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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 31, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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? anger on the streets of turkey. anti-government protesters confront police. dozens are arrested. >> hello and welcome. world news from doha. also ahead, fighting in the syrian city of -- in the syrian city intensifies. the u.s. urges russia not to send in weapons. a state of emergency in kyrgyzstan, the government appeals for calm after protests at a mining company. and up in smoke.
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why some think the plan to stub ut the habit won't work. what dwan began as a peaceful sit in in turkey has become a violent anti-government demonstreags. people were protesting against plan it is uproot trees in an istanbul park. when riot police moved in firing tear gas and water cannons at the crowd. the discontent has spread to other turkish cities. at least 60 people were arrested and more than a dozen injured. our reporter was among the protester in istanbul. >> this is the harshest cracktown so far after anti-government protests. a sit-in against the government's plan to turn a park into a shop mall turned into a confrontation in the central square and surrounding area.
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the government says for many people who qaem here this was not just about the demolition of a park. >> the trees are a symbol this protest is about all of our frew free tom. we know the government will go ahead with its plan but we'll continue to resist. >> this is just the beginning of the revolution. the fwoth must take us seriously, there are millions of people behind us. >> dozens of people were injured. opposition leders an journalists were also hurt. rights groups criticize what they say was the heavy handedness of the police. protests have spread to other parts of the country, including major cities such as amir and ankhara where protests have been taking place. but these scenes are not being widely reported on turkish media, causing anger among protesters saying that local
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media are coming under pressure by the government. these protesters say it's all part of the growing authoritarian climate. the government imposed restriction on the sale of alcohol and public displays of affection. protesters in the square channed against the prime minister, demanding his resignation but he maintains a strong support base but scenes like these will deepen the divide over his rule. >> we have the director of the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies at washington, d.c. he believes the prime minister still has support among the people. >> this kind of demonstrations in turkey, the more heavy hanned the police tactics, the stronger the opposition becomes. as your reporter noted, the prime minister retains widespread support. he's won three elections in a row. he's extremely popular,
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particularly with the more devout sections of society. nonetheless, his recent decisions relating to the sale of alcohol, to his statement saying that people can demonstrate but he will do what is right in the interests of the country is leading to a break between him and important sections of the society. when the current government was elected 10 1/2 years ago, even though it's an established movement, it went out of its way to reassure those who were worried about the future of secularism in turkey. increasingly, those concerns have come to the surface again. because he has been stressing turkish society this laz led tissue has led to a
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schism in an ongoing sectarian war between those who drink and do not observe and those who are observe ant. so the polarization you talk about is stronger now than in the past 10 years. >> the u.s. sec retear of state john ker reurged russia not to supply ther isian government with weapons. he says the delivery of antiaircraft missiles would a -- would have a profoundly negative impact on the region's stability. more on that in a moment. but first, inside syria, the battle for a western city is intensifying. winning the fight for the city is strategically important for the government and opposition fighters. it's on a meage supply route for arms and fighters. it's been confirmed that hezbollah forces are fighting alongside the syrian army and as the conflict spills over, concern is rising in neighboring lebanon. fisher has more. >> they say the injured are all
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over town. why are we being sentenced to death, this man asks. syrian activists say those trying to help the injured were attacked by government forces, leave manager dead and injured. syrian army ranks have been swollen by the fight from the shia lebanese group. they're intensifying the fight. the syrian opposition say the world should fight them. >> they're coming to our country and the international community is still lock looking and nothing has happened. >> in washington, u.s. secretary of state john kerry appealed to russia to rethink its shipment of an air defense system to a syrian government saying it was a threat to israel and the prospect of holding peace talks. >> we ask them again not to upset the balance within the region with tropt israel and the weaponry that is being provided assad, whether it's an old contract or not, it has a profoundly negative impact on
