the economic crisis has forced the u.s. to cut back on their $30 billion commitment to fight the aids pandemic. the effects in south africa is severe where the budget has been halfed. we now have a report. >> this clinic was once a renowned h.i.v. aids treatment with 15 doctors, 25 nurses and a first-rate reputation for providing quality health care to its 4,000 patients but was forced to close after funding cuts from an american initiative called pit fire, the president's emergency plan for aids relief. now patients like this have been transferred to government-funded health care facilities. >> the new place doesn't check my blood every month. the last time was in january. but the move isn't as bad as i thought it would be. they gave me all the medication except the multivitamins i'm supposed to take. >> by 2017, the $500 million
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pit fire gives south africa will be halved, prompting that as mental clinics they close, patients will suffer. this clinic's workers who mostly have been laid off are the victims of the first round of funding cuts, a relatively small $20 million but those cuts will increase in the next few years and it's a race for the government to build up the public health care system to cope. this hospital has accepted some of the patients. dr. henry says he's being careful how he spends the remaining funding. >> the systems are a challenge because of the large number of patients in the public sector. people with advanced disease and even people with some complications and some failing biologically. so these have to be addressed and so the target of the funding is mainly to clear capacity in the health care institutions.
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>> half the officials don't want patient care to suffer but are realistic about the challenges. >> so we're trying to do everything we can to ensure an uninterrupted supply of medication. but can i guarantee that every patient will get drugs every time they come to the facility? i can't guarantee that but clearly we're working hard to achieving that. >> the pit fire funding cuts means the government has no hoice but to cut the assistant cam and treatment in treating aids could be lost. durbin, south africa. >> in the u.k., members of parliament have voted by 366-161 to legalize gay marriage. it means the government's same-sex marriage bill has cleared the house of commons and will now go on to the house of lords. the issue has divided the prime minister david cameron's conservative party. 150 of his own m.p.'s voted against.
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the main cathedral in paris was evacuated after a well known historian killed himself inside. police say 78-year-old dominique venner shot himself in front of the main altar in the notre dame. he was opposed to gay marriage which was legalized in france on saturday. georgia's foreign prime minister has been arrested. he was charged with abuse of office and misappropriation of property. he was held after being questioned at the prosecutor's office in western georgia. he was the prime minister under . tgoing president , part of n government vladimir putin's plan to promote patriotism from the country's youth. we now have a report. >> rewriting the past, an exhibition of doctored soviet
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photographs, retouching helps the cause, political rivals were erased, adoring crowds doubled in size. it's taken many years to track down some of these contrasting images and many thought lost from the history books altogether. and in this one picture, stalin's political rival leon trofski stands next to lennon but in this latest picture he's been replaced with a shadowy blur. ♪
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