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the balance of interest and the stability of the region and it does put israel at risk. >> he was speaking after a meeting with the german foreign minister. the european union listed an arms embargo on the rebels but he said that doesn't mean shipments aren't planned. >> the weapons embargo of the european union will end. this does not mean that we deliver what someone would like to deliver in the next days or weeks weapons to syria. >> around damascus, they opposition. ee the >> it's a world war being waged against syria, we're confident of our victory. >> his government says the army is also making advances, regaining control of rebel strongholds, especially near the capital. for those civilians who managed to escape, one of the few
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options is to go to a province and continue fighting there. it's a deadly risk. >> and in another sign that syria's conflict is spilling over into neighboring lebanon, we're get regular port that four missiles have fallen near a town there, there are no reports of casualties. we'll bring you more details as we get them. a state of emergency declared in kirg stan over escalating -- in kyrgyzstan over escalating protests there. at least 50 people have been injured. >> it's rich enough in gold to keep kyrgyzstan's shaky economy afloat but those who live around the gold mine say they're not feeling the benefits. escalating protests around the site in kyrgyzstan's north have left dozens injured and around 100 arrested. >> they've been firing rubber
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bullets at us and grenades. i've got injuries here and down there. >> they appeal for calm and declare a state of emergency. >> it's very clearly noted that authoritarian i678 interferes with economic development and in general the development of kyrgyzstan. some people don't like the fact that kyrgyzstan has started to develop dynamically. >> the gold company is canadian owned and its importance to kyrgyzstan can't be understated. it generates more than 10% of the country's g.d.p. and half its exports. but protesters say the deal struck with the government four years ago doesn't see enough of thewell it generates go to the people. there are even calls for the mine to be taken over by the state. such talk is likely to deter the foreign investment kyrgyzstan so badly needs. andrew potter, al-jazeera. >> the remains of dozens of palestinians have been found in a mass grave in the israeli city of tel aviv.
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the discovery was made in ren veags work at a muslim cemetery. it's believed the bodies were buried as -- buried as jewish forces expelled forces from the area, following the form eags of the israeli state in 1948. nigeria's army is conducting a major offensive against local rebels in the northeast. al-jazeera has the first imthieges violence. civilians are increasingly getting caught in the cross fire. one soldier we spoke to said some are being targeted deliberatery. we have this excuse i report. >> these are soldiers heading to nigeria earlier this week. the mill tear says the area has many fighters from the armed group. here the troops move toward what the soldiers filming says is a suspected enemy camp. they've been fighting the group since a state of emergency was declared may 14 in areas where the group's fighters have been
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operating. and these are pictures of corpses of some of the people killed in the fighting that happened the tai before. and the soldier recording this video says many of the people being killed in the war against the group are civilians. we can't show you his face or reveal his identity because he's not allowed to talk to the media. >> what i saw when i when to the front line was a lot of dead bodies, people, mothers, almost 3,000. you cannot walk from point a to component b without marching on dead bodies. small, small children, females, it's our own people we are killing, which is not good. >> civilians have died. >> enough civilians have died, more than the enemy group. >> he said the dead people in the photos are civilians and said these are some of the people's homes destroyed by the nigerian mill tear. >> there were not more than 30 or 40 fighters in the village but the people didn't have
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security to get out. >> the military denies civilians are caught up in the fighting but says it will investigate any evidence of civilian death. >> most of the encounter has been out of civilian population. there's no reason why you would be in such location. >> we can't independently verify what the soldier says about civilians dying in the military offensive but he's been known to us for years and we asked him why he atwreed to film for us. >> i am toning this because of injustice. the enemy are being killed but the casualties of the innocent are more than that group. >> humanitarian organizations hope to be granted access to areas where there's been fighting so they can see the situation faces -- facing civilians for themselves. >> welcome back, the top stories here on al-jazeera, violent tchonstrations in some of turkey's largest cities.
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police released tear gas and water cannons at people, they have been holding a sit-in over plans to build in one of the city's best known public park. the syrian army says hundreds of feelingters are joining the fight. u.s. secretary of state john kerry called on russia not to send weapons to the syrian government. a state of emergency declared in kyrgyzstan over escalating protests. hundreds of demonstrators demanding more benefits stormed the office of a canadian owned gold mining company. at least 50 people have been injured. a tornado emergency issued in the state of oklahoma by the u.s. national weather service. it includes oklahoma city and its suburbs. oklahoma city airport has been evacuated. on thursday some houses were danieled but no injuries reported. 24 people were killed earlier this month when a powerful tornado touched down earlier in oklahoma. 13,000 homes were destroyed then.
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days after two politicians were excluded from iran's presidential election, the eight remaining candidates have faced each other in a televised debeat. for more than two hours the men discussed the economy and how they would deal with u.n. sanctions. >> these are the eight men who want to become the next iranian president. in contrast to the last election, none of them is considered to be particularly reformist. the one with perhaps the lyse conservative outlook is this man . he highlighted the shortcomings in the current government's policies which he considers to be too rigid. >> over the past eight year the country has been run by radical conservatives and other parties have been pulled out. the second is the presence of military figures in economic affairs and there is not enough space for the private sector. the third problem is that we cannot use the privilege of having relations with other countries. we should have collective wisdom. the country cannot be run by
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just one party. >> the candidate considered to be among the favorite of the ruling elite in iran is this man. he is the sec retear of the supreme national security council and his country's chief negotiator on nuclear issues. >> we need to adopt the correct principles for the economy based on our revolutionary principles. in that way, we can make the my work for the 75 million people in our country that should be -- there should be coordination in the government >> the only enfeint candidate in the contest took a hard line. he was a minister in the 1980's, he blamed iran's economic troubles on corruption in the public sector. >> the government needs to remove its hand from the pockets of people. our currency has devalued so much this means the poor are getting poorer, the hands of those who d this should be cut off. >> it's hard to know how most
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iranians will react to this first debate but it's certain that the effective -- the effect of economic sanctions on their country is being felt. none of the candidates spoke in detail in this debate about the arab awakening and its cultural impact in iran. they will have the chance to do that in the second of the three debates next week. >> a woman at the center of an abortion dispute in el salvador has been granted a cesarean section to end her high-risk pregnancy. the woman, known as beatrice, requested an abortion on the basis her life was in danger but authorities in el salvador, where abortions are strictly forbidden, refused. andy gallagher has more. >> earlier this week when the supreme court ruled beatrice was not allowed to have an abortion, amnesty international called the decision shameful and called ate death sentence for the 22-year-old who suffers from
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lupus and kid nee nee failure. in the next few days she'll deliver the baby via cesarean section but the deliberation has taken seven weeks and brought this country's abortion laws into sharp focus. human rights groups say ins acases where the mother's and child's lyes are at risk abortions should be allowed. but here in el salvador, the church has a powerful voice and things are unlikely to change. perhaps for the first time in a generation this country's abortion laws are being talked about like never before. >> a second man arrested over the murder of a british soldier lee rigby has been released from hospital. he's in police custody in ondon. people in bosnia hers go vina
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have been marking a massacre that took place there in the early 1990's. despite thousands of deaths, serb authorities refuse to ecognize the crimes. >> she lost six sons and her husband in the massacre. 21 years later, she's still searching for their remain. she hangs a white sheet out to is the world this house nonserb. now it's a choice but at the begin og they have massacre it was compulsory. that's when they came after her. >> i said hide, children, hide in the game of god. , we haven't said done anything wrong, why should i hide? another said you fulfilled my wish and bought me a car, i won't be sad if i die. she believes they died in one hofe prison camps like this.
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thousands of bosnian muslims were sent there, most were killed, many just disappeared. in 1992, one man came to symbolize the suffering. he was 22 years old and he survived. as he tours the crumbling camp, he wants people to acknowledge the horrors that happened there. >> we still live in fear that the war will start again and we have to run away. why did we come back at all? why did we promise each other a better life? that's not happening. >> he's referring to local authorities repeated refusals to build a monument to remember the thousands who died here. for serb victims, different rules apply. close by stands a monument for soldiers for the republic. but the people of this area and neighboring areas are peacefully protesting to change that. serbs, croats and muslims walk
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together wearing white arm bands. >> every nation cannot only remember their own victim. we have to remember all of them. i'm wearing a white arm band out of respect. i'm wearing one because my friend was forced to during the war. >> the annual gathering is banned by authorities but they insist they'll keep marching until every crime is recognized. >> thousands of anti-austerity protesters rallied outside the european central bank in frankfurt, germany. the nonstration organized by the blockupy alliance. they said most hofe themepeople taking part lost their job in the european debt crisis. rallies were also held at the frankfurt airport and outside major banks. consumer watchdogs in britain are accusing money lenders of targetting the most vulnerable in society. many companies offer loans with high interest and repayments. in one town they say debt is out
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of control. >> 25-year-old jay comes from a solid family and it's a good job, too, because the last two years of his life have been a misery. he took out a loan of $225 while he was between jobs couldn't pay it off in time and had to do it again he ended up with seven differents totaling $5,000. he's paying it back but even so, the lenders have harassed him so much he keep having to change his phone number. >> they just ring up and just be really harsh toward you. ey don't care what situation you're in, they say, do you have the money, no, we'll send the courts along. london area in southeast is increasingly run down except for loan shops. they're doing well while most are doing badly. it's been obvious that payday lenders have been most successful in establishing themselves in places chb been most badly affected by the financial downturn.
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their critics encreasingly describe them as legal loan shark. suddenly, there's a whole raft of inquiries on whether these places are capable of maintaining at least a minimum ethical standard in their reatment of clients. the citizens advice bureau is overbhemmed. >> the arming amount of debt is $43,000 pounds per person in the door. per person. unsecure. >> based on well-deserved criticism, they inist they can limit damage to people's lyes. >> they have debt correction practices and will try to recover the money. but they're responsible lenders and will direct in ea areness spobble -- responsible way. if you're having problems, they'll work with you on longer repame plans, work with debtor charities. >> the real problem is the lack
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of option. this is the only credit union in this part of the country, it's only open nine hours a week. noble prize winner for his economic ideas says they got it wrong. >> we charge simple interest, whereas paisday loans charging 2,000%, ,000%, 4,000%, is it fair? in the meeptime lenders are finding new ways to true people in. you can sell them your car and rent it back. the government says people need to pay down their debts, on the streets, the opposite is happening. two top officials from india's cricket governing body have re-signed over a match fixing case. pressure is mowning and the president of the -- on the president of the organization to step down as well. one is under fire after his
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son-in-law was arrested for his suspected role in the scandal. football teams found guilty of racism feas tough new punishments passed by the sports governing body, fifa. member os they have body are in mauritia for the annual conference. serious or repeaten ofs will be punished with a points deduction or even a ban from a turn. the resolution passed by a 99% majority. a fwroogeule smoking ban will start in russia on saturday. throughout this year, smokers will find fewer peculiar places to light up they feel goth's goal is to improve people's health but few russians believe the cheages will work. >> he owns one of the most exclusive to back cannists in the company tissue tobaccoists in the country. he's a committed smoker. some cigars sell for $1,000 apiece. he thinks it's too early to
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impose restrictions on smoking habits. >> let's say phi or six years, we start getting a lot of good products here. good wine. good restaurants. and this -- smoking the cigars is just one of them. has nothing to do with the inhaling smoke on a regular basis. >> for the russian parliament's that smoking in whatever form is a freedom too far. >> they shouldn't be seen as a ban. it's more of a way of protecting the rights of the nation's nonsmokers. who suffer from strokes and infections because of smokers. >> but habits everywhere in russia. 40% of the population smoke. 62% of men, 30% of women. as many as 400,000 russians die a year from smoking of -- smoking-related diseases. with a pop leags already in free fall, the goth's desperate to improve the nation's health. you should the new law, smoking
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will be banned in public places. within 15 meters of the places like metro stations or airports. children's playgrounds and places of work. fines are up to $90 imposed for offenses. saying that, there's no real significant changes to the price of cigarettes. they still remain among the cheapest in the world. foreign brands like this under $2 a pact. -- a packet. >> most people ignore new laws anyway, especially connected with smoking. it's a personal choice to smoke. >> people have smoked for 40 years, do you think they'll suddenly wit? >> next year the ban will be extended to include trains, ships, bars, cafes and markets. if the the rules prove effective, smokers have less than 12 months to adjust or kick he habit altogether. >> now it's nine times longer than the cruise ship it's named after, and it's sailing past earth right now.
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these are nasa pictures of an asteroid called 1998 qe2. it's so large it has its own moon. scientists say it would wipe out entire species if it hit our planet but don't worry, it's around six million clomfers -- kilometers away.
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